Interview by Dale Roy and Patrick Schroeder with Don of The Dead singer and co-main man of Nunslaughter late July 2013…

Well, well, well here we are again with another Nunslaughter interview. It has only been 11 years since the last one haha. I am honoured as always to have one of the best death metal bands in the history of the scene once again in Canadian Assault. We tried to go for a nice long interview, truth be told it was longer, but I had to make some editorial cuts to it because I did not want Don Of The Dead to fucking kill me haha! There were still a ton of questions for him to answer, I know he is a super busy guy, I had hoped for the answers to be a little more indepth like last time. But like I said Don is a very busy demon these days, so I am extremely grateful for what I got, which is still a very good interview with a legendary band! Check it out devil worshippers! Cheers. - Dale



Metal hails Don! Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with Canadian Assault. You formed Nunslaughter back in 1987! What gave you the idea to form the band? Did you settle on Nunslaughter as the name right away? What is it that keeps you motivated to keep going after all these years?

Yes we released our first demo in 1987. We, that is the original members, noticed that there was not a death metal band in Pittsburgh (our home town) so we decided to do something about it and started NunSlaughter. The name took some time to come up with but when we said it we all knew that was the name of the band. I just like making metal music and it is in my heart.

It was a different time when Nunslaughter formed, death metal was not always welcomed by the thrash or heavy metal crowd and Satanic type lyrics were frowned upon. I have to ask what was the reaction to Nunslaughter in the early days? Did you send tapes around for review?

From the very beginning we were not accepted. Our first demo was rough sounding and most of the people in our music scene liked thrash metal so the idea of a death metal band with satanic lyrics was not cool. We did send tapes around and most of the reviews were not favorable but we continued on.

I remember when I interviewed you last time, a little over a decade ago. You were very supportive of bootlegs, you hoped more fans out there would make bootlegs, especially some vinyl ones. Do you still feel this way about it? Did you ever get your wish of more vinyl bootlegs?

HELL yes. That is all I own and all I listen to. There have been 3 bootlegs that I know of from NunSlaughter fans but I want more.

What is your opinion in recent times (ie – the last decade or so for us old goats) on the near wholesale move to Pro Tool’d up the ass and razor sharp. Does Nunslaughter work hard to get their sound over the years and do you feel a raw and rough sound is the way metal should sound?

Some bands benefit from having a razor sharp sound but I don’t think it would do justice to NunSlaughter nor is it something I like to listen to. It does hamper us as a band because some people think we are unprofessional but as you can see after so many releases we are not overly concerned.

As mentioned the band began their underground journey in 86/87, who were some of the early bands that first caught your attention? Do you still listen to a lot of the same today that you did back then? What were some of your fave late 80s/early 90s fanzines?

Venom, Slayer, Hellhammer, Morbid Angel, Mantas, Bathory and a bunch of demo bands. Yes I still like and listen to all those bands. Maybe not all the newer LP’s by those bands but the early LPs rule. Blackthorn, Slayer and Buttface come to mind as early zines but I know there were a ton more.

Over the years if anything Nunslaughter slowed down at times, became a bit more stripped down, almost ritualistic (and awesome). Was this a conscious choice or just more of a product of Jim Sadist entering the picture and taking over some of the music writing reigns? Does this change in sound translate better in a live situation compared to the early material?

This has everything to do with Jim Sadist. He has been the main song writing element since he joined full time. He has been with NunSlaughter for 17 years and it would not be the same band or possibly not exist if it was not for him. Jim is always writing and thinking about the live shows. We are there for the people and for the fans of metal music. I think the recent material like lets say in the last 10 years translates so much better live than the early stuff but we play it all.

I respect Nunslaughter so much for always staying true to their vision and roots. There is no changing your sound, progressing in the way it is usually viewed by getting away from what made then band what they are.  What are some of the bands over the years that disappointed you when they forgot where they came from?

Metallica would have to be the biggest disappointment. Slayer got a bit shitty on a few LPs but so did Celtic Frost, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Death. Death was a huge disappointment in their later LP’s. In their defense most of the LPs that I don’t like are the bands biggest selling records. Opinions are like assholes…..everyone has one.

