"Thuringian Pagan Madness" 2001 7" EP

(Black Sun Records)


I was never a big fan of this bands sloppy style but this 7" reveals a more cohesive blend of riffs and vox that I can feel for once. I believe this is an old demo rerecorded but I may be wrong. Still, I recommend that newcomers and trendies beware. Caveat emptor. The sound represents a realized understanding of hateful black metal/punk and the medium through which it is expressed. - Jeffrey Kusbel





Spooky” 2014 Split 7” EP

(Hells Headbangers)


Acid Witch start off the seven inch, with their song “Evil”, a heavy doomish rock song, with some keyboards and heavy guitars. The vocals are growls with a dark tone to them. Their second track, “Fiends Of Old” is a little faster, with a rockin’ doomish anthem. I’ve never been a big fan of Acid Witch, but these song are pretty good and catchy. Up next, is the legendary Nunslaughter, also offering us two new songs for this release. First up, is “Two Spooky Tales”, which is a really good song filled with heavy guitars and some great drumming. The vocals, are done in the early nineties realm, with some screams thrown in. Nunslaughter have crafted two great songs that are definitely Nunslaughter. I'm not sure how many were made, so if you are an Acid Witch or Nunslaughter fan, I would get this as soon as possible.  - Patrick

https://myspace.com/acidwitch   http://www.hellsheadbangers.com/   




“Blood Chalices From The Impure” 2017 Split 7” EP

(Blood Harvest Records)


Greece’s Aima start off this split vinyl, with an intro of whispering vocals before they burst out with their song “Pagan Necromancy”, which is a solid blackened death metal hymn. The music is played with a lot of aggression, and skill, displaying extremely fast guitars and blasting drums. Spain’s Supremative unleash two songs, consisting of raw death metal, with some black metal influences. The first song from them is “Triumphant Vengeance Of The Antichrist”, which is played in the chaotic and fast raw, old school death metal style, featuring very well written music and well executed musicianship. The last song is “Omnipresent Morbid Excitement” (great crazy song title haha - Dale), which starts off with a heavier sound and style, then speeding up into to a faster realm in the middle of the song. The guitars are fast, chainsaw riffing backed with blasting drums. If you are a fan of well written, well played old school blackened death then be sure to pick up this split 7 inch.  - Patrick

https://supremative.bandcamp.com/releases    http://www.bloodharvest.se/  




“Split” 2014 7" EP

(Godz Of War Productions)


Poland’s Arkona starts off this split, with their song “Kucz Do Istnienia”, the song is filled with a lot of energetic and insane black metal, with some thrash intertwined within the guitar patterns. The drumming is done with a lot of power and speedy drum beats. The vocals are done in the black metal shrieking style, which really sounds great on this song. Up next on the flip side of this split is Illness with their track “Zara”. Illness seem to be atmospheric than Arkona and even have an industrial element within their music. It is a decent track, with some heavy guitars and fast drums, but I am much more in to raw / violent black metal. But if you are a fan of industrialized black them Illness will definitely be a band you will want to check out.  - Partick

http://arkona.bandcamp.com/   https://godzovwar.wordpress.com/    




"Blind Servants / Back From The Depths" 2013 Split 7 Inch EP

(Hells Headbangers Records)


Here we have another vinyl assault from Hells Headbangers, the two bands featured come out of the South American underground, both have been in the underground since the early 90's.Up first with their old school assault is Atomic Aggressor and their track "Blind Servants". The band doesn't waste anytime going straight for the speed and aggressive side of death metal with pummeling drums and insane fast guitar riffs that mix in some thrashy riffs and solo's with some heavier guitar tones at times. Next we have Death Yell with their song "Back From The Depths". Death Yell starts off a little more mid paced and has more of an old-school black metal sound to their guitars. The drums kick in at a mid-pace speed but slowly builds up to blazing fast drum beats, the guitars are mid to fast pace range and are raw/harsh black metal riffs. The vocalist fits right into the rest of Death yell's sound with hellish tormented shrieks. This is a pretty good split of old school death and black metal and should please fans of both genres.  - Patrick

http://www.atomic-aggressor.hellsheadbangers.com  http://www.hellsheadbangers.com/  




“Axeslaughter / Sunface” 2012 Split 7” EP

(Against Audio Records)


