“Mutilation” Demo CDR # 1

The exact same as the review below. The vocals seem more adventurous and defined, which is cool, a bit more blasting in the drums too.  - Dale

c/o Mirek Sliwa, UL. Rol na 6A, 67-106 Otyn, POLAND



Demo CDR # 2 2005

It might not be but that sounds like a drum machine to me. I do loathe drums altogether. Good guitar riffs and Mortician vocals. UG garage-y feel for sure.  - Dale



“Behind The Scenes” 2021 CD

(Bitter Loss Records)

The debut album from this Canadian duo that features William of the mighty Expunged. The main focus is driving brutality & nothing gets in the way of that run away train. The drumming of E.H. is an unrelenting blitzkrieg of precise, carpet bombing strikes. There are brief slower sequences to catch your breath, but gulp it fast my friends. Definitely worth your attention if you dig bands like Benediction, Asphyx, Grave, Bolt Thrower and the ilk.  - Dale   



“Necromancy, Damnation, Revenge" 2020 Cassette EP

(Nihilistic Holocaust Records)

Death Invoker is from Peru, this was released originally in 2018 on 7” EP (plus a bonus unreleased track cut from the vinyl due to length) and now gets the tape treatment. The band plays dirty & heavy deathrash music with an evil aura to it. If you love things like the very early works from Sepultura, Sodom, Destruction mixed with Sarcofago & Blasphemy then get this ASAP!  - Dale     



“The Necromancer of Rock: The Origins of Death SS (1977-1982)" Book

(The Ajna Offensive)

A book for diehards of the early strange diabolical years of this legendary occult band. I am a Death SS fan going back to the early ‘90s, when I tape traded first for their 1981 demo tape, and it took off from there. This is the history of Death SS & Sylvester himself. Prepare yourself for a wild ride of haunting music, rituals and the insanity that is this man and his charismatic eccentric ways. First time in English! Get it!  - Dale    



“II” 2020 CD & LP

(Cruz Del Sur Music)

My musical tastes and Cruz’s match up 9 out of 10 times. This is one of those rare times they diverge. The band presents largely as classic doom. But to be honest, there is something missing here for me, the music, vocals & lyrics do not project gloom, melancholy, depression & oppressiveness. No, it comes off more as I lost my girl & miss her so much, sappy sad vibe reminding more of an Emo or goth style band than what I consider doom. I will pass, but maybe this is you’re cup of tea?  - Dale  



“S/T” 2006 CD

(Tunes of Torture Records)

A re-release of the bands ’93 (only?) album. Good old school death metal , great atmosphere, not sure it was so good it needed a re-release though but each to their own.  - Dale

Tunes of Torture =



“War Blood Massacre” 2005 CD

(Bestial Burst Records)

Savage Satanic death metal (yes death not thrash on BB!) and I must say this is a really good platter, dark atmosphere, brutal riffs and an old school flair. Worth it.  - Dale



“Thrash Times At Ridgemont High” 2021 CD

(Hells Headbangers Records)

This is so great, how can you not love that fucking cover artwork?!! King Fowely has been talking about doing a thrash cover album for many years. He finally pulled the trigger and the result is a damn entertaining listen for old fanatic thrash metallers. There are cover versions of songs from Whiplash, Sacrifice, Blessed Death, Bulldozer, Stone, Cyclone, Artillery, Stone, Voivod, Razor & more. Oh and every single one rules!  - Dale    



“Humanoid" 2021 CD EP

(Dark Descent Records)

Deiquisitor hail from Denmark and despite the band releasing three albums and a handful of demos and extended play releases, this is my first encounter with them. They play extremely brutal ‘90s style death metal and it is high quality stuff. The vocals and slight doomy touches that whispers at the fringes of their brutality reminds me a little of Immolation.  - Dale    



“Made For The Violent Age” 2006 Promo CDR

(Armageddon Music)

Sounds like pretty good thrash but too hard to tell when you get less than 60 seconds of each song. Message to labels if you are only going to give me a chopped up partial album then do not bother sending anything at all. Thanks. Yet I do get a making of the album video?? Ummm…. What?  - Dale



“Thrashing Warthogs” 2004 CD

(Merciless Records)