Tell us about your first album and how that one was recorded. If I remember correctly you were living Hawaii or some shit and Jim was back in Cleveland right? How did that whole process go down from writing to recording to mix?

We use all tracks for our early demos so there was no real writing involved. The songs were changed up a bit but nothing drastic. Jim and our guitarist Blood did all the music in Cleveland and when that was finished Jim sent me the 2” reels in Hawaii and I found Piere Grill (Hawaii, Sacred Rite, Marty Freeman and Rat Attack) to do the vocal recording. A very cool guy and a legend. Once the vocals were done it took almost 2 years to finish the record. We waited until I moved to Cleveland to finish the mix.

Tell us a little about the close relationship Nunslaughter has with the mighty Hells Headbangers Records. There have been so many Nun releases on that label over the years, some people think that it is actually a Nunslaughter owned label or partly your label, but that is not the case is it?

I met them just as they were starting Hells Headbangers. Their first two releases were Spawn of Satan and NunSlaughter / Centinex split. We helped them with questions and some layouts in the early days and they have been kind enough to allow me to keep creating with them. From that a friendship grew and I hope they continue to release NunSlaughter records.

I had the pleasure nearly a decade ago of going on a mini-tour with my friend Chris’ band Blood Storm. That tour included Destroyer 666, Sadistic Intent, but my highlight of every night was getting to see Nunslaughter live. Back then you did things like throw real dead rats out at the audience, animal bones all over, a mannequin dressed as a Nun, whose stomach was ripped open and inside were meat and guts. What is the Nunslaughter live experience like these days?

Ah yes that was some fun times. We occasionally bring dead things with us but have focused more on the music as of late. We had some problems with stage props in the past and it seems no one wants to clean up 5 gallons of pig blood.

I loved the Radio Damnation release. The in between song banter and atmosphere of the recording is fantastic. Plus the music of course destroys everything in its path. How was this release conceived, executed and any memories of putting that together? Would you ever do a part 2?

The whole idea came about when WRUW started safe harbor. The DJ wanted to push the limit of what safe harbor meant and asked us to do a show. We used it as a reason to be offensive and once we listened back to the recording we knew it had to come out. By the way thank you for the compliments on the show.

I have to ask about the official videos you guys made for “Hex” & “God”. Whose idea was that whole God video, was it pricey to produce and how long did it take to make? Where did you film it, the Hells Headbangers offices? I fucking loved it! Any chance we see any more like this? The Venom shirt under the suit was a nice touch.

I wrote the GOD video and a friend of a friend helped get it produced. It was just a fun day to film stuff. The editing is what ran a few hundred bucks but it was worth it. Yes it was all filmed at the HH offices. We may do another video or two but it is difficult to get everyone to donate time to a project.

With the massive amount of 7 inches & vinyl in general Nuns have released. I would imagine by now you have surpassed extremely prolific bands like The Meatshits, Sabbat & Agathocles. What do you love so much about seven inches? A fave Nun 7” as far as artwork or layout is concerned is?

Sabbat and AG both have more vinyl than NS but we are not in competition. I collect both bands vinyls so I want them to have more and more everyday. The 7” is a great way for bands to join forever. It will be my choice until the day I die. Satanic Masturbation is a winner and so is the NS/ Gravewurm 7”.

Having co-run a small record label (which had the honour to release the Nunslaughter “Hell On Holland” 7”) and knowing a bit about what it is like to deal with pressing plants. I am sure you must have a few horror stories of mess ups, delays, printing screw ups over the years?!

Yes it happens. The biggest problem is the delays usually by the labels. I think people want to release records but then they find out how much it will cost and it freaks them out. We have also had labels on the wrong side and bad test pressing fucked up inserts and bad artwork. All in all it is a learning process and when it is DIY that’s fine with me. (Yes I had this question in mind as back in the day a friend ran Metal War Productions, who released a Nunslaughter album. I went over to their house when they got the first pressing back, the disc had some other bands face on all the discs, it was a fucking snowflake or some shit - Dale).

