“Gone To The Devil” 2013 7" EP

(Hells Headbangers Records)


Wow after an epic eight year absence, October 31 graces itself upon the ears and fears of the scene once more. It is good to have them back! Holy shit, that meaty riff off the hop, bursts out of my headphones in rocking fashion. Then we immediately launch into a brief, frantic guitar solo, just before the almighty King Fowley clobbers you with his wonderful, charismatic voice / yells dripping with traditional heavy metal / thrash goodness. I could listen to that man sing over classic style heavy metal of yesteryear all night long. Howl it out brother! Whoooo!! On side B of this sweet piece of vinyl, we are absolutely treated to a rousing, spirited cover of Uriah Heep’s “Too Scared To Run”, one of my favourite Heep tracks. They knock this thing right out of the park, it sounds so great, that stylish chunky riff starts things off and running, with King pouring his heart out all over the microphone! His voice is saturated with emotion and conviction that is perfectly matched by the music. I am getting fucking chills listening to cover man, fuck me this is soooo good it hurts!!  - Dale

https://myspace.com/october31   http://www.hellsheadbangers.com/   




“The Hanged Man” 7" EP

(Advocate Records)


Pissed On are a grind death band that comes out of the Kentucky scene. Their debut seven inch features five songs of blasting grind with death metal influences. The guitars are played at a high speed with aggressive patterns and riffs. The guitars do slow down to a more controlled middle pace in a few songs, before going back to hyper speed riffs. The vocals are brutal and harsh screams with some growls as well. I am not the biggest grind fan around, but Pissed On do a good job of playing extreme, but do have some good ideas and patterns mixed into their sound.  - Patrick

https://www.facebook.com/pissedonky/    http://www.advocaterecs.com/    




"Slave Grinder" 2000 Split 12" EP

(Self Released)


These 2 bands are new to me. Dale went out on a limb & picked this up for me from an overseas distro. Good fucking call bro! The Pulveriser side contains the "Slave Grinder" ep & it kills in an ultra brutal death style that reminds me of early Vomitory quite a bit. The band look young and I'm sure they'll be spreading filth for years to come. The Cremation side is definitely more blasting death metal with some bm touches that make them sound undeniably sinister. This vinyl split is a must for ug fanatics.  - Jeffrey Kusbel




“Vallis Ex Umbra De Mortuus” 2007 LP

(Paragon Records)


My thanks is extended to the mighty Paragon Records for honouring me with a copy of this album with the vinyl version. It is much appreciated – thank you to Mike. Rigor Sardonicus do not play or in their case a better word might be encompass your traditional doom metal. You will not hear the classic Sabbath sounds or the slick synth infusion of later day My Dying Bride for one example. No the Sardonic ones possess a style that does not really sound a lot like anyone else, yet it is slow and suffocating and it is immense doom in every sense of the word. It is plodding, apocalyptic and the dark snails pace actually manages to accentuate and make you forget that they use a drum machine (as drum machines generally sound awful in fast bands IMO). They have done a masterful job utilizing this instrument. The vocals are extremely obscure, so much so they almost melt into the background like they are part of the scenery rather than meant to be a focal point of the musical whole. I guess my only complaint and it is a minor one would be the recording could be a little fuller and richer to take full effect of their suffocating and permeating style. The warmth of sound on vinyl does compensate for this some. A lot of bands claim the title graveyard metal but Rigor Sardonicous actually achieve it in their very unique doom-y way. It is not often you get a release that sticks out from the rest and sounds original like Vallis Ex Umbra De Mortuus does. I loved the etching in the vinyl just above the center label that says “The dead body of your enemy always smells good!” You have to love that ha ha.  – Dale

http://www.smilingdeath.com/RigorSardonicous/  http://www.themetalunderground.com/ 




“Hellish Mercenary” 2013 7" EP

(Boris Records)


