Interview with label owner Billy Connolly by Dale Roy and Patrick…

I am proud to have this interview in Canadian Assault. As you will find out more as you read on I came in contact with Bill two decades ago! Bill has been a staple in the Underground scene through his distro and compilation tape series in the early days to not one but two different printed fanzines, finally to what he has been up to the last few years and that is running a record label. He started No Visible Scars to support the scene and releases chiefly cassette tapes, but also the odd vinyl and CD too. Patrick jumped in to help on this cool interview so read on and support!!



Hello Bill thanks a lot for taking the time to do this interview with us, please tell the readers a little about yourself.

Thanks for having me, guys. I was born July 20th 1973 in Connecticut (You beat me clawing my way into the world by three months - Dale). Still currently residing in CT where I’m juggling working 2 jobs (Guidance/security at a area High School during the day and UPS overnights) with a social life, hobbies/interest, and an underground music label.

A little background; I’m of Irish, German, Polish, Russian, and French Indian descent. I have one younger brother. My father was a police officer while I was growing up and I was raised Catholic (and went to Catholic schools) so you’d think my upbringing would have been strict!? Not the case at all. I’m very fortunate to have great folks and a solid and memorable childhood. I was actually a nervous and very shy kid. I loved art (drawing) back then too. I pursued a graphic design degree in college in 1991. I eventually dropped out with one course to go to graduate. I would return to college years later to graduate with a Human Service degree. This after being inspired by my work as a psych aid at the Yale Psychiatric Hospital. My gift and curse…helping people.

When did you first discover metal? Who were some of the early bands you listened to? A few of your current favorite bands?

I became aware of metal in the late 70’s/early 80’s. Thinking back now I think it was watching the KISS movie on TV that turned me onto metal. So that was probably 1978/79? I loved how KISS looked but I remember not being completely sold on them musically. None the less, for that Christmas, I asked for a bunch of KISS records and posters.

I remember being 7/8 years old in grammar school and eye balling “older” kids with their long hair and jean jackets with AC/DC, IRON MAIDEN, RUSH, BLACK SABBATH patches on back. I wasn’t even into music yet, but I was intrigued by the image. I went to an Iron Maiden birthday party for a friend. He had to be turning 10 or 11 years old? He had Eddie on his cake!! We listened to Number Of The Beast in the dark. That was the first time I heard Iron Maiden. So that was probably 1982 or 83!? When QUIET RIOT blew up around 1984/1985, a few buddies and I did a school talent show and lipped synched “CUM ON FEEL THE NOIZE”. They pulled the plug on us!! Fucken wimps!

I started off listening to KISS, PINK FLOYD early on. Honestly, I liked a lot of non-metal music beforehand. BILLY SQUIRE, DEVO, MICHEAL JACKSON, MEN AT WORK and the like. Then MTV started showing videos from SLADE, SCOROPIONS, MOTELY CRUE, RATT, DEF LEPARD and TWISTED SISTER that’s when I started to get into metal.


When did you stumble upon the thing we referred to as the Underground scene and how did you discover it? Some of the first demos, fanzines you ordered were?

College radio got me into the underground. Just around 1987/88. They started playing DEATH, PESTILENCE, OBITUARY, MORBID ANGEL, NAPLAM DEATH, CARCASS alongside VENOM, SODOM, KREATOR, KING DIAMOND, WATCHTOWER, CANDLEMASS, CARNIVORE etc. I really owe it to the radio for getting me to into the extreme bands! (I only wish I had such a thing up in Canada back then! - Dale)

Oh man, first demos I sent for. That had to be right around 1991/92. When I first started writing to bands. Hmmm. INCANTATION, PYREXIA, INCARNIS, CORPSE MOLESTATION, NUCLEAR DEATH, ENSLAVED (Norway), DOOMSTONE come to mind. By 1993 I was writing and ordering mainly black metal bands. So, you name them, I was in contact with em’.


Bill, Dale here. I have to ask; much like me do you feel like an old goat in the scene these days? To illustrate this, readers might find it interesting to know I ordered some cassette tapes from your distro called Diabolical Netherworld (A couple compilation tapes you put out, a demo tape, Celtic Frost live bootleg, zines) 20 years ago in 1993!

