Interview with Blaash editor of Where's My Skin fanzine done by Dale Roy and Patrick Schroeder mid-March 2011

The smell of sick coming from down in Texas was so strong we felt compelled to follow it all the way to it's source. What we found down there was a filthy, angry man covered urine stains, stumbling around and wildly firing random rounds from a rifle towards anything that scurried. We just had to find out more and search for what this degenerate maniac was all about, so we did this interview.



Hails blaash!! How is 2011 starting out for you? For the readers who have never heard of your zine or band please introduce yourself.

2011 is at least a year closer to the Mayan end of the world whatever is going to happen in 2012. I will thankfully be at a bar with a lot of whiskey and many loaded firearms. Whether or not that helps, I care not heh. Wheresmyskin zine.. a shitty clutter and paste zine that started around 93 or 94 or so.. Downright crappy production, no kind of coherence, and all around hard to read unless you're taking a shit and have some time to read.. Myself.. listen to hank III's 'getting drunk and falling down' and that pretty much sums up who I am.. bitter, acrid, and full of nothing happy, fun and/or entertaining.. pending on whether you like pornography or mass violence.. heh

When did you first start listening to metal? Who were some of the first bands who caught your attention? Who are some current favorites you enjoy?

Not exactly sure when I started listening to metal.. gotta be around 86 or so.. first bands were of course "the oldies but the I'm not going to see them now goodies", like Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax, SOD, Slayer, Rigor Mortis (will see them now if I can).. basically the fast thrash metal of the time that did NOT have big poofy haired mutherfuggers runnin' around trying to get chix with their style of "metal"... I don't know how I missed early DEATH but I did - at least I caught Possessed's "7 Churches"... the problem, and still to an extent still is.. that I really do not like conversing and/or getting to know, meet, greet, and give mutual handjobs to other folks in the metal scene so back in the day (pre-interpenet) you did your own research....

Current favourites of today -highly varied.. All the way from FUNERAL MIST, TEITENBLOOD, IMPRECATION to LIFELOVER, OCTOBER TIDE, HANK III, ONDSKAPT.. and Finnish Honour Guards like BEHEXEN, SARGEIST, I.N... also quite a few USBM bands.. AMPUTATOR, BLACK WITCHERY, FAMINE, TERATISM, MORBUS 666, BLASPHERIAN..

Really quite too many to mention... I prefer extreme.. extreme whatever, as long as its not extremely gay...

You started where's my skin back in the early 90's correct? What gave you the idea to create the zine? How did you come up with the name of the zine? How many issues have you released so far? Which are still available?

The main motivation behind starting a zine was that I did not like what I found in the general extreme UG at the time.. I mean I did have limited sources - Houston, Texas, did not have (as far I know only a couple zines) that were available in the early 90s, and MRR (Maximum Rock and Roll) was one of the few things that could be bought next to the dirty book store that constituted anything even relatively zine-ish... So.. I had a penchant in my younger years for writing/talking shit, and thought, well hokay, lets see if I can actually get this into print.. thus the zine was born.. The name comes from a basic undertaking - when youre slowly getting your flesh peeled from your body, what should be the underlying question at that time? Not do I believe in god, do I need forgiveness for fucking my grandson, or some such thing - it should be, paramountly, Where Is My Skin... so just a random thought really that I used..

Eleven issues have been issued in a .. hm.... 16-17 year period.. Thats.. not.. very good.. but oh well. I'm the only one working on it, and I've been drunk for 20 years so, it slows down production. Currently as of 2011, Issues 10 and 11 are available from me...

It seems like your first issues were mostly death metal bands. Then it seemed to gradually switch to almost completely black metal. Did this simply reflect your musical tastes and no longer liking dm? Or did you find the dm bands did not stand behind their lyrics and imagery and the black metal bands did and that is the reason you gravitated towards bm?

Always, always have I tried to listen to music I thought was true to its ideas, its lyrics, and those behind them... The term itself Death Metal to me should mean, those who worship, promote or encourage DEATH, with lyrical form..And NOT say in real life that they are "just lyrics they sing"... I'm not saying every death metal band member has to be a Kip Kinkel and cap folks at the local starbucks or high/middle school... but why in the fuggin' hell would you sing about things you do not believe in???? It seemed to me that the early Scandic black metal assault had started a new war, and had a staunch belief system tied to anti life and anti xtianity. This of course appealed to me, but I thought I should do my research and interview a few of these blokes.... That is one of the reasons I gravitated towards BM in the mid to late 90s.. nowadays I am just looking for sincere fanatical bands that believe in whatever they believe in..

Have you started work on the new issue of where's my skin? What bands/labels do you hope to feature? Do you try to work on a certain time/page-limit or do you just work until you feel the zine is complete? In your eyes what makes a good fan/web-zine?

