“Haunted Mausoleum” Casssette EP

(Caligari Records)

This is the solo project of drummer Yianni Tranxidis (GOG, ex-Black Mass, ex-Garroted), he enlisted some musicians from those bands and the vocalist of Morgued. The result is 3 songs & 17 minutes of good classic death metal that draws influences from old bands out of the Canadian, US and Swedish scenes to my ear. The vocals superbly growl out of some haunting horrific lyrics over some killer songs and equally matched musicianship.  - Dale



“Y.a.HW.e.H” CD & LP

(Osmose Productions)

I have to admit surprisingly to never having heard of this French band despite them having been around 16 years now. From the band name thought they might be a joke band yet to my surprise they play simple, but enjoyably harsh and evil second wave (with dashes of the first) black metal. It reminds me of a little of a raunchier, rougher crazed style similar to mixing Immortal on “Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism” with early Burzum.  - Dale




“Raw Materials Of Decay” CD, LP & Cassette

(Extremely Rotten Productions & Headsplit Records)

Hemorrhoid from Oregon features members of cool bands like Nekro Drunkz, Hacksaw, Brain Rot, Cemetery Lust and Witchvomit. These guys play absolutely brutish, bullying and stream rolling dirty sewer death metal grind. I absolutely love this debut album from them. Fans of early Carcass, early Napalm Death, old Autopsy, General Surgery, Impetigo, Pig Destroyer and Terrorizer need to check this one out.   - Dale   



“Under Betlehems Brinnande Stjärna” CD, LP & MC

(Shadow Records & Regain Records)

A Swedish one man band with hidden identity. At 27 minutes this is a little too short to be called album. I do kind of love that they made the cover like an old cut ‘n paste UG flyer. Hinsides play very caustic olden demo tape days style tinny and low-fi raw black metal. But despite how raw it is there is some good work in the energetic and creative songwriting with some great cold rhythms and riffing. The vocals are those of a possessed demon!  - Dale



"Witch Of The Night" CD

(Plague Demon Records)

This is the third full length release from Washington's Hisemtuks Himi.N. The songs on the new release continue the bands established melodic black metal style. The guitars are played flawlessly with some fast paced skillful passages and songwriting. Usually I am not a fan of keyboards in the newer bands, but Nathen does a great job of creating and executing some well done keyboard passages. ‘Witch Of The Night’ is a masterpiece of melodic black metal, if you are a fan of this genre, do yourself a favor and pick up a copy today.   - Patrick   




“Towards Idiocracy” CD, LP & Cassette

(Xtreem Music)

Holycide hail from Spain and contain two members of the great death metal band Avulsed. However this is not death metal. These maniacs play classic, razor sharp riffed thrash metal that will shred your flesh. It is so good, every song is well crafted, filled amazing heavy riffs and you will headbang your ass off. The vocalist has a great vicious classic thrash gruff style, but with a little bit more evil, acidic edge that have slight hints death and black metal, but only slight. If you live for thrash metal you need to have this album.   - Dale   



"Beyond The Realms Obscure" CD

(Blasphemous Creations Of Hell)

Howling's second album features an intro and six tracks of brutal and uncompromising black metal. The music is extremely fast and chaotic like the past releases. Each of the songs are done with a crazed and chaotic musical style, but the music does add a cold atmosphere. The drums are blasting drum beats that are a fast and relentless assault on the listener. The vocals are brutal and harsh black metal screams that are intense in their delivery. This is a masterpiece of brutal, raw black metal that should not be missed.   - Patrick   




“The Great Pandemonium” CD & LP

(Hells Headbangers)

This band features two members that are currently or previously were in the Australian bands Nocturnal Graves and Denouncement Pyre. Hunters Moon produces a mix of old Scandinavian second wave black metal and harsh darkened Aussie death metal. The riffing on here is massive and the songwriting and playing are smooth and impressive.  - Dale



“(((Unholy)))” CD EP & 12'' EP

(Helter Skelter Productions / Regain Records)

Well, far out doom metal from fucking Malaysia, sweet! These two songs were recorded live, and it sounds like it, I mean that in a good way, it has a raw edge & it is heavy as lead. There is almost no vocals on these songs, the music is stripped down and simple, but the crushing classic doom rumble (with a small tinge of stoner fuzz) is satisfying for me. It is a cool mix of Saint Vitus, Electric Wizard, Sleep and lots of Black Sabbath. Only for real diehard doom fans IMO.  - Dale