Good album, title says it all total thrash metal maniacs with an up-to-date production and vocals with inspired 80s metal squeals.  - Dale




“Tpiethpikoy” Demo # 2 1999

I really enjoyed the uncompromising raw bestial aggression. But the material itself is immensely sub-par and monotonously boring.  - Dale

Cost is $5 US to: c/o Matagos Paris, 30 Ag. Demetriou Street, Voula 16673, Athens, GREECE




“Insensible Extinct…” 2006 CD

(Terranis Productions)

The band formerly known as Brutal Masterbation. Terrifyingly brutal manic death metal with quirky and engaging structuring. Without doubt one of the best death metal albums of the year.  - Dale

Terranis, Box 259, 3301 Eger, HUNGARY



“Inventor of Evil” 2005 CD

(AFM Records)

These guys keep trucking and they still stick to their roots – respect! This album is different but the same, if that makes sense, more stream line but still headbanging, superb guitar solos and speed. Schmier sounds so 80’s I thought I was back in school drawing band logos on my binder.  - Dale



“Mask Industries” 2006 Self Released full length CDR

Mostly I have become tired of melodic goteberg death metal but Devanic do do it suitably. Catchy but still semi-heavy and atmospheric.  - Dale



“Muslim Genocide” 2005 Promo CDR for 7” EP

(Breath of Pestilence Records)

I have not heard anything from Devilry in a while and this has to be their best material to date. Pure bahruutaal, not to mention very dark death metal. I would say their use of interplay and simple but effective catchy riffing and lead guitar fills had me liking this an awful lot.  - Dale

c/o Sir Holm, Maanviljelijankuja 6 B 21, 01370 Vantaa, FINLAND



“Stormbolt” 2007 MCD

(Bestial Burst)

Looks like their promo did it’s job and secured a deal with B.B. This release continues on with “…Genocide” from above. Evil ripping death metal!  - Dale





“Mutated Chaos" 2021 Cassette EP

(Caligari Records)

Man the death metal scene in Quebec, Canada is getting really good and prolific again! Add Disembodiment to that movement, who bring a strong early Incantation vibe to their music that suffocating, crushing style that dramatically manipulates you emotionally like a methodical torturer. This is the kind of album you can not just take out one song, as the whole album is a continual experience. It is great old school death metal to the max.  - Dale   



“Pure Death" 202 CD & LP

(Memento Mori / De:Nihil)

This Sverige band do their country proud playing my fave brand of death metal, which is early to mid ‘90s brutal Swedish death metal. They do nothing new, nothing groundbreaking, nothing progressive. What they do do, as mentioned above is create explosive, barbarous and morbid sunlight dm. When it is done this well then I am here for it all fucking day long!  - Dale



“Nervous System” 1998 Self-Released CD

Simplistic chugga-chugga straight on metal. It’s OK but nothing special.  - Dale

Cost is $12 US to: Distraught, Av: Nestor De Moura Jardim, 1060 CEP:92500-000, B-Colina, Guaiba Rs, BRASIL – A/C. Andre Meyer



“City Of Dead” 1999 MCD (Fadeless Records)

This is a re-release of their demo with 2 bonus tracks. The music is like a primitive, bestial version of what is on the album. Recommended.  - Dale

Fadeless Recs., P.O. Box 1288, 6501 BG Nijmegen, HOLLAND Web =



"All Little Devils” 1999 CD

A quote from their bio: "the bands recent compositions show strong connections with the more pop-and-circumstance typically attributed those gothic in nature." You don't say!   – Jeffrey Kusbel



“The City Is Alive Tonight / Live in Baltimore” 2006 CD / DVD

(Rotten Records)

Kind of reminds me of slower and slightly less insane version of The Accused (whom I like). Wacky, quirky, heavy (not dm heavy) and not bad at all, they do not match the The Accused but few could. If you want something really different get this. Otherwise definitely not.  - Dale



“Warrior Soul” 2006 CD

(AFM Records)

I liked that Warlock song / vid way back in the day. This was supposed to be a return to the heaviness, it is a step in the right direction but falls a little short in my opinion.  - Dale



“Evanesce” 1999 MCD (Dark Artz Releases)

A little sloppy but their brand of aggressive black/death metal with slight atmospheric touches won me over. Check these guys out.  - Dale