No, I have not officially started working on Wheresmyskin 12... I only have a few bands that have inspired me, and I have not created anything as of yet.. I do have a bit review material I should probably get cracking on though.. I don't know what bands, labels or personalities I want for issue 12 yet.. I don't force the process... I have never, ever worked on a page or time limit - it gets Done when it Is Done... thats that.. Fan/web zines can be okay as long as they're not one-offs done for their school project in middle school - keep it up to date - keep it personal - keep DOING it.. its the same as a zine.. you have to keep putting something into it.. otherwise you only did it to say you did it..

You have interviewed some great bands/labels over the years. Who have been some of your favorite musicians to interview? Is their any musicians past or present you want to interview sometime?

I really liked hearing back from Bhaobhan Sidhe, Satyr, Raven (Mysticum), Mika (Impaled Nazarene) alot.. but especially Arioch from Funeral Mist.. and just the very, very thorough answers of anyone I've interviewed - the fact that they took the time to read and respond in a fashion thats better then "Yes/No" etc... shows alot to me.. SIGRBLOT were also quite good..The Anja Offensive.. you can never go wrong with MkM... always has a brutally honest opinion on things..

No.. don't think to this date I've missed somebody I want to interview... mebbe a few mass murderers but not really associated with the scene...well.. Mebbe KATHARSIS.... but thats also because I can read other interviews and decide whether I can bring something new to the table.. if not, no need to..

You briefly moved to Norway. Did you keep working on the ‘zine while living there? I assume it would have been quite easy to locate bands in Norway at Elm Street and such places, did you take advantage of these contacts? What bands and people did you hang with most during your Norwegian days?

Not really .. it was around 1997/98 and I did not have the facilities to continue the zine at that time.. I did make more contacts though,. and had brought my US made double tape deck to continue tape trading, so I did that for a little while I was there.. I am only inspired to work on Wheresmyskin based on the bands I'm listening to at the time. It does not matter where I reside.. I spent thousands of dollars and many hours in the mid 90s at Elm Street.. MasterCard and Visa will attest to that.. I met many bands, but I did not form lasting contacts.. for them I was just another person passing though which at the time, was fine with me.. I did not know how long I would stay there, even though I was married, EU certified, and able to work there..I didn't speak the language and seemed to content to drink away my savings talking metal to whomever I met.. I just tried to stay fairly low key.. or at least as low key as an obnoxious drunk Texan could be heh..also got asked if everything was bigger in Texas (heh), if I owned a Horse, Oil Rig, Cows and Guns.. the only one I could verify was the projectile weapon part.. I recall spending quality conversations with Mr. Brynjard Tristan, Mr. Einar (Abyssic Hate cover), Mr. Maniac, and many a fine conversation with Mr. Fenris ... I think that I was at Elm everyday for about 9 months, and no matter if it was night, day, weekend or other, I think I always saw one of the Mayhem guys there.. gotta admire their dedication heh..I also traveled to Paris quite a few times to hang out with MkM and other associated allies - there were more shows in Paris at the time - I only caught a few shows in Oslo.. Also had the honour of visiting Mr. Timo.. from Davthvs fame.. Ran into Dauanic from DECREPIT (among the many other bands he's in) in Oslo and Sweden..

Your main focus music wise has always been violent, raw black metal. What is it about this form of metal that has kept your attention over the years?

It has not always been that way - if you check out Wheremskin Issues 1-3, you'll see bands like NECRONY, PURTENENCE, DEMIGOD, DISGRACE, GUT, GOREBEYONDNECROPSY, DERANGED and so on.. I really liked the heavy aspect to Scandic death metal.. what I did not like was a band that did not stand behind their lyrics.. I always wanted to move to the more extreme genre.. and it seemed with the violence in the Scandic area in the early 90s that Black Metal was the avenue to follow..I really want to honestly hear what a band has to say about the music they preach and spread to the masses - how much do they know about the society around them, and the mass shootings, violence, and lynchings that occur.. I do not like ignorance... so if youre going to be part of the extreme scene. I'd like to hear a few opinions on things..

Everyone has their own ideas/opinions on what black means so I was curious what does black mean to you?

Prozak of the ANUS terrorist collaboration first asked of me many, many years ago.... I'll give the same response.. an honest realization that there is no devil to save you, no "paradise" free from god, just utter fucking violence, bitterness, and realizing this is a losing fight - but one that must be fought, lost and puked at later...

Do you find being a musician helps give you insight when reviewing an album/demo or conducting interviews? Do you find the longer you play in bands that your writing for WMS has changed compared to the earlier days?

I have found out I do not know how to play an instrument and have alot more respect for those that can.. at the same time, mere copying of others technical skills only works to an extent.. I am not really supposed to play in a band, I am a true fan - it is by simple luck (or unluck) that a few individuals have seen fit to include me in their music endeavors knowing that I am not the most proficient at any instrument..

My writing style for Wheresmyskin, to my knowledge, has not changed much due to "being in a band" - it is non-sensical drunk speak peppered with my own take on what words should or not exist in the english tongue heh.... Pour a copious amount of liquor and peckersnot normally reserved for the little lady, and you get my "writing style"

How many copies of each issue do you usually print up? How many copies of the first issue compared to new issues? Have you ever run into any complications while in the process of duplicating the print issues?