“Undead... But Not Alive” Digipak CD

(Iron Blood And Death Corporation)

The Costa Rican band Insepulto has been releasing material (even if sparsely so) since 2010. This album is their third album, and the first release in the last eight years. This is a duo band and two those men are also in bands like Lacerate, Inanimate Flesh, Necrogod and Morbid Stench. The music on here is straight forward, not remarkable yet very enjoyable old school (1990s) heavy death metal some great slightly gurgled, acid tinged growls that I really like.   - Dale




“Dark Paths Of Humanity" CD, LP & Cassette

(Memento Mori Records / Fucking Kill Records / Godz Ov War Prod.)

You get eight tracks of heavy mid paced death metal that is crushing and intense. The musicians do speed to a faster pace at times and show off their aggressive side. The vocals are deep death metal growls that are powerful in their delivery and some gruff growls and screams are used in a few of the songs. This is a really promising debut that features some excellent musicianship in both the performance and delivery.  - Patrick



“Assim Na Terra Como No Inferno” CD, LP & Cassette

(Signal Rex)

Irae is a one man band that is a prolific band deeply entrenched in Portugal’s UG black metal scene. That man Vulturius is also in a number of other bands like Decayed, Morte Incandescente, Cunnilingus + more. Irae tends to stay in the mid-tempo range and this only enhances the gloomy and brooding evil aura that encompasses their music. There are bouts where they speed and his 2nd wave black metal side comes to violently play. The emotive & distinctive rasping vocals on here are great. Recommended.  - Dale




“Mount Of The Congregation" Digital Album

(Self Release)

Just finished reviewing a split of Greek bm bands, by random coincidence up next is Karma Violens is also from Greece. These guys are very different though, playing more modern really riff-y dark deathrash metal. I like some of the haunting background accents. If I am being honest this is a little over produced for my tastes, and the riffing at times borders on metalcore, which I dislike. These guys are talented and the music well put together in it’s own clean, antiseptic and non-organic way.  - Dale



“Summoning Of Our Lord Lucifer" CD

(Blasphemous Creations Of Hell Records)

Coming out of Oregon's black metal scene is the solo project playing raw, satanic black metal. This is the debut album featuring nine tracks of cold and destructive black metal. For the most part the music is in mid paced range, and that is played with a lot of talent. Things do speed up for a faster more aggressive pace throughout. The vocals are a mix of a whispering type of vocals with some harsh black metal screams and chants on this recording. Kirth Roth plays an interesting and original style of black metal.  - Patrick



“A Witches Last Hour” CD

(Blasphemous Creations Of Hell Rec./Plague Demon Rec.)

Oregon's one woman black metal project returns with her second full length. ‘A Witches Last Hour’ is seven tracks of satanic, raw mid paced black metal with a cold atmosphere. The guitars do speed up to a faster pace in a few of the songs. Both the fast and mid pace guitar passages are done with intensity and skillful writing. The vocals are whispering type of clean vocals and some raw raspy black metal screams. Both vocal styles fit the music perfectly. If you are a of fan intense, raw bm then I highly recommend this release.   - Patrick




“All The Rats” CD & LP

(Metalville Records)

As you know I don’t review a ton of hardcore punk stuff. But when it is good, fast and/or heavy I am there for it. Kings play speedy and memorable hardcore with infectious mean sounding choruses. There is even some ripping metal riffs and brief guitar fills. The vocals are fucking top shelf hc vocals from hell. I think fans of the metal parts of earlier Biohazard mixed with stuff like Madball, Cro-Mags, DRI, Sick Of It All etc… will dig this.   - Dale 



“Demo 2022, Demo 2019 & Teurastamo EP” Pro CD-R

(Visceral Circuitry Records)

I had never heard of this Finnish band before, but it appears they have been releasing music for a decade now. The music on here is a wild, violent, high energy and pissed off sounding hardcore punk music that is mixed hints of grindcore. The songs are good, always fast and driving with some catchy tempo variations. The vocals are classic hardcore punk with some crazy screeching and inflections that remind me slightly to The Accüsed vox. Check it out if that sort of thing is for you.   - Dale  



“Matka Kohti Kosmista” CD, LP & Cassette

(Signal Rex)

