Interview by Dale Roy with Kory Arnold sometime during early 1997…

Just as an intro to this interview, I must say a few words.  This is a rather old interview.  It was originally intended for The Sepulchral Voice, a mag I wrote for.  Anyway, Mike the editor of the T.S.V., decided since Rotting took a fairly lengthy period to answer that he wasn’t going to bother printing it, saying “if they don’t care to give it any priority getting done, I don’t want to print it.”  So, whatever!  Mike and I disagreed on many issues and this was one of them.  However, we were good friends through any differences. To make a long story longer (ha!), I am printing it now.  I feel I owe it the band and I called Kory (vocals) the man interviewed and we discussed things.  And, I have included a short update following the interview to bring this interview into a fresh time period.



Could you give a brief history of the band and it’s members? What do you guys do outside the band for entertainment???.

Allright.  Well, we started in the fall of 1992.  Since then, we’ve had 3 demos:  “Christcrusher”, “Human Race Liquidation”, and “Drown In Rotting Flesh”.  We played numerous shows, with such bands as: Mundane, Oppessor, Incantation, Kataklysm, Suffocation, and many others. Myself (Kory), I do the vocals.  Jeff White does guitar.  And Keith Devry plays drums.  At the moment we have two guys (Derek and James) helping out.  I can’t speak for anyone else in the band for entertainment outside the band.  I’m into horror movies, wrestling, drinking beer and young girls(you sick bastard you!! ha -Dale). 

What’s the scene like in the Newmarket area ?  Also, I know you did a few shows with Gorguts/Opressor on their mini-tour of Canada.  How was that?  Finally, a mini-tour promoted by yourselves which was to include Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and a few stateside dates, did this happen yet???.

I’m not sure what the scene is like here in Newmarket yet.  We really haven’t actually played a show here yet.  I do know a lot of people here are into the heavier side of music.  We’re planning on playing a heavy music fest here soon.  We done one in Barrie two years back, and shit loads turned out.  The Opressor/Gorguts thing was pretty cool.  The mini-tour promoted by ourselves has not happened yet, but will soon!(I am quite sure it has not happened still as of yet -Dale). 

How many copies of the last demo “Drown In Rotting Flesh” sold thus far?  How have individual buyers reacted to it?  How was the recording process of “D.I.R.F.” like?  And, what did the recording costs amount to???.

An actual number is unknown, but it is quite a bit.  The reaction from buyers has been great!  Most people that have wrote have said “D.I.R.F.” is fucking brutal stuff.  The recording process was only like 3 days to record and one and a half to mix and master.  The recording cost like 800 dollars.  It’s a totally different story with our album coming out.  So far we have been in the studio for like over two month’s! (Fuck!  Who do you think you are, Metallica? ha ha -Dale). 

What do you think when people say the “death metal is dead or dying out”?  Or is it more like the trendies are (both fans and bands) leaving or jumping onto the next bandwagon (i.e. hardcore/punk or black metal)?  I think the scene is that much stronger for it (the trendies leaving I mean)!!!.

There is no fucking way death metal is dead!  Yeah, it has slowed down a lot (for now) I will agree.  I think the big problem is the press (such as one American mag I won’t mention) talking so much shit.  Maybe if they’d just shut their mouths, it wouldn’t be as bad.  I do think death metal will come back as strong a force on the music scene again within the next two years. 

What are some of the bands that influenced Rotting in the early days, and what are you personally into these days?  Also, on a completely different note, what do you think of Displeased Records re-releasing the mighty classic “None Shall Defy” by provincial mates Infernal Majesty (at the time of this interview it was just about to be released -Dale)!??.

Some bands that influenced Rotting in the early days were Carcass, Slayer, Autopsy, Deicide, and many others.  Personally, I am into almost everything.  Some of the bands I’m totally into now are Dying Fetus, Six Feet Under, Tragically Hip (ugh -Dale), Weezer (Say it ain’t so! -Dale), Pyrexia and Christ Inversion.  Yeah, that’s real cool about Infernal Majesty’s “None Shall Defy” being re-released. They were a huge influence on Keith, our drummer. 

You mentioned to me in your letter, that you were in the process of recording 11 songs to be released as a full-length entitled “The Unholiest Of All Penetrations” (See update plans changed-Dale).  Since you mentioned no label I presume maybe you’ll go the route of say Cryptopsy and get a Euro. label to release it over there and do the North American distribution yourselves?  Also, what can people who heard the demo stuff expect from the album!??.

We’re talking with a few labels about licensing deals.  Other then that, I can’t really say much about that.  Anyone who hears the demo (material) can expect something way different.  Off the(D.I.R.F.) demo we re-recorded the songs, “Voices” and “In Vain” for the album. 

I know you hate christianity and consider them sheep.  Care to expand on that, and share your opinions!??.

As far as I am concerned, any form of god-doers have no place in society.  Anyone that calls themselves a christian is a fuckin’ liar!  Anyways, christians are hypocrites with no minds.  I spit on their book, their cross, their church, and on them!  Nothing, but extreme hate, to god-doers.  Jesus was a retard! 

Thanks, Kory!  How about listing merchandise and some last words for the C.A. readers and Rotting listeners!??.

We have “Drown In Rotting Flesh” T-Shirts for $12 dollars.  Soon to be out will be “I’m A Born Against Christian” shirt (Not really sure if they ever made this shirt write for details -Dale).  Support the underground, and cast out christ!  Thanks.                                                          

Rotting, c/o Kory, 58 Roxborough Rd., Newmarket, Ontario, L3Y 3K9, CANADA

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To bring things up to snuff here is what Kory relayed to me over the phone yesterday. Rotting shortly after the recording of the album split up for a few months and now have reformed with the following line-up: Kory Arnold (Vocals), Rob McAulay (Lead guitar), Rick Van Wissen (Rythmn guitar), Jeff White (Bass guitar) and Keith Devry (Drums). They are rehearsing and get shit back together, and plan to play shows at the start of the new year.  By Feb. 1998, they will release a demo, which will be the aborted full-length CD on tape and can be ordered from Kory for 4 US everywhere.  Said demo will not have the aborted album title.  It will be entitled “Nothing But Attitude”,  and feature the following songs: “In Vain”, “Sexually Tortured”, “Laid To Rest”, “Unholy Penetration”, “Soul Burn”, “Let Them Bleed”, “Christian Castration”, “Blood”, “Guts”, and “Evil I”.  Then they will prepare their new material for a release probably late spring or early summer - maybe in the form of a debut or another demo tape (we will see).  Kory tells me everyone is dedicated to doing shit right and the new stuff is not a huge departure of brutal death metal style on the “Drowning In Rotting Flesh” Demo 1995.  So, write and/or email them and check their website. 

*** Update - I assume this band is now RIP (I talked to Korey around 2000 or so I think it was and he was trying to keep Rotting going at that point), I did get to see them live at the Milwaukee Metalfest in I think 1998 or maybe it was '99 and they put on a killer show and managed to get some women to show their tits for some free merch...



The Complete Rotting Discography 


   Crushed (1998)


Sexually Tortured

Christian Castration

Laid To Rest

Evil I




In Vain

Let Them Bleed

Unholy Penetration

     The Forgotten (2002)

In Vain



Drown in Rotting Flesh Pt. 1

Human Race Liquidation

Drown in Rotting Flesh Pt. 2

Mental Genocide

Sever the Priest

Laid to Rest



Bear Attack

I Want You Dead




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