Dale! I don’t know, man. I mean I’ve been into this for decades now but I don’t feel like I’ve grown too old for the scene/music. How the time has passed by blows my mind though. That makes me feel kinda old. Like you said we’ve been underground buddies since 1993!! I’ve held onto all my original demos, CD’s, Lp’s, letters/flyers/pictures from the last 20 plus years. Talk about nostalgia, I was 15 years old when I got into death metal!! I really should feel old. Hell, I still go to shows (here and there), buy vinyl and cassettes.

I believe you started a fanzine under the name Children Of Caine in 1994-ish. What gave you the idea to start the zine? How many issues did you end up releasing?

COC was in mind since 1993. I think the 1st issue came out in 94/95? I was in touch with so many bands due to producing the Diabolical Netherworld compilation cassettes I wanted to give it a go. I just did 2 issues of COC. Last one came out in 1996.

So I have to ask what prompted you to stop Children Of Caine and turn around and start up Mental Funeral fanzine? Did the name just not suit what you wanted to do with the zine? What was different about starting Mental Funeral than Caine and why not just revive Caine?

COC died cos my co-editor stiffed me with half the bill for the printing of COC #2. I was feeling hassled by big labels like Century Media, Pavement, Metal Blade to interview their bands cos they sent me “promos”. And I was really becoming disinterested and disgusted with black metal. It was around this time the sub label Century Black started up and was releasing a good chunk of Norwegian bands/albums domestically. That move defeated the whole purpose of the “cause” then. The movement against commercialism! (Ah yes that move upset a lot of people back then - Dale) I was so fed up that I almost completely stopped listening and following underground metal. I got more and more into electronic music (Trip Hop, Gabber) and renewed my interest in industrial music (noise, power electronics, dark ambient etc). As far I was concerned by 1993 death metal died and by 1995 black metal was over!!

I had always planned a 3rd COC. I had the interviews all in. Layouts had been done and even a cover by 1998. I really wanted to do another issue but for reasons stated above plus my personal life becoming consumed by work, party time, females, college etc.

If we fast forward to 2000, I started really getting into DVD’s. Re-mastered uncut Euro cult films were starting to hit the market. Not only did this renew my interest in that type of cinema but also underground extreme metal. Mainly death metal and grindcore. Impetigo, Repulsion, Autopsy, Deranged etc. Watching the old Italian horror flicks really did encourage me to go back and revisit the old stuff. I have to say DVD was the reason I started up MENTAL FUNERAL! I just got the itch again. There was an influx (revival) of death metal/grindcore in the early to mid-2000’s. The type of stuff that was obviously influenced by the late 80’s/early 90’s bands. Last Days Of Humanity, Inhume, Sanity’s Dawn, Warsore and a whole slew of Polish and Slovak bands…stuff like that. In addition, a healthy amount of US underground one-man sewergoregrind that I fancied a whole lot!

Sooo with re-found interest I got back into making a zine. Paper zines were pretty much dying. If someone were doing one it was on-line. Or if it was being printed, it was pretty slick and all pro computer layed out/printed. I had tried my hand at that style with COC  #2 and where did that get me!!? Initially MENTAL FUNERAL started off as a Xeroxed mini-zine. I banged out the 1st real quick doing it cut and paste style layout. I’m trying to remember, but I think I was still going to do one big issue of COC once a year? (I think I remember you talking about that, that is why the COC timeline was foggy in my head, thought it might have came back at some point. - Dale) MF intended to hold over readers till another issue COC came out. Well, MF went over really well and COC was totally forgotten about. MF morphed into what I was striving for in a zine and I was doing it solo! Right there separated MF from COC. MF focused on my interests in music and film. Mine alone!

What is your opinion on what makes a good fanzine? Do you have any advice for anyone reading this who might be thinking of starting up a zine? What was the hardest thing & most rewarding thing about doing a fanzine?