Kratti is a young band from Finland that is now presenting their debut album. They are moving quickly, having made their first demo last year and now straight to this. The debut is raw and evil as fuck black metal in the early ‘90s second wave tradition. It is so well done though, they really capture that old freezing spirit of early Darkthrone and Immortal, but with a strong rhythmic foundation. The rasping vocals are hateful and remind to to the first works from vocalists like Varg Vikernes & Abbath. I enjoyed this.   - Dale  




“Funeral Winds & Crimson Sky” CD & LP

(Osmose Productions)

This Slovakian band is made up of members of Malokarpatan, Remmirath and Algor. If you worship early ‘90s black metal that was a mix of first and second wave bm and the earlier works of bands like Necromantia, Mortuary Drape, Root, Master’s Hammer (especially them!) and can not get enough then you need to get your claws on this album as soon as possible.  - Dale 



“Sepulkral Dedikation” CD & LP


I am a long time admirer of the Swedish band Sorhin who date back to 1993 and still exist today apparently despite lying dormant for many years. I mention them because one half of that duo Mikael Österberg is behind this one man band. The sweeping black metal music of Lifvsleda invokes the feelings in me as a listener of an alternating duality of seething evil & gloomy melancholy. Österberg’s rasping vocals are in superbly malicious, dripping with black metal supremacy!  - Dale  




“The Gathering Of Souls Extremely” CD EP, 12'' EP & Cassette EP

(Rotten Productions)

Malformed is a young new Finnish band with a demo under their belts, they’ve gotten the attention of Denmark’s Rotten Productions, to spread their filth further into the UG scene. They produce extremely heavy & brutal death metal with some technical flourishes, and the odd tasty yet slightly manic guitar solos. The vocals are obscured and shady death growling with gurgling accents, and the combination works well. I think fans of Cryptopsy, Demilich, Gorguts and the like will dig this. A good young band to keep an eye upon.   - Dale   



“Merciless Storm” CD EP & 12'' EP

(Invictus Productions)

'Merciless Storm' is the latest EP from this Finnish band. This release contains four tracks of violent, uncompromising, and chaotic blackened death metal. The music is straight forward and effective. These guys have been releasing music since 2012, but they only had one demo and an EP in their first 8 years. They seem to be picking up steam as of late with a mini-album three years ago and now this EP. Fans of filthy old school death with bm touches should check this out.   - Patrick 




“Ensomhet (Shattered Memories From A Distant Past)” 12'' Split LP

(Inferna Profundus Records)

Mantiel create brooding, dismal and evil black metal drenched in a freezing atmosphere. I enjoy the ominously sinister toad croaking bm rasping vocals, they are really good and morbid sounding. The music reminds me of a mix of the early works of Burzum & Immortal. Despite the gloomy and creeping extended intro to start their side of the split. Wampyric Rites turn up the raucous speed & aggression with a cold bm assault, before returning on the following track with another slower atmospheric piece, and a lengthy cold synth outro. Solid split vinyl.  - Dale   



“Showdown” CD & LP

(Cruz Del Sur Music)

I often say I am not a big fan of melododeath, I find it waters down the dm & melodic metal equally. So, I have oft said if I want to listen to metal with lots of melody, I will just listen to heavy metal music instead. That is where bands like Mega Colossus come in, bursting at the seams with catchy melodic heavy metal and memorable songs with unforgettable choruses. If that is how you roll too, and dig bands like Manilla Road, Heavy Load, Riot, Brocas Helm etc… then you will likely dig this too.   - Dale




“Feuerwalze” CD, LP & Cassette

(Osmose Productions)

The lyrics throughout all their releases, this Californian band focuses on the horrors, gas attacks, death and destruction wrought across the entrenched battlefields of World War I. This is the WWI metallic soundtrack that is a wall of audio barbarity, and annihilation. Which should please fans of bands like Order From Chaos, Impiety, Marduk (“Panzer Division Marduk”), War, Axis Of Advance. Four albums already and I have only discovered them now, somehow.  - Dale



“Cold Are The Graves” CD & LP

(Nine Records)

Poland’s Monasterium on their 3rd album present some solid classic doom metal in the vein of Solitude Aeturnus, Solstice & Candlemass. Some old school heavy metal sequences pop up reminding me of Iron Maiden or old King Diamond musically. The vocals must be good for this style and they are here too, also reflecting the style / bands above. Recommended for doom hounds like me, but if you only dabble or like a few bands in this sub-genre you can find better.  - Dale   




