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“In Desolationem Per Nefandum” 2008 CD

(Fire Of Fire Records)


I am not sure why the label bothered with a promo sheet as the info on there is scant and mostly useless. It is just a lot of talk about how much they love their Hermetic beliefs. It took me a little while to get used to the vocals of Blood Moon. They are sort of a strange mix of Mortuary Drape, early Immortal, the deeper growling portion of King Diamond’s style and more. They will likely be an acquired taste. But I found after a couple of listens they really grew on me. Yes it may be a weird mix, but I am a fan of all those vocal influences I named, so it was probably no surprise I like them. I think this vocalist was also once in Crimson Moon and also has done the logos of bands like Black Funeral & Xasthur. I guess I would call the music itself sort of ritualistic & mystical in nature with a touch of the theatrical. The way they use the drums definitely helps re-enforce the ritual like feel. If they were trying to create a soundtrack for an HP Lovecraft book as the band name might suggest – then they have achieved their goal in my opinion. “In Desolationem…” is not the most digestible and easy to get into music, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. This is the case with Dagon and each new listen brings the whole picture into clearer view for me. But it will of course take some patience. Some of the riffing sections definitely remind me to early 90s Norge black metal. Which when it is me who is reviewing, it is never really a bad thing. This is a pretty interesting piece of work that should appeal to those into strange atmospheric black metal with old school 80s touches and many layers to attempt to peel back.  - Dale

http://www.cultofdagon.com/   http://www.myspace.com/cultofdagon





“Disciples Of Hex” 2012 CD

(I Hate Records)


As I understand it this album was released on a limited run of 100 CDRs, then the mighty I Hate Records picked it up, had the band re-record the bass and some guitar solos were added, then re-mixed for this final product. Damnations Hammer are a UK Doom / Death metal band that seems to be heavily influenced by the superb authors H.P. Lovecraft and Robert E. Howard. The simple description I gave above of the band playing Doom / Death actually covers what you will hear on here, as it is pretty straight forward music. But it is good; it is fine, that is it, just very simple music that is also quite effective. The bio uses the description of Celtic Frost (as they were entering their avant-garde period I assume they mean?) and Candlemass (which I can hear as well, but to a lesser extent). Those influences do have a doomy death metal element added to them. The music itself is slow to mid-paced, almost pulsating in its crushingly heavy and hypnotic pounding fashion; this music completely grinds you into submission in slow motion. It is kind of repetitive and a one trick pony in some respects, but that one trick works very well for them and they create a very cool atmosphere. The vocals are fairly clean, slightly gruff, spoken-sung vocals, nothing remarkable here but they seem to suit the music okay and it works. We get some good stuff on Disciples Of Hex, not mind-blowing or overly amazing, but something the genre fanatics will eat up. I Hate Records just keeps finding these good to excellent doom bands I have never heard about.  - Dale 

http://www.reverbnation.com/damnationshammer  http://www.ihate.se/      




“Grinding Mother Whore” 2012 CD

(Grundar Productions)


Yet another grindcore band from Malaysia, I like that scene, but I had no idea that grind was this prolific over there. Damokis are more about speed, than the other Grundar releases I have reviewed, certainly more on the speed tip than the great Chelation Intoxication. But all the same, they do mix in some more mid paced parts, which add more dynamic and definition to their brutalizing speed. I can not help being reminded of an old grind band I love named Groinchurn, when I am listening to the sweetly entitled “Grinding Mother Whore” material. I like how Damokis mix things up, they are not just mindless one note racing, no they have some hooks in there, some thrashy sort of riffing pops up now and then, some breaks and slow downs really helped keep my interest and enjoy level on this album. I have to give the band credit, they are staying true to their grind roots, but changing things up and trying new things here and there, just enough to accent the music and never lose what they love, and we love, about grind in the first place. This is some good shit, pick this one up and Chelation Intoxication too, you will have great double bill that satisfy your grindcore lust for a long time to come!  - Dale

http://www.reverbnation.com/damokis   http://www.grundar.com/       




Phlegeton: The Transcendence of Demon Lords” 2009 CD

(Paragon Records)


Dark Celebration are Paragon Records latest signing/release and what a monumental metal release it is. This Brazilian band is pure old-school Death Metal through and through. Mid-to extremely fast chaotic drumming and insane whirlwind guitar riffs and some solo's thrown into the mix. The vocals are just as extreme and unpredictable with some gruff growls, screams/shrieks and the deeper brutal sounding growl. Fans of (old) Incantation, (old) Morbid Angel, Krisiun or pure Death Metal in general will want to find and this release as soon as possible!  – Patrick

http://www.paragonrecords.org  http://www.myspace.com/darkcelebration666  




“Severance” 2014 CD

(Cruz Del Sur Records)


There is really nothing critical or negative, which I can muster to tell you about this album. Darkest Era play free flowing heavy metal with an epic feel atmospherically speaking. The riffing is catchy, the drums top notch, the song writing and arranging are exceptional. The vocalist fits the music perfectly with his smooth, soaring clean vocals and harmonies. This style of music needs a top shelf vocalist and Darkest Era has that, matched with the amazing music and song writing, they create some magic together. You can look as hard as you like, for a weak link with this band, but you will come away empty handed. I can not recommend this album high enough, to fans of epic heavy metal, with slight prog overtones. I thoroughly enjoyed this one.  - Dale

http://darkestera.bandcamp.com/   http://www.cruzdelsurmusic.com/     





The Great Silk Road” 2008 CD

(Paragon Records)


The guys at Paragon never cease to amaze me whether it be mind-numbing slow Doom, harsh Black Metal or crushing grind these guys know Metal inside and out. Germany's own Darkestrah play a nice blend of atmospheric Black Metal and cold/pagan Metal mix. The vocals are shrieks and some deeper growls blended in with the musicianship that is above average. Mid paced semi-raw guitars and even some acoustic parts added in to keep the dark feelings alive. And mid-paced drumming. I was a little worried when I saw the band had a synth player but the band uses them to their advantage mixing them right in with the other instruments to create a dark, haunting atmosphere. For fans of dark pagan Blackness.  – Patrick 

http://www.paragonrecords.org  http://www.myspace.com/officialdarkestrah  




“Darkthrone Holy Darkthrone” 1998 CD

(Moonfog Records/PHD Canada)


Ha ha! Darkthrone! Now here is a much deserved tribute album and personally one that I have been waiting some time for. Hopefully Darkthrone will be releasing some new material sometime soon though. All the covers are pretty much strictly true to the originals with the exception of Thorns version of “The Pagan Winter”. Now, I’ve heard Darkthrone’s Nocturno Culto was impressed with this version but I am not at all. Not only does it utilized computerized effects w/ vocals and instruments but it completely loses the hateful, misanthropic feeling of Darkthrone, which for me, is the main ingredient. The Enslaved and Gorgoroth covers of “Natassia In Eternal Sleep” and “Slotter I Det Fjerne” respectively are my favorites. Both are also carbon copies save for the production. In my opinion, there is no way to do a Darkthrone song better than the original as no band can re-create that feeling, so a strict cover is nothing to mock. Other songs consist of Satyricon’s “Kathaarian Life Code”, Emperor’s “Cromlech”, Dodheimsgard’s “Green Cave Float”, Immortal’s “To Walk The Infernal Fields” and Gehenna’s “Transylvanian Hunger”. Besides Immortal’s thick bass heavy production and Gehenna’s noticeably sped up version of “Transylvanian Hunger” , these songs are very close to the originals, just the way I think it should be done. It is great to see these bands pay their respects to the mighty Darkthrone and if you are listening to any of these bands and not Darkthrone you should remedy that fast!  - Jeffrey Kusbel  

PHD Canada, C-1445 Crown St., N. Vancouver, B.C., V7J 1G4, CANADA Email = phdcan@axionet.com




“The Cult Is Alive” 2006 CD

(Peaceville Records)


To say DT are known as re-creating the same album time after time and just changing the album titles to tell the difference is like masturbating cattle with two finger's rather than three! Thus, people are confusing the 'Thrones with the burly Bolt Thrower in some unknown assertion. Musically I hear mainly hints from Soulside (not DM either) and a Blaze...and a-back to slow to mid-paced drum-fare, except the old-school as fuck DO NOT BELIEVE THE PUNK ELEMENT, as "Graveyard Slut" and "Whiskey Funeral" are just true rooted BM hymns. Journalist's must have their heads up their collective assess these days. The debut Buldozer meet's early Bathory vocals of Nocturno Culto simply kill, and any true Black Metal Warrior would condone. DT pugilizes fake BM on "Too Old To Cold", as "Shut Up" is a huge middle-finger to Satanic Wanna-Be's (Dimmu and COF come to mind). Piggy of old-school Voivod would not be happier in a song dedicated in his name than" Atomic Coming" pulling lyrics straight out of Voivod's titles themselves (Mainly RRROOOAAARRR!!!"). Ripping out the Booklet is the killer part. They mention Piggy and Voivod (Especially the 'Tornado' song), while hailing-"MAKE WAY FOR THE INCINERATOR!", a fuckin A homage to Canada's Slaughter! Which shirts deck's Nocturno Culto in the live CD-ROM Interviews on the Peaceville re-issues of past DT albums. That pure fucking devotion deserves eternal hails!!! Alas, all of you 'Throners that are besides yourselves of the DT camp, quit reading, get off your boiled butts and buy this evil and raw fucking album today or go pose out to Dimmu or something, and join the crowd! In a scene were BM is faltering to poserdum and before it became a campaign for what often tries but fails to pass as Horror show's today, DT make an exclamation mark that at least as long as they are breathing, The Cult is very much Alive like the days of yore.  - Clayton




“Pray For Doom” 2018 CD

(I Hate Records)


These slow moving Germans have been at it since the very start of the ‘90s, when they formed as Cemetery, then changed their name to the current moniker and released a handful of demos. Since then though, in the 2000’s, they have only released two ep’s and two albums including this one in nearly 20 years. Though the main man and vocalist in the band Gerrit P. Mutz, also keeps busy in a few other active bands like Battleroar, Sacred Steel and Angel Of Damnation. Dawn Of Winter play classic doom metal dirges, performed at a slow glacial pace that I found very enjoyable. The band have a real talent and feel for crafting very emotive and moving songs, whilst at the same not losing that pounding heaviness especially in the guitars and drums in unison. The marvelous vocals are clean yet gloomy and sinister, both dripping with emotion and adding a delicious sinister atmosphere to the musical whole. The excellent vocals and the equally excellent music remind me to bands like Candlemass, Solitude Aeturnus and Saint Vitus. I am a big fan of all of those bands, and Dawn Of Winter do put their own stamp on that classic sound, not to mention always keeping the overall quality very high. For me, if you are a die in the wool fan of classic melancholic dark doom metal then “Pray For Doom” has to be close to a must have in your collection.  - Dale 

http://www.dawnofwinter.de/    https://www.facebook.com/ihaterecords       




“Unbleed” 1998 CD

(Twilight Records)


Wow! It took a few listens before it sunk in, but damn this is some bad ass shit. The sound on here is rather organic and rich. Mix a heavy Iron Maiden influence with some of the best facets of thrash & death metal alongside small hints of black metal and sharpen the point ever so slightly with a progressive edge. That is a basic overview but doesn’t but doesn’t do just to the skills of this heavy band or the maturity they display with imaginative songs structures. Vocals by John and drummer, Chris are spot on and run the gambit of growls/screams/cackles to powerfully deep and commanding clean which highlight the cover tune (which I cannot place but surely know it!) “Untold”. Great album and I only see this band getting better, which is scary!  – Dale

Twilight Records, P.O. Box 416, Devault, PA.19432, USA




“The Gates Of Hell” 2014 CD

(Lavadome Productions)


Now this is kind of interesting, some death metal bands take old school elements into their sound, but Day Of Doom re-create the classic American death metal sound from the late ‘80s / early 90s. I mean this album, sounds like it is was released, in 1990 to 1993 era, minus the more modern production. This is just very straight forward, middle paced brutal death metal. I could see this not being enough for fans of more modern dm, where they are used to a million riffs and time changes and technicality, packed into the album wall to wall. The riffs just chug along, sometimes accompanied with underlying guitar accents, along with plenty of blast beats and bestial growls, to the point of peeling the wallpaper off your walls. Now and again, there are some cool manic guitar fills / leads, which add a little bit of adrenaline and intrigue to the proceedings. You know, the more I listen to this, the more I realize I miss this straight forward, old school death metal sound. I would suggest this to fans of early 90s death metal releases, from bands like Baphomet, Goreaphobia, Incantation, Deceased, Master, Death etc… It is interesting listing some of those bands, because it makes me think of the classic early ‘90s dm festival in Buffalo, NY named the Day Of Death festival, possibly inspiration for the bands name?  - Dale 

https://www.reverbnation.com/dayofdoom   http://www.lavadome.org/       




“V.I.P.” 1999 CD

(Poserslaughter Records)