Don when I interviewed you years ago you said “Technical Death Metal is a joke. Death Metal is NOT technical it is raw, offensive and dirty. It is ugly and evil.” Do you still feel this way?

Yes I still feel the same way. I do not really know of newer bands that are doing dirty death metal.

This past May Nunslaughter played the Thrasho De Mayo VI Festival in California. The line up for that fest looked amazing, a death metal, thrash, hardcore holocaust. Please tell us how it all went with trip there / back and the fest itself? What bands did you guys enjoy watching most?

That fest was amazing. We were treated well by the promoter and the people were fantastic. Best bands of the night for me were Speedwolf, Ghoul and MOD. All in all one HELL of a fest.

Hells Headbangers Records just released a double cd compilation of some of Nunslaughter's earliest seven inches. When did you guys decide to put this compilation together? I bet there will be a lot of interest in this release, as die hard fans of the band know well you save your best stuff for vinyl releases. When will the other volumes come out?

The Devils Congeries has actually not been released yet (Yes, sorry about that, when you get advance promos you sometimes forget about the actual release date - Dale). I think it will come out by the end of the year. I started compiling the songs about 4 years ago. We had been asked many times to get one together and it just seemed like the right time. We would like to release one every 8 months or so but I’m not sure that is gonna happen.

Don thank you so much for this interview and I do not care if this sounds corny or any bullshit, but thank you for Nunslaughter, one of my fave bands of all time!

Thanks a ton for listening to NunSlaughter and “Metal is death death is metal NunSlaughter death metal”.





