Brazil's Apokalyptic Raids  have been releasing quality metal since the late 90's. Their newest release "The Pentagram" was originally released through Hell Music in 2018. But Hell's Headbanger's Records is re-releasing it on all...

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“Cenotaph Of Defectuous Creation” CD & LP

(Dark Descent Records)


Imagine, if you will, a very large and extremely powerful bulldozer, you are deep in in a dense forest, you can not see the bulldozer yet you already hear it’s unrelenting... 

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The Midnight Towers” Promo CDR / Digital Download EP

(Self Released)


It has only been a little over two months since Shadu-Nar-Mattaru graced my mailbox with their self-titled 25 minute debut demo ep. Already they have a new...

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Package Round Up Part 5

(No Name Records / Addicted Label BNiL)


We have been doing a series of Round Up Packages, which gives a rather in-depth history and overview of this very dedicated and cool Russian record labels diverse catalogue spanning over...

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Package Round Up

(Doomsday’s Today Recs)


Joe Buck Yourself “Devil Is On His Way” + “Demon In My Head” Cassette I did not know anything about Joe Buck going into this review, he apparently has...

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“Demos ’18 & ‘19” CD & Tape EP

(Raw Skulls Recordz / Redefining Darkness)


Florida may not have the same notoriety and depth it once had, within the death metal UG scene, way back in the '90s. Though there...

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“Unter Dem Banner Der Toten” MCD & 12” MLP

(Iron Bonehead Records)


Grabunhold are a four man black metal band coming out of Germany. “Unter Dem Banner Der Toten” is the bands debut release, which features three full...

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“A Monument To The Dead” CD, LP & Tape

(Blood Harvest Recs. / Rotted Life Records)


After releasing two demo tapes and split with Molder, the band will release their debut full-length due to be released in mid-October... 

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“Self-Titled” 12” EP

(Clavis Secretorvm Recs)


This Swiss band play raw, dirty, filthy blackened deathrash metal insanity. They pay homage to many of the great South American bands from the late ‘80s...

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“Black Eternity” 7” EP

(Blood Harvest Records)


Suffocating death metal brutality from Iran of all places; it is in the early ‘90s mainly mid paced dm with blast beating speed bursts. The deep roiling & churning growls add to...

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“Them Witches” CD

(Gates Of Hell Records)


This Dutch metal band was around from 1979-1990, but reformed in ‘98 for the long haul. They uncovered old 1987 demo songs for a never released 2nd album & re-recorded those songs...

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“Self-TItled” CD

(Greyhaze Records)


This is the Brazilian grinding death metal bands first new music released in 13 years and features twenty-two tracks of insane blasting grindcore that attacks both the eardrums and the... 

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The Canadian Assault Tome!!!

 Holy shit!!! That is the reaction I am getting so far to the news that Fryktos Burnings from  the mighty lands of Greece has re-printed all 9 fucking issues of Canadian Assault print issues in one huge special Tome! It is something I have thought about for many years and Leonidas, owner of Fryktos and a Canadian Assault approached me to do this exact project of re-printing all of the long out of print issues!! It is an honour for me have Fryktos do this project and gift to the die hard CA fiends and anyone who wished they had never missed out on it all those years ago! Check it out and do not wait it is a limited print run and there may not be any more produced after that... It is available for order as of September 15, 2019... I do not have sale copies, so all orders will go through Fryktos!

http://www.fryktos.com/canadian-assault-9-cannons-battle/   https://www.facebook.com/fryktos/ 



The Editorial rambling of an old metal fan...

A man is never too drunk, so long as he can hold onto one blade of grass and not fall off the face of the earth.

Well it is about fucking time I wrote something new in this space!

So if you have been visiting this site regularly for the last two years, you will notice I have ramped up the amount of time and attention I give the site. No, it is not the amount I used to spend on the print issue way back when, you know when I had tons of free time, lived metal day and night, did not have a wife, kids, house, property and all that general life shit that consumes you more and more as you get older. All the same though, I went a number of years where I was updating the site with new writing like five or six times a year probably. I now have forced myself to make this thing I do love more of a priority so without fail the last two years I have been updating this site every single month without fail. I hope to keep this up indefinitely going forward.

