“Promo Tape” 1999

(Self Released)


Aaarrrggghhhh!!!! Total old style brutal death metal in the vein of early Grave! Only with Kaamos’ own  sick dark twists. Fucking sickened vocals and diabolical choruses you will chant in your head for days with your fist pumping the air! I also hear a touch of “Altars Of Madness” – This CRUSHES!!!!  - Dale

Kaamos, P.O. Box 605, 13626 Haninge, SWEDEN Web = kaamos@kurir.net




"Our Never-Ending Lonliness” 2017 CD EP

(Self Released)


This is the band, maybe a more apt term, the brainchild of Vito Marchese of the well known Chicago based death doom band November’s Doom. Despite this recording also largely featuring former and current members of November’s Doom, the apple in this case, does fall pretty far from the tree musically and stylistically. The Kahless Clone is an instrumental band with a musical tapestry, largely made up of soundscapes mixed with traditional rock/metal instrumentation and general style, but used in a very non-rock/metal way. It really is a somber and atmospheric forlorn soundtrack, which invokes the feeling mentally of wandering in the vast emptiness of outer space, transported along in solitude by a sleek ship built from the base minerals of rock and metal. Now, do not get me wrong, anyone seeing the word metal will listen to this and go this is not fucking metal, which is correct, it is not, but you can hear it was composed and performed by musicians whose deep roots are in metal. Some of the underlying foundation, which moves this ambient soundscape forward to me sounds to be very much influenced by progressive hard rock / metal. But it is used in a subtle way, so as to never compete or dominate the main purpose of creating pure atmosphere, rather than the traditional song structuring from those theaters of music. Which for many metal fans is a take it or leave it proposition, it is not in line with my main tastes as a music fan either, but I have been known to be won over and dabble in these areas from time to time. I know the term soundscape is sort of an ambiguous term, which of course encompasses the overall sound and experience. But, in this case, to give you a clearer picture beyond the traditional rock and metal instruments, it includes things like synth, electronic sounds (including electronic drums mixed with real drumming) and manipulation, acoustic guitar, piano etc… I have to admit, upon the first and second listen it was not connecting with me and did not seem very memorable or overly enjoyable, to be quite honest. But I am happy to report the more I listened (I must be at least a dozen listens in now - as I always try to really give all bands a true chance), it began sink in and those synapses began to slowly fire and link up and I started to appreciate the music and it began to speak to me mentally, so more of an emotional connection was made. I am not often in the mood for pure ambient and progressive music, but when the mood does take me I think “Our Never-Ending Lonliness” will be within the small pile of discs I will reach for to scratch that itch.  - Dale

https://thekahlessclone.bandcamp.com/    http://www.thekahlessclone.com/      




“In Dwarven Halls” 2015 Demo CD EP

(Self Released)


This Wisconsin band, as you may be able to tell from their name and album title, are a concept band, based on the classic works of J.R.R. Tolkien. Something you may not know about me, both myself and my wife, are huge Tolkien and Lord Of The Rings fans. So much so, we have in our home a couple swords, a dagger and Gandalf’s staff replicas in our home, made by the company that made them for the film. So as you can imagine straight away, I am fully on board with the band’s concept from top to bottom. Now on to this bands music, this demo contains three tracks of middle earth inspired, brutal death metal. I would describe their brand of death metal, as a combination of New York sound, mixed heavily with old school Floridian death metal style. I can hear influences from bands Morbid Angel, Suffocation, Nile, Immolation, Incantation, Death, Massacre etc… It is very well done though, it is brutal, but also there is some nice subtle and not so subtle guitar finesse elements, worked beautifully into the crushing barbarism. I am sure this is where the Tolkien works come in, but there is also an epic, triumphant emotive atmosphere, you can feel through the music, which reflects the world the band clearly worship. This is on full display, during my favourite song, the third track entitled “Thorin Oakenshield”, it is a glorious and the proud warrior Dwarf King Under the Mountain, would be honoured by this song. Check this out ASAP!  - Dale 

https://www.reverbnation.com/khazaddum6    https://www.facebook.com/Khazaddumband/          




“Plagues Upon Arda" 2017 CD

(Self Released)


Khazaddum are a fairly new band who come out of the mid-western US brutal death metal scene. The music is played in the brutal dm style, but the musicians know how to write some very complex material, which shows off their skill in the writing process. The guitars are played mainly in a heavy and extremely fast style, but there are also some very well crafted and performed memorable slower passages, mixed with some solos merged into the violent music. The vocalist does a great job belting out low death metal growls that really fit well with the bands musical approach. If you are a fan of well performed brutal death metal, with elements of other genres mixed in, then be sure to pick up “Plagues Upon Arda” today.  - Patrick

https://khazaddumband.bandcamp.com/    https://www.facebook.com/Khazaddumband        




“Beyond Eternity” 2012 Full-length Demo CD

(Self Released)


Thanks to Paul Caravasi from Aquelarre ‘zine for passing along this piece of black metal hate emanating from Spain. Killing The Reason, play an acidic brand of blackened metal with some death metal touches. The vocals are purely spat venomous rasps in the early 90s great tradition and I really enjoy those, very cryptic and hateful. The music itself is good, pretty straight forward, but it is well executed with an intense energy about it. I feel like the songs and riffing, at times, could have a little more flow at times, but that is a minor complaint really. Followers of old school black metal should keep an eye on this band, they have something special starting to brew. I will really be looking forward to hearing what they can do on their next release. Beyond Eternity is an extremely impressive for a debut release!   - Dale

http://www.myspace.com/killingthereason  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SZMYc4KGOpY    




"Wolf” 2019 Digital EP

(Self Released)


New York black metallers (frequently of the avant-garde and technical variety) Krallice have swung back into my Bandcamp feed with their new EP Wolf after about a year of not publicly issuing forth new material. Back in 2017, they produced two great and distinctive albums in Loüm and Go Be Forgotten, and now they are at it again with the technically intriguing composition work. Wolf contains a consistently dark dimension to it that feels like sinking your hand into blackstrap molasses before reaching its roiling, fluid depths. Krallice attentively developing atmosphere on this EP works well for the replay value and is what I might say distinguishes it from their 2017 offerings. That is not to say that interest in atmosphere is lacking in Loüm or in Go Be Forgotten; it is simply an observation about one of the more noticeably appealing features of Wolf. For example, after listening to the pummeling instrumentation that pervades the first three-quarters of "Church," reaching the gently atmospheric section towards the end of the track acts like an eerie palate-cleanser. Having that section conclude such a temptingly aggressive composition with even more controlled chaos to look forward to in "Time Rendered Omni" is such a treat in terms of album arrangement because it keeps the listener absorbed in the tension between loose, temperate measures and those with more tumultuous overtones. Despite some of these tracks on Wolf ending slightly abruptly, I found myself enjoying that aspect with repeated listens since it works with the overall tone of the EP that I just described. I have never been disappointed in a single album that I have heard by Krallice—their work always enraptures me in one way or another, although it's usually due to their technical prowess that does not waste time with pretention.  –Aaron

https://krallice.bandcamp.com/    https://www.facebook.com/krallice      




“The Onslaught Of Battledemons” Demo 1999

(Ligum Dulum Productions)


Kratornas return once again to the pages of Canadian Assault. Served up we have black/grind sickness with gurgling hellspawn vocals. There is actually a nice mix here and every time you think there is too much chaos. You are hit with a clean chugging head bang metal riff section. Super raw so if you are looking for candy-coated production then look elsewhere. Song titles include: “Diabolical Mutilation 1999”, “Armaments Of Sadism”, “Satanic Macabre”, “Luciferian Gladiators”, “Bloodbath For Satan” and “Demonic War Slaughter”.  - Dale

Send $5 US to: Kratornas, 21 Emerald St., San Eusebio Subdivision, Cadiz City, Negros Occidental, 6121 PHILIPPINES




"Devoured By Damnation” 2016 CD

(Grathila Records / Self Released)


I was both pleased and surprised to get this release. I was pleased because this is a raw, but good band, which I have been into since their very early days of the mid to late ‘90s. I was surprised the band was not only still going, as they have been very quiet in recent years, but also very surprised, due to the fact that the band is no longer located in the Philippines. Further to this happening was they (I say they but Kratornas has been a one man band for most of it’s existence) moved to my homeland of Canada!! This is fucking cool to hear! So how about the music? Does the band still play a high energy chaotic wall of noise blackened grindcore? The answer to that is yes, but it is more now, more mature song writing, more varied material yet never losing the trademark ultra harsh brutality and speed. Another welcome change is, Kratornas finally has a real drummer (who has now joined the band as the second member) and holy fuck does it take their sound to a new level, the drums are powerful, as GB dominates his skit with pure malice and fury. The dark and evil trademark atmosphere, which permeates all Kratornas recordings, still is alive and thrives on “Devoured By Damnation”. Within the confines of the pummeling, ultra violent grind as hinted to above, there is more maturity and variation than the past incorporating more short death metal type passages. They do this in a very catchy way, tossing in infectious bits, which will get your head going from a nod to a full headbang in no time. The vocals are still a tremendous melting pot, mixture of obscured hissing yells and growls, nasally screeches and inhuman howls. I have always enjoyed Kratornas’ releases, but honestly they have taken everything not just up a level, they have taken up a couple levels! This is, by far, their most impressive release and I can not recommend this highly enough, for devotees of bands who mix black metal and war metal with large doses of grindcore influence.  - Dale

http://www.kratornas.com/    http://kratornas.bandcamp.com/    




Return To Death” 2014 Full-length Demo CD

(Self Released)

Brazil’s Krueger have released their new cd “Return To Death”. An album which has unleashed a blast of old school death metal and a healthy dose of thrash guitars. The guitars are fast with some speedy thrashy riffs and some heavier death metal riffs, with some solos mixed in a few of the tracks. The drumming is top notch with some crazed and chaotic patterns. The vocals are death growls, as well as some raspy screams mixed in a few of the songs. Krueger have released a very solid album, which I can recommend to anyone who is into early nineties death and thrash metal.  - Patrick 

http://www.reverbnation.com/officialkrueger   https://www.facebook.com/officialkrueger    




