"Under Ein Blodraud Maane" 1999 CD

(Hammerheart Recs)

These Norwegians have been releasing quality hypnotic black metal since 93' and it shows. Fans of this style must hear this.  – Jeffrey Kusbel



“Mind” 2005 CD

(Cudgel Agency)

Death metal that is very reminiscent of Righteous Pigs mixed with Dismember. Nothing special, weak vocals but the mix of those influences is interesting.  - Dale  



“In Memoriam” 2005 CD

(I Hate Records)

This is a re-release of the CD out years ago on Iron Pegasus - a collection of songs from the bands ’96 demo + ’95 7” EP. Classic UG 90’s bm with an epic Bathory, viking-era aura. This is by far a superior release to the previous one.  - Dale



“Tales of Rock ‘n Roll – 25 Years Celebration”  2006 CD

(Armageddon Music)

If you like hard rock then you will love this new album from the main man guitar king of MSG and former member of The Scorpions & UFO.  - Dale



“Sakada” 2005 CD

(Black Lotus Records)

Ex-Crimson Glory singer Midnight’s solo record. I did not expect to like this as much as I do. Hard rock that might appeal to fans of “Operation Mindcrime”, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, “A Mended Rhyme” type of stuff.  - Dale



“A Pure World Is A Dead World” 2005 CD

(Copro Records)

Pure brutal American sounding death metal from this English band with some heavy doses of early Napalm Death grind. Well done but to be honest, nothing too exciting either.  - Dale




“Thermonuklear Thrash Metal Warfare” 2005 Split CD

(Bestial Burst)

Nailgunner Pure old school thrash metal that is a mix of ‘80s Canadian & German thrashing madness. 5 tracks of blissful insanity!

WoundsAnother Finnish band and they play more on the death metal side of things but hell this is bestial burst records, so you know there is some thrash in those festered gashes.  - Dale  Http://



"Bootlegged in Japan” 1999 CD

(Earache Recs)

You get pretty much what you are paying for here. A very full live album documenting a good portion of newer material and less of the "classic" songs.  – Jeffrey Kusbel



“Grave Damnation” 2006 CD

(Worship Him Records)

I wish I could give a better review but I only got this CD to play a few seconds of each track. What I could make out kind of sounded like a brutal Goatlord mixed with Bolt Thrower & more evil Benediction type of vocals.  - Dale   



“Promo” 2005 CDR

(Forever Plagued Records)

Exceptionally melancholic and introspective black metal that meanders it’s pace but really is evil in it’s own unique way.  - Dale  



“Triumph of Diabolism” Demo CD 2006

9TH Plague return sounding better than ever. If you like your death metal heavy & varied in a cross of maybe Morbid Angel & Hate Eternal I have a band for you.  - Dale

PO Box 9048, S-250 09 Helsingborg, SWEDEN



“Self-Titled” 98 Demo

An innovative release. I very much enjoyed this album. Crazy death metal with the ever evolving slant. Many weird riffs and an involved understanding that more needs to be experimented with when creating music these days.  – Jeffrey Kusbel




“Sagovindars Boning” 1999 CD

(Napalm Records America)

Folk metal. Hmmm, I cannot deny the melodies are catchy. I also will not deny not liking Otyg or their disrespectful desecration of metal.  - Dale



“Riven” 2005 CD

(Metal Age Productions)

Great death metal in every way. I have been championing these guys since their demo days and they have only gotten better.  - Dale

Metal Age, Box 42, 038 61 Vrutky, SLOVAKIA



“Promo 2005” CDR

(Axa Valaha Productions)

Energetic straight forward clean death metal from Romania. Some nice depth in the guitar work and the growls (not gurgles or grunts) are nice and deep.  - Dale



“Ominous Message of Brutality” 2005

(I Hate Records)

An ‘80s thrash band that stayed true to their roots?! This follow up again of re-released gems of Protector by I Hate, bears that out, this time we have the ’89 LP + ’90 MLP + live tracks. This band was amazing, just catchy fast straight ahead thrash in the classic German vein. A must have!  - Dale



“When Times Turn Red” 2005 CD

(AFM Records)

Not sure how to describe them? I guess ‘80s heavy metal with some thrash and death metal elements mixed into the maelstrom. Not bad just average.  - Dale



“Symbols of Failure” 2006 CD

(Neurotic Records)

Run of the mill semi-technical brutal death metal in the American mold coming from the Aussie act.  - Dale



“A New Days Dawn” 2006 CD

(AFM Records)

Hard rock with a radio friendly vibe. It did not grab me despite being well done.  - Dale



“Zenith” 2006 CD

(Unmatched Brutality)

More brutal death metal, kind of technical and at times not. Like a cross between Suffocation and Mortician.  - Dale



“Compilation Vol. 1” 2005 CD

(Rotten World Productions)

Great mix of bands to introduce you to the South American scene. Included: Purulent, Inhumate, NB 604, Carnarium, Nahual, Evilheart, Dyspraxia and shit loads more!  - Dale 

R.w. Prod., Beto Ampuero D., Av. Victor Raul Haya de la Torre 191 – Muro, Chiclayo, PERU



“Spun Forth Dark Nets” 2005 CD

(Neurotic Records)

They kind of remind me of a spunky Gothenburg death metal band playing back metal and doing a fair job.  - Dale