“Proselyte Parasite Plague” MCD & MLP

(Hells Headbangers | Osmose Productions)


That is interesting, and kind of cool to see Hells Headbangers team up with Osmose for a split release! I did not hear the bands debut album back in 2016, which Pete Helmkamp (ex-Order From Chaos, ex-Angelcorpse etc…) did as a one man project I gather. Now, apparently the UG legend Cazz Grant (Crucifier, ex-GBK etc…) has joined the band full time it would appear. That got my interest, as I am big fan of Cazz’s lengthy history of musical output and I have been in contact with him on and off since the early ‘90s, so I can attest that he is a cool & dedicated motherfucker. I do not know if Cazz has just joined just as a member out of necessity just to play Pete’s material or if he is co-writing the material as well. I suspect the latter. Anyways, on to the music after that lengthy preamble haha. This twenty-four minute, six song mini features unrelentingly evil black death metal music as it’s foundational core. I can definitely hear a little Order From Chaos greatness, whispering through the merciless attack on here with wave after wave of a speedy blitz of dark hate dripped riffing, backed with a devastating saturation bombing drum performance. It is angry and brutal as fuck music that will infect your soul with wickedness and batter your brain into submission. Those Pete Helmkamp trademark biting, grating and caustic vocals are alive and well and sound in fine form here. I was surprised how well Helmkamp’s guttural vocals work with, when trading off back and forth with Cazz Grant’s dark, roiling death metal growls. This really hit the spot for me, and I enjoyed this blackened death metal album, which is proving this new duo combination an impressive and sinister force to be reckoned with.  - Dale

https://shop-hellsheadbangers.com/    https://www.osmoseproductions.com/          




“Self-Titled” Split CD EP

(H.P.G.D. Productions)


Japan's own Abigail should need no introduction here, as they are legends in the scene. The black thrashing marauders start off on this split with two brand new songs. “Satanik For Slaughter” starts off the split setting an extremely fast pace that intertwines 1980's black metal with classic heavy metal and thrash influences. Next up is “Rock ‘N Roll Sluts Forever”, which is a classic heavy metal anthem, with influences from the punk and early the early rock and roll generation. It is not as fast or heavy as “Satanik For Slaughter” but is still great track. The other side of the coin on this split is Vulcan Tyrant, who is a band coming out of the Netherlands that play an old school thrashing death metal style. “Never Stop The Tyranny” is the first song is a fast and frenzied rip roaring song full of energy. “Infernal State Of Terror” is the second track, which is played with a crazed and violent assault on the eardrums. Both bands play a vintage and classic style of old school metal.  - Patrick 

https://hpgd.bandcamp.com/album/split-9    http://www.horrorpaingoredeath.com/       




“Malignant Deviation" CD EP

(Godz Of War Productions)


Coming out of Canada's death metal scene is the new band Abjection. Godz Ov War will be releasing the debut EP, which contains five songs of heavy and crushing death metal. Cole Benoit {Anion, Dead Again} handles the vocals, which are deep, powerful death metal growls, he also uses some death metal screams and growls throughout a few of the songs. The lead guitarist Troy Horton {Sinews, Wiser Fool} does a great job of creating and executing some well written and performed guitar patterns, mainly played with fast aggressive guitar structures and even adding in some solo's. Troy does slow to a heavier more calm mid paced range in the songs to give the music a heavier sound. Sergey Jmourovski handles the bass and also plays guitar in the band, he writes and perform some extremely tight bass lines that are done with both intensity and tremendously fast pace patterns. Josh Bueckert {Wake, Sparewife} handles the drums for the band, which are played with power and showcase some skillful writing. For the most part the drums are played at a high rate of speed, though Josh does slow to a heavier mid paced drum patterns throughout a few of the songs. Abjection plays a relentless style of death metal that is both well written and shows off some excellent musicianship and is filled with memorable passages.  - Patrick

https://abjection.bandcamp.com/    https://godzovwarproductions.bandcamp.com/        




“Dominion Of The Wicked" CD & LP

(Iron Bonehead Records)


This is Abythic’s third full-length album, first for Iron Bonehead, and my first encounter with them. From what I understand this German band started out as more of a straight up death metal band, but as the drummer MDB switched from then his primary instrument (in past bands as well) to the guitar and primary songwriter, Abythic became a doom/death band, heavy on the doom. ‘Dominion…’ creeps along at a decidedly glacial pacing, but they always keep things very dark and gloomy with a thin yet constant thread that traces back to those primary death metal roots. I really do have to emphasize just despite only really using traditional instrumentation this album is very atmospheric. This is really my favourite method of creating atmosphere in metal, not to mention the hardest to achieve without relying upon synth, samples and the like. The result really brings emotion out in the listener, ominous emotions of desolation and sinister foreboding alongside whispers of threatening intent that envelopes you like a suffocating wet blanket. The vocals of Ulrich are deep, elongated death growls that also do well conveying emotion, whether that be brooding despondency, potent menace or even flashes of animus and acrimony. I like those vocals a lot and they suit the music absolutely. Looking at that cover artwork, even for a boob hound like me that is a lot of tits! If you are a fan of slow motion murky doom/death yet not all the way over the funereal doom precipice, then I think you will enjoy taking in some Abythic.  - Dale

https://www.facebook.com/Abythic    https://ironboneheadproductions.bandcamp.com/          




“Influx of Hatred" Split Album CD

(Mythrone Promotion & Bestial Invasion Records)


Anyone who has read CA for a long time knows I am Aggressive Mutilator fan, so I was pleased when I found this in my mailbox, courtesy of Mikael Holm of A.M. But more on them later, as this split starts off with Poland’s Cadaveric Possession, which is a first time listen for me. Their five songs feature a wonderfully suffocating and hypnotic atmosphere that blankets the senses with mordant evil. The music is a raw, stripped down & primitive mixture of late ‘80s and early ‘90s first wave black metal, which brings to mind at times the very early works of Necromantia, Ancient Rites, Mayhem, Mortuary Drape mixed with a slower paced version of the embryonic sounds of bands like Necrovore, Beherit and Profanatica. This my first taste of C.M. and it has left me hungry for more. Taking up the second half of this is Sweden’s Aggressive Mutilator, who after a short calm and solemn acoustic style guitar intro, suddenly burst out of the speakers with the explosive and raucous metal energy one can come to expect from them. As is the Mutilator way, they keep their songs short and fill them with order through chaos metallic battering, which is cut through by old school catchy heavy riffing. Their music tends to be raw and loose, but generally always littered with runs of memorable classic sounding metal that you can headbang like a maniac to! They sound quite different than Cadaveric Possession yet they possess a lot of the same influences to my ear like the fledgling works of bands like Ancient Rites, Necromantia, Mayhem, Bathory, Master’s Hammer & Hellhammer, but mix it with some more traditional metal influences like early Sodom, Sadus, Possessed, Onslaught, Venom etc… The band also always has little whispers musically, and definitely in their playing style and attitude of really raunchy punk rock, sort of like if GBH played first wave black metal! I love this band, is it any wonder why, when you read that great melting pot of influences, all delightfully coalesced into one gratifyingly extreme and diverse musical entity known as Aggressive Mutalitor. This is limited to 500 copies, so don’t sleep on picking up a copy ASAP.  - Dale 

https://aggressivemutilator.bandcamp.com/    https://www.facebook.com/mythroneprom       




