Interview by Dale Roy with Robert Deathrage of the Meatshits 2001…

The Meatshits really are one of kind. They are a force of sickness to reckoned with! I have been in contact with mainman Robert Deathrage for many a moon and I was fucking psyched when I heard of the reformation and imminent return!! I immediately got in touch with Robert and decided to work out an interview. All hail the old legends and kings of porn/perversion and brown metal!!! Read on and any PC faggots can are welcome to quiver in their boots… Interview by Dale Roy with Robert Deathrage (aka Mr. Mackey from South Park heh) March, 2001…

* Update - As of early 2007 it would appear the Meat Shits are still going after their apparent 20th or so demise. I really do not know much of anything new being released, most stuff put out in recent years seems to be re-issues and the releases of material recorded years ago but never released as label relations etc... put everything on ice back then from what I recall in phone conversations with Robert. Anyway I hope they will come back strong and perverse! 



Robert hails to my metal brother! How is it going? I think the last time we talked was by phone somewhere in mid to late 1996!! Please explain why you put a stop to MEAT SHITS in 1996 and relocated to fucking Utah of all places?

Well Dale there was numerous reasons why I stopped doing MEAT SHITS in 1996. When I first started up the band in the late eighties the underground didn't have rules. But around 1993 certain faggots in the music scene (mostly from the San Francisco bay area) succeeded in poisoning impressionable minds with their pro-gay/anti-sexist propaganda. Unfortunately most of the people involved in the underground are very impressionable and stupid. The band started getting alot of negative feedback concerning the pornographic concept. Since other bands (who will remain nameless) gave in to politically correct psychobabble and changed their image MEAT SHITS did exactly the opposite. The band decided to be more extreme than ever before. The image and lyrical content became more misogynist, sexist and anti-gay. I am not a person that follows rules especially ones created by a bunch of tree hugging poo-stabbers. This decision envoked the avarice of politically correct scum the world over. By the end of 1995 MEAT SHITS had recorded 4 new albums "Tenebrae", "Vicious Act Of Machismo", "The Second Degree Of Torture" And "She Was Asking For It". Only "The Second Degree Of Torture" got released (which I never even got a copy of) the labels that were going to issue the other albums eventually backed out the deal due to politically correct peer pressure. This really pissed me off, as in my opinion (and many others) this was best MEAT SHITS material to date. After all the label disputes again I was left without band members. By the end of 1996 I had tried to reform MEAT SHITS again with new members in my old area but it just didn't work out as the drummer sucked ass. Also I had grown so tired of never having a committed line-up and going through constant member after member. So on Christmas of 1996 I officially declared MEAT SHITS was done and called it a day. As for why I moved to Utah of all fucking places at the beginning of 1997 my area of Modesto suffered from an extreme flood damage after the Tuolomne River overflowed. This incident caused me to lose my job and I was desperate so I had an opportunity to become a carpet installer in the Ogden, Utah area. So I packed up my shit and moved away since I had nothing to keep me in California. This eventually turned out to be the biggest mistake of my life.

Tell us about your trip to the "November To Dismember" fest and the ruffians you attempted to re-start MEAT SHITS with while still in Utah? Was it people's cult remembrance of MEAT SHITS that made you want to start up again or did you just miss it?

Ruffians???...Ha-ha-ha Dale that's hilarious I haven't heard that word used since the eighties (Well I am from the old school J - Dale). Ruffians is definitely not a word I thought of to describe these losers. Lazy, unmotivated, cunts, dykes, faggots, petty, childish, meth smoking, thieving scum is much better words to describe those pieces of shit. As for the trip to Texas for the metal fest in November 1999 I went with the previously mentioned vermin. Actually I never planned on reforming MEAT SHITS in Utah. I figured a state that doesn't allow pornography or real beer wouldn't be a good place to do this band. When I went to the "November To Dismember" fest I was shocked to discover how many people remembered MEAT SHITS and me. I had quite a few people wanting my autograph and wanting to take their picture with me (which made me uncomfortable to say the least) so this encouraged my desire to reform. Unfortunately I made the stupid decision letting a meth smoking cunt from a very boring and generic death metal band from Utah talk me into restarting MEAT SHITS with her on guitar. This turned out to be the second biggest mistake of my life. After seeing what total fuck-ups these new members were I figured out this was not going to work. When I announced the bad news to them their paranoid meth smoking asses freaked out. So since I was no longer a carpet installer because the owner of the company never paid any taxes I moved back to California. At first when I came back and reformed the band it was out of pure rage and hatred towards the Utah slime. But after hooking up with 5 other talented musicians the realization was that in reality I just missed doing it. Or I just missed doing it right all the times before.

Do you like California more than Utah? I see you decided against moving back to your old stomping grounds and body dumping capitol of the U.S.A. Modesto, CA...