So nothing but good news for die hard's that like this page and a little notice for any of you that came here years ago, but stopped coming by because it was hardly being updated. I do not do as many interviews as I used to do. Canadian Assault has turned into more of a review site now, though every once in a while either myself or Patrick do an interview and even team up from time to time to do a tandem interview.

I have to admit I partially lost my inspiration for interviews. I try not to slip into my old man get off my lawn, my time was so much better than now mode. But all the same people and bands (sweeping generalization and does not apply to all by any means) do not seem as dedicated or possibly motivated to either do interviews or at least put any real effort into them. If you know my interview style I try to do long, thought out, usually researched interviews as I feel that is what it takes to make a good interview, well, that and sometimes the best interviews are with bands / people you have known for quite a while. I just can not look myself in the mirror if I was one of these guys you see sometimes who have the same 6-8 ultra generic questions they use over and over in every interview they do. That is just too boring and in those cases an insult, in my opinion, to the bands that take the time to fill them out and do the best they can with next to nothing to work with.

But in recent years like the last half decade or so, bands say they want to do interviews, then either do an insulting job with them giving one line dismissive answers, no matter how good, detailed or thought provoking a question might be. That shit insults me and wastes my fucking time. I try to help promote bands whose music I like, but they are too lazy or apathetic to put in the required effort and time to promote themselves properly. That sounds bad right? It is bad and annoying, but not even the worst of it, though close, in too many other cases bands (even through a promo guy or through their label) they want to do an interview. Then I put in the time and effort to make a solid interview, research for it etc... and they never even do the damn interview at all! You would not believe how often this actually happens. I already have been having less inspiration, as I mentioned, but you couple that with what I mentioned above and it takes the wind out of my sails. I will still do interviews, but it will be more of a once in a blue moon proposition for the time being.

I hope eventually to add more stuff to the site from the old print issues both interviews and reviews. I love checking out that old stuff from other people, so I am guessing some you would like to see more old CA material put up. The physical copies are no longer for sale, so it would be cool to have this way for them to live on still as they are snapshot of a very important time in my life of metal and the Underground scene..

There is quite a bit of old stuff on here already, especially regarding interviews, but I want to get up more old reviews too. I seem to have lost some of the old files though for some issues so I would have to re-type them all, so UGH! lol! Maybe some day on that stuff, just do not hold your breath haha.

Just know that Canadian Assault and he legacy built over it's 20 plus years of existence  is still very important to me!! It will keep on the march, ever vigilant, dedicated and ornery. This old metal goat still has some fire in him yet!

Thank you my fellow metal brethren for you support now and throughout the years. It makes my black heart pump and it is a real treat to see some of the old bastards in the scene from 20 or 25 years ago are still around like I am, alive and kicking, still dedicated to the scene we love.

Keep the ancient flame burning bright!


Dale Roy




The Canadian Assault print issue Zineography:


I am not selling the back issues any longer. I will try to keep putting more content from the old issues on this site. I also hope one day to have PDF versions of some more of the print issues. Which will be a free download. To start things off I am making the issue #1 PDF available now below. Just right click and hit save to download.

Thank you to everyone who support CA. Cheers!

~ Dale


ISSUE # 1:


The debut issue is xeroxed and contains 56 full sized pages and has interviews with: Infernal Majesty, Stratorvarius, Fleshgrind, Tenebrae, Rotting, Eternal Darkness Recs/magazine/DistrIbution, Arch Enemy, a 2 page Venom tribute section and more...

PDF Low Quality Version 25MB         PDF High Quality Version 150MB


ISSUE # 2:


The sophomore release with the following interviews: Gorguts, Incantation, Intestine, Headache Described fanzine, Lust, Quo Vadis, plus more. It is pro-printed on high quality newsprint and is 48 full sized pages. Also it has a new feature the killer quotes section that collects juicy quotes from all over the underground scene and reprints them. A ton of reviews and many other surprises.

