Interview by Dale Roy & Keith Dempe with bassist Necrovore July 19th 2000…

“The Urgrund, the Old Earth, the primordial foundations of the universe and the wellspring whence it came forth. An ancient, indomitable force knowing neither boundary nor peer, realised and unleashed through the medium of Hell heavy, blood drenched and skullcrushing black metal, with roots in classic and kult axe such as Bathory, Beherit, Sodom and Darkthrone. Ideologically Urgrund exalts heathen irreverence and defiance in all its forms: barbarism and the glorification of destruction (as being essential to rebirth and evolution), war, mockery of the Christian religion (and other Judaic derivatives) through playing to their fears (blasphemy, devilry); a mail clad fist in the face of the servile cowards that dare not take responsibility for their actions. Currently Urgrund are writing and rehearsing new material for an upcoming full length album that will see daylight early 2001. Also on the cards is the release of Warlore in MCD form with extra tracks. Hail the hunt, Hail the huntsmen!”

* Update - The band still exists and in fact are getting set to record their new album for 2007 to be released on Red Stream / Baphomet Records...



Dale Roy = Hails my metal brother! What is happening today? Necrovore I know you are an American. What prompted you to move to OZ a couple years back? Is the Australian immigration system as harsh and fucked up as the American one? What are some of the major differences & similarities between the US and Australia? Is Vegemite the snack of all true OZ metal warriors?!

Hail to you too Dale! Not much happening today, sorry. Well, I moved to OZ for my wife who is of course Australian (as well as my son)and I'm quite glad I did as I like living here much more than the US, better life style! Oz immigration hasn't been too bad really. I guess they could have been total cunts if they wanted to, but I have had pretty good luck with them and am able to work, which is good! Well, the people here are more laid back than in the US and the life style isn't as fast. Oz is some what "Americanised" as there are lots of American companies, as well as US shows over here. So, I haven't 100% gotten away from it! Ha! Not as much to choose from over here, which sucks! But, I do like it here quite a bit! HaHa, Vegemite! That shits fucking crap! Looks like shit in a jar and tastes like it too!

Keith Dempe = Is Gryphon [drums] from Urgrund the same Gyphon in Astriaal? I think Astriaal is on ethe best Aussie bands at the moment, but I haven’t heard anything from the since the ’99 promo. What is new with Astriaal? Any label interest?

Gryphon WAS in the URGRUND horde at one stage, but is no longer as he wants to spend more time on ASTRIAAL. We picked-up a new drummer who is working out quite well, which is of course what we want. Buy anyway, yes they have a MCD coming out through a label based here in Brisbane and it's due out any day now. ASTRIAAL isn't personally my style of music, but they are good at what they do and I do support them since they are good mates of ours and support us as well.

D.R. = I know for a fact you’re a serious vinyl-phile. What is it you like so much about vinyl and do you prefer it to other formats? Please list some of your most cherished vinyls? Also list a top 5 play list of vinyl you have been listening to the last month or so? Any vinyl you are currently in the hunt for?

Ha! Yes, I am for sure a vinyl-phile! No doubt about it! Vinyl is what I grew-up with and it of course sounds way better than CDs! Vinyl is far better than any other format, all around! Vinyl is the only way!!!!!! Hmmm.. some of my most cherished vinyl? All of them really, they all mean the same to me! But, one of them would have to be the original pressing on Nightmare Prod. of Necrodeath-Into The Macbare gatefold Lp and soon Grotesque-Incantation Mlp! Top 5 play list, well.. that’s a good question! Depends on My mood really, I'm always listening to Hellhammer and Celtic Frost non-stop though! All of my vinyl gets a fair amount of use though. Well, I'm hunting like mad for NECROFAGO-Bestial War Lp, BEHERIT-Drawing Down the Moon Lp and Sarcofago/Necrovore split Piclp. I'm also after another copy of Sarcofago-INRI Lp, so anyone feel free to send me one! Ha! And I'm of course of the hunt for other vinyl, so send your trading/selling lists!

D.R. = Tell us about Urgrund’s new 7” EP, what can fans expect from it? I also understand you just recently finished recording a MCD and are shopping itaround to labels? What are you looking for in the deal (free copies?, royalties?, or is the fact that is just out there enough?!)? How does the new MCD material compare to the reh/demo & 7” EP?

Our 7" "Warlore" was released in 200 copies by the Oz label BLEED REX and is now sold out, but a few copies should be floating around through a few distros. Well, expect a total kick in the head with our heavy riffs and fast drumming! A total metal onslaught! Yes, we just recorded a MCD about 3 weeks ago and we're looking for a label who can get the recording out there in a reasonable time frame and who will promote us and the release well! Well, we are of course looking for a vinyl pressing as well in the deal and of course copies for us. Royalties would always be nice, but as long as they get the release out without any fuck-ups and promote us well, we'll be pleased! They new material is far better than the 7" and reh/demo! Much heavier and rawer!!!! A total improvement for sure, which will always do!

K.D. = How is Bolthorn’s [guitar] Baalberith, when will their 2nd CD be officially released? I never see live flyers for Baalberith do they play out live? What is a Baalberith live assault like?