“True 80’s” 2007 Promo CDR

(Self Released)


These Brazilian’s love, 1980s thrash riffing, but also like newer bestial warring metal sounds. An odd coupling to be sure but Labatut make it work. Some bands to mention that can be clearly heard and influenced are Slayer, Sarcofago, Moonblood, Mutiilation and loads of 80s thrash, in general. The performance on this recording is pretty rough, a little sloppy and loose. Yet in Labtut’s case it actually adds a certain charm and identity to the music. It is strange they manage to wear their influences upon their sleeve, yet despite that, they manage to blend it all in a way I have not really heard before. The whole thing is pretty sick really. Nothing ground breaking but somehow by the time I hit stop on the stereo, I clearly feel like I am a confirmed Labatut-iac!  – Dale

 www.apocalypticempire.com   www.bloodynecromancer.de 





“Self Titled” 2010 Demo CD

(Self Released)


It is nice now and then after being inundated with slick, glossy produced and tightly computer controlled recordings. To have something like Lavagoat come to me with its heavy raunch production that really punctuates the crushing meandering riffs perfectly. Lavagoat are from my homeland and play death like doom with some of that stoner doom sound / feeling mixed in. I suppose parallels and/or influences like Disembowelment, Mastodon, early Cathedral (a lot), Black Sabbath come to mind, along with some of the heavier stuff from Kyuss, Orange Goblin, Melvins, Electric Wizard can be heard. This demo is definitely a mixed bag and they are pretty adventurous in the directions they take these sounds. There is some subtle yet fantastic guitar work going on here if you have the patience to pay attention. The vocals are decipherable semi-clear growls that have a lot of power and emotion in them. No possibly not the most original release, but it is fucking good and Lavagoat stomp everything in their path, leaving behind only sloshed beer drips and ashes from their funny cigarettes.  – Dale





“Weird Menace” 2014 Demo CD

(Self Released)


It is good, to see my Canadian brethren gracing the pages, of Canadian Assault once again. This is an interesting release, to say the least, what the band has done here, is in two recording sessions live in their rehearsal space; they have recorded an 18 minute ep, which has no over dubs or special editing. I mean there are six songs on here, but they are all one continuous track on the disc. I kind of like this idea man, in some ways, this serves to add more grit and more of an organic feel to their sound. The sound is not bad at all, it gets the job done in its rumble-y rattle fashion, yet is more than clear enough for my tastes. They picked six of their songs, from their catalog, all of which are horror themed for this release, to give it some sort of a thematic feel. However, for you doom fanatics, their doomy side from their last release feels a little less prominent here, in this live setting, their old school death thrash roots come across a touch more in this setting. Not to worry though, their doom roots still are present. I hear things like old Cathedral, Venom, Celtic Frost, Cianide and the like as influences on this release. When the sludge-y doom does come in, rearing its beautifully beastly head, this is when Lavagoat feel like they are truly in their element. I do kinda dig the all the horror theme grouping, it gives a little darker feel overall, than their last release “Monoliths Of Mars” did. That cosmic psychedelic feeling still pops up here and there, however briefly and is a welcome counterpoint to the impending horror. I like the experiment this little basement recording endeavour has wrought here on this release. I can recommend it, to fans of doom death metal and sludge type music. I know I enjoyed it. I hear there is an album either just out or about to be released. I hope I can get my grubby little mitts on that thing!  - Dale

http://lavagoat.bandcamp.com/   https://www.youtube.com/user/LavagoatTV





“Ageless Nonesense” 2014 Full-length CD

(Self Released)


It is a good day when a new Lavagoat release ends up in my mailbox. The boys pick up right where they left off last time around. We are treated to another sludgy, doomy slab of atmospheric metal, which will hunt you down tirelessly in slow motion. I always like the dark and heavy vibe Lavagoat projects mentally with their rumbling audio tapestries. I still hear bits of influence in their sound from the likes of old Cathedral, Celtic Frost, Sabbath etc… Despite their doom mainstay, the band are not adverse to speeding things up, such as they do in the song “Cimmerion Fury”, they pick up the pace, and ruin everything in their path, with some great affecting guitar work. The guitars on the whole album are fantastic, they do some really cool things with the sound of them, they creatively to manipulate those sounds in a variety of ways, which create some diverse emotions in the listener. Lavagoat only gets stronger with time, and I must strongly recommend yet another of their releases, for you dear readers to check out post haste.  - Dale 

https://www.reverbnation.com/lavagoat   https://www.youtube.com/user/LavagoatTV         




“Ladies From Hades” 2016 CD EP

(Self Released)


The Canadian doom veterans from Saskatoon return to the pages of Canadian Assault with another massive audio tidal wave. The band often varies their sound in tone and feel, slightly in style, from release to release always keeping you on your toes. But the one constant is they always keep their doom metal roots strong and grounded. This time around, we get more of a straight on doom sound, but as always mixed with healthy traces of pure evil and nostalgic psychedelia. I absolutely love this combination! I always mention the early releases of Cathedral, as an influence, that influence may not come through any stronger than on “Ladies From Hades” when comparing this to their past releases. That is a positive; I wish Cathedral would have carried on that sound, a lot longer and stronger than they did. Regardless of this heavy influence, Lavagoat put their own distinct stamp, on that sound and style. I dig the audio movie clips mixed in wonderfully in the songs, they really add a creepy 70s hypnotic satanic occult exploitation feel to the music. The riffs on here are massive and roll on for ages just wrecking my head. The vocals are pretty sparsely used; they are performed / recorded in an obscured half growled, half spoken manner, and done in a way which only heightens the malevolent sinister atmosphere. Despite the feeling of evil and impending doom, there are still sections of these hymns that make me headbang, which is a song writing talent marrying those aspects so seamlessly. For me, “Ladies From Hades” is an infectious listen that I don’t want to end, I find myself setting this to repeat and listening over and over, it is an experience and not just something to listen to. Lavagoat always deliver the goods, but they have really out done themselves this time around!  - Dale

http://lavagoat.bandcamp.com/    https://youtu.be/efls-a-b6fE




Meditation Of The Flesh” Demo CD 1999

(Self Released)


This is fucking dehumanized and sick death metal. It is very well done and crushing. Lead bring to mind influences like Cannibal Corpse, Cryptopsy, Kataklysm and Suffocation mixed with their own sound touches. I’m a sucker for this kind of music! I just love fast, extreme, brutal, hateful, violent, heavy and in-your-face barbarity. Six songs here on a nice looking disc.   - Dale

Yours for $8 US to: Lead, P.O. Box 24411, Omaha, NE. 68124-0411, USA   




“Proclamation of War” Demo CDR 2006

(Self Released)


I listened to this before reading the booklet or any other accompanying materials. I was about to run headlong into my spiel about the secret of good one man band is that anyone listening to it without that knowledge, should never know it is a one man band. Then I scanned the booklet, only to see there are in point of fact, three members in Legions of War, they are a full band but you would never know this. This demo feels almost like someone’s home riff tape, so they do not forget the riffs they came up with. Only on this particular riff tape, there has been added some unimaginative drumming that kind of drones on, in addition some really, really awful early Burzum-ish vocals, which are so absurdly executed & thin, they become a parody unto itself. You know those paintings where the artists get a bunch of paint and randomly throw it at the canvas and whatever drippy, sloppy mess results they proclaim it to be art? Well Legions of War ascribe to this school of thought. Now actually there are some decent riffs and rhythms yet most of them make no sense together, they have been haphazardly sewn together and more often then not have no bridge connecting them giving them any sort of sense or purpose. The recordings is really raw but that is fine it kind of suits the music. Anyway I would advise you to pass on this Swedish horde, there are much better bands out there.  – Dale





“Process Of Progress” 2011 Full Length Demo

(Self Released)


This Canadian band could be described as a metalcore band that has a penchant for progressive touches as well as possessing melodic Swedish death influence in the guitars. Sometimes the mixings of these different styles works and other times, not so much. At times the songs lack flow and fluidity, coming off a little clunky and aimless. When it works they can write some ripping, emotional metal though. The vocals for me are another slightly sore spot; they are okay kind of hoarse yells with a slight growling undertone. They come off sounding a little forced and maybe are featured a little too heavily in important parts of the song, distracting away from golden heart of Lethal Halo. That gold is the guitars, there is some talent there and if you pay attention the guitars they have some really interesting things going on and the performance there is fantastic. This is only their second release, so they have room and time to grow. If they continue to mature in the song writing department and the other aspects of Lehtal Halo can catch up to the guitar work, this could be a band to really watch out for.  - Dale

http://LethalHalo.com  http://www.youtube.com/HaloBand  




"Paths” 2015 CD

(Self Released)


Lord Almighty springs up from the Boston metal scene, delivering to us their debut full length, with only an ep previously under their collective belts. I don’t know, if I can really confess to ever in particular, to being a fan of the whole black ‘n roll sub-genre. I mean on the surface it does not seem like the two genres should mix, one is generally very serious and the music is very dark and harsh tonally, where as rock ‘n roll is usually the opposite of that. I will leave the debate to purists, whose stance I have some sympathy for, on whether or not the two should be mixed. For me, it comes down more to the fact I usually have to be in the mood for both, and those moods are generally very different from each other. So with this particular sub-genre, for my tastes, it has to constructed quite carefully and be very well done, which often results in a love it or hate it reaction. I am pleased to say, Lord Almighty has put a lot of thought, and care into their song writing, so one element does not over power the other and the transitions betwixt the two forces is surprisingly smooth. There are times you can revel in the evil aura, as well as other times, you can just headbang to the riff and let the adrenaline flow a bit. Then at other times, often in the transitional periods you are treated to some wonderful, dare I say even soulful guitar fills and leads, which simmer slightly with hints of classic 70s rock southern style guitar work. I could see for the more ardent black metal fans, they might have a tough time getting into some of the airy and upbeat riffs and rhythms, which pop up from time to time. I don’t know man, I sort of feel like I should not like this, but the impressive vision and skill in the performance and songwriting, just refused to let me turn away. It is infectious like that, and I have succumbed to it’s insidious charms, so if you are open to this kind of music, this surely comes recommended.  - Dale 

http://lordalmighty.bandcamp.com/    https://www.facebook.com/lordalmightymetal         




“Msilihporcen” 2010 Demo CDR

(Self Released)


