“Rider Of The Last Light" CD

(Spread Evil Records)

This is a new Finnish band (two members of Nekrokrist SS) who produce raw ‘n savage black metal with a depressive suicidal bent. For as raw a style & production (I like!), there is more melody than you would think buried within the cold music. The vocalist shreds his throat with caustic, scathing yells and tortured screams. This comes recommended by me!  - Dale  



“Into Lifeless Shrines" CD & LP

(Bindrune Recordings)

This Michigan band features Bindrune owner Marty Rytkonen (also of the great Worm Gear ‘zine!). TGD play brutal yet at times moody death metal with a dark aura enveloping it all. The riffs are massive & the growling vocals superb. Think of a mix of early ‘90s US dm, heavy doses of early ‘90s Swedish bands (Grave, Dismember) and Brit influence (Benediction, Bolt Thrower). Solid debut album.  - Dale    



“Ripping Metal" Demo Cassette

(Hellprod Records)

Gravedäncer from Brazil are total early to mid ‘80s metal worship and I love it! Think of early Venom & Sodom mixed with Grim Reaper, Judas Priest, Satan, Angel Witch, Saxon etc… It is malevolent ripping dark heavy metal that is catchy as hell, and filled with memorable songs and smoking guitar fills & solos. It is a throwback but a fun, well done throwback.  - Dale  



“Ensemble Of Darkness” Demo Tape

(Vibrio Cholerae Records)

This tape is a few years old, but it is a project band my old UG brother Mikael Holm (Aggressive Mutilator) sent me to check out so… The five songs are an eclectic, but cool and entertaining mix of heavy metal, thrash and punk with lots of great attitude and spirit thrown into the mix. The tape is still available or hit up bandcamp.  - Dale




“Die Nachtseite" CD & LP

(Amor Fati Records)

It is interesting how a good yet simple rhythmic black metal riff elongated by playing it at a slow to moderate pace, for most of or an entire song can create such a flowing atmosphere to paint an audio picture upon. This German band do just that, by using a measured songwriting hand to just gradually change the pacing of these epic length songs, slightly up or down, manipulate the listeners emotions beautifully. Well done.  - Dale  



“Lupi Amoris” CD & LP

(Magnetic Eye Records)

Heavy Temple play some memorable and charismatic doom that has a psychedelic stoner vibe ala bands like Kyuss, Fu Manchu, Soundgarden, Orange Goblin and a little foundational Black Sabbath of course. It is very moody music, in a good way, while still being heavy yet slightly rocking at times. My only minor complaint is I enjoyed High Priestess’ vocals on here and they are very sparsely used.  - Dale   



“Hellstrike” MCD & Mini-Album Cassette

(Chaos Records)

Hell Strike hails from the northwest US and produces some really solid dark and gloomy yet heavy death metal in the old school traditions. The band features members of Ritual Necromancy, Bloodsoaked, Ascended Dead, Funebrarum, VoidCeremony and more. Check it out if you like that those old sounds similar to bands like The Chasm, Sadistic Intent and the like.  - Dale   



“Under Betlehems Brinnande Stjärna” CD, LP & MC

(Shadow Records & Regain Records)

A Swedish one man band with hidden identity. At 27 minutes this is a little too short to be called album. I do kind of love that they made the cover like an old cut ‘n paste UG flyer. Hinsides play very caustic olden demo tape days style tinny and low-fi raw black metal. But despite how raw it is there is some good work in the energetic and creative songwriting with some great cold rhythms and riffing. The vocals are those of a possessed demon!  - Dale    



“Ritual Over The Grave” CD EP

(Personal Records)

Heavy, dank and gloomy death metal from Chile is what Hnagash is all about. The vocals are very early days dm style hissy dark roiling growls that are decipherable and have a hint of that gruff thrash voice in there. This some great old school creeping death metal that should please fans of the early works of Autopsy, Morbid Angel, Possessed, Pestilence, Asphyx, Massacre and the like.  - Dale    