I like diversity (all kinds of music and films covered), depth of knowledge (good interviews require you really dig deep for information on your subject), and unique writing styles (personal stories/associations) in my fanzines. You literally have to have obsessions when it comes to things like music and film to really make a worthwhile zine.

I really wanna say don’t bother doing a zine cos chances are you starting up/doing one cos you think you can do it better. Stop it! I started doing zines because I was sick of having to buy separate zines.  Purchasing a zine that just covered metal, industrial or film. Why not all of it one zine? There was that void back then that I thought/knew I could fill.

Hardest thing(s) about doing a zine: Reviews, time and money. Motivation as time for goes. I found seeing my name and zine credited in a bands thanks list a huge reward. Hearing from fans that your work influenced them to start up a zine is pretty cool too.

Do you have any stories relating to Mental Funeral that stand out for you? What are your fave interviews you have done for MF? Did you ever have any bad experiences interviewing a band; any dog ate my homework stuff?

I got a couple of cool MF stories. I forget the name of the PR Company out of NYC, but they were hooking me up with a lot of indie films for review. A lot of shot on video crap. With titles like Dirty Cop No Donut, Zombie vs. Mardi Gras. I think I got some Andy Copp directed films too. Mutilated Man, I believe? I reviewed most of the VHS tapes they sent over in early issues of MF. Anyway, I get a press release from this PR company explaining that a director’s cut of the 1973 film Lemora: Lady Dracula had been discovered by its director Richard Blackburn. Well, a screening of the film was set to happen in a theater in NYC for press only. If I remember, this was to be the first the film was to be shown on the big screen. I jumped at the chance, so I got set up with a press pass. Now, this was going back almost 10 years ago. Lemora wasn’t out on DVD then. Hell, it was still rather obscure too. I was very familiar with the film as I had a copy on VHS via tape trading. To me this was a big deal, going to a private screening. So I phoned up my buddy Denis(who was one of MF’s contributors) and had him drive us to NYC for the premier. We really had no business being there. I mean, the NY Post, Daily News was there, Variety, and I even think Fangoria too. We run into people and they ask what paper or magazine we wrote for haha. Denis just talked with an olde English accent and went on how we came over from Europe representing the hottest magazine over there. I can’t remember if he dropped the Mental Funeral name!? Make a long story short, we did watch the film. It’s was awesome! Denis hated it. He made sure he let the PR guy know it too. I never really heard from that company again. Haha. I did review the movie/experience in either issue 3 or 4.

Another time I talked Denis into going into NYC for a noise/power electronics show I wanted to do an article on. Again, going back at least 10 years. The gig was at the Frying Pan. The Frying Pan was right off the west side highway in NYC. Down by the water. Well, the Frying Pan was actually a boat that was sunk at one time which was transformed into a bar/club. I kid you not! I’ll sum this up quick though. Industrial freaks/goths/skins in black militant fatigues/boots. Club(boat) covered in barnacles inside. Freely roamed cabin to cabin. Concert took place in the bowels of the club(boat). Video projection screened Japanese fetish porn (2 girls and a dead squid). UK noise/power electronics group Grey Wolves launch into their “Sir Nigger” track just as 2 black guys walk by. Sieg hailing and all! Let’s see, what else? HAHA!

Meeting Nacho Cerda (Director of Aftermath/Genesis) at Fantasia in Montreal back in 1998 was tits. This meeting lead to me interviewing Nacho for MF. Nacho had given me some flyers for his film company out of Spain and that’s when I noticed his email. So I dropped him a line expressing interest in an interview. Not only did Nacho write me back and OK’d the interview, he wanted me to email him the questions and he’d answer them using a recorder and send the tape (interview) to me. He sure as shit did just that! (That is pretty fuckin’ cool - Dale) Incredibly grateful, just the fact alone the man was very sick around the time of the interview but trooped through it. The interview was printed twice. Once in MF #3 and in the UK Fanzine called FIRELIGHT SHOCKS. Interesting note on FIRELIGHT SHOCKS. The editor of the zine editor (Calum Waddell) is a big film critic now. A lot his documentaries/commentary are featured on DVD's/Blu-ray’s nowadays. Large and small cult/horror films. He wrote a book on director JACK HILL and also has written and produced films. AMERICAN GRINDHOUSE being one of them. Around 2001/2002 I was attending a movie convention in NJ (Chiller Theater). I stopped by the DVD Company Unearthed Films table. Long story short, Steven, the owner was talking about an AFTERMATH DVD. I mentioned to him about the audio interview of mine would make an awesome extra. I sent it over to Steven as an audio file over the net and the rest is history. What you hear on Unearthed’s special edition DVD of AFTERMATH is the actual audio interview from Nacho I transcribed from cassette for MENTAL FUNERAL. (Nice!! - Dale)

