Interview with the main man behind this creation - Miasmyr. This interview was conducted in the early days of August 2011

Found this description online from news that Moon had signed to Moribund Records. I think it describes Moon better as an intro than I could do. hypnotic sense of obscure mysticism within a dark ambience of distorted screams, cavernous echoes and entrancing pulse, with the project described as one of breeding the unlife [sic] in archaic worlds... an ode to darkness and its spirit.

We sent Patrick Schroeder to investigate this harsh and hypnotic black metal band further. Find the short, but interesting result below.



Hails! How are things going? Please introduce yourself to the readers.

Im Miasmyr from moon, an obscure black metal project from Australia. The band is strictly underground with emphasis placed on atmosphere and occultism. 

When did you get the idea to form Moon? Are you happy with how things have progressed with the band so far? How would you describe Moon's music to someone who has never heard it before?

Moon was originally a side project when playing in Forn Valdyrheim and was a studio based endeavour into the infernal occult.  It is used as guided imagery association for astral projection and has a focus on ritual workings and wordless travels into the underworld.  The sound is raw but atmospheric with a nihilistic blackness demotivating direction and breaking down rational ways of thought.  Semblant thoughts are evoked as spirits that emerge in the music and instrumentation. 

If I am not mistaken you are the sole-member of the band. Are you currently looking for new members to join or do you prefer to work alone? If you have some new members please introduce them to the readers.

I write and record the songs but I have live members for shows and sometimes use session players on recordings.  Working alone gives me creative freedom; many players in bands need something like a solo project as an outlet for independent ideas as was originally how Moon started.  Currently the line-up is Dirge, Kris, Elokin and myself. Well be playing August 12 with Pestilential Shadows, Erebus Enthroned and Crowned at the globe in Brisbane

What do you feel are the advantages and disadvantages to being a one-man band? If you had the opportunity to work with any musicians {past or present} who would you love to work with?

For an introspective project such as this I can delve a lot deeper if it is just me creating the work.  On the down side doing the job of all parts means more leg work.  I'd like to work with a good sound engineer at some point, one who can share the vision and bring more depth to the work. 

You recently released moon's debut "Caduceus Chalice" through Moribund rec. How long did it take you to write/record the songs for this release?

It was written and recorded over a period of around nine months.  The songs grew in character and atmosphere as a result of working close with them for some time.  It was recorded in my basement studio and is a reflection of the gnostic influence from my altered state experiences of the time.  The Caduceus and Chalice are symbols of the male and female sex organs and their union brings about the spark that ignites the inner vision, its a good analogy for the mentality I was in when making it. 

Are you happy with how everything turned out? How has response been from the press and the fans?

This is not meant for everyone but its good to see there are quite a few people around who can appreciate and identify with it on some level.  Wolfsvuur and Moribund have done well in supporting this project and this has aided significantly in it getting around.   

Which usually comes first for you the lyrics or the music? Speaking of lyrics what are some topics/subjects you write about?  

The music itself communicates more than the words which remain hidden in the mix; the delivery and expression of the performance stands as being most important.  The emphasis is placed on the introspective aspect of black metal serving as guided imagery for astral projection.  The subject matter is of ritual workings, necromancy and wordless travels inside the spirit world.

You live in the great country of Australia, I have been a huge fan of Australian metal for years. So I was interested in your opinion of Australia's metal scene?

I don't make a connection with the metal scene in Australia although in Brisbane my home town there are many strong acts that are unique who each have their own sound.  Impetuous Ritual and Portal are two black/death anomalies whose obscure sound is revered throughout the world; Mongrels Cross and Embrace The Solar Winds have given notable performances that are something outside the usual. 

Thank you for taking the time to fill out the interview.




The Moon Discography 

Moon / Intra Tenebrae / Mystified split ep, 2008

Self Titled Demo, 2008

Blood ep, 2008

Apparitions ep, 2008

Omen Demo, 2008

Moon / Nekrosov / Necros Manteia split ep, 2008

Caduceus Chalice Full-length, 2010 (Wolfsvuur Records) & 2011 (Moribund Records)



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