“Versus All Gods” CD & LP

(Evil Dead Prod. & Hells Headbangers Records)

The Singapore UG metal legends return after close to a decade since their last album! Often looked at in the past as a leading band of the war metal style, but on this record they have mostly returned to their roots, dropping the zillion blast beat drumming & wall of noise. This returns to the earlier days of their Morbid Angel-ish style, and early to mid ‘90s black death metal with loads of short crazy solos. It is still heavy as fuck, evil as hell!  - Dale    



“Blood Red Victory” CD

(Divebomb Records)

Though there is a touring line up, this is amazingly (listen to it and you will know why I say that) is a one man band from Ohio. Ironflame play high level, polished heavy / power metal, which is quality from top to bottom and features soaring vocals. For fans of German power metal ala Running Wild, Gamma Ray, Helloween, Grave Digger etc…  - Dale 



“Curse Of The Sky” CD

(Gates Of Hell Records)

This Finnish band has a very ‘70s epic heavy metal sound and spirit. The music is cool and just has a good relaxing chill vibe to it. The vocalist half of the time her vocals are great and the other half awful, but even when they sound like she is being violently shaken they still have an element of charm to them somehow.  - Dale   



“Mount Of The Congregation" Digital Album

(Self Release)

Just finished reviewing a split of Greek bm bands, by random coincidence up next is Karma Violens is also from Greece. These guys are very different though, playing more modern really riff-y dark deathrash metal. I like some of the haunting background accents. If I am being honest this is a little over produced for my tastes, and the riffing at times borders on metalcore, which I dislike. These guys are talented and the music well put together in it’s own clean, antiseptic and non-organic way.  - Dale   




“Mind Of A New God” CD, LP & MC

(Xtreem Music)

As I covered in a past K.A. review I bought this bands debut album on cassette way back in 1993!! Which despite there being a 12 year period of dormancy, this album is their second full-length 28 years later! Sad to hear Chad Bailey passed away (he helped write the title track of this album). But his fellow members including brother Pat Bailey have carried on the tradition of the band, staying true to their roots and creating great old school death metal with this heavy pounding album.  - Dale   



“Dimensions" CD

(Dark Descent Records)

This Finnish bands third album has nods to both old school and newer school death metal. Within the brutality are large doses of melodic guitar fills and emotive sections. They do ride the line IMO of too much melody, but only occasionally do they go very far over it. This may be too melodious for the brutal dm fans and too heavy for the melodo fanatics, but if you like both then this is likely for you.  - Dale    



“Global Bloodbath” CD EP

(Self Release)

This is band is the brainchild of Mike Eisenhauer of Evil Incarnate. The songs themselves while busy at times, they are extremely catchy almost to the point of semi-commercial sounding. Yet it is hard to say that because production is brutal & the riffing is crushingly heavy as fuck! Plus the vocals while decipherable feature gruff, nasally yelling and growling. It is accessible deathrash yet extreme – a nice balance.  - Dale 



“Theion" CD & LP

(Iron Bonehead Productions)

The Swedish Malakhim produce dark and evil, rather old school sounding black death metal. There is some solid guitar work going on here, which gives off a sinister aura. The band features guitarist Andreas Nilsson from the long running band Naglfar (he also played guitar on the Ancient demo way back in 1993!). This is worth your time if you love old malevolent black & death sounds.  - Dale 




“Demo # 1 '95" CD, LP & Tape

(Shadow Records / Regain Records)

This demo from the Swedish cult band Malign was originally released on cassette (limited to 300 copies) and never re-released again until now. I wonder if the band resisted it for some time? Because this is some killer freezing 1st and 2nd wave mix black metal that has that great early ‘90s evil, raw and eerie sound to the music / recording tath I have always worshipped.  - Dale  



“Sisters Of Darkness” Cassette

(Caligari Records)

