Interview by Dale Roy with Costa Stoios April 2000…

Well I am honored to have this interview with one of the greatest fanzines in the underground’s history! I’m afraid it’s a bit old but not too bad. It was supposed to appear in the last issue but I unfortunately received it too late to include it there. Tales Of The Macabre is a true and pure underground metallic cult that all must witness immediately!!

* Update - This is an easy one as Costa is not only going strong but more infamous than ever before! Unfortunately he has stopped printing Tales of The Macabre, one of the greatest fanzines ever, shortly after this interview to concentrate completely on his mighty label Iron Pegasus Records. At the time of this interview it was meant to really be for his fanzine but it turned out to be an interview just as much about Iron Pegasus, so it is a nice piece of history but also quite contemporary.



Greetings! Please tell us a bit about Costa Stoios? What releases have been haunting your stereo and turntable lately?    

Hello Dale. How are you? I’m a 26 year old maniac, still obsessed by the power and untamed rebellion of metal music. I’m a student, but the main part of my life consists of Tales Of The Macabre magazine and my small label Iron Pegasus. Releases that have been haunting my stereo lately and mostly my own releases, haha…but seriously, I was listening a lot to Agatus, Dawn Of Martyrdom, Alpha Centuri (new killer band, medieval heavy metal with class!), Autopsy, Venom etc., ect…But to be honest with you, 85% of today’s releases don’t’ excite me anymore, most of it is just boring unspectacular, sad but true, but perhaps I’m getting too old for it (well, I don’t think so), we’ll never know?!

Although I have heard of Tales Of The Macabre for quite some time, I did not see it for myself until issue’s # 4 and 5. For those who have not read your fanzine could you introduce them to Tales Of The Macabre and the music / spirit it embodies? When did you start the mag, how many copies were printed of each issue? Did you use the same printer each time?   

Tales Of The Macabre is a pure and honest underground metal magazine that started in 1993. I did 5 issues so far, the first issue had an addition of 500, the 2nd one 1,000, the third 1,500, the fourth one 2,000 and the fifth one about 2,200…My mission is to present bands that are still fresh and unknown to most readers, bands that are rooted in the underground and play music with real spirit and refreshing energy. I don’t care about images, music is all that matters. The attitude and concept of Tales Of The Macabre hasn’t changed during the years, so you can call it a conservative metal mag, based on the old bands that created heavy / black / death metal (like Venom, Bathory, (Ancient) Iron Maiden, Possessed and all those hordes). The title of “Tales Of The Macabre” is from an old Slaughter (Canada) song, true heaviness! And if you listen to that song, you’ll know what my magazine’s spirit is all about. Everyone who does not know Slaughter’s “Strappado” LP are advised to go for it, even if you pay US $50 for it! No, I didn’t use the same printer, #1 & #2 was done by one company, #3, #4, #5 was done by another one which seems to be my permanent printer now. Now I’m finishing #6, it’ll be out when you read these lines, available for US $5. Get it, ‘cause it worth the money, no shit, no asslicking, no betrayal of my own attitude. Tales Of The Macabre is not one of those whores who gets paid by shitty labels to write positive reviews of fucking boring releases. Death to false metal! Posers must die…

What qualities must a band possess to be interviewed by you? Which interviews throughout the mag’s history are you most proud of? Do you feel you have progressed with each issue, bettering the one before it?   

Bands have to play music that makes my blood run faster! That’s the most important quality…and a band should be serious in what they are doing! I’m proud of all of the stuff I’ve done so far, but it was cool to interview Root’s Big Boss, Bulldozer’s A.C. Wild, Burzum (as it was the first critical interview back then, 1994), Venom’s Cronos etc., etc…too many to mention. Yes, I think there was some sort of progression with each new issue, but I generally don’t care that much about progression as long as I managed to feature enough bands that I like. It’s really hard right now to find enough great bands to be included in the magazines, real underground bands are getting rare actually. So it a took fuckin’ long time until Tales Of The Macabre #6 was completed. My personal dream is to meet Cronos one time, he’s the incarnation of black metal (I agree with this – Dale), with the hooligan spirit and raw attitude.

