“Gloomy Lights” 2005 CD

(Bestial Burst)

3 little petite Japanese chicks that play an awesome mix of Burzum & Hellhammer replete with the Hellhammer face paint?! It is true and these women are sick and brutal, you have to hear it to believe it! Bestial Burst is my new favourite label!



“Sampler Vol. 2” 2005 CD

I never know what to do with comps. Here is a cross section of old/new Canadian bands. Such as: Augury, Neuraxis, Soulscar, Ghoulunatics, Horfixion, Eclipse Eternal, Anhkrehg, Anvil and a bunch more.

Galy Records, 5100 De Verdun, Box 28544, Verdun, Quebec, CANADA H4G 3L7



“La Muerte” 2006 CD

(Nuclear Blast)

Did this once, long ago, great band not already embarrass themselves enough in the mid 90s?! Apparently not, a new album full of Death ‘n Roll, one dimensional, boring, visionless music with no soul behind the playing – says the answer is no... Fuck off!




“The Shadows Eternal Call” 2006 CD

(Undercover Records)

Imagine Immortal and Carpathian Forest mixed with an energetic thrash pacing & execution. That sounds like a good combination and it is.

U. Records, Stockhausestr 3a, 35638 Leun, GERMANY  



“Vaticum” 2006 CD

(I Hate Records)

Oh my but this is some fantastic classic doom metal. So much soul and feeling, think Candlemass, The Obssessed and the slower Pentagram 70s stuff. I love it!!!!



“Reek of Pubescent Despoilment” 2006 CD

(Unmatched Brutality)

Unmatched continue their tradition of quality packaging on all releases – salute. Not sure how else to say if you love gore drenched brutal death. Unmatched Brutality have best and biggest stable in the world, to my knowledge. Guttural Secrete crush but what do you expect?!

U. B., Box 1869, Powell, TN. 37849, USA




“World Wide Compilation” 2006

(Neverhead Distro)

Exotic sampling of bands ranging from Jordan & Serbia to Bosnia & Chile. Mainly black death, some bands include: Amon Din, Ek, Rabbath Amon, Kratornas, Orifice & 13 more. Check it out this looking release.

Kager Balazs, 2031 Erd, Pf. 91, HUNGARY



“Hung With Barbwire” 2006 CD

(Unmatched Brutality)

Total recorded in toilet water grunts like the early 90s, I love it. I am unsure how Unmatched Brutality keeps finding so many killer gore death bands?! I certainly was unaware there were so many these days.



“Dawn of A New Aeon” 2005 CD

(Agonia Records)

I heard all their Necrapolis stuff but I think their best albums have been since they left that label. Last record was an old school deathrash outing, this time it is a black & death metal mix. Fast, brutal & rhythmic washed down with some sour black rasps & massive production.

A.R., Box 273, 64-920 Pila 1, POLAND




“The Malignity Born From Despair” 2006 CD

(Unmatched Brutality)

Totally brutish death metal ala Cannibal Corpse mixed with the NY dm sound and done well by this Japanese band.  



“The Innerancy of Profanation” 2005 CD

(Unmatched Brutality)

I fancy the Jon Zig cover. This is a one man band, you cannot tell and that drum programming is well done. Fans of Immolation, Benediction with Suffocation vocals & otherwise tendencies - check this out.



“Curse Of The Sky” 2019 CD

(Gates Of Hell Records)

This Finnish band has a very ‘70s epic heavy metal sound and spirit. The music is cool and just has a good relaxing chill vibe to it. The vocalist half of the time her vocals are great and the other half awful, but even when they sound like she is being violently shaken they still have an element of charm to them somehow.  - Dale   



“Broken Whispers” 2005 CD

(Flood The Earth Records)

Atmospheric movie soundtrack style synth based music. Kind of like the melancholic, introspective music they play in movies. Not bad for what it is. 

Flood The Earth, Box 402, Pinole, CA. 94564 USA




“Bring It On” 2005 CD

(Casket Music)

Reminds me of the lighter stuff on that new headbangers ball show on MTV. Trendy, radio friendly & happy = crap!



“World Asylum” 2006 CD

Is this that glam band from the 80s, why yes it is. They are a lot heavier now and have Wade Black from Crimson Glory / Seven Witches as their singer. Kind of moody power metal, better than you would think.



“S/T” 2005 CD


Prog rock ala Yes & King Crimson but with a twinkle of ‘90s indie rock influences. They do what they do well which is taking you to mental fields of introspection & floating spaciness. Go ahead and call it Pink Floyd land, if you so wish.

PHD Canada, 1330 Main Street, North Vancouver, BC V7J-1C3, CANADA




“Mind” 20005 CD

(Cudgel Agency)

Death metal that is very reminiscent of Righteous Pigs mixed with Dismember. Nothing special, weak vocals but the mix of those influences is interesting.



“In Memoriam” 2005 CD

(I Hate Records)

This is a re-release of the CD out years ago on Iron Pegasus - a collection of songs from the bands ’96 demo + ’95 7” EP. Classic UG 90’s bm with an epic Bathory, viking-era aura. This is by far a superior release to the previous one.



“Tales of Rock ‘n Roll – 25 Years Celebration”  2006 CD

(Armageddon Music)

If you like hard rock then you will love this new album from the main man guitar king of MSG and former member of The Scorpions & UFO.




“Sakada” 2005 CD

(Black Lotus Records)

Ex-Crimson Glory singer Midnight’s solo record. I did not expect to like this as much as I do. Hard rock that might appeal to fans of “Operation Mindcrime”, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, “A Mended Rhyme” type of stuff.



“A Pure World Is A Dead World” 2005 CD

(Copro Records)

Pure brutal American sounding death metal from this English band with some heavy doses of early Napalm Death grind. Well done but to be honest, nothing too exciting either.




“Thermonuklear Thrash Metal Warfare” 2005 Split CD

(Bestial Burst)

Nailgunner Pure old school thrash metal that is a mix of ‘80s Canadian & German thrashing madness. 5 tracks of blissful insanity!

WoundsAnother Finnish band and they play more on the death metal side of things but hell this is bestial burst records, so you know there is some thrash in those festered gashes.  Http://



“Grave Damnation” 2006 CD

(Worship Him Records)

I wish I could give a better review but I only got this CD to play a few seconds of each track. What I could make out kind of sounded like a brutal Goatlord mixed with Bolt Thrower & more evil Benediction type of vocals.



“Black Eternity” 2019 7” EP

(Blood Harvest Records)

Suffocating death metal brutality from Iran of all places; it is in the early ‘90s mainly mid paced dm with blast beating speed bursts. The deep roiling & churning growls add to a cool atmosphere on this 2 song vinyl. There is a drummer listed, but some of the drums sound like a drum machine to me, weird. Limited to 350 pieces, 100 on see-thru orange.  - Dale  




“Promo” 2005 CDR

(Forever Plagued Records)

Exceptionally melancholic and introspective black metal that meanders it’s pace but really is evil in it’s own unique way.  



“Triumph of Diabolism” Demo CD 2006

9TH Plague return sounding better than ever. If you like your death metal heavy & varied in a cross of maybe Morbid Angel & Hate Eternal I have a band for you. PO Box 9048, S-250 09 Helsingborg, SWEDEN