The guitarist/vocalist/bassist from the great old Finnish thrash band Maple Cross (formed in 1985!), heads up this band. Lord Of Pagathorn released a demo tape way back in 1994, and then nothing, until now some 15 plus years later! That is strange but good for us they decided to pick up the band once again. Msilihporcen is an interesting piece of older school black metal. There is speed and hate, but it is all accented with some nice interludes and even some eerie sounding acoustic guitar passages. The mixing of raw cold anger and tranquil atmospherics is a mixing well met. The music is nothing ground breaking, but very well done and performed expertly. The vocals are suitably freezing shrieks with obscured whispered undertone. The recording as well is fantastic for a demo, it is heavy, clear and concise without being too slick. I came away from this release being quite impressed and looking forward to hearing from this sick horde. They tell me they are working on an album and seek a suitable record label. I think they not remain unsigned for long. Hail Finnish black metal!  – Dale





“Self-Titled” Demo 1998

(Self Released)


Unless I’m mistaken this band features on guitar Eric Herseman, who is also publicist at Olympic Records. Described as misanthropic deathrash, this is a term I am in alignment with. 3 songs on here (“Contact Dermatatis”, “Jungle Hell”, “Spiral Caverns Of The Occult”). They bring to mind the rising deathrash scene of the late ’80s/early ‘90s. In fact some bands I could name are Ex-Mortis, Demise, Immortal Fate, Phantasm and so on. It may be due in part to nostalgia but I fucking love Lord Blasphemer!  - Dale  

Send $4 US to: Lord Blasphemer, 2658 W. Superior, Apt. 2, Chicago, IL. 60612, USA




"Self Titled” 2018 CD

(Self Released)


The Lost Tribes Of The Moon are a band I find very hard to put into one musical or metal genre. The bands debut full length, and debut release as a band period consists of three long songs (ranging from 8+ to 13+ minutes a piece) and three shorter instrumental tracks. The music is very well written and performed, showing a high level of skill and consisting of influences from a variety of genres. The guitars are played with both slower melodic patterns, and at times faster more aggressive sections throughout each song. The vocals mix both female clean sung vocals and some male vocals that consist of hollering screams accented with some melodic male vocal patterns. Lost Tribes are a very unique blend of traditional doom, early progressive rock and even some folk metal / rock elements.  - Patrick

https://losttribesofthemoon1.bandcamp.com    https://www.facebook.com/losttribesofthemoon          




“Holocaust Whore Hellslut” Demo 1999



Fuck yes! The purveyors of disgustingly morbid spirit-raping deathrash hell return! Anyone who read issue # 2 knows how highly I think of this band with their review and interview in that issue. I said in the past I heard influences from (old) Sarcofago, (old)Beherit, Aggression (i.e.-“Blaspheming At The Altar” ’86 demo). Also if you like the sickening Canadian metal in the warring mode of Blasphemy and Soothsayer then this tape will satiate your carnality! The songs this time are a bit more technical then the last demo. But Diabolus has not sacrificed the bludgeoning and bestial barbarity and Lust will tear at you like a pack of starving berzerker wolves! Tired of all the commercial bullshit? Then order this piece of underground cult history while you can as I believe this is limited to 500 copies.  - Dale




"The Essence Of Time Matches No Flesh” 2017 Full-length CD

(Self Released)


This is the bands third full-length apparently, but it is my first taste of the Madrost madness emanating from this Californian band. The band play technical thrash metal with a ton of morphing, changing parts and time signatures. Some might even throw the progressive tag on them, which I can see to an extent, but I think that is more for incorporating many other genre elements and the like. Madrost are far too brutal, fast and heavy for me to think of them as that. I mean these guys fucking bludgeon you with speedy gut-wrenching riffing and forceful pound you into submission drumming. As mentioned, with the revolving changes within each song, you get a great display of the bands technical prowess, both on their instruments and their intricate skilled song structuring. I do hear hints of death metal now and then, maybe something like the band Death towards the end, when they were going down more of a techno thrash route. I am sure it is pure coincidence here, but I swear I hear hints of a great largely unknown now and criminally underrated deathrash Canadian band named Disciples Of Power, which I am guessing the Madrost guys have never heard before. Everything on this album is so refined and mature, so precise and impressively controlled, but one area that is not controlled are the vocals. Which are looser harsh yelled gruff traditional thrash vocals, with a slight growl dm edge, but they are hoarse and spat out with a level of anger and venom that I enjoyed. Now and then, there are so many transitions and change ups in the music, impressive as they are, sometimes they get in the way of actual song flow and not letting certain brutal and catchy parts room to breathe a little and let the listener get into a headbanging harmony with the music. That is my one and only critique here, don’t sacrifice the song, when it is there for the offing in order to get in as many speedy time changes and cool parts as you possibly can fit in there. Otherwise, this is an extremely impressive high octane thrash record, which is filled with equal measures of song writing finesse and violent attacking barbarism. Definitely check this one out ASAP.  - Dale

https://www.facebook.com/madrost    https://madrost.bandcamp.com/       




“Dammi Una Vita” Demo 1999



Simplistic deathrash with Italian lyrics. Some good riffs here and there but mostly the material needs to be tighter and more quality. Apparently Eik and Dario have been playing together since the end of the ‘80s – it sure doesn’t show! Guys go practice a lot, work on better material for a year or two. Then send in another a tape.  - Dale

Cost is $5 US to: Materia Grave, c/o Erick Ballota, 35020 Canadiana (PD), ITALY




Centrifuge Of Man” 2013 Full-length Demo CD

(Self Released)


Ahhh the gods of brutal underground death metal return! After hearing the 2008 demo Vae Victis {which can be downloaded for free on the bands F.B page!}. I was hooked on this German bands catchy, brutal and just plain vicious death metal style. It is full of fast, thick guitars that build  from mid-paced to all out whirlwind riffs and masterful played solo's. The drumming is precise with the speedy, blast beats chaotic in some songs while other structures are more heavy, mid-paced drum beats. Timm's vocals are vicious deep death growls with some higher screams and fit perfectly with Mental Killing Spree's original brutal death metal style. Fans of brutal straight-forward death metal are urged to check this band out today!  - Patrick

https://myspace.com/mentalkillingspree   https://www.facebook.com/mentalkillingspree     






Compilation Tape


This is a decent comp. with a little diversity between bands. Here's a quick rundown. Silentium - "Lament" - A laid back, somewhat heavy take on a goth-rock sound w/ female vocals. Uninteresting. Droys - "On the trial of Koan" - A great technical death metal song sounding much like Death with Steve Digiorgio. It rocks! Midnight Sun - "Nightembrace" - I remember writing these guys about a year back after ordering their 2nd demo and I mentioned that I thought they were playing in more of a power metal influenced style. No reply though. Hmm? Not bad. Fahrenheit - "Blood and Tears" - Another boring goth sounding band with female vocals. Next. Eternal Sadness - "Autumn" - Starts off kind of slow with piano etc. but ends up being a halfway decent melodic death song. Thalia - "Omniscient" - What the fuck is this shit? 80's rock with a new wave sounding vocalist. Fuck off!! Glacial Fear - "Numb" - Amore or less trendy sounding death metal song with Max Cavalera sounding vocals and a lot of harmonics. Bland and not as heavy as they think they are. Mechanix - "Pain in the neck" - Pretty good thrash being executed here. Kind of riffing along like old Overkill. Shadeworks - Exclusive track - An interesting guitar track without vocals. What you'd expect to hear on a James Murphy solo record or something but with better twists.  – Jeffrey Kusbel




“Self-Titled” Demo 1998



I was definitely impressed upon hearing this six song demo. A good production helps bring out the strength of these songs as I’m sure they would not sound as cool with a shit production. Some tracks just grind and thrash along paying no attention what is going on around them. I actually hear a Human Remains and Ripping Corpse influenced weird riff attack on a song or two and this is not a bad thing. This is actually pretty diverse as most metal goes so give it a listen.  – Jeffrey Kusbel 

Merde/Avitchi Records, P.O. Box 8734, Portland, OR. 97207-8734, USA




System Subversion” 2014 Full-length Demo CD

(Self Released)


This is Italy’s Methedras second cd “System Subversion”. The band plays a mix of early to mid nineties death, thrashing metal. The guitars are fast with a lot of great thrashy riffs and some solos, mixed in a few of the songs, but also have some heavier more chunky riffs intertwined in the maelstrom. The drumming is done, with a lot of good heavy beats, but also can speed up with the guitars at times too. The vocalist has a mix of death metal growls and some gruff screaming in a few of the tracks. All in all, not a great release, but it does have some good songs sprinkled among the average ones.  - Patrick 

http://www.methedras.com   www.reverbnation.com/methedras    




“Enter The Unknown” 2012 Demo MCD

(Self Released)