Please list for me your fave bands old and new? What are the best fanzines old and new in your opinion? What fanzines influenced you in the beginning of Tales Of The Macabre? Do you care if a ‘zine is xeroxed or pro-printed?

Ha ha, what a question, there are so many bands I really worship. Ok, let’s start…Old ones? Venom, old Slayer, Possessed, Hobb’s Angel Of Death, The Unsane, Infernal Majesty, Bulldozer, Messiah, Iron Angel, Blood Feast, Razor, Exorcist, Sarcofago, Hellhammer, Slaughter, Bathory, Iron Maiden (with Di’Anno), generally NWOBHM acts. Death (1st LP) / Mantas, Deathstrike, Destructor, Whiplash, Tank, Armoured Angel, old Kreator, Mutilator and many more. New ones? I don’t know if all of them are “new ones” but anyway…Dekapitator, Mayhemic Truth, Pentacle, Darkthrone, Beherit, Samael (1st), Treblinka, Barathrum, Amon (Czech), Sadistic Intent, Blasphemy, old Burzum, Agatus, Impeity, Mortuary Drape, Decayed, Grand Belial’s Key and many more…You see mostly underground bands, because that’s the place where you can find the heaviest and most honest uncommercial metal. About zines…I like mags like Blackthorn (Denmark), Hammer Of Damnation(Finland), Mortician(Holland), etc…Great stuff, pure and heavy as fuck! Nowadays there are only very few useful mags/zines around…most of them are from Middle/South America, but I can’t remember their names. No. it’s ok if a zine is just a xeroxed one as long as the footage is cool. Why should we care about professional printed and full-coloured magazines if the bands that are included suck? I think (and hope) you agree…(Oh I do! – Dale) 

What kind of child were you growing up? What is the school system like in Germany? Did the wall coming down effect you personally in any way and what was it’s effect on the German metal scene? I hear postage in Germany is extremely expensive is this true and does it make hard for you to keep your prices down?   

I was a wild child, always into racing with my bicycle, playing war in the forest with wooden guns, etc…but when I entered school, things were different due to the pressure that was on me. The school system is not the best, 13 years I had to serve, I was 19 years old when I left, and I was never a guy who loved to learn all that shit, I preferred partying and drinking beer, listening to heavy music and looking after girls (that I couldn’t get unfortunately). No, the coming down of the wall didn’t effect me in any way. I’m living in the western part of Germany, and until now I was never in the former GDR region. But the union of both German states helped black metal getting popular and trendy, because the former GDR – youth was really getting into it, all the image and stuff they sucked into their heads. That’s why cliché black metal clowns had and have an easy game in our country, You’re right, postage rates are very high here in Germany, especially air mail letters and packages, they’re really crazy! That’s why I sent this letter from Holland, haha. It’s hard to keep our prices down if the customers want their stuff to be sent by air mail, but most of them are ok if I send the mail by surface…  

Please update us on what is happening currently with Tales Of The Macabre? Has issue # 6 been released yet? If not when can we expect it? Any new surprises for the legions to feast their eye’s on? Will it once again feature a cult double page poster as in past issues!?   

Tales Of The Macabre #6 is out when you read this! The title of it says it all: “Posers Nightmare Returns…”, with Inquisition, Gospel Of The Horns, Witchfynde, Hadez, Dekapitator, Nifelheim, Mayhemic Truth, Alpha Centuri, Pagan Rites (Fucking killer! – Dale), Asphyx, Venom (aaaaaarrrrgggggghhhhh hell yeah!!! – Dale), Black Angel, Denial Of God, Zemial, Nunslaughter, etc…(Can you tell why I did this interview as Costa has tastes very close to mine!! – Dale) Yes, a poster will be included too, but not of an old band this time as it’s a common thing to do these days…just be surprised. It was very hard to do this issue, because it was no easy job to find enough bands that fit into the concept of the magazine. Well, check it out for yourself…I think you’ll like it if you still enjoy the cruel side of metal.

Okay now let us know about your young record label Iron Pegasus records? What prompted you to start your label? Please list and tell us a few words on all of your releases thus far? You release only vinyl, am I correct? How many copies has each release been pressed in? Are your releases limited or will you always re-press them? What is coming up for Iron Pegasus?   