Sadistic Ritual pair nicely with label mates Death Of Kings, with thrash being the common denominator. Not to mention, explosive high octane energy, which drips off the two songs on this black as night vinyl. Sadistic rely a little heavier on the brutal end of the thrash spectrum, reminding me of the time in the late 80s, early 90s, when thrash bands were getting heavily influenced by death metal. I mean make no mistake, this is a thrash band first and foremost, but there is also plenty of rough death metal edge to please fans of that genre as well. Sadistic remind me a lot of the intensity and insanity of extreme thrash bands like Whiplash, Forced Entry, early Exodus, old Destruction, Kreator “Pleasure To Kill” and that sort of glorious sound. It is great, to hear more bands keeping this glorious past style of frenetic, brutal, blitzkrieg thrash metal alive and well. I am telling you, some of the riffs on this thing will wreck your head, as well as your neck. These boys do not slow down for solos, the solos have to jump in attacking full force to keep up! Damn I bet these guys would be fun to watch live, a tour of Boris records bands would be intense as all hell! I am afraid to say, this vinyl is limited to only 300 copies, which I am sure are going fast. If you happen to miss out on it, they do sell the downloadable version. The artwork, on this thing, just screams old school too. I probably drew a shitty version of this cool cover artwork on some my binders in school haha. It is just so old school vibe. Another very recommended release from Boris.  - Dale

http://www.reverbnation.com/sadisticritual1   http://www.boris-records.com   



Saevitia” 7” EP

(Eternal Death)


Oh man this record, just bursts out of your speakers, like a caged bear that has been taunted and poked through the bars for far too long. They have great savage energy, in their playing, that is what struck me right away. I immediately felt like, I could destroy everything in the room, with the energy they were feeding me. Sangus play black thrash metal, mixed with a crusty punk feel and liveliness, all injected into storming musical blitzkrieg. The band is from Rhode Island, New York yet if I did not know that, I would have thought they were European band. The music is relentlessly played at breakneck speed, it is so heavy and you will headbang to it, it will command you, you have no choice in the matter. The drummer is a maniac on the kit, he eats his way into the songs like a woodchipper, chewing up the audio scenery. The vocals really are the finishing touch, to round out this rampage; his vocals are so harsh, hyper and contain this infectious fury to them that I just can not get enough of. Damn it, after listening to this,I am left wanting more, and imagining what a wonderfully draining experience it must be, to witness this musical hurricane live! The packaging on this killer release is very nice and though it is limited to 600 copies (500 black & 100 red vinyl), it appears to be still available at time of this writing. I would warmly recommend you get yourself a copy now while you still can.  - Dale

http://sangus.bandcamp.com/   http://www.eternal-death.com/ 






“Rote Erde” 7” EP

(Bastardized Recordings)


Coming out of Gernany’s death metal scene is Six Reasons To Kill, with their new seven inch containing two songs, one original and a Dismember cover of the song “Of Fire”. Starting off with the song “Rote Erde”, which is filled with really good performances, by musicians that really know how to play their instruments? The song is filled displays some good mid paced death metal, which uses some old school and some newer elements, from the death metal scene. The vocals are death growls that are done very well. The second song cover sounds excellent and it is done very well. This is a good 7 inch, and if you are fan of death metal, with thrashy elements, then definitely give this band a listen today.  - Patrick

http://www.sixreasonstokill.de/   http://www.bastardized.net/     




“Goathrower” 2014 7” EP

(Boris Records)


Boris Records is really doing a good job, at putting the Altanta, Georgia scene, on the map. All four of the releases, they have sent for review have been from Atlanta. I must say, I am impressed, at the quality coming out of there. This time around, we get a dirty, grimy band which plays crusty thrashing death/grind insanity. Some of the higher pitched mainstay vocals, remind me slightly to the vox of the mighty Macabre, so you know I like that shit being a big Macabre fan. The more I listen to this record, the more it feels like there is a Spewtilator sound, so to speak, where they have taken a lot of influences and created something of their own with it. I did not feel that way, after the first listen or two, just thought well this is just okay, but the more I listen to it, the more I hear and the more their sound started to click with me. So much so, I am becoming kind of addicted to listening to this, five song circle of vinyl raunchiness, over and over again. It does not want to seem to come off of my turntable! This release, sort of reminds me of many years ago, when I got heavily into a band named Drogheda. Spewtilator remind me of them somewhat stylistically, but more the atmosphere they create and their consistency, within that feel to their music, from song to song. I think their sound has a certain crossover sensibility to it, from a few genres like crust, punk, thrash, death, grind and maybe even the slightest hint of black metal vitriol spit in there. This is some good shit; it just may take a few listens to really sink in like it did with me. Just stick with it and you will be rewarded. I will tell you what, Boris Records and the Atlanta scene have captured my attention, they will capture yours too if given half a chance.  - Dale

http://spewtilator.bandcamp.com/   http://www.boris-records.com   




Split 7” EP 2002

(Hellflame Records)


What a perfect pairing of bands!