This has been out for a while, but it was nice to get a chance to finally hear this disc. This New Jersey band, takes heavy metal back to its roots of the late ‘70s and early ‘80s, in pretty much every way possible. The riffing on here is solid, very memorable with melodic song structures and harmonies, which will stick in your head. You can tell they worked very hard, to make their songs catchy, and have some nice old school flow to them. The vocals follow suit, they feel like they pulled them straight out of 1983 or something. I dig it. I think fans bands like Virgin Steele, Riot, Lethal, Meliah Rage, Armored Saint, Running Wild, plus the very early works of Iron Maiden and Judas Priest, should enjoy the hell out of Midnite Hellion. The band has a seven inch out, on Witches Brew, since this disc came out and I believe a live album is in the works as well. Check this out, NWOBHM and just power metal fans from the early days of the genre, this is for you.  - Dale

http://www.reverbnation.com/midnitehellion   http://www.midnitehellion.com/index.html      




“Phase 0.5” Demo Tape 1999

(Self Released)


Mindphaser combine elements of metalcore, thrash & death metal. Some of the riffing is good and the vocalist is talented. Though I really could do without most of his clean vocals. Their lack of musical maturity (songwriting wise) crops up from time to time. Sometimes their genre jumping works like with “Tempermental Touch”, and then not so well other times such as “Holy Poseur” or “Come On Down”. Other than the riffing, this just not my thing.  – Dale

Mindphaser, 224 Wyatt Road, Easley, SC. 29642, USA Web = www.phasedmind.com  




“Deathmarch” 2008 Demo MCD

(Self Released)


Philippino black metal and there is some decent stuff coming out of that country over the years. This is another one man band, that one man being Zargoth. It says all instruments by him but those drums sound kinda drum machine-like to me. This is some cool stuff but the drums are probably my least favourite part about it. “Deathmarch” is some extremely harsh sounding, low-fi stuff and that is going to turn off all the people that love their slick, plastic pro tools crisp production jobs. But I like it, it suits the music, which is raw flowing black metal with some great riffing that resonates with an atmospheric, rhythmic sound structuring that made me headbang and howl. The vocals are obscure raw acidic rasping yells from beyond the abyss and go with the music very well. The drumming aside I enjoyed this release quite a bit. They end it with a Bathory cover, which is very fitting as clearly their sound is old Bathory maybe mixed with a little early Mayhem gutfuck and other influences along those lines. This CDR is limited to 100 hand numbers copies, mine is #31 in case you wondered.  - Dale





“Eradicate” Promo Tape 1998

(Self Released)


There are 3 tracks on here “A Step Towards Amenta”, “Create/Eradicate” & “Trauma” that will appear on their upcoming album, out by the time you read this on Pavement Records. For the most part it is high octane deathrash with sharp but short guitar solos. I did enjoy this, but I hit a real snag with their mixing in of the ‘jump metal’ style sections, that I dislike so very much. They should concentrate on their more vicious and less accessible side in the future.  - Dale

Mortuary, c/o Germonville Patrick, 8 parc de saurupt rue Jean 23, 54130 Saint Max, FRANCE     




“Digging Mercy’s Grave" 2017 CD

(Self Released)


Murkocet rise up out of the Phoenix metal / rock scene with their first full-length release “Digging Mercy’s Grave”. It is eleven tracks, about 37 minutes of modern or well whatever they are calling Nu-Metal these days. I usually never listen to this type of band and purposely avoid doing so. But I can say some of the guitar work is done with a lot of skill and solid writing ability. But, unless you are a fan of the mid ‘90s or the modern metal / rock styles, you will probably end up hating this (as I certainly did as well my friend :) - Dale) this disc.  - Patrick

https://www.murkocetband.com/    https://www.facebook.com/murkocetmetal       




Brutal Death / Grind 1999 Compilation Tape


This comp. features 27 brutal death/grind songs from 22 different bands. All are at least decent. The bands included are: Necrophagist, Skinned, Mortal Flesh, Exhumator, Excavatim, Godzilla, Traumatism, Scarve, Damn Nation, Admortem, Conqueror, Morphisem, Gods of Emptiness, Dead End, Benighted, Blood Suckers, Uncreation, Lividity, Loggerhead, Sacred Sin, Absonent Cadence, and The Darkening. The best bands on this comp to these ears were: Excavation-Traumatism-Scarve-Admortem-Lividity. Check these motherfuckers out! These bands are definitely worthy of an album purchase. You will not be disappointed!  – Jeffrey Kusbel

Noise Solution Recs.- c/o Velvet Music - BP 3072/69397- Lyon Cedex 03, FRANCE




“Prologi” 1998 CD EP



This is not too bad. They are a melodic black metal band from Finland. They come up with some nice riffs and handle their instruments well enough. I like them okay, but they don’t stand out enough for me to give them too many repeated listens if you know what I mean.  - Dale 

M.K.L., c/o Lehtinen, Koroistentie 7a3, 00280 Hiki, FINLAND Email = kari.kinnunen@phkk.fi




“Dream Of Death” Demo Cassette EP 2000

(Muzik Box Productions)


Damn there is some amazing metal coming out of the underground scene in Malaysia! Narsamum play some soulful, heavy and dapper deathrash metal. I do guarentee you will headbang your ass off to this fucking tape. They know when they have found a good riff and know how to ride it out. Just great. This is out through the well respected Muzik Box Productions.  - Dale

Muzik Box Productions, c/o Fadzil, P.O. Box 96, Pejabat POS Majidee, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor, MALAYSIA      




“Damnation Doctrine” 2015 CD

(Self Released)


Necrocosm hails from North Carolina, but despite their location, they play more of a melodic European death metal style to mine ears. It is quickly evident the band is highly skilled. They also know how arrange a good song, not to mention, write some extremely infectious catchy riffs. I am not the biggest melodo death fan, but when it is done well, as it is here, and when they maintain a brutal edge within the finesse playing and harmony, then I can really appreciate it. Once again Necrocosm achieves just that, even to some fairly biased ears. Having said that, it does border on the too pretty at times, then that brutal edge takes over and strikes a balance to make you stay around and stay interested. There is no denying there is some stunning guitar work on here, and some smoking speedy solos, yet never forgetting they are serving to accent the song ultimately. I like the vocals, they are not at the guttural belch level, but they are deep growls that hold down the vicious end of the melody / barbarism counterpoint, which makes Necrocosm interesting and vital to me as a listener. “Damnation Doctrine” is an impressive debut album, which is sure to greatly please die hard followers of bands like At The Gates, Arch Enemy and early In Flames.  - Dale

http://necrocosm666.bandcamp.com/   https://www.facebook.com/Necrocosm  




Que Muera El Perro Jesus!!!” 2017 CD EP

(Perro Jesus Records / Self Released)


This band from Chile has supposedly been around since the early ‘90s, but did not make any official releases until 1998 for some reason. Either way, these South American juggernauts have been around a long fucking time and have released only two albums and two EPs during these many years. I guess they are a quality over quantity band. The band plays melodic death metal, with a Euro flavour to it yet still retaining a little of their own regions scene roots. If I had to guess,I would say Necrodemon started out as more of a straight brutal death metal band. I say that, as I find most melodo dm bands that do not start out that way usually focus too much on pretty melody and never get the brutal death metal side strong enough, creating a lopsided mix that often turns me off. However, Necrodemon have a pretty good mix going on here, as their brutal side is brutal and mean, which adds much more effectiveness in my view when the melodious accents kick into gear. The sound on here is really good too, heavy and clear. The vocals are comprehensible growls that have that harsh edge, on a large portion of them they like to have a quieter, slightly delayed second vocal that repeats the same words over again, which is pretty cool and creative. I would suggest using that vocal effect with some moderation though or it could get tiresome. As I mentioned I am not the biggest melodic dm fan, but Necrodemon do it right and have created a pretty solid release with this EP that is worth your time.  - Dale

https://www.facebook.com/Necrodemon.cl    http://www.necrodemon.cl/sitio/      




“Overture” 2012 Demo Full Length CD

(Self Released)


Interesting.  That's the first word that comes to mind when I listened to Overture - Neutrad Archon's newest full length.  Hailing from California, this sextet is truly a mix of many different style of metal and music in general.  Progressive base is mixed with black, death, folk, and experimental metal elements. Quality musicianship is on display with these guys for sure.  The vocals are probably the weakest part, though.  I think there are parts on some of the songs that are screaming for a clean vocal line ala Halford or Dickinson, instead of the thrash/blackened hybrid voice that permeates the album.  The keyboard parts are a little out of place at times as well. There are parts of the album that remind me of Emperor in places - a wall of sound if you will.  Again this is an interesting release.  I'd like to see what they do in the future.  If you like your metal with a cerebral component, Neutral Archon may be for you.  - Mark

http://www.myspace.com/neutradarchon  http://www.neutradarchon.com/ 




“Born Against Nihilist” Demo Tape + “Split with Stoner Witch” Split Cassette EP + “Live At Zombiez Bar & Grill, Amarillo, TX. 5/31/17” 2017 Cassette

(Doomsday’s Today Records)


Born Against Nihilist” is a 2 song demo cassette released by the band last year, and like all the tapes by this band here, it is pro pressed and packaged. The music on here is pretty rough and chaotic, muddy and short tunes that repeat on both sides of the tape. It honestly feels a little like a jam or rehearsal tape, rather than a demo, but I really dig the obscure, far off sounding manic vocals drenched in echoing effect. There are some fast grindy songs that are pretty good. The packaging on this pro tape and all the N.O.C.O. tapes I am reviewing look fantastic.

“Split with Stoner Witch” is a nice little nearly lost gem that was supposed to be released years ago, but never came out, until now. You get four songs from each band on this split. Stoner Witch is on deck first with the track being a really catchy heavy killer riff, setting the stage for some cool stoner doom metal, the vocals though could use a bit of work as they sound like a just passable copy of El Duce from The Mentors mixed with Paul Speckmann. That first track rules! The second song totally departs from that and is a fast, raunchy old school punk rock song. That track is apparently a Doom cover. Stoner’s side is a little eclectic but cool. Now on to the N.O.C.O. side of the tape. These two tracks are the same ones on the demo I reviewed above, which are “Born Again Nihilist” & “The Beast Within”. The sound and production on this recording is far superior to the sound on the demo tape, which makes these same two tunes more enjoyable to mine ear. The atmospheric soundscape effects elements come through much stronger, and as a result, it has much more impact. It is hard to describe the music style, here it is crossover punk/hardcore/metal mixed with experimental almost sci-fi sounding ambient sound sample elements. It is different than a lot of stuff in these styles you have listened to and interesting enough to recommend. Along the with the high quality Stoner Witch material it makes this split tape well worth checking out for sure.