I first called it Pegasus records, but then I found a 70’s Rock LP released by a label with the same name. So I just added Iron in front of it. Then, all of a sudden, a band appeared called Pegazus from Australia, playing awful neo-heavy metal crap ala Helloween, etc…I don’t like them at all, and I don’t want my small label to be related to those nice boys. But what can I do? It all started after I heard the Metalucifer CD “Heavy Metal Drill”, released through a mini-label in Japan. I thought this is fuckin’ cool stuff, pure NWOBHM ala ancient Iron Maiden, but seriously done, no bullshit and was a bit sad that this band was still so unknown here. I wanted to support Metalucifer and re-released the CD for the international market, with different artwork, etc., limited to 1,000 copies. That’s how Iron Pegasus started. Then, I re-released Sabbat’s first two albums, but on vinyl only. “Envenom”, a heaviiiievil album that pleases all Venom / Slayer lunatics, was limited to 333 copies, black vinyl. Additionally, I did 100 picture discs (+ LP sleeve) for die hard fans and collectors! It looks fantastic and is only available from my address. “Evoke”, the second album, I released on 333 copies picture disc. Then, I re-released the first Sabbat EP’s from 1985-1989 on one LP album called “The Sabbatical Rites”, again limited on 333 copies, Black/heavy metal played with skill and feeling. My next releases will be Mayhemic Truth’s farewell album “In Memoriam”. If you love old and epic Bathory, then you have to get it. Killer!!! It’s the best German Black/epic metal release, you better believe me. Check it out, you won’t be disappointed. Then, Zemial’s “For The Glory OF UR” will follow, primitive but very effective “in your face” black/death metal ala Hellhammer, old Burzum and probably Varathron. Pure energy calls the animalistic spirit inside your body. I’ll also do Impeity’s new album “Skullfucking Armageddon” on vinyl and a 10” split with Pentacle and Desaster. So you see, I’m quite busy, but the label goes step by step only as I don’t have much money to spend, shit! Vinyl is very important for me, I love Eps, LPs, Pic discs. I don’t care about CD’s too much, but people demand it, so I have to do it as well to promote the bands. Only vinyl is limited and will not be re-pressed. The repress stuff is like a betrayal to the loyal fans that already bought the albums (What about this EP’s re-release then? – Dale). I’m the same kind of guy like my customers, wild headbanging man who is always looking for more destructive sounds to satisfy his soul. I’ll try to build up a certain image and name with Iron Pegasus. When people hear the name, they should think of the heaviest metal of all kind, be it black/thrash/heavy metal, but with attitude and heart. Again, death to false metal.

You have seen my ‘zine, what are your opinions on it? What did you like or dislike? Do you like fanzines printed on newsprint? I think printing costs in Europe must be pretty low as most ‘zines are done totally pro with color glossy covers (here it costs a big fortune to print like this!)?   

It’s a good one, the name seems to be from Venom, right? (Yes it is from the mighty gods of might & mayhem!! – Dale) Not all bands are my favorite ones, but reading interviews with Dark Throne or obscure bands like Ossuary is very cool. Pegazus sucks, hahaha…That’s what I dislike. As already said, for me it’s not very important if the print quality is very high or not (Spoken like a true metal maniac! – Dale). It’s the footage that matters. Hmm, about the print costs. I pay about 2,30 DM for each copy just to get it printed. Is it expensive? You decide…(I guess it would probably double that cost here – Dale) 

In your mag you often mention about trendy labels. What are some labels/bands you currently see as being trendy? Do you boycott such labels/bands?   

Hmm, it’s hard for me to name any labels that are trendy. Let me say it in different words…most of the labels are trendy. Labels that I regard as great ones are Merciless, Conquistador, Damnation, Warlord recs., N.E.P., Evil rec., etc…The trendiest label must be one Holland and also one from Germany…I think you what I’m talking about, don’t you?!? (Yes, I think I know which ones you speak of… -Dale). I do not boycott them, but I do not support them either. Just “leave them in hell”, haha…But to be honest with you, the labels that I view as trendy ones usually don’t deal with me as my releases are too different or untrendy or whatever for them and their mailorder. Trendy bands get boycotted of course, I do not buy their releases, don’t go to their gigs and don’t talk to their fans. There are more trendy bands around than untrendy ones, unfortunately. But hope that the situation will change soon…

Thank you very much my metal brother for taking your time to fill out this interview! It is muchly appreciated!! Please tell us some final words and your favorite German foods!?   