The Nunslaughter Discography 

Ritual Of Darkness Demo, 1987

Rotting Christ Demo, 1989

Killed By The Cross 7" EP, 1990

Impale The Soul Of Christ On The Inverted Cross Of Death Demo, 1991

The Guts Of Christ Demo, 1993

Face Of Evil  Demo, 1995

Split 7" EP with Bloodsick, 1997

Split 7" EP with Dekapitator, 1998

Evil Speaks Demo, 1998

Split 7" EP with Derketa, 1999

Split 7" EP with Crucifier, 1999

Blood Devil 7" EP, 1999

Hell's Unholy Fire Full-length, 2000

Trifurcate 7" EP, 2000

One Night In Hell Live Album Tape / LP, 2001

Hell On Switzerland 7" EP, 2001

Rehearsal 1987 7" EP Picture Disc, 2001

Devil Metal Live Album, 2001

Split 7" EP with Grand Belial's Key, 2001

Hell On Germnay 7" EP, 2001

Radio Damnation Live Album, 2001

Hell On Belgium 7" EP, 2001

Split 7" EP with Dr. Shrinker, 2001

Hate Your God Demo, 2002

Split 7" EP with Cianide, 2002

Live Split 7" EP with Destruktor, 2002

Hell On Spain 7" EP, 2002

Waiting To Kill Christ Compilation Tape / LP, 2002

Nunslaughter Compilation bootleg CD, 2002

Tasting The Blood Of Your Savior...Before His Soul Was Impaled, 2003

Split 7" EP with The Spawn Of Satan, 2003

Hell on Austria Live Album 12" LP, 2003

Split 7" EP with Centinex, 2003

Goat Full-length, 2003

Satanic Sluts 7" EP, 2003

Rotting 12" EP, 2003

Cerebus 7" EP, 2003

Blasphemer 7" EP, 2004

Split 7" EP with Slaughter, 2004

Split 7" EP with Soulless, 2004

Split Tape / LP with Victimizer, 2004

Hate Your God Compilation Tape / LP, 2004

Hell on France 7" EP, 2004

The Supreme Beast 7" EP, 2004

Metal Assault on Canberra 7" EP, 2004

The Bog People 7" EP, 2004

Split 7" EP with Goatlord, 2004

Burn the Cross 7" EP, 2004

Split7" EP with Krieg, 2004

Christmassacre 7" EP, 2004

Split 7" EP with Nocturnal, 2005

The Day We Die Compilation, 2005

Open Spulchre Compilation, 2005

Ritual of Darkness / Rehearsal 1987 Compilation, 2005

Hell on Europe Compilation, 2005

Slutty Cryptic Mother EP, 2005

Split 7" EP Haemorrhage, 2005

Split 7" EP Throneum, 2005

Metal Assault on Australia, 2005

Fathers of Fright 7" EP, 2006

Fuck That Cunt 7" EP, 2006

Fuck The God in Heaven 7" EP, 2006

The Devil Has His Day Compilation, 2006

DEMOSlaughter 7" EP Box Set, 2006

Metal Assault on Adelaide 7" EP, 2006

Metal Assault on Sydney 7" EP, 2006

Split 7" EP with Brody's Militia, 2006

Split 7" EP with Sloth, 2007

Eastern Illusion Compilation, 2007

Split 7" EP with Destructor, 2007

Damned in Japan 7" EP Box Set, 2007

Hex Full-length, 2007

Radical Rapture Ruptures Live Album, 2007

Nordic Nightmare Tour 2007 7" EP, 2007

An Evening at War Live Album, 2007

Hellidelphia DVD, 2007

The Curse Before the Hex 7" EP, 2007

Split 7" EP with Mutilated Messiah, 2007

Split 7" EP with Gravewürm, 2007

Split 7" EP with Unholy Grave, 2007

Split 7" EP with Decrepit & Doktor Bitch, 2007

Hell on Holland 7" EP, 2008

Novel Nasty Nugget Compilation, 2008

Split with Rabid, 2008

Damned in Japan 2005 DVD, 2008

Грехи Отца Compilation, 2008

All of The Dead Compilation, 2008

Unholy Hell 7" EP, 2009

Demoslaughter Compilation, 2009

European Excommunication Tour 7" EP, 2009

Padova 18 Marzo 2009 - Tour EP Commemorative 7" EP, 2009

Split 7" EP Syphilitic Vaginas, 2009

Club Cobra Control Live Album, 2009

Split 7" EP with Goatsodomy, 2009

Satanic Slut Spawns Live Album, 2009

Metal Assault on Melbourne & Brisbane Live Album, 2009

SathaSlaughter 7" EP, 2009

Raid the Country Star (Live in Padova, Italy 3/18/09) Live Album, 2009

Split 7" EP with Radiolokátor, 2009

Split 7" EP with Sabbat Evil Headbangers, 2010

Black 7" EP, 2010

Towards the North 2010 Tour 7" EP, 2010

Tejano Tour March 6-7 2010 Split 7" EP, 2010

Split 7" EP with Sabbat Evil Hellbangers 2, 2010

Split 7" EP with Fetus Eaters, 2010

Split 7" EP with SMG, 2010

Live Devils in The City of Angels Live Album, 2010

Raped by HungariaNuns Live Albums, 2011

Split 7" EP with Agathocles, 2011

Split 7" EP with Nekrofilth, 2011

Split 7" EP with Abigail, 2011

Split 7" EP with Sabbat, 2011

Live in Aurora Illinois Live Album, 2011

Jew Lie Flexi-7" EP, 2011

Desecration over Sabahells Live Album, 2012

Hells Unholy Rough Mix 7" EP, 2012

Split 7" EP Evil Wrath, 2012

Forward to Hell Live Album, 2012

Live Devils in the City of Angels DVD, 2012

Split 7" EP with Fetid Zombie, 2012

Live Mexicali, Mexico 7" EP, 2012

Split 7" EP with Necrocannibalistic Vomitorium, 2012

Near the Catacombs Live Album, 2012

The Danish Murders Live Album, 2012

Split 7" EP with Unburied, 2012

Noctis 7" EP, 2013

Death Rituals Split Album Tape with Hellcharge, 2013

Live in Clifton New Jersey Live Album, 2013

Split 7" EP with Antiseen, 2013

The Devils Congeries Vol. 1 7" EP Compilation Double CD, 2013




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