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“Living Flesh” 2013 CD + DVD

(Self Released)


I used to get stuff all the time, but it has been a long while since I reviewed anything from Season Of Mist (who released their debut album). Just looking at their website apparently Gorguts is back and releasing something with them! But I digress, that is for another time and another review. The packaging on this release is just fantastic, as you can see above you get an audio live cd, plus you get a live DVD, that was nicely filmed, multiple camera angles all edited together. I am not sure a live record is always the best introduction to a band, but that is what I get, as this is the first release I have heard from the band and apparently only the second in their career?! In fact, essentially from what I can figure about the band, this is basically their one and only release, their debut album In The Flesh, re-released in live album form. Usually bands wait until they have a wealth of material over a number of albums before doing a live album, seems a touch pompous to me. I might as well review the dvd portion of the show mainly. The band do go all out with set pieces adorning the stage as atmosphere, a throne for the vocalist, what appears to be branches or brambles on the front the stage, various things draped around, a woman wondering around in medieval garb, visually it is pretty pleasing and reflects the music. Basically they play fast, ripping death metal, somewhat in the old Floridian style I would suggest. Think of Monstrostiy, Morbid Angel, Obituary, Malevolent Creation and the like. I see now after writing that sentence, then stopping to look online, the vocalist is actually Steve Tucker who did vocals in Morbid Angel for a time. So maybe that influence should not be too surprising. In fact, colour me surprised, I had no information on this band going into this review, now upon looking it up, this is apparently a super group of sorts. You have Novy (Dies Irae, ex-Vader, ex-Behemoth) on bass, Blasphemer (Aura Noir, ex-Mayhem) on guitar, and the Canadian drum god Flo Mournier of Cryptopsy on drums. As you can imagine the drumming is fantastic and easily the strength of the band. I forgot to mention above the vocalist and guitarists are in the back and the drum kit is out front, virtually in the audience with Flo having his back to the crowd and facing the rest of the band. It is a really different, yet cool set up. One thing that is missing is there seems to be no in between song banter to the crowd whatsoever for some odd reason. The music itself is admittedly a little derivative; it might be that this group is more of a tribute to the Floridian dm scene. That is not to say the music is not good, because it is pretty damn good, just nothing utterly mind blowing, as you might expect from this super group, just a mish mash of some of the better elements of that scene and time in the 90s especially. I do not know that I would call this essential at all, but for the dvd alone it is probably worth the price and I had a good time watching / listening to it. There apparently is a special edition of this on blu ray and cd limited to 100 copies or some such.  - Dale

http://nadersadek.com/  http://www.season-of-mist.com/ 




“Mustan Auringon Riitti” 2012 CD

(Hammer of Hate Records)


Finland never ceases to amaze me with its never-ending sea of great bands whether it is the traditional, hateful black metal or more atmospheric blackened death. It is mostly always good. Well you can now add Nattfog to this ever growing long list of bands. Nattfog is a duo creating what else? Cold, grim and harsh black metal. The songs are fairly long for this style of music though ranging from 3 minutes up to 9 minutes. But the band members are good enough song-writers and musicians they can make the songs a little long but never gets boring  to my ears. Raw, primitive production and harsh mid-paced raw guitars, with some killer drumming along with some well-done sick, violent black metal shrieks. Fans of Sargeist, Horna, etc.. will love Nattfog so definitely give this a chance.  - Patrick

www.myspace.com/nattfog  http://www.hammer-of-hate.com/   




Grip Of The Dead” 2013 CD

(Pulverised  Records)


Sweden's Necrocurse may be a new band to the scene, but the musicians of Necrocurse have been a part of the scene for many years. Featuring members of Sweden's legendary bands like Swordmaster, Nifelheim and Sacramentum the band draws inspiration from the late 80's/early 90's death/thrash scene with some well crafted traditional heavy metal guitars placed into the mix. Raw thrashing guitars, the drumming is really well played and mixes in both elements of blasting thrash beats and more mid-heavy beats. This is definitely worth checking out for all fans of old-school death, thrash metal with some black metal elements mixed in.  - Patrick

http://www.reverbnation.com/necrocurse  http://www.pulverised.net/   




“Holocausto De La Morte” 1998 CD

(Red Stream Records)


I guess you have heard by now that new member Anton Crowley is really Phil Anselmo of Pantera and he wrote all the guitar on this album! Weird but anyways. This is the heralded return of Necrophagia one death metal’s originators “Holocausto De La Morte” marks the first bands album in 12 years! There are many facets of this album I enjoy such as the zombie rattlin’ riffs that are catchy yet always somehow sick. The vocals are bloodcurdling rasps that could be described as depraved and disgusting. So you know I love ‘em. The style is still primitive death metal that would make Nun Slaughter proud. The drawbacks are that the songs seem to go nowhere and are just parts sewn together and this band is no seamstress. The production could be much fuller, I don’t knock on sound much so you know it is bad - the guitars just hang out there like a hacked limb. Good but nothing great. - Dale

Email = RedStream@aol.com




Documentaries Of Dementia” 2013 CD

(Comatose Music)


It has been nine years since Necrotic Disgorgement's debut release and the wait is over! Ohio's violent sicko's are back! With their follow up and I tell you the wait was well worth it! Ten tracks of skull crushing, barbaric death metal. Purely inhuman pummeling blast beats that are both devastating and precise in execution. The guitar duo of Ben Deskins and Tony Tipton {who some may remember from the legendary band Regurgitation} sounds amazing and tight with their extremely heavy and fast riffs, with solo's intertwined in the chaotic riffs. New vocalist Jimmy Javins sounds amazing and has some of the best vocals I've heard in this style in a long time! Some real sick deep death growls and screams that spew out the bands lyrics. Recommended to all fans of sick, quality brutality.  - Patrick

http://www.reverbnation.com/necroticdisgorgement  http://www.comatosemusic.com/    




“Dead Point” 2005 CD

(Khaaranus Productions)


This is the first time I have heard of Needful things. I was surprised to find out that they have been around for over a decade! Yet this is their debut album. Though they have released many split releases (I think around 11 splits) and some compilation tracks over this long time. I may have missed out on them for many years but I finally get my chance with “Dead Point”. After just finishing reviewing both Alienation Mental and Cerebral Turbulency’s “Crash” this record is a welcome relief. No crappy mallcore here my friends! So put down your imaginary pogo stick and step away from the ledge. This is more like it. Needful Things just flat out clobber you over the head and drag you back to their cave. They play a little loose and not as tight as some bands. To be honest I really like that it gives a more organic and off-kilter sort of feel to the music and gives it room to spread out. Some of the riffing on here is just heavy as all hell and I am guessing the headbanging and moshing at their live shows must be pretty violent. There is a healthy dose of straight up death metal mixed with the grinding and it is mixed up nicely. There is no doubt some Napalm Death influence (like “Harmony Corruption” riff sections) and also you can clearly hear that in the growling vocals along with some Dave Ingram from Benediction style. Besides the Napalm influence I hear also things like Extreme Noise Terror, Rotten Sound and similar bands. I must say again I love the riffing it is just so brutal and massive! Needful things do not get fancy they just bash your skull in and they are good at it. Check this out.  – Dale

http://www.khaaranus.wz.cz   http://www.needfulthings.wz.cz/




“Ad Disipulum” 2010 CD

(Agonia Records)


