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“Claustrophobic Dysentery” 2022 CD & Cassette

(Bloody Mountain Records)


This is the solo project of the talented and prolific Lord Sxuperion aka Matthew Schott (Garden of Hesperides, Sxuperion, Oreamnos, Valdur, ex-Weverin). This album is a maelstrom of chugging, rumbling, discordant guitar mixed with much white noise and sound effects dissonance and topped with brooding ugly atmospherics. There are fleeting moments of beauty and finesse, but you have to search attentively through the audio file folders to detect them. The music in a lot of ways is more of an overall experience than individual compositions, it is less defined and formless than that yet still a real journey. I mean everything about this release is pretty unconventional in all ways, right down to the roiling obscure growling yet not truly growled vocals. It is all well-known, but when all of these elements are combined the way they are here it is also something very unfamiliar. You will have sections with great brutal death metal riffs and then transition into detuned and untuned clean guitar that keeps you off-kilter, then suddenly a profound emotive bleak bombast sequence and that is just the opening track “Claustrophobic Dysentery Excreted from the Chiffonier”. Oh, did I mention the song titles alone are a confusing trippy and disturbing ride all of it’s own? For example how about “Lilliputian Flicker of Fasciollasis”, which I believe means a very small flicker of a liver parasite. There is plenty more of that lyrical subject style to delve into if that interests you in any way Haha! I was not sure I liked it at first, it took a while but it continued to grow on me like a liver fungus with repeated listens. “Claustrophobic Dysentery” is an interesting listen and it surely goes to show you can be experimental without softening your music. You do not need pretty melodies and musically cultured influences, it is very much the opposite here, it is progressive in the uttermost and evil and ugly with it’s boundary pushing of extremity. This is for those who complain it all sounds overdone and tired, this is something different and challenging in the severe.  - Dale 

https://bloodymountainrecords.bandcamp.com/    http://www.bloodymountainrecords.com/       




“The Demoniac Invocation” 2004 CD

(Exh Goetie / D.U.K.E.)


On the current time frame, in the midst of my horrid and abhorrent life, I’ve always believed death metal was based on evil. “Narrow minded shit with nothing significant to show besides our cocks”, they say. Oh-fuckin-kay, these fuckers are a few bricks shy of a load. “This is Satanic punk ‘till bestial death!” Uh, umm, hmm, alright then, let’s pop this fucker in. Whoa, this is fuckin’ “A” DM! Think vocally of 1991, early Necrophobic “Unholy Prophecies” demo ’90 and their debut, let alone Macabre End “Consumed by Darkness” 7” ep and though the production is mediocre, it fits with the killer vox and instruments, perfectly. Melodic, yet in your face, laced with killing leads, pounding drums are displayed in a way they are really adding to this sickening mess! On “Side Chaos”, Goat Devil is an evil pleasure as the Sacred Spear is an instant favorite. Crucitatus on grrr and drrr, Johan on vrrr and brrr and Necrophiliac Bonegrinder on drrr as 2nd grrr. Vocallly on “Side Desecration”, Vital Remains Jeff Gruslin comes to mind on “Worship The Demon”. At times it’s like Impetigo meets Carnage and check out the solo on WTD. Musically, “Witchcraft Bloodbaths” reminds me of very early Incantation meets Acheron (USA) riffage with hints of “Dawn of Possession” Immolation ~ fuck me! Alas, “Death Metal or Die” is just what the title indicates, memorable, to end an album I could play all night. Buy this for the true DM feel alone, Cacodaemon rule!! Now what do you say, Mika Akim? Long live the pigs of Sadistik Impurity, Slaughter the rest!!  – Clayton

http://cacodaemon.dy.fi   cruciatus@hotmail.com   




“Beneath Abyss” 2015 CD

(Inverse Records)


Coming out of Greece is Caelestia with their debut album. They are not an easy band to categorize, as they are a melting pot of styles, and genres. Honestly, with this ten song album, it feels like they sat down and said let’s write four death metal songs, three symphonic black metal songs, two goth songs and a thrash metal song. Then once we are done that, let’s put all the songs into a blender, hit the random mix setting and see what the final outcome sounds like. There is no denying it; there are some quality riffs on here, some quality sections, and talented musicians playing it all. But as far as the songs go, as far as the arrangements go, this album seems like a real clusterfuck. I am sure some will call this progressive wonderment, but it really feels like a mishmash, and a band that could not decide what they wanted to be, so they decided to go with it all, either that or possibly it is just beyond their ability to craft something this ambitious. It is sort of like a sports team, which is filled with talented players, but it is not the right mix of players, not enough grit or heart or whatever it is that is missing, and no matter how talented they are they still lose. I should probably mention the vocal set up here, as it is a very prominent element. Much like the music, it is a contrast of styles, as you probably get a 60/40 balance of female operatic (annoying to my ears) sickingly sweet vocals, mixed with good male deep growling and grunted gruff half spoken bits. Again, no doubt these are talented musicians, who can write quality elements to music, but as a whole it is a hodge podge mess of styles that are not mixed very well, and do not fit together very well.  - Dale

https://www.reverbnation.com/caelestiaband   http://www.inverse.fi/         





“Compilation Album” 1998 CD

(Nuclear Blast America)


Woohoo! A gothic / dance / industrial compilation. Just what I need, geez this blows! The bands included are: Mandanus Imperium, Autumn, London After Midnight, Type O Negative, Therion, Moonspell, Left Hand Path, Ever Eve, Lacrimosa, Switchblade Symphony, Love Like Blood, The Gathering, Tiamat, Dreams Of Sanity, Clan Of Equinox & Christian Death. One thing I will give NBA is they have stuff on here from other labels to give people who like this a good selection of bands. Let me see the song/band I like on here is…ummm…The Gathering track is OK, but that is it! The packaging and layout are stunning (yes, I found something good!). Chant after me G.I.L.!, (Goth is lame!).  – Dale

Nuclear Blast America, P.O. Box 43618, Philadelphia, PA. 19106, USA





Psalms For The Dead” 2012 CD

(Napalm Records)


Psalms for the dead is Candlemass' final "studio" cd and what a release! The doom legends have certainly outdone themselves and released their best most memorable release to date. Heavy, traditional doom riffs that are both extremely heavy and powerful but also extremely catchy and will be stuck in your head long after the cd is over. Vocals are performed by the great Robert Lowe {of Solitude Aeturnus fame} are sung amazingly as each note is delivered masterfully and sounds perfectly. The production for the release is just as great as it is not too over-produced but it is done just well enough for each musician to shine with their individual instrument. It is a shame that this is the end of one of the doom greats recording days but Psalms For The Dead is about as perfect of a cd as you will ever you hear. So nothing like going out on top! {Special Note: The band is not breaking up but will not be recording anymore studio-releases from here on out instead just focusing on touring and playing live so keep an eye out on the Napalm and Candlemass web-sites for all the latest updates and news concerning this great doom band}.  - Patrick 

http://www.candlemass.se/candlemass/  http://www.myspace.com/candlemass  




“A Somber Wind from A Distant Shore” 2009 CD

(Moribund Records)


A two man black metal band from the USA. One man handles the instruments, one handles the vocals. Their name comes from the ancient breed of wolf, the dire wolf. Musically TMP lays down some great instrumentation. A bit of the early suicidal black metal sound is evident. A bit epic in places. Good stuff. Vocally, anguished screams that in my opinion are not on par with the music. I would rather hear this album as an instrumental.  Or, improve the vocal performance. A good release. I'm not sure if this is their only material but I'd like to see how they've developed since this came out.  - Mark Sugiyama  

http://www.myspace.com/thecanisdirus  http://www.moribundcult.com/  




“KRF” 2009 CD

(Metal Breath)


This Czech band have been around for over ten years now. This release came out in 2009. Sort of a hybrid of styles - doom, metal, even a little folk in the overall feel.  Musically they are competent. The vocals take a bit of getting used to, though. Main man Blackie seems to be a one man band with the exception of drums. It's nice to hear bands that are one or two members that can pull off the band sound. It's not easy. You have to have vision to really hear what the other instruments should be doing to pass yourself off as 4 or 5 member band. This isn't really something I would buy but there's no denying it's quality music.  - Mark Sugiyama

http://www.myspace.com/calesclan  http://metalbreath.cz/en/metal-breath/ 





“Wind Up Toys” 2007 CD

(Fierce Panda Records)


Generally I am happy to see a release by a Canadian band show up in my mail box. Despite where they are from I often wonder how releases like this even manage to find their way to me. Seriously. We are a mix of commercial radio rock and poppy ska-raggae emo type shit, let’s send it to Canadian Assault they might love it! Lots of energy and a good recording that is about all I can think of to say positive about this feces. Hey get this out of the cd player quick, it is starting to draw flies.  – Dale 

www.capdown.net  www.fiercepanda.ca 





Vortex Of Violence” 2012 CD

(Ibex Moon Records)


I have been lucky enough to follow this great band since their debut cd in 2006 "morgue mutilations". Now up to their fourth masterpiece of old-school horror-gore drenched style of death rot. The band has unleashed "Vortex of Violence” the bands most devastating release to date featuring 11 songs of uncompromising, aggressive death metal in it's truest form heavy, straight forward riffs and solo's that are both relentless but also original and varied as you can tell each of the songs apart of one another which is not easy task in this form of metal. Adam Scott's vocals have never sounded more sick or vicious growls that are definitely some of the best of the best in scene today. Vortex of Violence will definitely go down as one of 2012's best death metal releases. So do yourself a favor and buy this it will please both long-time and new fans of this great Illinois band.  - Patrick 

http://www.myspace.com/deathrot  http://www.ibexmoonrecords.com    




“The Day That Death Prevailed" 2020 CD & LP

(Momento Mori & Boris Records)


