“Riven” 2005 CD (Metal Age Productions)

Great death metal in every way. I have been championing these guys since their demo days and they have only gotten better.

Metal Age, Box 42, 038 61 Vrutky, SLOVAKIA



“Promo 2005” CDR (Axa Valaha Productions)

Energetic straight forward clean death metal from Romania. Some nice depth in the guitar work and the growls (not gurgles or grunts) are nice and deep.



“Ominous Message of Brutality” 2005 (I Hate Records)

An ‘80s thrash band that stayed true to their roots?! This follow up again of re-released gems of Protector by I Hate, bears that out, this time we have the ’89 LP + ’90 MLP + live tracks. This band was amazing, just catchy fast straight ahead thrash in the classic German vein. A must have!




“When Times Turn Red” 2005 CD (AFM Records)

Not sure how to describe them? I guess ‘80s heavy metal with some thrash and death metal elements mixed into the maelstrom. Not bad just average.



“Symbols of Failure” 2006 CD (Neurotic Records)

Run of the mill semi-technical brutal death metal in the American mold coming from the Aussie act.



“A New Days Dawn” 2006 CD (AFM Records)

Hard rock with a radio friendly vibe. It did not grab me despite being well done.



“Zenith” 2006 CD (Unmatched Brutality)

More brutal death metal, kind of technical and at times not. Like a cross between Suffocation and Mortician.



“Compilation Vol. 1” 2005 CD (Rotten World Productions)

Great mix of bands to introduce you to the South American scene. Included: Purulent, Inhumate, NB 604, Carnarium, Nahual, Evilheart, Dyspraxia and shit loads more! 

R.w. Prod., Beto Ampuero D., Av. Victor Raul Haya de la Torre 191 – Muro, Chiclayo, PERU




“Spun Forth Dark Nets” 2005 CD (Neurotic Records)

They kind of remind me of a spunky Gothenburg death metal band playing back metal and doing a fair job. 



“Symmetric In Design” 2005 (Nuclear Blast America)

Keybored laden lightweight Goteborg style melodic death metal. This is just too lightweight for me, glad this scene is dwindling.



“Fucked Beyond Recognition” 2005 CD (Unmatched Brutality)

Unmatched Brutality continue to impress me with their stellar commitment to promoting their bands. Scid is what you come to expect from U.M., pure unadulterated steamrolling death metal grinding at it’s finest. If you love speed, brutality and riffs you can bang to, then contract a case of

Scids. U.M. Records, PO Box 1869, Powell, TN.37849, USA



“Requiems To Midnight, Woe” 2005 (Morbid Souls Music)

Excellent recording. Floridian black death that sounds a tad too much like new Dark Funeral and old Cradle of Filth for my liking. Some solid riffs and ideas here but it did not come together for me. 

M.S. Music, c/o Andrew Parrish, Louisville, OH. 44641, USA



“Intoxicate O.S.” 2006 CD (Dynamic Arts Records)

Melodo metal drowned like an unwanted puppy dog, in tons of electronica. It is one wimpy soup of junk.




“Fall” 2005 CD (AFM Records)

1980s hard rock like a mix of the The Cult with all the glam bands of the era. Yuck, this sucks!




“The Supreme Ugliness” 2006 CD (Bestial Burst)

Brutish thrash and old school death mix that owes much to Canadian legends Slaughter! Not as good as the originators but decent nonetheless if you love this style.



“Thrash ‘Til Death” CD (Invictus Prod.)

I reviewed this like 6 or 7 years ago when Invictus released it the first time! Here it is again, Slaughter Lord are old Oz thrash legends and if you do not know that, then get this already.



“Christ Illusion” 2006 (American Recordings)

Um...Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!  - Clayton



“Deathless Steel Command” 2006 CD (Invictus Productions)

War metal with heavy thrash roots, the riffing is fucking awesome!! It makes me want to crush something. A really sick atmosphere to the music. Oh how I like this, unstoppable.




“Black One” 2005 CD (Southern Lord)

I have always wanted to like Sunn. However, like Boris their brand of tedious do nothing doom was just boring. Here it is not miles better but they have added a bunch of black metal collaborators which has added a sick Beherit-ish crusty feel. 



“Let’s Dance” (Casket Music)

Commercial tinged grindcore mixed heavily with jazz and off the wall goofiness. They do it well but it is also fuggin mess at the same time. Great one minute and shite the next, though thankfully more that former than the latter.



“Split CD” 2005 (Bestial Burst)

The Carnival - Olllldddd thrash metal of the Celtic Frosty Hammer topped in a fresh virginal blood bath for Bathory.

EnormityEnergetic deathrash that is in your face, hard and ready to rape your grandma with whirlwind attack, complete with complimentary reach around on her sag bags.



“The Ali of Rock” 2006 CD (AFM Records)

Rock music, the kind you could easily turn the radio on and hear. I just do not listen to commercial shit like this – sorry.



“Carpathia” 2005 CD (Prophecy Productions)

Gothy slick light ‘metal’ with those poofy, I’m really sexy husky clean male goth vocals. Total crap… Surprise it is on Prophecy!




“Twilight” 2005 CD (Southern Lord)

American black metal supergroup featuring members of Nachtmystium, Xasthur, Krieg & Leviathan. This has to be one of the better bm albums I have gotten for a while. Nothing fancy just a visceral / melancholy dichotomy drown in evil.

S.L. Recordings, Box 291967, Los Angeles, CA. 90029, USA



“Tides of Awakening” 2005 CD (Firedoom Records)

Minimalistic slooow funeral doom where the vocals are as much a main instrument as the guitar and drums. Extremely simple but also effective.



“Without Zen” 2006 MCD (Dissident Records)

Brutal ‘ancient’ death metal that actually smokes mixed with oriental interludes played on traditional instruments like Koto Harps, Taiko drums. Very interesting and punishing.

D. Records, Box 46554, London N1 2WW, U.K.



“Der Ewigkeit Entgegen” 2005 (Flood The Earth Records)

There actually appears to be a bit of actual music and vocals among the sappy nature CD sound effects. One of the most boring bands on this planet!

Flood… Records, Box 402, Pinole, CA. 94564, USA



“Remnants Revived” 2005 digi CD (Neurotic Records)

Raging, fast and rhythmic like the old days, think Suffocation, Sinister, Cannibal Corpse etc… I enjoyed it.

Neurotic Recs., Stratinghpad 23, 5025 DS Tilburg, NETHERLANDS




“Compilation” 2006 CD (Terranis Productions)

Always hard to review compilations but if you love guttural death metal with indecipherable vocals and black metal, you will love this release. Some bands are: Thy Funeral, Ahriman, Age of Agony, Warkult, Blood Rainbow, Gutted, Funebre… 



“Pure Fucking Hell” Demo / Rehearsal CDR 2005

Super raunchy ‘n raw Satanic warring thrash in the old Canadian ‘80s spirit. Their intense old school spirit and energy is infectious.

c/o Alkoholic Wraht, Ul. Francuska 4/20, 65-941 Zielona Gora, POLAND



“Odin” 2005 digi-pak CD (Ancient Darkness Prod.)

This is interesting, a Danish band playing North American style caustic war metal ala Conqueror, Blasphemy with Deicide, old Monstrosity and so on. I really grasped it.




“Contempt” 2006 MCD (Undercover Records)

Evil sounding but very slickly executed black metal with a melodic undercurrent. Really this band is better than 80% of all bands in this genre today. Must have.  

U. Records, Stockhauserstr. 3a, 35638 Leun, GERMANY