An Italian band playing that melodic harmonic death we know well in the old Swedish style. You know everything from Dissection (at their most extreme moments) to Dark Tranquility to In Flames to Children of Bodom and beyond. The band is polished and intense and sounds like so many that came before them. I can not deny Nefarium are forceful with their speed and the riffing is catchy as hell. I have to confess as well that I am not the biggest fan of this style, except maybe a select handful of classic bands that championed this style. They look like a black metal band but as I stated do not sound like one. Those of you that love super slick productions that are pro tool’d up the wahzoo. You will dig the sound on here, for me as most Assault readers know; I do not care much for it as albums come off sounding cookie cutter and plastic. So as you can tell though this is decent enough for the genre, it will not be receiving repeated listens from me. But those into the bands above that can not get enough of this style. Well you probably can not go wrong on this one.  – Dale

http://www.nefarium.org/  http://www.agoniarecords.com/ 




“Urban Cancer” 2006 CD

(Candlelight Records USA)


It is always a pleasure to review bands from my homeland of Canada. Nefastus is new to me and this is their debut record so no surprise there. From what I understand this album was released on a small label a couple years ago. But now that they have been snapped up by Candlelight it receives a wider audience. Presumably while the band gathers it’s forces and continues the assault with writing a follow-up to “Urban Cancer”. I would have to call N.D. sympho melodic death metal ala the Scandinavian pioneers with some black metal touches as well. While it is symphonic and atmospheric in spots, it is also a pretty fast paced record with good energy. I have to confess I am not the biggest fan of this style. I do however really like a handful of classic albums in this style. So a band playing this sub-genre generally has to be really fucking good to impress me. Does “Urban Cancer” accomplish this for me? Well in all honesty no. But as this style goes they do it very well and as I mentioned the speed quotient and adrenaline energy helps separate them a little. If you are a devout follower of this kind of music I am sure you will not be disappointed with this purchase. On the other hand if you generally only collect the cream of the crop or only dabble as I do then you can probably live without this record. It will be interesting to see how this band progresses on their sophomore release as it will be a couple years at least for them to brew and perfect it.  – Dale

www.candlelightrecordsusa.com   www.myspace.com/nefastusdies 




“Memento Mori” 2015 CD

(Kaotoxin Records)


French band The Negation plays black metal, with some touches of death metal, within the guitars. The guitarist knows how to handle his instrument, and write some excellent riffs, going from intense fast riffs to a more mid paced range, in some of the songs. The vocals are raw blackened shrieks and harsh screams. This is a decent bm release, for those that are big followers of black metal, who do not mind some other subtle varied metal styles, intertwined throughout, then you might enjoy this one.  - Patrick

https://www.facebook.com/the.negation.band   http://www.kaotoxin.com/  




“Zarnindu-sa” 1998 CD

(Breath Of Night Records)


Hailing from Romania, N.B. unleashes their first album “Zarnindu-sa”. All through this release, one cannot help notice the strong Emperor influence. That being said this is one of those albums that can easily be lost in the shuffle due to it’s lack of originality. This is a fairly common formula in black metal these days and while not an unsatisfying listen, I’m sure there are those that would turn it off on the first listen to something else. The keys are pretty dominating in parts and that detracts from the riffs strength and overall clarity. There are some good moments on here though, usually the opening riffs to the songs and then everything just kind of tends to mix together. Not something I’ll listen to often, especially when there are many other bands doing this style, and better.  - Jeffrey Kusbel




Suffering Is The Seed” 2012 CD

(Metal Hit.com)


South America has always had been known for it's aggressive, violent metal and Colombia's Nepente carries that tradition on nicely with Suffering Is The Seed. In fact I would say the band raise the brutal bar just a little bit with Suffering Is The Seed with insanely fast {you have to hear ‘em to believe them} blast beats mixed with chaotic, uncompromising guitar riffs that rarely slow down. The guitars are a little thicker giving them a death metal feel and sound. After listening to the vocalist I'm surprised his vocal chords are not completely destroyed after the recording sessions for this album, as they are some of the most intense, sick shrieks/screams I have heard in quite some time, but there is also a Glen Benton death metal growl mixed in on some of the songs and both vocal styles fit Nepente's uncompromising war metal style nicely.  - Patrick

www.reverbnation.com/nepentedeathblackmetal  http://www.metalhit.com/ 




To The Death” 2012 CD

(GreyHaze Records)


I remember hearing this Brazilan's bands 2006 release "Quarrel In Hell" through Ibex Moon records. But since then I lost track with the bands activities. It's great to see the band has been carrying on and keeping active in the underground scene with releases and looking at their bio, the band has played quite a few shows with some great underground death and black metal acts. To The Death is Nervochaos’ fifth release and is thirteen tracks of pure well played, aggressive death metal. Unrelenting fast drums with some mid-paced passages before the pace is picked back up. The guitar riffs are intense and heavy with some solo's thrown in the mix to keep the listeners attention while the musicians pound your eardrums and senses with the heaviness of the music. The vocals are done pretty original sounding with brutal, angry death growls and some gruff/screams. Fans of past Nervochaos releases should enjoy this or if you enjoy heavy, fast uncompromising death metal, then you will definitely want to check this South American band out for some quality death metal.  - Patrick

http://metalmedia.com.br/nervochaos/  http://greyhazerecords.com/      




“The Art Of Vengeance” 2014 CD

(Greyhaze Records)


Nervochaos return with their sixth cd to date, entitled “The Art Of Vengenace”. While it still has Nervochaos’ fast thrashing / death style, the band is showing a little progression and maturity, in their writing ability. The music is still pretty fast and heavy, but the band does have a slower mid-paced tempos mixed into the song structure. The drumming is extremely good, with some fast thrashy drum patterns and some heavier death metal drums. This is probably Nervochaos’ best release to date, so if you are a long time fan, or just someone who enjoys death / thrashing mayhem, then definitely pick this disc up today.  - Patrick

http://www.nervochaos.com.br/   http://greyhazerecords.com/      




“Dreaming Neon Black” 1999 CD

(Century Media Records)