“Live At Zombiez Bar & Grill, Amarillo, TX. 5/31/17" tape comes with two separate versions of the recording of this gig, side A is the “Raw Mix”, and side B is the “Remastered Mix”. Now, if you are a regular reader you know I generally enjoy raw, low-fi recordings, but side A of this cassette is painful to listen to, it has a continuous hissing, high pitched treble-y whine, like if you recorded it open air on a blown out ‘80s Boombox. It was so headache inducing for me, that I confess I gave up a few minutes in and fast forwarded to side B. So thankfully the remastered mix side, while still on the slightly raw and low-fi end of things, it is so much more listenable and enjoyable. The slowed down version of the show is a rumbling feedback, heavily echoing and fluctuating, almost sci-fi horror style soundtrack that just melds what is apparently four songs into one long ricocheted disarray of a singular mindfuck song, which I surprisingly kind of enjoyed. It is a bit of a weird experience though, and not conventional sounding at all, pretty experimental. Apparently, there were vocals in there, but it became just one continuous soundscape with the effects they lavish upon it that they are hard to distinguish. I would say unless you are a grating atmospheric oscillating (wall of) noise fan, you might not get into this release. I would guess after watching a live clip of the band online, this came across pretty different in person at the bar. Okay, so if you want order this or any releases from Doomsday Today Records either get it online from the physical shop of Ralph’s Records in Lubbock, Texas (dougstapp@gmail.com + site link below) or Eternal Darkness Creations at c/o Keith Dempe, P.O. Box 268, Coraopolis, PA. 15108, USA.  - Dale

http://ralphsrecordstx.com/    Label / Band Contact: pauldoomsday@hotmail.com        




"Profit For Armageddon” CD + “Resurrection” 2017 Cassette EP

(Doomsday’s Today Records)


“Profit For Armageddon” is the bands second full length recording (a limited re-release of it). I love the opening clip, which is one of the greatest sequences from the fantastic John Carpenter movie They Live. The concept of that movie seems to inspire a lot of the lyrics in the songs that follow with similar themes of mind control, brain washing, corporate dominance, human treachery, loss of liberty and systemic corruption etc... Shortly afterwards, maybe it is my imagination being influenced by that clip, but I could swear, on some listens, I hear the bass mimic that great foreboding Carpenter penned ominous beat, which I dig, fans of the movie will know exactly what beat I mean. Musically, I would call them an interesting mixing of things like the first DRI album, Antiseen, GG Allin, Spazz and maybe some Agathocles now and then as well. Despite that description NOCO do have their slower, brooding songs that convey a foreboding contemplative and melancholic side. But, they eventually do usually return to the punchy chaos and crossover violence, accentuated with elements of hardcore, death metal and short intense sporadic bursts of grindcore. The vocals probably mainly stay in the shouted hardcore style, but to me, clearly sound like they are sung by a total metalhead, which produces a little different tone and vibe than a lot of other hardcore / crossover bands. There are other styles mixed in the vox, there are some high pitched nasally squeals, some more death metal growling influenced vocals, but also some deep sort of distorted spoken word that seem to have a quality in the delivery that expresses a level of pain and regret. The first 17 tracks make up the album and have a fairly cohesive album feel to them, which I liked. The last 10 tracks are bonus tracks (consisting of the entire first album as I understand it) and are a lot more streamlined death grind crossover, quick hits of speed with a little less of the hardcore and thrash influences. The bonus tracks, while it is nice to get extra stuff, those extra tracks are different enough that they interrupted the flow for me. So, I kind of think it might be a better listening experience to just have the “Profit…” album proper on here, minus the bonus tracks, as I like listen to my stuff on repeat and let it play through. It does serve to show the progression and a definite higher quality level was achieved on this second album, over the first. I am told copies of this cd are very limited & not likely to be repressed so do not hesitate to order this.

“Resurrection” along with the album above probably has the best sound that suits the material out of all of the N.O.C.O. releases I have reviews. This release starts off with the two songs that are on I think all of the tapes (not the CD), which of course are “Born Again Nihilist” and “The Beast Within”. There are two others on here as well “I Await The Prophecy” and “A Wiseman Once Said…”. It continues on with the metallic hardcore crusty crossover I described above, always with that experimental, uneasy, slightly disturbing sci-fi sound effects and samples. The vocals are definitely an integral part of the music they really, for me, set and lead the tone of the music, the sound of the vocalists voice and emphasis he places on certain parts of words creates a vibe. The vocals in a way remind me of a more obscure, hardcore influenced version of Barney Greenway of Napalm Death, but with less overall growling. I believe “Resurrection” is the bands newest released recording. I was told today by the vocalist they have, just recently, recorded a new ep and a 19 track third album. So be on the look out for that, I know I will be. All that said, these two releases in this particular review are close to the best by the band and worth checking out if you like crazy, slightly experimental crossover music. So, if you want order this or any releases from Doomsday Today Records either get it online from the physical shop of Ralph’s Records in Lubbock, Texas (dougstapp@gmail.com + site link below) or Eternal Darkness Creations at c/o Keith Dempe, P.O. Box 268, Coraopolis, PA. 15108, USA.  - Dale

http://ralphsrecordstx.com/    Label / Band Contact: pauldoomsday@hotmail.com       




"Reborn” 2018 Cassette EP

(Doomsday’s Today Records)


Well now, the notorious N.O.C.O. return to the pages of Canadian Assault, continuing on their prolific pace of releases in recent times. Some of which, I reviewed just a couple of months back. This release really continues down the path of experimentation for the band. A lot of their early sound and influences from hardcore / crust styles are nearly non-existent now. Some of the scathing metal influences remain, but they pop in and out of audio view in quite fleeting fashion, yet still leaving an indelible mark on the coarse and caustic disturbing atmosphere. The music is largely centered around Paul’s vocals and the samples, both of which are often manipulated in some form or fashion. This is achieved with a barrage of quick edited bits of those elements sewn together into a patchwork quilt of depraved lawless auditory sensations. Just about any way you can think of manipulating sounds is employed on this release from slowing it down, speeding it up, distorting, twisting and turning it into a spitefully wanton musical sculpture that is sure to leave an indelible mark on your psyche. Well okay, so maybe I just do not listen to many bands that experiment to this level, but I have heard a handful over the years and I can honestly say this release is probably one of the more distinct sounding. Does that mean original? No, probably not, but the way in which they have constructed those tried and true elements just may be. I have to say outside of the good raw hardcore / crusty punk, thrashing metal crossover hatred on the bands second album “Profit For Armageddon”, this roughly 20 minute release is without a doubt N.O.C.O.’s finest hour and a clear step forward in their evolution, as far as quality is concerned. It took a few listens to sink in, but this comes quite highly recommended from me. Well done boys, well fucking done. If you want order this or any releases from Doomsday Today Records either get it online from the physical shop of Ralph’s Records in Lubbock, Texas (dougstapp@gmail.com + site link below) or Eternal Darkness Creations at c/o Keith Dempe, P.O. Box 268, Coraopolis, PA. 15108, USA.  - Dale

http://ralphsrecordstx.com/    https://therealnoco.bandcamp.com/      




“Defiling Verses” 2015 Demo CD EP

(Self Released)


No Salvation burst out of the deep Polish death metal scene. This is their second release, after their previous demo, this one consists of five songs, plus an intro weighing in at a run time of around 26 minutes. This is some brutal and punishing fast death metal sickness. I can hear a variety of influences, like a bit from their Polish countrymen such as Behemoth and Vader, but also there is a strong old school American influence here with a mix of the NY death metal sound (Suffocation, Vital Remains etc…) and the Floridian dm sound (early Deicide, Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse). They mix it all together quite nicely, there is barbaric riffing and the drummer as needed for this style is a busy bombastic whirlwind on the kit. The vocals are semi-decipherable deep growls, with a slight gurgling quality, at times, bubbling underneath the growling. I like them quite a bit. The end result of it all is somewhat unremarkable, but all the same a rather enjoyable listen, which the real diehards of the genre will likely enjoy.  - Dale 

https://www.facebook.com/nosalvation666    http://www.nosalvation.pl/          




"In The Hands Of The Betrayer” 2014 Demo Digipak MCD

(Self Released)


When I first perused the cover and band name, I thought to myself a black metal band, and well, I thought very wrong. No these south Floridians, play epic ‘80s style heavy metal, with heavy doses of classic doom metal influence. They show their doom influences on their sleeve, with a cover of “Crystal Ball”, from the mighty Candlemass. This cover interestingly, is placed right in the middle of the song order, rather than the usual, traditional tacking on of the cover song at the end of the album. Speaking of the length, this is quite prolonged for the ep or mini-album designation, I seem to see it listed everywhere as, you get five tracks in total and it just breaks the thirty minute mark. The first song, also the title track, is darn good song in its own right, but for me has more of the eighties metal feel, less of the doom feel. As the record continues along, it continues to build steam, the cover song aside, each track gets better and better as you go along, and also their doom influences seem to grow stronger as you go. They do employ some synth / organ backing and accents, which give off a ‘70s vibe ala Deep Purple, Uriah Heep, Lucifer’s Friend and the like. They doom it up, but then they mix in poignant, introspective passages, and they know how to rock a bit form time to time too. I really like the vocals, again eighties heavy metal rears its gorgeously beast-y head again; the vocals are clear and smooth, with depth to them at both ends of the high / low spectrum. I also enjoyed some of the hot solo work, like that displayed in the middle of the opening track for instance; I think I got a little hard listening to that one. The closing track, entitled “To Thee I Give An Orchid”, is a ten minute magnum opus for the band. This song is the band at its best, there is a cool muted gallop riff, a punching synth atmosphere, which surges to the forefront and then recedes again to resume the gallop. The song slows down, to a brooding standstill towards the middle, the emotion very slowly starts to build back up the anticipation, as the flowing doom riff sweeps you along, taking you on an emotional grand journey. The vocals on this track really showcase well, even though, they are used in a judicious manner. That closing act is really the clincher, on me recommending this release, to fans of classic doom metal and heavy metal of old. I am really looking forward to this bands next record, it feels like they still have another gear to get to, and the next one could be something special.  - Dale

http://northerncrownband.com/   https://soundcloud.com/northern-crown-doom       




"Nuclear Hatred” 2016 CD

(Self Released)


