Interview with J.R. Vocalist / Bassist for Nocturnal Graves done by Patrick early December 2013…

Well Patrick had some computer problems and could not come up with an intro for this interview. So just check it out it is a sick Aussie band Patrick is into and they have a new vile impressive record out. So read on find out more sickos!



Metal Hails J.R.! Please introduce yourself to the readers of Canadian Assault. When did you first become interested in playing music?

I became interested in playing music when I was pretty young, like 10 or so. My father is a musician so I grew up around music and musicians alike.

Before you all formed Nocturnal Graves you were a member of the mighty Destroyer 666 and Destruktor. How long did you play with these bands?

I was with Destruktor all up probably 5 years… Destroyer 666 just over 2 years.

In 2004 you formed the band Nocturnal Graves what gave you the idea to form the band? How did you come up with the name of the band?

I wanted to play something with more thrash and early death metal elements, and Destruktor was going in a different direction to what I wanted to pursue. I came up with the band name by putting two words together which gave a dark, morbid feeling.

For the readers unfamiliar with Nocturnal Graves music how would you best describe the bands music?


Nocturnal Graves has recently released their newest full length "From The Bloodline Of Cain" through Hells Headbangers Rec. How long did it take the band to record the songs for this release? Did the whole band take part in the writing process?

It took roughly 12-14 months to write and record the album. I wrote all of the music but we worked on the arrangements as a band which was a really inspiring time.

Which usually comes for a new song the music or the lyrics? Who usually handles the lyrics, where do you all draw inspiration for the lyrics?

There’s no set formula with what comes first, sometimes a lyric inspires a riff and vice versa. On the album we all contributed with lyrical themes and I am sure it will stay this way.

Does Nocturnal Graves have any upcoming shows or tours in support of new album?

Nothing concrete at this stage… there is talk about Europe and the USA as well as an east coast tour of Australia but it’s all in the planning stages yet.

Where have been some of your most memorable Nocturnal Graves shows so far?

London and Oberhausen Germany were great shows when we played over there… the last gig we did in South Australia as part of the Black Conjuration fest was also great.

You have been a part of the metal scene since the late eighties so I was wondering what is your opinion of the internet, email, web-zines and social media sites like Facebook, Twitter etc.? Do you feel technology has helped the underground or do you miss the early days of tape-trading, fanzines etc..

I miss the days of tape trading etc but I’d say that’s more of a nostalgic thing. I doubt I would be bothered to write 15 letters and dub 5 90 minute tapes every day like I used to when I was 14. I would also say that the internet and all that stuff killed off the underground, because when the underground was alive it was sometimes hard to track down demos and stuff that you wanted to hear. You had to WORK for it, and that took passion to keep it going. Now, you download it and anyone can do that, with passion for art and music, or just to fit in with a clique. It’s all the same to me now… I only care about good music and don’t give a shit about the music “scene” as a whole.

In your opinion what is the best and worst thing about the underground today? What does the term "Underground Metal" mean to you?

The term “underground music” means music that is done for artistic integrity and conviction as opposed to making money as its foundation (which is essentially anything on commercial radio or TV). There is no “underground scene” like there used to be, not how I remember it anyway… But underground music will always thrive, in all subgenres.

You and Nocturnal Graves come out of the legendary Australian metal scene, I have been a "fan" of Australia's metal scene since the mid 90's. So I was curious what is your opinion of Australia's metal scene? Would you say it has grown a lot since the 80's and 90's?

I think it is ok. There’s some good bands, and lots of shit ones. Probably just like in every country. The Australian scene was really strong in the 80’s and 90’s with lots of gigs and big numbers in terms of attendance. In the mid – late 90’s it really died off for a long time. The last 5-6 years though it seems to be growing which is good… but I don’t go to many shows these days.

Who are some of your all-time favorite Australian metal bands? Are their any new metal bands from Australia you feel the readers should check out soon?

Slaugherlord, Incubus, Spectral Birth, Sad Ex, Hobbs, Bestial Warlust, Necrotomy demo, Acheron demo, Abyssic Hate, Destroyer 666, S.o.L. (demo and first 2 LPs), Gospel of the Horns, Denouncement Pyre, Erebus Enthroned, Cauldron Black Ram, Innsmouth. Readers should check out my other 2 bands – Impious Baptism and Coffin Lust if they are interested…

I also remember in their used to be a few good fanzines are their still any good zines that you could recommend to the readers?

Vomitose Zine.

Coming back to the band you handle the Bass for the band when did you start playing the bass? Who are some of your fave bass players? Do you play other instruments?

When you say play the bass, that term should be used quite loosely when it comes to me “playing” the bass… Drums is my main instrument, but I also play guitar.

You also handle the vocals for the band at what age did you become interested in singing? Who would you say are some of your influences in singing?

Singing? You’ve got to be kidding me haha. (I guess vocals would be a better word for Patrick to use, still could have answered the question - Dale)

Do you do anything special to keep your throat/voice healthy when preparing for a show or getting reading to record?

Make growling noises. This isn’t Frank Sinatra.

Well J.R. we have reached the end of the interview, thank you for taking the time to fill this out. Do you have any final comments for the readers?

Check out our new album if you are interested. Hail Satan! 



The Nocturnal Graves Discography 

Profanation Of Innocence Demo, 2004

Deathstorm Demo, 2004

Goatwatchers United - Satans Goats Tribute II Assault split 7" EP, 2005

The Demo's 2004 Tape Compilation, 2005

Demonic Profanation CD Compilation, 2006

Necromancer 7" EP, 2007

Satan's Cross Demo, 2007

Satan's Cross Full-length, 2007

The Gravespirit Sessions split LP with Hell Spirit, 2010

...From The Bloodline Of Cain Full-length, 2013




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