When this band first came out, I was so excited as I loved Sanctuary (whose ashes this band was created out of) but Nevermore for me has been nothing but a big disappointment. This album does nothing to change those feelings, I mean even though Warrel Dane’s diminished vocals still have enough of that old umph to sound good. It’s not enough. The straight-forward groove laden material on here just bores me to tears! After a couple spins, I thought maybe if I listened to it the last time before review w/ headphones I will pick up on what I’m missing, but no this is just mediocre drivel.  – Dale




“Obscure Master Plan” 1999 CD

(Nuclear Blast America)


Here’s a young act on the scene, who execute mid-paced, heavy metal in the ‘80’s tradition. N.E., have a penchant for riffy tunes laced w/ some stylish and classy guitar leads. Smooth vocals that remind me, oh so slightly of Fates Warning. They are let down though from a lack of catchy harmonies and memorable choruses. New Eden are a strong group of slick musicians that all leave their mark. Yet the group’s lack of original and interesting song writing really let’s this album down. Maybe next time? They have all the tools to pull it off.  – Dale




“Peculiar Worship” 2013 Cassette EP

(NoVisible Scars Records)


It is always a pleasure to get a review package from the great NoVisible Scars Records. Visually the layout on this cassette looks great and the tape itself is awesome, it is a cool deep piss yellow with blood colour writing / graphic across it. There are only two songs to go on here, so that is not a lot to judge a band. But what is here is really, really good stuff and exceeded my expectations to be honest. The first song reminded me of darker sounding early Queensryche and a healthy dose of Sanctuary. The solo towards the end of the opening title track is superb. The second track entitled “Blind Men And Occult Forces”, has a decidedly different sound and vibe to it. Apparently this song is a cover version, of an Italian band named Black Hole, which I must confess I am unfamiliar with. I can say this track is fantastic, very dark and moody, it reminds me of a mix of Candlemass, Demon, Angel Witch, Holocaust type of sound. This tape is excellent, if you are a New Wave of British Heavy Metal fan, like I am, then you will like this and it should be in your collection. Now I really want to hear more Night Bitch, I need to find out if the first track or the second is the true Night Bitch sound. This is limited to 150 copies, it might already be sold out, but I believe a digital version can be downloaded for just a couple bucks.  - Dale 

http://nightbitch.bandcamp.com/  http://nvslabel.blogspot.com/    




“Thunderbeast” 1998 CD

(Nuclear Blast America)


This has to be one of top few bands out of the huge melodical euro-styled death metal movement. This is my first encounter with N.I.G. and they are more forceful and acidic than most of their ilk. Vocalist Bjorn is multi-talented utilizing several different ranges, paces, & emotions and is a strong link in this band. These guys play almost too tight and rigid for me but you can hardly fault them for a razor sharp performance - tastes aside. Very rhythmic, heavy music with structuring as tight and pristine as a nun’s asshole. 54 quality minutes.  – Dale




Night Demon” 2012 MCD

(Shadow Kingdom Records)


Shadow Kingdom Records releases / bands have always been hit or miss with me. Well California's Night Demon is a major hit! They start off with high energized guitars and catchy drums. Night Demon plays a nice mix of fast adrenalized rock and traditional heavy metal. You get some catchy, memorable guitars, drum patterns and the vocals are well done screams with some melodic vocal touches. Fans of NWOBH or traditional eighties heavy metal will definitely want to check out Night Demon very soon.  - Patrick

http://nightdemon.bandcamp.com/   http://store.shadowkingdomrecords.com/ 




“Apocalypse Sun” 2010 CD

(The Ajna Offensive)


Some black metal from the dark, festering armpit of Colorado. The first thing that struck me was how long each song is on this 10 track album. To cut right to the heart of the matter, some of these songs are too long for their own good, and tend to meander along over staying their welcome. Also something about the speed of their songs is weird to me and so often unchanging with little to no thought given towards range. The pacing reminds me of a nervous person, who is hyper and drumming their leg up and down in a weird sort of jerky motion that people with no rhythm often exhibit. It just never settles into a cadence or pulse that feels comfortable and as I mention there is no dynamic with speed changes. The drums often follow suit though at least there is some variety and up and down range that lets the drums to stay fairly interesting. The vocals on here are obscure black metal rasps with some hint of a dm growl in the bottom end of the vocal projection. The vocals are pretty good, though a little low in the mix and as a result tend to fade into the background at times. The synth and atmospherics feel like they were added more as an after thought, rather than something intended from the beginning. I am just not feeling this album, it evokes little emotion in me, and the album as a whole is a tad forgettable with nothing standing out at any particular point in time. I am sure there will be those that like Apocalypse Sun, but it did little for me personally.  – Dale

http://www.myspace.com/nightbringerofficial  http://www.theajnaoffensive.com/




“Oceanborn” 1999 CD

(Spinefarm Records)


Can anyone imagine and not cringe at a more commercial and symphonic The Gathering!? I can now, after listening to this. The female vocals are a bit different from the aforementioned but not terribly. I imagine they could be a good barmitzfa band with some of these songs.  – Dale 

Spinefarm, Box 212, 00181 Helsinki, FINLAND Label website = www.spinefarm.fi or band website = www.nightwish.com




“The Child Must Die” 2015 CD

(Infernal Kommando Records)


This is my first listen to Nihilistenen Barbaarisuus, I mean I had heard the name (and quite mouthful it is too at least to an English speaking tongue). But I thought they were a band from Finland itself. So imagine my surprise, when delving a little further, and finding out, NB is actually from Philadelphia, just a couple hours down highway from my house. As is becoming clear for you, this is a band, whose mastermind is of Finnish descent, and this album is a celebration of his heritage. The lyrics in fact are derived, and apparently at times, directly adapted lyrics taken from the legendary Kalevala, a Finnish book of poetry dedicated to the history, folklore and mythology of Finland. It is an interesting and strange combination, all at once I am struck by cold, hateful sounding black metal, yet there is this clear ever present underpinning of an uplifting, triumphant atmosphere driving throughout the harsh exterior. I think it shows a level of vision and talent to be able to pull that marriage off. The vocals on here are pretty monstrous as well, combing a dark death metal growl with traditional bm rasp, all done with solid range. The vocals are performed with vigor, and there was actual thought put into the inflections, speed of delivery and rhythm. This is a pretty fantastic album, I must admit it took me a little off guard, I was not expecting this level of quality and craftsmanship.  - Dale

http://nihilistinenbarbaarisuus.bandcamp.com/   http://infernalkommando.blogspot.com/       




“Self - Titled” 1998 CD

(Solistitium Records)


Solistitium have finally done it. They put out a band that I don’t like! Another perfect record snapped. Nocti Vagus (ex-Norwind) play limp keyboard dominated black metal. The synth’s are so much in the forefront that it simply drowns out the music. When you can hear it is over the symphonic ruckus N.V. play slow sounding melancholy. Pass on this but be sure to check into everything else on Solistitium.  – Dale