BLK 95, #10-521, Aljunied Crescent, SINGAPORE 580095



“Dropdead" 2020 CD, LP & MC

(Armageddon Label)

You would never know from looking at these graying old goats (I am right behind them) that they play utterly speedy, pissed off & violent hardcore punk that is only a couple steps away from mince/grind. This is the kind of hardcore & punk I like and listen to, it has to be fast, caustic and aggressive. Dropdead have been around since 1991 and they are still wrecking all in their paths!!  - Dale   




“Off-Kilter Enhancement” 1999 CD

(Copro Records)

Heavy doses of commercial hardcore, ‘jump’ and a bit of metal. No I didn’t think you would like it – me either!  - Dale

Copro Recs., Box 4429 Henley On Thames Oxon, RG9 1GH, UK  Email = CoproProd@AOL.COM



“White-Eyed Trance” 2019 CD

(Memento Mori / Repulsive Echo)

“White-Eyed Trance” has a good mix of slower mid paced death metal, but the band does add some faster, more punishing sections alongside some well written & performed solos. The vocals are deep dm growls that fit the bands music perfectly. If you love old school death metal then do yourself a favor as this is for you.  - Patrick  



“Rocket Ride” 2006 CD

(Nuclear Blast)

Melodic heavy metal that is on the lighter symphonic side than I usually like but the guitars are heavy, riffs catchy as hell and the singer has some balls. I like it.  - Dale



“Execution of Fallacy” 2005 Demo CDR

Gurgly vocal death metal from Macedonia, it is okay but surely nothing special. Definitely some Deicide influence going on and that is usually not a bad thing in my book.  - Dale

c/o Zoran Setinovski, ul. ‘Pehcevska’ 5/21, 1000 Skopje, MACEDONIA




“Limbo De Los Callados” 2022 CD EP & 12” LP

(Helter Skelter Productions & Regain Records)

More evil (and I mean that thematically / lyrically too) Occult and/or Satanic stoner doom metal. Helter Skelter nearly has this interesting and quality sub-genre nearly cornered with their stable of bands (Black Spell, Demonio, Fulanno, Ibliss, Mephistofeles, Old Ghoul, Witchsnake + more!). En La Niebla fits nicely in with those bands with own evil brand of massively heavy doom metal of the old school style with great atmosphere and an oppressive aura. This 29+ minute EP is fantastic stuff, H.S. delivers again.   - Dale 



“The Treasures Within Hearts” 1999 CD (Spikefarm Records)

Trend filled symphonic smothered romantic goth metal. Actually they stink musically and cannot write a good song to save their lives.  - Dale



“Indoctrination” 2020 LP

(Armageddon Label)

This release is the bands debut. The music is a caustic, lethal yet skillful mix of Power Violence and Grindcore. Everything is played with pinpoint accuracy. The vocalist Katerina is a ferocious beast on the mic!  Check it out grind fans.  - Dale  



“Waiting For His Return” 2005 CD

(Hells Headbangers)

I never knew these ‘ole sickos were still kicking over grave stones. Nothing has changed and I like that! Mid to fast pace Satanic death metal that sounds real, unlike these new plastic “tight” junk bands littering the scene. Hail Satan!  - Dale

H.H., Recs., 3593 Medina Rd. #109, Medina, OH. 44256, USA




“Ad Mortem Festinamus" 2020 CD & LP

(Nine Records)

Evangelist is a Polish band that creates a really emotional, introspective mix of epic heavy metal and classic doom metal. The vocalist has a smooth and fitting voice for this style of music. I think fans of bands like Manilla Road & Pagan Altar mixed with Solitude Aeturnus & Solstice (U.K.). If you like those bands I think you will dig this well crafted album.  - Dale 



“Expunged” 2020 12" MLP

(Hells Headbangers Records)

Expunged is a new band out of the Canadian death metal scene. This debut contains 5 tracks of dm that is pounding and heavy as hell! The guitarist writes a mix of crushing mid paced riffing patterns, but does speed to a much faster pace often. The drumming is a devastating double hammers mix of pummeling middle paced beating that does speed up to a faster enjoyable yet chaotic pace at times. If you enjoy raging, filthy old-school dm then you need this!  - Patrick  