“Returned To Life" CD & LP

(Momento Mori Records)


This is the bands second full-length album; having risen from the grave in 2013 they released two demos and their debut long player in back in ’16. Altered Dead play my kind of metal of death, old school and brutal, dirty and sinister, and drenched in decaying audio flesh. The overall sound is extremely heavy yet suffocating, backed with relentless drum work while showing a knack for interesting and infectious songwriting that you will bang you head to all night long. If I had to give you some bands as a general signpost as to their sound it would be bands like Autopsy (“Mental Funeral” hell yes!), Grave, Unleashed, Dismember, Bolt Thrower, Repulsion, Asphyx, Impetigo and other filthy and gloriously depraved death metal bands along those lines. The album wraps up with an outstanding high energy cover of Celtic Frost’s iconic “Into The Crypts Of Rays”, which sounds killer with their grimy, heavy death metal riffing tone and those evil sewer growls. This is my first time hearing this Canadian duo and I really hope it is not my last. If you are devotee of the sound and style I described above, then you need to listen to this as soon as possible.  - Dale

https://altereddead.bandcamp.com/    http://www.memento-mori.es/          




“Divinihility" CD & LP

(Transcending Obscurity Records)


When I was sampling albums on my various digital record label promo accounts for something new and interesting to review Atræ Bilis jumped out at me. These western Canadian metal merchants to me really have a strong varied formulation of influences, and elements of death metal that should please old school and new school fanatics alike. They combine elements of tech death, a punishing old school base of heaviness and brutality, along with semi-regular accents of undercurrent melody and touches of newer school progressive song structuring. That is why I say fans old and new school, as above all even though they keep things inventive and interesting, but they are also mindful that roots of death metal really do need to crushing and brutal. Which is something they keep at the forefront at all times, but skillfully interject and retract at various points very smoothly, never interrupting the all important headbangable song flow. When I say skilled above I do not just mean with their individual instruments, because they certainly are skilled individually, but I am also talking about their talent and feel for quality song construction is strong. I should mention the growling vocal work of Jordan Berglund, which I found very enjoyable with those classic strong deep growls, they are relatively intelligible and Jordan has a talent for elongating and roiling inflection of words and phrases that adds another layer of depth to their sound. "Divinihility" is one hell of a debut album for this new Canadian band, a successful marriage of old world violent barbarism with new world technicality and progression.  - Dale

https://atraebilisdeath.bandcamp.com/    https://transcendingobscurity.aisamerch.com/         




“Vollig Aussichtslos" CD

(Purity Through Fire)


Aussichtslos are a three man band coming out of Austria's black metal scene. Their band name for those curious translates in English to “forlorn, futile, hopeless”. The debut release ‘Vollig Aussichtslos’ contains six songs of traditional black metal with some well performed passages. Norsk and Garst founded the band in 2014 and some songs with a drum machine. Now all these years later they have a human drummer by the name of -Rest- to finish the recordings that result in this debut full-length. Norsks vocals for the band that are raw primitive black metal screams and screeches that will chill you. Norsk handles the guitars that are played with a mix of fast guitar passages and some creative well performed mid paced guitars that are used throughout the recording. Garst handles the bass duties and also plays some guitar on this album, Garst plays a balance of fast and a more controlled black metal style that is done with skill and proficiency. -Rest- handles the drumming that is executed with a mix of extremely fast drum patterns and some slower more controlled drum passages, The members of Aussichtslos have crafted a great debut full of cold and majestic black metal that is highly recommended to all fans of black metal.  - Patrick

https://www.facebook.com/Purity-Through-Fire    https://shop.purity-through-fire.com/en/          




“The Old Evil” MLP & MCD

(Iron Bonehead Productions)


I was surprised to hear about this release. I was a fan of this bands 1992 demo cassette, which I tape traded for back around that time frame. Besides a split album with Ungod (another old German bm band I was a devotee of back in the day and now has members in this band as well) was released some years later, which is the same material as the 1992 demo. Baxaxaxa was convinced to reform for a gig at the infamous Destroying Texas Fest back in 2018, something that has apparently led to this once great, briefly flickering flame to re-ignite once again and “The Old Evil” is the result. It is quite amazing listening to this twenty-five minute recording of new material, as it is like time has never passed and this (originally actually their 2nd demo released in October ’19 on cassette) feels like it was recorded right after their debut demo in the early ‘90s. Nothing has changed, they sound exactly the same, the recording and playing even reflect perfectly those amazing early ‘90s black metal band demos! That old evil, sinister and suffocating atmosphere is back in all of it’s glory, with Baxaxaxa’s brand of first wave black metal sounds as good now as it did back then. The recording is raw as fuck; the playing is untight unlike newer bands, where everything is pro tool’d to hell, sometimes to the point of sounding too perfect, too clean and plastic. The playing on here sounds very organic and natural; bringing back those old feelings and ways I cherish being old metal goat I am! The music as well is rhythmic, almost hypnotic with heavy slow burn riffing and sparse drumming, flanked by funereal synth accents leaving ample room for that old ominous cold aura to permeate throughout the songs like a creeping audio fog. This is so old school, first wave black metal that you can almost feel a contempt or hatred of what black metal transitioned to just seething through your speakers. I fucking loved every minute of this release. Welcome back from the dead Baxaxaxa!  - Dale

https://baxaxaxa.bandcamp.com/    https://ironbonehead.de/        




“Scourge Of Lamashtu" CD & LP

(Iron Bonehead Records)