Solistitium Recs., Postfach 12 10, 26802 Moormerland, GERMANY




Ave Noctem” 2013 CD

(Do Or Die Records)


Yet another one man band, from this young but promising record label, like its roster of bands Do or Die is based out of the Chicago area. Nocturne like label mates Deathcult is a one man band and that one man is Dan Klein who writes all the music and handles all instruments. The music is a successful marriage of old school dark American death metal and ‘90s Scandinavian black metal. The music is dark and heavy, but always maintains a strong sense of melody and atmosphere, giving it a dense level of depth and style. Dan pulls everything off with obvious skill, not that it is super technical music, but it is pretty involved all the same. If I had to guess I would say Dan’s weapon of choice is the drums as drumming is very well done, thought out and executed. His vocals are a combination of black metal rasp and sinister sounding death metal growling undertone. The vocals are just forceful enough yet also possess an obscured element to them, which convey some subtlety in the overall musical maelstrom. I have to admit Nocturne when I heard them on the sampler last year were decent enough, but did not stand out as much as the other two bands did for me. This album has corrected that and I was in for a much more quality listen than I had originally anticipated based upon that sampler. I came away quite impressed with this excellent debut record. I can definitely recommend this one.  - Dale

https://www.facebook.com/NocturneChicago   http://www.doordierecords.org/   




“Devastated Graves – The Morbid Celebration” 2010 CD

(Hells Headbangers)


Hells Headbangers pump out new releases like nobodies business. I am not sure sometimes how they even find the time away from releasing/promoting to scour the planet for so many good new bands to release. It is evident immediately to me that Nocturnal Blood worship at the feet of Blasphemy, Archgoat and the very early works of bands like Beherit, Sodom, Incantation, Bathory. I mean the very creepy and low-fi, old school production itself just absolutely smacks of Beherit and Blasphemy. I would suggest Nocturnal likely worked hard to get that sound on this recording. The atmosphere of the recording definitely helps create a very sinister classic early days of death and black metal sound. I guess one difference between Nocturnal Blood and some of the mentioned bands is they are fairly monotone and mostly unchanging from song to song and within each track itself. Something about that just draws me in and manages to keep me there. Not something that is essential by any means but devotees of some of the above bands mentioned will doubtlessly love this.  – Dale

http://nocturnalblood.hellsheadbangers.com/  http://www.hellsheadbangers.com/ 




“Aggressor” 1998 CD

(Pavement Music/Hammerheart Records)


Pavement licensed this release for North America, a wise move indeed! Try to imagine some the most intense, raging, volatile, catchy and pounding thrash metal possible and you will have a clear picture of Nocturnal Breed! 11 trax of skull rattling, skin shredding thrash crush - I cannot get enough of this album! Listen to “Maggot Master”, “Metal Storm Rebels”, and “Rape The Angels” to realize what fuels my enthusiasm.  – Dale




“Metal Of Honor” 2009 CD

(Moribund Records)


When I had seen the album title, I was immediately reminded of one of my fave albums from the 80s by the same name released by the band TT Quick. The record starts off with an intro collage of audio taken from the new Rambo movie. Which is pretty predictable stuff, but it does reflect the lyrical content, and set the stage to get you in the mindset of bombs, guns and blood. There is no doubt what they sound like to me at least. Which is 80s thrash ala Dark Angel, Sacrifice mixed with classic German thrash like Kreator & Destruction. You get a full platter of head down, racing forward riffing, simple high octane speed drumming and old school gruff yelling vocals that will bring you back. The searing hot guitar solos that pop up here and there cannot be ignored either. I am not going to try and sell a false bill of goods. Which is saying stuff like this is brings retro into modern times because no this retro through and through. But, fuck guys this is good old school shit, it is not original in any way, but it is some truly quality and aggressive thrash perfectly played in the way the forefathers meant it to be. So if you do not care for the retro thing, then just move along, but if all you care about is great thrash that will rip your flesh off, then you need to get this.  – Dale

www.moribundcult.com   http://www.myspace.com/nocturnalfear 




“They Come At Night” 2012 CD

(Deathgasm Records)


This is some good but noisy shit. I would say this is a blending of influences from the old great Swedish death metal bands like Dismember, Grave, early Hypocrisy mixed with American sounds ala Incantation, Resurrection, Monstrosity type stuff. The vocals remind me a little to one of my fave death metal bands of all time and that is Benediction. This record hits you in wave after wave of fuzzy distorted brutality, just a wall of guitars relentlessly closing in on you from all sides. The drumming is a non-stop pummeling motor that stalks towards you like the killer from a slasher movie and the cutting, brief guitar leads do their damage as well. It is blistering music man! There is a lot going on here and They Come At Night is a quality listen, it is always brutal, it is catchy at times, it is always intense and you will discover new things upon repeated listens. It is hard to ask for too much more from a death metal album. This is well worth picking up.  – Dale

http://www.myspace.com/eternalnocturnaltorment  http://www.deathgasm.com/   




The Cleansing” 2012 CD

(Deathgasm Records)


Nominon return with their newest and possibly their best release to date. The Cleansing consists of ten tracks of crushing old school brutal death metal as only the mighty Swedish can do it. You get heavy guitars that are as complex as they are heavy and fast. The drumming is right on with the guitars playing at chaotic, fast speeds but also manages to pull off some really good patterns. This is another great release for both Nominon and Deathgasm, so if you’re a fan of fast, brutal old school Swedish death metal you know what to do.  - Patrick

http://www.myspace.com/nominon  http://www.deathgasm.com/   




“Attack Of The Salami-Smokers From Venus” 1999 CD

(Poserslaughter Records)


Here’s another label I had lost track of and wondered if they had ceased to exist!? N.T. spews forth solid blasting grind (w/ guitar solos!!) and traditional metal mixings w/ spoken decipherable growling. The sound is raw but still very rich and clear, just right really. Nothing too terribly original and becomes a bit monotonous by the latter half. I still find this crazy grind enjoyable. How can not with catchy tunes like “Fuck Off”, “I Came To Shoot Your Dick Off”, “Confess U.R. Shit”, and album closer “One For Your Face, One For Your Butt”.  – Dale

Poserslaughter Recs., P.O. Box 180141, D - 10205 Berlin, GERMANY




“DEMOslaughter” Double 2011 CD

(Hells Headbangers)


