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I am proud to have this interview in my fanzine. It was conducted by Keith Dempe of the mighty Eternal Darkness fanzine during the last nights of 1999. I am a fan of Svartsyn’s 1st album so I gladly accepted when Keith offered to let me print this interview exclusively in Canadian Assault. HAIL BARBARIC BLACK METAL SICKNESS!!

* Update - I swear every time I think this band is no longer around due to silence I then hear they are still roaming the land. It would appear their last release was in 2005 they have not given up the ghost and I think it could be said they are one of the most true to their roots black metal bands around since the old days. Read onward...



You are pretty well known to the black death fanatics of Europe but I don’t see your name too much over here in America, could you please introduce yourself and your band and describe your music to my readers? 

Svartsyn plays cursed black metal since the early years of this decade. First started up as Chalice in 1991. Changed name 1993/94. Chalice’s members were: Ornias/guitar, and Tormentor/drums & vocals. Tormentor left. Changed the name to Svartsyn and S(cannot read the rest of his writing on this name so we will just call him S - Dale) joined as guitar player. After the legendary “A Night created By The Shadows” demo 1995. Draugen entered as drummer, Ornias on bass. After the album “The True Legend” and the tour S was fired. Replaced by Kolgrim bass. Ornias took the guitar.

What does the word Svartsyn mean? 

Svartsyn is a Swedish word which is a mental disease of a very deep pessimism. A pessimistic outlook. Svartsyn is taken because of it fits to us as persons and it reflects the music and the lyrix.

I only know your band from the great “The True Legend” CD on Folter records and the promo 1999, what else have you released over the years you have been together?

Our recording so far (11/1999):

CHALICE/ILLSUA Split Demo 1993

SVARTSYN “A Night Created By The Shadows” Demo 1995

SVARTSYN “The True Legend” 1996 CD

SVARTSYN “Tormentor” 7” EP Recorded 1997 but released Oct. 1999

SVARTSYN “Bloodline” Adv. CD Recorded 1997-8 (Currently) Unreleased 8 trax

SVARTSYN “Promo” 1999

How did the deal with Folter records come about and are you still on good terms with them? What label will your next CD be on?

The deal with Folter was okay. They got us on tour, which was okay. Folter was having money problems during the time we recorded the 2nd album. That’s the reason why it remains unreleased so far. 

Has the promo ’99 stirred up any interested labels? If you are at liberty to discuss it which labels?

The promo 1999 has helped us getting new contacts. We are trying to make a deal with a label right now. I don’t want to talk about it because nothing is clear.

Could you tell us about the recording of “The True Legend”? It is a supremely violent piece of black death, how did you achieve this sound?

We recorded “The True Legend” in 3 nights! We recorded at night, 3 nights recording, 2 days mixing. The guy we recorded with didn’t know anything about how we want our sound. It didn’t come out as we wanted.

Is there a person from the past whom you admire or perhaps you have been inspired by?

I don't think I can say I admire someone in my past. It's more that I look up to people. My inspiration to play music was Blackie from Wasp. "KILL FUCK DIE" was the best record ever made. The concept makes the album the best. I admire some great people that have lived in the past. I won't say any names, I don't want to comment on them.

When will the 7” be out on Black Militia Records? Will it be the same tracks as on the promo 1999? What songs will be on the 7”? Is the deal with B.M. good?

People can obtain our 7” from Black Militia Productions. The songs are: “Goatthrone(new version-better one)” and a song called “Throne Of The Antichrist” The music is a piece of curse. I suggest you check out for flyers or someone who might sell it. Or contact us or Black Militia (P.O. Box 68040, 28 Crowfoot Terrace NW, Calgary, AB., T6G 3N8, CANADA) and the deal is okay.

I know Kolgrim is also in Unpure but what are some of the other bands that Ornias and Draugen are in, if any (I think it is an unwritten Swedish code in the metal scene that all musicians must have at least 1 or 2 side bands!? - Dale Roy)? Could you tell us about any demos/albums that my readers and I can get and from where? 

I have no other projects or bands (*GASP*-Dale). The same with Draugen I think.

When will the next album of Svartsyn be out? Could you tell us about your new material? Any song titles you can divulge? 

At the time I can’t say. We have some stuff going on. As soon as possible would be the best. Our 2nd album is recorded 1997/98. And we record our 3rd album now in December 1999. The new material is violent and more evil. More fast. 2nd album contains songs as: “Upon The Throne”, “The Great Mysteriis Of Death”, “Terror Demon”, “Bloodline”, “Vampire Sleep” etc. 3rd album contains songs as: “Dungeons”, “I Am Cleopatra’s Killer”, “It Breathes”, “The Tunnel Of Majesty”, “Flesh”, “Apocalypse” etc.  

What is a Svartsyn live experience like? Would you say it is as violent as your recorded material? Could you give us your set list? 

Some shows are good and some bad. But the latest was in Germany at the Under The Black Sun II it went good. We try to play these songs live: “The Great Mysteriis Of Death”, “The Shadows Is Painting My Eyes” etc. Mostly songs from the 1st and the 2nd albums.

How would you say is the best way to deal with enemies? Are you a supporter of violence?

The best way to deal with the enemy is simply to kill them. I don't fear any kind of punishment. I am not afraid to go to jail, not at all. If someone has something against me and wants to knock me down, they had better kill me. I am going to come back to kill the bastard. I will never forget. Maybe it will take one year until I take my revenge or maybe ten years. It doesn't matter, hate will still be the same. I am a supporter of violence because it is so common in the world. You see it on TV, you read about it everyday. It's almost like entertainment. Humanity is more violent than it was in the 60's or 70's. It really makes me wonder why more people don't listen to more extreme music because it fits the situation of today.

Do you have any material still available? Could you give us a price and an address? 

There could be stuff left in some corner, but not that I know of right now.

Do you have any comments to close with? 

Keep yours eyes open for our releases in the near future. So far our recording on the 3rd album kicks ass! People who like violent cursed music should check us out.

SVARTSYN, C/O Sundelin, Backluragagen 29A, 149 43 Nynashamn, SWEDEN

Email =



The Complete Svartsyn Discography 

Rehearsal Demo, 1994

A Night Created by the Shadows Demo, 1995

Rehearsal '97 Demo, 1997

Tormentor EP, 1998

The True Legend Full-length, 1998

Promo January  Demo, 1999

...His Majesty Full-length, 2000

Skinning the Lambs Demo, 2003

Destruction of Man Full-length, 2003

Kaos Svarta Mar/Skinning the Lambs Split, 2004

Bloodline Full-length, 2005



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