Interview by Dale Roy with Nyk Late 1997…

Those of you who love old school metal, alongside thrash and death metal will love Possession. They are masters at combining the aforementioned and executing it with harsh aggression and energy. I had the opportunity to interview Nyk of Possession and jumped at it, you only need to read my review elsewhere of the bands last product “Scourge And Fire” to see how much I love their music and the as of yet unfullfilled success they so richly deserve in one writer’s opinion. Without further ado I present Nyk Edinger the multitalented throat of Possession…



Tell a little about Possession and how the band came to be???.

Back in 1991, Shayne, Shane, and myself, were in a band who lost it’s two main songwriters so after a short hiatus we got together and started writing songs under the moniker Possession. Shortly after forming, Shayne was in an accident. While he was recuperating, Mike joined as a second guitarist and then Lance joined as we were recording our first demo, “Mad Crazed And Violent” in ’93. We went on to record “The Unnameable Suffering” in ’94 and in ’95 we recorded our first full length CD called “Eternally Haunt” which wasn’t released until 1996 due to label problems. We left that label and then released “Scourge And Fire” on our own in ’97 (Umm…I think he meant late ’96 but what do I know ha -Dale). Lance left in late ’95 and we’ve been searching for a permanent bassist ever since. Kansas City is a rather dry well of musical talent, it seems. 

At what point did you discover the underground? First contacts and ‘zines you got into? Does/did anyone in the band do underground activities outside of the band???.

We didn’t really get into the underground until ’92 when we started to look for ways to promote the band. The first ‘zines we got into were Feh, Rubberneck, Open Grave, Voices From The Darkside and Subversive Agenda. One of the first contacts we made was Jarno from Impaled Nazerene as well as the guys from Angelkill and Snowy Shaw from ‘Fate and Samael. Shayne has done some reviews for a few zines that is about it. 

Looking back at your past releases are you happy with them and what is your opinion on them now? What were sales figures roughly on “Eternally Haunt” and “Scourge And Fire”???.

I’ve always been pleased with the quality of our songs. I think that is proved, especially by “Scourge And Fire”, which has a re-recorded version of one of the first songs Possession ever wrote yet it sounds as fresh and powerful now as it did then. Obviously, we have not had a lot of money to work with which has lead to just o.k. production but not the best that we would have hoped for. I suppose, part of the reason for that was our own inexperience in the studio as well as working with people who were not familiar with death metal. But as far as each song goes, we are very proud of them and are excited for the people to hear our new material. “Eternally Haunt” has sold around 2, 000 copies so far but we have plenty left so I think everyone should order it! (Yes do yourself a favor at these dirt cheap prices for such great music! -Dale). You will get “Eternally Haunt”, and “Scourge And Fire” for only $11 us ppd. You’re not going to get a better deal anywhere!. 

I am sure many reading this have seen your full page ads in Metal Maniacs, considering the size of it’s readership, how tremendous has the response been from it? What did it cost, for said full pager!??.

The response was not as great as we had hoped but we look at it as a building block, a stepping stone to the next level of name recognition. Actually, the biggest failure of the whole project was our inability to release another full length CD in a timely fashion. But we are still moving forward-slowly but surely. I believe each ad was about $700/issue but there were many factors involved in that price. 

Tell me about the scene in your area? Some cool bands from there to check out? Kansas seems to me, as an outside observer to be a little sparse as a metal scene, is this so and has it affected or held back Possession in any way???.

Well, you hit the proverbial nail on the head!. Kansas City is extremely sparse. We used to think that it didn’t matter but in hindsight I know that it has adversely affected us in three ways, 1. Not being able to replace members easily at all  2.Not being able to meet and get to know people in the underground on a regular basis  3.Not having the opportunity to play shows with bigger bands in the underground. Word of mouth is still the best promotion in the underground and we are missing that being in Kansas City. There is one great band from K.C. (Come on there is more then one, how about Ares Kingdom, Vulpecula, Nepenthe!? -Dale), that is Angelcorpse which has risen on the wings of the bassist/singer’s former Order From Chaos. They’ve played a European tour already and are preparing for another tour with Immortal last I heard (Wonder if that happened I heard Demonaz quit Immortal!, cause of cancer in his arms). But they never play in Kansas City. 

Now onto one of my fave questions, what  do you think of the almighty album “Black Metal” by Venom!??.

You are going to think this is blasphemous but I have never heard Venom’s “Black Metal” album (Oh my, blasphemous is a gentle word to use, all self-respecting metalheads need that album!! However that is only my opinion, even if it is correct he he -Dale), until I saw them live at the (Milwaukee) Metalfest last year I had never heard of them at all. Sorry (You mentioned Cirith Ungol coming up   so you are surely forgiven! -Dale).  

Please tell us about the whole deal with Casey and Metal Merchant Records!??.