Axeslaughter the Finnish purveyors of depravity return to the pages of Canadian Assault. We have been lacking in the spilt booze, smoldering cigarette butts, debauchery and corpse molestation around here lately, so Axeslaughter to the rescue! The listener is treated to 3 songs of Hellhammer & old Mayhem chainsaw guitar gutfuck thrash metal, backed by relentless pounding drums, and an ultra short spastic guitar solo or two. I love the lyrics too, it is like GG Allin was reborn as an underground blasphemic metalhead from Finland. A small sample for you from the song Never Drink From The Dead. “I know she wants me in, but yet she’s out of luck, I gotta make sure that she’s dead, before I start to fuck, Never drink from the dead, Never Fuck the Living” haha. Okay so, let’s say a few words about Sunface now. They certainly are a contrast to their countrymen on this split. Sunface spit out a stripped down doomy sludge sound. It honestly has a fairly unique sound, at least to mine ears. They remind me a little of the band Cavity, minus the massive amounts of screeching feedback. The vocals are coarse, harsh yelled screams which add a nice intensity to their musical storm. Oh yes the riffing is really heavy and ripping, love that sound. There is only one long track on this side of the vinyl and it is a killer. I have to apologize to the band Axeslaughter, for this review taking so long, it got lost in the shuffle and I should have gotten to it sooner – I suck.  - Dale

http://www.reverbnation.com/axeslaughter  http://www.myspace.com/sunfacedoom   





“Of Catharsis And The Dying World” 2013 7” EP

(Against Audio)


Yes it is those Finnish bastards coming back to the pages of Canadian Assault! I locked up the women and battened the hatches, must get ready for the depravity and visceral violence, which is sure to follow in their wake. There are four songs on this black as night slab of vinyl; they are “Serpent’s Dirge”, “Coffin Breath”, “Apocalyptic Government” and “Victim Of The Axeslaughter”. I must say, the Axe have never sounded this clear before, yet they do retain that raw edge and raunchy feel, which is essential to their sound and attitude. The opening track “Serpents Dirge” motors along, as a straight up rollicking and gutting dirgy anthem song. Lyrically, the song is sort of a love letter, set to the theme of worldwide suffering and genocide, as the planet and its inane modern technology across the globe is slowly ground to smoldering ash. The guitars on these songs are a crushing, slow motion dirty chainsaw gutfuck, that and the song style / arrangements will remind you to old god bands like Slaughter, Goatlord, Hellhammer, early Mayhem, Nunslaughter. All of which should give you a picture of this bands grimy doomy death metal sound. I liked some of the short, very possessed, hyper brief guitar solos mixed in here and there. On “Coffin Breath”, I enjoy how the main vocals are killer cycling near indecipherable acid growling, up until you hit the repeated raise your studded fist and sing along chorus, which is in a different vocal style, it is just shouted in a gruff and clear voice. This song must be fun live and get the crowd singing along to the sickness. If you can not tell I am not let down in the least, Axeslaughter only continues to get better and better with time. Search this thing out now! I want to thank the band for sending in vinyl for review, you guys fucking rule, thanks for the support! Hail Finland!  - Dale





“Nausea” 2007 7 Inch EP

(Bloody Productions)


A lovely piece of vinyl comes our way courtesy of Bloody Productions. There are 2 songs of Spanish black metal for us to spin and this is hand numbered & limited to only 500 copies. The release comes with a cool little parchment style booklet. Some good classic style riffing and the hymns just seem to drip with hate and darkness. The vocals are a little more on the unorthodox maniacal side of things. As opposed to the classic grinding rasp of this old black metal style. All in all two great hymns of blasphemy and cruel darkness but I need to hear more from them. I will keep my eyes out for more Balmog releases in the future.  – Dale

http://www.balmog.com/  http://www.bloodyprod.com/ 





“Primitive Age” 2013 12” EP

(Hells Headbangers)


Hells Headbangers re-releases Bat’s demo tape “Primitive Age” on vinyl. This release, serves to give the maniacs a taste of the band, while they busy themselves finishing up their debut album for the label. Bat mix old-school speed metal, with hints of punk / crossover, to make a very good release that should please fans of of both metal and crossover fans. The vocals are done by Ryan Waste of the band Municipal Waste, the vox are a mix of screams and gruff vocal patterns. Felix Griffin (ex DRI) does a superb job on the drums, playing fast drum beats, but also he keeps the drums with the guitars and slows down in a few songs, for a more controlled mid-paced range. If you are a fan of crossover speed metal and old style punk rock, you should definitely check this band out soon.  - Patrick

http://bewareofthebat.bandcamp.com/   http://www.hellsheadbangers.com/    




Satan’s Fist” 2012 12" LP

(Hells Headbangers Records)