I am stoked to have gotten this! I had no clue this band was still around! I enjoyed this bands demos “Far Beyond Your Imagination” & “Slaves To The Abysmal Perversity” and later their split CD with Regurgitate. Now here is their 2nd album (the 1st eluded me completely) . Dead are wicked sick, crusty death/grind that even brings back sweet early Autopsy flashbacks. Dead always were known for their warped sense of humor and that is presented here on tracks like “Evil Go-go Babes From Outer Space”, “In Gang-Bang City”, “Chew-in-cum (Sperm-int mix)”. Fucking classic and a must have!  – Dale





“Hardnaked But…Dead!” 2011 CD

(FDA Rekotz)


Oh hell yes! The mighty German sickos Dead return to the pages of Canadian Assault. I became a fan of this band through their Far Beyond Your Imagination & Slaves To The Abysmal Perversity demos in the early 90s, as well as their splits with Gut, Meat Shits and Regurgitate. As you may have guessed I am a fan of their crusty death metal and they have been mixing it with porn and just general debauchery about as long as anyone and longer than most. The clips and the lyrics to songs like “Cock-A-Hoop”, “Liquor Store Goddess”, and “Possessed Soldiers of Luv” set the mood and atmosphere. But make no mistake these guys also make great fucking death metal. It is catchy, filled with morbidity, flat out crushing music with some old school vocals that vomit straight from the pits of hell (some of these vox might remind you to early Carcass, even though they have been around as long as that band). I am not even sure what else to say, this just rules and is for fans of old school death metal ala Incantation, Autopsy type stuff who enjoy some porn and alcohol mixed into the presentation. Well then go get Dead bitch!.  – Dale 

http://www.dead-slaves.com/home/  http://www.fda-rekotz.com/ 




“The Dead” 2007 CD

(Obsidian Records)


I read a review of this Australian band from Unbound fanzine. I could not agree more that The Dead seem to have adopted the slapping bass sound of Cryptopsy on their first two records “Blasphemy Made Flesh” & “None So Vile”. It is a great sound when used right like Cryptopsy do. I guess The Dead agree with that and have implemented it. They kind of go over the top with its use though and in general, it sounds really good. But there are times when it becomes the focus too much and is a little too pronounced and hurts things. Thankfully those moments are few and are far enough in between so as not to hurt the overall enjoyment. But make no mistake it is a central part of their sound so you need to like it as I do. That is where most of the Cryptopsy comparison stops however. The Dead amble their deceased corpse at a slower pace and decidedly less technical. But it is still some solid brutal death metal that has its own style and dynamics. There is also some tasty emotive guitar work that kept my interest up. There is some groove mixed in as well, but thankfully that is not too overdone either as when it is I do not have the stomach for it. Just like the music the vocals are fucking thick and chunky growling and kind of remind me a little to another old, but little known Canadian band I dug named Immortal Possession. Somewhat garbled and gurgled, but they have a really infectious tone to them. The more I listen to this record the more it is growing on me. If you like some memorability and depth to your death metal with little bit of adventurous flair then The Dead is something you have to get. If you are purist put your head down and do nothing but straight forward brutal blasting then you might want to pass it up.  – Dale 

www.obsidianrecords.com   www.myspace.com/lordofthelivingdead 





“The Disease Of St. Vitus” 2010 CD

(Dynamic Art Records)


I like that Dead Shape Figure paid their dues before releasing an album. In my view you do not see enough of that these days in the UG scene worldwide. But probably it is most evident in Scandinavia where it seems like any band that has had a few rehearsals and maybe a live show gets signed for an album. This is the bands second album after forming in 2003 and releasing an ep and a couple of demos. The music on here is fast, sometimes technical high octane modern thrash metal that is heavy and riff driven. There is a plethora of weighty riffs that are memorable and fairly catchy. The sound on here is crystal clear, I almost feel like I am sitting right next to the drummer. The vocals are death metal style yelled growls and hurl out like the spray from buck shot rifle blast and really kill in a good way. However the clean vocals that are interspersed to a lesser (though not enough into the less ledger) extent are almost laughable in how terribly bad they are. A word of advice to the band, either drop those or get someone who can do a more competent job. Those clean vocals are really are the only real black mark on an otherwise solid and enjoyable album of rocking thrash metal.  – Dale 

http://www.myspace.com/deadshapefigure  http://www.dynamicartsrecords.com/  




“Manthe” 2014 CD

(ATMF Records)


That band name is a little misleading on what you will find beneath the surface. You know upon first listen of this album, I have to be honest; I was not sure how keen I was on it. But with each successive listen, it is growing on me, steadily moving the needle upwards on my estimation of its positive qualities. I would describe Deadly Carnage, as blackened doom death metal band, with less prominent goth interludes and influences. These guys certainly have talent and craft some introspective, emotive melancholy material, which is nice to get lost within, but this good counterpoint of the heavy doomy element. This more crushing material, I would like to see the band focus on increasing this element, in their sound or at the very least, when have that steam roll started simply not abandoning it so quickly. The vocals are deep, but not too deep, smooth death growls, I liked some of the timing on the vocals and deft interplay between the song structures with that silky smooth growling. During some of the choice heavier, doomier parts, I can not help but reminded to classic early Paradise Lost. I would submit that fans of early works of death doom from pioneers like the aforementioned Paradise Lost, My Dying Bride, Katatonia etc… will find this album of interest. So, don’t let that band name fool you, it is not break neck thrash or gory brutal death metal, as you might expect when you read it.  - Dale 

http://www.reverbnation.com/deadlycarnage   http://www.atmf.net/     




“Through The Void, Above The Suns” 2018 CD

(ATMF / A Sad Sadness Song Records)


Italy’s Deadly Carnage return to the fray with their fourth release “Through The Void, Above The Suns”. They start things off with a short introduction of chants and screams, then the music picks up, beginning with a mid paced to slow-ish doom style with some moderately tempo black metal elements sifted into the musical mix. The guitar work is accomplished with some very well performed patterns, moving within the aforementioned slower black doom style. The vocals are a mixture of whispering low end vocals, but also add some screams and hollering throughout the body of the album. The band does do a good job of combining newer generation black metal and doom influences, so if you are a fan of these genres or if you are familiar with Deadly Carnage then be sure to check this release out soon.  - Patrick

https://deadlycarnage.bandcamp.com/    https://www.atmf.net/commilitones/a-sad-sadness-song/        





2013 Compilation Tape

(Faithcraft Productions)


This is a grand compilation cassette, it looks great and the man who assembled the band obviously has some good taste. For the general genre of this comp. album, it is the old school metal ways & sounds ancient death metal, thrash and heavy metal music worshipped and played by mostly newer / young bands. I would say the bands that stand out the most for me were Atomicdeath, Blood Legion, Sectioned, Hereafter, Varathron and Sickness. But honestly I did not feel like there was a bad or boring song on the entire album. For a complete list of the bands just check out the cover I scanned above. I think with most people you are either a fan of compilation albums or you are not. If you are and you love old style death / thrash / heavy metal and want to hear some excellent new bands who just get it, then this is one you need to own. By the way inside the fold-out cover you get write up on each and every band giving you background which is really cool and handy. If you are in North America and want to check out this tape Paragon Records is promoting it or contact the releasing label directly of course.  - Dale 

https://www.facebook.com/Faithcraftproductions   http://faithcraftmobile.blogspot.com/     




“Kneel Before None” 2017 CD

(Boris Records)


Atlanta’s Death Of Kings return, with a brand new full length release “Kneel Before None”, featuring nine songs of intense and savage thrash anthems. The vocals are a mix of high pitched screams and some raw death growls used in a few of the songs. The guitar work is done with a lot of skill and good songwriting ability. The music goes from hyperspeed fast guitar riffs, to a more controlled mid paced style. If you are a fan of Death Of Kings earlier work then be sure to pick up a copy of this new release. If you are new to this band, take the most extreme aspects of Kreator, Slayer, Exodus along with the bands ability to put their own touches within the solid barbaric thrash metal making this album one you guys need to check out today.  - Patrick

https://www.facebook.com/deathofkingsmetal    https://borisrecords.bandcamp.com/         





“The Test Of Time” 2013 CD

(Do Or Die Records)


Deathcult seeps forth from the mind of Tim Pearson (also the main man behind label mates Relentless), who controls every aspect of the band, from music creation to performing all instruments. Yes, a one man Chicago band and a competent one at that. “The Test Of Time”, is a marriage of ‘80s thrash metal and late ‘80s / early ‘90s black death metal, with the thrashing side of things sitting firmly in the driver’s seat. I hear a lot of little bits of influence in their sound, but not too many really stand as ‘oh that band or this band are big influences’, I guess that is a good thing. The songs, from one track to the next, have a very consistent quality to them. So I do not really have a preferred song and that is likely the way it was meant to be, the quality comes from the sum of it’s parts, likely not as effective split into isolated chunks. The music on here gets my head banging, more like a strong nod as it is not bombastic or super energetic, but it is heavy and slightly hypnotic, chugging along in a driving consistent middle pace. The music itself, is fairly simplistic really, there is nothing wrong with that sometimes music is just flat out better that way. Though I must confess the drumming at times seems a little too one note and predictable, also I am not crazy about the drum sound, but honestly that is my only one minor complaint with this quality album. I definitely have to recommend this album to fans of very old school thrash alongside early 90s black death devotees.  - Dale 

https://www.reverbnation.com/deathcultchicago   http://www.doordierecords.org/      




“Phallic Flagellation” 2013 Cassette EP

(NoVisible Scars Records)


After a nice torturous, flagellating and unsettling intro, this Massachusetts band launch into a harsh and murky brand of warring black death metal mayhem. The vocals are ferocious, evil gurgling growls and inhuman snarls, clearly conjured up from the pits of hell itself! I mean, I have not heard vocals this bestial and possessed, since the early glorious days of Impaled Nazerene. The pacing of the guitars and drums are relentless and vicious in their intent, but there is actually more nuanced guitar work than you would expect from a blackened war metal band, which adds a lot of depth to the sound. I can hear, amongst this barrage of heavy fucking death metal guitar riff bits, some actual short parts where they slow down to almost a standstill glooming up the atmosphere, not to mention we get a couple wild frenzied guitar leads! Speaking of influence, the three most profound influences I hear are the early works of the legendary bands Blasphemy, Beherit and Impaled Nazarene, all melded together in superb fashion. Listening to this, I feel like I am experiencing a depraved Occult ritual mixed, with an orgy in audio form. It has covered me in vomit, blood and cum and I do not want the experience to end.  - Dale 

https://novisiblescars.bandcamp.com/    https://www.facebook.com/deathgodmessiah    





“Onwards To The Pits” 2012 CD

(Hells Headbangers)


From the opening riff of onwards it is obvious  the members of Deathhammer are  influenced by the classic black/thrash sounds of the mid 80's,early 90's. With the aggressive, whirlwind guitars mixed with the drummers aggressive blasts of fury. The band does draw from their influences but without being a total clone band. Their is enough  originality and well-thought out guitar patterns to keep the old-school fanatics happy without having to rip-off any one  elder god band or certain country from the golden era of speed/thrash metal. If you crave chaotic, insane blackened, speed metal then look no further Deathhammer is here to crush all.  - Patrick 

www.myspace.com/savageposerhunt  http://www.hellsheadbangers.com/   




“Evil Power” 2015 CD

(Hells Headbangers)


This is the third release from Norway’s Deathhammer. This album is a great mix of old-school thrash, with hints of death and black metal whispering in and out of the musical whole. Fast and furious, are words that come to mind, when describing the guitars of rage, charging through each song like a bulldozer. The guitarist manages to weave, even within that furious riff attack, some well played solos. The drumming is done in the same vein, with crazed drum patterns, that are both chaotic and extremely high-speed. “Evil Power” is a great release of unrelenting thrash metal I am proud to recommend.  - Patrick

https://www.reverbnation.com/deathhammer   http://www.hellsheadbangers.com/       





“As Death Awakes” 2013 CD

(I Hate Records)


These Austrian thrashers used to go under the name Damage, releasing a couple demos in 2008 & 2009, before changing their name and releasing an ep and a mini-LP through I Hate. This brings us up to date with As Death Awakes, the bands debut album. The listener is immediately hit right from the opening seconds with a non-stop, raging thrash assault, true high speed octane destruction! I mean these guys are fucking heavy, they make you headbang, but they hardly let up for a second, you will wreck your neck trying to keep up. A million miles a second riffing, then they slow down briefly from time to time, by slow down I mean like shifting from all-out Blitzkrieg and slowing it down to frenzied carpet bombing speed. These guys must be in great shape to play this shit live. Just think of bands like early Kreator, Sodom, Sadus, Forced Entry and bands like this. The vocalist is almost as manic as the music as he screams / yells his thrashed out voice like some serial killer in the middle of an attack. I am not sure how else to describe this band, but if you love old school thrash metal in the way it is rarely played these days, if you love it faster than fast, look no further than Deathstorm, they are easily near the top of the heap in the thrash metal scene in this modern age.  - Dale

http://www.myspace.com/damagewebsite  http://www.ihate.se/     




“Conviction” 1998 CD

(Wild Rags!)