“Into Never Shall” 2021 CD & LP

(Hells Headbangers Records)

A relatively new duo from Canada featuring Jo Steel from Ice War, Aphrodite and William Finn from Dead Soul Alliance. The band plays energetic death metal with a dark & crushing feel and atmosphere. It is no secret on here, I worship old school Swedish dm and that is what you get here. Think of Bolt Thrower mixed heavily with the early works of Carnage, Grave, Dismember etc… Even the great growling vocals remind me of a more in your face version of Ola Lindgren. Solid stuff.  - Dale  



“S/T” 2005 CD

(Breath of Night Records)

Total old school Swede death metal ala Grave & Dismember. I am one of the biggest suckers for this style, a total mark, if it is well done as it is here then I cannot help but worship it!! Ancient supremacy!! *Headbangs like Mad*  - Dale  



“Speciation" 2020 CD & LP

(Dark Descent Records / Me Saco Un Ojo Records)

These Australian brutal death metallers to me are a near picture perfect mix of old school and new school death metal. They have that traditional ruthless dm foundation and song writing within that framework that is more adventurous & lively like a lot of modern bands. There are some nice guttural growling vocals on here and also some tasty little guitar fills now and again.  - Dale   



“Royal Killing” 2008 CD

(Metal Age)

Terrific melodic death metal but hailing more from the Edge of Sanity brutish melodicism than the flowery In Flames type.  - Dale



“This Insidious Horror” 2021 CD

(Horror Pain Gore Death Productions)

This is a technically proficient, high energy melting pot of thrash crossover and death metal with bits of grind influence as well. It is adrenaline inducing stuff that really grabs me at times. There are other times when it is almost a little too adventurous in it’s inventive and crazy song crafting, but I can tend to be a purist at times. No matter that I can not deny the intelligence, skill and creativity involved.  - Dale   



“Mechanized Misanthropy” 2005 CD

(Agonia Records)

Another project band from Pete Helmkamp. Like Terror Organ, a lesson in how anything good written in Order From Chaos or Angelcorpse, clearly did not come from Mr. Helmkamp. No denying his vocals rule & sound great here too. The music is simplistic, talentless, un-dynamic monotone drivel with loads of sampling & looping and not done well. Pete join a good band, sing & play bass, nothing else.  - Dale




“Transmutations” 2021 CD EP & 12” EP

(Transcending Obscurity Records)

I have to mention F.Z. is from the brain of renowned veteran UG artist Mark Riddick. Fetid plays dirty & heavy death metal with nods towards the old school roots. There is a cavalcade of guest appearances here. Mark also employs more synth than you would expect with this style, as well as flourishes of melody in between the brutality and growling. Some killer guitar solos on here too. It all gives Fetid Zombie an own feeling apart from most bands in this style. This is well worth checking out for something familiar yet also a little different, slightly progressive at times, but always well done.  - Dale    




“Deiform” 2021 CD & Double LP

(NoEvDia Records)

Well long time readers of Canadian Assault will know I am a Funeral Mist admirer and interviewed Arioch (aka Mortuus vocalist of Marduk) way back in the print issue days. Arioch is the main man in Funeral Mist, many bands soften and wimp out when they get progressive. Not Arioch with F.M. the music, the songwriting and song construction are very inventive & dynamic, but everything in their unique black metal sound strives to be as evil, harsh and cruel as possible!  - Dale  



“Temple of Whores” 2006 CD

(Ironfist Productions)

Older sounding dark death metal. Reminds me a little of early Hypocrisy. It is decent stuff but the sub-par drumming does not match the rest of the music.  - Dale



“Fortunate Observer of Time” 2005 CD

(Prog Rock Records)

Label name says it all. Frogg play progressive rock like Yes, King Crimson, and Rush a bit, all very skillfully mixed with Frank Zappa’s jazz musical genius moments.  - Dale



“The Ancient Calling" 2019 Split 7" EP

(Hells Headbangers)

I have long been a fan of split EPs and LPs. This one features two Greek bm bands. Funeral Storm kicks off on this two song affair with “Mistress Of The Night”, which is great early / mid ‘90s style Greek black metal bringing to mind the early works of bands like Varathron & Necromantia. Synteleia also honour their countries bm roots with a gloomy track that reminds me to early Thou Art Lord & Rotting Christ, but a bit more melodic maybe. Nice split vinyl.  - Dale  