Here is a real treat for all of you long-time metal-fanatics brought to you by the US legends of death and one of the leading pure-metal labels Hells Headbangers. Nunslaughters first 6 demo's and various 7 inch tracks are included on this release. As if this was not enough for a real metal-filled treat included on the double cd or 4-lp box set is a demo from Death Sentence {a band some members had pre-nunslaughter!} Just in case some reading this are new to the scene or if you have never crossed-paths with Nunslaughter. The band Nunslaughter has been a major force within the true, diy death metal underground for 22 years! Yes 22 you saw that right. Nunslaughter play death metal the way it was meant to be played raw, filthy, uncompromising and just plain heavy. This is a band that doesn’t follow any trends or worry about what’s the flavor of the week instead they just keep pumping out one great metal-release after another. If you are a fan of this band you know what to expect so buy this! As mentioned if you have never heard Nunslaughter and enjoy the old-school raw sounds of early death metal then buy this you will not be disappointed!  - Patrick

http://www.hellsheadbangers.com/  http://www.nunslaughter.com/  




“Hells Unholy Fire” 2012 CD

(Hells Headbangers)


This was released in 2000, which has been long out of print and I am sure in high demand. Because simply put Nunslaughter is one of the very best death metal bands in the history of the genre and there is no doubt about that. Honestly that is all you need to know about this album. If you are reading this site you better fucking know who Nunslaughter is and if you do not have a copy of this album, there is no excuse for it, get on it now! Just to fill out this interview listening to this reminded me back to 2005, if memory serves. I went on a mini-tour with my friends band Bloodstorm around Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York City. That tour also had the first US shows of Destroyer 666 and more importantly, featured Nunslaughter. I got to watch Nunslaughter live every fucking day!! Those shows were some of the best I have seen in my lifetime, Nunslaughter is one of my fave bands of all time and great memories of this band and more to come!  – Dale

www.myspace.com/nun666slaughter  http://www.hellsheadbangers.com/    




“Blast From the Past” 2006 CD

(Khaaranus Productions)


This is the old German band some of you might know or at least should know. They formed some time way back in 1992. Since then they have released a whole bunch of shit including 4 albums between 1995 and 2000. Before this release from Nyctophobic recently came my way, I had thought they were RIP. But according to their website they are again going to be active and have a new vocalist. This is good to hear. What we have here on “Blast From The Past” is a collection of tracks from the bands old split CDs, seven inch eps, split tape etc… + 4 unreleased songs. There are also some great live tracks included. Mainly the tracks come from the’94-’98 period of the bands history. All in all you get 27 tracks that have been remastered and honestly sound great. I was surprised and impressed at how even they got the different recordings to sound. What else is there to say besides this is some amazing and intense grind man. Nyctophobic are heavy and brutal and dirty. They never let up, it is a straight ahead pummeling barricade of rolling guitars, pounding yet dynamic drums and the vocals switch off from guttural to the classic nasal high pitched variety. It all works very well and if you are a grind fan. Well then I can only suggest that you need to own this one.. – Dale

http://www.khaaranus.wz.cz   http://www.nyctophobic.de





“Militiae” 2010 CD

(ATMF Records)


The album begins and ends with ambient synth tracks, both of which clock in at exactly two minutes and two seconds. I have no idea of the significance of that, but it seems too simpatico to be a coincidence (unless they are Chuck Woolery fans or something?). The main portion of the record from these French black metallers, is comprised of four lengthy songs that weigh in from the 6 to nearly 9 minute mark. Which always conjures the word epic in my mind and I think it applies here to an extent. But also Militiae has an avant-garde sort of feel to it and is rife with atmospheric tapestries. That is not to say the black metal foundation of their description is virtually non-existent, it definitely lives and breathes an icy cold breath of hate into the material. I think the track “Les Symboles de la Catharsis”, illustrates this point nicely as it is a meaner hymn and the Nyseius’ aggression and darkness are allowed to spread its wings. That is the classic black metal sound I love and that old way is ever present in the raspy vocals. I like that the band has not let their experimental avant-garde side run rampant. They refuse to forget their roots at this point. Militiae is a record worth exploring.  – Dale

http://nyseius.free.fr/   http://www.myspace.com/nyseius    


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“Suspended In The Brume Of Eos” 2009 CD

(Bindrune Recordings)


Suspended in The Brume of Eos is the debut of this metal horde from Minneapolis, Minnesota. In my view, this is a strong first release for the band and it becomes quite apparent why Bindrune became interested in them. Bindrune are known for having fine tastes when it comes to melodic, epic and progressive sounding dark / black metal. They are a label that releases in quality and not quantity, Obsequiae continue the tradition. There are some wonderful twin guitar harmonies going on, as well as some fine acoustic work, yet it is always balanced structurally with a thought not towards making it just catchy, but rather towards mapping out a long and winding mental journey. They mix their dark metal sound with elements of heavy metal, black metal and medieval folkish strains, so nothing new there yet they do it more skillfully than most. Obsequiae create songs with it, not merely a patch work quilt of influences. The vocals are kept obscured in the back of the mix and at times are sparsely used, but decidedly they are decidedly of the style most often associated with black metal. The vocals are deployed in a somewhat accompaniment type fashion rather than being a focal point of their musical landscape. Suspended In The Brume is not just a collection of songs, but as I said earlier a journey which must be taken resulting in a wonderful album.  – Dale

http://www.last.fm/music/Obsequiae  http://bindrunerecordings.com/  




“Dark Passion/Kingdoms Of The Darkest Side” 1998 Split CD

(Sempiternal Productions)


Occultus from the drug stained grounds of Columbia play obscure and primitive black metal that brings to mind the first works of Necromantia. On the second half of the disc, Esgaroth blast some truly evil and brutal black metal in the Norwegian tradition of ‘91-93, you know back when that scene was good. Excellent release!  – Dale

Sempiternal Productions, c/o Fernando Castel, 1804 S. Ashland Ave. # 106, Chicago, IL. 60608, USA




"Sten” 2013 CD

(I Hate Records)


Take your average doom metal song, slow it down a bit and stretch it out and you start getting an idea of this Swedish bands sound. There are four songs on here, but do not worry you get your albums worth my friend, just let me say the two shortest songs clock in past the 15 and 17 minute marks. Yes just four songs, but you get close to two full albums worth of material! As you can imagine listening to Ocean Chief takes a certain mindset, not to mention a dose of patience, good things come to those who wait right? Yes, yes they do. The songs as you can imagine are droning and repetitive, but those are positive descriptions in this context. It is true at times there is not much going on, but the music of Ocean Chief, it is a journey and not just a listen for quick gratification. I like to think of this style of doom, in the context of those great old slow burn movies from the 1970s, there were some amazing movies from back then, some might call them boring, while others, who feel the slow burning elements make it pay off that much more at the end of the trip. You are listening to a metal record, but think of it more as atmospheric music, more than a metal album. The vocals, consist of obscured warble-y yells, they are very sparse throughout the album, not particularly remarkable in any way, but they get the job done and fit the music well enough I suppose. This band is probably an acquired taste, not for everyone, probably even for a lot of doom fans, but if you are into this ultra slow, ploddingly epic style, then Sten is not a bad place to be. This is recommended for those with a measured doom hunger.  - Dale

http://www.reverbnation.com/oceanchief  http://www.ihate.se/     




"Universums Hard” 2014 CD

(I Hate Records)