“Ophidian Glare” CD, LP & Cassette

(Signal Rex & Bestial Burst)

This is a two label release of this Finnish bands second album. The triumvirate mix old black metal, more akin to the later end of the first wave of black metal, with doom elements. The sinister atmosphere Moon Oracle creates is very immersive; you can feel the evil and impending kismet close in on you. For me, this stripped down ritualistic music is fantastic. This will appeal to devotees of the early to mid ‘90s works of Mortuary Drape, Necromantia, Ancient Rites, Master’s Hammer, Root, Mystifier and the like.  - Dale  



“Lurking Into Absurdity” CD & LP

(Chaos Records)

The Italian horde Morbus Grave plays primordial death metal. Like the early days when death metal bands had some thrash remnants yet were clearly doing something new & different. The excellent stripped down, but driving heavy material on here really brings feelings of reminiscence and enjoyment to an old tape trading goat like me. Wroshippers of Possessed, Slaughter, Repulsion, Impetigo, Autopsy, Massacre, Nunslaughter and the like. This is for you.  - Dale 




"Pejabat Bangsat" Demo Cassette

(Nekrassious Tapes)

Nar is a brand new band band from Indonesia. They may be new, but their style of brutalizing death metal is anything but. This band produces punishing, barbaric and crushing fast music intended to grind you into the dirt. The vocalist has some killer, dominating death growls that roil and churn with the anger of a caged beast. This EP has four songs of old school, embryonic dm that harkens back to the classic earlier days of Suffocation, Cannibal Corpse, Malevolent Creation.   - Dale   



“Dead End” CD & LP

(Svart Records)

When hardcore is fast, when it is vicious, has attitude, and goes for the throat, and even throws in a little metal. That is when I am a hardcore fan. Night Fever from Denmark bring all of the above in spades. They write high octane, rip ‘n tear, catchy but pissed off music. There is some old school heavy metal guitar leads that pop up now and then too. The vocalist also is a monster on the mic. You should give this a listen.   - Dale   



“Lions” Demo CD EP

(Purity Through Fire Records)

This is interesting, as Nightside from Finland were around from 1996 to 2001ish. They released a demo, a couple EPs and an album in that last year, and then disbanded shortly afterward. Now they return 20 years later! This new 3 song demo, now released by PTF is harsh. The music is cold and hateful sounding 2nd wave black metal backed with haunting synth, picking up where their album left off all those years ago. Second wave bm diehards who can not get enough will like this.  - Dale   




“Wrath Of The Seidmar" CD

(Blasphemous Creations Of Hell Records/Plague Demon Records)

The music on this release is delivered with fast frenzied guitars that are primitive and aggressive attacking pace. They do slow to a more mid pace range at times, which results in each song giving a nice mix of an extreme and more controlled pace. The vocals are grim raw bm screams with some good demonic growls. Niohoggr with this recording has crafted a release of dark atmospheres and destructive black metal hymns which is sure to please all fans of extreme black metal.  - Patrick    



“It Dwells Amongst Us” 2020 Mini-Album Cassette

(Caligari Records)

This Seattle band composes really heavy & pulverizing riffed (think Bolt Thrower or Grave) dark death metal that is slow to mid paced and very doom influenced. The vocals are deep, obscured kinda whispery growls that further their gloomy suffocating aura well. I will keep an eye on these guys, damn good shit.  - Dale  




“In A Pallid Shadow" CD

(Self Release)

Northern Crown presents their third album of epic heavy metal doom. The music is classy and skillfully performed, the highlights for me being moody guitar & top notch smooth vocals from F. Serafine. Some influences I hear are Candlemass, Isole, Spirit Adrift, While Heaven Wept, My Dying Bride, Mirror Of Deception. There could be a little less synth and more heavy parts, by my tastes, otherwise a quality album.  - Dale  



“Nunslaughter / Blood” Split Mini-Album CD & 12'' MLP

(Hells Headbangers)

What an absolute killer split line-up here! It is well known how much I worship Nunslaughter and think they are Satan’s gift to death metal. The Nun 3 tracks on here superb classic Nunslaughter! Now Blood I tape traded for their stuff in the early ‘90s and liked them a lot back then. Blood is also a veteran UG band that has stuck to their roots and still play excellent gut wrenching metal of death, the way it is supposed to be done! Get this!!  - Dale