Here we have a real treat from the metal warriors over at Hells Headbangers. The 1996 demo from Australia's Bestial Warlust that was until now unavailable to the underground fanatics. Satans Fist is the final recording of Bestial Warlust and features Skullfucker on vocals and Hellcunt on drums, the music is the violent war black/death metal that bestial war metal sound that Bestial Warlust made popular in the mid nineties with their two full-lengths. The three tracks featured on Satan’s Fist are not as intense or hateful as the full-lengths, but the songs are still a great mix of barbaric death metal and violent black and sure to please any fans of this legendary horde.  - Patrick

http://www.myspace.com/barbarichordebestialwarlusttributepage  http://hellsheadbangers.com/  




Black Jesus Saves” 2012 12" E.P.

(Hells Headbangers Records)


Australia's Black Jesus arises to pummel and crush the trends and wannabe's of the underground. Eight songs of aggressive death/thrash metal with some old-school black metal influence in some of the songs. You get fast whirlwind guitars that are really well played. The guitarists know how to keep the guitars fast, intense but at the same time are done with conviction and flawless playing. The drumming is just as chaotic and frenzied with mid to fast paced beats. The vocals are mixed death growls/grunts and thrashy screams but fits perfectly with Black Jesus old school music. A must have for old-school fanatics.  - Patrick

http://thetrueblackjesus.blogspot.com/  http://www.hellsheadbangers.com/ 




Apokalypse Towards Apokalypse” 2014 Split 7” EP

(Blood Harvest Records)


Argentina"s Black Vul Destructor, start off this seven inch, with two tracks of violent blackened death. The guitars are done with a lot of sheer power and crazed guitar riffs. The vocals are done with death growls and some gruff vocals as well. Up next is Chile's Et Verbi Sathanus, very chaotic with some thrash influence, as well. The guitars are crazy, all over the place, and the drums are just vicious blasting. The vocals are done  with some crazy black metal shrieks and screams. The second song "Gehinnon", has more of a death thrashy feel and the vocals are growls, with some higher pitched screams. I would say, both bands, are equally great on this split.  - Patrick

http://etverbisathanus.bandcamp.com/   http://www.bloodharvest.se/    





“Upon The Throne... Of Eternal Blasphemous Death” 2014 7 Inch EP

(Iron Bonehead Records)


The Texas based Blaspherian, return with a brand new seven inch, containing two tracks for this release. The music is heavy guitar laden death metal, with some crushing mid-paced drums, but the drummer is not afraid to let loose with some faster drum patterns mixed in. The vocals are heavy death metal growls, which are done extremely well. Blaspherian has released a great new 7 Inch, if you are a fan of this band or a heavy old school death metal fan, then definitely give this band a listen right now.  - Patrick

http://www.reverbnation.com/blaspherian   http://www.ironbonehead.de/    




“Chosen By The Gods” 2001 7” EP

(Primitive Art)


Some pretty damn good Slayer “Season’s In The Abyss” (The last really good Slayer record!) worship & includes Peter from Entombed & Rikard from Dismember. So you know everything is performed with vim and vigor. Some really nice riffs and the vocals sound inspired. Quite solid but nothing terribly mind-blowing.




Mayhemic Speed Anarchy” 2012 7" EP

(Hells Headbangers Records)


Italy's Children Of Technology have always impressed me with their brand of cross-over high energy punk and aggressive thrashing guitar riff attack. On Mayhemic Speed Anarchy the band carries on their style with two new tracks of high energy anthems. Whirlwind guitars, catchy guitars, non stop drums high pitch screams and gruff vocals scream out the vocals that fit the bands musical energy nicely. If you have heard Children Of Technology's past releases you know what to expect or if your fan of a cross-over thrash/punk give Children Of Technology a chance you might enjoy their style.  - Patrick

http://www.myspace.com/childrenoftechnology  http://www.hellsheadbangers.com/   




“Cloak” 2016 7” EP

(Boris Records)