Black Funeral is back, they are one of the oldest American black metal bands amongst the second wave of bm in the early 1990s. As it happened I was in on the ground floor, so to speak, as far as Black Funeral is concerned. Well that and his other bands, as I was in close contact in the early ‘90s with main man Mike Ford’s band mate in the band Darkness Enshroud. So I ordered no less than three of Ford’s bands demos in this embryonic time period including the aforementioned Darkness Enshroud’s 1993 demo tape “Winter Of Sorrow”, Sorath’s 1993 demo “Sodomizing Jesus Christ” and most pertinent to this review Black Funeral’s 1994 demo “Journeys Into Horizons Lost”. I must confess however, after their debut album “Vampyr – Throne Of The Beast” came out in 1997, my attention towards this B.F. has been spotty at best. If memory serves my interest waning was largely due to hearing the bands third album “Moon of Characith”, which was a completely ambient / samples album and that turned me off, it was certainly not what I was hoping to hear from them or the UG scene in general at the time. There had always been ambient touches prior to that, but they were kept as accent or a supporting factor, where in my opinion it generally belongs. That brings us to the burning question, what is Black Funeral up to these days and these many years later? Well, I am pleased to report the bands sound of their early days has returned, strengthened and sharpened along the way. Yes the atmospherics are still there, but returning to their old form of supporting and creating a sinister & evil aura for the traditional black metal base. It brings back some old nostalgic memories hearing the vocal conjuring of Mike Ford (aka Akhtya Nachttoter), who is in classic form with rasping bm howling creeping across the music like a freezing mist. This one comes recommended by me for devotee’s of this bands early days and fanatical demons in general who worship early ‘90s black metal with a raw, murky production akin to all those classic early demos we hold in high regard. I may have strayed from Black Funeral, but this dark audio cult has pulled me back in to it’s malevolent embrace.  - Dale

https://blackfuneral.bandcamp.com/    https://ironbonehead.de/          




“Fungal Warfare Upon All Life” MCD, MLP & Cassette

(Blood Harvest Records)


Philadelphia's Blood Spore will release their debut release in late February through Blood Harvest Records. This debut mini-album features three tracks of battering death doom madness, which even adds some black metal elements throughout the tracks on here. The first song is ‘Hostile Fruiting Bodies’ which is the shortest song, coming in at over just over five minutes. The music is a mix of slower and heavier doomy death metal style, but the band does speed up to a faster pace in the middle of the track. Next up is ‘Cede To The Saprophyte’ which is probably the heaviest track on the release with thunderous pounding drums and some heavy chunky guitar chords. This is probably the bleakest and dreariest song on the release and that is saying something with this bands oppressive sound. Lastly, we have ‘Apex Colony’ as the final track that showcases the bands faster, more aggressive writing skills. The vocals are a mix of gruff death metal growls and some black metal screams are also used in a few parts of the song.  - Patrick 

https://www.bloodspore.bandcamp.com/    http://www.bloodharvest.se/       




“Oculus Rot" CD

(Brutal Mind Records)


Buried is a new band featuring Joel Sta on vocals, Mark Wormmeester on bass and Robbe Vrijenhoek on the drums, all three men started out in the long running, but now defunct death metal band Pyaemia who made their mark on the UG scene. Further that history, the duo of Sta and Vrijenhoek have been together in bands dating all the way back to the middle 1990s in the band Nocturnal Silence, which later changed it’s name to Disavowed (who are still going strong today and are label mates of Buried as a matter of fact). The music on “Oculus Rot” is definitely rooted in the old school death metal style, but does add some newer elements of more modern day death metal ways, which results in a very interesting style and mix. The guitars are well played and showcase some great writing abilities, going from a mid paced style, to a much faster pacing highlighted with a heavy guitar tone. The songs are very well put together and executed with those featured guitar passages that are both complex and memorable. The vocals are a mix of old school death metal growls and some deeper more modern day growls, both styles are done with power and great range. If you are a fan of solid death metal produced veteran members of the UG that are not afraid to add different elements into a sound that helps Buried stand out then you should check this out.  - Patrick

https://www.facebook.com/buriedmetal    https://brutalmind.bandcamp.com/          




“666 Goats Carry My Chariot” CD

(Osmose Productions)


If you look at some of the pics of this band they look like they are probably (second wave) black metal, but hell no, these Belgian bastards play classic ‘80s speed metal to the fucking hilt! Bütcher mix into their melting pot chunks of old school heavy metal, thrash and first wave black metal (ala early Venom, Sodom, Destruction etc…) to melt and forge their unbreakable brand of musical steel. But, all the same, as I listen to the term speed metal always charges hard through my mind and I like it. I do mean charge too, as these crazy bastards play at outrageous speeds while all the time keeping it heavy as hell, leaving just enough room between the strides for some cool skillful guitar nuances and tasty twin guitar morsels. The vocals are probably the only area where they have a minor amount of newer school influence, as it is a mix of ‘80s screamed, gruff speed thrash metal style vocals, mixed with a post ‘90s death growl and black rasp. Another I like about Bütcher is they keep in the old tradition of catchy, but heavy song structuring that often culminated in some nice straight forward, memorable classic metal hell style lyrics with some cool choruses and the like. These guys have that metal to the bone attitude (all members go by classic band sounding monikers such as LV Speedhämmer & KK Ripper) to them that I like, and proud of them keeping it alive. I would not be surprised if they recorded this on analog equipment, the production is great, but does not thankfully have the over produced quality of a lot of modern metal albums. I know I am an old goat and this is what I cut my teeth on, so I have a bias coming into this thing, but all the same in my opinion this is a killer, top quality album that all fans of ‘80s metal will drool over!  - Dale 

https://www.facebook.com/Butcherspeedmetal    https://www.osmoseproductions.com/       




“The Day That Death Prevailed" CD & LP

(Momento Mori & Boris Records)


Before I get started I should mention the disc for this album is on the bands main label Momento Mori is out late July, with the vinyl version on Boris not coming out until September. Cardiac Arrest present to us no less than their 7th full-length (not to even mention the spate of demos, eps and splits along the way) for this veteran Chicago band. The music on here is heavy, crunchy sounding classic death metal with some great tremolo picked, utterly headbang inducing riffs interspersed with some enjoyable guitar fills and brief, but impactful guitar solos. The drumming on here is a highlight as well, they are pummeling and unrelenting in their energy and influence upon their overall sound. The vocals come from all the members (excepting the drummer) and are a varied yet relatively cohesive mix of guttural death growls, nasally growling yells, deep grunting roars and general maniacal voices. Some of the vocals even reminded to be the almighty Steve-O from Impetigo. Yes, these guys play pure death metal unapologetically in the early to mid ‘90s tradition of everything from Impetigo & Repulsion to Benediction & Grave, from Master & Dismember and early Death & Massacre to Cianide & Autopsy! So many classic bands whose traditions and legacies these boys hold up proudly. I chose to do this review because I feel like Cardiac Arrest has been a dedicated band, working hard in the UG scene for such a long, long time now and deserve more recognition than they have received. So it goes without saying that I enjoyed this album very much and highly recommend you support these veteran metal merchants!  - Dale 

https://www.facebook.com/Vassafor/    https://ironboneheadproductions.bandcamp.com/       