Before I get started I should mention the disc for this album is on the bands main label Momento Mori is out late July, with the vinyl version on Boris not coming out until September. Cardiac Arrest present to us no less than their 7th full-length (not to even mention the spate of demos, eps and splits along the way) for this veteran Chicago band. The music on here is heavy, crunchy sounding classic death metal with some great tremolo picked, utterly headbang inducing riffs interspersed with some enjoyable guitar fills and brief, but impactful guitar solos. The drumming on here is a highlight as well, they are pummeling and unrelenting in their energy and influence upon their overall sound. The vocals come from all the members (excepting the drummer) and are a varied yet relatively cohesive mix of guttural death growls, nasally growling yells, deep grunting roars and general maniacal voices. Some of the vocals even reminded to be the almighty Steve-O from Impetigo. Yes, these guys play pure death metal unapologetically in the early to mid ‘90s tradition of everything from Impetigo & Repulsion to Benediction & Grave, from Master & Dismember and early Death & Massacre to Cianide & Autopsy! So many classic bands whose traditions and legacies these boys hold up proudly. I chose to do this review because I feel like Cardiac Arrest has been a dedicated band, working hard in the UG scene for such a long, long time now and deserve more recognition than they have received. So it goes without saying that I enjoyed this album very much and highly recommend you support these veteran metal merchants!  - Dale 

https://www.facebook.com/Vassafor/    https://ironboneheadproductions.bandcamp.com/       




"Who’s Gonna Burn” 1998 CD

(Relapse Records/WAR Music)


This is a WAR Music, release who have now inked a distribution deal with Relapse. C.F. hails from Sweden and it shows as they thoroughly rape early ‘90’s Swedish death metal w/ the late ‘90’s Gothenburg melodic sound topped with a little dose of American aggression. Other than the vocals this is a indistinctive, unoriginal act. However, having said that, C.F. puts together some amazing melodically harsh material that still smokes and I verily enjoyed.  – Dale

Relapse Records, P.O. Box 251, Millersville, PA. 17551, USA website = www.relapse.com




2005 Split CD

(Bestial Burst Records)


The Carnival – Three tracks from each band. The Carnival play crazy and violent old school speed / thrash metal. We should expect nothing less from Bestial Burst. The music kind of reminds me of some sort of twisted take off on the classic Sacred Reich stuff. I do not come across many bands playing this sort of style so this is a breath of fresh air.

Enormity – Extremely sadistic thrashing metal with catchy as fuck riffing. Also intermingled with the thrash base is some chunky death metal influence and the balance they find is a good one. The vocals are diabolical, following suit with the music. This release is just chock full of mayhem and it is a good time listening to it.  – Dale  

www.bestialburst.blackmetal.fi/   bestialburst@blackmetal.fi 




“Evolution Of Evil” 2016 CD

(Mortal Music)


This listen was very interesting, and not what I was expecting, it is more than I was expecting and a pleasant surprise. The entire album, save a song or two is about different serial killers. But the songs are presented in a less conventional style, almost a horror theater feel, to the proceedings. Yet, it is undeniably still a death metal album, but much more than your run of the mill death metal album. It is hard not to think of my all-time fave bands, with this concept, and that would be the legend band Macabre! Who carved out a place in UG metal infamy with their brand of equally creative and theatrical “Murder Metal”. Obviously the connection is strong, with the serial killer theme, running through an album is / was something pioneered by Macabre, as is tailoring each song into a roller coaster ride of mental audio theater with each song reflecting that killers horrors. The biggest difference with Casket Robbery they do not bring a humourous side their creation like Macabre. Having said all of that, this is where the comparisons begin and end, as Casket has a different method and approach to their metal sound and ambient theatrical approach. “Evolution Of Evil” musically evokes a very dark, morbid and foreboding aura, and the songs while keeping a central thread are quite diverse from each other. As I mentioned, I would call the style death metal, but they break the conventions here and seamlessly add dramatic elements with accent voices, instrumental touches, audio serial killer interview samples, and creative song structuring flair. They do this while keeping that brutal death metal edge which holds the entire carnage together down to it’s foundations. They also keep things very catchy and memorable, they invoke the darkness and debauchery of the acts the lyrics speak to, but always keep in mind for the lack of a better term the headbang factor that must make them a very entertaining live band. The main vocals are deep growls, which are very decipherable to the point you will be singing along to certain wonderfully crafted choruses and random lines in your head upon repeated listens. The production reflects the music very well; it is dark and heavy with a gritty edge. I have to be honest; I did not anticipate this album being anywhere near this fucking good going into this review. I do not think I could possibly recommend this enough for fans first and foremost of brutal death metal, who also like bands like Macabre, The Accüsed and even King Diamond this is a must have!  - Dale 

http://casketrobbery.bandcamp.com/    http://www.mortalmusicinc.com      




“Treatise on The Abyss” 2007 CD

(Negativity Records)


A large smattering of blackened death metal is offered up this time, straight out of the swamps of Louisiana. It would be rather difficult to list the influences here. Due to the fact Catholicon sound like a mix of just about everything out there. It is task to detect anything of their own within the 13 tracks presented. That does not necessarily make “Treatise on The Abyss” a bad album. Quite the opposite and is a really solid piece of hate and malicious aggression. Standing out in this scene is going to be a problem for them as there just is nothing here to say “hey check this out, despite having no sound of our own, you have never heard it done this way before”. So I would unfortunately expect Catholicon to end up one of those bands who put out some good albums but slipped through the cracks largely unknown. I would only recommend this to die hard freaks that have to have just about everything that comes out (I have met and have been friends with some of you and I am always amazed you come up with the money for this haha) in the black / death scene.  – Dale  

www.negativityrecords.com   www.fuckyourgod.com 




“Frigidiis Apotheosia: Abstinencia Genesiis” 2008 CD

(Paragon Records)


It has been a while for me since I have heard any Celestia stuff. I think the last thing I got my hands on may have been their 2001 promo tape. Which I quite enjoyed thoroughly. Despite that 8 year gap, I see, looking through their discography that they only released an album, ep and demo during that period of time. Though of course let us not forget the band leader is quite busy with his label Drakkar Productions. One thing I always liked about Celestia is they play black metal but somehow always managed to imprint a touch of their own sound and identity into the style. Something that is much easier said than done these days. I would have to confess these days they are probably less black metal than in the past but all of those elements are still here in smaller doses. Celestia is very atmospheric and melancholy in an epic emotional sort of way. They also thankfully do not solely rely on synth to attempt cheat and create cheap atmosphere. There is some real thought put into the compositions and playing. A fact that is certainly not lost on me and adds another layer of enjoyment to my appreciation of this release. I can definitely recommend this album and it comes out on an excellent dedicated label as well. Check this out.  – Dale 

http://membres.lycos.fr/celestia/   http://paragonrecords.org/ 




Secular Flesh” 2019 CD & LP

(Iron Bonehead Records)


This Finnish band is a relatively young band, having only released a demo in 2016 and an EP in 2017 (five songs in total), both on Iron Bonehead, who now present the bands anticipated debut full-length album. I would say in a lot of ways Celestial Grave sound like the early ‘90s Scandinavian wave of black metal you might expect when I say they play this style. However, they take that sound and put some of their own sound on this standard style, but the way they play it is quite different than most black metal bands in this style. They produce long songs, all in the 6-10+ minute range, but they construct them in an interesting way. With normal bm bands in this style you expect the harsh melody, the structuring with the usual cycling song structuring, but Celestial Grave just keep the song going without that much traditional structuring forcing the tremolo riffing to just stay in largely in one pattern with little variation on speed. Which, produces a rather freezing, hypnotic trance-like atmosphere and the songs structurally speaking has no hooks or breaks or traditional arrangements. Which mostly creates, like in the third track ‘Grasping From Lips Of Night’ this perpetual motion song that just eventually ends, but could be put in a continuous loop and the beginning and end would be hard to distinguish. I could see some fans of traditional song arrangements having a hard time getting into that, but if you are willing to view it as a rhythmic mental journey, as an overall atmosphere and not just a song, then I think you will get a lot of out this record. The vocals themselves are sort of obscure, like they are there and you can make out the growling and rasping vocals clearly enough, only if focus specifically on them. But, they are also again obscured somehow like they melt back into the mix of the instruments, and become somewhat part of the audio tapestry, again producing an effect of not knowing where the instrumental sounds and the vocal sounds begin and end. As you may be able to tell, I have a hard time putting this bands sound into words, but I do know it is different than most black metal bands out there, but it is still firmly black metal and it was also a very pleasurable listening experience for me.  - Dale

https://www.facebook.com/celestialgrave    https://ironbonehead.de/          





Monotheist  2006 CD

(Century Media / Prowling Death Records)


'Only Death...is Real!', (A slogan that has survived till this day) from the days I spinned Hellhammer and Frost and Tom Warrior (despite using the Fischer name replacement) will always be my metallic icon despite my departure in disgust of what once predominated Frost after 'Into The Pandemonium'. Naturally as most of you, as my 19 year stalemate done away with and the 'Warrior/Ain' comeback had me skeptical, and who wouldn't be but those that just were not there (unlike myself) when they began their legacy?I must exonerate all my critique as the true CF is alive again as sure as shit like white on rice! Indeed I spin and shall remain spinning 'Apocalyptic Raids/Morbid Tales' unto my dying day, but now comes the moment of truth. Many of you expected a 'Morbid Tales, Part the Second' leaving me bewildered. It simply is unintelligible to expect another 'Dethroned Emperor', 'Procreation (of The Wicked' or 'Circle Of The Tyants' (nearly all near 14 years old) and CF would have failed direly attempting so. The Frosties are notorious via expansion from one album to the next unlike the abomination of 'Cold Lake', Momotheist offers much of the greatness of 'Morbid Tales' yet are heavier than ever with outstanding vocals laced in a thick melancholy and emotion which pales anything remotely sullen on 'Into The Pandemonium'. Here the heavier is heavier, the morbid more morbid all laced with a genuine depressive sadness, sorrow, apathy, hatred and a darkside yet unexplored previously. The newbies shall by ignorance disregard this statement and you can simply lick the shit off my dick when I'm done with your petty disagreements! Just spin this near 70 minute affair and feel. Seriously, has ever The Morbid Ones once repeat an album twice? No. Did they fail in doing so? Yes in 1988(Tiny Tim admitted to this)...on Monotheist there is beauty in darkness with a handful of softer songs as cunning(and at times more so) than 'Danse Macabre' that only Monotheist and said band can only do justice to; unlike your doom and gloom band of the month of BM elevator music of the day cannot near compared to the Godfathers of a morbid darkness as heard on monotheist. In truth the frost bites harsher than ever, who humbly began it all in 1982 and yet have not lost the midas touch still in 2006.Take fucking heed of Monotheist and remain morbid in the dark. In end after so many passing years Monotheist is CF before the fucking lake and the vanity that lacked nemesis! Remember,don't piss in my helmut as it truly Frost's my Celtic, so buy or I'll make you cry if you don't support this album! It's Celtic Frost at 666% and the Emperor's have returned to reclaim the Jewel Throne!I am honoured to have done this special review and so should you of a cult band that still stands the test of time...Are You Morbid? - Clayton  