PDF Low Quality Version 25MB         PDF High Quality Version 150MB


ISSUE # 3:


Pro printed on newsprint but added this time is a glossy black & white cover! The Interviews include: Skinless, Athotorgh, October 31, United Guttural Records, all 3 female editors of Metal Mafia fanzine, Darkthrone, Pegazus & lots more. Again we have the Killer Quotes section, a ton of reviews, Ancient album reviews. Articles on Canadian deathrash legends Disciples Of Power and big jugged porno actress Christy Canyon. All of this and much more in a 52 full size page package on high quality newsprint with a black & white glossy cover.


ISSUE # 4:


The historic split issue with the legendary long running Eternal Darkness with their 13th issue. You get 2 dedicated underground fanzines for the price of 1!! It has a black & white glossy cover, pro-printed at a immensely packed 68 pages! Some of the cult interviews included are: Pagan Records, Nunslaughter, Immolation, Kaamos, Damnation Records, Unpure, Rites Of Thy Degringolade, Lust, Vulpecula. Ultra hot porn actress Shane and A FUCKING TON MORE!!!! Including a pictorial of the almighty Venom!! Diehard features such as Killer Quotes and the popular Ancient Album Reviews.


ISSUE # 5:


Issue 5 comes in a half-size form for the first time, pro-printed with black & white glossy cover and is 68 fucking pages! Interviews include Denial Of God, Rebaelliun, Tales Of The Macabre zine, Destruktor, Disgorge, Necrodeath, Svartsyn, Dekapitator, Urgrund, Desecration and a shitload more!! Including 2 porn actress interviews!! As well as kult features returning like Ancient album reviews, Killer Quotes, Ye Olde flyer pages (Including cult OLD flyers from Sacrifice, Slaughter, King Diamond, Necrovore, Repulsion etc...


ISSUE # 6:


You get 100 packed Half size pages of damnation, alcohol & metal lust! Everything you expect from Canadian Assault is here. the Interviews this time around include: Bloodstorm, Thornspawn, Leather 'n Spikes zine, Gospel Of The Horns, Bestial Mockery, Darkness Eternal, Slaughter and tons more.


ISSUE # 7:


This installment features interviews with: Deeds Of Flesh, Grand Belial's Key, Witchburner / Iron Bonehead Records, Paniac Records, possibly the longest Nunslaughter interview ever!! Also a re-print of a very old pre-Fallen Angel Of Doom  Blasphemy interview courtesy of Keith Dempe of Eternal Darkness 'zine. This issue feautures also the first installment of the now notorious Roundtable of ranting & raving featuring various underground metal personalities...


ISSUE # 8:


Yes we decided to try once again the split issue thing. This time with my Canadian metal brethren Cath and her mighty Leather 'n Spikes! It seemed natural since we support each other and are both on issue #8. You get 116 full size pages with b&w glossy cover! Interviews are: Pentagram (US doom legends!), Destroyer 666, Abigail, Lust, Cobalt, Insision, Hellflame Productions, Goatfire, Terrorama, Misery's Omen, Drakkar Productions, Possessed (yes a new one), a new PC killing brutal Ranting Roundtable...


ISSUE # 9:


The interviews this time around include: Terrorama / I Hate Records, Nocturnal / Deathstrike Records, Victimizer, Mortuary Drape, Octagon + more! We have gone back to our roots with this final print issue, it is photo-copied for the first time since issue 1! But this time but with a more superior presentation of photo's / graphics and a cardboard full colour front and back cover! A ton of reviews, demos, horror flicks, a big vinyl review section, fanzines and many other surprises!