Secular Flesh” CD & LP

(Iron Bonehead Records)


This Finnish band is a relatively young band, having only released a demo in 2016 and an EP in 2017 (five songs in total), both on Iron Bonehead, who now present the bands anticipated debut full-length album. I would say in a lot of ways Celestial Grave sound like the early ‘90s Scandinavian wave of black metal you might expect when I say they play this style. However, they take that sound and put some of their own sound on this standard style, but the way they play it is quite different than most black metal bands in this style. They produce long songs, all in the 6-10+ minute range, but they construct them in an interesting way. With normal bm bands in this style you expect the harsh melody, the structuring with the usual cycling song structuring, but Celestial Grave just keep the song going without that much traditional structuring forcing the tremolo riffing to just stay in largely in one pattern with little variation on speed. Which, produces a rather freezing, hypnotic trance-like atmosphere and the songs structurally speaking has no hooks or breaks or traditional arrangements. Which mostly creates, like in the third track ‘Grasping From Lips Of Night’ this perpetual motion song that just eventually ends, but could be put in a continuous loop and the beginning and end would be hard to distinguish. I could see some fans of traditional song arrangements having a hard time getting into that, but if you are willing to view it as a rhythmic mental journey, as an overall atmosphere and not just a song, then I think you will get a lot of out this record. The vocals themselves are sort of obscure, like they are there and you can make out the growling and rasping vocals clearly enough, only if focus specifically on them. But, they are also again obscured somehow like they melt back into the mix of the instruments, and become somewhat part of the audio tapestry, again producing an effect of not knowing where the instrumental sounds and the vocal sounds begin and end. As you may be able to tell, I have a hard time putting this bands sound into words, but I do know it is different than most black metal bands out there, but it is still firmly black metal and it was also a very pleasurable listening experience for me.  - Dale

https://www.facebook.com/celestialgrave    https://ironbonehead.de/          




“Dominion” CD. LP & Cassette

(Unspeakable Axe / Boris Records)


This Georgia based band compose brutal death metal that clearly and confidently bases it roots in very late 1980s & early 1990s Floridian UG dm scene. Some bands that spring to mind when listening to this debut album are works from that time period from Morbid Angel, Brutality, Deicide, Malevolent Creation, Monstrosity etc… A lot of the songs feature really musical and stylish sounding guitar solos, there is even a short yet sweet little bass guitar fill/solo in the song “Churning Of The Shallows” that I enjoyed quite a bit. Speaking of the bass guitar, I feel like the bass is a little more prominent and integral to this bands sound compared to most death metal traditionally. The guitar work in general on this record is very nimble, sharp and speedy, featuring some killer riffs and rhythms, which lend themselves well to headbanging and probably moshpits too. The vocalist Matt Kilpatrick (also guitarist in the very good Death Of Kings) has deep, well done dm growls that are commanding and agile in inflection and speed changes depending upon what the underlying music is up to. Cemetery Filth are so loyal to that late ‘80s / early ‘90s period in death metal, that to me even the production job on here sounds like it was recorded back in that time period. It is just clear and does not feel over produced and pro tool’d up the ass, like most modern recordings in this genre. ‘Dominion’ may be too much of a back to the roots, non-contemporary sounding band for some newer death metal fans, but hopefully not and hopefully they appreciate this album as much as I do.  - Dale

https://borisrecords.bandcamp.com/    https://unspeakableaxerecords.bandcamp.com/        




“Outis” CD

(Willowtip Records)


Ceremony of Silence are a two man thrashing death metal band coming to us from Slovokia with their debut full-length album. The guitars are handled by Vilozof, who does a great job of writing and playing some fast thrashing riffs with some slower, mid paced guitar sections mixed into the songs. Vilozof also handles the vocal duties for the band, which consist of a mix of gruff screams alongside some deeper death metal growls. Svjatogor commands the drum kit with a mix of extremely fast drum patterns with some slower beats to counter balance ferocity and add some musical depth to the material. If you are a fan of the early ‘90s death metal scene, then definitely be sure to check out Outis when it is released.  - Patrick 

https://www.facebook.com/ceremonyofsilence    https://www.willowtip.com       




“A Monument To The Dead” CD, LP & Tape

(Blood Harvest Recs. / Rotted Life Records)


After releasing two demo tapes and split with Molder, the band will release their debut full-length due to be released in mid-October. “A Monument To The Dead” is a duel release through the labels Blood Harvest and Rotted Life Records and feature eight track of solid and intense death metal. The music is extremely well written and performed, with both fast and mid-paced patterns. The guitarist can really write and compose some well played passages and even adding some well written solos. The vocals are a mix of old school death metal growls and some more gruff growling as well. The vocalist reminds me a little bit of John Tardy’s early vocal style I love. If you are a fan of early Cannibal Corpse, Immolation and other ‘90s classic death metal then I recommend you should definitely give Coffin Rot a listen today.  - Patrick 

https://www.facebook.com/coffinrot    https://bloodharvestrecords.bandcamp.com/       




“Sinbad" CD & LP

(Cruz Del Sur Music)


Coronary very proudly throw goat horns in the air, while headbanging and playing their brand of classic heavy metal with all the traditional trappings that come along with it. Yes, this Finnish band revel in it, and I can dig that, it is where I got my start in metal too way back in the early to mid 1980s. There is one thing for sure for me with this band, they know how to write heavy catchy metal songs that are infectious and stick in your head. There are plenty of hooks and good flow to the songs, alongside some really memorable lyrics and unforgettable choruses (ala the song I am listening to now “Fight Street 666”) with the odd gang vocals to add some good energy. There is some real tasty guitar playing on here with some sweet fills and the odd smoking solo. I think fans of Accept, Riot, Saxon, Grave Digger, Rage, Running Wild etc… will appreciate this record. The vocalist is pretty perfect for this music; he has that early ‘80s combination of smooth middle range mixed with some grit and higher soaring accents as well. If I had to make one critical comment about this album, and this is probably down to just my personal tastes, that being for me the recording feels a little over produced, a little too controlled feeling and it would their sound to another level if there was a little more raw punch, and less reserved individual performances. I am not sure if it sounds like it, but that is honestly a minor criticism, because this is an extremely impressive debut album from Coronary that deserves attention. I will look forward to what is next from this talented band.  - Dale 

https://coronaryfin.bandcamp.com/    https://www.cruzdelsurmusic.com        




“Visitations From Enceladus” CD, LP & Tape

(Blood Harvest Records)