Oh a couple of COC stories. I ran into Mike Patton (Faith No More/Mr Bungle) at CBGB’s in the late 90’s for one of those Relapse Records Contamination tours. I walked over to him and handed him a copy of COC #2. I mentioned a bunch of German scat movie reviews. He had a good laugh!! Now I’ve never seen it, but I guess there’s a scat video Mike made!? I got a kick out of when Ula Gehret was working for Century Media and got pissed at Devon from December Wolves for slagging of CM in COC #2 in the interview we did. Never got promos again. HA!

One last MF story…Denis did an article in MF #2 or #3. I can’t remember. Anyway, he wrote about how to get chicks to send dirty pictures of themselves via the internet (on AOL chat). Well, he kind of focused in on one girl in particular. He didn’t use her name but asked me not to print her nudes we used for the article. Haha, I kinda ignored him on that and went ahead and printed them anyway. I blocked out her face in a few. Cos I’m a nice guy! I’ve wondered if that ever got back to her? (Sleazy! I love it brother!! Haha - Dale)

Fave interviews: Stevo(Impetigo), Pete(Order From Chaos), Nacho Cerda(Spanish director of Aftermath), Enzo G. Castellari(Italian director of Keoma, The Inglorious Bastards, 1990: The Bronx Warriors), Rob from Fornicator/Whore, Cirth Ungol, The Rita(Euro cult obsessed noise artist), Robert Morgan(Director of the 1978 bigfoot/slasher/horror flick Blood Stalkers).

How many issues & copies of each issue did you release of Mental Funeral? How many copies did you print up of each issue? The name of the album you took the zine name from Autopsy is one of the best death metal albums ever released, in my opinion, I assume you agree?

I’ve done 5 issues of MF so far. I did a special issue (MF 5 ½) too. MF issue 1(mini zine) was probably only 50-100 copies. The rest of the issues around 200-250 copies each.

In 2006 I started up MF the blog. I’m still planning another print issue of MF(#6).

YES, I stole the name for the zine from the AUTOPSY album. Absolutely love that album! I think the name is a perfect fit too. I needed a name that had something of a crossover appeal.

I talked about the Diabolical Netherworld compilation cassettes you put out in the early 90s. You also had something to do with the release / promotion of the Moonburn demo tape. Did you release / promote anything else back then?

Diabolical Netherworld compilation was my start back in 1992. I did 3 compilation tapes between 1992-1995. The most popular one being DN 2. Which was pretty much all black metal. That came out in Oct of 1993. 20 years ago this month (Oct 2013). It featured the then only demo/ep tracks from bands like: Thou Art Lord, Gorgoroth, Corpse Molestation(pre-Bestial Warlust), Zemial, Grand Belial's Key, Carpathian Forest, Monumentum and a bunch more. DN Volumes 1 & 2 were done by my buddy Kyle and myself. Kyle’s band Moonburn recorded an exclusive track for DN 2 called “Embrace The Impure”. Recorded on a 4 track in our friends Mike’s parents basement in the fall of 1993. Mike wrote/recorded/and played all the instruments in Moonburn. In 1994 they recorded a promo/rehearsal tape with one new song called “Unite With Which Enshrouds” and an instrumental tune named “Eclipse Over Eden” which they self released. When the promo/reh came out I sold/copied/promoted the shit out of it for the guys (yes you did as I bought one from you along DN 1&2, along with the next release you are about to mention).

