Interview with Vocalist Vladimir Korg conducted by Patrick & Dale February 2017…

Patrick got possessed by listening to the re-release of The Mist and asked me to contribute some questions. I have been a fan of The Mist's early work for a long time. They are thrash metal legends coming out of the hallowed '80s Brazilian thrash death metal scene. The band featured Jairo Guidez who was an original member of Sepultura and wrote some of the music on their early releases. After leaving Sepultura he joined up with The Mist and helped make another band infamous in the scene. Read on to find out what the vocalist Vladimir thinks of the band looking back and the re-release of their classic debut album...


Hello Vladimir please introduce yourself to the readers. How old were you when you discovered Metal music? What was the first album you purchased?

Hello! My name is Vladimir Korg, and I am a singer. I was a vocalist of some important Heavy Metal bands from Brazil and I have been involved in the Brazilian Metal scene for years. I was the vocalist for CHAKAL and THE MIST and today I am in a Project called THE UNABOMBER FILES alongside Alan Wallace and Andre Marcio from EMINENCE and Paulo Xisto from SEPULTURA. I believe the first Heavy music record I bought was Suzy 4 because of the song 48 Crash. A friend from school showed it to me. I believe that heavy music entered my life when I saw a concert here in my hometown in 1976. It was a show by a Brazilian Rock Singer named Rita Lee.

When did you meet the other members of the band and did everything come together quickly with regards to creating your own compositions? Who chose the name of the band name?

Initially, the band’s name was MAYHEM. We decided to change everything and I proposed that name (The Mist). It didn’t have the word “hammer” at the end and that in itself already represented an improvement. We already knew each other and had already shared the stage. Me with CHAKAL and them with MAYHEM. When I left CHAKAL they invited me to join the band since Gentil, the previous vocalist, had left.

The Mist released their debut "Phantasmagoria" back in 1989. How long did it take you all to write the music for this release? Did the band members all contribute to the writing and arrangement of the songs?

It was quick. I already had something written but it didn’t really have a direction. The arrangements started to take shape and we took some things from MAYHEM. Things always worked well. They would make the arrangements and I would write the lyrics and vocal arrangements. Sometimes, I would ask the guys to write some music to a certain theme or mood. This process happened more on The Hangman Tree.

Did you write all of the lyrics Vladimir on the debut? Looking back which song lyrics do you like the best and which were the most fun to sing live? Who were your biggest influences vocally back then (I am guessing Mille from Kreator might be one of them)?

Yes, I wrote it all. It was fun playing “Like a Bad Song” and “Flying Saucers in the Sky.” We also would play Pet Cemetery by the Ramones and that relaxed us a bit. My vocalist influences are many but the main ones are Snake from Voivod, and Chuck from Death. But many vocalists have influenced me and Mille is for sure on that list.

The Mist signed to the now legendary (in the UG scene) Cogumelo Records? How did you did your relationship with the label begin and did they handle studio details and everything for "Phantasmagoria"?

Cogumelo have been my partners in the projects and with THE MIST it was no different. We were really at ease in the studio. We discovered THE MIST’s music inside the studio. From there, we saw the potential of what we had to do next.

This year Greyhaze Records will re-release "Phantasmagoria". How did you come in contact with this label and was it easy to choose them for this re-release? You must be pleased the label is releasing the album on all formats with cassette, vinyl and CD?

In truth, it was Cogumelo who made the contact with Greyhaze. I believe Greyhaze will do a fine job.

Vladimir are there any plans for the band to reform to do some shows in support of the re-release of "Phantasmagoria"? Do you get many requests to revive The Mist?

THE MIST’S fans really want that to happen and I am always asked about that possibility. But I believe it is not viable at this moment.

Since you were around during a golden era in Brazil for extreme metal in the mid to late '80s can you tell us what that scene was like in this early days? Who were some of your favorite Brazilian bands from back then? Some memorable live shows you witnessed?

I like most of them. Many others I don’t listen to anymore. I try to keep up and the majority of bands are trying to do what was done 30 years ago. I also believe the naïveté was lost just as that primal desire was lost. A great show that I saw was Sepultura and Overdose here in Belo Horizonte. It was really moving because they were just beginning and it was a great night. It was literally “Bestial Devastation.” I still really like Sepultura and Holocausto.

Did you read a lot of fanzines back in the '80s and early '90s? Can you list a few old faves? Did you or any of The Mist band members do a fanzine? Did you get involved in tape trading much back in those days?

Yes, I would read many. I can’t really remember the names, but I really liked the American Fanzine VIOLENT NOISE. I didn’t have any experience as a fanzine writer but I was in charge of a radio program called Metal Massacre. My involvement with recordings and business was done as a helping hand to Cogumelo Records. I worked with them and even after a long time, they would still reach out to me and I act as a consultant of sorts.

As many readers probably know after these many years and decades you are still with Cogumelo Records with your long time band Chakal? Can you talk about Chakal news and also what is behind such a long and strong relationship with Cogumelo?

I’m not singing for CHAKAL anymore. They are involved in another project, which is the reissue of the album “The Man is His Own Jackal.” I still talk with Cogumelo Records. I believe that trust and even an old friendship and mutual admiration preserve this friendship.

The past Brazilian scene is often honoured with The Mist re-release and other great re-releases. But you are still very much part of the scene today. So please let the readers know of some current bands you can recommend from your countries great scene?

I really like the girls in NERVOSA, the boys from VIOLATOR and the band NERVOCHAOS. RATOS DE PORAO continue to be in great shape and their latest album is very intense. My friends from EMINENCE are also fighting for their space. We still have great bands!

Vladimir we want to thank you for doing this interview in Canadian Assault. We wish you the best and thank you for the years of great music. Cheers!

I am the one who should thank you for the respect and attention. Long life to you and to all readers of Canadian Assault! Cheers! 







The Mist Discography 

Phantasmagoria Full-length 12" LP, 1989

Flying Saucers In The Sky Demo, 1989

The Hangman Tree Full-length 12" LP, 1991

Ashes To Ashes, Dust To Dust 12" EP, 1993

Gotterverlassen full-length CD, 1995




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