“Dominion” 2020 CD. LP & Cassette

(Unspeakable Axe / Boris Records)


This Georgia based band compose brutal death metal that clearly and confidently bases it roots in very late 1980s & early 1990s Floridian UG dm scene. Some bands that spring to mind when listening to this debut album are works from that time period from Morbid Angel, Brutality, Deicide, Malevolent Creation, Monstrosity etc… A lot of the songs feature really musical and stylish sounding guitar solos, there is even a short yet sweet little bass guitar fill/solo in the song “Churning Of The Shallows” that I enjoyed quite a bit. Speaking of the bass guitar, I feel like the bass is a little more prominent and integral to this bands sound compared to most death metal traditionally. The guitar work in general on this record is very nimble, sharp and speedy, featuring some killer riffs and rhythms, which lend themselves well to headbanging and probably moshpits too. The vocalist Matt Kilpatrick (also guitarist in the very good Death Of Kings) has deep, well done dm growls that are commanding and agile in inflection and speed changes depending upon what the underlying music is up to. Cemetery Filth are so loyal to that late ‘80s / early ‘90s period in death metal, that to me even the production job on here sounds like it was recorded back in that time period. It is just clear and does not feel over produced and pro tool’d up the ass, like most modern recordings in this genre. ‘Dominion’ may be too much of a back to the roots, non-contemporary sounding band for some newer death metal fans, but hopefully not and hopefully they appreciate this album as much as I do.  - Dale

https://borisrecords.bandcamp.com/    https://unspeakableaxerecords.bandcamp.com/        




“Heic Noenum Pax” 1998 MCD

(Blood, Fire, Death Records)


This is a new band for me and released by a new label as well, I am sure we can expect to hear a lot from this label in the years to come. Centuries of Deception play atmospheric black metal, that I got into but in the wide spectrum of the scene this is pretty average. Still a worthy addition to the, extreme black metal devotee's that must have it all. Available through Deathcult Distribution...  – Dale





Contra Rationem” 2013 CD

(Listenable Records)


After nearly nine years of dormant silence Holland's Centurian have awoken once again to spread their violent vision and sound. They play unapologetic, uncompromising blackened death metal with heavy, fast chaotic riffs. The drumming is fierce non-stop blast assaults, the vocalist reminds of {early} Glen Benton growls/screams but fit Centurian's brutal style perfectly. Contra Rationem is one of the best blackened death releases I've heard in awhile, it is great to see Centurian back in action. Do yourself a favor and buy this today!  - Patrick 

http://www.centurian333.com/  http://www.listenable.net/      




“Serve No One” 2012 CD

(Wydawnictwo Muzyczne Psycho)


Another band comes at us out of the great Polish metal scene. Centurion really do not sound much like most of their countrymen, in fact they play a style with a big nod towards 90s American brutal death metal. And it is vicious, straight ahead extremity lunging forward like a speeding bullet train. The vocals are rapid fire growls that try to match the break neck speed of the music, they are pretty imposing and frightening sounding. I do not have a lot to fault Centurion for, they do everything pretty well, but at the end of the day this album just does not stick with me that much. I would say extreme die hards of this style might want to give this a try, otherwise I might pass.  - Dale 

http://www.myspace.com/centuriondeathmetal  http://www.wydawnictwopsycho.com/    




“A Sign of Things to Come” 2005 CD

(I Hate Records)


England and death doom go together like leather and spikes and Centurion’s Ghost are one hellbent incendiary bulldozer of creeping metal. I was struck immediately by the quality of this band, the fluidity and nose for knowing when to keep the songs simple to increase the skull crush factor, call it the Asphyx principle. There are a lot of great influences wrapped up in this record, in the biography they list Venom as a big influence, I can hear it but not in a strong way in my opinion. They also list Cathedral, Candlemass & Celtic Frost and all those are fair but I also hear traces of Benediction (way underrated band!) alongside traces of early Afflicted or Disharmonic Orchestra. For that matter very early Paradise Lost or My Dying Bride, you know before they went all commercial and keybored-y , may not be completely out of line. The guitar work going on in the background is actually more involved then one would notice upon first listen but really accents the uplifting moments and keeps our eyes filled with gray during the emotional melancholy passages. The vocals of Mr. Begley are utterly fantastic and are some magical doomy mix of early Kreator Mille, Martin Van Drunen, Goatlord and others I cannot even explain, my ear knows it but my tongue and finger tips get confused. I just dig these vocals a whole lot! I can sense the confusion? Why all the thrash references and doom, it is because their sound is rooted in dark thrash but make no mistake this is a doom metal band, first, second and third but they have denim filled with stitched on patches, in their minds and know how to induce a headbang fury. One other thing that strikes me, is for a young band they have mastered flow to their songwriting and incorporate fleshy nuances and vision that is beyond the bands paltry few years existence would suggest. I am finding myself increasingly more enthralled with each listen, I am beginning to think an interview might not be out of the question here. Is there any better recommendation for a band then that?  – Dale  

I Hate Records, Box 13023, S-60013, Norrkoping, SWEDEN http://www.ihate.se/  www.centurionsghost.com 




“Crash Test” 2006 CD

(Khaaranus Productions)


It has been a long, long time since I have heard any new Cerebral Turbulency. For those keeping score, I reviewed their split tape with Gride and Malignant Tumour, in Canadian Assault. That was a 10 years ago! I guess both myself and the band are turning into old bastards in this scene. The layout of the booklet is very interesting. The lyrics come on a smaller, separate book, it is strange but cool. Part way into this album on the first listen I found myself saying what happened to Cerebral Turbulency? Where did the all out grind attack go? There are still some small signs of it but it is mixed with a lot of American sounding metalcore and some hardcore vibes and even some industrial overtones. It almost feels a little bit so called lousy ‘nu-metal’ like at times (but no rap vocals, thanks to hades for some small favours). You know I really hate this sort of thing. To be quite honest I find myself rather disappointed with this album. I wish if bands are going to change this much they would do their fans a favour and change their name. It is the respectful thing to do for their fans and their own legacy. I suppose some might consider this an expanding of their horizons but to me it is like they erased the horizon completely and painted over in the colour of blank boredom. There are some small and short decent bits on here but they are too far and few between to enjoy. Do you like groovy, dance-y music that you can jump up down to on an imaginary pogo stick? If yes, then “Crash Test”, might just be for you. I am hoping on the next album of Cerebral Turbulency, which I will review soon, will be much different and closer to the old grinding days.  – Dale  

http://www.khaaranus.wz.cz   http://bandzone.cz/cerebralturbulency





“Segregace K 0” 2008 CD

(Khaaranus Productions)


Czech grind is a thing of legend in the UG and one of the best and most prolific grind scenes around. One of the good ones and one of the well-known are Cerebral Turbulency. Who are coming fresh from going off the rails last album with the semi-awful and decidedly bland “Crash Test” mallcore train wreck. Will Cerebral look to get back on track and make amends to the loyal followers who were disappointed and dejected? I am happy to report that Turbulent ones are back steaming ahead on the right path. The real aggression and trademark grinding have thankfully returned in a big way. Some sections of the album are an intense rape ‘n pillage assault with chainsaw guitars and lightning quick, scatter shot drumming. There is a lot of very good things going on but it is a mixed bag as well. Because they incorporate so many different things (samples, effects, tons of different vocal styles etc…) into the songs. Some of the off the wall things really work and other times it does not and seems like they were forced into the song just to have it there. But do not let that statement keep you away as there is plenty of good material to go around and Cerebral Turbulency give you a taste of what made them so good in the first place. Yes this is some intense shit. Which is all the more pity with this being the bands final release as they have decided to split up after 15 years of grinding.  – Dale 

http://www.khaaranus.wz.cz   http://www.myspace.com/cerebralturbulency 




In The Midst Of Life We Are In Death” 2013 CD

(Hells Headbangers Records)


This is a new band from Denmark's underground metal scene, but one I'm sure we'll be hearing a lot about in the coming months. The music is heavy slow to mid-paced guitars that have a old-school death/doomish feel and sound to them. J.P's vocals are a mix of deeper death growls, screams and some gruff spoken type of vocal patterns. Cerekloth have done a great job of mixing in old-school death gods like Autopsy, Cianide etc and mixed in their own warped, disturbed creative ideas. If you are looking for something old-school sounding but with some originality to it then check out Cerekloth.  - Patrick 

http://www.cerekloth.dk/  http://www.hellsheadbangers.com/      




“The Pact Of Morbid Conspiracy” 2021 Split Cassette Album

(Eternal Death Records)


Ceremonial Worship is the sole creation of one High Priest C.W. (ex-Skogen, ex-Violator) who handles everything for this Greek band. The four tracks featured on this release are exclusive to this split. The music is performed with heavy and fast guitars that are delivered with experience and showcases skillful writing ability. The music does slow to a more controlled mid tempo pace throughout the bands songs on here. Alright so up next on this split release is the Philippines OmenFilth, who also deliver four exclusive tracks to this split release to round things out to nearly thirty-three minutes of music overall. OmenFilth's style is rooted in the old school, traditional style black metal. Their music is more aggressive with fast paced guitars and drums that are performed with skill and a great writing ability. Both bands on this split deliver a solid release of black metal intensity that should please all fans of this genre.  - Patrick 

https://ceremonialworship.bandcamp.com    https://omenfilth.bandcamp.com    eternal-death.com       




“Outis” 2019 CD

(Willowtip Records)