Nuclear Hatred is a band made up of the members of Zamboni, who recently had to change their name (after having this album under that name all ready to go, the company that owns the rights to the hockey zamboni threatened to sue them if they did not cease and desist in using the name - Dale). Nuclear Hatred play a good style of crossover metal, which has a really good mix of fast thrashing guitars, and some well written and creative guitar patterns. The drums are played with both a mid pace, and a crazed fast pacing within the drum arrangements. If you are a fan of crossover metal, then you should definitely give Nuclear Hatred a listen today and buy this thing.  - Patrick

http://nuclearhatred.bandcamp.com/    https://www.facebook.com/NuclearHatred/       




“Le Troubadour Necrophageophile” 2015 Demo Cassette

(Nihilistic Holocaust Records)


This is a re-release of the French band, Ossuaire’s 2005 debut demo, which originally was released on a limited run, of only 100 pieces on cd. This is my first encounter with the band, who are apparently still active. But one thing is for sure, they are not a very prolific band, having formed in 2000, and since then they have released a total of 11 songs over three releases in sixteen years! So how is the music on here? It is some solid death metal, in vein of stuff like old Morbid Angel, Bolt Thrower, Cannibal Corpse, Immolation and that style of death dm. I must say, for a first time demo, the song writing on here is quite good, and the guys play their instruments well. They are not just brutal, but at times create a pretty cool atmosphere or vibe, with their music, that creates a dark and dangerous feeling emotionally. I like that. No, there is nothing groundbreaking here, just a really solid release, which should appease fans of old classic American style of death metal.  - Dale

http://ossuaire-deathmetal.blogspot.fr/   http://nihilisticholocaustrecs.bandcamp.com/music     




“No Excuses For The Weak” 1999 CD



The bio states the sound as a blend of “hardcore, punk, southern metal, and heavy metal”. I don’t hear any punk influence but otherwise there are bits of each in there. In fact I also hear a little Bay area thrash and NYFB remind to The Accused a little. A real mish mash and not something I enjoyed too much. But they do what they do pretty well.  - Dale

Send $12 US/$13 World for this full-length to: NYFB, c/o Chris Espitia, 56 Jefferson St., Jackson, TN. 38301, USA




“Technotschtiklan” MLP (on CD-R) 2003 + “The Sign of The Battle Dragon” Promo Demo CDR 2006

(Self Released)


Some very old and aged songs but it was sent in for review with some newer material. In fact looking at the liner notes of the ’03 MLP I see the music on that release was in fact written in 1998! Extremely raw sounding old school black metal, a 1 man band and sounds like it but this is also some good stuff. The background hiss on the recording is extremely loud and hard to ignore, as is the fact that some of the material is very disjointed with some sloppy transitions. Now on with the new material, or maybe just new by comparison as the inlay notes say the music is from 1996 to 2006, you have to give him one thing, he is a prolific fellow. During this span of 10 years we are presented with 7 tracks plus an intro and outro. Ahh this recording is missing the hiss, I am not very picky with recordings but loud hiss and white noise is very headache inducing. I am not sure if it is the clearer production but the drum machine sounds worse, choppy and more robotic than the MLP. The guitar riffing and sounds excellent like the MLP and the transition work is more fluid but the vocals are extremely thin and one dimensional, almost boring with little passion. Well good luck to Machosias in finding a label as at this point, a decade into the bands development, it is just not flat out good enough to be past the demo stages. It is getting close but there is some definite work to be done here. – Dale

c/o M. Lawrence, Brunnen-str. 8, D-66538 Neunkirchen / Saar, GERMANY  www.oldpagan.de   




“Sonus Satus” Demo CD 2011



Three tracks of exotic old school grinding death metal coming to us from Costa Rica. Their sound reminds me of some of the death metal coming out of Greece in the early to mid 90s (ala early Rotting Christ, Varathron, Sickness etc…). I do not know that I would throw the death/doom tag on Ordo Caper, then again I would not exactly argue against it either. As they do have a number of slow brooding, doomy sections on this release. Those sections have a lot of impact when mixed with the mid pace and speedy death metal brutality. Everything on here is very obscure sounding (each instrument and the vocals), a slightly muffled production that for me adds a cool suffocating ambiance or feel. Some might assume the sound is like this due to a poor recording or mix job. I tend to think it was intentional as you can still discern every moving part, just clear enough to balance the rawness with a touch of clarity. My only minor complaint is at times I dislike the drums, it is listed as a human playing it, but somehow at times comes off sounding a little like a thin drum machine. That however is not enough to distract from an otherwise excellent demo, check it out.  – Dale

https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ordo-Caper/274505092586148  http://www.myspace.com/ordocaper    




“Self Titled” Demo CD 2006



My apologies to the band for dragging my ass on reviewing this disc. I lost track of the disc for a bit but the rest is all me. Ovoian hail from Massachusetts and rumble through my speakers with a stripped down and fairly enjoyable middle paced brand of thrash metal. I could definitely see fans of Crowbar, Sheer Terror, Prong and similar bands really digging Ovoian. Nood’s vocals are well done and bring to mind a mix of the guy from Pro-Pain, Pantera mixed with a slight hardcore influence ala Madball maybe. The recording is very suitable and highlights the guitars, vocals and the odd guitar lead really smokes it way through the haze. Nothing mindblowing and not something I listen to a lot but I enjoyed it nonetheless.  – Dale





"Serpentine Existence" Rehearsal / Demo 2000



This has the makings of what could be considered a cult demo by some but everything is poorly recorded and a lot of the better riffs are lost. This is however a rehearsal demo so too much can't be expected. On top of the sound quality there is a lot of guitar noodling and even a drum solo which when coupled with the length of this thing (which seems way too long) really starts to bore me. Wait for the official demo.  - Jeffrey Kusbel

28 Dufferin St - St Albert, Alberta - T8N 4Z3, CANADA Band Email = bsymic@powersurfr.com 




“Promo Tape” 1998



Our friends from the Czech Republic, Pandemia play intense bastardized death/grind mayhem. Only three songs here (“Created Again”, “Free Strokes”, “Slavemind”). A nice mix of American style brutality and rhythm with Euro precision and execution.  – Dale

Pandemia, c/o Tom Marek, Lesni 7, 350 02 Cheb, CZECH REPUBLIC




“The Rehearsal Demo MMLV” 2015 Cassette

(Self Released)


Path of Damnation features a name familiar to me and the readers of Canadian Assault. Which is Troy Reynolds, whose past works such as Extreme Metal fanzine, Autumn Grave, and Black Blood Stigmata have all been reviewed on these pages. Now Troy has joined with another group of musicians to form Path Of Damnation. The band play straight up death metal, it is brutal stuff, but not so much in the guttural belching fashion. No, this is more in the vein of say late ‘90s style death metal, when the bands were still brutal, not yet so overly slick as would become the fashion. But all the same, heading slightly in that direction, with added clarity, and focus on musicality, and not just pure brutality. You know the sort of direction, a lot of the scene slowly headed in, after some landmark releases like Carcass “Heartwork” etc.. There is some really nice guitar work, and arrangements on here, that show talent in handling their instruments, as well as their song writing skills. Look no further than the song “Sky Turns Red”, where there is some nice underlying guitar, a cool guitar lead fill and a short, but very cool emotive solo to finish off the song. The vocals, are deep largely indecipherable growls, which I did enjoy, as they add a little of that gritty bestial feel to the mix, which counterpoints the finesse of some of the guitar work. It is a pretty nice balance, they have struck between those two sound elements, of elegance and cruelty, though it could still use a little more refinement to smooth out the transition and integration between the worlds. But that is precisely why they have first released this live in the form of a rehearsal demo tape. It is for fans to enjoy the songs, before the arrangements and execution, are tweaked and polished. So with that in mind, I will be looking forward to checking that out, hopefully sooner than later!  - Dale

https://www.reverbnation.com/oblivion666   https://www.facebook.com/pathofdamnation/       




"The Eldritch Realm” 2018 CD

(Self Released)


Do folks still use that old Ron Burgundy meme about shit escalating quickly? Well, regardless, Parius’ musical maturation sure did. Jumping from their EP Let There Be Light (2017) to The Eldritch Realm is quite a mighty leap and, man, do these dudes stick the landing. From the technically inclined riffing to the sometimes-unsettling melodies, Parius will have you hooked at every Lovecraftian twist and turn of their tracks. What impresses me the most about this album is the range and variability of the compositions: they move seamlessly between frenzied, electrified passages and more stripped-down, acoustic moments. This breadth of possibility is reflected in the vocal approaches as well, which span traditionally deep death growls as well as weirdly appealing clean vocals that are definitely in tune but are somehow uncannily so. While all of this mobility is taking place in the melodic sections, the bass and drums remain omnipresent, keeping the compositions grounded in something consistently tangible, organic, and somewhat entrancing. Just listen to how the bass in particular draws in the audience at the beginning of the last track, “Crashing Black Moon,” and you’ll see what I mean. This track in particular is a phenomenal testament to Parius’ talent with composition, clocking in at 8 minutes and 24 seconds without a single moment wasted. “Crashing Black Moon” is the longest track on this album, however, with the rest of them remaining under the 6-minute mark. The Eldritch Realm is fairly economical in that way, with a total run-time of about 29 minutes that is absolutely rewarding upon repeated listens. Trust this coming from someone who has been listening to it frequently since its release on July 20th—I always find some new, intriguing bit to enjoy about this album each time I plug it in. A gratifying listen through and through, I would highly recommend The Eldritch Realm to any extreme metal fan who is not squeamish about occasional, accenting clean vocals and keyboards.  –Aaron

https://www.facebook.com/pariusofficial    https://parius.bandcamp.com/        




"Path Of Damnation” 2018 CD

(Castle Of Damnation / Self Released)