Cloak is a band that comes out of Atlanta’s metal scene, and they play a very interesting style of metal. The first song, “In The Darkness, The Path”, which is a good song, which displays newer death metal influences. The guitars are played at various speeds, starting off with a mid paced range and tempo, it does speed up to a faster pace in a few parts of the song. The guitarist also does a good job of writing, and playing some well done riffs and interesting patterns. The vocals are death metal growls with some screams intertwined in the music. The second song, “The Hunger”, which is done in the same vein, with some very well constructed and performed drum patterns and mid tempo guitar riffs that were really satisfying to hear. This is a hard band to put into one genre, as there is a few different genres, and a variety of bands that Cloak are influenced by. Cloak is a band that has a lot of good ideas, and they have the musicianship to back it up, so if this sounds like a band you might like then hurry and get this limited vinyl before it is sold out!  - Patrick

http://cloakatlanta.bandcamp.com/releases    http://www.boris-records.com/  



“Inner Evil” 2013 12" EP

(Svart Records)


For the old school metal fanatics reading this I'm sure you remember this Finnish death metal band from the mid 90's.Convulse released two albums through Relapse records before breaking up and doing their military services and other activities. After eighteen years of dormant silence the band reunited for a few shows and decided to release this two song seven inch {and a small run of Mcd's but not sure of the quantity being pressed}. Inner Evil is just amazing death metal at it finest like the band never took a break at all. You will hear mid-paced guitars with some excellent riffs and solo's with some slower almost death/doomish parts in sections before the band picks up the pace again. The drumming is right on pace with the guitars with some mid-paced heavy beats and structures. Convulse do speed up on a few sections of the songs but seem to be at home in the more mid-pace, heavier realm. If you enjoyed Convulse back in the mid 90's then you will love this release, but if you are a new fan and enjoy quality heavy old-school styled death metal from a band who actually started out back in the day then definitely pick this up!! On a side-note to anyone who is interested the band is currently working on a full-length to be released on Svart records later in 2013.  - Patrick

http://www.myspace.com/convulsedeathmetal  http://www.svartrecords.com/   





Black Thrashing Terror” 2012 7" EP

(Eldritch Lunar Miasma)


A lot of the bands in the scene today like to label themselves old-school maniacs, or claim to carry the torch of the metal gods from years past but seem to lack the passion, fire and intensity that the bands from the 80's and early 90's had. But that is one thing that can't be said for Cultfinder from the U.K. The band mixes in the best and most intense black/thrash metal from the metal gods from the 80's {Venom, Slayer} and mix in some pure black metal violence for a truly insane and explosive listen. Not really a whole lot to say or write about this style of metal it is a style you will worship and drool over or totally hate despise. But if you enjoy and miss the early days of metal when metal didn't really have any boundaries and it was always uncompromising then you should give Cultfinder a listen you won't be disappointed.  - Patrick

http://unholycultfinder.com/  http://www.eldritchlunarmiasma.com/  




"Dead Conspiracy” 2016 LP

(Self Released)


Portland Oregon’s Dead Conspiracy (one of the pioneer late ‘80s dm bands making a comeback), return with a brand new LP and digital download, consisting of nine songs of pounding, heavy old school death metal. The band knows how to write solid and memorable death metal in the old tradition. The guitarist does a good job of writing and playing a mix of mid tempo, heavier riffs mixed with some aggressive guitar patterns. The drumming is done with a mix of heavy mid paced drum patterns and an all out assault of fast, chaotic drums. The vocals are raw death growls and gruff old school style growling used in a few of the songs. Anyone into pure old school death metal will definitely want to add this self titled record to their collection today.  - Patrick

https://deadconspiracy.bandcamp.com/    https://www.reverbnation.com/deadconspiracy       




“Knifehammer” 2013 7” EP

(Boris Records)


Let it be known, I love Boris Records! Any label, which sends out physical copies of vinyl for review, has my appreciation. That is serious dedication to promoting your band, label and scene. What is even better is the label has good taste in music. Upon dropping the needle, I was greeted with some monster steamrolling riffing, filled with a wonderful mixture of thrash, along side some power metal influences, maybe even a hint of death metal thrown in for good measure. The music on this two song (Side A “Knifehammer”, Side B “Beneath The Obsidian”) piece of vinyl, explodes out ones speakers with such energy and vigor. I dare you not to headbang to this band, you simply can not resist it! It all hits you, the drumming for example is expertly played saturation bombing of the senses, the vocals are old school thrashing magnificence, which somehow manages to match the adrenaline the music, coming at you dumping waver after wave energy. There is a mix of a couple different vocal styles, one is kind of Udo-like, and another has a hint of Mille from Kreator and maybe something like the vocals from Uncle Slam. You get a few brief, gang sung choruses that were cool to hear and fun. The riffing and harmonies will stick with you, long after the needle lifts and that is testament to the quality of the material on here. I also love the short, but frantic guitar solos, that jump in and punch in some extra dynamic and class into the song, then quickly check out, before any of the energy or flow can be interrupted. This great vinyl is limited to only 500 copies, the packaging is excellent, fantastic artwork, made from quality materials and the vinyl itself comes on glow in the dark snot colour with wispy black swirls. If you miss out on the limited vinyl, it is for sale cheap on download. This one comes highly recommended from me to any old school heavy metal and thrash metal fans!  - Dale