Stargazer – Stargazer are like an occult dream of high caliber deathrash with intelligent structuring & epic atmosphere which equals a memorable addictive listen through the most extreme of art.

Arghoslent – Anyone who reads C.A. regularly know how much I respect this bands music! They sound like no other. Extremely unique deathrash with hints of power metal background here & there. Supreme piece of vinyl is this!!  - Dale

Stargazer, Box 182, Ingle Farm, 5098 South AUSTRALIA




“Souls To Slaughter / Castella De La Rotta” 2001 Split 10” EP

(Apparition Entertainment)


Strychnine – I’ve been really enjoying & reveling in this first rate piece of see thru blood-red vinyl. They are not terribly prolific (2 demos, 1 album and this split), in their 9 years of audio blasphemic existence. Strychnine are a seasoned and confident band who come across to myself as more than a little original & in strong contrast to most of what is making the rounds these days. I would describe Strychnine as late 80s style deathtrash (you know that period when many thrash bands were incorporating death elements) with a slight but note able early 90s black/death metal feel (mainly due to the riffing). Vocalist Don has an 80s speed / thrash clean but still dense lightly graveled delivery which is both unique and personally pleasing. Strychnine are fucking supreme!

Lethal Prayer – Didn’t this band go under a different moniker in the early 90s?! I may have them confused with someone else. Anyway, Lethal Prayer play excellently riffed guttural death metal albeit a bit typical. I really like the dark and suffocating atmosphere their music possesses. The vocals are indecipherable, garbled & obscured sounding which I dug a lot.  - Dale

$10 USA/$12 US CAN/MEX/$17 US Rest of World to: A. Rec., Box 173, Keyport, NJ. 07735 pete@apparitiondistro.com




“La Bas” 2013 12” Mini LP

(Negativity Records)


I am honoured that Negativity Records chose to grace me with the actual vinyl itself of this release! It is not often you get vinyl for review period, but especially these days with the way costs are with pressing and postage. This is a great looking record as well, now I see some places where this is listed as an EP, but if you ask me when you start getting over say the 21, 22 minute mark you are talking mini-album territory. Back to the packaging, which is very nice, the vinyl itself looks beautiful; it is white with grey, black, brown splatter streaks, almost like an explosion across the white. I love it - now on to the music. To my ears the music sounds like a mix of early 90s black metal, with the Scandinavian influence, and a decided very early Impaled Nazerene influence. I worship early Impaled Nazerene, so with that comparison you know this is some really gloomy, vile and sick metal. Even some of the vocal accents remind me to the inhuman, demonic yells on the amazing 1991 “Goat Perversion” seven Inch. As I mentioned though that sound is mixed with cryptic early 90s black metal ala Darkthrone, Immortal etc.. And it sounds fantastic, very harsh, very atmospheric, but always horrific and dark as night. They end the release with a great, ritualistic feeling to their cover of Black Widow’s “Come To The Sabbat”. Teratism continues to prove that the USBM (and Texas) is strong and producing some of the best black metal on the planet right now. Did I mention you get a beautifully done magazine size glossy 12 page booklet with lyrics, awesome artwork, pics? Yes this is one of the best inserts in a vinyl I have ever seen. That is not all though, you also get a large fold-out poster of superb Mark Riddick artwork, this is truly deluxe packaging, my hat is tipped in Negativity’s direction. Highly recommended!  - Dale

http://www.reverbnation.com/teratism  http://www.negativityrecords.com/   




“Split” 2002 7” EP

(Paragon International / Smiling Death Records)


A split between band & labels – now that is fucking underground!

The Forgotten – I’ve been into these hellhounds for a long time and every release that they put out slaps me in the face, letting me know this one is better than the last. Cryptic harsh black metal for all your suicide fiends. Vocalist “M” is a monster screamer, he sounds better than before and his vocals really push everything over the top. Hail The Forgotten (Dimentianon!).

