“The Light Of The Shadow” 1999 CD (Unveiling The Wicked)

This is on a new sub-label of Hammerheart records. Mix a little Unleashed / Bolt Thrower with ‘80s heavy metal (Iron Maiden) and you have Shadowbreed. Killer stuff.



“Hvy 1” 1999 Live CD (Century Media)

Trendy start and stop chugga ‘jump metal’ with rap vocals.  Live no less. This is so awful. I feel nauseated!





“Skeleton Skeletron” 1999 CD (Century Media)

HAHAHAHA…What is this? They should at least change the name for the respect of the old fans!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA oh my dark lord is this bad.



“Corrode” 1999 MCD (Copro Records)

Total trend carbon copy ‘jump metal’ band in the vein of Machine Head, Skinlab, Fear Factory ect…I hate this happy-skippy hop up and down crap!





"The Lament Of Gods" 1999 MCD (Pagan Records)

Overall this is a kind of boring release in the symphonic death vein. Includes a cover of Mercyful Fates "Nuns Have No Fun" but it is also just about as exciting as the rest of this album is.  – Jeffrey Kusbel



“Hooked To Death” 1999 Demo / CD

V.G. play death metal that bring to mind the styles of Dying Fetus, Cryptopsy, Fleshgrind ect... Not original but fucking great barbarity anyway! $8 US to:

c/o Stephane Morillon, 40 Rue Frere, 33000 Bordeaux, FRANCE Email =





"Psychedelic Wunderbaum" 1999 CD (Jester Recs)

I could not even begin to guess why this was sent to Canadian Assault for review but it is extremely gay in my opinion. I cannot even believe I am listening to it right now! Die!!  – Jeffrey Kusbel



“Delusions Of Grandeur (A Gathering Of Heretics)” (Fullmoon Productions)

Black / gothic ambient music. These trendy Americans try really hard to be the next Cradle Of Filth. I guess Fullmoon has now jumped on the goth bandwagon too!