Cryptic Shift hail from the U.K., and after a string of demos, splits and ep’s have honed their craft to the point they felt it was time to unleash their debut full-length album. I think that was time well spent, as they sharpened things up and have produced one of the most impressive debut albums I have heard in some time. The band plays highly technical, extremely skilled and accomplished Deathrash metal. Despite the grand level of technicality and elaborate time shifting, there is still room created, from time to time, for very emotive guitar noodling and sweeping memorable riffs to momentarily spread their wings. They also manage keep a certain level of flow to their compositions, and brutality is injected through the heaviness of the riffing and the brutish, gurgling ‘n shouting growls that mix vocal influences from thrash and death metal capably. When listening to this some influences for the band that certainly spring to mind are later day Death, Cynic, Atheist and Gorguts. I also hear that intricate style of a little dirtier and heavier sounding techno metal bands ala early Theory In Practice, Nocturnus, Decapitated, Timeghoul, Martyr, Watchtower etc… This could be a bit of a challenging listen for some (look no further than the epic opening 26 minute song!), but if you put in the attention to detail, and a little mental focus then I think you will come to appreciate this multifaceted metal creation of audio artwork. Cryptic Shift deserves a healthy share of attention and appreciation based on the merits of this debut record, hopefully that is exactly what will follow.  - Dale

https://www.facebook.com/crypticshift    https://bloodharvestrecords.bandcamp.com/          




“All Light Swallowed" CD & LP

(Transcending Obscurity Records)


This is my first encounter with these Lithuanians and this only their second release as a band. Their first was a self release full-length that got the attention Transcending Obscurity, who snapped them right up and I can hear why they did. The material on here is some top notch dark and brutal death metal, which is largely reminiscent of the early to middle ‘90s American death metal style. Despite the crushing nature of Crypts brand of death metal, they do manage to inject a good amount of memorability to the riffing. They also project level of emotive and gloomy atmosphere intermingled into a healthy portion of the songwriting. The vocals are deep growls with a morose and shadowy edge to them with accents of more guttural or higher / clearer registers. The vocals are really enjoyable for me. They (the band and engineer) have managed to strike a good balance of a crisp, highly produced recording yet unlike many recordings that do this with extreme music, they have managed not to throw a toned down wet blanket upon the acute barbarity and crushing meat of the music. ‘All Light Swallowed’ is a really solid album that will satisfy fans who truly appreciate the foundation and traditional sounds of death metal.  - Dale 

cryptsofdespairdeath.bandcamp.com    www.facebook.com/transcending    https://tometal.com/       




“Into The Blackness” CD EP

(Edged Circle Productions)


This newly formed band is an old school death metal band in more ways than one. It is the style they play, but also it’s members go waaay back in the UG scene as the line up consists of Hempa Brynolfsson (Ordo Inferus, ex-Excruciate etc…) on guitars, Daryl Kahan (Citizens Arrest, Funebrarum, ex-Abazagorath etc…) on bass, Andy Whale (ex-Bolt Thrower, Memoriam etc…) on drums, Linus Nirbrant (A Canorous Quintet, The Ending, The Dead etc…) on guitars, Gord Olson (Ye Goat-Herd Gods & Demisery) on vocals. That is one hell of a group of musicians, but damn how did they get Andy Whale, drummer of Bolt Thrower from 1986-1994 on board?! Besides that it is quite an international cabal of musicians from the UK, Canada, America and Sweden. Anyways, onward to the music, shall we? Darkened play what I would call straight up death metal, it is not technical, it does not have progressive elements or song structuring, yes of course it is brutal yet not ultra brutal – as I say just straight up death metal. The guitars have add a dark aura to the sound that reminds me a little to earlier of Benediction or Grave with that sort of guitar sound. Speaking of which, there is some fine classy guitar fills in some of the songs, a superb example of this starts a minute or two into the song “Unredeemed”, the fantastic emotive guitars there give me chills. The vocalist Gord Olson, despite him being from the same area I am from in Canada, I do not think I have heard any of his bands before now. I can now see why this accomplished congregation of musicians chose this young man. I mean fuck, he is one of the best death metal growlers I have heard in years, he has a deep sounding classic growl yet he has real range within that style, his enunciation and articulation while staying within that brutish growl is superb! This ep is just growing on me more and more with each successive listen. I will be interested to find out if this band is a project band or something these guys hope to do full on?! I would most definitely be into hearing a full album from this killer grouping of musicians. If, when and until that happens, you will have this cool ep to listen to!  - Dale

https://www.facebook.com/darkeneddeathmetal    https://edgedcircleproductions.com/          




“Kingdom Of Decay" CD & LP

(Edged Circle Productions)


Well now, I am happy to see Darkened have answered my question in my review of their recent debut ep, and they have answered in spades! I wondered out loud with the impressive international gathering of musicians, whether Darkened was going to be a once in a while project band or even potentially a one-off. As you see they have answered back very quickly with their debut full-length album. I listed them last time, but I love knowing this stuff personally, so I will list again the members band history as they are current or ex-members of bands like bands like A Canorous Quintet, Bolt Thrower, Excruciate, Ordo Inferus, Memoriam, Divinity, AngelBlast, This Ending and a bunch more! Since the ep Daryl Kahan has exited the band and has been replaced on bass by Tobias Cristiansson (Grave, ex-The Dagger, ex-Dismember). It should come as no surprise that music and performances from all members are top quality with their collective experience shining through. I pointed out last time within their memorable brutal death metal riffing is a lot of guitar fills and nuances, even solos, which are really emotive and stylish adding a classic feeling and tasteful depth to their sound. Those elements add a certain measured, all turned up an extra level to produce a dark aura that suits this heavy music perfectly. As I mentioned last time around the band play straight up death metal, it is not super technical, nor is it excessively brutal or watered down with too much melody, no it is just straight traditional death metal that I enjoyed very much. I gushed a little last time around about Canadian vocalist Gord Olson and it was with good cause, as I view him as one of the best death metal growlers to come along in a long while, for me he is on the level with legends like Dave Ingram, John Tardy, Jorgen Sandström, Matti Kärki, David Vincent etc… Yes I enjoy his vocals that much! Darkened proudly continue the classic Swedish death metal sound / style (my personal favourite style of death metal) taking that great sound and mixing it with various other influences like Benediction, Bolt Thrower and the like. I came into this release, coming off their impressive ep with some pretty high expectations, and I am happy to report that those expectations were met in a very satisfying way. Highly recommended!  - Dale 

https://www.facebook.com/darkeneddeathmetal    https://edgedcircleproductions.com/       