http://www.reverbnation.com/deathofkings   http://www.boris-records.com  




The Carnal  Slumber / Enemy's Perimeter” 2013 Split 7” EP

(Eldrich Lunar Miasma / Dybuk Records)


Here is a new vinyl split release featuring California's Decrepitaph and Malaysia's Humiliation. Up first is California's Decrepitaph playing their brand of old-school guitar heavy u.s death metal the band does slow down half way through the song and mix in some heavy, slow death/doomish guitars and mid-paced drums before picking up the pace again. The vocals are death growls that fit very well with the music the band creates. Up next for your metal listening pleasure is Malaysia's Humiliation who set the mood nicely with a short intro of machine gun fire, rocket explosions before starting their own musical attack with blackened thrashing guitars, mid-to fast drums. This is my first time hearing both bands and this is a good release and definitely worth your money if you enjoy old-school and old-school black/thrash mixed with some death influences.  - Patrick

http://www.myspace.com/decrepitaph  http://www.eldritchlunarmiasma.com/ 




“A Prophecy Of Nihilism” 2014 7" EP

(Hells Headbangers Records)


Australia’s Destruktor, starts off the split, with their song “Beseiged”. The sound on here is a great sounding brand of old-school death metal bombast. The drumming is performed with a lot of talent and power with crazed blast drumming, with a few parts of more mid-tempo drums. The guitars are just as fast, with some insane riffs and a few solos mixed into the song. Up next, we have Poland’s Throneum, with their song “Cthonian Lust” and again this is a band that totally respects and lives the old-school death metal way. There are some great guitar chords and fast drumming patterns driving home their ancient sound. I am not sure, if this is a limited release or not, so if you interested, then I would check the labels site as soon as possible and pick this one up.  - Patrick

http://www.destruktor.com/   http://www.hellsheadbangers.com/   




“Wasteland Fugitives” 2010 7" EP

(Self Released)


Well that is interesting. I have not come across a piece of new vinyl in a long damn time that was played at 45 RPMs. I have a few kicking around my collection, mostly stuff handed down from my older sister, stuff like the Queen We Will Rock You / Another One Bites The Dust single. I suppose unlike some metal devotee’s instead of rolling my eyes. I am excited to have a punk band send me their releases. I have a love for punk rock for sure. Though in all fairness Die Wasted probably have more metal guitars than most traditional sounding punk bands. There are two songs on this single, which are Wasteland Fugitives and Into The Tavern / My Last Drink. Check out the great cover artwork above as well, it is replete on the reverse with two hands on the back, each holding a bottle of rot gut whiskey or something similar. Yeah not your typical socio political punk band here, definitely more of a metal attitude and look visually on their release. Plus the drummer is wearing a fucking Slaughter Lord t-shirt. Oh fuck yeah! The vocals kind of remind me a little of the singer from the awesome and underrated Gang Green mixed with some weird G ‘N R vocal influence or something. Despite the metallic undertone of the guitars, this first song is punk rock city with energetic style, with fast riffing and snotty rapid fire vocals. The second track Into The Tavern… has a different vibe and pace. This song is way more metal sounding and slower, it is really heavy for what it is. A much different atmosphere from the first song but still somehow gives off that same sleazy attitude and feeling. This last track reminded me a little of some of Motorheads slower stuff. I was not sure what to do expect, but this exceeded my expectations. My apologies to the band for taking so long to review this, but I hope you sickos will send in some more music despite that because I am hooked. Best thing I have heard that crawled out of the armpit of Missouri in a long time.  – Dale

http://diewasted.com/  http://www.myspace.com/diewasted  diewasted@yahoo.com