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Apokalyptic Raids Interview

Brazil's Apokalyptic Raids  have been releasing quality metal since the late 90's. Their newest release "The Pentagram" was originally released through Hell Music in 2018. But Hell's Headbanger's Records will re-release it on all formats; it is a real killer of an album. If you are a fan of early bands such as Venom, Hellhammer and early Celtic Frost then you have to check this band's music out as soon as you finish reading this interesting interview....

Cemetery Urn Interview

We have been trying to secure an interview with Cemetery Urn for a couple years now with little success. But finally our persistence here at CA has paid off with an excellent interview that is quite comprehensive thanks to Mr. Gillon's in-depth answers. Finally we get to support this excellent old school death metal band and spread their words far and wide...


Unholy Baptism Interview

An unusually cold wind  has been conjured up in the normally hot and humid Arizona freezing all inhabitants in it's path! That wind is known by the name of Unholy Baptism and brings with it some of darkest and most evil sounds that part of the country has ever heard! Canadian Assault has been dispatched to investigate this strange and malevolent phenomena the Underground Scene needs to know more about!... 




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