“Eternal Misery" CD

(Brutal Mind Records)


Coming out of Indonesia's brutal death metal scene is the young Decayed Flesh who were formed in 2019. After releasing their self-titled demo in 2019, the band has wasted little time unleashing this debut full-length through their countrymen’s respected label Brutal Mind who is starting to really promote their bands hard in the USA. Decayed Flesh play some intense and brutal death metal that is achieved with a lot of skill and you can feel their dedication coming through the recording. The guitars and drums on this 10 song album is a mix of extremely fast, brutal guitars and drum patterns. The music does slow to a heavier mid paced range at times in a few of the songs. The band do a good job of combining mid 90's U.S death metal with some newer elements intertwined together to deliver a masterpiece of aggression and brutality.  - Patrick

https://www.facebook.com/decayedfleshiddm/    https://brutalmind.bandcamp.com/        




“The Sanguinary Impetus” CD & LP

(Willowtip Records)


Defeated Sanity are a German band that have been around a long time and have a catalog of releases stretching back to the late 1990s. They label themselves as progressive technical death metal. I would say, generally speaking, that is a rather apt description. My favourite part of their sound is brutal death metal, it is so barbarous and crushing and I love that. That core element is followed in a close second by their vomitous, indecipherable and throaty growling vocals, which sound like an angry caged beast that is overdue for a meal. Some of the elements that would be considered progressive and more adventurous, while inventive and at times impressive, they also tend to interrupt, stunt or impede the actual song flow (and go off into noodling territory ala a guitar shredder’s solo album), which flow is something that is important to me. But I understand what they are going for, and at times it really works, but admittedly there are other times where it feels schizophrenic to me. I think to myself, at times, fuck that was a killer punishing riff let’s ride it and sit on it for a while and they do not. But that is just me and obviously that is not what the band is going for here. I sort of feel the same way with some stuff like John Zorn, Naked City, Electric Masada, PainKiller etc.. The musicality and talent level with a Zorn is so high I appreciate it a little more I guess. To be fair while those bands are a fair reference point, I think Defeated Sanity are more brutal death sounding and also lack the big avant-garde jazz influence of those bands. So yes, for me, it is a mixed bag, but I think that is also partly due to when D.S. are playing straight up brutal, guttural death metal it is just so good that I want more of it and do not want to have it interrupted so often. If you are a big fan of this sort of thing (ala the style of bands I listed above) you can probably not go wrong with Defeated Sanity, as they are very talented and creative to be sure.  - Dale 

https://www.facebook.com/DefeatedSanity    https://willowtip.bandcamp.com/       




“Grand Malevolence” CD, LP & MC

(Transcending Obscurity)


Despite having a previous EP and a full-length, this sophomore album from these Australians is my first taste of their brand of debauchery and Depravity. The band plays very skilled and extremely brutal death metal in the early to mid ’90s tradition. Their influences derive largely from the American scene of that time period. Depravity’s music is dark, fast, energetic and brutal yet also technical and at times nuanced. They always keep an ominous aura across it all and as intricate and as busy as it can be at times, they also manage to not lose focus on the memorable attributes and strong flow. Which to me, results in music you sit back and enjoy the detail of the song construction and impressive performance of the individual members, or just revel in the cruel barbarity and headbang furiously. The varied growling vocal attacks and growling are beastly and somehow manage to keep up with the intensity and adrenaline of the music. I think this will surely please fanatics of the early to mid ‘90s North American death metal scene as the band clearly worship that time and bands like Morbid Angel, Immolation, Suffocation, Incantation, Cryptopsy, Vital Remains, Monstrosity, Hate Eternal, Nile, Gorguts etc… For those people into those bands or if you just love old school death metal period then you need to check in on this band.  - Dale 

https://depravitydeath.bandcamp.com/   https://transcendingobscurity.aisamerch.de/shop-en       




“Bushmeat" CD

(Momento Mori Records)


Dipygus may come from California, but they play dirty, grimy and depraved jungle cannibal loving sewer death metal with touches of doom conjured up straight from the depths of hell itself. They sound like a vile mixing pot of bands like Impetigo, Autopsy, Repulsion and the like that is as potent and powerful, as it is ingenious in it’s pure degeneracy. The music is just so heavy, guttural and rough possessing this great suffocating heinous aura across it all. I mean not to drive a point into the ground, but talk about chainsaw guttfuck, just listen the song “Long-Pig Feast”, and that riff in there is the audio equivalent of sawing through flesh and bone, it is damn thick and heavy as an anvil. I love it. The vocals are like a throaty whispery version of the great classic Autopsy style gutter growls that I worshi. The doomy sequences really throw some emotional weight upon the listener, which then adds even more of an expressive dynamic when they start to turn up the tempo and the pummeling brutality. I really enjoyed this album quite a bit, I think diehards of the bands and their sound I mentioned above will probably love basking in this blood spray afterglow long after hitting stop, assuming you still have the strength to do so.  - Dale

https://dipygus.bandcamp.com/    https://www.facebook.com/memento.mori.label        




“Revocation Of The Fallen" CD

(Brutal Mind Records)


I heard this Dutch bands debut album way the fuck back in 2001. I remember liking it well enough, but I did not realize the band was still kicking, I now see why I thought this with their long absence between releases. But more on that later, let’s dig into new full-length courtesy of this Indonesian label (that interestingly enough is run by a transplanted American!). Disavowed are not like a lot of death metal bands these days, as they do not throw a bunch of fancy song structuring, nor ultra technical parts for the sake of it, nor do they inject a bunch of melodic elements to tamper down the extremity and make things more palatable. The band plays straight up older school brutal death metal where heaviness and brutality is king and they punish you to a pulp with it! That is not at all to say there are not some memorable riffs, brief catchy instances or some technical segments woven into their monstrous, brutish sound. But, I will say it once again, above all brutality is king and the king rules with an iron covered fist. I must mention a couple other stand-out elements of this band’s composition and performance, which is the commanding, formidable drum work that is superb and provides that devastating backbone that makes up Disavowed’s sound so strong. The second being the vocals, which are deep, intimidating growls that remind of me what a pissed off, caged bear bent on tearing apart his captors might sound like. The sound and production on here, for me is a picture perfect marriage to the bands overwhelming destructive, bestial brand of severe and relentless death metal. This is the bands third album, their first album in 13 years!! With the high quality of this album I suspect long time fans of the band are well pleased with the result their patience produced. Check this out as soon as possible if you love straight up death metal that is high quality.  - Dale 

https://www.facebook.com/Disavowedofficial/    http://brutal-mind.com/       




“Prahara" CD

(Brutal Mind Records)