Well, well, well…Ocean Chief return to the pages of Canadian Assault. They also have abandoned the extremely long song lengths; they only have three songs here, which are in the eight to ten minute range. Does that sound long to you? Try their previous album, where the songs were of the fifteen to seventeen minute variety! This time around, Ocean Chief even has a couple tracks, which clock in at less than five minutes. I think this album is likely to be, more easily palatable to even the most ardent doom fans, than the last record “Sten” was, which was not an easy record to get into. Maybe my memory is faulty, but it feels like “Universums Hard”, is also a little more uptempo, as opposed to the previous record, which had a pace slightly faster than the growth of grass. Which of course means, an increase in speed takes you from the pace of a snail to the speed of a turtle with a hard on and warm, wet pussy beckoning him from a mere ten feet away. It is sludgy, down tuned heavy doom, with some pretty good meandering rhythm, if you are willing to peel back a layer or two and pay attention to it. The band to set the soundtrack, to the lyrical themes of the album, a sort of a loose concept piece, which attempts to explore a vast cosmic ocean, traveling far beyond this little mud ball we call earth. At some points, I think they are successful in creating that wandering, exploring the vast beyond dreamy feel. Which of course means, at other times, for me at least they did not quite get the desired effect. I think enough of it hits its mark, to call the album a success and an enjoyable listen. The vocals, much of the time, play a pretty small part in the musical landscape, just sort of stepping in to add some depth and support from time to time. But, when the vocals do come in, they are filled with a surprising level of angst and hatred. Those vox, sort of remind me of some of the stuff out of the NOLA area, often in some crusty doom bands. I like how dirty and fuzzy the production is, I am sure it will illicit some consternation, from those that love everything crystal clear and over produced. I say good to that, it is dirty and sludgy (there is that term again), which it only enhances the experience for me. I mean the production, is more than clear enough to hear everything that is going on, but mean and heavy, just hazy enough to give an extra air of darkness and filth to the proceedings. I have to give kudos to Ocean Chief, for going in a new direction, while never sacrificing their balls or their roots, which got them here in the first place.  - Dale

http://oceanchief.bandcamp.com/   http://www.ihate.se/          




“A Collapse of Faith” 2010 CD

(Debemur Morti Productions)


I am not foreign to Falls music, but I do believe this is the first time I have reviewed them. Something that struck me while listening to this is that nothing really stands out from the rest of the instruments on any of the three epic length songs. But that is clearly an intentional and integral part of the musical concept that is October Falls. From the vocals to the drums to the guitars, including acoustic they work together to make a whole album an experience, no one element strays from the goal of becoming one. You will surely get lost within “A Collapse of Faith” as it carries you on a journey through mental landscapes and emotional forlorn. It is up to you whether or not you even care to return from this melancholic sojourn. When reading back what I written above, it almost makes me question is this even Metal? Before you read my words and begin asking yourself the same question. The answer is most assuredly yes. Right down to the growling vocals that also manage to melt into the wonderful atmospheric tapestry. I loved the camp fire sounds crackling, popping and hissing through the record and somehow just like staring into a campfire. Just the sound of it sends me into that blank stare we all share when the mind is wandering. Perfect mood Metal. Check into this I say.  – Dale

http://koti.welho.com/mlehto4/of/of.html   http://www.debemur-morti.com/      




"Tunnel Of No Light” 2013 CD

(Pulverised Records)


October Tide has within it’s ranks two former long time members of Katatonia, they were members during a time I would say most Katatonia fans would call their classic period. That would be my read on it, I have a couple Katatonia albums from that time like Brave Murder Day and Last Fair Deal Gone Down, but I would be lying if I said I was a devoted fan of that band at that time or super knowledgeable about them. My fave Katatonia period is actually their early harsh black metal days, but that is a whole other can of worms we will not open here. Katatonia since those “classic days” from what I hear and have heard have changed their sound a fair bit and not for the better. Well October Tide seems to be a return to that classic Katatonia period / sound. You know what I mean dark, almost gothic like depressive death metal, which is what I am referring to when I say that sound. It is not an overly preferred style for me and my listening habits, but when it is done well ala early Paradise Lost (Shades of God, Gothic era) etc… then I can get into it. Tunnel Of No Light is a very quality album within this type of music. I think for this sound to really succeed it has to really touch that depressive nerve within you, that dark emotional despair feeling and I am not sure this album did that for me as well as I hoped. Like I said though, keep in mind I am pretty picky with this sort of thing. I think fans of classic Katatonia, early Paradise Lost, middle era My Dying Bride will probably like this, not that this album touches those old landmark releases in my view. Just pretty a pretty good album, nothing more than that.  - Dale

http://www.reverbnation.com/octobertide  http://www.pulverised.net/      




"Sexforce” 2013 CD

(Regenerative Productions)


This is an interesting release coming to us from frosty Norway. Okular play progressive death metal, the term will raise some eyebrows, but it is true in many ways and Okular is surely not your usual dm band. I was not sure what to make of this at first; it is filled with heavy burning riffs, but also a lot of quirky shit, a dose of little off kilter elements that will grab your attention. They do things differently than most bands you hear, they take a lot of chances and do different things and mostly it works quite well. The growling, yet clean understandable mainstay vocals, because while very good, were bugging me because they sounded like a band I know, that was on the tip of my tongue but I could not quite place it. Then it hit me I am thinking of the vocals of Edge Of Sanity, once I made that connection more influences from EOS fell into place as the guitar sound and some of the rhythm / riffing style to my ear is clearly influenced by that amazing Swedish band. I would say much like that band Okular has a talent and penchant for creating really catchy, emotional songs while keeping things heavy. That all by itself shows some talent in the song writing and arranging. This is a very creative album. Now I said most of the time right it works right? That is true, but there is an acoustic song on here with growling vocals over top, that is a new one on me, but this particular song experiment in my view falls flat on it’s face and did not work for me at all. The album would be better without that track. But do not let that deter you from what is a very creative, different and at times even slightly original quality death metal album. If you are not a death metal purest and appreciate a band trying something new and unusual then Sexforce by Okular comes recommended.  - Dale

http://www.myspace.com/okularmetal  http://www.regenerativeproductions.no/  




"The Last Neanderthal" 2014 CD

(Minotauro Records)