This Italian one woman project is really interesting. It is epic and dark sounding heavy metal doom of the old school variety. Sort of like a cool mix of the cleaner viking-era Bathory mixed with stripped down version of doomy heavy metal like Death SS, Paul Chain, Omen (slower parts), Chastain (ditto)… The vocals are clean, heavily layered which mostly works, sometimes not, but mostly well done & enjoyable.  - Dale   



“In The Hand Of The Reaper” CD & Cassette EP

(Redefining Darkness Records)

Previously this Swedish band had only released two single song digital downloads (both on this 5 song EP). So this is their physical media debut. It is some stripped down blackened deathrash that sounds like it came right out of the late ‘80s. It is raw and heavy yet at other times polished especially those killer solos. I love the whispery evil growling vocals that are very clear and decipherable. This just fucking rips!  - Dale 




“Autumnal Rites" CD

(Immortal Souls Productions & Satanath Records)

Some heavy and flowing death doom metal out of Italy that possesses a lot of old school influences. It is heavy yet also very emotive, dripping with an aura of melancholy. There are a lot of traditional metal touches in the guitars with some fills and poignant leads. The vocals are great growls that remind me to the vox of the early works of like Grave, Benediction, Paradise Lost etc… and are accented by dark Type O like spoken voices.  - Dale 



“Doom Invocations And Narcotic Rituals” Cassette EP

(Caligari Records)

Můra is a new entity from the Czech Republic and features members of The Tower & Sekeromlat. They produce a massive, murky wall of death doom metal that reeks of an evil and oppressive aura that permeates the music. Which is slow moving, torturous and those imposing elongated roiling growls follow suit in a most sinister fashion. Two songs here that clock in at 20 minutes and leave me wanting more soon.  - Dale 



“Silent Voice Inside" CD

(No Name Records / Addicted Label BNiL)

This is a re-release of these Russians 2012 album, shortly afterwards they changed their name to Dekonstruktor whose releases I have reviewed in CA. I liked Dekonstruktor’s early works best, so this is even earlier before the trippy experimental bits & industrial sampling influences came in. This is pure sludgy sounding doom metal in the bands purest embryonic form and it is fantastic! Get this.  - Dale   




“Space Rangers” + “Kryptonite” CD, LP & Cassette

(Regain Records)

What a crazy world this is sometimes. Here I am from Canada and having grown up there in this time period and being knowledgeable about Canadian bands. Yet I am discovering this band from Canada through a Swedish label as they have re-released their 1974 & 1975 albums. It is some pretty amazing ‘70s style classic hard rock, extreme metal fans might hate, but I dig it!  - Dale  



“Black Eternity” 7” EP

(Blood Harvest Records)

Suffocating death metal brutality from Iran of all places; it is in the early ‘90s mainly mid paced dm with blast beating speed bursts. The deep roiling & churning growls add to a cool atmosphere on this 2 song vinyl. There is a drummer listed, but some of the drums sound like a drum machine to me, weird. Limited to 350 pieces, 100 on see-thru orange.  - Dale   




“It Dwells Amongst Us” 2020 Mini-Album Cassette

(Caligari Records)

This Seattle band composes really heavy & pulverizing riffed (think Bolt Thrower or Grave) dark death metal that is slow to mid paced and very doom influenced. The vocals are deep, obscured kinda whispery growls that further their gloomy suffocating aura well. I will keep an eye on these guys, damn good shit.  - Dale  



“In A Pallid Shadow" CD

(Self Release)

Northern Crown presents their third album of epic heavy metal doom. The music is classy and skillfully performed, the highlights for me being moody guitar & top notch smooth vocals from F. Serafine. Some influences I hear are Candlemass, Isole, Spirit Adrift, While Heaven Wept, My Dying Bride, Mirror Of Deception. There could be a little less synth and more heavy parts, by my tastes, otherwise a quality album.  - Dale