Interview with Scorched vocalist Matt Kapa by Patrick late December 2016

Coming to us out of Delaware’s old-school death metal scene is Scorched, who recently released their debut full-length album entitled “Echoes Of Dismemberment”, earlier this year. Scorched play a pleasing semi-brutal death metal similar to the middle ‘90s US style. We wanted to find out more about this band and share it with the CA followers. Read on…


Hello please introduce yourself to the readers and at what age did you discover metal music?

This is Matt Kapa, vocalist if Scorched. Metal was always around me growing up, but it really became my favorite genre around age 12 when I really started discovering more obscure bands.

Who were some of the first bands you listened to? Who are some of your current favorite bands?

When I discovered death metal, I stumbled upon Nile, Dying Fetus, Krisiun, Vader, etc. Currently my favorite bands are Blood Incantation, Disma, Vastum, and I could go on (That is what interviews are for please go on! - Dale).

When did you first meet the other members of the band? And how did you all choose the name Scorched as the band's name?

Everyone besides our drummer are local and have always played with bands, so we had all either met at shows or through friend's bands. When discussing a name for the band, I suggested Scorched and it was the only one everyone agreed on. It was simple, easy to remember, and was able to be tied into our horror theme.

What is the current line up for the band and for the readers who have never heard Scorched music how would you best describe it?

Matt Kapa on vocals, Steve Fuchs on guitar, Nick Carucci on guitar, Andrew Benenati on bass, and Matt Izzi on drums. We are a horror influenced death metal band. Our main influences are classic bands so we have sort of an old school vibe. We use a lot of retro style synth interludes and intros to grasp the horror feel.

Scorched is getting ready to release their debut cd "Echoes Of Dismemberment"  through  Unspeakable Axe Recs. How did the band come in contact with this great label?

A buddy of mine had heard our demo and was really into it. He does PR work and suggested I hit up Eric from Unspeakable Axe. We hit it off and here we are! Couldn't be happier.

Does the whole band take part in writing the music or does one member usually write everything?

We are all very open about ideas and bring everything we can to the table. We try to keep it equal for every member so that we all love each song.

Who usually takes care of writing the lyrics for the band and where does the band get inspiration for the lyricial content?

Most of the lyrics are written by myself, drummer Matt and the bassist Andrew. All of our inspiration comes from horror films. None of them are specific references, but we typically watch a ton of classic horror films during the writing process.

Besides the debut "Echoes Of Dismemberment” does the band have any past demos, EP’s still available? Any other merchandise and where can the readers buy it?

Our demo tape is sold out, but we are hoping for a repress at some point. We have a split with Putrisect and a 4 way split with Outer Heaven, Gatecreeper, and Homewrecker. Both are available on cd through us or Unspeakable Axe. We have vinyl versions of the Putrisect split and Melotov Records has vinyl versions of the 4 way.

Does Scorched play live very often? What have been some of the bands you shared the stage with an most memorable shows?

We have only played about 7 shows. It's tough because or drummer lives 8 hours away, tours and ton with his other bands Homewrecker, and the rest of us work full time. Our favorite shows were definitely on our tour with Putrisect and Funebrarum. Both bands killed it every night and they are all awesome dudes!

Are their any tours or shows planned for the rest of 2016 or 2017? If yes, where will the band be playing?

Not yet, we are currently working on setting up a West Coast US tour. No details yet. Follow our Facebook for updates.

I know the members of Scorched are huge horror / gore / sleaze film fans. When did you all become interested in these types of movie genres? And in your opinion what makes a good movie?

I really can't say exactly when, but for years I loved the feeling I would get from watching a good horror. To me, nothing compares. It's hard to say exactly what makes a movie good because I like all types of horrors from campy, goofy shit, to slashers, to more serious films. Blood, guts, and gore are great, but I get down with satanic movies and sci-fi horrors as well.

What are your all-time favorite movies from these genres?

The Burning, the first 4 Nightmare on Elm streets, Phantasm, Hellraiser, and plenty more!

Are any of the members of the band currently working with any other bands? If yes, please tell the readers a little about them?

Drummer Matt Izzi also drums and does vocals for Crypt Roth and Homewrecker. Crypt Rot is a death metal band and Homewrecker is a hardcore/punk band with heavy thrash and death metal influence. Our bassist Andrew Benenati plays in an alternative rock band called Ringfinger. Nice for a change of pace!

When not working on new music or band business what do you enjoy doing in your free time?

Lifting weights and partying!

Thank you for taking the time to fill this interview out do you all have any final words to the readers?

Thank you for hitting us up! Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to give us a listen, it means the world to us. Keep supporting underground death metal!




The Scorched Discography 

Scorched Demo, 2015

Final State Of Existence Split 7" EP with Putrisect, 2016

Split 12" EP with Gatekeeper, Homewrecker & Outer Heaven, 2016

Echoes Of Dismemberment full-length, 2016





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