Ogre returns to the scene, having split up shortly after their last and third album, released in 2008. They picked a great label to make a comeback on. But they are not back just to be back, they have brought the real goods on “The Last Neanderthal”. The bands plays classic heavy metal based doom metal, with a deep 70s base mixed with a slight hint of newer stoner doom sound, but I hesitate to even mention that last part as it is a minor ingredient. Ogre tend to like to slow it down at times and play moody, introspective cool meandering pieces, that create a pensive atmosphere. The vocals, I understand with some are a source of irritation, for myself however, I love the hell out of them! They are high pitched vocals, a unique sort of mix of something like Bon Scott with a young Black Sabbath Ozzy, when his vocals were higher and more nasally. They seem to fit the music for me, the vocalist seems to know when step back, shut up and let the music do the talking, which only serves to heighten the music and the impact of his vocals when he does eventually jump back in. When the band does decide to go beyond the atmospheric classic rock and doom it up, they are fucking heavy, like a gigantic glob of molasses obliterating all in its path. Yes, in case you can not tell, I really like this album and I am now a confirmed Ogre fan. You should be too! Before I go, I forgot to mention on The Fury review prior, that the packaging (gorgeous over sized Digi-sleeve with booklet and all trimmings) on that release and on this album is just fantastic, no expense was spared, pure class all the way by this legendary record label.  - Dale

http://www.minotaurorecords.com/   https://www.facebook.com/Rockogre     




"Where The Snows Are Never Gone" 2011 CD

(Negative Existence Records)


Russia's Old Wainds are a band that has been flying under the black metal radar for a few years now. I have heard the bands previous release and instantly became a "fan" of the bands early 90's cold Norse style and structures. Well the warrior's over at negative-existence must have become a fan of this bands darkened brilliance as they have re-released the 1997 classic "Where The Snows Are Never Gone". Eight tracks of cold, Norse inspired blackness. The music is grim, cold and fierce just the way black metal should sound. The vocals remind me a little of early immortal and fit perfectly with the razor-sharp guitar riffs and blazing drums. Fans of early 90's Norwegian style black metal will love Old Wainds!!  - Patrick

http://www.myspace.com/oldwainds  http://negative-existence.com/  




“The Omega Experiment” 2013 CD

(Listenable Records)


Now I have listened to, I suppose my fair share of progressive metal bands in my time. But still I am not sure if I am much of an authority to speak at length on the subject. The first thing that immediately strikes me about this Michigan band is the command they have on their instruments and their song writing abilities. I mean I understand fully there are some reading this that can take over leave Progressive Metal, truth be told there are times I have felt that way. Not to mislead anyone here, knowing I have many extreme metal readers, most of the time this band would be considered to be on the lighter end of the metal spectrum. But no matter what you think, there is no denying the talent and imagination on display with the bands self-titled debut. It is not by any means that they sound exactly like them overall, but I can definitely hear some similarities to one of my favourite progressive metal albums ever, the 1997 album A Pleasant Shade Of Grey from Fates Warning. I have the feeling they may be an influence on Omega, also there are hints of the progressive rock/metal Canadian gods Rush. I will be damned if there is even a short section on here that sounded like a Frank Zappa homage. There is an even flow throughout the album, but there is a lot going on in that running through thread and it can be a pretty emotional journey if you give yourself over to it. It is like the old onion cliché of peeling back all the layers, that is what you have to do here, it is not an easy quick little instant gratification listen, it will take some patience and attention to take in everything the band is trying to present on here. But it is worth the journey, if you choose to take it.  - Dale

https://www.facebook.com/theomegaexperiment  http://www.listenable.net/  




“Live In The Castle Of Quiet” 2014 Live Cassette Album

(NoVisible Scars Records)


This was recorded live, but not so much at a live gig, as you might be assuming, no this was recorded live at a radio station in NJ, with the call letter WFMU. I was present when my friends band (Bloodstorm), did the same thing at WNYU in New York, nearly a decade ago, it was an interesting experience and environment. But back on the release at hand, this thing came off very well, it sounds good, it still has a bit of a raw edge, but is quite clear and the guitars are full and heavy. One Master play old school black metal, with some hints of late ‘80s evil thrash in there, and to my ear, I hear influences like Judas Iscariot, Horna etc… even a hint of old Celtic Frost. I say musically, because the vocals are very different from the bands I mentioned, they are maniacal yells and screams, that would be closer in sound and delivery of something like early Burzum than the traditional hissing bm rasp. I like them, some great emotion in the singers delivery at times, loved the one song where he yells out the bands name, with equal measures of anguish and hatred that is palpable. I am not saying this is mind-blowing stuff, but it is damn good, violent and cold black metal. I would say, this is a release, that is even good for bm fanatics who do not usually get into live albums, as this is no normal live record. It sort of has the best of both worlds, live feel and studio album feel.  - Dale

http://www.one-master.net/   http://novisiblescars.bandcamp.com/   




"Darkest Origins” 2012 Split CD

(UW Records)


For the first time ever UW records has unearthed these two old school black metal bands unreleased demo's and released them on to one killer cd. Up first is the mighty Ophidian Forest with three tracks of primitive, raw mid-paced black metal. Topped off with harsh whispery vocals that go very well with the bands raw sound and approach. Haresiarchs of Dis are up next, their approach to black metal while still definitely old-school is a bit more aggressive and chaotic sounding. Just raw fast guitars with some intense riffs that are all over the place. The drumming is a non stop barrage of blasting beats. The vocals truly sound as if the vocalist is being tortured with his screams and tormented shrieks. If you are a fan of raw, primal black metal then this is definitely a split cd you will want to add this to your collection, but be warned there is nothing pretty or emotional about either of these bands. Both bands show the true meaning of hateful black metal in all its raw, powerful glory.  - Patrick

http://www.myspace.com/ophidianforest  http://www.myspace.com/heresiarchsofdis      




"“Globalni Orgie – Stritni Protokol" 2009 MCD

(Khaaranus Productions)


The cover is both weird and disturbing. I thought Opitz had a lot of hardcore influence on their split with Rubufaso Mufako I reviewed previously. It is still a very distinct element in their sound, but better sounding / executed this time around. Though there also seems to be a bit more of a death metal & thrash influence these days. Not to forget the grind base that often shows up, especially in the drumming. The guitar work still seems to have an American style to it. I was about to write that I hear a little bit of Dismember in their sound, only to realize the next track coming up was “Soon To Be Dead” from that exact band. That is always a plus for me as I am a huge Dismember fan. I think Opitz sound best though when they let go with their death metal and grind sides and do not try to stay in control as they do in some of their less exciting moments. When they go frenzied it is their strong suit, in my opinion. On the vocal side of things they alternate a few styles like dm growling, high pitch nasal yells, hardcore grunts plus you get lots of sampled spoken word type stuff that keeps things interesting. This material definitely, for me, beats the shit out of the tracks Opitz had on the Rubufaso split. Check this out.  – Dale

http://www.myspace/khaaranus   http://www.bandzone.cz/opitz   




“Time Traveling Blues” 1999 CD

(T.M.C./Rise Above Records)