My copy of this CD arrived cracked and broken. W.R. was nice enough to send along another copy. I hated this bands last CD, also on W.R. reviewed last issue. They played a death/hardcore/industrial hybrid. Now they dropped the industrial element thankfully. Now doing the death and hardcore mix or deathcore as they call it. This time around we have some very rhythmic music and it is pretty quality stuff. As opposed to their last release “Bitter” which was awfully generic and boring. I’m not floored but I am impressed by the large progression in a short amount of time! Deathcore freaks will masturbate over this one.  – Dale

W.W.R., 22O7 W. Whittier Blvd., Montebello, CA. 92085, USA or band website = www.pcpltd/deathpenalty/




“Doomsday Comfort” CD + “To Cure The Sane With Insanity” 2005 Digi pak CD

(Dynamic Arts Records)


I was struck by the beautiful packaging, absolutely stunning on both releases but the colours on the digi release are mind blowing brilliant. I can only imagine the band are very happy with the labels work here. “Doomsday Comfort” is on seriously raging, a maelstrom of furious blast beat death metal splatter platter, ala early classic Napalm Death mixed with the frantic insanity Nasum. Punch you in the face juggernaut death metal from these Swedish denizens of barbarity. With “To Cure The Sane….” we get much of the same, these boys are getting better and better at turning a heavy riff ass over tea kettle and making you head want to bang along with it. I was surprised just reading that “To Cure…” was actually released on the Finnish Woodcut records (being the main label of black metal legends Horna) back in 2003. Man oh man, is the drumming (apparently this is the Rotten Sound drummer?) on here vicious and relentless, not to mention the vocalist sounds like a mad dog getting to chew through a fence to maul you. This guy is a really good death metal singer. I think I may hear some Vomitory influence on this one in the riffing and I like it. It is not the easiest of tasks to remain brutal yet not lose memorability or melody but Deathbound manage this just fine and wrap it up in tidy but brutalizing grind package. It is hard not recommend this band to followers of the death / grind scene.  – Dale  

D.A. Records, Box 168, FIN-33101 Tampere, FINLAND  www.dynamicartsrecords.com




“We Deserve Much Worse” 2007 CD

(Dynamic Arts Records)


“We Deserve…” is the bands 3rd album from this Finnish band of savages. I know them quite well as you can see I have reviewed those as well. As time passes Deathbound are becoming masters of able to insert some catchiness & groove into the body of their sound. That being technical, fast and fucking brutal death metal, all backed up with fantastic pounding drum work. The vocals of Kai Jaakola are splendid yelling growls with energy and are decipherable. I would say fans of Napalm Death & Benediction vocals will love his work. Deathbound are just a well rounded great band – Dynamic Art indeed.  – Dale 

www.officialsear.com   www.dynamicartsrecords.com  





“Non Compos Mentis” 2010 CD

(Dynamic Arts Records)


I am quite familiar with Deathbound thanks to Dynamic Arts. They have sent me most of the bands releases over the years. In turn, they have made me a fan of this bludgeoning bastard band from the wintry lands of Finland. While I am at it I should commend DA Records on the superb job they do promoting their bands. Having co-founded a record label myself and worked on some of the promotion end of things, I can appreciate a job well done. Deathbound never let down, they never quit and just keeping churning out raging blast beat death metal grindcore intensity. I think the energy on here will remind you of the adrenaline rush you get from a band like Nasum for example. The vocalist is amazing, a real growling beast with semi-decipherable vocals that just roar at you. I would put these vocals up with the best dm vocals in the history of the genre. Some bands that jump to mind vocally I would put in the same category are Dismember, Benediction, Napalm Death, Grave etc… I worship those bands and their vocals so that is no hollow compliment or comparison. These guys are such a killer band. They are well rounded and have it all really, from brutality to technicality to excellent song writing and topped off with superb vocals. Without doubt Deathbound are one of the elite level bands in the death and grind scenes today. A must have.  – Dale 

http://www.dynamicartsrecords.com/artists.php?Deathbound  http://www.dynamicartsrecords.com/  




Ritual Death Metal” 2013 CD

(Svart Records)


Svart Records has only released a handful of death metal releases {that I know of}, but the few I have heard have been nothing short of excellent. Finland's DeathChain are no exception releasing their sixth release Ritual Death Metal DeathChain seems to mix old school death metal with some modern brutality. The guitars are fast, semi raw with tempo changes in some songs. The drumming is done flawlessly, extremely fast with some breaks that give the band a nice range of extreme old school style and mid-range old-school death metal. The vocals are a nice mix of brutal death growls and raw screams that go perfectly with DeathChain's style of dm. I can't really think of any certain bands that DeathChain sound like but the band does seem to draw inspiration from the early 90's Swedish and Finnish death metal gods and mixes them together with the musicians talent to write original extreme death. Fans of uncompromising, old school Finnish and Swedish styled death metal will love DeathChain!!  - Patrick 

http://www.reverbnation.com/deathchain  http://www.svartrecords.com/ 





“Back In Blood” 2007 CD

(AFM Records)


The “Lords of Battle” kicks off the bloodbath with a catchy, righteous olden head bang designed sound. It is replete with traditional title, chorus repeated chants. Yes, make no mistake, the vocals are still brutal death metal and the song structures themselves mix in some dynamic elements among the ritualistic repetition. One thing I enjoy about Debauchery is how they employ their guitar solos. Just a short ‘n sweet running hit attack which is as quick as it is lethal, which is kind of a microcosm of their style overall. Debauchery make sure they always keep it heavy, catchy and flat out simplistic. Even the lyrics are as eloquent as a spiked baseball bat upside the head. For example the catchy in the song “Butcher Bitches! Slaughter Sluts!” a Neanderthal chorus which would any sadists charcoal black heart. No buttering you up and sneaking up behind you with a length of piano wire, no, Debauchery just bash you over the head with a spiked bat. “Back In Blood” is not shy to slip once in a while into a nice hypnotic groove adding some dynamics and depth. Okay they are not the most amazing band in the world but I still get pleasure from simple things in life and death.  – Dale  




“Supernatural Addiction” 2012 CD

(Hells Headbangers)


I reviewed this album for Canadian Assault, the first time was back when it was released in 2000, now some twelve years later it gets it’s re-release through the cult label Hells Headbangers. Actually that brings back a memory, as I got the promo for the original release one day, listen to it, then go to the NJ Metalfest the next day and I end up hanging out with King Fowley himself briefly and letting him know I loved it. This album really featured the death metal kings Deceased feeling and sewing their heavy metal oats, which is where they came from. If you know much about these guys they were just as into heavy metal back in the 80s when this band formed as they were into thrash and death metal. They could have went either way, but chose to form a death metal band, what I am saying is this was no retro jump because it was cool at the time, these guys had lived it for decades. As for the music as I said this is a heavy metal record, not a dm record, though you can kind of tell it is a death band at times playing it. But they do it so well, so fucking smoothly and write such catchy riffs and harmonies, that it blow your hair back. King Fowley’s vocals are great as ever, he is a talented drummer, but he really showcases his vocal talents on this album, sure you have a slight base of his gruff growl, but he conveys such emotive range on here, that I am just hypnotized and haunted by his vocals. The lyrical content on here sort of reflects the bands music choice, they reach back into classic metal for this album and the lyrics similarly reach back into classic horror of it’s early days, you know Poe, Lovecraft and that sort of old school horror story telling. If you made the mistake of missing this the first time around, you have received a second chance in this life to correct your mistake.  - Dale 

http://www.myspace.com/undeadmachines  http://www.hellsheadbangers.com/     




Chains Of Delusion” 2013 MCD

(Shadow Kingdom Records)


I know very little about this about this U.K thrash metal band but after hearing Chains Of Delusion it's easy to understand why Shadow Kingdom signed and released them. Deceptor embrace everything that made metal so pure and great back in the early days of thrash, the lightning fast guitar riffs and extremely fast yet catchy and memorable metal solos. The drums are just as catchy and pummeling in their approach with fast thrashing beats. The vocalist keeps it in the traditional thrash metal realm with hollering/screaming vocal patterns and also some higher pitched screams. Definitely recommended for fans of {old} Megadeth {So Far, So Good, So What era}, early Priest, Slayer, I even hear a little Bruce Dickinson influence in some of the vocal patterns and Maiden in the guitars.  - Patrick 

http://www.myspace.com/deceptormetal  http://shadowkingdomrecords.com/     




“Wither” 2016 CD

(Chaos Records)


Sweden’s Decomposed are back with their third cd “Wither”. This is my first encounter with Decomposed, so I can not say, if this is different from their previous releases. This is a very good sounding band; there is not a whole lot of the early Swedish death metal sound in the music, but it is well written and performed. The guitars are played with a little variety, going from a heavy slow pace to a mid paced style in some of the songs, but the guitarist is not afraid to go for faster chaotic sections at times. Whether the guitarist is playing extremely fast, or at a more controlled middle pace, it displays a level of experience and talent. The vocals are heavy death metal growls that really fit this bands music perfectly. This is a great release, filled with heavy mid tempo death metal, with some faster guitars and drum sections mixed into the songs.  - Patrick 

https://soundcloud.com/Decomposed-swe   https://www.facebook.com/chaosrecords       




“Time Isn’t Healing” 2016 CD

(Ferrrum Records)


The Ukranian Defiant play what is commonly known these days as power metal. Back in my earlier days, power metal was a bit of different animal, the base of old power metal and heavy metal is still there, but these days power metal is commonly applied to very melodic heavy metal bands which use liberal amounts of keyboards. Within those parameters, Defiant plays this style and they play it well, the talent is there and the song writing is pretty impressive. I enjoy Defiant the most, when they put the synth slightly more in background (I wish they did more of this), letting the guitars gallop and showcase themselves with some good chugging heaviness. They keep the energy high and the flow silky, everything blends together skillfully with some interesting structuring on display, while never forgetting to keep things very melodic. “Time Isn’t Healing” is the bands first attempt, to translate their lyrics, and conversely their vocals into English. They seem to have changed singers in the process, replacing the previous lady who handled the duties, with a new male counterpart. Considering they apparently do not really speak much English, it must have been quite a challenge to make this move to reach more people. Due to that transition, I try to give them a break in this area, the vocalist you can tell has tried very hard to translate this performance in this more universal language. It can be a tad clunky at times, his accent bleeds through pretty strong (this could make it an acquired taste for some), but generally it is very well done and impressive under the circumstances. The only thing is, with this kind of music you kind of need a singer with a lot of range, and variation in his voice, vocalist Stanislav does not posses that sort of range but he does what he can and he has the lower end of register well covered and varies things decently within his limited range. But as I said on the musical side, and the song writing side of things, Defiant is nearing world class within this newer power metal movement. I think fans of newer melodic synth heavy / power metal will really dig this album.  - Dale

https://www.facebook.com/DefiantBand/    http://www.ferrrum.com/       




“Graveyard Of Eden” 2015 CD

(Kaotoxin Records)


This Belgian band, is dripping wet with early to mid ‘90s, American death metal worship. They do what they do well, there are plenty of crushing riffs, and blasting frenetic drums all played at rapid speeds and kept as brutal as possible. I like some of the tasty, panic-stricken guitar fills and accents; they add a nice dynamic and depth to the raging barbarity. The vocals are well done, and are slightly deeper, but very decipherable growls, in the Chuck Schuldiner style. Getting back to my opening point, these boys loved their old North American death metal, and you can pretty clearly hear a melting pot of influences, from bands like Death, Suffocation, Morbid Angel, Malevolent Creation, old Gorguts, Master, Morbid Angel, Obituary etc… They do it and do it extremely well. This is an album for 90s US death metal fans, who just can not get enough of that sound, when it is done well.  - Dale

https://myspace.com/dehuman   http://www.kaotoxin.com/      




“Where Satan Lives” 1998 Live CD

(Roadrunner Records)