The whole deal is far too lengthy to into here (I was hoping you would go deep into this and space of no concern, use all you want bro! -Dale) but if you check out our website every gory detail is there for you to savour (Well, actually I know pretty much everything, I have heard your side and heard Casey’s over the phone, but my readers may not know it, oh well do check out the website to see more on it -Dale). In a nutshell, Casey is a rip off and we emerged victorious in the end. 

It is obvious from your music you guys are fans of ‘80’s power metal and deathrash, care to list some old favorites and maybe an obscure band or two, my readers should search out!??.

Yes! That is our genesis, ‘80’s metal like the old mainstays, Slayer, Sabbat, Metallica, Anthrax. But I also got into Worrior, Warlock, Toxik, Q5, Apocrypha, Armored Saint, and of course old Testament, King Diamond, Mercyful Fate and old Fates Warning, Oh, and how about Cirith Ungol (ah yes, the “Frost And Fire” & “King Of The Dead” LP’s!! -Dale) !?!. 

What do you know about my country, Canada!? What is your opinion on the Canadian scene? Any bands or mags from here you dig? Do you find there is a ‘Canadian sound’ so to speak???.

I grew up in North Dakota so I took more family vacations in Canada than I did in the States. Mostly to Winnipeg (Manitoba) but I have been all the way to B.C. (Cool I am directly in the middle of those two provinces -Dale). I don’t know much about the “Canadian scene”, the only bands that I remember from being from Canada are Obliveon and Annihilator (Ugh! I thought being such an ‘80’s metal fan you would have heard of Infernal Majesty, Razor, Exciter, Slaughter, Voivod, Sacrifice ect… guess we always get over looked though he he so what’s new -Dale). And the only sound that comes to mind when I think of Canada is “eh” (That was a shot, eh!? Ha -Dale). Sorry. 

What were the recording and pressing costs of your brilliant 3” mini CD “Scourge And Fire”?. How did those recording sessions go, possibly you could describe your schedule on a day you recorded!?. Is the new material in the same vein as that release???.

The recording ran about $800 but the entire project ended up at about $3000 for 1000 CD’s. We had the original artwork done and then had to have custom dyes cut to print the cover because of the size (For those who have not scene it, the cover is cool it is like a one piece modified and enlarged match book cover almost, very cool! -Dale). The sessions went rather well and it turned out better then any of our other recordings to date although we were extremely unhappy with the snare sound on it. A typical day of work recording was to get up about 3pm, begin recording around 7pm, work until about 5am and then go home and go to bed. Rather exciting, huh?. Well, “Scourge And Fire” is the new song on that CD but as I hope you’ve noticed each of our songs has a style of it’s own. Some of our new songs are faster than anything we have played before and yet a couple new ones are slower than anything we have done before. The vocals are still varied and I will try to layer them a little more next time. Also, the lyrics will cover a broader range of subjects than our first couple CD’s did. But when you put it on your CD player you will know right away that this is still Possession!. We are planning to do a demo for some labels soon and we will release a full length sometime this year (1998) with or without label support. 

Are you planning on staying independent (possibly with Euro licensing?), or as I often wonder when a active band such as Possessed was in ‘95/early ’96 becomes sort of quiet, that you are fielding offers from labels and if so which labels have shown interest!??.

We are just now starting to contact some labels in order to get them a demo of new songs and we would like to hook up with someone for the next CD but we are not going to wait forever, when the time comes to record the next CD we will do it regardless of label support. Licensing will be imperitive in order to properly promote the next CD. 

What do you do in your spare time for enjoyment? What are some of your favorite movies, novels and mags???.

I love playing soccer and my movie favs are Exorcist III, The Prophecy, The Hitcher, The Ninth Configuration, and anything from Monty Python, oh, and the Red Green show from Canada is great! (Ha cool, “if women don’t find you handsome, they should at least find you handy!” -Dale). I enjoy reading books on demonology and the occult and even the Bible. As far as mags go I read The Christian Research Journal, Metal Maniacs, PIT, and The Grimoire Of Exalted Deeds. 

Seen any good live shows/bands as of late? Fave show of all time? What bands have you not seen live that you would die to see???.

Lately, I’ve seen Cannible Corpse, Testament, Nevermore which were all great but the best ever were Mercyful Fate in ’93 and Samael in ’95. The two shows that would die for are 1. King Diamond  2.Manowar (Oh shit man, those are two absolutley fine choices!! -Dale). 

Thanks Nyk for the interview, last comments to the readers of Canadian Assault? Future plans and merchandise available!??.

Thanx for the great questions!. I would encourage everyone to order “Eternally Haunt” and we will send you “Scourge And Fire” for free all for only $11!. Also, we just got new Possession long sleeves with the Possession symbol on the front in gold, it’s $15. Write us at: P.O. Box 3031, Olathe, KS. 66063, USA or E-mail us at  As king says, “Stay Heavy!”.



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