Other releases were the Celtic Frost “Into The Crypts Of Lamours” and Possessed live bootlegs cassettes. Both from the famous Brooklyn, NYC club Lamours from 1986.

Distributed shit like the Destroyer 666 and Einherjer demo’s, 7’eps for Ulver, Strid, Mysticum. And early issues of Descent Mag. Also Hellhammer demo bootlegs.

When did you get the idea start up NoVisible Scars? How did you come up with the name for the label? Was this a recent idea or something you had wanted to for a long time?

NVS started in August of 2009. BUT I came up with the name and idea of doing a label back 1996/97. The 1st release was going to be a compilation CD. I had a few bands (December Wolves, Shadow Dancers(Norway)) with submissions ready to go. Exclusive stuff. I lost interest after folding COC the release/label never launched. There was an ad for the CD on inside cover of COC 2. Then in 09 Tim from Diabolical Force asked to distro copies of Diabolical Netherworld 2. Copying those tapes and covers again got me itching to release stuff again. So, really out of the blue, NVS was born. About the label name. I know I wanted something that wouldn’t pigeon hold the label. Meaning when you hear it you’re not instantly thinking “Oh, that’s a death/black metal label” or “huh, must put out noise releases”. I think a lot of readers can relate that music affects them on a subconscious level? Emotionally let’s say. The impact of music may not be seen by yourself or another but in your mind a band, a song, and even an album can be permanent. Like a scar. Yet no one can see it. Hence the name NoVisible Scars. I have that psychology background so I look at the arts from that vantage point.

Do you realize you are releasing Cassette tapes? What do you think this is 1992 you fucking dinosaur you?! Do you feel like you are helping to keep the old ways and old formats alive and how is the response with people buying this format from you?

Hey, Time magazine just did a large article on the resurgence of the cassette tape! What’s old is new. Full circle! I had/have no intentions of upholding the old ways or format. I like tapes. I like how they look and sound. Rather inexpensive to produce too. The response is always encouraging. Tapes move for me. Depending on the band, some quicker than others. Tapes, economically too, on the small scale, are really working out for NVS (You know I love cassettes too brother, that was pure sarcasm above J - Dale)


Now NVS does not release only tapes, just mainly tapes, correct? Or did you just make an exception because that Abazagorath release on CD fucking rules (and it does!!)? You did a vinyl too right? Will you release more non-cassette stuff in future?

Right, mainly tapes, for sure. Well, the Abazagorath started out to be a cassette release. At least via NVS. Another label was going to do the CD. I believe the label couldn’t afford to do it at the time. Since the material was phenomenal and it was to be my 25th release I proposed a CD release. Plus, I knew the old bassist Dave Wagner(Evoken, Funerbraum) since 1992/93. He’s certainly a friend (Dave fucking rules, very cool guy - Dale). I’ve followed the progress of the band through consistent contact with Dave. Honestly, I don’t like CD’s. I mean I thought of probably doing a CD release at some point and it just seemed a better choice for the Abazagorath Ep. They hadn’t put out anything in 5 years and I didn’t want the release just to fall in obscurity on cassette as 100-150 copies. Yes, I’ve done one vinyl Lp release. A split album from harsh noise projects Mania and Custodian. I wanna do 7’ep’s, 10’eps, and lathe cut records. All in do time with the right bands. I’m shooting for DVD’s and Blu Ray’s too (No VHS cassettes?! I take back that Dinosaur comment above, Blu Ray’s how modern lol! - Dale). I want to release old and new films. NVS’s first DVD release was on schedule for release, now it’s a matter of getting the director on board again.

I have to ask with the Profanatica release. I never got my hands on that, I was curious did the “Cum Rags” that came with that release, were they all used and who soiled them, the band or label? Whose idea were those?

Haha, not used! Paul’s idea. He was going to sell them at Profanataica gigs but then I approached him about the idea of doing a tape version of the 7’ep The “Years Of Pestilence” with tracks that did not fit on the vinyl. That’s when he suggested the “Cum Rags” with the cassette version. I know of some ladies that have used em’ to clean themselves up after a masturbation session. Believe Paul has the photos as proof. Haha. (Nice!! - Dale).