Ceremony of Silence are a two man thrashing death metal band coming to us from Slovokia with their debut full-length album. The guitars are handled by Vilozof, who does a great job of writing and playing some fast thrashing riffs with some slower, mid paced guitar sections mixed into the songs. Vilozof also handles the vocal duties for the band, which consist of a mix of gruff screams alongside some deeper death metal growls. Svjatogor commands the drum kit with a mix of extremely fast drum patterns with some slower beats to counter balance ferocity and add some musical depth to the material. If you are a fan of the early ‘90s death metal scene, then definitely be sure to check out Outis when it is released.  - Patrick 

https://www.facebook.com/ceremonyofsilence    https://www.willowtip.com       




“Black Mirror Hours” 2013 CD

(World Terror Committee Productions)


Black Mirror Hours is an extremely powerful, bombastic and hateful black metal album. Chaos Invocation like to keep things predominantly at a brisk speed and there are some interesting things going on with the guitar patterns and the overall song arrangements. I mean no, this is nothing especially original I realize that, but it is a good mix of old style and modern black metal played about as well as can be done. I have to mention the drummer as well, this guy is fucking relentless, he almost never stops, just plowing through with precision and authority. Their style is a very raw one, but the production on this album is exceedingly clean and clear. Almost too clean and clear, I know here I am complaining about a production being too good haha. That is just my taste though, old school black metal and crystal clear productions do not mix that well for me. It is not too bad when my only real complaint is the production is too well done right? Yeah I would say so… One thing I am realizing pretty quickly is WTC Productions, is they are a label to keep an eye upon, if the three albums they sent me are any indication, they put out nothing but quality bands.  - Dale 

https://myspace.com/chaosinvocation  http://www.w-t-c.org/      




“Effigies Of Obsolescence” 2022 CD & LP

(Dark Descent Records / Me Saco Un Ojo Records)


This is the debut album from this relatively new band (having previously released a couple demos and an EP) coming out of Denmark, and they share a member with the excellent band Phrenelith. ‘Effigies Of Obsolescence’ comes off sounding quite refined and mature in the songwriting department for a young band. I would say they belong to this movement of mixing some old American death metal with healthy helpings of classic Finnish dm along with smatterings of UK death of yore. Though it is decidedly death metal music, there are also elements of doom death going on here for sure with Chaotian. Their music is so densely pounding and crushing with a lot going on musically with the guitar work, which features flourishes of skillful refinement of tunefulness despite the utter brutality of it all. It makes for an interesting mix in the song construction department and really piqued my interest with rapt attention as I listened. The deep brutish whispery growling vocals on here is very enjoyable for me and compliments the bands oppressive all engrossing dark atmosphere perfectly. A few bands older and newer that come to mind to give you an audio compass point are Rippikoulu, Convulse, Incantation, Bolt Thrower, Immolation, Funebrarum, early Autopsy, Tomb Mold, Deiquisitor, Undergang and the like. I love it when record labels work together on releases as I often mention. Dark Descent and Me Saco have been doing it a lot lately, it is great for the bands and fans, especially having one label in North America and one in Europe. As usual with their partnership Dark Descent is handling the CD, and Me Saco Un Ojo the vinyl. If you are a diehard follower of the bands styles I mentioned above, you should check out this album, it is another fine example of this killer musical form.  - Dale 

facebook.com/ChaotianOfficial   www.mesacounojo.com   darkdescentrecords.bandcamp.com  




“Summoning Black Gods” 2012 CD

(FDA Rekotz Records)


Germany has produced it’s share of quality dark death metal bands over the years and Chapel Of Disease can be added to that company. This is some ripping ‘n thrashing metal, some of the guitar patterns and song arranging, is pretty clever keeping my attention well. I definitely am getting an old school death metal vibe, like late 80s and early 90s era. I read another review of this and seen the comparisons of Pestilence, Bolt Thrower, earlier Death and I really cannot argue with those, pretty spot on. There is another old band or two on the tip of my tongue, but I just can not seem to get them off.  I can hear maybe a little Demolition Hammer or something along those lines in there. Anyway, Summoning Black Gods is good sinister thrash tinged classic style death metal with some crushing, speedy riffing and an atmosphere that will force your head to banging. This record will make the old goats like me and just old school fans in general happy.  - Dale 

http://chapel-of-disease.jimdo.com/  http://www.fda-rekotz.com/gx/     




“Wrapped In The Morning Red" 2021 CD

(Plague Demon Records / Blasphemous Creations Of Hell)


Coming out of Colorado's black metal UG scene is Charon Kruk who combines harsh and experimental black metal with some ambient elements to create a unique style and sound. ‘Wrapped In The Morning Red’ is the debut full-length featuring seven tracks of well composed musical passages. The guitars are played with a heavier mid paced range, but do speed up to a faster more aggressive pace throughout some of the songs. There is some very well played guitar sequences on this album, even adding in some solo's throughout. The vocals are all over the place with harsh raspy screams and some deeper death metal growls. Both of the vocal styles fit the music perfectly and give each song it's own identity. If you are looking for a band that combines harsh black metal and adds some ambient and even death metal influences then be sure to check out Charon Kruk’s debut album today.  - Patrick

charonkruk.bandcamp.com/    bchrecords.storenvy.com/    plaguedemonrecords.storenvy.com/        





“Dismemberment (XVIII)” 2013 CD EP

(Grundar Productions)


I am a fan and supporter of the Malaysian UG metal scene. Which is where, Chelation Intoxication comes bursting out of; hitting us with this ep, that clocks in at just under twenty minutes. They play grind, but it is that sort of mid paced to slightly faster sort of brooding, grinding, hypnotically churning style of old school grind I like so much. You know that sort of early Autopsy / Repulsion doomy death mixed with pure old school grindcore (ala Terrorizer, early Napalm Death, Agathocles), only using the extreme speed as an accent. I do not run across that many bands that play this these days, it is usually just blinding speed and adrenaline, I like that style a lot too, but this shit just rules. I listened to this bad boy on loop over and over again. I am sure I will keep listening to it, on repeat for hours, after I finish typing this review. Recommended.  - Dale 

http://www.reverbnation.com/chelationband   http://www.grundar.com/       




“It’s Time To Face The Doomsday” 2010 CD

(Hells Headbangers)


I love crossover thrash bands. This particular one comes to us by way of Italy. Hells Headbangers have really been diversifying the bands they sign lately and in a good way. As can be expected with this style the songs are often on the short side and the album comes in at under 30 minutes. Goodness these fucking guys can rip, they hit you with those cool tumbling riffs that trundle forward quickly like a sweet motorcycle with timing problem in the overheating engine. Those killer riffs make me want to mosh and headbang like a raving lunatic. I also love those gruff and gutsy vocals that sound like the guy has been a life long smoker and heavy drinker. This shit is getting me nostalgic and wanting to reach for my Cryptic Slaughter, DRI, Tankard, SOD etc… The audio insanity of Children Of Technology fits right in perfectly. It is great to see bands like COT, Adrenicide, Short Sharp Shock keeping this style alive and well. Not only that but they want your beer, your bitches and think your teeth look silly inside your mouth, so spit them out! There are limited cassette and vinyl versions of this release, good luck searching them out.  - Dale

http://www.myspace.com/childrenoftechnology  http://www.hellsheadbangers.com/  




Future Decay” 2014 CD

(Hells Headbangers Records)


Italy's Children Of Technology return after four years with their second full-length. They are back, with their brand of cross-over thrashy punk. I would suggest Children of Technology are one of the best in the scene in this style. The guitars are fast punkish type guitar riffs with some heavier and faster thrash parts intertwined in the music. The drummer is really good, with keeping the pace, between the faster drumming beats and more of a mid-pace range. The vocalist does a good job with the screams and even some deeper vocals. This is a band who knows how to play thrash and punk and do both scenes real justice.  - Patrick 

http://childrenoftechnology.bandcamp.com/   http://www.hellsheadbangers.com/       




“Weakest Is The Flesh” 2022 CD, LP & Tape

(Hells Headbangers)


I have been on such a heater of listening to only dark, dingy and oppressive death metal the last month or so. As you may be able to tell from the bands line-up of bands I chose for the monthly update this time around haha. Church of Digust from Texas is not going to change this trend I am afraid with their third full-length album ‘Weakest Is The Flesh’. Which is their first for Hells Headbangers after putting out their previous two records on Memento Mori, talk about going from strength to even greater strength. The music is a nice mix of medium to speedy death metal pacing yet there is clearly death doom elements as well, which adds another layer of depth to their sound and creates cool alternating currents of differing atmosphere. There is often the main brutal super heavy riff, but also frequently backed up with secondary guitar fill parts keeps the music varied and interesting. This is some tremendous old school death metal with some creative songwriting that manages to keep things mildly upbeat and memorable, yet never sacrifices that repressive aura or its crushing barbarity. Some bands that come to mind when I listen to this album are Funebrarum, Gorefest, Autopsy, Cianide, Undergang, Benediction, Bolt Thrower mixed with a dash of Deicide and Malevolent Creation. Being that I am big fan of H.P. Lovecraft, something which figures into creative process quite richly with this bands lyrical history and imagery. I am also now interested in checking out some works by author Brian Keene, a fellow who apparently is quite influenced by Lovecraft and in turn also possess a similar level of influence on the Disgust. Speaking of the vocals they are classic deep growls that fit in quite nicely with the influences I mentioned above, complimenting their murky sounds of extreme metal sickness to near perfection. I just can not seem to get enough of this style of death metal and if you are the same way you need to check this out. FYI the vinyl version is set for later this year, but the other formats are a go as of now.  - Dale

https://www.facebook.com/churchofdisgust   https://hellsheadbangers.bandcamp.com/          





“Minstrel Of Mourning” 2012 CD

(Razorback Recordings)