Deicide, at the House Of Blues in Chicago. There’s not too much more to say about this release. Although, I’m sure it has been anticipated for years from the die hard fans. I for one enjoy this first live release of their career as Deicide are a great death metal band, blasphemous to the core. The production is not as bass heavy as one would expect, but still as heavy as satan would appreciate. All albums are visited here fairly equally but the majority of the tracks are taken from “Once Upon The Cross” and “Serpents Of The Light”. Not much between song banter from Glen here just a straight- forward death metal concert, just the way I like ‘em.  - Jeffrey Kusbel 





“Filipino Antichrist” 2009 CD

(Hells Headbangers)


It is hard to believe they Deiphago apparently have been around for 20 years and this is the second album?!?. “Filipino Antichrist” is some heavily influenced Blasphemy mixed with Sarcofago chaos metal from the Philippines of course. I hate to say it, but this comes off sounding a little like a train wreck, a real mess and not in a good way. You almost get the feeling with it being so loud and chaotic, if each member can even hear the other playing. As much of the individual instruments do not sound like they belong together or that they all got confused and started playing separate songs (or ‘things’ might be a better word than songs). Do not get me wrong I love Blasphemy and Sarcofago and that style for a long, long time. Yet, compared to those bands this kind of sounds just a tad better than the equivalent of warmed over garbage. Probably the most interesting part of the presentation is the maniacal, heavy breather vocals which convey a lot of confused emotion and raw anger, while ultimately going nowhere. The production is loud, but kind of treble-y and hissing which for me is headache inducing. I do not think I can listen to this mess any longer as just because you can play noisy, chaotic and loud does not automatically make it any good. Deiphago are a sparkling example of that and after twenty years of practice too! I think I will go listen to the real deal and put on some old Blasphemy and Beherit.  – Dale 

http://www.deiphago.hellsheadbangers.com   http://www.hellsheadbangers.com/ 





“Satan Alpha Omega” 2012 CD

(Hells Headbangers)


The war machine known as Deiphago once again returns with their newest release of primitive, vicious blackened war metal mixed with noisy grinding guitars and blasting drums. The album starts off with a intro of air-raid sirens which is a perfect beginning to the attack that Deiphago has planned on 'Satan Alpha Omega'. Deiphago embrace the best qualities in the classic raw, primitive black metal scene (Sarcofago, Beherit, etc.) and mix them with noisy, raw thrashy guitars and blasting chaotic drums. Deiphago (like all of Hells Headbangers bands) hold the old-school values and sound close to their metallic heart. If you enjoyed the past releases of the band then check out 'Satan Alpha Omega' this will not disappoint you!! Or if you enjoy intense, raw, uncompromising blackened war metal that takes no prisoners then definitely be sure to check out Deiphago!! No other band does it better.  - Patrick 

http://www.myspace.com/deiphago  http://www.hellsheadbangers.com/     




“Deity” 2017 CD

(CDN Records)


This is my first time hearing about this Canadian band and my introduction is their debut full length recording. First off, it is good to see record label CDN is still going strong, back when I first had contact with them a long, long time ago; it was called the Civilian Death Network. I believe they shortened it to initials, because some idiots in the Canadian gov’t and elsewhere, thought it must be some kind of terrorist organization Ugh…haha. Anyway, on to Deity, who have unleashed a power house of a brutal death metal debut album. I am struck right away by the speed and brutality of the thick churning guitar riffing. It blew back my hair, so to speak, and was only a sneak peek at some of the great guitar work to come. The second item that caught my attention was the tight as fuck, super precise drumming. So, I check into their bio after that thought, where I realize they have hired drumming god Flo Mournier, as a session musician to play the beats on this album! You can definitely hear the bands Canadian influences strongly from bands like Kataklysm and Cryptopsy. They probably are a little more musically mournful and introspective than those bands in some aspects though. By the way, I do not mention Cryptopsy only due to the Mournier drumming, as you can hear it in the guitars and song structuring as well that they are a big influence. The vocals are really good deep ass growls, making me think of the roar of a savage bear going into for an attack. Yes, I dig the vocals, I do not say this often about death metal records, but they are actually a little under used at times. There are no less than three instrumental tracks on here; the first is a short gloomy and beautiful piano intro track to set off the album. The second instrumental is an epic whirlwind of a classy death song, which balances adventurous technical playing, alongside straight ahead brutality and atmosphere. That song is possibly the bands finest section of the record (alongside album ending opus “In Turmoil”) and displays the bands top end song writing skills. The third instrumental song, “Of Time” is a guitar only instrumental and I could not help but think it may have come about due to a cash flo(w) problem, if you catch my drift, as in they could only afford to use Flo for so much time and had to fill in time. The album is nearly an hour long, so I guess time fill idea of mine does not make that much sense, but it feels a little like this song is that. Which is not to say the instrumental is not good because I did enjoy it, as it is pretty poignant and moody, but it also drags on for far too long and could have easily been cut to half of it’s nearly seven minute run time and been much more effective because of it. I do forget sometimes this is a new band and this is their debut release, it is easy to forget that fact with this level of quality. All the same, I can assume some of the necessary reworking and editing, which would take this excellent young band to another level, will likely come with time as this young band mature as song writers. That is my one and only critique, really, on an otherwise impressive debut by this up and coming future death metal beast.  - Dale

https://www.facebook.com/DeityMetalCA    http://www.cdnrecords.com/         




“Eating The Universe” 2018 Full-length Cassette Album

(Visceral Circuitry Records)


This is a re-release of this Russian bands debut album, released back in 2014, originally for years only available as a digital download, but a year or so ago it was re-released on CD and now it receives the cassette treatment. Dekonstruktor are a different animal than most bands I review. I guess you could call them progressive or somewhat avant-garde doom metal that achieves a dark atmosphere through sludgy droning feedback doom metal as a mainstay, as well as other elements from bits of crazy grind to industrial sounding effects tweaking and reverberating mental audio wash. The vocals tend to be like audio lifted from demented, trippy scary ‘70s exploitation movies, far off, haunting and echo-y and a little disorienting, but in a good way. For the most part though everything is extremely atmospheric, meant to set you off traveling into that grey area of your brain where you are in a fog, caught between sadness, confusion, anger, melancholy journey through a hallucinogenic hypnotic lens. It is not the easiest thing to describe in a review, but damn, I like it an awful lot and can recommend this if you like any of the above descriptions and as a doom fan are not adverse to something a little different and a little mentally challenging. I see the bands second album came out just last year in 2018, after listening to this now, I hope I get a chance to listen to it and see where Dekronstruktor took this interesting soundcape and style they have fashioned for themselves.  - Dale

https://visceralcircuitryrecs.bandcamp.com/    http://visc.tictail.com/          




“Death And The Beyond” 2012 CD

(Hells Headbangers)


If one is planning to pay a visit to the crypt those Danes have been dwelling in for the last two decades, now the time is right as you'd be greeted by their most accomplished work to date. Sure, metal is a young man's game, we all have heard that saying more than once, yet the old guard is more than capable at times to dismiss the cliché and Denial Of God are one of the better examples of that. The band has easily morphed all their different influences to create a creepy vibe that's presented throughout the whole album, silently whispering all but forgotten names from the glorious past of our beloved metal in the process. Black metal, doomy psychedelics, heavy metal - you name it and rest assured you'd be able to discover all these in 'Death And The Beyond' (amazing title IMO!). Fans of modern day super-duper 'technical' playing, triggered-to-death drums and brick walled sound, please, stay clear of this - you'd not get it, anyway. Good riddance. Die. However, all those who love the genuine atmosphere of good old metal done with clarity, class and dignity should invest their time and listen to this - you'd be rewarded, that's much certain. This album is a definitive keeper for a whole generation of fans, fiends and immortals. Chapeau, Denial Of God!  - Vladimir Petrov 

http://www.denialofgod.net/   http://www.hellsheadbangers.com/ 




“World Cremation” 2010 CD

(Hells Headbangers)


I have not seen a logo that hard to decipher for a while. It brings back some nostalgia from the early to middle 90s with all the great brutal death bands. That feeling is well founded musically as well as Denouncement Pyre’s brand of death metal harkens back to some classic early ‘90s dm. I love the production on here, really heavy but old school sounding. The drum sound has that deep in your chest thud quality on the bass drum and the nice pitter patter timbre from the tom toms that I love and is so often missing these days. It is an organic sounding production; unlike many an album today that sounds like each instrument has a layer of slick plastic wrapped around it. The vocals are not your traditional death metal growls, but rather most of the time an evil and dark sounding hiss / rasp with an undertone of the old stand-by growl. Those vocals really suit the ominous malevolent atmosphere the music creates. They have a little different style, but think of the atmosphere created on the masterpiece album “Rites Of The Black Mass” by Acheron or maybe some earlier Ancient Rites stuff. All these damn Australians seem to know how to do is make great UG metal!  - Dale

http://www.myspace.com/metalarmour  http://www.myspace.com/denouncementpyre 




“Almighty Arcanum” 2013 CD

(Hells Headbangers)


Australia's masters of death metal Denouncement Pyre return with their second full length for Hells Headbangers. Denouncement Pyre like to mix up their old-school metal going from furious thrashing guitars to more controlled heavy, raw mid-paced death metal guitars without ever losing their intensity. The production of Almighty Arcanum is perfect for this style as it is not demo/rehearsal raw but it is not the modern day over produced either, where a lot of bands seem to loose their metal aura and sound. If you’re looking for pure aggressive, authentic death/thrash done in honor of the masters nobody does it better then Australia's Denouncement Pyre.  - Patrick 

http://www.reverbnation.com/denouncementpyre  http://www.hellsheadbangers.com/     




“Till Man Exists No More” 2012 CD

(Self Released)


The Polish death metal scene just continues to grow and expand. I had no idea until recently that scene was producing this many bands. Depopulate add to that total and of course play death metal, which grinds along at a mid to fast pace, mostly pretty straight forward stuff. The yelled / growled vocals are pretty prolific and prominent in the songs overall focus. To be honest I have listened to this album a couple times now and not much really interests me or grabs me. It is not that it is bad, because it is not, it is just solid death metal, but also kind of uninspired and sort of mundane sounding. I guess that sounds harsh, but I am just being honest, it is not bad material, just nothing stands out for me either. An album for the total genre diehards only to digest I would think.  - Dale

https://www.facebook.com/depopulate  http://www.myspace.com/depopulateofficial    




“A Grand Magnificence” 1998 CD

(Shindy Productions)


I am highly impressed with this, melodic but still heavy and aggressive death metal from Slovokia. Their music is highly sophisticated and the musicians obviously are talented. The catchiness grabs you and draws you in to Depresy’s world, the sheer emotion of their music keeps you there listening for more than 50 minutes. The sound of this disc is very pleasant, a professional and class release all around. Drahos’ vocals are deep and semi-descipherable growl/whispers that are commanding and well suited. Depresy are also solid song writers and this album as a reference point reminds me at times of Hypocrisy on their “The Final Chapter” opus. If that doesn’t make you want to listen to this, I don’t know what will!  – Dale

Shindy Prod., c/o Martin Brzbohaty, Sandova 17, 579 04, Adamov, CZECH REPUBLIC





“My Empire” 2012 CD

(F.D.A. Rekotz Records)


I seen these guys band name, then seen these blokes are from Germany and I am thinking gotta be a straight up old school German thrash band. I hit play and I heard some slashing, powerful guitars build to a crescendo and busting through my headphones. Nope I was wrong this is some really good old school Swedish death metal influenced sickness. I mean not entirely that sound, you can hear some old school American influence like Repulsion or Autopsy going on, so in other words only the finest do they draw from. Just like those influences the vocals kind of differ from the usual but also sound rather similar to the bands vocals above, plus maybe some Martin Van Drunen from Pestilence thrown in for good measure. These guys know how make some killer riffs, not going a million miles a minute, no they sit down on a good riff and milk it, I like that. My Empire has a cool as a rotting corpse atmosphere to it and it really takes me back to the old days, which is a place I like to be with my music. Check this the hell out.  - Dale 

http://www.myspace.com/deserted-fear  http://www.fda-rekotz.com/gx/     





“Tenebrous Towers” 2011 CD

(Hammer of Hate)