Do you come up with the packaging designs for NVS? You do some awesome editions of some releases that are almost like having a cassette in a thin VHS video type box or almost a seven inch vinyl type packaging. Tape collectors must love this stuff? I know I do!

Yes, the packaging ideas have all been mine. Paul Ledney(Profanatica) helped with some layouts/artwork/printing on a few of the early releases. A good number of the early releases were packaged as cassettes in 7’ep packaging. I thought it was cool, I wasn’t aware of cassette releases coming out like that. So I ran with it.  I included buttons, posters, patches in a hand full of releases too, so that made it easy to package. I did a tribute to Giallo films and VHS video release with 3 noise projects. That’s how the idea of using a blank VHS video case came into being. There’s 2 tapes held with Velcro in the case itself where the actual VHS would be placed. The cover is a friend were she’s posed with a black glove over her mouth. I used her image and made it into a fake Giallo poster for the release. Those releases were certainly well received. I’m using clear vinyl cassette album holders for some recent releases (Those are my favourite, just a great, genius packaging idea! - Dale). In addition to cardboard sleeves for the cassingle’s. I couldn’t tell you if Tape collectors in general ended up buying certain releases or it was just a fan of a said band/music.

Please tell the readers about your current releases and any upcoming releases they might be want to get a hold of. Do you do mp3 download versions of any of your releases or is it just too new school to fuck around with that shit?

As of Oct 2013 NVS’s newest release is the Double Denim Shotgun Massacre full length cassette from SATANIC DYSTOPIA. A UK black thrash band. Killer mix of AURA NOIR/SODOM/DECEMBER WOLVES. Check it out:
While you are over at the NVS bandcamp give a listen to EARTHLORD, SCORCHED-EARTH, and SLUMBER ROOM. These releases have come out in the last 4-5 months and are still available. I believe, Dale, you reviewed all of these favorably!? (All were great releases, I think we are on a similar wave length with our musical tastes. - Dale)

Upcoming releases:

MORGIRION-None Left To Worship cassette. Black metal from CT. 4 Brand new tracks recorded live. 

ONE MASTER cassette- Black metal from CT. Newly mastered appearance of the bands performance on radio station WFMU(My Castle Of Quite, NY) 4.26.2013.

MURDER BASKET discography CD. Demo recordings. Pre-FORNICATOR and WHORE.

CANNIBAL RITES cassette. Primitive death metal from 2 members YOUR KIDS ON FIRE and ELDERS OF THE APOCLAYPSE. Grab their 2009 demo for free here: 

HOUR OF 13 demo CD. Early versions of some classics.

HAVOHEJ 7’ep? Whenever Paul finds it in him to record this.

I’m behind offering digital downloadable versions of ALL the NVS releases. My psychical releases include a FREE digital download with your purchase. I urge all the readers to log onto the NVS Bandcamp( Almost all the SOLD OUT releases are offered as FREE downloads (That is incredibly cool of you to do that!! - Dale). Also, there’s a bunch of exclusive Bandcamp ONLY digital releases up there.

I fully support the modern technology of Mp3’s, file sharing/downloading etc. I incorporate that mentality into NVS. I got hooked up with Bancamp almost 4 years ago, now everyone uses it!

What do you look for when signing and releasing a bands release? Do you find it hard to find bands that want to release tapes and especially tape exclusive releases? How often are your releases exclusive releases?

I don’t sign bands. I put out releases for them (Yeah probably a poor choice of words on my part - Dale). It's simple, they take care of the recording and I take of getting it out and promotions. I’m not looking for any one thing in particular in signing bands. Seriously, a hard question to answer. Without sounding cheesy, I sign what I like listening to myself. I’ve been lucky too, I’ve got to work with some friends and bands I’ve known and supported for years. I know a lot of the bands/releases are on par and share my fondness for the 80’s and early 90’s metal/industrial scenes and cult movies.