Rigor Sardonicus – Play original sounding and vile snails pace head crushing doom. Kind of like if you took that old band Entety on their “Cadaveric Necrogrind” 7” and put them in slow motion mixed with after shocks of a nuclear bomb! This release is limited to 500 copies and mine is #54 – just try and pry it from my death grip!!  - Dale

Label # 1 = paragonsnuff@aol.com  # 2 = deadseason@yahoo.com




"Invoking the Aeon of Satan" 2000 LP

(Hellflame Productions)


I've read about this band and I've been wanting to check them out. Finally this LP came out on Hellflame run by Solieri Nicola of the zine of the same name. The first song has an awesome opening which very much took me back to the Celtic Frost inspired days of late 90's Darkthrone material. Each song on this record contains a lot of good songwriting and while not too many dynamic moments materialize, most of the songs are still memorable. The vocals are a bit quiet in the mix but this doesn't hinder anything. I highly recommend this to the ug black metal hordes and urge you to play it fukkin loud!  - Jeffrey Kusbel

c/o Solieri Nicola - Via India 73 - 41100 Modena - ITALY http://come.to/hellflame  




“Chaotic Devotion” 2011 7” EP

(Boris Records)


Kentucky’s blackened death metal band unleash their brand new two song 7 inch upon the metal underground. The first song “Scared To Death” is a violent and chaotic hymn that mixes in both heavy mid paced tempos along with some faster, crazed parts. The vocals are death metal growls with some raspy vocals mixed in. Flipping over to side B, the track is entitled “Treads Of War”, which is played in the same vein starting off with heavy mid paced music, but wastes little time before going to hyperspeed crazed metal passages. The drumming is mid paced and heavy beats that at times break into an all out assault of blasting drums. The vocals are deep death growls with some gruff screams mixed into music. If you enjoy heavy, chaotic blackened death metal then be sure to check out this release today!  - Patrick

https://www.facebook.com/tombstalkerband    https://borisrecords.bandcamp.com/   




“Split 7” EP” 2002

(Self Release)


Toxic Holocaust – Darkened black metal with slight punk leanings. Better than you would think actually.

Oprichnicki – Punk / hardcore style music with some metal riffs. Okay. This vinyl is cheap as shit ($3 US) so give it a chance.

T.H., Box 628, Delaware City, DE. 19706 www.geocities.com/toxicholocaust/nuclearhell




“Cold Breath Of Apocalypse” 2011 LP

(Paragon Records)


I have to send out an extreme thank you to the might Paragon Records for sending me a vinyl for review! It will never ever go unappreciated if any label or band honours me with sending in vinyl for review. A sweet piece of vinyl here with some nice liner notes on the sleeve of the record. The music on this album is cold and cryptic, middle paced, epic ancient style black metal glorifying the greatness of early to mid 90s black metal. These epic songs threaten to carry you away with their shadowy gallop, but the necro headbang atmosphere keeps from being swept away. I could really see this dark bands sound going over very well in a live setting, it is sure to bring the evil aura but also satisfy those that wreck their necks at gigs. The production on here is clear enough, yet also has this obscure creepy air to it which supports the music perfectly. I can hear some influences in here like earlier Root, early Masters Hammer, Ungod and the like. The vocals are great and again bring to mind Root with some definite Big Boss influence and you know I worship that mans vocals! I read online that this is limited to only 250 copies, it is not hand numbered but I wish you luck attempting to find a copy of this great album. You may have to settle for a copy of the cd through the German label Fog Of The Apocalypse Records.  - Dale

http://youtu.be/9KkZiHEW47w   http://www.paragonrecords.org  




“14 Sovereign” 2016 12” LP

(Palehorse Records)


This recording was originally released in 2005, on cassette tape, which as you see has been reissued on vinyl through Palehorse Records. Vpaahsalbrox plays a very raw form of black metal, which is mainly in the mid tempo range. The guitars are played with a lot good patterns that stay well within the early black metal genre. The guitars do speed up in a few of the songs, but mainly played with mid paced riffs. The drums go from a mix of fast patterns to a more mid paced drumming style. The vocals are raw vicious black metal screams. If you are a fan of harsh, raw black metal then you will definitely want to pick up this release immediately.  - Patrick

https://www.facebook.com/PHROfficial/    http://www.palehorserecs.com/  




“Forest Of Blitzkrieg” 2015 7” EP Single

(Black Skul Records)