“Gloomy Lights” 2005 CD

(Bestial Burst)

3 little petite Japanese chicks that play an awesome mix of Burzum & Hellhammer replete with the Hellhammer face paint?! It is true and these women are sick and brutal, you have to hear it to believe it! Bestial Burst is my new favourite label!  - Dale



“Sampler Vol. 2” 2005 CD

I never know what to do with comps. Here is a cross section of old/new Canadian bands. Such as: Augury, Neuraxis, Soulscar, Ghoulunatics, Horfixion, Eclipse Eternal, Anhkrehg, Anvil and a bunch more.  - Dale

Galy Records, 5100 De Verdun, Box 28544, Verdun, Quebec, CANADA H4G 3L7



“3 Song Promo CD” 1999

This band basically copies the first two Fear Factory albums with a bit of their own sound thrown in. I don’t care for it and I even make sound better than it really is.  - Dale

Send $3 US to: Explorers Recs., c/o Glaniuca Mole, via Conti di Loritello, 13 – Str. C, 88060 Catanzaro, ITALY



“Rider Of The Last Light" 2020 CD

(Spread Evil Records)

This is a new Finnish band (two members of Nekrokrist SS) who produce raw ‘n savage black metal with a depressive suicidal bent. For as raw a style & production (I like!), there is more melody than you would think buried within the cold music. The vocalist shreds his throat with caustic, scathing yells and tortured screams. This comes recommended by me!  - Dale





“Into Lifeless Shrines" 2020 CD & LP

(Bindrune Recordings)

This Michigan band features Bindrune owner Marty Rytkonen (also of the great Worm Gear ‘zine!). TGD play brutal yet at times moody death metal with a dark aura enveloping it all. The riffs are massive & the growling vocals superb. Think of a mix of early ‘90s US dm, heavy doses of early ‘90s Swedish bands (Grave, Dismember) and Brit influence (Benediction, Bolt Thrower). Solid debut album.  - Dale



“Ebony Birds” 1999

(Prophecy Prods)

“Folkloric pagan doom” metal. If you can, ignore the softer moments, here and there. Then this is a excellent, oppressive and bedevilled heavy record.  - Dale



“La Muerte” 2006 CD

(Nuclear Blast)

Did this once, long ago, great band not already embarrass themselves enough in the mid 90s?! Apparently not, a new album full of Death ‘n Roll, one dimensional, boring, visionless music with no soul behind the playing – says the answer is no... Fuck off!  - Dale



“Ripping Metal" 2021 Demo Cassette

(Hellprod Records)

Gravedäncer from Brazil are total early to mid ‘80s metal worship and I love it! Think of early Venom & Sodom mixed with Grim Reaper, Judas Priest, Satan, Angel Witch, Saxon etc… It is malevolent ripping dark heavy metal that is catchy as hell, and filled with memorable songs and smoking guitar fills & solos. It is a throwback but a fun, well done throwback.  - Dale  



“The Shadows Eternal Call” 2006 CD

(Undercover Records)

Imagine Immortal and Carpathian Forest mixed with an energetic thrash pacing and execution. That sounds like a good combination and it is.  - Dale

U. Records, Stockhausestr 3a, 35638 Leun, GERMANY  



“Vaticum” 2006 CD

(I Hate Records)

Oh my but this is some fantastic classic doom metal. So much soul and feeling, think Candlemass, The Obssessed and the slower Pentagram 70s stuff. I love it!!!!  - Dale



“Reek of Pubescent Despoilment” 2006 CD

(Unmatched Brutality)

Unmatched continue their tradition of quality packaging on all releases – salute. Not sure how else to say if you love gore drenched brutal death. Unmatched Brutality have best and biggest stable in the world, to my knowledge. Guttural Secrete crush but what do you expect?!  - Dale

U. B., Box 1869, Powell, TN. 37849, USA




“Ensemble Of Darkness” 2013 Demo Tape

(Vibrio Cholerae Records)

This tape is a few years old, but it is a project band my old UG brother Mikael Holm (Aggressive Mutilator) sent me to check out so… The five songs are an eclectic, but cool and entertaining mix of heavy metal, thrash and punk with lots of great attitude and spirit thrown into the mix. The tape is still available or hit up bandcamp.  - Dale