Honestly.. not many.. I cannot.. the prohibitive cost association with printing them usually means only a small amount can be produced.. Most WMS issues are between 70 - 100 pages, with myself as the only institution to pay for everything... I do try to recoup postage, which has gotten ridiculous lately... but anyway.. usually only about 100-400 get printed.. honestly though usually about 200... WMS Issue 1 was produced at about the same as WMS 11.. 100-200... You don't get much of this zine runnin' 'round and botherin' folks.. I have run into some questions, but not complications with getting the issue xeroxed... I have heard of the zine being confiscated in certain countries due to the content though...

You have been a part of the u.s.b.m scene since the mid 90's what is your opinion of the black metal scene in the u.s? Who are some of your all-time favorite bands? Are their any new u.s bands you feel will take the scene by storm this year?

I have been part of the extreme scene (to an extent, I've never been really the social butterfly (or radioactive moth) type.. since the early 90s.. this is true.. but black metal was not prevalent here in the US in the early 90s..... death metal, thrash, and the like ruled the land and that is not a bad thing in the least.. What is bad is when you play death and/or thrash and preach leftist, life loving, hippy bullshit lyrics about wanting society, life and/or yourself to happy and positive while supposedly playing in the extreme scene. Boy golly did that annoy me... I find a LOT of honourable and deadicated USBM bands out there now.. this tempered with the ability to wield firearms and burn all holy things is just dandy these days...There are currently a FUCKLOAD of excellent USBM bands.. too many to mention.. the INQUISITION juggernaut, BLACK WITCHERY(excellent live), AMPUTATOR, PROFANATICA (fuggin' love their new stuff), MORBUS 666, TERATISM, DEMONCY, OBEISANCE, SUMERIA, ASHDATAUS, AVERSE SEFIRA, VALDUR, ABAZAGORATH, KATHONIK (rip), NOKTURNE and then RITUAL COMBAT, TYPHUS, IBEX THRONE (rip) and then ICONOCLAST CONTRA, KRIEG (gotta give Neil credit for bein' 'round and gatherin' armies of session members), recently got back in touch with a USBM from the 90s, LORD OF stuff ont the way - very good.... I am forgetting a fuckload more I am most certain... newer bands.. well I like VATICAN... from CA..

As mentioned you have been in the black metal underground for many years and have had the opportunity to interview / review bands from all-over the world. So I was curious what are some countries you feel have the best black metal scene?

I prefer bands that stand next to their lyrics - whatever country they may be in...Countries do not necessarily promote better musicians.. but think about it.. if the government gives good social services, it is a little easier to actually attempt musical work. Therefore some countries can come up with "better" musicians.. what I am looking for are sick, depraved individuals that stand behind their creations lyrically.. FAMINE (from the US, conjured by Mr. Worthless) is one goddamn fine example of this..

How has the landscape for printed fanzines changed through the years? Do you find in recent times due the internet and other factors that demand for print ‘zines continues do dwindle?

I'm not entirely sure... the internet is not entirely bad.. but at the same time it can diminish the effort one puts into an actual written zine.... it IS much easier to do things online... but after 20 years I refuse - and will continue to attempt a written approach to a zine.. And I honestly, as stated, do not promote the zine very much.. I really don't want to have to make many copies - those who want to know more about my filth will seek me... and my badly copied issues heh... My zine is not very reader friendly - the english is poor, its hard to read (badly copied) and has copious amounts of page space wasted on badly photoshopped porn to hitler to ATM shots.. I mean really, I'm not going for something that the masses will want..

How do you go about putting together Where’s My Skin? Are you a fan of cut ‘n paste, do you get much into the computer with layouts and photoshop etc…? Do you review everything that is sent in for review or if there is some pussy stuff you dislike do you just throw it in the trash?

I use a combination of methods these days.. I do use Pagemaker, Photoshop and, Macromedia Fireworks to an extent, but then I also just sit down and start cuttin' and pastin' things as well after I print out said items.. Also, I use the time honoured technique of going to Kinkos and copying some layouts with the copier open - this gives me a lot of the "black" space I'd like to have ... I review (unless I lose, forget or otherwise) EVERYTHING I get, no matter, how fuggin' 'orrible it is (Napalm records is winning with the most Goth crap they've ever sent).. I honestly feel if a band or label has gone through the trouble of sending me a package then I will dutifully review it.. KNOW that just because you sent me something heh, does NOT mean it will get a good review.. I will speak my narrow minded self in the review.. I do not cater to labels or bands - by that I mean I do not charge to put flyers etc in my zine - THEREFORE I do not care one goddamn bit about giving a good review just because a band is on a certain label...

Thank you for doing this Blaash. It is great to have you back in the pages of Winter Torment and Canadian Assault once again! Please let us know what your future plans are with the zine, your bands and other music related activities.

Hails for the interview Patrick.. I am a great fan of Canadian Assault and appreciate your support as well..... I slowly intend to start WMS Issue 12.. one of these days.. and continue working the with the BAHIMIRON and TOWARDS GLOBAL HOLOCAUST war machines.. war whiskey sodomy






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