Interview with guitarist Patrick Evil done by Patrick S. April 2014…

Satan's Host, featuring Jag Panzer vocalist Harry Conklin, has been around since the early 80's, but broke up for many years (from 1988 to 1994) before returning stronger than ever. “Virgin Sails” is one of the best heavy metal/thrash albums to be released in quite some time. It sparked my interest to get in touch and see what these almighty metal veterans are up to!



Hails Patrick! how are things going with you these days? Thank you for taking the time to fill out this interview. When did you first get the idea to form Satan's Host?

It has been going great. We’re finishing writing the follow up to Virgin Sails. When I first had the idea for the band was when I started getting better playing the guitar back in the late 70's.

Please give a brief history of the band? How did you come up with the name for the band? What is the current lineup for the band?

Well when first thinking about a name for the band I wanted a name that would stand out like Black Sabbath or Judas Priest. We have had the same lineup since “By the Hands of the Devil”, Harry myself Hobbit and Marcus. Anyway I found the name Satan's Host and felt right away that was going to stay with me all my life!

The band broke up in 1988 why did the band call it quits for a few years?

Yeah our bass player and drummer at the time really could not keep up with the writing and feeling I and Harry wanted for the band. We tried getting other players but had no luck, the glam scene was at its peak and almost all musicians were going that direction at the time. So Harry and I split on good terms and vowed one day we would continue on when the time called upon us to reunite again.

In 1994 Satan's Host returned what made you decide to reform the band? Happy with how things have gone over the years?

I tried forming a few other bands but really was not happy, then I met Eli our former vocalist and he drove me and inspired me at the time to do Satan's Host once again, it felt right and I had so much music inside myself that I wanted to start writing and recording again.

Satan Host recently released their newest cd "Virgin Sails" through the mighty Moribund Rec. How long did it take the band to write the music for the new release?

It really never takes us that long to write, we had about 3-4 months writing and recording the album. Were constantly writing so there are always songs and albums ready to go, it’s just a matter of us as a whole to decide when to really forge ahead and record a new album.

When the band starts writing a new song how long does it usually take to complete it? Does the whole band take part in the writing process or is it just one or two members that write everything?

We usually have a day or two in writing a song and lyrics we always record everything we do so it makes it faster to learn new material and write.

How has the response been from the fans? What about the press?

It’s amazing, all the press and fan reaction to our music. We constantly get letters from fans and the press wondering why we’re not at the forefront of Metal with our albums. We do our best and appreciate all the amazing words. All we can do is keep pushing the boundaries of Metal and there is nothing that can stop us. I can feel how close we are to breaking through to the masses. I think it’s good for us because we never try to do anything different than to write music we would listen to and buy as a fan!

Does Satan's Host have any upcoming tours or shows to tell the fans about? who are some bands you all will be playing with? If you could set up a dream show/tour who would you love to share the stage with?

We’re playing Doom in June is Las Vegas, we’re trying to set up a Midwest tour this summer, record the new album, going out to Greece and a few other places In Europe, we want to tour everywhere in the world, so any promoters out there can help us bring the music to all our fans, we are a live band, a unstoppable force.

Where have been some of your most memorable shows? Is there anywhere you all haven't played yet that you hope to someday?

It’s hard to pick just one show, I think what makes shows the most fun to play and never forgotten is when the crowd sings all our songs along as we play, that is magical and everywhere we have been playing it has been this way, so all the shows are memorable to me.

I know you have been in the scene since the 80's so I was curious on how you feel about social media sites the Internet etc.? I was wondering do you ever miss the days of tape-trading fanzines ?

It is great, people can get such access to bands but back when we tape traded you had such a feeling inside and excitement like when you work hard and buy something you really want, it gave you a sense of pride for the music which I think is getting lost some now days.

In your opinion what is the best and worst thing about the underground? And what does the term Metal Underground mean to you?

At least you always have rabid fans that would live and die for you. Is there really an underground these days? I often wonder with all these social media outlets. I think there is. It’s harder to separate the great bands out because there is an oversaturation in the industry. Almost everyone can learn to play an instrument make it sound alright but the writing is horrible. You can learn everyone else's riffs but they can’t find the passion and love and feeling in the music. I try to create my own sound and have our band stand out from the crowd, it is sad that there are so many copycats in the world, if you really love music prove it, create invent and define your music that’s what I believe in.

Patrick you handle the guitars for Satan's Host at what age did you start playing the guitars? Are you self taught or did you take lessons?

I taught myself by ear learning music on my own. I have taken a few lessons in my life but I never wanted to sound like anyone else. I really am not to good at reading music, I understand it, just doesn't fit my style, I want to invent new sounds and riffs which seems impossible, there are so many amazing musicians in the world. I just do what I love and that is playing the guitar and it is an honor to play with the guys in my band, we have so much fun creating there is never enough time in the day to do everything we want to do together, we’re a never ending source of Metal!

Who would you say are your influences and favorite guitarist? Do you play any other instruments?

I always loved Randy Rhoads, Tony Iommi, Jimmy Page, Glen Tipton, Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, and Steve Vai; I love the piano and play some also.

Well Patrick thank you for taking the time to fill this out do you have any final words for the readers?

Thanks for all your support, buy all our albums, demand to see us live!!!!  We will see you in your city before you know what hit you Hail World Wide 9. 



The Satan's Host Discography 

Metal From Hell Full-length, 1986

Midnight Wind EP, 1987

In Articulo Mortis EP, 1999

Archidoxes Of Evil Full-length, 2000

Burning The Born Again... Full-length, 2004

Satanic Grimoire: A Greater Black Magick Full-length, 2006

Great American Scapegoat 666 Full-length, 2008

Power ~ Purity ~ Perfection... 999 Full-length, 2009

Assault Of Evil 666 DVD, 2010

By The Hands Of The Devil Full-length, 2011

Celebration For The Love Of Satan Compilation Full-length, 2011

Virgin Sails Full-length, 2013




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