“Conquering The Throne” 1999 CD

(Wicked World)

This band features Eirk Rutan (ex-Ripping Corpse/M. Angel) and Doug Cerrito (ex-Suffocation). This one monster album, of hate and aggression, with guitar acrobatics, that will recall Morbid Angels first LP and Carcass’ third LP. A real monster. If Wicked World keeps this up Earache will regain their lost dignity.  - Dale



“World Wide Compilation” 2006

(Neverhead Distro)

Exotic sampling of bands ranging from Jordan & Serbia to Bosnia & Chile. Mainly black death, some bands include: Amon Din, Ek, Rabbath Amon, Kratornas, Orifice & 13 more. Check it out this looking release.  - Dale

Kager Balazs, 2031 Erd, Pf. 91, HUNGARY



“Die Nachtseite" 2020 CD & LP

(Amor Fati Records)

It is interesting how a good yet simple rhythmic black metal riff elongated by playing it at a slow to moderate pace, for most of or an entire song can create such a flowing atmosphere to paint an audio picture upon. This German band do just that, by using a measured songwriting hand to just gradually change the pacing of these epic length songs, slightly up or down, manipulate the listeners emotions beautifully. Well done.  - Dale



“Lupi Amoris” 2021 CD & LP

(Magnetic Eye Records)

Heavy Temple play some memorable and charismatic doom that has a psychedelic stoner vibe ala bands like Kyuss, Fu Manchu, Soundgarden, Orange Goblin and a little foundational Black Sabbath of course. It is very moody music, in a good way, while still being heavy yet slightly rocking at times. My only minor complaint is I enjoyed High Priestess’ vocals on here and they are very sparsely used.  - Dale



“Hung With Barbwire” 2006 CD

(Unmatched Brutality)

Total recorded in toilet water grunts like the early 90s, I love it. I am unsure how Unmatched Brutality keeps finding so many killer gore death bands?! I certainly was unaware there were so many these days.  - Dale



“Hellstrike” 2021 MCD & Mini-Album Cassette

(Chaos Records)

Hell Strike hails from the northwest US and produces some really solid dark and gloomy yet heavy death metal in the old school traditions. The band features members of Ritual Necromancy, Bloodsoaked, Ascended Dead, Funebrarum, VoidCeremony and more. Check it out if you like that those old sounds similar to bands like The Chasm, Sadistic Intent and the like.  - Dale   



“Ritual Over The Grave” CD EP

(Personal Records)

Heavy, dank and gloomy death metal from Chile is what Hnagash is all about. The vocals are very early days dm style hissy dark roiling growls that are decipherable and have a hint of that gruff thrash voice in there. This some great old school creeping death metal that should please fans of the early works of Autopsy, Morbid Angel, Possessed, Pestilence, Asphyx, Massacre and the like.  - Dale



“Hate Manifesto” 2021 CD

(Plague Demon Records)

I,Misanthrope is the creative creation of Chris Waters who plays in the band Puke and does drum programming for Moribundus Christus. The music that is presented is a mix of dark industrial and noise. It is an interesting blend of industrial, electronic music, noise and dark metal that create a unique and creative musical journey. Check it out.  - Patrick



“Versus All Gods” 2019 CD & LP

(Evil Dead Prod. & Hells Headbangers Records)

The Singapore UG metal legends return after close to a decade since their last album! Often looked at in the past as a leading band of the war metal style, but on this record they have mostly returned to their roots, dropping the zillion blast beat drumming & wall of noise. This returns to the earlier days of their Morbid Angel-ish style, and early to mid ‘90s black death metal with loads of short crazy solos. It is still heavy as fuck, evil as hell!  - Dale 



“Dawn of A New Aeon” 2005 CD

(Agonia Records)

I heard all their Necrapolis stuff but I think their best albums have been since they left that label. Last record was an old school deathrash outing, this time it is a black & death metal mix. Fast, brutal & rhythmic washed down with some sour black rasps & massive production.  - Dale

A.R., Box 273, 64-920 Pila 1, POLAND




“Self-Titled” 1999 CD (Near Dark Productions)