Indonesia strikes again with another great sounding brutal death metal band that mixes in both 90's style death metal with some newer elements. “Prahara” is the debut release featuring eight songs of solid well delivered death metal, which is both brutal and well written. For the most part the band plays at a very fast pace, but is not afraid to slow it down and give the musicians time to shine with more mid tempo playing. The musicians can play both the faster paced music and the mid paced equally very well, but I would say the band seems to be more at home with the more aggressive faster paced material. The vocals range goes from a more old school growl to some deeper, low growls that you hear more in today death metal scene. Disintegration has delivered a great debut of pummeling and intense death metal that should please fans of both the old school and newer breed of brutal death metal bands. This album comes highly recommended from me.  - Patrick 

https://www.facebook.com/Disintegration-549326705241809    https://brutalmind.bandcamp.com       




Package Round Up 3

(Doomsday’s Today Records)


Sylent Storm “Sylent Storm” Limited Cassette Edition This was originally released by this Oregonian band as a CD EP back in 2018. It is the bands first and only release, so far to date, but now Doomsday is releasing this re-mastered edition on cassette to give this band more attention. ‘Sylent Storm’ features six songs on this twenty-eight minute tape of traditional old school ‘80s heavy metal. Some influences I can hear are bands like Loudness, Riot, Judas Priest, Virgin Steele, Ratt, Iron Maiden, Warlock, Rage etc… Generally they stick to the heavier material of the bands I mentioned above, but they do dip down into that commercial, glam-y area at times, albeit briefly. These guys have talent and write some quality, catchy and skillful music. The vocalist is good, but I sometimes wish he had a little more grit in his voice, and he was more forceful in the mix. Check this out, it is of definite interest to classic hard rock and heavy metal fans.
You're Fired "Warning / The End" As is the case often with Doomsday releases, these two previous Ep’s were released ago (2002 and 2012 respectively in this case). I have to say these guys are consistent and stuck to their roots, as honestly, despite there being a decade between releases (and the improved recording) on the 2012 seven inch the two releases stylistically sound like they were recorded back to back from the same time period. Being the purist I often am, I can appreciate that dedication and resolve to stick to their roots. I did not mention it yet, but the band play high energy, high speed hardcore with some ferocious individual and collective performances. I guess you could say their music is a little one note with most songs sounding the nearly the exact same. At the same time though, hardcore to me is often more about the energy, about the raging rancor and revolves heavily around the lyrics and the vocals, more so than most other extreme music styles. I am sure this is a treat for long time fans of You’re Fired, not to mention if you are a hardcore fanatic and are always looking to flesh out your collection, this would be a solid addition. The tape inlay has a nice layout and all lyrics are included – so check it out.

Bush Hog Suicide "In A Skeleton Pose” This was originally released about a decade ago; I must say it is a real eclectic mix of sub-genres. As mentioned in the previous review, I am a purist in a lot of cases, so this definitely tested my boundaries in that regard. As just to give you an idea, think of a crazy melting pot of Pantera and Crowbar mixed with little dissolving chunks of punk, thrash, and death metal alongside a big hunk of sludge (the style not the muddy slime) all liquefying together into one sound. That is the Bush Hog sound and even if it is not necessarily my thing, and it is not - I still have to admit it is well done, the music itself is pretty imaginatively constructed. The production on this is heavy and spot on for their style, which helps enhance their material.  - Dale

Doomsday’s Today Records releases are available through Eternal Darkness Creations at c/o Keith Dempe, P.O. Box 268, Coraopolis, PA. 15108, USA as well as Ralph's Records.   

http://www.RalphsRecordsTX.com    https://doomsdaystodayrecords.bandcamp.com/       




Package Round Up 4

(Doomsday’s Today Records)


Insanity's Reign "Insanity's Reign" Cassette Album This is this Oregonian bands first release after having been around the local scene since 2013. I feel a ton of dedication and passion bleeding through this recording and everything I see / read about this thrash metal band. I like all of that a lot. Which makes this a bit hard to review, as honestly there are good elements, but also a lot that I feel is kind of substandard in my view. Some of the good is the heavy chug riffing on a lot of this album is pretty killer and the bands backbone, also some of the singing from Omar Rodriguez is fantastic and he has a certain charisma to his voice and delivery. The other side of the coin is as good as some of the vocals are, there are a lot of moments vocally that are clunky, crackly sub-par and a touch amateurish sounding yet always sung with passion. Some of the overall songwriting to my ear is under developed, rudimentary and a little uninteresting honestly. Some of the critics are partially down to individual performance at times, and what seems to a disjointed, un-cohesive mixing job along with the cymbols on the drums sound annoyingly tinny. As I mentioned, I really like a lot about this band, so that is all a little hard for me to write, but I try to be as honest as possible. I have a feeling these guys are probably more effective and in their element in a live setting in a club.
Chains of Belmont “Toxic Hangover” Cassette EP Chains Of Belmont present here their debut release in the form of this 25ish minute EP. Their style is crossover thrash and they kill with it on this beautifully packaged cassette tape. The band drips in old school crossover goodness with fast, punchy and catchy songs with an attitude that put a smile on my face and had my head banging! There are some killer riffs on here and they vary the song writing just enough to keep things interesting and flowing along while staying true to their roots. Doug Greens vocals are kind of half sung, half spoken hollering that is so classic sounding! Listening to this brings back memories of my early days with crossover in the mid to late ‘80s listening to shit like early DRI, Cryptic Slaughter, The Accüsed, Gang Green and the like. I would definitely recommend getting your hands on this tape if love classic crossover thrash.  - Dale
Doomsday’s Today Records releases are available through Eternal Darkness Creations at c/o Keith Dempe, P.O. Box 268, Coraopolis, PA. 15108, USA as well as Ralph's Records.

http://www.RalphsRecordsTX.com    https://doomsdaystodayrecords.bandcamp.com/       




Package Round Up 5


(Doomsday’s Today Records & Eternal Darkness Creations)


This is another big round up review for a Doomsday’s Today Records, but this time it is a special two part round up. So let’s dig in