Things happen slowly, akin to the pace of the tunes played, is one of the most used jokes in the world of doom metal. Yet even by those standards the amount of time 'Minstrel Of Mourning' has taken to finally see the light of the day is mind-blowing, as documented by the extensive liner notes by both Stevo and Brett Fugate included in the album's booklet. Yes, Stevo - the monster best known and respected for his work in Impetigo, one of the most important and cult bands EVER in the underground history. Undeniably, there are some parts on these songs bearing resemblance to the classic that is Impetigo's 'Horror Of The Zombies', which could hardly be a surprise as both those albums have been written roughly at the same time, yet we're talking a different beast here. Stevo switched from bass to guitar, added the quite explanatory pseudonym "St. Vitus" to his name and alongside the remaining three band members created and recorded a doom album full of despair and mortal dread. An album that sounds as good now as it would've sounded if released back in 1993 - probably because the stench of death is eternal and some of it is captured here by no-frills riffs and tempos, interesting, sometimes rather bizarre, vocals and an overall atmosphere much akin to the one of strolling through the graveyard on a harsh November night. 'Minstrel Of Mourning' isn't the type of album to give you a revelation, neither is the end-it-all doom masterpiece but it's a good document of a band doing what's in their hearts, as morbid as they might be, ahead of its time. Doom fans and Impetigo maniacs alike should pay attention to this.  – Vladimir Petrov 

http://www.metal-archives.com/bands/Church_of_Misery/10708  http://www.razorbackrecords.com/  





Gods Of Death” 2011 CD

(Hells Headbangers Records)


The U.S death metal legends return with their sixth full-length release and the name couldn't be better "Gods Of Death". In Cianide's twenty years plus in the underground the band has never once compromised their sound or "added" any new elements to change with the times or be more popular in the scene they helped create. That is something to be respected whether you like this band or not. Gods Of Death carries on Cianide's tradition of creating and playing some of the heaviest death metal ever heard. Crushing mid-paced guitars and heavy, mid-paced drums that keep up with the mood and pace of the band. The vocalist delivers with some excellent death growls with no effects, no pig squeals just angry growls. Cianide are a band that doesn’t change for anyone. But they get better and better with each release!! Definitely one of 2011's best death metal albums! Buy this or die a poser.  – Patrick 

http://www.myspace.com/cianidekills  http://www.hellsheadbangers.com/   





“Symbiant Circle” 2009 CD

(Akashic Records)


I am not quite sure what to make of this band. They call themselves Philosometal or something like that. Their whole lyrical concept is heady philosophy meanderings and pondering that will probably go over most peoples heads. The lyrics may have had a lot of thought and complexity to them, but the music is a complete dichotomy to the lyrical content. The music is so stripped down, so simplistic, especially with certain songs that it barely a song haha. Quite often it will just be something like a really slow, very low key riff with almost background accent, basic drumming. I guess you could say the vocals which are mostly gruff yelled thrash type vocals are pretty much the supposed to be the center stage of the bands musical presentation. I have to be honest I am not very interested in philosophy, especially with my music so the main focus of this band does not do a lot for me. The music is minimalist sort of late 80s commercial style thrash riffing and structure, but slowed way down and stripped down to it’s most basic level. The music was pretty good stuff. But overall I would not give this a recommend to be honest.  - Dale 

http://www.reverbnation.com/circadianskizm   http://circadianskizm.com/     




“The Frozen Casket” 2018 CD EP

(Redefining Darkness Records)


Here’s an album that is sure to be a crowd-pleaser for people like me who are nostalgic for good ol’ Floridian death metal. You’ll know most of what to expect sonically on this album if you’re a fan of Death and/or Obituary, but I would encourage you to give this album a listen regardless because while it does sound like one of the best executed homages to this scene of OSDM that I have heard in a while, it still sounds like a completely fresh record all the same. Technique and skill are what set the Russian band Cist apart from their contemporaries; their riff composition shows ample proficiency in this vein of death metal, as does their incorporation of intriguing and audible bass work throughout the album. There is also refreshing, yet frugal use of sound effects and voice overs on this album, which, while sparsely distributed across the tracks, adds a lot of flavor to the presentation like some obscure herb on an otherwise already fantastic plate of food. The whole setup is invigorating, especially with Vitaly Luschenkov’s vocals ripping through the mix with both transparency and brutality reminiscent of John Tardy and/or Chuck Schuldiner (depending on which track you’re listening to). The production quality of this EP certainly permits all of these elements to be heard and enjoyed to their fullest potential without sounding too sterilized. Cist’s excellent songcrafting does not stop at the execution, though, but rather also includes the lyrical content. So far this year we have seen some pretty interesting lyrical topics tackled by death metal bands (lookin’ at you, Slugdge), and Cist are baring their artistic integrity in this arena as well with some of their tracks gathering inspiration from cell biology as an avenue or metaphor for sociocultural/societal critique. Overall, the package that is The Frozen Casket secures Cist’s place as an act to keep an eye on in the coming years since it displays abundant potential for an awesome future full-length debut.  – Aaron

https://cist.bandcamp.com/    http://www.redefiningdarkness.com/        




“Functioning On Impatience” 1998 CD

(Second Nature Recordings)


I’ve never liked hardcore but I’ve always dug what Coalese, were doing. Their bludgeoning, pissed off style always seemed to me, beyond the limits of music. This is pure aggression, no weak bones in this body. The title of this album seems to fit their music and lyrics perfectly. Impatient?, No argument here.  - Jeffrey Kusbel  




“A Monument To The Dead” 2019 CD, LP & Tape

(Blood Harvest Recs. / Rotted Life Records)


After releasing two demo tapes and split with Molder, the band will release their debut full-length due to be released in mid-October. “A Monument To The Dead” is a duel release through the labels Blood Harvest and Rotted Life Records and feature eight track of solid and intense death metal. The music is extremely well written and performed, with both fast and mid-paced patterns. The guitarist can really write and compose some well played passages and even adding some well written solos. The vocals are a mix of old school death metal growls and some more gruff growling as well. The vocalist reminds me a little bit of John Tardy’s early vocal style I love. If you are a fan of early Cannibal Corpse, Immolation and other ‘90s classic death metal then I recommend you should definitely give Coffin Rot a listen today.  - Patrick 

https://www.facebook.com/coffinrot    https://bloodharvestrecords.bandcamp.com/       




“The Doomsayer’s Call” 2012 CD

(Listenable Records)


Coldworker brings us their third album, the first to grace mine ears. The mighty Dan Swano apparently was responsible for the final mix and mastering on here and accordingly it sounds great, but retains a heavy, non-plastic edge. No complaints there. This is death metal and while it is not totally retro, you can definitely hear the great old Swedish dm sound creeping into their material. The music is really tight, has some catchy riffing and the drummer is a whirlwind, he comes over the top scrape off any flesh that may be left on your bones. This is some good death metal music guys, but it is also pretty predictable, straight ahead fair which some of the more discerning fans of the genre might not get that much from. I don’t know I enjoyed, nothing remarkable, but good competent death metal music with a little of that old Swedish flavour many of us love.  - Dale 

http://www.myspace.com/coldworker  http://www.listenable.net/    




“…And The Death Of Vanity” 1999 CD

(Voices Of Wonder/Valhalla Records)


Voices Of Wonder have a great promotional dept. and their packaging are some of the best out there! It’s a pity almost all of their bands are awful! Here we have another trendy ‘jump metal’ styled band but w/ a bit more of a crushing doomy quality than most of their counterparts. The vocals are extremely lame. The singer, if you can imagine sounds like the guy from Crowbar with a heavy European accent spiting out cheesy lyrics. So if you enjoy that Skinlab / Machine Head style better fire a letter off to V.O.W. for a catalog, after all it’s only a hop, skip and ‘jump’ away.  – Dale




“Too Late To Pray” 2018 MCD

(Nihilistic Holocaust Records)


This is the debut release from new French band Confessor A.D. coming out on the long running and dedicated Nihilistic Holocaust Records. This mini-album consists of five tracks of old school blackened death metal, with some excellent healthy hints of thrash influence weaving it’s way in and out of the proceedings. Confessor A.D. definitely embody the very late ‘80s / early ‘90s Scandinavian and Netherlands sound, which is clearly coursing through their veins. The pacing is not lightning quick, most of the time, reminding me both in pacing and structurally of the late ‘80s thrash influenced musicians who were starting to play this new death metal style emerging at the time. You could hear and feel the transition, and early first steps of figuring out this then new style, being caught between the old and new in a charming and interesting way, at least to me. I remember that time period well and loved those bands that had a firm foot in both styles, keeping their thrash roots, but adding these fresh brutal elements. When I mention the middle pacing, back then a lot of bands were more into the atmospheric vibe, being sure to leave room for a bit of melody and just room musically to breathe, and the listener to digest, so to speak, rather than just going as fast as possible and brutal as possible which was the next step in the death metal evolution. The vocals follow suit with amalgamation of the gruff thrash yell and the dm growl, keeping everything entirely intelligible and easy to still follow along with the lyrics. With all of the old ‘80s/’90s styles coming back around in the 2000s, it is good to see this often left behind, pivotal seemingly viewed as a relic style, getting some attention from a young band who does it some justice here.  - Dale

https://www.facebook.com/nihilisticzinedistro    https://nihilisticholocaustrecs.bandcamp.com        




“Majestic Dissolve” 2021 CD, LP & Cassette

(Memento Mori & Rotted Life Records)


This devilish triumvirate hail from San Diego, California and even though this is Conjureth’s debut album these three musicians have done time currently or previously in bands like Encoffination, Messial, Sarcosium, Ghoulgotha, Gloomed, VoidCeremony, Father Befouled, Eternal Suffering, Wooden Stake and more. Conjureth produce enticing (at least to me haha) old school brutal death metal that very much brings me back to the late ‘80s and very early ‘90s death metal. I hear a lot of influence from bands in that time frame from the northeast US and definitely Floridian dm, but maybe also some occasional spicing of Scandinavian influence as well. During that era you still had stronger remnants of ‘80s thrash metal in the roots of most death metal bands, and I do hear some small hints of that here both in the riffing and song structures on ‘Majestic Dissolve’. I can most definitely headbang along to this and imagine a pretty big churning pit down front when this band plays live. The music on here besides always keeping the pace brisk, the meat of the sound is always brutal, possesses a certain dark and evil aura that I enjoyed. The growling vocals courtesy of Wayne Sarantopoulos are perfect for the music and again remind me so much of those old days, with a mix of the aforementioned northern and southern US influences. They really top off a damn good listen in my view, so if you love those old sounds from the embryonic days of this amazing sub-genre of metal then be sure to check this out. Momento Mori will be handing the CD for this album, while Rotted Life are putting out the vinyl and tape versions for those wondering.  - Dale

https://www.facebook.com/conjureth    http://www.memento-mori.es    https://www.rottedlife.com          