Well, BAALBERITH is not doing a great deal at the present time as URGRUND seems to be the main priority at the moment. Bolthorn is still looking for a label to release the 2nd BAALBERITH album at the moment, so there is no date for this release. BAALBERITH isn't a live band, but we did do a BAALBERITH track at one of our gigs as Bolthorn at least wanted to do one of the BAALBERITH tracks live.

D.R. = Following the release of your MCD I believe you already have a album deal worked out? Which label is it and how did the deal come about? Were they not interested in the MCD? Will you record the album at the same place as your previous releases? Is the album fully written? Is it in the vein of earlier stuff and who writes the music in Urgrund?

Yes, we've signed to the Italian label "End Of Life" for our full-length CD/LP. Not to be confused with "End All Life" in France of course! I'm not 100% sure how the deal came about as our guitarist has been dealing with them from the start, but they sound like they have been a good move for us! They are willing to release the MCD for us if we like, but as we don't want to delay the full-length is't best for us to have a different label do the MCD. Yes, we will record the full-length in the same studio as the 7" and MCD as they are a good studio and have come to know our style quite well, which works good for us! We're working out the material for the full-length at the moment and should be recording the album this September if all goes well. It's some what in the vein of the earlier stuff and we'll use a few of those older trax in newer forms for the full-length, but only a few. Well, Bolthorn and my self wrote the trax for the demo/7",but I won't be doing much more writing as my style is a bit more in the 80's,which the others don't want to use. But I'll of course work out the bass lines for the songs and will save my material for another band I have planned for the near future. Much in the vein of Sarcofago, Necrofago, Necrovore, Pentagram (chil), Blasphemy, ect..

Keith & Dale = How did the Unite The Heathens III go with Gospel Of The Horns, Vomitor, Misery and Urgrund (among others) go? Has Urgrund played out much since then (Sept. ’99)? What bands have you assaulted Aussie audiences with since then? What is a Urgrund live show like? How are the turn-outs generally at metal shows? Any plans as of yet to ever play outside of Australia?

Well, that was our first gig and it went quite fucking well! We had probably the best response from the bangers that night! The sets were a bit short, which sucked! We've only done one other real gig since then, which was even better and have two coming up next month possibly with ASTRIAAL and INVOCATION and then Sydney later this year. There is a possible gig with Sad Ex and Anatomy later on as well and of course many more gigs in the future! Besides the bands mentioned above we have played with Sorceror, Seraphic Behest, Crypt and Psychrist. An URGRUND gig is an total metal assault! Fucking loud music and lots of head banging! As well as lots of leather and spikes! Total Kaos! I guess for how small the metal "Scene" here in Brisbane is, the turn out isn't too bad! Nothing like a US gig! Yes, we plan to tour outside of Oz for sure, it's a must!

K.D. = What is Seraphic Behest like? I was a big fan of Oracle Of The Void and I heard it was the same members? Are they recommendable to check out?

I didn't stay around to check them out as I personally wasn't interested in them as I never got into O.O.T.V. So, I can't recommend them as I haven't heard them, sorry. But, yes, it's at least one of the old members from O.O.T.V. so you might possibly like them as they are supposed to be better than O.O.T.V.

D.R. = Necrovore I know you are married and have a child. Plus I assume you work as well, so is it hard to find spare time to put into Urgrund? Is your wife supportive of your underground activities? Is she into metal? What else do you enjoy doing outside of metal? Do you like horror flicks?, do you video or tape trade? What is there to do for entertainment is OZ land?

I don't really find it too hard to find the time to work with the band considering that I do have a family and do work. Some of the other members can be quite busy as well, but we work it around what we're all doing and find enough time to rehs, etc.. Yes, my wife is VERY supportive of me and the band! She's 100% behind us! Yeah, she's into metal as well which helps, but we do have some different tastes in bands, but you get that! What do I enjoy outside of metal? Not a great deal really, music is pretty much my life! Not really into the horror flicks anymore, got a bit bored with them after awhile, but there are still the classics! I don't do really video trading anymore, but do a bit of tape (old kult demos) trading with a good mate of mine and of course do some vinyl trading! Not really a whole lots to do here in Oz, I mostly work, do the band, do the family thing and write to a few people here and there. HaHa, Oz is a bit boring, but still a great place!

D.R. = We’re all out of questions at the moment. So please send hails out to your u/g contacts and give the assault readers some last words! Thanx for doing this interview my metal brother!!

Of course hails go to you dale, as well as keith, for your support as well as for your friendship! I would like to hail all the bands, zines, traders, etc that I'm in contact with and to all those who support URGRUND! Keep an eye out for the upcoming MCD and Full-length, as well as some new URGRUND shirts! Anyone interested in selling/trading old kult 80's (early 90's) metal vinyl (and demos) get in contact with me! All mail is welcomed, but please try to enclose return postage for a sure reply! Hails once again to both you and keith, and thanks as well for the interview! Cheers! Keep Vinyl Alive! NECROVORE







The Complete Urgrund Discography 

In Apocalyptic Ruins - The Rebirth Reh/Demo 1999

Warlore 7" EP 1999

Drenched In Blood MCD 2000

The Graven Sign CD 2002

Battleskin 7" EP 2004

Unchangeable Fate CD / LP 2005



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