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Kratornas Interview

I was pleased to hear about the return of Kratornas and the band relocated to my homeland of Canada!! Kratornas has returned and have taken large steps in progression with their musical maelstrom of violence. After listening to it I felt compelled to do an interview with Bruno and learn more about the band and the new album. Bruno and I were in touch pretty regularly from the mid to late ‘90s until the early 2000’s. So this interview really feels like two old goats in the UG scene are sitting by a campfire catching up after nearly 20 years since our first contact...


Hokedun Interview

Hokedun are an interesting two man band, coming out of the U.K. black metal scene. They play a mix of traditional ‘90s black metal who released their debut full length recording “Succumbing To Decay” earlier this year. If you enjoy well played old school black metal in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s tradition then read on to learn more about this young band...


The Mist Interview

Patrick got possessed by listening to the re-release of The Mist and asked me to contribute some questions. I have been a fan of The Mist's early work for a long time. They are thrash metal legends coming out of the hallowed '80s Brazilian thrash death metal scene. The band featured Jairo Guidez who was an original member of Sepultura and wrote some of the music on their early releases. After leaving Sepultura he joined up with The Mist and helped make another band infamous in the scene. Read on to find out what the vocalist Vladimir thinks of the band looking back and the re-release of their classic debut album... 




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