This is an interesting release. Wintercoffin hail from Memphis, this release is actually nearly six years old, and is the only recorded material by the band. Apparently this was a two man band, that had originally planned to carry at some point in the future, but some time after this recording, Jimmy Blitzkrieg died. The remaining member Rob Evil (from the band Evil Army) probably never thought it would see the dark of night. But Black Skul records decided this single song “Forest Of The Blitzkrieg”, needed to be heard. I am glad they did, this song is a pretty fucking awesome, it is a combination of headbanging thrash, and harsh early 90s tradition Nordic black metal. It is far from the first time, these two sub-genre’s have been mixed together, but it may be one of the best examples of having done it well. They really capture thrash when they thrash, you can do circles around the living room, nodding your head and punching the air, in an adrenaline frenzy. They also managed to capture and transition, back and forth from classic atmospheric sound of foreboding, freezing black metal, which will chill you with it’s evil vitriol. It is kind of hard to explain properly, but damn I wish they had been able to carry on with this. Because if they could have written, an entire album this good, it could have been something truly memorable, amidst a scene often devoid of that quality. This track was recorded on a basement 4 track, but the sound for me is perfect, it’s clear but low-fi and heavy. I am not sure, there is much more to say going on only one track, but believe it or not, even though this is only a one song release, it is well worth your time and money. The vinyl itself and the packaging are quality and nice to look at, this was limited to 550 and currently it is still available.  - Dale




"Wyqm" 2009 12" vinyl

(Death Agonies And Screams Records)


This was a great surprise to receive. It is not often labels send vinyl for review (and with good reason as that shit is more expensive to press and mail out than the average record buyer would ever expect). So it is something I truly appreciate and respect dedicated labels such as DAS records that believe in their band and message so thoroughly. The packaging on the vinyl is nice (though black print on black jackets never stands out very well, but apparently that is what they were going for) and my copy is yellow with black splatter. There is also a green version with black mist – the whole thing is limited to 500 copies (200 yellow & 300 green). So now on to the music itself. This is some exceptionally harsh and raw black metal. The recording is low-fi and coarse as far as sound quality goes. But when it comes to blitzkrieg, cold as a crypt black metal, then I rarely have a problem with it. In fact, the energy is so primal and dark that it often only enhances the overall ambiance. This is the sort of thing that makes weak kneed christians tremble and quake under it’s blasphemy. Wyqm is not adverse to injecting some more somber and emotional passages. Yet, never forgetting it’s bleak reverence towards encompassing darkness and Satanic majesty. The songs are solidly crafted and backed with some excellent riffs. If you worship early 90s black metal yet mixed with modern touches & cloaked in an ambient tapestry. Then, look no farther than Wyqm, who are a fine example. My copy is #063/500.  – Dale

www.myspace.com/deathagoniesscreams   http://deathagoniesscreams.blogspot.com/ 



Portrait Of Spectre" 2010 12" LP

(Death Agonies And Screams Records)


I am extremely pleased to receive this record. This is the second time DAS has been gracious to send a Wyqm release in this format. As I mentioned previous, only dedicated labels are willing to sacrifice the costs and believe in their band and message so much, they are willing to send vinyl for review. That is not even taking into the account the presentation on this long player. The label has out done themselves once again with the superb packaging and presentation of this piece of art. I received a copy on transparent red vinyl with black splatter and it looks sick, I love the colour mixes and transparent releases. The cover artwork as you can see above is extremely awesome and sets a tone for the music. There is also a black with grey swirl version and that is combination I do not recall having seen before the way it is done in the pics of it. That is saying something for a guy that has been collecting vinyl for close to 30 years. The sound on here fits extremely well for a band that plays that classic (and reverently worshipped by yours truly) early 90s Scandinavian black metal. I am getting the chills as the needle rolls along. The atmosphere created by the music of Wyqm is cold and evil in a way few bands are capable of capturing and channeling through their hymns. I mean the hate and the misery you can feel coming out of your speakers and seeping into your skin like the venom of a snake strike, and is almost palpable. The vocals match the supremacy of the music, and also are the traditional cruel rasping that is an integral part of this hallowed style. When black metal is done like this it is not an album it is more of an encompassing emotion filled experience. I honestly can not recommend this enough. Now I must wish you luck in actually locating a copy as there are only 500 in existence (my copy is not for sale so do not ask). My apologies go out to DAS records for taking so long with this review. Yes I know I fucking suck, this sweet piece of wax however does not.  – Dale

www.myspace.com/deathagoniesscreams  http://deathagoniesscreams.wordpress.com/