I reviewed the bands previous output, which was their debut release in the form a rehearsal demo tape. It was really a rough preview of this album, in a lot of ways as the demo had 4 songs all of which are present on this debut album, comprising half of the songs on this release. I am sure it is partly down to the rougher, dirtier recording of the rehearsal demo, but I feel like the heaviness and aggression on this full length has been dialed back and the melodicism level increased proportionally. I think it is more than that recording giving me this impression though, as some of the newer material not on that demo, such as songs like “From Shadow”, “Burnt Beyond Recognition” and “Nemesis” are saturated with this element. Do I wish there was more straight on bludgeoning brutality mixed in? The answer is yes, but that does not mean this release is not good, it is pretty outstanding actually. If you are going to go all in on the melodies, they better be damn good, the melodies this album is chock full of are superb and catchy as fuck. Now, do not get me wrong here, there is still some hints of aggression and darkness in the harmonious melodo darkened death metal. The guitar work on here is fantastic; it is obvious there was a lot of thought put into the structuring and execution of the guitars. Despite the overall sound not reflecting this style, some of the more nuanced guitar work, fills and soloing might even remind the listener of the more emotive moody guitars in thrash and heavy metal. I said after listening to the demo tape I liked it a lot, but the transitions and overall song composition could use a little refinement, which is something the band have done much more skillfully on this impressive release. I am not a very big melodic death fan, to be honest, but this album really won me over.  - Dale

https://www.facebook.com/pathofdamnation    https://pathofdamnation.bandcamp.com      




“Lifeless Haze” 2017 Demo Tape

(Visceral Circuitry Records)


This is a re-release of this U.K. bands demo tape. It was originally, a digital only release, which originally saw the light of day and the dark of night way back in 2014. This is some pretty cool old school brutal death metal with some technical touches here and there. I dig a lot of riffing, as there is a really heavy feeling to it, possessing a sort of dark, suffocating and ethereal atmospheric quality I enjoy more with each successive listen. There are some cool crazed solos, here and there, which come slashing through the wall of heavy smothering music, seemingly out of nowhere. I feel like the bands biggest influences are early ‘90s Floridian death metal mixed with a little Gorguts “Erosion of Sanity” and Benediction “The Grand Leveller”. The vocals kind of remind me of that era too, with those sorts of bands employing good similarly deep, semi-decipherable rumbling growls. The final track is the brooding title song “Lifeless Haze”, the longest track on here, which clocks in at over seven minutes. Somewhere around the 4 to 5 minute mark, it turns into a bit of Godflesh style sequence to mess with your mind. All in all, this is a pretty damn cool demo, which V.C. Records has dusted off to give the band a little more of the recognition it deserves. I had honestly not even heard of the band prior to getting this, so job done by the label by bringing my attention to it and in turn helping to get the release some more attention around the scene. If you love old school raw death metal, along the lines I described above then check this one out. I believe there is a free download out there, but the tape is sold cheap (price I seen was in pounds but looks it converts to about $4US roughly) for about 20 minutes of music.  - Dale 

https://visceralcircuitryrecs.bandcamp.com/music    http://visc.tictail.com/           




“To The Abstract” Demo CD 2006



Some Chilean metal is offered up on a silver platter with 5 thrashing songs and features two members of the band Evil Offerings which has been around a number of years. A touch rough around the edges but it is made up for with some catchy mid-paced riffing which sticks in your head and will make it bang in unison. Neatly wound up inside that infectious riffing are some solid hit and run solos and of course the mighty vocals Marcello Mella. The kind of vocals that would make 80s thrash maniacs into stuff Vio-lence, Gang Green, Nuclear Assault want to tear something apart in frenzied excitement. I very much dig the atmosphere on here, kind of alternating between furious and laid back in a hypnotizing fashion. I have not felt like that about a thrash band in 15 years at least.  I wish that I could put my finger on who they remind me of musically? Not sure but I do know it is damn good and any and all old thrashers take note of this band. Gotta love some of these exotic locales which are keeping the old spirit alive and well. – Dale

Contact Marcello at insane592@hotmail.com 




“Raped By Lies” Demo CD 2010



We are graced with a Swedish upside down cross dripping with red 4 song demo. The sound and recording is just right for the music with the level mixed to my liking. You are hit straight away off the first track by a wailing siren. Then followed by a barrage of battering riffs, great sounding blast beat drumming and the growling vocals from Jorgen Jern are very much to my liking as well. They are gruff and brutal but you can just make out the words if you concentrate on it. It is kind of from the Grave and Morbid Angel tradition here. As for some markers for you in style there is a bit of European style brutal death metal here but also a lot of influence from the American New York and Floridian scenes as well. This is some straight ahead death metal with a hat tip to the old school. It is well done and I do suspect if they want it, that we will see Plague Angel with a record contract in their hand before too long. For the death metal aficionados out there, the members of Plague Angel, were previously in such bands as Strangulation, Butchery and Ahriman. If are a devout follower of this style then I can really recommend that you pick up this demo disc.  – Dale

www.myspace.com/plagueangeldeath   wc_thrasher@hotmail.com 




“Self-Titled” 1999 CD



This is good and a little different than than usual. P.O.P. play deathrash and I know this sounds weird but they have a doom feel and style without really playing slow. The lyrics are a concept story about a sexually abused child who sees his mother murdered by his father. He later becomes a priest and carries on in his father’s footsteps and starts molesting altar boys. Unable to deal with what he has done satan beacons and the priest kills himself (as the cover illustrates). All set to some pretty cool music.  – Dale

Get this 9 song CD for $7.50 US / $10.50 World to: P.O.P., 14402 Hawthorne Blvd. # 319, Lawndale, CA. 90260, USA Web = http://home.pacbell.net/poet666




"Something Old, Something New And Something Fucking Live!!! From Europe” 2017 Digital Download

(Self Released)


This is my first time ever hearing Power Theory and damn what an introduction to a band that plays traditional heavy metal at it’s finest. The first song is “Brace For Impact”, which is a new song that really shows off the bands heavy metal spirit. The music is well performed and written; they stay mainly in the mid paced heavy style. The next two tracks are “Axes To Grind” and “Colossus” which have been re-recorded for this release. The rest of the music is played in the same vein as “Axes To Grind” which is a heavy metal anthem, that sounds like it could have come out in the early ‘80s heavy metal scene. Finally, the band has included two live tracks “Dark Eagle” and “The Truth Shall Set You Free”, which yes, they are live, but are also extremely tightly played to near perfection. If you are familiar with this band then be sure to get a copy of this compilation, if you are new to Power Theory, plus love the NOWBHM and other early heavy metal acts from the 1980’s then you should get a copy of this today.  - Patrick

https://powertheory.bandcamp.com/    http://powertheory.net/       




Gods Failed Creation” 2013 Full-length Demo CD

(Self Released)


Prayer Of The Dying from Malta have returned with a brand new release of all new material. Main man Martin Ciappara {vocals, instruments} has some friends, musicians that help him out on Gods Failed Creation. As always Martin does a great job of writing and creating a unique style of blackened death metal with some doomish element. On the song "The Desert Inside" features female vocals which are only used in a few lines {and if I am not mistaken this is the first time Martin has ever used female vocals with Prayer Of Dying} which sound really good and fit nicely with Martin's musical writing style so hopefully he will consider using more female vocals in the future {as long as he does over do it like so many bands do these days} If you have heard past Prayer Of The Dying releases and liked them definitely get Gods Failed Creation as it is the bands most creative and strongest release to date.  - Patrick

http://www.reverbnation.com/prayerofthedying   http://prayerofthedying.yolasite.com/      




“Contempt” 2017 CD

(Self Released)


“Contempt” is Prezir’s debut EP, featuring six songs with both black and death metal intertwined together. The guitarist does a great job of writing and performing some really creative guitar patterns. There is also some heavier death metal guitar chords mixed with a rawer aggressive black metal guitar style. The vocals are a mix of raw blackened screams and some deeper death metal growls. This is a really good debut release, so if you a fan of blackened death metal, then be sure to check out this band soon.  - Patrick

https://prezir.bandcamp.com/    https://www.facebook.com/Prezir       




“Temptation” 1997 CD



Crushing, rhythmic and heavy death metal from Texas. This is really old I know but it was just sent in for review. Primeval have a talent for writing involved songs that walk the line of mainstream death metal and underground guttural brutality. Expect a new MCD out from the band in late 1999 to look forward to.  – Dale

Until then send $13 US/$15 World to: The Texas Death Syndicate, P.O. Box 30615, Houston, TX. 77249, USA Web = www.primeval.simplenet.com 




“Promo 2015” CDR

(Self Released)