I am usually a little worried when a bands very first output is an album released through a record label. It is usually an inferior product by a band not yet ready for this step. I am a firm believer in bands cutting their teeth by releasing demos, eps and the like. I have to admit this is a pretty impressive release on the bands first recording attempt. We are treated to some fine dirge-y doomy death metal with dark, black metal like overtones to the sound. Desolate Shrine employ the two vocalist approach and it seems to work pretty seamlessly, though admittedly neither sound that different from the other, most bands it seems do this when the styles contrast, such as a high pitch / low end combination. For a young band their song writing chops seem smooth and show a certain level of maturity. Tenebrous Towers has a very moody, monolithic type atmosphere at work, yet it is remains extremely heavy in an obscurely evil sort of manner. Fuck man I would break my own rule and sign this band myself without them ever having released a demo too. One of the more impressive debuts I have heard in some time.  - Dale 

http://desolateshrine.bandcamp.com/  http://www.hammer-of-hate.com/   




“Deliverance From The Godless Void” 2017 CD

(Dark Descent Records)


Hmm... This is labeled as "Death Metal"? This sounds more like "Black Metal", to me. I'm kind of liking it, really. The production is a bit "thin" compared to the last album I reviewed - but, the song structures - here - are more interesting, to me. But yeah...this is kind of "Blackened Death", maybe? More "Black Metal", in my opinion. Even the production seems more to that area of the spectrum, really. Kind of early Samael? A little Handful of Hate? The flowing of the music is pleasing...albeit, not that "original sounding". The vocals are a bit muffled in the mix. Which is fine. They fit fine the way they are. A little more pronounced than "Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk" by Emperor...but - slightly - reminiscent of that? The music isn't to that caliber but it has "feeling" to it, at least. There's a longing in a Transylvanian mountain range forest type of vibe to this music. "Desolate Shrine" is a good name for this band. They've captured the atmosphere, here, quite readily. This music SOUNDS like a "desolate shrine". Artistically, this is a fine achievement. Kudos! These are some long songs, I've just noticed. This one is over nine minutes! Wow! Almost ten, actually! It's got a driving force to it. A menacing presence! A ghost circling it's victim...swirling...swirling...arms outstretched...grasping maniacally. Haunting chaos - madness! Insidious!  - Anders

https://www.facebook.com/desolateshrine/    http://www.darkdescentrecords.com/          




“Hollow Dominion” 2014 CD

(Lavadome Productions)


The band has taken their name from a Monstrosity song title, so you might guess they play early to mid ‘90s death metal. The riffing, and song pace, alternates from a plodding, crushing slower mainstay to sped up bursts, but always in a very controlled technical fashion. I can not help, but think of, especially the first handful of Immolation albums strongly, when listening to this, plus mix it with some old Monstrosity and Sinister style stuff. I can also hear small touches, and influence from Morbid Angel, which pop up briefly, attacking then retreating for the next strike. I like the deep growling vocals, though they are not varied at all, and rather monotone, lacking emotion in the delivery. The drummer is a whirling dervish on the kit, turning in a powerful and very precise performance. This is a good death metal album, which I can recommend, but all the same it is nothing overly special, the recommendation is for the diehards that can not get enough old school death metal.  - Dale 

http://www.last.fm/music/Destroying+Divinity   http://www.lavadome.org/       




“Maximum Destruction” 1985/1998 CD (re-release)

(Listenable Records USA)


This is a re-release on this bands classic debut w/ no less than 6 (4 studio, 2 live!) bonus tracks not on the original. This album fucking rages and reeks of pure power/heavy/speed metal. They bring to mind peers of the time such as Iron Maiden, Dark Angel, Hallows Eve, Metal Church and the like but in the Destructor style. This album has all the ear marks of an overlooked, under appreciated blazing heavy metal classic! Get this yesterday!  – Dale




"Nuclear Storm” 2004 MCD

(Hells Headbangers)


Bands from down under have always owned their own style and sound, Destruktor is no exception. Indeed, they are an apocalyptic brew of barbarous, bestial old school death cult speed spewed with Aussie tradition and perform like a well oiled machine. 4 songs, 1 intro totaling 16:34 may seem short yet it is better than 70 minutes of poser crud! Nuclear mushrooms are pictured here and features (on this recording) ex-Destroyer 666 skinsman Jarro, but you couldn’t tell as there are many great ways to describe the mighty Destruktor. Jarro does vocals with main man Glenn (on guitar) on the title track and on “Fight Like The Devil” in an all out attack of BM hatred, bands from this continent can only execute. Is it the drinking water, isolation, heat or all three that creates such windpipes? All out brutal fukking DM from Glenn on “Nuclear War” and “Strive To Conquer” is seasoned and heavily salted, laced with years of work resulting in near perfection. The intro is a metallic masterpiece of a battle march which showcases the extreme talent this band possesses. Great MCD and I can’t wait to see what happens next. Support Destruktor or I’ll have you gang-banged by a pack of demonic red eyed Kangaroo’s you sluts!  – Clayton

www.destruktor.cjb.net   www.hellsheadbangers.com





“Nailed” 2009 CD

(Hells Headbangers)


I must say getting a new release from Destruktor, for me, is like hearing from old friend you lost connection with for a time. In way, it literally is as the mainman of Destruktor, Glenn was an old friend of mine. We used to write letters on paper to each other, not sure if anyone remembers archaic tradition? We lost touch, but he still reaches out with his music and reminds me he is still around the scene from time to time. Glenn definitely has an old school sort of mind set and it shows in his music. This is some fine dark, but brutal death metal just like in the early days. It grinds you down with rolling riffing and death marching drum runs. Glenn’s vocals are tortured and guttural growls which compliment the raging music nicely. It all has a very organic feel to it and the band will probably be well pleased to hear that. As if fans of modern metallic plastic machinations are unhappy, despite the sound being well clear on here, it likely is too rough and heavy for their slick ears and mass media junked up minds. Then again Australians always seem to have a deep respect for the old metal traditions. If you are looking for something fresh and innovative and smooth, well, just keep on looking. If you want something that is vital and heavy and dark as it is mean, then you have found what you were looking for. I mean who does not enjoy a spiked glove first to the teeth? It is hard to believe Destruktor has been around for over a decade releasing demos, eps and a split. Yet, this is their debut album and they did it up right. Congrats Glenn and get in touch you old goat.  – Dale 

http://www.destruktor.com/   http://www.hellsheadbangers.com/  





“Murderer” 2010 CD

(American Line Productions)


It is cool to see American Line is still going strong. I was really into one of their early bands by the name Disgorge back around 1997-ish. I picked up one or two of their releases afterward, but had not really heard their name again since then. But the label has been going strong and this is the South American release (US and Europe handled by another label) of the album. I had previously reviewed and very much liked the demo material of this Danish band. I never tire of brief movie clip intros or mixed into songs, so The Shining excerpt, one of my fave movies helped set the tone for me on this album.  Murderer sees the band with a slightly cleaned up sound and a stream lined style, a sound that is more their own than on the demo. They play a vicious mixture of thrash and death metal, a two headed monster that is well met. Deus Otiosus surely know how to write some great head banging riffs, they are really heavy but seemingly always retaining that shroud of darkness that whispers around the edges like a creeping fog. Some parts remind me of Grave, if you slowed them down a pace or two and added a doomy feel to it all. I find it rather impressive that the band is able to marry the brutality of death metal, the heavy neck cranking aggression of thrash with a dark doom metal atmosphere. The vocals of Anders Bo Rasmussen are great deep growls that are frightening and forceful in their delivery and tone. Deus has a decidedly Scandinavian sound, but you can also hear some American influence. There are some great guitar leads on here as well and they add a nice dimension to the sound. All in all a very well crafted album that is highly recommended and not easily forgotten, those riffs will be ringing in your head for ages!  – Dale 

http://www.myspace.com/deusotiosus  http://www.alprods.net/    




“Godless” 2012 CD

(Deepsend Records)


I knew after hearing the Deus Otious debut "Murderer", it would not take long for this band to find an honest/good label to work with for release number two. And the u.s label Deepsend records {which seems to be a small but growing label if you haven’t checked them out before and enjoy the more old-school dm, brutal side of dm/grind I suggest you check out their site - Patrick} stepped up. And here we have Godless, eight tracks of well-played death metal with touches of thrash and a hint of black metal, but only in some of the guitar tones. There is a whirlwind of raging guitars riffs and solo's, the drumming is top-notch beats with both faster beats and more controlled beats. Deus Otiosus has released a perfect follow up to Murderer carrying on the raw, aggressive old school death/thrash style heard on their debut album. This is recommended to all metal fanatics.  - Patrick 

http://www.myspace.com/deusotiosus  http://www.deepsend.com/     





“At Hell's Deep” 2005 CD

(Iron Fist Productions)


Everyone should know deep inside the depths of Sweden, many a moons ago and ages since the festival fires to the gods burned bright - out of those ashes was born a legendary band named Pagan Rites. Now Pagan Rites raped the scene with delight and always staying true to their Autopsy Torment-ed roots. The lead tormenter of the rites and rituals and heart of those old bands was Devil Lee Rot, after a time of in-activity the Mr. Rot decided to strike out on his lonesome, naming his latest and at the risk of backlash unto me, greatest band yet, aptly named after himself. Deeply rooted in traditional metal both clean and dirty, everything from Judas Priest and Saxon to Piledriver and Anvil – yes I admit the black metal roots of Devil Lee Rot appear to have been shed, though the Satanic image was not, yet the band is no less lethal for sharpening it’s focus further down the deep root systems. Yes, yes my demons, this is pure old school heavy metal hellfire that will have you breaking out your spiked wrist bands and drawing sick logos on your tattered school binders! I fucking dare you to listen to songs like “Man Made of Steel”, “Prepare For War”, “Blade In The Night” and “Metal Avengers” and not want to headbang, and not want to sew a Devil Lee Rot patch on your Denim and not play air guitar!! Do not let my retro chants and nostalgic musings fool you, this album has depth, it is gloomy emotion where called for and the vocals have dynamics to them in a way bands of today just can not understand, that is not even mentioning some of the tasty guitar work and timely ‘n tasty drum licks. A classic record in the making, this much is certain. Though that seems to be becoming a mere routine for Devil Lee Rot, can this legend do no wrong?! Maybe I am becoming stuck in my ways, but I live for this stuff, a lot of other new music in an interesting distraction but this is the kind of music that lasts and that is the greatest honour I can bestow! – Dale

Iron Fist Productions, c/o Thomas Nyqvist 8a, 417 02 Goteborg, SWEDEN ironfist@hotmail.com www.ironfist.cjb.net




“Forbidden Anger” 2010 CD

(Unexploded Records)


I usually do not complain that much about production. But sometimes the mix is just not good or at least well done. The recording is fine and clear, but the drums are too loud in the mix and over power the guitars, especially when the drums are really active which is often. Also most of the time it seems hard to hear that there is a bass player on here and that hurts the bottom end of their sound a great deal. The only thing that seems to be at a proper level is the vocals of female vocalist Antonie. She does a solid job with some great hoarse yell growling that shows some depth, she also mixes in some squeals and higher pitched stuff from time to time as an accent. The music seems to present itself as death metal, but there is no denying a heavy thrash metal influence that bleeds through the constantly blasting loud drums. There is a quite a lot of melody injected in there, yet I almost hesitate to throw them into the melodic death genre. But I would not argue that hard against it either. I would posit they are a little heavier and rely on aggression a little more than most meldodeath bands. At the end of the day nothing special but not a bad listen either. So I will leave it up to you if you love this style enough to go for it. I enjoyed it, but still it will be one of those records for me that is easy to forget and not reach for to have repeat listens.  – Dale 

http://www.myspace.com/damnmetal  http://www.unexplodedrecords.com/  





“Collapse In Despair” 1998 CD

(Lost In The Fog/Discorporate Music)


Nice heavy & brutal death metal (never slipping into the grind area ‘tho) on this east coast Canadian bands debut. I was surprised I had not heard of this band, being so, quality and being of course Canadian. It’s all here for the extreme fan. Fast parts, momentary slow parts, deep growls, precise and pounding drums & a nice production to boot. Dichotic like to throw in some cool counter flow guitar noodling parts ala Gorguts or Cryptopsy.  – Dale

Send $10 CDN/$15 US to:

Lost In The Fog, 86 Nelson’s Landing # 216, Bedford, Nova Scotia, B4A 4C6, CANADA.

