“Pieces Of Mankind” 1999 CD (Copro Records)

I liked this bands promo and 7” a few years back. Quality deathrash. Now they play very commercially influenced deathrash and it is just not the same or as good.



“It Just Gets Worse” 1999 CD (Earache Recs)

It Just Gets Worse and lyrically yes it does. As un-politically correct as is possible and damn funny too. The music is about the same nothing new or overly exciting just crazy noise in the traditional way.



“Self-Titled” 1999 CD (Metal Blade/Blackend)

Nicely fashioned and performed but ultimately boring black metal. Amduscias are reminiscent of the Norge black metal style like Emperor (1st album) but minus the keys.





“Bleed” 1999 CD (Century Media)

The old legendary dark thrashers are back! Now they play limp commercial hard rock / heavy metal L. Discouraging and disheartening.



“The Inexorable” 1999 CD (Olympic Records / Osmose Productions)

Pulverizing and warring death metal to the extreme! Mix Morbid Angel, Bestial Warlust and Blasphemy equals “The Inexorable”. Crushing and controlled chaos with piercingly sweet solos. Excellent!



"Lucky 13" 1998 (Brainticket Records)

The riffs did grab me at times with an Eyehategod sludginess and stoner groove but the vocals are just unforgivable. Not only are the vocals shouted in the Phil Anselmo tough guy vein, they also sound like some kind of fucking Limp Bizkit, Korn jump-fiend induced queerness at times.   – Jeffrey Kusbel



"Desperate Existence" 1999 CD

I am taken aback and flabbergasted at how boring a flute can make a band sound. Plain run of the mill symphonic death, female vocals, Blah, blah! I crave riffage and wattage!!  – Jeffrey Kusbel





“Porphyrogenesis” 1999 CD (Near Dark Productions)

Clean 'n slick but raging black metal. Kind of average but well done and still enjoyable. Features 3 old Setherial members as well.



“Self-Titled” 1999 CD (Wicked World)

Lame moniker aside. After the first couple trax I thought “another At The Gates clone”. But further investigation reveals a harsh & complex album written masterfully by talented musicians.

(See Earache addy elsewhere as Wicked World is their new sub-label)



“Chronzonic Chaos Gods” 1999 CD (Full Moon Productions)

Oppressively heavy death metal with some Canadian / Australian war metal style and a big bit of Deicide thrown in. Fucking superb and a must have!





"Act 7" 1999 CD (NBA)

I find almost all symphonic/death metal to be rather tedious and boring. The keyboards drone and the guitars riff but to no avail. Crematory is just not my cup of tea (or beer for that matter).  – Jeffrey Kusbel



“Celephas” 1999 CD (Solistitium Recs)

More shitty keyboard disco black metal. The organ on here sounds exactly like the one on the theme song of the Adams Family! I kept waiting for the finger snaps to kick in and Lurch to groan haha