Yet another of Mikael’s awful one man bands. He is a real die hard metal head and a talented musician. But he writes sub-par music. Mikael go back to doing your zine bro. The dedication to my missed once best friend Alexis Gagnon (R.I.P.) did not go unnoticed thank you for that!  - Dale

Near Dark, Box 40, 860 30 Sorberge, SWEDEN



“The Malignity Born From Despair” 2006 CD

(Unmatched Brutality)

Totally brutish death metal ala Cannibal Corpse mixed with the NY dm sound and done well by this Japanese band.  - Dale  



“The Innerancy of Profanation” 2005 CD

(Unmatched Brutality)

I fancy the Jon Zig cover. This is a one man band, you cannot tell and that drum programming is well done. Fans of Immolation, Benediction with Suffocation vocals & otherwise tendencies - check this out.  - Dale



“Blood Red Victory” 2020 CD

(Divebomb Records)

Though there is a touring line up, this is amazingly (listen to it and you will know why I say that) is a one man band from Ohio. Ironflame play high level, polished heavy / power metal, which is quality from top to bottom and features soaring vocals. For fans of German power metal ala Running Wild, Gamma Ray, Helloween, Grave Digger etc…  - Dale 



“Curse Of The Sky” 2019 CD

(Gates Of Hell Records)

This Finnish band has a very ‘70s epic heavy metal sound and spirit. The music is cool and just has a good relaxing chill vibe to it. The vocalist half of the time her vocals are great and the other half awful, but even when they sound like she is being violently shaken they still have an element of charm to them somehow.  - Dale   




“Broken Whispers” 2005 CD

(Flood The Earth Records)

Atmospheric movie soundtrack style synth based music. Kind of like the melancholic, introspective music they play in movies. Not bad for what it is.  - Dale  

Flood The Earth, Box 402, Pinole, CA. 94564 USA



“Mind Of A New God” CD, LP & MC

(Xtreem Music)

As I covered in a past K.A. review I bought this bands debut album on cassette way back in 1993!! Which despite there being a 12 year period of dormancy, this album is their second full-length 28 years later! Sad to hear Chad Bailey passed away (he helped write the title track of this album). But his fellow members including brother Pat Bailey have carried on the tradition of the band, staying true to their roots and creating great old school death metal with this heavy pounding album.  - Dale



“Endorama” 1999 CD

(Pavement Music)

Out of respect for the name Kreator. I’m going to pretend I never even listened to this commercial bullshit album!  - Dale



“Dimensions" 2020 CD

(Dark Descent Records)

This Finnish bands third album has nods to both old school and newer school death metal. Within the brutality are large doses of melodic guitar fills and emotive sections. They do ride the line IMO of too much melody, but only occasionally do they go very far over it. This may be too melodious for the brutal dm fans and too heavy for the melodo fanatics, but if you like both then this is likely for you.  - Dale



“Bring It On” 2005 CD

(Casket Music)

Reminds me of the lighter stuff on that new headbangers ball show on MTV. Trendy, radio friendly & happy = crap!  - Dale



“World Asylum” 2006 CD

Is this that glam band from the 80s, why yes it is. They are a lot heavier now and have Wade Black from Crimson Glory / Seven Witches as their singer. Kind of moody power metal, better than you would think.  - Dale



“S/T” 2005 CD


Prog rock ala Yes & King Crimson but with a twinkle of ‘90s indie rock influences. They do what they do well which is taking you to mental fields of introspection & floating spaciness. Go ahead and call it Pink Floyd land, if you so wish.  - Dale

PHD Canada, 1330 Main Street, North Vancouver, BC V7J-1C3, CANADA




“Global Bloodbath” CD EP

(Self Release)

This is band is the brainchild of Mike Eisenhauer of Evil Incarnate. The songs themselves while busy at times, they are extremely catchy almost to the point of semi-commercial sounding. Yet it is hard to say that because production is brutal & the riffing is crushingly heavy as fuck! Plus the vocals while decipherable feature gruff, nasally yelling and growling. It is accessible deathrash yet extreme – a nice balance.  - Dale 



“The Moaning Age” 1999 MCD

(Explorers Records)

Despite the lame title and not so great first song. The other 4 hymns are great grim black metal sickness! $10 is the cost (See addy above).  - Dale