Band contact: Dichotic, 2476 Robie St. # 8, Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3K 4N1, CANADA




Evil Always Return / Emissaries of The Reaper” 2011 CD

(Abyss Records)


Die Hard are a great Swedish band playing metal the way it should be played dirty, aggressive old-school death/thrash. Fast, raw guitar riffs, fast drumming pounding is amazing and well done. Gruff growls and blackened screeches spew out the lyrics. Die Hard are definitely fanatics of the old-school sound and I must say they play it with it a lot of aggression and passion. In an endless sea of bands who play old-school metal nowadays Die Hard are definitely at the top of the list of greats that will still be standing tall once the trend has passed and all the posers are either gone or crushed by the true metal warriors of the underground scene. Definitely a band for fans of old-school, raw aggressive death/thrash will enjoy this band and their releases.  - Patrick 

http://www.myspace.com/diehardthrash  http://www.officialabyssrecords.com/   





"Hossanas Novus Ordo Seclurum" 2007 CD

(Non Compos Mentis Records)


Well I got this album and the new album that followed in the same package. For some unknown reason I went and reviewed the new album first, foregoing chronological order. So I guess you can refer to that review on more of the background on the band and their history with Canadian Assault. The recording is not quite as nice or fitting as the new record Collapse The Void, but it still gets the job done coming across heavy and dark. The musicianship is solid and the music itself is challenging to perform, but not overly so. Hossanas is a rough, mean beast that punishes with little discretion, yet there is some level of control among the black/death chaos. The vocals from Mike as can always be expected are purely maniacal, forceful and he puts every ounce of everything he has got into them. Dimentianon at times employ touches of unusual structuring and timing to their songs which creates a lot of introspective and tortured atmospheres. These unique qualities often help them to not sound much like anyone else I can think of to be honest. Something which is in this day and age is a compliment all by its lonesome. My view is this band is quite underrated and deserves more attention within the scene. They deserve at the least not to get lost in the shuffle like so many quality bands.  – Dale

http://www.ncmrecords.com/  http://www.myspace.com/dimentianon   




“Collapse The Void” 2010 CD

(Paragon Records)


Dimentianon (and prior to that The Forgotten) make their return to the pages of Canadian Assault. We are both getting old and crusty now as I recall reviewing their listening / reviewing their demos a decade ago! I kind of lost touch with the band and label and missed out on them for a while. The line up has changed since I last heard them. In fact, the band is still made up of old member Mike and Maureen (from the home base in NY), but the rest of the band is in the band Sectioned from the UK. The album was recorded in Deer Park, New York, so apparently the British invaded America rather than the reverse to make this happen. Dimentianon sound a little different my last experience with them. They have a cleaner, heavier sound and I think you can see maturity creeping into their songwriting. Vocalist Mike still sounds great, powerful and more controlled than previous. I have not seen the band live lately, but this guy Mike was pretty fucking intense live and left his guts out on the stage. I have heard hundreds of bands try to mix intense black / death metal together with stripped down melodic breaks and introspective interludes. But very few have mastered the art of doing it well like Dimentianon have and they do not need to simply drench you in piles of synth (though there surely is that element present) to achieve it. A testament to their vision and talent. I can recommend this strongly to anyone who loves black / death melded with reflective somber soundscapes and good musicianship. The recording really does the music justice as well, it is full and heavy and not overly slick, a mistake in my view many bands make these days.  - Dale

http://www.myspace.com/dimentianon  http://www.themetalunderground.com/  




“Beautiful And Treacherous” 2014 CD

(Radioactive Camel Records)


I can just about guarantee you these guys, are a little more adventurous shall we say, than most of the bands readers of this site listen to. Dinner Music For The Gods, are a supremely talented group of musicians, that thankfully, do not just wank their way across an albums worth of material. No there is quite a bit of thought and skill put into the arrangements, which for me, only serves to enhance and showcase their individual and collective talents much better, rather than ripping off into a hundred solos or going in too many directions, just to show off they are talented enough to do that. Did I mention this is an instrumental record? No? Well don’t worry, these guys are skilled and smart, keeping the arrangements interesting enough and the flow moving constantly forward enough. That amazingly, and I do not say this often with instrumental bands, it is more than enough, to make me forget or not care that there are no vocals. The band, stay in the metal spectrum consistently enough, that I think that is the main crowd that will be pleased by this material. But make no mistake, they have a wide range of influences and you will hear little tidbits of everything, from a jazzy bit, to some cool Frank Zappa influenced nuances, to full metal headbang induced by a dexterous riffing attack. Bringing up those influences, probably under sells how much of a metal based record this is, but rest assured it is metal. If I had to throw a label on them, it would probably be prog heavy metal. You should really check out this talented band if that sort of thing floats your boat.  - Dale 

http://www.dinnermusicforthegods.com/   http://www.reverbnation.com/dinnermusicforthegods        




“Prelude To The Apocalypse” 1999 CD

(Self Released)


Ever seen that footage of the atom bombs being dropped on Hiroshima & Nagasaki? Ever seen it in slow motion? It is all re-created with the mighty impact of doomy death metal known as Disciples Of Mockery! I praised this bands last disc in issue # 4 and now I have the new stuff to salivate over! Think of a doomier version of early Incantation (No surprise as there are no less than 3 original Incantation members in D.O.M. – Craig Pillard, Jim Roe & Ronny Deo) that will melt your ears like lava. Craig Pillard’s mighty beastial vocal grind is as sick as ever. I cannot seem to get enough of his blasphemous growls! Buy this piece of vile sick art and be obliterated!  – Dale

Web = http://artcon.rutgers.edu/artists/say10/dom.html (See addy elsewhere)  




Holy Wrath” 2012 CD

(Abyss Records)


Ehh…Latvia's Diseim are ok, but not what I was expecting. I'm not sure if my expectations were too high but I've listened to "Holy Wrath" about 3 times and just can't get into it. Boring and bland death metal that really doesn’t really stand out, there are some doomish parts but that really can't help the bands sound. Maybe on the next release Diseim will have a better standing of musicianship or musical direction. Personally I'd say pass on this and grab yourself one of Abyss Records many other great releases there are available.  - Patrick 

http://www.myspace.com/diseim  http://www.officialabyssrecords.com/  





“Visions Of Death” 2010 CD

(Hells Headbangers)


The Visions of Death, was apparently originally scheduled for release on Reaper Metal Records. But subsequently was, due to reasons I do not know, handed over to the capable hands of Hells Headbangers. This album, for me is a very entertaining listen. For me, it brings back memories of my early days in the UG and just before that. You know the very late 80s and early 90s, there was that link between thrash and what would become brutal death metal. You would call the style death metal, but there were definite signs of the bands thrash metal roots. When I think of that time and when I listen to Disfigured Dead, it immediately brings to mind bands from that time like Death, Autopsy, Repulsion, Nihilist, Slaughter, Immortal Fate and the like. It is obvious that is what Disfigured are going for and are not ashamed to wear their influences on their sleeves. This is what they are, take it or leave it. That is what you can expect a relentless death thrash attack, replete with Scream Bloody Gore vocals and pubescent gore lyrics. There is definitely nothing groundbreaking, but I still fucking love it. As I said it is was a fun listen to be sure and I banged my head a time or two.  – Dale

http://www.myspace.com/disfigureddeaddeathmetal   http://www.hellsheadbangers.com/




“Soul Rot” 2013 MCD

(Boris Records)


Atlanta’s Disfigurement, a young band that is hitting the underground scene running. I was pretty quickly taken, by this impressive five song ep, which features a maturity and control in the songwriting that seems beyond this bands two year existence. Despite what the band name may conjure up in some peoples minds, this is not mindless bludgeoning, there is bludgeoning to be had, but there is a lot more nuance and intricacy here than just that. The brutality and growl are sewn together, with some subtle refinement, which serves as superb atmosphere, as well as punctuating the brutality and in turn, giving it more meaning and effect. The drumming is controlled chaos excellence, alternatively providing the backbone and jumping in to stir up the insanity when called for. There are brief flittering moments, but there are times when I hear doom influence in some of the guitar parts, which mix surprisingly well with their highly contrasting main sound. That may be something the band may want to explore further in the future. The vocals are a two pronged affair, with the higher, slightly nasal rough yelled growling and the deep, frightening, menacing growl, which sounds pretty killer in tandem. I don’t know, if I can say much else except this is a great ep / mini-album, that needs your attention. I am looking forward to hearing more Disfigurement!  - Dale

http://www.reverbnation.com/disfigurement   http://www.boris-records.com/   




“Violently Expunged” 2019 CD

(Lord Of The Sick Recordings)


This is a bull-dozering brutal death metal record along the lines of old Regurgitation, Disgorge, or Lividity, but of course with their own little twist on the genre with some modern technique and recording. I won’t tell you that it will floor you with originality, or destroy your will to live with ridiculous technical prowess, or is unlike anything you’ve ever heard. No, this one is just a straight up sledgehammer to the face, and it brings the pain hard, fast, and repeatedly. The vocals are guttural but thankfully save us the pig squeals and instead stay low and sick the entire album. The drums are a whirlwind and when combined with the guitars that are tuned all the way down to sewer the effect is hypnotic and crushing. It really is a wall of sound approach, and I would imagine it could be tough to hear all the instruments on stage if there’s a shitty sound engineer! You can pretty much judge this one by its cover, but in this case it really isn’t a bad thing. I’m always looking for bands in this style, especially bands that check all the boxes and add something new to it. DA does that, and it’s a step above their last release on all fronts. I will be waiting to see what these guys do next. Keep an eye on the label, too, if you like brutal death metal - Lord of the Sick Recordings brings it almost every time.  – Andrew Parrish

https://www.facebook.com/disgruntledanthropophagi    http://lordofthesick.com/        




“The Past Is Alive” 1998 CD

(Necropolis Records)


I was sent a review of this, by C.A. writer, Jeffrey Kusbel, my apologies to him for not printing his review here. I have a disturbing story to tell you about. Besides the fact that all of my dealings in the past with Necropolis Records (and Necropolis ‘zine before the label formed) were either negative or just non-existent as they never wrote back a number of times, even after I sent I.R.C’s to them. I won’t bother to mention his name (but it should be easy to figure out from my past issues who I am close friends with that has a label & ‘zine) but I was talking to him on the phone and I greatly respect this person. He is a longtime underground supporter (back into the mid-80’s!) and I trust his word 100% as he is no shit talker. Well, this gentleman told me a story he about his dealings with Necropolis. It started with him ordering a vinyl version of a Nifelheim album - he was returned his money in the form of a credit slip and no explanation. So he sent back the credit slip to Necropolis with a flyer he kept that the label themselves had put out and he circled where it said “Vinyl LP version now available”. They once again returned his credit slip again with no explanation. Pissed by now my friend sent back the credit slip once again and said “Just send me the CD”. As a side note here each time he wrote, he put flyers for his label and ‘zine in each letter to them. Then and here is the kicker, FINALLY sent him what he asked for the, which was the CD. The package had lots of padding in it, THE STUFFING AROUND THE CD WAS THIS DEDICATED GENTLEMAN’S LABEL/’ZINE FLYERS ALL SHREDDED UP INTO PIECES!!! Beware of Necropolis they don’t care about you or the scene, only themselves and the money they can take from you! There will be no support from this mag to Necropolis. They can just FUCK OFF!  – Dale




“Into The Nebula” 2016 CD

(Metalism Records)


Distant Sun comes out of Russia presenting their sophomore album for perusal. The band play power metal, with touches of thrash influence flittering in and out, here and there. They are clearly skilled musicians, capable of creating some good riffs and nuanced emotive and introspective guitar parts, as well as some solid lead guitar and fill work. Within this framework, you will find that melodies abound, which are often of the bright, bouncy and happy variety. I must admit I am not always the biggest fan of what they consider the new power metal sound (which for me is veering off what old goats like me considered power metal back in the day), but I find newer power metal is at it’s least desirable to this listener when the melodies are on the happy and lighter side. Though I will admit at other times, I am saved, as now and then they mix in heavier thrash elements that remind me of Annihilator or Iced Earth. An example of this is in the middle section of probably my most liked track on the album, entitled “Andromeda”, where it really picks up the song and gives it some guts and much needed sandpaper. It is during these moments, and sections, Distant Sun are at their best, unfortunately those cool thrash moments are too few for me. I would say some of the more clear influences I can hear are from bands like Blind Guardian, Angra, Gamma Ray, and Running Wild during their “Victory” period. The vocalist, kind of sounds like a mix between middle-era (Load / Re-Load) James Hetfield, and Dave Mustaine, mixed together, which at times works and other times just did not work for me. The pronunciation of the vocalist, much like the overall musical compositions themselves, seems over thought, too forced and lacking a certain needed flow. It is a mixed bag for me, some stuff is brilliant, while other elements I would be okay with deleting from their sound altogether and going back to the drawing board haha. Despite that, I could see a fair number of newer power metal style fans, who also like a little thrash getting into this more than I did.  - Dale 

https://www.facebook.com/distantsunband    http://metalism.net/       




“Strange Passions” 2018 MCD

(Iron Bonehead Productions)


