“Tpiethpikoy” Demo # 2 1999

I really enjoyed the uncompromising raw bestial aggression. But the material itself is immensely sub-par and monotonously boring. Cost is $5 US to:

c/o Matagos Paris, 30 Ag. Demetriou Street, Voula 16673, Athens, GREECE



“Nervous System” 1998 Self-Released CD

Simplistic chugga-chugga straight on metal. It’s OK but nothing special. Cost is $12 US to:

Distraught, Av: Nestor De Moura Jardim, 1060 CEP:92500-000, B-Colina, Guaiba Rs, BRASIL – A/C. Andre Meyer





“City Of Dead” 1999 MCD (Fadeless Records)

This is a re-release of their demo with 2 bonus tracks. The music is like a primitive, bestial version of what is on the album. Recommended.

Fadeless Recs., P.O. Box 1288, 6501 BG Nijmegen, HOLLAND Web =



"All Little Devils” 1999 CD

A quote from their bio: "the bands recent compositions show strong connections with the more pop-and-circumstance typically attributed those gothic in nature." You don't say!  – Jeffrey Kusbel



“Evanesce” 1999 MCD (Dark Artz Releases)

A little sloppy but their brand of aggressive black/death metal with slight atmospheric touches won me over. Check these guys out.

BLK 95, #10-521, Aljunied Crescent, SINGAPORE 580095





“Off-Kilter Enhancement” 1999 CD (Copro Records)

Heavy doses of commercial hardcore, ‘jump’ and a bit of metal. No I didn’t think you would like it – me either!

Copro Recs., Box 4429 Henley On Thames Oxon, RG9 1GH, UK  Email = CoproProd@AOL.COM



“The Treasures Within Hearts” 1999 CD (Spikefarm Records)

Trend filled symphonic smothered romantic goth metal. Actually they stink musically and cannot write a good song to save their lives.



“3 Song Promo CD” 1999

This band basically copies the first two Fear Factory albums with a bit of their own sound thrown in. I don’t care for it and I even make sound better than it really is. Send $3 US to:

Explorers Recs., c/o Glaniuca Mole, via Conti di Loritello, 13 – Str. C, 88060 Catanzaro, ITALY





“Ebony Birds” 1999 (Prophecy Prods)

“Folkloric pagan doom” metal. If you can, ignore the softer moments, here and there. Then this is a excellent, oppressive and bedevilled heavy record.



“Conquering The Throne” 1999 CD (Wicked World)

This band features Eirk Rutan (ex-Ripping Corpse/M. Angel) and Doug Cerrito (ex-Suffocation). This one monster album, of hate and aggression, with guitar acrobatics, that will recall Morbid Angels first LP and Carcass’ third LP. A real monster. If Wicked World keeps this up Earache will regain their lost dignity.



“Self-Titled” 1999 CD (Near Dark Productions)

Yet another of Mikael’s awful one man bands. He is a real die hard metal head and a talented musician. But he writes sub-par music. Mikael go back to doing your zine bro. The dedication to my missed once best friend Alexis Gagnon (R.I.P.) did not go unnoticed thank you for that!

Near Dark, Box 40, 860 30 Sorberge, SWEDEN





“Endorama” 1999 CD (Pavement Music)

Out of respect for the name Kreator. I’m going to pretend I never even listened to this commercial bullshit album!



“The Moaning Age” 1999 MCD (Explorers Records)

Despite the lame title and not so great first song. The other 4 hymns are great grim black metal sickness! $10 is the cost (See addy above).