No opposition from any artist/band for a cassette release. Believe It or not most have requested the format. Tapes and vinyl are certainly back (True although I might argue that vinyl never really went away, but tapes largely did for time at least in North America - Dale). Lp’s on a larger scale. I’ve noticed in the last 2 years even the established labels like Relapse, Nuclear Blast, Season Of Mist, and Earache are back to releasing cassettes (limited). Hell, the NIGHTBITCH cassingle was delayed by the plant cos they were pressing a large number of tapes of the new Pearl Jam. All the NVS releases are and will be exclusive!

In your opinion what is the best and worst thing about the underground today? I believe I recall you saying once you quit doing Children Of Caine because the scene was getting fucked, fanzines were going pro print, free comp cds with them etc… So have you softened in your old age and what would the Children Of Caine Billy Connolly think about the internet scene, mp3 albums, the near death of tapes etc…?

What I appreciate about today’s underground is what I find disheartening. I absolutely reverie the accessibility of music today but loathe how it’s sucked the life out of the edginess and mystery behind an artist/band. So many dorks, nerds and “has beens” doing music. What happened to rebellion, hating thy neighbor, and worshipping Satan!? Fucking posers with their re-printed metal t-shirts and their awkward looking/fitting “badged” demin vests. Who, a decade ago, were 90’s hardcore kids who laughed and made fun of death/black metal. Oh, and while we are at it, how about putting a stop to throwing around the tag “OLD SCHOOL” too. Old school death metal, old school black metal, old school heavy metal…blah blah blah. Can you make it even that more apparent that nothing new has come out of the underground since the early 90’s?

I know you are a huge horror and exploitation movie fan. How did you get it into these movies and when did they possess you? Some fave horror and exploitation movies are? I think you are into Roughies too, like I am, what are the best ones in your view?

BIG,BIG fan and collector! I was into this shit way before music. Reading and collecting comic books kicked off my foray into horror flicks. WWOR(Channel 9 out of NJ) and WPIX(Channel 11 out of NY) introduced me to GODZILLA, KING KONG and the UNIVERSAL MONSTERS in the early-mid 70’s. Late 70’s and early 80’s made for TV horror movies like DON’T BE AFRAID OF THE DARK, GARGOYLES, and THE MANITOU paved the way though. Cable TV and VHS greeted me with PHANTASM, HALLOWEEN, FRIDAY THE 13th, THE EXORCIST, LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT, I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE, PSYCHO, NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, BLOOD SUCKING FREAKS, EVIL DEAD, ALIEN, TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, FULCI, ARGENTO, BAVA, HG LEWIS etc etc. It didn’t hurt that my childhood buddies(3 brothers) dad owned a video store too. This had to be around 1987/88. No parental supervision at their home led us to walking to the store to grab a pile of horror and porn titles for the weekend (I am jealous haha - Dale). Hell, this was all before I was even 17 years old. The dad got a babysitter once, just once…hehe. We made her watch BURIED ALIVE(aka BEYOND THE DARKNESS/BUIO OMEGA). I remember her telling the brothers to shut it off and them refusing. The youngest just telling her “shut the fuck up, you scared”? 10 year little shit. Haha. The brothers get in a fight with each other. I try to break it up, I even run outside to grab a stick. Then they lock me out of the house (just the screen door). I end up ripping the screen door off of the porch and run in chasing the guys around and yelling for them to calm down. I throw one of em’ over the couch, and that’s it, baby sitter walks out hysterical. (LOL!! - Dale)

Fave horror:














DEAD END (2003)


INSIDE (2007)

Fave Exploitation:

















Roughies! Now, are we talking the grindhouse/sexploitation style or of the XXX variety? I like em’ both. THE DEFILERS, OLGA’S HOUSE OF SHAME, THE CURSE OF HER FLESH, HOT SPUR, VENUS IN FURS are all really good grindhouse/sexploitation style roughies. Now for the XXX roughies I’d put my money on FIONA ON FIRE, DESIRES OF MEN, DEVIL INSIDE HER, A DIRTY WESTERN, THE DEFIANCE, THE TEENAGE DEVIATE, and JAMIE GILLIS’s WALKING TOILET BOWL home videos.