This is a new young band coming out of Detroit, Michigan. Earlier this year the band released their debut demo, but now they present to us their first label offering and what an excellent label they have already landed on so quickly! There are six songs on this mini-album, consisting of well executed and performed black metal that praises old black metal and it’s early traditions. Yes, it is black metal intertwined with influences of old heavy metal and thrash where you can hear some direct reverence of the early masters like Venom, early Bathory, early Mayhem and a little Master’s Hammer thrown in for good measure. The vocals are a nice mix old style gruff growls and screams that fit the bands dark malevolent music perfectly. The evil music flows along mainly with mid pace passages, but things do speed to a quicker pace at times throughout infectiously good release. I can not help but strongly suggest you pick this up, if you are a fellow die hard of the early days of the black metal then you should pick up a copy of ‘Strange Passions’ today.  - Patrick

https://divineecstasy.bandcamp.com    http://www.ironbonehead.de          




“Redemption” 1998 CD

(Olympic Records)


You just mix up Deicide (hello Glen Benton vocals) and Repulsion with a small dash of original spice and you have Divine Empire. Extremely heavy and ploughing death metal, that is well played and comes with a nice production. Not ground breaking but a damn good listen and I like it.  – Dale

Olympic Records, P.O. Box 7217, Elgin, IL. 60121, USA  




“When Karma Comes Calling” 2015 CD

(Heaven And Hell Records)


When I read the band name, it made me immediately think, oh this is going to be some generic thrash or metalcore. I can happily report, it is absolutely nothing remotely like that whatsoever. Dogbane play, spirited heavy metal, in the late 70s/early 80s NWOBHM tradition, but mix it with a pinch of old school doom metal. The vocals tend to lend themselves, more to the old heavy metal ways, than doom. Which, I am sure will grate on some people’s nerves, but I dig that style of vocals, now granted, there are moments on here where the doom element is stronger, and they do not fit as well, as they do on the old heavy metal mainstay. They know how to rock and write some good riffs, and arrange the songs to create some good emotional atmosphere, at times, before eventually kicking things back up for a good headbang. I could see fans of bands like Manilla Road, Witchfinder General, Cirith Ungol, Angel Witch, Savage, Liege Lord etc… really getting into this band. So, if you are a fan of those bands, just ignore that awful band name and listen to the great music!  - Dale

https://www.reverbnation.com/Dogbane   http://www.heavenandhellrecords.com/blog/      




“Dogs Of Scum” 2019 Cassette EP

(Doomday’s Today Records)


Dogs of Scum are just a straight up raunchy hard rock / metal band (maybe with a hint of hardcore) that has a good time with their metal, and love to party and just live up to the name of the band. The first song is entitled “A Tsunami Named Peter North”, for those who are not aficionados like me of ‘80s & ‘90s porn, North was a porn star known for shooting massive loads of cum that just seemed to keep on coming and coming haha. Some other songs, to give you a vibe of the atmosphere and attitude of the name and the music are ones like “Secaucus Sucks”, “Drugs, Booze & Fast Food”, “The Smell Of Sodomy” etc… You get the idea, definitely nothing too serious. Their attitude and a little of the music reminds me of Gang Green, who I like a lot, but these guys are a little more bravado metal and less punk and skateboarding than a band like Gang Green. The vocals are clear gruff, slightly growled sorta tough guy sounding vocals, a little along the lines of ANTiSEEN or something. They even do an acoustic cover of GG Allin’s classic song “Guns, Bitches, Brawls & Bottles”, which is pretty cool, they even sing the vocals in GG style vocals. I like that though I did not find it so cool that they do not list it as a cover or credit GG anywhere on the tape itself or on the packaging. Hopefully that is just an oversight and not the band trying to pass it off as their own to those that might not know any better. It was an enjoyable cover though for sure. The music is mostly slower to middle paced, punctuated with the odd brief speedy section, as the music kind of caters a lot to what is going on in the vocals/lyrics which are often catchy with choruses ala Macabre or similar bands. It is generally some pretty good stuff that I enjoyed and this is a different release to what I usually get in for review and a nice change of pace for me. If you do like different shit like GG Allin, ANTiSEEN, Macabre, The Mentors, Eat My Fuk, Dayglo Abortions etc… Then you will probably dig the 18 minutes of sleaze and depravity on this tape. It comes on a nice pro pressed piss yellow tape. Feel free to send orders of physical copies of this tape to either of the following: Doomsday Today Records, Eternal Darkness Creations, c/o Keith Dempe, PO Box 268, Coraopolis, PA. 15108 and also thru Ralph's Records, c/o Doug Stapp, 3322 82nd St., Lubbock, TX. 79423 USA  - Dale 

https://myspace.com/dogsofscum    http://www.RalphsRecordsTX.com       




“Heartless / Poison Apple” 2018 Cassette EP

(Doomday’s Today Records)


I am not even sure what genre you would say Dolores plays within, but I did dabble with a few Power Violence bands (ala Man Is The Bastard, Capitalist Casualties, Crossed Out, Black Army Jacket, Charles Bronson etc…) back in the mid to late ‘90s and listened to them back then, but not much since as it never grabbed me enough to keep up with that scene. I might say that is where I would place Dolores, it has some Sludge similarities too for sure, but Power Violence is a more apt descriptor to give readers an idea to know what they might be getting into if they ordered this. Dolores plays a lot of chunky, heavy, slow to middle paced riffs that seem like a series of calm before the storm sections strung together into a song. This formula of the more brooding emotive bits lead into bursts of raw, scathing angry screeching half sung/half spoken vocals which largely makes up the staple of the Dolores sound. This is pretty some pretty solid shit in this kind of niche sub-genre, it would be worth checking out for most extreme metal fanatics, but it may be more of an acquired taste for those types. But devotees of Powerviolence would be the ones that can really appreciate this band.  Feel free to send orders of physical copies of this tape to either of the following: Doomsday Today Records, Eternal Darkness Creations, c/o Keith Dempe, PO Box 268, Coraopolis, PA. 15108 and also thru Ralph's Records, c/o Doug Stapp, 3322 82nd St., Lubbock, TX. 79423 USA  - Dale 





“Ödelagt” 2017 CD

(Carnal Records)


The infamous Swedish black metal band Domgård are back, after a five year absence, presenting their third album "Ödelagt". The band formed back in 1997, soon afterwards became notorious in the scene and outside of it, when nearly the whole band were imprisoned for arson after burning down a number of churches. Their sentences ranged from 2 ½ to 5 years each in prison. The singer, a couple years after his five years in prison ended, took his own tumultuous life when he hung himself from a bridge. So, as you can see not even counting the music, the band has quite the turbulent and chaotic history. I am not sure what brought on the five year gap between albums, but Domgård have stormed back on to the scene with an excellent hour long album. The music on here is surely rooted and steeped, as you may expect, with the early ‘90s Scandinavian black metal sound and tradition. Anyone who knows me well enough knows I am a sucker for this time period in bm and this sound. Domgård use that sound as their base at all times, but are actually more imaginative as far as using time changes, structuring and the odd eccentric elements (while still employing traditional instrumentation) than your usual second wave of black metal band would venture to do. They also incorporate some small viking metal type tropes with some cleaner gang sung choruses and musical nuances. As well, this is not new or different, but I also hear some moderate Celtic Frost influence such as you might hear on some Dark Throne releases ala “Panzerfaust”, though not overly pronounced or over used. No, in fact, despite the frost dripped black metal hate and darkness clearly present, this ends up being a moody, somewhat atmosphere driven record at times. This is partly due to the epic sixteen minute second to last song entitled “Förgånget”, as well as album closer “Ødhe Vi”. All in all, they furthered their malevolent legacy, by delivering a strong, multi-faceted yet decidedly dark and evil sounding black metal record that is worth your time.  - Dale

https://www.facebook.com/DOMGARD    http://www.carnalrecords.com/          




“Black Heart” 2015 CD

(Greyhaze Records)


Doomsday Ceremony is a band from Brazil that play a nice mix of early black metal and traditional heavy metal. The songs are written very well, with a mix of both fast played guitars, and some very well done mid paced sections. The guitarist also plays writes and performs excellent solos in a few of the songs. The drumming has a diverse range in the beats, ranging middle paced to a faster, which cycles back and forth throughout each song. The vocals are a mix of clean vocal patterns, and some well done old school black metal screams, along with some talking sections. If you are a fan of old school black metal, and traditional heavy metal, then be sure to add Doomsday Ceremony to your collection.  - Patrick 

https://www.facebook.com/DoomsdayCeremony/    http://www.cogumelo.com/pt/        




Package Round Up 1

(Doomsday’s Today Records)


Joe Buck Yourself “Devil Is On His Way” + “Demon In My Head” Cassette I did not know anything about Joe Buck going into this review, he apparently has been doing this a long time, a notable item with him is he is or has been the upright bass player for Hank Williams III (as well as other bands like Ass Jack & The Legendary Shake Shakers). These two tapes are basically re-releases of 3 or 4 different cd releases, put out back in the years 2004, 2007 & 2008 for a total of 25 songs combined, so essentially each tape is a full-length albums worth of material. I seen this online described as punk and country mixed together, which sounds like a terrible idea to me, so I was pretty apprehensive (expected to hate it to be honest) entering into this review. I am pleased to report what is on here I would not call punk or country, at all, maybe some punk attitude there, but not musically. This first tape is some moody, but catchy and memorable rock music that is very stripped down, like just a guitar, a kick drum and mic to sing into. I don’t know much about this particular sub-genre, but at a guess, maybe you could call a pessimistic and raunchy contemporary Rockabilly music? As mentioned, it is really simple, stripped down music, but they do sometimes say less is more. This is definitely not my kind of music that I would listen to probably rarely, if ever, but I will admit I liked some of the attitude and the guy does write some catchy, memorable songs and lyrics that will probably stick in your head. I will let you decide if that is a good thing or a bad thing haha. If you are the open minded type musically and like stuff similar to hard Rockabilly then you will dig this, but if you are looking for metal or anything musically extreme (though the guitar in the newer “Demon” material is a little heavier & distorted you could say) then move along son. As always, with all Doomsday releases the cassettes and packaging are pro pressed and quality printed.
Spoiled Humanic Waste “Broken Hate Addict” Cassette So you know how you read reviews all the time that say things like I can’t believe this is a one man band, or you would never know this is a one man band, it is so well done and complete sounding? Well, this release is the opposite of that, this is a one man band and it sounds like one, painfully so to honest. It is very sloppy, confused sounding, all the parts in the songs vaguely sound like they do not belong together and are not even trying to perform the same song. The songs do not just sound sloppy, but they are played really sloppy and kind of sound improvised on the spot, but I do not think they were, at all. Having said that, surprisingly to me in a sort of Venusian Death Cell sort of fashion they have a certain charm to them, like they are so bad that they are good and slightly addictive to listen to in a weird way. One of the strongest elements is the almost constant raw, fuzzy, indecipherable caustic yelling vocals, it is almost like they are the main instrument and also the tightest performance on here. It is bad, don’t say I did not warn you it is bad, but it still has a charm to it that eventually turns into monotony as it goes on for too long. I know I have not described the style played on here, not sure what you would call it, like distorted noise/crust style music or something maybe? This release and the two Joe Buck tapes, as well as all Doomsday’s Today Records releases are available through Ralph’s Records (info at end of review) as well as Eternal Darkness Creations at c/o Keith Dempe, P.O. Box 268, Coraopolis, PA. 15108, USA.  ***Just an update on Doomsday here, they have lots of things in the cooker due out soon from bands like Static Of Masses, Zothgorgven, Ov Blood And Mockery etc…***
Finger Of God “Release The Wolves” CD Oh my, this is a huge contrast to the Spoiled Humanic Waste tape I just reviewed, the recording, playing and song writing are on such a higher quality level that there is absolutely no comparison. I have been getting a ton of releases lately it seems that are re-releases of old material, but this is not even a re-release, it is an old release, as it came out it appears nearly a decade and a half ago?!! But I guess it is still available so... I tried as many google searches as I could as I figured if it has been out this long there must be old reviews, chatter, promo, a website or something for the band, but I could not find a single word about them in any searches, which is really amazing and strange to me. But anyway, F.O.G. write songs that range from 7-9+ minutes each, for a totally of about forty minutes of music. It is kind of sparse, winding music that usually centers on what is usually a pretty killer riff that changes up here and there, to keep the interest up, as the long songs do create an enjoyable soundscape that includes somewhat subdued but tasteful drumming that supports the rolling continuous riff well. This album is almost entirely instrumental, there are some exceedingly sparingly used spoken word bits here and there kept obscured and laid back. This is some pretty good metal music, to just sit back, chill and let your mind wander through the bands satisfying slightly doomy audio ambience.