If you picked up on O.G.’s ’97 release “Frequencies On Planet Ten”, then your probably impressed with this bands output thus far. Their new “Time Traveling Blues” will not disappoint. “…Blues” sees the band take their Trouble influenced, psychedelic doom style to a more refined riff heavy approach. There’s still plenty of the relaxed atmosphere’s here, mind you, but the riffs in general are heavier as witnessed in the powerful lead track “Blue Snow” or the previously released 10” track “Nuclear Guru”. This is a heavy doom rock album w/ just enough classic rock and psychedelic influence to please all doom and stoner rock fans a like. Orange Goblin are starting to make a name for themselves and it is not undeserved.  - Jeffrey Kusbel




"Black Rust” 2014 Full-length Cassette

(Forever Plagued Records)


Orcultus are a Swedish band, who play cold, raw black metal, in the early to mid nineties tradition. The guitars are fast, with some mid-paced guitars mixed in. Orcultus is a band that know how to play their instruments and it shows on this recording. The drumming is excellent, with semi-fast with bouts of time when the speed on the drums kicks it into high gear, but in a controlled way. The vocals are screechy / screams, very demonic and demented sounding. I would have to say Orcultus, are one of the best new bands out there right now, I can not wait to hear their next release!  - Patrick

http://orcultus.bandcamp.com/   http://www.foreverplaguedrecords.com/         




"Haspu” 2012 Cassette Mini-Album

(Nyarlathotep Records)


I have to apologize to the band. This tape fell behind my review pile stack, it was lost for a bit, now it is found and this review is a lot later than I intended it to be. The music on here reminds me of the early 90s demo bands. It is essentially just straight ahead stripped down riffing, constant drum beats all over the place, some growling over the top. I have to admit this release did not do a lot for me. There are some good, brutal riffs on this death metal assault, which I enjoyed. But outside of that, there is not much in the way of actual song structure, purpose or direction, in which it seems to be headed. It sounds more like a rehearsal jam session at times. The vocals, are very obscure and undecipherable, they are okay for what they are, but could be better. I am a bit surprised this was picked up and released by a record label. It feels, kind of like, a fairly cool rehearsal demo tape and nothing more than that. But hey, on the positive side, it is from Costa Rica, just how often do you get to experience bands from that country? So it is a novelty to have in that aspect.  - Dale

http://ordocaper.bandcamp.com/   http://nyarlathoteprecords.yolasite.com/          




“Demonize The Flesh” 1998 CD

(Galdre Records)


There has been quite a bit of talk about Ossuary Insane and now I see why! O.I. are surely one of the best death/grind outfits in the scene today. One listen to this album and you will know why as “Demonize The Flesh” will rip you a new asshole. O.I. have a knack for writing as heavy as steel brutal material with a ton of foreboding, passion and pure emotion to separating themselves from the pack. A perfect example of this is the brutish and cruel “Imprecari” with it’s grinding chaos but breaking thru it all is catchy riffing and structure and all the while reeking of a lurking, uplifting militaristic crass atmosphere which I am very much enjoying. Brilliant track! The lyrical content resides heavily as anti-christian, as this excerpt duly highlights “In The Name Of Christian Scum, All Will Burn In Hell’s Flame…” Cantor Celebrant’s vocals are sick mid-range comprehendible sharp, caustic growls straight from the pits. The guitar work by Der Prophet is also of note as some sections of music other bands only wish they could pull off! Also included as a bonus is O.I.’s great 3 song (bringing the total to 10 at a running time of 48 + minutes) “Fallen To The Pits” ’95 demo remixed for your enjoyment. Utterly recommended!! I sent this band a interview in October ’98 and after months of wait still nothing - a pity.  – Dale

Ossuary Insane, P.O. Box 22094, Eagan, MN. 55122, USA or Galdre Records, Dresdener Strabe 3, D - 15232, Frankfurt/ Oder, GERMANY




"Darkest Origins” 2012 Split CD

(UW Records)


For the first time ever UW records has unearthed these two old school black metal bands unreleased demo's and released them on to one killer cd. Up first is the mighty Ophidian Forest with three tracks of primitive, raw mid-paced black metal. Topped off with harsh whispery vocals that go very well with the bands raw sound and approach. Haresiarchs of Dis are up next, their approach to black metal while still definitely old-school is a bit more aggressive and chaotic sounding. Just raw fast guitars with some intense riffs that are all over the place. The drumming is a non stop barrage of blasting beats. The vocals truly sound as if the vocalist is being tortured with his screams and tormented shrieks. If you are a fan of raw, primal black metal then this is definitely a split cd you will want to add this to your collection, but be warned there is nothing pretty or emotional about either of these bands. Both bands show the true meaning of hateful black metal in all its raw, powerful glory.  - Patrick

http://www.myspace.com/ophidianforest  http://www.myspace.com/heresiarchsofdis      




"Awaken The Reason" 2012 CD

(Listenable Records)


Awaken The Reason is a real hodgepodge of styles and elements mixed and mashed together. Sometimes it is done skillfully and other times, it feels a little too much like they are just trying to show off that they can do it and force it, the flow and quality of the song be damned. Outcast mix a small dash of death metal with hardcore, metalcore, commercial leaning elements, at times they try to slow it down and be atmospheric, other times they just try to be as technical as possible with some math metal time signatures thrown in. Maybe this is just not my thing, but I had a hard time, even upon repeated listening to get into this.  – Dale

http://www.myspace.com/outcastband  http://www.listenable.net/     




“At The End The Dead Await” 2013 CD

(Apostasy Records)


This is the debut of this Swedish band, yes their debut but the members are pretty experienced, having played in the past in bands like Grave, Demonical, Insision and currently in other bands like Thousand Year War, Bloodride, Soils Of Fate. It is the Swede way to be in a million bands haha. But on to the music the band definitely let’s their Swedish roots bleed through, with a mixing of the early Sunlight death metal sound mixed with the newer melodic Gothenburg sound. It is usually one of those influences or the other, not both in my experience, but I do hear a little bit of American influence as well, in particular mid-era Morbid Angel. This is some good death, very solid, quality stuff but nothing too mind blowing and definitely suffering from the heard it all before-itis. I will say I thought some of the guitar work on here is pretty tasty, some real nice guitar fills here and there, as well some good emotion conveyed through the guitars while maintaining an edge of brutality. This is good, it probably sounds like I am ripping on it above, I am not, this some damn good death metal. It just depends if you are a devotee of the above mentioned sounds and have to get your hands on everything or if you are more of an elitist with it, only having time for the cream of the crop. I think I have provided you with enough information to decide which side of the fence your loyalties lie.  - Dale

https://soundcloud.com/overtorture  http://www.apostasyrecords.com/