“Diamond Cut Diamond” 2018 CD

(Gates Of Hell Records)


Australia, for me, has always had a very diverse metal scene and more often than not the band members are filled with extreme dedication and gritty attitude (a recent example would be the Road Warrior album I reviewed last month). The latest quality addition from the Ozzie scene, to my ears at least is Convent Guilt. They are a real throwback band, and this album sounds like could have been lifted right out of the late 70s / early ‘80s NWOBHM scene. Hell, even the production here while clear and loud, feels much like a production / recording from back in those days. The band produce this classic hard rock and heavy metal sound very well with catchy, hook-y songs, filled with some cool guitar histrionics and echo-y often gang sung phrases and choruses. You can hear some of the old influences here and there, in the guitars, with the song writing bringing to mind bands like early Maiden, Saxon, Tank, Holocaust, Angel Witch, Uriah Heep, Demon etc… This is very enjoyable for an old goat metalhead like myself. The vocals are decent and get the job done fine, but are not on the level in terms of quality and range as many of the influences I mentioned, well that is not necessarily true in all cases, maybe they are comparable to Tank vocally. If you can not get enough of that New Wave of British Heavy metal sound, which leans more on the mid paced hard rock side of things then I think you will enjoy Convent Guilt quite a bit.  - Dale

https://conventguilt.bandcamp.com/    https://www.gatesofhellrecords.com/          




“Sinbad" 2021 CD & LP

(Cruz Del Sur Music)


Coronary very proudly throw goat horns in the air, while headbanging and playing their brand of classic heavy metal with all the traditional trappings that come along with it. Yes, this Finnish band revel in it, and I can dig that, it is where I got my start in metal too way back in the early to mid 1980s. There is one thing for sure for me with this band, they know how to write heavy catchy metal songs that are infectious and stick in your head. There are plenty of hooks and good flow to the songs, alongside some really memorable lyrics and unforgettable choruses (ala the song I am listening to now “Fight Street 666”) with the odd gang vocals to add some good energy. There is some real tasty guitar playing on here with some sweet fills and the odd smoking solo. I think fans of Accept, Riot, Saxon, Grave Digger, Rage, Running Wild etc… will appreciate this record. The vocalist is pretty perfect for this music; he has that early ‘80s combination of smooth middle range mixed with some grit and higher soaring accents as well. If I had to make one critical comment about this album, and this is probably down to just my personal tastes, that being for me the recording feels a little over produced, a little too controlled feeling and it would their sound to another level if there was a little more raw punch, and less reserved individual performances. I am not sure if it sounds like it, but that is honestly a minor criticism, because this is an extremely impressive debut album from Coronary that deserves attention. I will look forward to what is next from this talented band.  - Dale 

https://coronaryfin.bandcamp.com/    https://www.cruzdelsurmusic.com        




“Splatterphobia” 2018 CD

(Comatose Music)


Like an old festering wound that just won't heal, Corpsefucking Art has returned with another death metal opus that worships the early- to mid-90s sound of US death metal. These Italians specifically worship the early sounds of Cannibal Corpse, Mortician, and midwest brutal death metal in general. There's even a Cannibal Corpse cover on the record, Staring Through the Eyes of the Dead, which is actually done competently and convincingly. It helps that the drums are performed by none other than Marco from Devangelic and Posthuman Abomination. When Corpsefucking Art isn't genuflecting toward their gods of death, they toss in some competent slam riffs placed perfectly to accent the heavy atmosphere of each song, and some killer blasts on occasion to break up any monotony they were in danger of creating with simpler riffs. The only complaining I will do about this record is the weird sense of humor the band has, since I tend to dislike humor in death metal - it's not supposed to sound fun! They seem to have a strange obsession with tomatoes, with two songs referencing the venerated garden fruit.  I can overlook that for an album that's this good, and since the vocals are indecipherable anyhow (they're kind of in the same realm as Mortician's vocals), it's not going to bother me unless I read the lyrics and song titles, and most of those aren't too bad.  Overall, it's a better than average success for this long-running underground institution, and it's certainly worthy of your cash and time if you expect brutal death metal to be simpler and in time signatures you can actually understand without a music degree.  – Andrew Parrish 

https://www.facebook.com/sachertorture/    http://www.comatosemusic.com/    




“Impetus Of Death” 2018 CD

(Dark Descent Records)


I had heard the name of this Finnish band in the past, but I had not heard any of their releases until now, which I now view in a regrettable light. As this old school death metal band bring to life those old UG death ways, keeping the ancient flame burning bright, while cutting a moody brutish swath all their own through the scene at the same time. The guitar sounds they got on here are so ominous, and cruelly suffocating, which in turn creates such a dark and wonderfully morbid atmosphere for the listener. You will be reminded of the classic brutal death sounds on early the works by Morbid Angel, Incantation, Grave, Autopsy, Repulsion etc… Also, I am reminded of their great fellow countrymen, and death metal pioneer band Abhorrence! I would say, even the vocals remind me a lot of Jorgen Sandstrom from Grave, with hints of guys like Glen Benton of Deicide and Dave Ingram of Benediction. Those three growlers are three of my favourite death metal vocalists of all time, so as you can imagine, I dig the vocals on this album a whole lot, they are fan-fucking-tastic and marry with the sinister brutal music brilliantly! The band finish off the album by expertly flexing their proficient skills at song writing, by penning a great epic album closer, entitled “Starless Event Horizon”, which clocks in at nearly 11 minutes and is a tremendous song from start to finish while taking you on a brooding brutal journey that will leave you satisfied.  - Dale

https://www.facebook.com/Corpsessed/    https://darkdescentrecords.bandcamp.com/          




“The Torment Continues” 2005 CD

(Undercover Records)


Ever commit brain-death, coma-inducing suicide without heart palpitation? I have (yes, seriously!) and if I had a mic in my valediction, this is what it would have been. Following “Tormented Belief”, both main man Horrendous and Necromorbus have unleashed their second opus into a conceptual 2nd of trilogy album affair. A vinyl version of this album is available in a limit of 500 copies, which are pragmatically sold out by now. “All Hail (Master Satan)” from the “Saeculum Domini” CD is present on this disc. The vocals sound like a homicidal dying mortal gone insane while having suicidal mental breakdowns rarely captured in BM, no matter how many times you repeat this; it don’t let up. This consists of such atrociousness and sorrowful emanating that one may point at “Salvation”-era Funeral Mist, yet you can not. The neurotic higher pitched vocals sound savage, rabid, coldly and hatefully unto anyone that bears human flesh, it detrimental to your life! Add this to with musical moments from 1990-94 Nordic-era true BM and Satanic metal on their behest of black-heartfelt riffage and we’re getting there! The grievance of many fallen angles, the extraordinary torture of existence, the hatred upon all mankind, the exiled dementia-precox’ souls, unavenged Demoniacs, that now have increased a ten-fold more than that and you fathom what CC sounds as the more it molests you. I am certain these two travel amidst their native Portugal with razor blades deeply embedded through their ‘skin suits’. I’d partake razor raping my own pelt with this release, but Corpus Christii has already done a fine job of that! Satanist myself, their name in the Roman Catholic church, CC is a festival in honor of Eucharist (the fucking Messiah!) on the first Thursday of the trinity; the eight Sunday after Easter. Posers beware, this isn’t the Funderground, this is pure Satanic BM formed from the scorned souls of Hell in earthly form. Professional, well produced and one of the best out there today, question is, have you got the guts?  - Clayton

www.undercover-records.de   www.corpuschristii.com





“Fleshcraft” 2013 CD

(Deepsend Records)


Corpus Mortale come at us out of Denmark, the Danish underground metal scene seems can produce some interesting bands and seems to be a little underrated. They have produced in recent times, a lot of good bands like Victimizer, Deus Otiosus, Altar Of Oblivion, Denial Of God (okay so they have been around forever, but still going strong) etc… CM play some chunky, thick death metal with guitars that cut into you repeatedly like a gatling gun on the field of battle. The vocals are deep, vile growls that flow across the music like a spreading sickness. There is some solid guitar work on here and smattering of cool short guitar leads, which adds a little extra dynamic to the proceedings, the drums are relentless. Yes, Fleshcraft is a solid chunk of death metal that might please fans of old bands like Grave, Hypocrisy Swedish style sounds mixed with a healthy dose of somewhat non-descript older Floridian death metal influences. It is not mind blowing really, but it is some really solid death metal that should please the genre die hards that have to have it all.  - Dale 

http://www.reverbnation.com/corpusmortale  http://www.deepsend.com/    




“Compositions Of The Flesh” 2012 CD

(Abyss Records)


Nothing like listening to some good ole old-school brutal Swedish death metal to get the adrenaline going is there? Apparently the musicians in corrosive carcass feel the same way and have created some of the Best and heaviest Swedish death metal to be hard in some years. As soon as you hit the play button to listen to this monster of a release of you are instantly hit with heavy, thundering drums fast whirlwind guitars that are equally as heavy as they are fast. The vocalist fits the music perfectly with his deep vicious growls. Fans that enjoy early Dismember, Entombed and the more rawer Swedish style bands will love Corrosive Carcass I know I can't wait to hear what these guys put out next.  - Patrick 

http://www.reverbnation.com/corrosivecarcass  http://www.officialabyssrecords.com    




“Corsair” 2012 CD

(Shadow Kingdom Records)


The opening track is an instrumental, that sets the table and let’s you know straight away that you are listening to accomplished, controlled and stylish musicians. Then you are followed up with the song “Chaemera”, which it is immediately hard not to think of Thin Lizzy, it is that subdued but still rocking type of vibe, replete with Phil Lynott sounding vocals. Then things change up and you get more of an energetic rocking sound with a real progressive tinge to it like King Crimson or something, but without forgetting to come back around to rocking out. This is really a very interesting record. I must admit though, despite the sound being clear, it is so over controlled sounding, lacking a lot of bottom end and oomph, for a lack of a better word. I think if they got that kind of production and fleshed things out that way more, it could really take their great sound to a whole other level. This is something to check out, not for every extreme metal fan to be sure, but devotee’s of old school and new school progressive hard rock will want to give this one a listen. I must say Shadow Kingdom records for me, are starting to become one of the best labels in the world at identifying new talent and releasing it, yet also digging up really worthy gems from a forgotten yesteryear that were unfortunately overlooked.  - Dale 

http://www.skykrakken.com/  http://shadowkingdomrecords.com     





“Worship New Gods” 2012 Re-Release CD

(Shadow Kingdom Records)