Doug Stapp “Static” CD So I tried, like Finger Of God above, to do online sleuthing to try to find anything I could on this band, as the website listed on the disc is no more apparently. But unlike Finger Of God, I did find a couple hits this time, not a lot, but at least there is something to find and go on. I did already know coming in that Doug Stapp owns a big new & used record store, in Texas, called Ralph’s Records (why not Doug’s Records, not sure but I am sure there is a good reason for it J). Cheers to Doug for keeping the physical formats alive and well. This release is even older than the one above having been released nearly 20 years ago, but like the one above it is apparently still very much available for purchase on line and in store. This is an instrumental guitar shredder record, nothing against it, but I have never been a big fan of guitar shredder albums they are fun to watch play on stage, but on record it does not float my boat so much. Having said that, it is clear that Doug is a killer guitar player! Also, one thing I did like is Doug (and his backing band) do keep a semblance of actual song and song flow, which for me makes the actual guitar shredding more enjoyable and impactful, helping keep it from coming off as just mindless guitar wanking, which gets old fast. So, kudos there to Doug for that, also for the tasteful overall performance on here. He even in one song, every now and then, he pulls out a Nugent “Cat Scratch Fever” riff, briefly popping in and out which I got a kick out of. The music itself is rather diverse going from just fun silly numbers, to heavy songs that shred it up, to introspective and moody songs. It really shows Doug’s range of skills, both in his playing and song writing. Again, it is not my thing, but if you like diverse music and dig shredding then you are sure to like this quality album. This guy deserves to be better known among shred fans for sure. Inquire at (this Stapp disc and Finger Of God above online (link below) and are available in store for $6 a piece at): Ralph's Records, c/o Doug Stapp, 3322 82nd St., Lubbock, TX. 79423 USA  - Dale 

http://www.RalphsRecordsTX.com    https://www.facebook.com/dougstapp       




Package Round Up 2

(Doomsday’s Today Records)


A Hanging “Food For Rats” Cassette EP A Hanging on this ep reminds me both musically and definitely vocally of The Accüsed (who I am a big fan of). Like The Accüsed they have their roots in thrash metal the most, but other influences creep in (heavy metal & hardcore). Despite the thrash influences their material is generally slower to mid paced with the odd little speed run. No, they are not as good as The Accüsed, not quite as insane, not quite as intricate musically, but all the same I enjoyed this tape.
Spoiled Humanic Waste “Broken Hate Addict” Cassette Album Another release by this one man band to be reviewed in the pages of Canadian Assault. From what I remember of the previous release I reviewed, this is actually a slight step up in recording quality (and I generally like raw, low-fi recordings more often than not). But I am not sure that is saying a whole lot. It still sounds like someone who has not really learned how to play guitar yet, but is still doing his best to go through the motions and sound as close as possible to someone who does know how to play, at even a very moderate level. This is not what I would call good, but all the same the part I liked most is the raw, fuzzy, indecipherable caustic yelling vocals. They have a certain charm to them in their repetitive nature. For me, this enters the so bad it is almost good territory, yet I can only listen so long before it starts to become an overall grating listening experience for me.
Zogthorgven “Zogthorgven” Cassette Album I am not sure what to say about this band / project. I will give them this, on the positive side, with a very minimalist type of approach they do manage to create some affecting atmospheres. Not that that means I am necessarily a fan of it. I could see this as being the result of a band mixing Marilyn Manson and Nine Inch Nails, but were told by a big name studio it is a soundtrack for a suspense / Scifi style movie, so it is has to be commercial and palatable enough to be easily accepted by a wide audience. This is not so much my sort of thing, and I did not enjoy it, but I could see this having some appeal out there among a wider audience.

...Ov Blood & Mockery "Heaven​.​.​. Eternal​.​.​. Damnation​.​.​." Cassette EP This band features members of Static Of Masses, Invertia and Nihilistic Outlaw Criminal Order. Ov Blood & Mockery play slow and plodding bass guitar heavy doom metal with a lot of samples, as well as a healthy sprinkling of synth and industrial music ingredients. They do an interesting and good Crowbar cover song on here. It may be a tried & true mix of styles, but I must say this band creates something with that gives off an own dark vibe. Despite me not listening to this type of music a lot, I found myself appreciating this more than I would have ever guessed I would.

Doug Stapp “The Earth Says Hello” Cassette Album I reviewed Doug’s other old solo album “Static” a while back. This tape is a re-release of another of his past albums, this one was released, near as I can tell back in 2006. Doug is a world class guitarist, really I am not a huge shred guitarist fan, but this guy should be listed in the same breath as some of the shred heroes like Marty Friedman, Ted Nugent, Satriani, Steve Morse, Tony McAlpine etc… I would like to say to others that are not necessarily big shred fans or die hards that Doug writes songs that shred, yes, but he also writes actual metal songs with a flow and style that any metal fan could get into. This album stylistically is probably a little less adventurous and more hard rock / metal based than “Static”, while his chops and style range were impressive on that record, I think I enjoyed this album more than that one for it’s overall cohesiveness and flow. If you like guitar shredding and actual listenable songs then I recommend you pick up this top quality instrumental album.  - Dale

Doomsday’s Today Records releases are available through Eternal Darkness Creations at c/o Keith Dempe, P.O. Box 268, Coraopolis, PA. 15108, USA or in person at Ralph's Records, c/o Doug Stapp, 3322 82nd St., Lubbock, TX. 79423 USA dougstapp@gmail.com 

http://www.RalphsRecordsTX.com    https://doomsdaystodayrecords.bandcamp.com/       




“The Endless Howling Abyss” 2018 MCD & Cassette EP

(Craneo Negro Records / Nameless Grave Records)


Draghkar comes out of the Californian death metal scene with a brand new ep. ‘The Endless Howling Abyss’ is played and written in the same vein as the bands previous ep and split ep release. The guitar work is played with tremendous skill and puts on display some excellent writing ability. The guitars are mainly played in the semi fast range, but do slow down to a more heavier middle paced guitar style and tone within a few of the songs. The vocals are gruff and raw death metal growls that fit the bands music perfectly. If you are a fan of Draghkar’s previous couple of releases then do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of ‘The Endless Howling Abyss’ as soon as possible.  - Patrick 

https://www.facebook.com/DraghkarBand    https://www.facebook.com/ixcraneonegroxi       




“Let Draka / The Flight Of The Dragon” 2011 Double CD

(I Hate Records)


I must confess I missed this band the first time when they were around, and had not even heard of them. I am little sad about that fact – I wish I heard them decades ago. I am able to find little information on this band, they are from the Czech Republic (the second I heard the vocals I already knew this, more on that later), and this particular release was originally set loose on the world way back in 1990. I think it would be fair to call them a slower paced thrash metal band with a lot of old heavy metal influence. Their sound though is so distinct, instant classic sounding, and the odd quirky speed of the songs makes it sound so cool and it just sticks in your head. There are some superb guitar leads and fills and they really help round out the songs without sounding like a wank at all. Now back to the vocals. The second I heard them and the phrasing of the words, I knew these guys were Czech. It often reminds me to the cleaner, dark sounding parts from the legendary Czech band Root. I worship Root and am fully obsessed with their vocals delivered via the talented Big Boss. I can not get enough of the vocals on this album. The fact that it is all backed with wonderful, classic sounding songs only further takes this record to elite levels in my view. The only track I do not like on here is the one with the English chorus called “Crazy Boy”, it is a more upbeat happy sounding song than the other material, but the English sung vocals are horrible and ruin the song. Apparently this is limited to only 500 copies. A magnificent record and I am thrilled I have finally found this at after missing out for all these years. I consider myself lucky to have a copy and I am also happy I got the Czech language sung version. The two disc in case you wondered are the Czech and English versions apparently.  – Dale 

http://www.drakar-metal.eu/  http://www.ihate.se/   





“Celebrating Five Years Of Violence” 1998 CD

(Wild Rags!)


I’ve known of these crusty fuckers for a while, but the only material I have by them is was their ’92 demo and ’96 split 7” w/Morticite. I thought they were decent but nothing special. After hearing this new killer release I would have to say they are one of the best grind bands in the US. This is a really interesting album in that it spans their career but most of the old songs have been re-recorded for this and thus the production throughout is pretty even. In all there are 29 tracks of ‘explicit grind’ for over 60 minutes for us freaky mothers to writhe to. Drogheda really like straight-ahead ball busting grind as evidenced on tracks like “Terror, Fucking Terror”, “Stygian Nightmare” and “Clean Up The Chunks”. Then there is another side to the madness where they mix traditional sounding catchy metal riffs and structures with their trademark grinding with good results. Great garage band grindcore, I mean they are no Venom but what do you expect!?  – Dale




“7th” 2018 CD

(Greyhaze Records)


This is my first encounter with Drowned. The band does a great job of combining old school death metal, heavy metal and even some elements of thrash intertwined within their sound. That is an unusually short, and to the point album title, which features eleven tracks of straight forward heavy metal. The guitarist has a talent for knowing how to write and create some memorable passages. The guitars are mainly played in the mid paced heavy style, with some faster interludes punching in and out throughout the album. The vocals are mainly a mix of raw screams, even with some growls being used in some of the songs, as well as a smattering of clean singing employed throughout the recording. This is a solid release for fans of old school heavy metal that do not mind some early death and thrash elements mixed in on this unique release.  - Patrick 

https://www.facebook.com/DrownedMetal    https://www.greyhazerecords.com       




“Grotesque Offerings” 2018 CD

(Hells Headbangers)


Druid Lord are finally back, I am not sure what caused the long delay (five years since the last EP and eight years since the debut album), but was it worth the wait, let’s find out. For those unfamiliar, with this Floridian band, they play death doom and have been doing so since 2010. But the members, especially guitarist Pete Slate & bassist/vocalist Tony Blakk, have been in some excellent bands mostly together for a very long time. We are talking all the way back to the start of the 1990s with bands like Acheron and Equinox. This is a little indulgent geek out moment, for me, but Pete Slate was the main guitarist for one of my all-fucking-time favourite albums with Acheron’s “Rites Of The Black Mass”, released way back in 1992. I have always liked Acheron, but in my opinion, that was their best release and their sound changed a bit after that, which I now wonder if it was due to the departure of Slate, as I hear some underlying “Rites…” masterful guitar sounds/tones on here. Okay, sorry, now back to the album at hand. It is a record that is a depraved mix of crushing sinister doom as it’s foundation, upon that foundation are building blocks of straight up brutal death metal. There are some extremely well done and tasteful elements, more accents of old school ’80s heavy metal (ala Omen, Witchfinder General, Satan, Lucifer’s Friend etc..) in the guitars, along with some nice fills and soloing that almost seem like they should not belong in this music. But those elements are so seamlessly woven into the into the death doom maelstrom, that it becomes hard to imagine this music without them. As far as the death and doooom influences I hear things like old Celtic Frost, Winter, early Autopsy, early Paradise Lost, Goatlord, Grave, Necrovore all combined in a very brutal and filthy fashion. Yes, it is as cool as those descriptions sound; the atmosphere this creates is extremely moody, haunting and suffocating in a damn good way. The vocals are good extremely decipherable growls, which are half sung / half almost spoken word, they add to the creepy vibe and compliment the cruel gloomy music so nicely. The lyrics and various movie audio clips are interlaced smoothly into the music, serving as a sort of love letter to some of the old great evil and degenerate 1970s exploitation and horror B movies upholding another old metal tradition. If you can not tell, the verdict is yes! This was worth the wait, and yes, it is damn good and you should check it out if you love brutal death/doom with some heavy metal touches. Here is to hoping the wait for the next release will be much shorter!  - Dale

https://www.facebook.com/DruidDeathCult/    https://shop-hellsheadbangers.com/         




“Horns Of The Wasted” 2010 MCD

(Hells Headbangers)


Now how can you not get a kick out of a band with members who go by monikers like Gaylord Shemale, Bitchy Rockmore and Alcoholic Sperm?! They also claim they are “Too metal for punk and too punk for metal” – that sounds about right and also sounds like something I would like. I did not look at the running time but I would guess it barely hits the twenty minute mark. Drunken Bastards deliver like they promise, adult beverage soaked raunchy speed metal ala Cryptic Slaughter, Gang Green mixed Agnostic Front and some crazy other bands that are on the tip of my tongue right now but will not come out. These boys just rage full speed ahead on every song with some nasty heavy riffs that are catchy and sound cool as hell with the rapid fire drums and gang shouted vocals back ups. Yeah I really dig this. But I have always dug bands like this. Some metal purists might not. How can you go wrong with song titles like Drink With Satan, Baptized In Speed And Blood and Posercrusher. These Hungarians are right twisted.  - Dale

http://www.myspace.com/drunkenbastard666  http://www.hellsheadbangers.com/