Dale Roy

Dale Roy Creator / Writer / Editor & Webmaster of all things Canadian Assault

Yes the name was taken from the almighty Venom

What is there to tell really? I started out with fanzine writing at the start of the 90s writing for fanzines like Atheist Anthems, Devourment of Souls, Growling Brutality, Inner Source and a bunch more but the main one I wrote for was the notorious Canadian zine The Sepulchural Voice - just a great fanzine with a fuck you attitude. I remember for a while in the early 90s we were banned by Century Media and others for the lewd behaviour exhibited within. Anyway, I decided to do my own thing in late 1997 and work on Canadian Assault issue 1 began in earnest and the debut seen the light of day and the dark of night in early 1998. For those wondering I am Canadian. I grew up in Canada for the first 24 years of my life, my parents, siblings etc... all still live there but I moved to the USA at the end of 1998 after meeting an American woman. Oh yes, I am an old man, or in a more metal term an old goat in the scene. I have a wife now, two children, a house, a mortgage and all that fun shit. But I still keep soldering onward, like old man river. Enough about me enjoy the fucking zine and support the scene!



Top 10 Album playlist:

WEST OF HELL - Blood Of Infidel 2019

DRUID LORD - Groteque Offerings 2018

MOTORHEAD - Another Perfect Day 1983

ABSU - Barathrum V.I.T.R.I.O.L 1993

BEHERIT - The Oath Of Black Blood 1991

GORGUTS - From Wisdom To Hate 2001

APOSTLE OF SOLITUDE - From Gold To Ash 2018

THE ACCÜSED - Martha Splatterhead's Greatest Stories Ever Told 1988

THE OBSESSED - The Church Within 1994

CRYPTOPSY - Blasphemy Made Flesh 1992

Top 5 Demo / 7" / Live playlist:


MORNING STAR - Inside The Circle of The Pentagram Demo 1996

LAVAGOAT - Ladies From Hades EP 2016

IMMORTAL POSSESSION - Delicacy of Disease Demo 1992

NECROMANTIA - From The Past We Summon Thee 7" ep 1995


Patrick Schroeder

Assistant Editor of Canadian Assault

 You already know Patrick, if you read the reviews section. I first met Patrick when he started ordering Canadian Assault print zine, and also from my fanzine distro, this was probably about a decade ago or so (Yes we are both old goats in this scene!). Since then we have gone on to become very good friends and metal brothers. Patrick picked up the mantle writing for fanzines and creating a couple of his own, such as Painful Reality & Primitive Ways zines. 

As you can see, from the title above, Patrick has accepted my invitation to become a permanent part of Canadian Assault. He is the new Assistant Editor of CA and you will continue to read his reviews and now Patrick will also be handling a lot of band interview duties. Which is a great honour for me and also frees me up to concentrate more on reviewing and updating & doing layouts for this site. Welcome aboard brother!!

Be sure to check out Patrick's own webzine as well (see link below). It is a great zine in it's own right and in some ways a companion to Canadian Assault. So go over there and read, any labels or bands feel free to send promos to Patrick for review, he is an honest and supportive guy who lives for the UG scene and some of his reviews will appear on both sites, so double exposure.

Winter Torment webzine



Aaron Wilson


Before I began writing reviews for Canadian Assault in the spring of 2017, I was just a dweeby metal fan making dweeby videos on YouTube under the moniker of Satanica Scriba. I continue to do so as frequently as I can while working on my graduate school requirements, but have developed the awesome factor past where it once was into a broader spectrum of musical tastes. While my current interests do vary, they usually stick to my home-ground of the blues, rock, and as much metal as I can get my hungry hands on. My friends know me to switch from listening to Blue Öyster Cult religiously for a week to blasting through a shitton of extreme metal the next. It all depends on my mood, the time of day, the alignment of the cosmos, and whether I have had something to eat within the past 12 hours. Either way, I investigate new releases until I find something for which I can provide a positive review, and I write that review with the goal of giving recognition where it's due.



Jeffrey Kusbel

Writer for Canadian Assault

Death before Dishonor

Well unfortunately after about 6 years or so of writing for the Assault Jeffrey decided to retire from fanzine life to concentrate solely on the label. Though is one ever 100% retired in this life? Do not be surprised if Jeffrey contributes the odd    vinyl review and maybe an interview once in a blue moon. Either way his writing will be missed but with the extensive archiving of past issues and so many of Jeffrey's reviews and a number of interviews included in the archives I thought he deserved a spot in the Canadian Assault roster listings. UP THE IRONS BROTHER!!!