This is the Michigan Coven, not to be confused with the Pacific Northwest or Chicago bands that used the same moniker. Also up front you should know this is a re-release of an album the band released in 1987, but it was only ever released on vinyl! So does this fall into the hidden or forgotten gem category, I would say the answer is yes it does. I find their music very cool, quite hypnotic and leisurely paced but still heavy metal and not really slowing down into the doom regions. The vocalist has this very obscure, laid back trippy vocal delivery much of the time and I really like that, he does turn up the emotion now and then and even has an epic Norse (reflecting the lyric imagery) flair about his vocals. Now that I think about it I might have to take the doom comment back as now and then Candlemass comes to mind. But I must say Coven on this album have a sound of their own. I mean I can list a couple bands just to give you an idea of the type of melodic, atmospheric heavy metal they play. Some bands like Manilla Road, Omen, Cirith Ungol come to mind as having a vaguely similar sound and more than anything probably a similar pacing to their music. I’m not saying this was the ultimate find of all finds, but I am damn happy someone dusted off this cool album and brought it back out of obscurity for us all to enjoy and give the album some new life. This is my first meeting with Shadow Kingdom Records, going by this release and looking over their roster of releases I hope to be hearing again from this label and soon!  - Dale 

http://www.reverbnation.com/coven13  http://shadowkingdomrecords.com/    





“Mammon’s War” 2009 CD

(I Hate Records)


Count Raven is a name well-known to doom heavy metal merchant followers like myself. The Raven had been silent, for some, long thirteen years now! Apparently the original band tried a reformation, but despite some good live appearances was once again not destined to continue. The mainman of Count Raven, Dan Fondelius decided to carry on regardless and recruited new members Fredrik Jansson on bass and Jens Bock on the skins. What with so much time passing and some original pieces falling by the way side. Has the old magic faded away? It is the question swirling in my mind as I prepared to play “Mammon’s War” with muted anticipation. The biggest positive for me is Fondelius staying, as he is the vocalist and much of the character of the old foundation. His Ozzy Sabbath-era vocals, are perfect for this style of classic doom, and, I am admittedly a sucker for this vocal style. The opening track, “The Poltergeist” grabs you straight away as a hooky, traditional heavy metal burner that should please fans of old. You get some of everything, from the heavy to the emotional, melancholy and introspective. But you are snapped out of the trance with great rocking as well and memorable riffs. It is hard not to enjoy the sullen, epic atmosphere on this album and some of the nuanced and classy background guitar accents of Fondelius are not lost on me. This is a grand return to form for Count Raven in my view. I hope the new line up is solid and they stay around for another long run. Get this.  – Dale 

www.ihate.se   www.myspace.com/ihate666 




“Forked Tongues” 2021 CD, LP & MC

(Dark Descent Records)


This British band has released demos, an EP and two albums, and now their third full-length ‘Forked Tongues’, surprisingly for me as deep as my tentacles are in the scene this is my first encounter with the band. Before even hitting play, just knowing it is on the well respected Dark Descent Records usually previews the quality to come. It is apparent quite quickly that one of bands calling cards is intensity, in spades, as they race and rip along with their brand of explosive black deathrash metal. I hear influences from American and Aussie greats like Destroyer 666, Ares Kingdom, Gospel Of The Horns, Absu feel like core influences to me. But you can also hear other things in there for sure like Bathory, early Sodom, Bestial Mockery, Desaster and the like. But what might surprise some is they sprinkle and splice in classic dark and evil heavy metal band accents ala Mercyful Fate, Satan, Angel Witch, Brocas Helm, Manilla Road, Cirith Ungol Altar and other archetypal legends. It is impressive how smoothly they weave and intertwine those very old school accents into their lightning quick and punishing extreme metal foundation. They even mix it through the vocals as well as you will have the excellent growled, yelled, acidic screamed mainstay vocal, then all the sudden you will get an injection of early to mid ‘80s siren screams or screeches and it sounds flawless. They never sacrifice the black, the darkness and evil if you will in their sound, nor the power and punishment in their attack to meld these seemingly conflicting influences. This is a testament to the detail and vision that went into the song construction of this album. I am a fan of both worlds so this hits a real sweet spot for me, but it is still more than pummeling enough to satisfy the more modern extreme metal UG maniac in my view. This album comes very highly recommended from me. You will not regret this purchase.  - Dale 

https://www.facebook.com/cravenidol    https://darkdescentrecords.bandcamp.com/       




“Dux Mea Lux” 2015 CD EP

(Pavement Music)


Cretus are a new band coming out of the US metal scene and playing a very interesting style of music. They have influences from older rock ‘n roll bands, with some thrash and speed metal influences as well all mixed into the music. The music itself, it is hard to categorize, with both rock and faster metallic guitars, in a few sections. The music is not all fast and speedy rock / metal hybrid, there are portions where music slows way down to a mid paced range, before building back up to a more speedy musical style. The vocals are sung with clean vocal patterns and some screams. If you are into old-school rock, with some metal influences you might enjoy Cretus’ music.  - Patrick 

https://www.facebook.com/deathtoCretus   http://www.pavementmusic.com   




“Crucified Mortals” 2011 CD

(Hells Headbangers)


Old-school death/thrash lives and it has never sounded better or more fierce. Ohio's Crucified Mortals have nice catalog of back demo's, splits, but have unleashed their full-length debut with eleven tracks of early 80's aggressive thrash guitar oriented music mixed with some early 90's u.s style death metal this is a perfect blend of uncompromising, unrelenting death/thrash. The guitars are played with a lot of chaotic violent riffs and pure metal solo's but also within the chaos the band showcases some well-written and even complex structures. The vocals are gruff growls. The production is pure-perfection it is not extremely raw/thin sounding like so many from the 80's were but is also not over-produced and weak like so many of today’s bands. It fits the band chaotic sound very well giving the listener the chance to hear every guitar note, thunderous drum or horrific growl. Crucified Mortals is a must have for all fans of old-school death/thrash  - Patrick 

http://www.hellsheadbangers.com/  http://www.myspace.com/crucifiedmortals  




“Visitations From Enceladus” 2020 CD, LP & Tape

(Blood Harvest Records)


Cryptic Shift hail from the U.K., and after a string of demos, splits and ep’s have honed their craft to the point they felt it was time to unleash their debut full-length album. I think that was time well spent, as they sharpened things up and have produced one of the most impressive debut albums I have heard in some time. The band plays highly technical, extremely skilled and accomplished Deathrash metal. Despite the grand level of technicality and elaborate time shifting, there is still room created, from time to time, for very emotive guitar noodling and sweeping memorable riffs to momentarily spread their wings. They also manage keep a certain level of flow to their compositions, and brutality is injected through the heaviness of the riffing and the brutish, gurgling ‘n shouting growls that mix vocal influences from thrash and death metal capably. When listening to this some influences for the band that certainly spring to mind are later day Death, Cynic, Atheist and Gorguts. I also hear that intricate style of a little dirtier and heavier sounding techno metal bands ala early Theory In Practice, Nocturnus, Decapitated, Timeghoul, Martyr, Watchtower etc… This could be a bit of a challenging listen for some (look no further than the epic opening 26 minute song!), but if you put in the attention to detail, and a little mental focus then I think you will come to appreciate this multifaceted metal creation of audio artwork. Cryptic Shift deserves a healthy share of attention and appreciation based on the merits of this debut record, hopefully that is exactly what will follow.  - Dale

https://www.facebook.com/crypticshift    https://bloodharvestrecords.bandcamp.com/          




“All Light Swallowed" 2021 CD & LP

(Transcending Obscurity Records)


This is my first encounter with these Lithuanians and this only their second release as a band. Their first was a self release full-length that got the attention Transcending Obscurity, who snapped them right up and I can hear why they did. The material on here is some top notch dark and brutal death metal, which is largely reminiscent of the early to middle ‘90s American death metal style. Despite the crushing nature of Crypts brand of death metal, they do manage to inject a good amount of memorability to the riffing. They also project level of emotive and gloomy atmosphere intermingled into a healthy portion of the songwriting. The vocals are deep growls with a morose and shadowy edge to them with accents of more guttural or higher / clearer registers. The vocals are really enjoyable for me. They (the band and engineer) have managed to strike a good balance of a crisp, highly produced recording yet unlike many recordings that do this with extreme music, they have managed not to throw a toned down wet blanket upon the acute barbarity and crushing meat of the music. ‘All Light Swallowed’ is a really solid album that will satisfy fans who truly appreciate the foundation and traditional sounds of death metal.  - Dale 

cryptsofdespairdeath.bandcamp.com    www.facebook.com/transcending    https://tometal.com/       




“Black Flame Dominion” 2021 CD & LP

(Iron Bonehead Records)


Cult Of Eibon from Greece presents their debut album after previously releasing two EPs and a split EP. The band may have only been in existence for five years, but the members have done time previously or currently in bands like Kawir, Black Blood Invocation, Lykaionas, Nergal, Walpurgia, Hate Manifesto, Funeral Dusk, Wargrinder and more. It is no secret I am die hard follower of the amazing early to mid ‘90s Greek black metal scene with it’s diabolic blend of the first wave and second wave black metal that also incorporated hints of dark heavy and death metal. Cult Of Eibon also worship this period of their countries UG metal scene and their music carries on that tradition superbly. They create sinister sounding evil black metal that is mostly middle paced, but absolutely permeated with that gloomy atmosphere and aura that seemed to be a trademark of those old great bands. I mean the music is filled with those foreboding and ceremonial drums and hypnotic guitar rhythms. It all brings me back to those nostalgic times for me being possessed by listening to the early works Varathron, Necromantia, Rotting Christ, Thou Art Lord and the like. Also yes, I know they are not from Greece, but they also a little of Mortuary Drape which is a musical cousin to that scene in many ways. If you adore the old days of classic Hellas black metal and simply can not get enough of it, as I do, then you should get a copy of this album posthaste.  - Dale 

https://www.facebook.com/TheCultOfEibon    https://ironboneheadproductions.bandcamp.com/       