Okay before you want to kill me. I will end it here and put you out of your misery. Thank you my old friend and metal brother for your time filling out this long interview. Please give us a last few words and feel free to send any shout outs to comrades in the scene.

So sorry it took months to complete this, guys. Dale, keep doing what you’re doing. Thanks for the support and friendship 20 years and going! For anyone that’s supported my fanzines/ label, exchanged letters, traded, bought and sold with myself it’s been inspirational! Cheers! It’s about giving back for which I got from being in the underground this long.

A few plugs:

Check out my unpublished interview from 1994 with MORTUARY DRAPE in the up and coming print zine CODEX OBSCURUM. I’ll be contributing more unpublished interviews from the CHILDREN OF CAINE days in future issues. Good zine and it’s only $3!

Hell Headbangers Records are using some of my live band photos in the new PROFANATICA album “Thy Kingdom Cum”.

More of my photography will appear in book dedicated to JON from DISSECTION called BOOK OF CHAOS. I contributed a bunch of live pictures of the band I shot in the mid 90’s on their first US tour when they played NYC. 

I sent over even more of my band photos for consideration in a new print zine from Portland, Oregon called HEADSPLIT. First issue just came out. More info here: 

The artist Matt “PUTRID” has had a zine in the works for a while now, called ORGAN ZINE. Look for a rarely seen IMPETIGO interview from the early 90’s I offered Matt for inclusion. 

And lastly…SLEAZE FIEND MAGAZINE. Dale, you know all about this shit. Haha. Fill the people in more. Anyway, I got an article going to print that covers XXX films from the 80’s via Brazil. Really scuzzy and scummy flicks. 

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The NoVisible Scars Discography 

Transcendent Device - The Hopelessness Of Logic, 2009

Scorched Earth - Mars Full-length Cassette, 2009

Vestal Claret - Lost Loved ones Cassette ep, 2010

Fornicator - (previously unreleased album length) Demo 2000 Cassette, 2010 

RU-486 - Iron Empire Full-length Cassette, 2010

Subklinik - Musik For Decomposition Full-length Cassette, 2010

Namazu Dantai - Nocturnal Veils Cassette ep, 2010

Profanatica - The Years Of Pestilence Compilation Reh/live Cassette, 2010

Nightbitch - Sex And Magic Promo Cassette ep, 2010

Poison Tongue - Lick You Sweety Full-length Cassette, 2010

Mazakon Tactics - Adorable Atrocities Cassette ep, 2011

Over Self-Titled Cassette ep, 2011

Four Flies/Wallkeeper/My Black Gloves - Giallo Box Set Double Cassette, 2011

Elders Of The Apocalypse - The Law Of Iron Full-length Cassette, 2011

Blessed Offal - Self Titled Cassette EP, 2011

Death Factory - Chilling Impressions Cassette EP, 2011

Flesh Coffin - Seeing Things Cassette Full-length, 2011

Mania/Custodian - Mania/Custodian Split Vinyl LP, 2011

UR - Clandestine Meeting Park Cassette Full-length, 2011

Reclusa/Degenerate Slug - In The Throes Of Seclusion/Degenerate Slug Split Cassette Full-length, 2011

Cannibal Rites - Self Titled Demo Cassette, 2011

Vomit Breath - Demo Cassette, 2011

M. Todd/L. Kerr - Beyond The Threshold Pro CDR Full-length, 2011

Abazagorath - Self-Titled CD EP, 2012

Transcendent Device - Inquire Within Cassette Full-length, 2012

Ninika - Self-Titled Cassette EP, 2012

Death Factory - Maschinen Unter Kontrolle Cassette Full-length, 2012

Vestal Claret/Ungod - Vestal Claret/Ungod Split Cassette Full-length, 2012

Vein - Into The Vein Cassette EP, 2012

Slumber Room - Slumber Room Cassette Full-length, 2012

Nightbitch - Peculiar Worship Cassette Single, 2012

Scorched Earth - Marauders Cassette EP, 2012

Earthlord - Earthmission Cassette Single, 2013

Satanic Dystopia - Double Denim Shotgun Massacre Cassette Full-length, 2013




















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