This is another cool band sent to me by Huaida, who runs Friends Of Hell Promotions, out of Chile. He also sent me great stuff from bands like Gravered, Communion and Worship Death. Focusing on this release, at hand, Profaner are an old style death metal band from Peru. This promo contains five tracks from the bands past demo and 7” ep releases. The band has been around a long time now, starting as Bestial Death in 2005, and changing the name to Profaner in 2007. Profaner in the music, and the vocals, remind me very much of early Death, with the growled stylings of one Chuck Schuldiner. Plus, I can hear a touch of Autopsy, and the early Swedish death metal sound. The raw, heavy but still more than clear enough production really fits perfectly with their sound. The second track, “Zombie Curse”, really shows Profaner at their best keeping ultra heavy, but really varying the pace up and down, in a very infectious manner that is sure to get your head banging along. That must be a killer song live. The bands age shows through, on this release, as they have a mature feel for song flow and arrangement, which really evokes emotion in me as a listener. Another fantastic band here, recommended to me, that shows how alive and kicking the Chilean and Peruvian scenes really are these days! If you love old school atmospheric, but really heavy death metal, then you need to get your hands on some Profaner material soon.  - Dale

profaner_deathmetal@hotmail.com   http://www.friendsofhell.cl/       




"Jadis” Demo Tape 1997

(Castle Of Damnation / Self Released)


Ya okay it’s old shit, but it was sent for review, so it is obviously it is still for sale. The keyboards are way too high and loud in the mix. God I hate that! It really is too bad as underneath all that symphonic excrement, they are playing some memorable and raw metal that should stand on it's own.  - Dale

Send $7 US to: Prophecy, c/o VAN ACKER Etime, 4 rue du Lieutenant Godineau, 41000 Blois, FRANCE     




“Diabologue” Demo 1998



This was sent to me by the cult label Damnation records as they will release two songs off here on a seven inch. R.O.O. like many Australian bands are heavy and chaotic warring metal. However R.O.O.  do not sound too much like the known bands D666 or Bestial Warlust. They have their own sound of raucous metal with some cool obscure sounding vocals. Which vocally sound like a cross between Order From Chaos and early Bathory. Keep your eyes on these bastards!  – Dale

Razor Of Occam, P.O. Box 101, Prospect SA 5082, AUSTRALIA Email = Razor_of_Occam@yahoo.com




"Horns Up” 2015 Full-length Demo CD

(Self Released)


Coming out of the Canadian heavy metal / thrash scene is the new band Reanimator. The band, play a good mixing of hyper-fast, thrash metal. The guitars are done with a lot of fast paced structures, with some contrasted with some heavier slower paced sections. The drumming is top notch, with fast drum patterns and some mid-paced runs intertwined in the music. The vocals are a blending of screams and gruff styled vocals. If you are fans of Exodus, early Testament and all the other mid-80s thrash scene, then you should do yourself a favor and check this band out today.  - Patrick

https://www.facebook.com/reanimatormtl/timeline   https://myspace.com/reanimatorthrash       




“Trapped In A Nightmare” 2013 Demo CD EP

(Self Released)


The amount of Polish bands releases, which have been filtering through the mailbox of Canadian Assault in the last couple years, is kind of staggering. It is, pretty impressive, as to just how fertile and prolific the metal scene is over there. Repulsor are thrash metal on high, they just scream mid to late 80s thrash, all over the place. Immediately, for me, bands like Kreator, Exodus, Razor, Testament, Forced Entry come to mind, all from that same time period I named. These guys show the style respect, they handle their instruments very well, and you get 21 minutes of face ripping thrash metal, presented with a top notch production. The riffs are razor sharp, lightning quick, and they are complimented by a relentless drumming performance, all of which combines into a perfect storm of headbanging fury. The vocalist, reminds me of some German thrash singers, from the ‘80s, the fellow sings with a fairly thick accent at times, which may be an acquired taste for some, but I really dig the vocals. This demo really takes me back man; get ready for an all out attack, which will satisfy all old school thrash maniacs! I believe this has been re-released, just recently, by Thrashing Metal Productions in Poland, along with some bonus tracks and sold as an album. So be sure to look for that.  - Dale

https://www.facebook.com/Repulsorthrash   https://myspace.com/thrashingmadnessprod 




“Death And Destruction” Demo CD 2007



It is always a pleasure when I receive something from my homeland of Canada. I actually had not really even heard of Riotor before now. Riotor hail from the province of Quebec and I think we all know many of the classic bands that this area has produced (Voivod, Yog Sothots, Soothsayer and tons more!). This is a really interesting release. They play classic thrash metal without doubt and do a fine job. The vocals really grabbed me. Not really your usual ones and they seem to have a tiny bit of death metal influence but still well rooted in the classic thrash vocals. At times the vocals remind me to the vocal performance on “Thirteen Frightened Souls” great ep by Deceased. I love it. Apparently Riotor met and set the original foundation for this band at a Razor concert back in 2005. Hell yeah! Musically this brand of thrashing just feels so old school Canadian to me. At times I am getting a vibe similar to the classic Sacrifice album “Soldiers Of Misfortune”. You can hear bits of other Canadian legends like Slaughter or Aggression in there too. They love to thrash it out and make you head bang but there is more to it than that. They definitely possess a sort of depth or dynamic that tends to make good thrash bands memorable. There is an atmosphere and mood that sets the tone that once they have you hooked in that is when they go for the kill and make your neck sore if you know what I mean?! Because the true order of the day is speed and we all know that it kills. The playing on here is fantastic and I love the sound they got it is so dirty yet you can hear everything in their performance (from all members). Not to leave a single stone unturned you also get hit with the odd short but just smoking guitar solo that really fits in well with the music and is not forced. Well the 6 songs on here really fucking kicked my ass! I am so happy the band sent this to me. I am hooked. They have not rested one second either as I just checked online and they have recently released another new demo by the title “Fucking Metal” so contact them right now and get them both!!  – Dale

http://www.myspace.com/riotor   http://www.riotor.ca




“Fucking Metal” Demo CD 2008



It was nice to see this arrive in the mailbox. It is the follow-up, yes already, of their previous demo “Death and Destruction”. Which I reviewed and loved some time ago and it is Canadian thrash, so you just know, it will be damn good. I said they reminded me a little of the Canuck legends Sacrifice and I still hear that. But this time, I think, I am hearing a little more Kreator influence this time around and it sounds good. I mean really good. That patented, suck you in and hold on to you, memorable factor is still there and it serves Riotor very well. They most definitely have that great old dirty, yet audible, classic thrash sound down tight again with this recording. There is another six tracks on this demo too, as Riotor are just rapidly spitting out the quality material. I do not know if I can even add much more to this. I would say just re-read my review above, as you get more of the same. Which is classic quality thrash metal done the way it was meant to be done. Just get this and support these maniacs, they deserve it. – Dale

http://www.myspace.com/riotor   http://www.riotor.ca    




“Self-Titled” Demo 1999

(Self Released)


With Paulus (drummer) having parted ways with Sacramentary Abolishment (see interview in issue # 1) he has landed on his feet and has erected his one man band. Rites Of The Degringolade is a cold act with memorable songs but holding true to his bestial nature musically.  Hellish black metal with pure venom and hatred incarnate. It definitely has a dark aura and cryptic atmosphere permeating through it.  – Dale

I suggest you order this tape immediately for $5 US to: R.O.T.D., c/o Paulus, P.O. Box 52112, Edmonton, Alberta, T6G-2T5, CANADA




The Call Of Exitinction” 2012 Demo MCD


Germany's Running Death have just released their second Mcd "The Call Of Extinction”. The music comes across between fast and speedy thrash and some influences of old-school heavy metal. The guitars are done with a lot of talent and creativity, writing some blazing fast riffs and then slowing it down, to a more mid paced range that is very memorable. The drums are chaotic in some parts of the Mcd and other times very controlled. The vocalist has a good range with some good hollering/yelling vocals and even some deeper thrashy screams. I will admit that this could've been better in some areas, but on the other hand I've heard much worse. So if you’re a fan of metal music {thrash / heavy metal} give this band a listen and judge for yourself.  - Patrick 

http://runningdeath.bandcamp.com/   https://www.facebook.com/runningdeath   




“Ruins” 2015 Full-length CD

(Self Released)


This Austrian band is the brainchild of, the man it is named after, one Rusty Pacemaker. He has had some guest musicians, brought in for some female vocal accompaniments, as well as the drumming on this record. The other instruments are all by Rusty himself, as well, of course, the song writing itself. I would call this, something like gloomy metal or maybe more aptly heavy dark rock music, something along those lines. The atmosphere on here is very introspective, and melancholic, all delivered in a pretty subdued manner. The songs feel largely guitar / vocal based to me; I mean the drums do their thing well, but in a supporting role. The songs are quite well constructed, though there are some sections here and there, which I felt could use a little something more, and maybe those sections, were a bit too minimalist at points. But that is a minor complaint, and this is a new band, so there is room for improvement of course. The man handles his instrument well and has song writing talent. The monotone, valium sounding vocals, at times, fit the music pretty well, yet other times, they would really benefit from a little more range and emotive register to them. I liked the repeated chorus, in the good song “The Game”, where he shouts “Fight! Attack!” it is one of the only instances of Rusty stepping out of his laidback comfort zone, and showing some emotion and anger in vocals, and it serves him and the song very well. All in all, a solid debut album, I will look forward to see what Rusty Pacemaker comes up with in future as his skills progress.  - Dale

http://www.rustypacemaker.com/   http://rustypacemaker.bandcamp.com/album/ruins 




Self Titled” 2014 Demo CD

(Self Released)


The Rut is the new band from Andrew Parrish on vocals {besides being a good friend, is the one who got me interested in doing my own zine, but enough of the history lesson}. The Rut is a very hard band to put into a certain genre {or even genre's}, the musical styles vary, from cross-over punk / thrash to to a more rock ‘n roll vibe, with some death metal creeping in the songs. The guitars are all over the place, one minute doing rock style riffs, the next playing cross-over thrashy / punk styles. The drumming is a good mix of mid-paced rock, with some faster beats and Andrew’s vocals are done really well, with clean vocal patterns {this is my first encounter hearing him sing like this} and some screams. This is a good release, for anyone who wants to listen to something different. - Patrick

http://www.reverbnation.com/therut   https://www.facebook.com/therutmusic