“Haxan” 2008 CD

(Hells Headbangers)


This Polish horde is somewhat of a mystery as very little is known about the members. Well Haxan is the bands "debut" originally released in 2008. Hells Headbangers has decided to re-release it for the maniacs who might have missed it the first time around. The best way to describe Cultes Des Ghoules sound would be filthy, raw old-school death metal with touches of black metal within the thin/raw guitar riffs and screechy style vocals. Cultes Des Ghoules is definitely not a band for everyone but if you enjoy the older bands like Varathron or early Mortuary Drape then this should give you some idea on the great style the band has continued to carry on within their sound.  - Patrick

http://www.hellsheadbangers.com/cultesdesghoules/  http://www.hellsheadbangers.com/  




Henbane” 2013 CD

(Hells Headbangers Records)


Occult death metallers Cultes Des Ghoules are back! Henbane is five tracks of dark mid-paced death metal with some blackened influences. The band is not afraid to unleash their violent side with brutal outbursts of blast beats, raw, primitive guitar riffs. The vocals are harsh death growls & screams. Each song is a lengthy ranging between eight and twelve minutes, not a horrible release but honestly the music does get a little boring, drawn out for this style. If your a fan of Cultes Des Ghoules past releases you will enjoy Henbane or if you enjoy dark, primitive/raw death/black metal you might wanna check this Polish blacked death metal band out.  - Patrick 

http://www.hellsheadbangers.com/cultesdesghoules/  http://www.hellsheadbangers.com/       





Hells Teeth” 2014 MCD

(Eldrich Lunar Miasma)


We have some UK black, thrashing punks return with their new release 'Hells Teeth'. This is a band from the old school of metal, picking up right where they left off, but there is more of a punk sound and feel to these songs. The guitars are played in the raw black metal style and fast punkish style. The vocals are done in the old school style of black metal vocals, with some thrashy vocals on a few tracks. I really liked the bands first release, so I was excited to get the chance hear/review this one. If you love the old school metal style, then definitely should pick this one up today.  - Patrick

http://unholycultfinder.bandcamp.com/   http://www.eldritchlunarmiasma.com/      




“Perpetua Funebre Gloria” 2005 CD

(Oniric Records)


At times is an unfortunate statement that black metal has become a watered down, caricature of itself. There is an absolute grey mass of bands littering the landscape like some beaten down, demoralized war torn country about to surrender. The problem for me is too many bands and not only that but too many bands who do not even really care about black metal, who do not truly believe in black metal but do it for fun and do not take seriously. In addition, the influx of fruity synth  heavy “atmospheric soundscapes”, goth infusion, and fancy studio recordings via pro tools etc… have sapped black metal of all the reasons we worship it in the first place. Raw feeling, utter darkness and evil strangled out of traditional instruments and the depths on one’s own wicked soul. Clean productions / recordings is like stoking a huge bonfire and when it is really blazing reaching for water instead of more wood and throwing it on the fire. The result is a pathetic smoldering glow. Enter Cryfemal, not overly talented, they keep things simple and straight forward attacking you head on. “Perpetua Funebre…” blasts forth with a certain diabolic energy and Satanic ritualistic atmosphere, striking at the heart of my discontent with determined ferocity. I really like the drumming too, it has an off kilter, loose charm that brings back early Judas Iscariot memories. The guitars have a hint of the “Deathcrush” gut fuck to them and wind their way through the material like a snake being charmed by a piercing yet melodic musician. The vocals are decidedly for me a twisted mix of early Burzum and present day Lust with a touch of something else I just cannot put my finger on. Yes, those black rasps really stand out and accentuate a fine malicious record. Cryfemal stock the coals and keep a bit of the igniting fuel missing in so much of our scene and no I am not referring to the rumours that certain past & present Cryfemal members are facing incarceration for various crimes.  – Dale  

Oniric Records, c/o David Prado, C/Olmo N. 1, 7 I, 06400 Don Bento (Badajoz), SPAIN  www.oniric-distro.com  oniricrec@yahoo.es   www.cryfemal.cjb.net 




“VII Dogmata Of Mercy" 2008 CD

(Empire Records)


Cryptic Tales are quite an old band from Poland, and was formed back in 1989!! They are existing for some years, then stopped doing music, and now, 7 years of silence the band is again upon metal throne. I didn't hear the music they played early in its path, but I hear music now which they created, and I'm totally satisfied with this record! The music CT plays is amazing yet original death-doom metal mix, with keyboards as well. The whole stuff consists of fast killing guitar riffs, as well as drumming, and great keyboards together with good growl vocals are here. Lots of fast and slow parts, really unearthly atmosphere of despair and depression… I was really killed by this CD, I listened to it many times, and I can't stop to listening to this CD. The death-doom metal scene nowadays isn't the best, and our guests decided not to play in a modern way, but in that truly obscure old one! Music is really "live", catching and just amazing! Each chord, each tune is totally filled with ALL means which should be in such music as death-doom metal. And I think soon this band will get high level here in the UG! So let's support them!  - Aleksandr Maksymov 

cryptictales@interia.pl   www.cryptictales.pl




“Whisper Supremacy” 1998 CD

(Century Media)


Well, my Canadian brethern have come back with their 3rd album and first for Century Media. The bio mentions the departure of vocalist Lord Worm but fails to mention that after the material to the second album was written guitarist Steve Thibault (one of the main songwriters and now manager) also departed the fold. Wonder if Steve still writes with them? I wouldn’t know as I have a promo copy with no liner notes. First off, I don’t think Cryptopsy can ever top their amazing debut album “Blasphemy Made Flesh”. New vocalist Mike Disalvo (ex-Infestation) is very good with his deep, heavy death growls. I miss Lord Worm, I imagine Cryptopsy is really gonna miss him live as he really commanded a crowd and it was fun watching him eat earth worms. But, I must move on as Cryptopsy did. The boys come back with another great technical and intricate and lightning fast tempo changing death metal mindfuck! Did I mention the drums yet? They are as per usual phenomenal and the best in the death/grind genre. Flo is a human whirlwind, go see them live and experience first hand what a I mean - God!! This will please all extreme brutal death/grind fans. Cryptopsy show again why they are considered one of the best there is in the genre.  – Dale





Triumf” 2013 CD

(Carnal Records)


Cursed 13 are a Swedish black metal band that features Hel Jarmadr {Domgard} on vocals. This new release Triumf is a collection of the bands material from 1998 through 2013; musically it is very well played dark, uncompromising Swedish black metal. Cursed mixes in some dark, eerie mid-paced guitars and drum patterns with an evil atmosphere within the music. The vocals are a mix of gruff death growls and black metal shrieks and screams within the more rawer blackened metal sections. Not as good as Wan's {label mate} release but still a worth checking out if you enjoy cold, dark nineties Swedish styled black metal.  - Patrick 

https://soundcloud.com/cursed-13-official   https://www.facebook.com/Carnalrecords.sweden   




2005 Live Split CD

(Bestial Onslaught Records)


CWAF – Play a simplistic and stripped down but very heavy metallic style. They like to keep things rhythmic and unchanging for long periods. Which when they do change things up, it has a much larger impact than technical bands, who stop on a dime, a dozen riffs and time changes in each song. I love the Police State intro on here, check that shit out. Cwaf is a little hard to pigeon hole, they have some connection to death metal yet also are owing of their origin to sludge bands like Cavity or Eyehategod. The drumming on here is massive, a great performance. I would say this disc is worth picking up just for the 4 Cwaf tracks.

Noosebomb – is a band I had not heard of either. Noose, are purveyors of Sludge metal as well, so the pairing is a natural one. Though, they have a very different take, on the style than Cwaf. Noosebomb are more active and have a much more traditional heavy metal base. The last song on here entitled “What is the World Coming To” is an epic doom influenced masterpiece. It is probably worth mention that Noose features members of Disrupt and Grief in their line-up.  – Dale  

http://noosebomb.com/   www.bestialonslaught.com 




“Odes To No Hereafter” 2016 CD

(Dusktone Records)


I am guessing I am not the only one, who is thrown off by this Swedish one man bands name, but apparently it is an Old English word meaning “death”. That one man goes by the name Astraeus, he handles all instruments and vocals. I can appreciate him not using a fucking drum machine, as he went all out and hired a session musician in the form of Jocke Wallgren, the drummer in Amon Amarth. I guess I would have to label the music on here, as mid 90s melodic and symphonic black death metal. There is a lot going on here, there are slight hints of influence from other exotic genres like middle eastern tidbits, at times it even seems to venture into progressive territory. Despite the keyboards being a little higher in the mix, than I would like, the main thing you will probably notice is how everything is written and performed at high speed, with only occasional brief somewhat slowed down sections. That speed goes through everything from the blitzkrieg drumming, to the hyper speed tremolo picked guitars and even a smattering of guitar solos / fills, also performed at a frenzied pace. As good as this is, and it is good, and well done. I can’t help but think by slowing down a bit more at times, and letting things breathe, leaving room for all the instruments would take the songs to another level. But this is the bands debut and it is a strong debut at that, it is impressive how Astraeus manages to keep things as heavy and dark as he does, when considering the extremely high level of melodicism on display, which fights with and threatens to lighten up those elements. An impressive release, considering it is the bands first and only release, not even a prior demos or an ep, they come out of the gate very strong and I look forward to hearing how Astraeus progresses from here on out.  - Dale 

http://www.cwealm.com/    http://www.dusktone.eu/        




Culture Of Death” 2012 CD

(Deathgasm Records)


Florida's Cystic Dysentery have released their debut album, which is eight tracks of brutal, fast, technical death metal. There is nothing really new or outstanding on Culture Of Death. I suppose if you are a die-hard fan of technical death metal and buy/collect every band that releases something in this genre. Then I'd say buy this release. But otherwise I would just recommend listening to your older Deeds Of Flesh or Dying Fetus releases.  - Patrick 

http://www.myspace.com/cysticdysentery  http://www.deathgasm.com/