Interview by Jeffrey Kusbel with REBAELLIUN’s  Fabiano Penna late May 2000

Well there is a big buzz around this explosive Brazilian death metal band. Canadian Assault decided they were worthy of coverage so we flew our correspondent Jeffrey Kusbel to Brazil to get the latest on Rebaelliun...

* Update - Well Rebaelliun are dead as a door nail. Fabiano said Rebaelliun is their life so I guess life has also come to an end. It is a shame they only lasted a little over a year past this interview date.



First off, I read on your web site that guitarist Ronaldo Lima has left the band. Has he been replaced? What is the current REBAELLIUN line-up? Why did Ronaldo leave the band?

Ronaldo left REBAELLIUN right after the last concert in Belgium on last March. He was not interested in playing Death Metal anymore, so he made his choice. The current line-up is: Marcello Marzari (vocals/bass), Fabiano Penna (guitars) and Sandro Moreira (drums). We will keep the band like this, we will not get a new guitarist for sure, new stuff was already recorded with this new line-up and it's sounding much better.

"Burn the Promised Land" is an intense fucking Death Metal album to say the least! What are some of your influences? I also read on your website that Death Metal is no longer popular in the Brazilian underground, is this true? I always thought that Death Metal was huge in Brazil especially with the success of Sepultura and their early LP's. Is the scene in Brazil becoming trendy?

We have a strong Death Metal scene concerning bands in Brazil. Of course this is a very underground style overhere as in any other countries, however we don't have so many good publications supporting extreme music, as well as fans, it seems that the most of the people involved with Death Metal overhere are playing in bands, and this is not good... If you take a look in the 'Metal' scene in Brazil, it's very trendy and commercial nowadays, I'm sure that in the past people were more honest regarding the music. About our influences, basically Slayer and Morbid Angel, they are the best in their style, we grew up listening to this bands and since we started to play 10 years ago, we are influenced by them.

What does REBAELLIUN think of the current state of the underground Metal scene? Have you had a lot of support from fans globally? What are some bands and record labels that REBAELLIUN support 100%?

I really think things are much better than 5 years ago for example. I doubt if Death Metal will be again so strong as it was in 90/91, but there are so many strong bands nowadays improving this style in the right and extreme way that makes me think we have now one of the best scenes ever... in other hand there's a lot of bad and trendy bands and unserious labels fucking this scene as well... bands like Angel Corpse, Vital Remains, Krisiun, Marduk, Abhorrence, Mental Horror, Morbid Angel - gods!! -, Nephast, Centurian, Ophiolatry and others make the scene strong and true. Fortunately we have received a lot of support from fans all over the world, especially from Europe where we already played 2 tours.

I noticed that Hammerheart Records has released "Burn the Promised Land" on vinyl format. Was this your idea or Hammerheart's? Do any members of REBAELLIUN listen to or collect any vinyl?

This was an idea from the label. Unfortunately "Burn the Promised Land" on LP sucks, the lay-out is a big shit, with a lot of mistakes in the lyrics and name of the titles as well... Marcello is still used to buy and listen to LP's.

There are some anti-Christian lyrics and symbols used on your album, are REBAELLIUN meant to be perceived as a Satanist or anti-Christian band? What do you think of Christianity and it's influence on the world?

REBAELLIUN is an anti-Christian band. Christianity goes against the freedom and honour of the men, and these are two of the most important principles in our life. Christianity is just responsible for hundreds of crimes against humanity, their empire is even more rich and stronger than on the last centuries. They're not doing this for their god or Jesus Christ, they do for the money and for the domain.

What are your opinions on the Black Metal scene past and present? Do you think that bands like Dimmu Borgir or Cradle of Filth deserve all the attention they receive?

Personally I don't like the music played by both the bands. They are on the biggest magazines and they sell very well, however the most of the underground fans we have met in Europe don't support them as well... I think that Black Metal scene nowadays is full of theatre and trendy bands. For me one of the best Black Metal bands in the present scene is Marduk, they play extreme and fast and they don't care about what's selling better nowadays, like keyboards or female vocals. And about the scene on the past, Venom are kings.  

What countries have you guys toured so far with "Burn the Promised Land"? Where do you think the Death Metal scene is strongest? Any killer party stories you would like to share? Or disaster stories for that matter?

Last tour between January and March REBAELLIUN played gigs in Germany, Belgium, Austria and Holland. In Belgium fans are more into the extreme and brutal Death Metal, but we had a very good response also in some cities in Germany, like Berlin. Next tour in June we will play in 14 European countries, we've heard people from the East part of the continent, like Poland and Slovenia, are killer, let's see...

What can be expected from REBAELLIUN in the year 2000?

More Deathly Metal I hope! In June we are returning to Europe for the second part of "Burning Europe - The Promised Tour 2000". We have 30 gigs over there beside Vader, Vital Remains, Fleshcrawl and Pandemia, including a festival with mighty Cannibal Corpse. On this tour we will be promoting our new Mini-CD/EP "Bringer of War", recorded on last March in Brazil. After the tour REBAELLIUN must play a few shows in Brazil and we will start to compose the stuff for the second album. This album will be recorded next year in Europe and will be the most important step for REBAELLIUN, we have been developing our style since 98 and we believe that the second album will finally show people our real potential to play Death Metal.

From reading some of your statements you have made on your website I can tell that you guys are enjoying what you do and are in this for the long haul (or about a year longer ;) - Dale). Cheers to that and I hope things go well for REBAELLIUN in the future. Please feel free to write any closing comments to the Canadian Assault readers and thanks for this interview! Hails!!

Playing in REBAELLIUN is our life. We are dedicating all our time for that, this is a very hard way, but this was our choice and we will always do our best to keep on this way. In the next year we must play an U.S. Tour, we just hope to receive some offers to play in Canada as well to spawn the rebellion. Thanks for the interview and for the support.




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