Dale, it was really great to do all this for your magazine, thanks for your great support. More mags like Canadian Assault, please, haha. German food? Sauerbraten mir Kartoffel Knodel und Apfelmus (Sorry Costa, I hope I spelt this right as you wrote these words messy and I do not know German - Dale). Got it? Haha…Fuck I don’t know how this is called in English. Just come to Germany and taste it. Oh, if there are any beautiful metal ladies out there, come to my house…I’ll cook this meal for you before we make love all night. Write to: Costa Stoios, P.O. Box 1462, 56804 Cochem/Mosel, Germany  Fax # : + 49 2671 915148

To all you readers: Always be faithful to the metal spirit, don’t be frustrated by the trend shit…good music is always existing, you just have to be patient while searching for killer bands, deep in the depths of the underground (the only place for good mayhemic honest hardware). Keep the faith! Aaarrrgh….



The Iron Pegasus Records Discography 

IP001 METALUCIFER "Heavy Metal Drill" CD (lim. 1000) / PicDisc (lim. 666)

IP002 SABBAT "Envenom" LP (lim. 333) / PicDisc (lim. 100)

IP003 SABBAT "Evoke" PicDisc (lim. 333) / CD

IP004 SABBAT "The Sabbatical Rites" '85 - '89" LP (lim. 333) / PicDisc (lim. 100)

IP005 SABBAT "Karisma" CD

IP006 MAYHEMIC TRUTH "In Memoriam" CD / LP (lim. 500) / PicDisc (lim. 100)

IP007 ZEMIAL "For the Glory of UR" CD/ LP (lim. 333) / PicDisc (lim. 100)

IP008 IMPIETY "Skullfucking  Armageddon" LP (lim. 500) / PicDisc (lim. 100)

IP009 DESASTER / PENTACLE  "...In League..." 10"EP

IP010 SABBAT "Satanasword" CD

IP011 SABBAT "Charisma"  PicDisc (lim. 333)

IP012 SADISTIC INTENT  "Resurrection of the Ancient Black Earth" LP (lim. 666) / PicDisc (lim. 100)

IP013 ZEMIAL "Necrolatry" MLP  (lim. 666) / PicDisc (lim. 100)

IP014 BEHERIT "Drawing Down  The Moon" PicDisc (lim. 500)

IP015 DESASTER "Tyrants of the Netherworld" CD / LP (lim. 1000) / PicDisc (lim. 100)

IP016 AGATUS "Dawn of  Martyrdom" PicDisc limited to 333 copies!

IP017 MORTUARY DRAPE "Tolling  13 Knell" DOUBLE LP (lim. 666)

IP018 SABBAT "Disembody" LP

IP019 METALUCIFER "Warriors  Ride On the Chariots" 12' inch Maxi

IP020 AGATUS "The Weaving  Fates" CD/LP (lim.777) / PicDisc (lim. to 100 copies)

IP021 METALUCIFER "Heavy Metal Chainsaw" CD / LP

IP022 HADEZ "Aquelarre"  CD / LP

IP023 DOLMEN "On The Eve Of WAR" (LP lim.666)

IP025 INQUSITION "Invoking the Majestic Throne of Satan" LP (lim.777)







IP032 PAGAN RITES “Mark of the Devil ”LP (lim.666) PicDisc (lim.222)


IPS001 METALUCIFER "EP" (lim. 500) / Repressed Version (lim.333, col. Vinyl)

IPS003 SABBAT / UNPURE "SPLIT  EP" EP (lim. 666)

IPS004 ROK "Under A Southern  Sky" EP (lim. 666)

IPS005 METAL KING "Worship the  real Metal" EP (lim.500)

IPS006 DESASTER " Souls of  Infernity" EP (limited!)

IPS007 SADISTIC INTENT "  Morbid Faith" EP (limited to 1000! + 100 Picture Eps in sleeve!)

IPS008 FLAME / DEVIL LEE ROT “Explosion Of Hell” EP (lim. 666)




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