EL Pecado “El Pricipio… Del Final” Cassette Album El Pecado was an Illinois band, who existed from the mid to late ‘90s. They released two demo tapes in 1994 & 1995; those two demos and two newly recorded songs were to be combined to comprise their debut album. The album was scheduled to be released in 1997/98 by the infamous WildRags Records, but alas label owner Richard C. (who was always cool with me in our dealings for years) went to prison for tax evasion. The album was shelved and never happened, they split up shortly afterwards. But, Paul from D.T. did not forget about the band and had main man Mike Coles (who did a print fanzine back in the band timeframe called The Outcast, which is now an online ‘zine) dust off the recordings, so they could finally be released after all these long years. El Pecado play dirty and speedy deathrash metal that is a bit loose, but in a good filthy way with chunky riffing and a dark aura to it. The vocals also have kind of gruff thrash style mixing with a shouted dm growl and all the lyrics are sung in Spanish, actually even for a non-speaker like me sound really cool. This is a nice little diamond in the rough to be unearthed, if it sounds like it could be your cup ‘o tea I urge you to support this great dedicated tape label!
Catharsis “Catharsis” Mini-Album Cassette I am not familiar with this band, which was around from 1994-2002, but this re-release of their 1996 mini-album is a pretty nice introduction for me. Catharsis hailed out of North Carolina playing pretty intense, heavy and crisp hardcore. Now, I am not huge hardcore fan, but I do like hardcore and have been treading along the periphery of this scene since I guess the early ‘90s with stuff like Agnostic Front, Cro-Mags, Sick Of It All, Slapshot (also stuff like GBH, Black Flag etc.. but I consider those more hardcore/punk) and later moving on to some bands like Capitalist Casualties, Earth Crisis, Converge, Madball etc… But beyond those types of bands I am not super knowledgeable. Catharsis definitely falls into the straight up traditional hardcore band category, for me at least, by not mixing in punk or much metal into their sound. There is some pretty quality music on here, it is probably more for the dedicated hardcore fan than just someone who likes to listen to the classic stuff. It is fairly harsh (it could have a bit more punch to the mix for me) and energetic hardcore, they are at their best when they play pissed off and up the emotion like they do in certain songs or parts of songs on this release. This mini-album is probably a must have for die hard hardcore fiends.    https://www.facebook.com/CatharsisOfficial    https://crimethinc.bandcamp.com/ 


Underground Guerilla Compilation Cassette Album (Doomsday’s Today Records & Eternal Darkness Creations) I was excited to get a copy of this compilation. It is done of course by Paul from Doomsday, who is a long time contact of mine. But this particular release is a co-production with Eternal Darkness Creations, which is run by Keith Dempe, who full disclosure is one of my oldest and greatest friends in the UG scene, not to mention a mentor from my early days at the start of the 1990s. I believe it was Keith that compiled the line up of bands on here. It is a really extreme, dark and raw mixing of bands, sounds and styles that often differ from each other, which makes for a good contrasting listening experience. It is a diverse listen, but everything tonally is gloomy and sinister in one fashion or another. The line-up of this thirteen track album is as follows: Mannequin Cellar, Devoured Christ, Leagues Below, Vilently Ill, Warghoul, Breathilizor, Nihilistic Outlaw Criminal Order, Dimentianon, Dungeon Beast, Nameless Tomb, Queenie, Withered Icon & Ov Blood & Mockery. It all is all professionally done coming with a glossy fold-out cover, and a white cassette with black printing on it. It is well worth your time and only costs $5 below on their bandcamp site. You will surely find something new and interesting with this release. Cheers to my metal brothers Paul and Keith! Keep The Ancient Flame Burning!!  - Dale 

Doomsday’s Today Records releases are available through Eternal Darkness Creations at c/o Keith Dempe, P.O. Box 268, Coraopolis, PA. 15108, USA as well as Ralph's Records.

http://www.RalphsRecordsTX.com    https://doomsdaystodayrecords.bandcamp.com/  




Package Round Up 6


(Show & Tell Records / Barf Bag Records / Baby Rakin Records)


I listed this as a Doomsday round up review as label owner Paul Sanchez not only sent three of his labels cassettes to review, he also sent along three additional tapes released by other labels, so I include them together under that banner. Cheers Paul!
Pornohelmut “Bang Lord” Cassette EP (Show & Tell Records) I do not really listen to stuff like to be honest. I am not even sure how to describe it? Maybe like psychedelic sample music consisting of mainly sound samples, synth, computer generated FX. Yet, having said that there is some guitar and drums mixed in, but it is almost like they are accents only, there is also some industrial but not heavy and not metal industrial, more like hard rock bits. The overall vibe is very light and airy, and well again, a psychedelic trippy feel to it all like the soundtrack to some old ‘70s hippy drug film, where they are high and seeing outer space and galactic battles haha. Again, this is not something I listen to or to be honest normally would want to listen to. But all the same I have admit it is well done and really creates an atmosphere all it’s own.    https://pornohelmut.bandcamp.com/releases

Shitstormtrooper “Shitstormtrooper” Cassette EP (Baby Rakin Records) This is a nice transition listen after the Pornohelmut review / experience. Shitstormtrooper are a noisy, lightning fast and pissed off mix of powerviolence, grind and punk rock. It is in your face and heavy as shit, they are certainly not scared to give unfiltered and/or un-PC opinions with the lyrics. I loved the Trailer Park Boys samples, with one revealing that they took their name from something a perpetually heavily sauced Mr. Lahey said in one of the TPB episodes. This was a blast to listen and is some good solid shit with no nuts or corn in it. Check ‘em out.   https://shitstormtrooper.bandcamp.com/

Violent Legacy “General Genocide” Cassette EP (Barf Bag Records) Violent Legacy produce really straight forward, heavy and raging old school crossover thrash metal emanating San Francisco, California. The riffing on here is stout and energetic, with chunky bass guitar and some cool blitzkrieg solos. I definitely get some welcome vibes of the early works of bands like Exodus, Testament, Vio-lence, Slayer, Nuclear Assault, Suicidal Tendencies mixed with say a bit of Cryptic Slaughter and later day DRI. If you are an old school thrash and crossover fan then come get some because the Bay Area is not dead yet baby!!  - Dale    https://barfbagrecords.storenvy.com/  




“At The Crossroads Of Infinity” CD

(Unspeakable Axe Records)


“At The Crossroads Of Infinity” is this Californian band Draghkar’s debut full-length after releasing two demo's and a few ep's. The record consists of six tracks of old school death metal with some elements of thrash, and even some black metal influences incorporated into the musical mix. The guitars are played with a high level of skill and the individual members experience (in bands like Plague Bearer, Drawn And Quartered, Skullsmasher, Ecferus, Acephalix etc…) within the guitarists writing and playing abilities and in the musical whole. The guitarists play a mix of heavy mid paced guitar patterns with some faster more aggressive passages at times. The vocals are a mix of gruff, old school growls and some raw, rough screams that fit Draghkar's music. If you are familiar with the bands previous releases and enjoyed them then do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of this impressive debut album, you will not be disappointed.  - Patrick 

https://draghkar.bandcamp.com/    http://www.unspeakableaxerecords.com/