 Ha-ha-ha that's like asking if I prefer cock to pussy! Of course I like California more than Utah! Utah was a fucking nightmare to put it mildly the state is so oppressed. As I mentioned earlier Dale you can't even buy a real beer in that state. I used to have to travel to Evanston, Wyoming if I wanted to buy real beer. And towards the end of my stay in that toilet the UHP (Utah Highway Patrol) would wait outside of the liquor store in Wyoming waiting for anybody with Utah plates to attempt to bring illegal liquor back into the state. If you have ever seen the movie SLC Punk it pretty much explains the whole shitty situation of Utah. Needless to say I was very happy when I returned to California, as this is my home for better or for worse. Also you can't rent pornography or even legally possess it so that pretty much sums it up. Well Dale I live in Stockton now which is only 30 miles north of Modesto. I share a house with the bass player of MEAT SHITS. This is where the band practices 3-4 times a week. Basically on the weekends it becomes the Meat House so to speak. Our drummer has to travel from Auburn and one of the guitarists has to travel from Turlock (which is just 10 miles south of Modesto). It's funny you mention Modesto as being the body dumping capitol I completely forgot about that. If you know anything about Stockton it is the fifth most dangerous city within the U.S.A. which might explain where some of the Modesto bodies come from…m’kay!

So you reformed MEAT SHITS and it sounds like you have a real line-up this time - correct? Can you introduce the other new members and the bands they were in formerly because a couple seem fairly notable? What is this I hear about a chick doing keyboards!?!? Why on earth would you want keys in a band like MEAT SHITS?

The new line-up is as follows Kurt Cobrain Splatter (a.k.a. Andy Garcia on Rhythm and Lead Guitars), Smush Mouth (a.k.a. Douglas Carranza on Lead and Rhythm Guitars), Vaginal Desecrator (a.k.a. Vince Castillo on Bass Guitars), Tapeworm Assucker (a.k.a. Aaron Copelan on Drums and Percussion), Leyla Shelton (a.k.a. Pre-Menstrual Cunt on Keyboards and Samples) and of course me M.C. Cunt Killer (a.k.a. Robert Deathrage on Lead and Backing Vocals). Aaron Copelan was the drummer from the underground band PAX MORTIS (R.I.P.) and is now in THE NEW PLAGUE as well as MEAT SHITS. Douglas Carranza was originally the guitarist for Paul Baloff's PIRANHA (for anybody stupid the original singer for EXODUS). Also he was the guitarist for a very notable local thrash band BURIAL GROUND. Andy Garcia is also a former guitarist of BURIAL GROUND. Also he was in a well-known grindcore band called CONSUMED. Vince Castillo is the guitar player for a well-known local band in Stockton called SLUMLORD. And there is a chick on keyboards as Leyla is obviously a feminine name. Actually Dale MEAT SHITS started using keyboards back in 1993 on the "Ecstasy Of Death" album (well only sparingly as a small accent – Dale). On the last recordings keyboards became an important part of the music. With this new line-up keyboards are now even more important than before.

How do you plan on using synth, an instrument viewed by myself as wimpy in most cases and usually used in soft disco gothic trend bands like CRADLE OF FILTH and DIMMU BORGIR?! Does Leyla Shelton (a.k.a. Pre-Menstrual Cunt) being a woman have any problems with MEAT SHITS anti-feminist and the pornographic lyrical content?!

Robert - For the new material we have increased the use of keyboards and for some old songs we have added synth parts to give the music a more of a doom atmosphere. Basically keyboards makes MEAT SHITS sound like a horror movie soundtrack. Since the band used keyboards between 1993-1996 and got a very good response for doing so, we felt it would have been stupid not to continue the progression of the band’s style for the reformed MEAT SHITS. As for weather or not it will be viewed as wimpy by yourself or others it is just a chance we will have to take. Everybody so far that has heard the new MEAT SHITS has given us nothing but praise. Plus everybody that comes to our practice states that we are 100 times heavier and better than before. So I think keyboards only makes a band wimpy if the band itself is wimpy to begin with. As for Leyla having any problems with the MEAT SHITS image I will let her answer that for herself…

Leyla – I think that the name “Pre-Menstrual Cunt” speaks for its self. Everything in our music is not anything that you couldn’t go to the movies and see. For example, horror movies have murder, torture, rape, profanity etc. And then the romantic movies typically have sex scenes in them where the actors and actresses are required to moan and fake an orgasm…and you usually do not hear alot of controversy about those movies, the bottom line is that it is all entertainment.

Am I wrong in saying that MEAT SHITS has more releases than any other underground band (with the possible exception of AGATHOCLES from Belgium)!?! Was it hard setting up so many deals? If I remember correctly around the time of recording "Ecstasy Of Death" recordings you had 24 (!!) CD/vinyl etc... releases pending?! It must have been difficult keeping up with all these releases, labels, artworks/layouts straight?! Will the new MEAT SHITS keep up this kind of torrid release schedule?

Actually Dale I don't know if we are the second as I have not been following the underground very much. If MEAT SHITS still holds the record for having the second most releases in the scene then I find that amazing. So I would guess AGATHOCLES is still at the number one spot...if so more power to them. It really was not difficult at all to set up so many releases as most of the deals came to the band. At the time I just tried to release as much shit as possible to get the band name out there. Which I do regret this now as MEAT SHITS released alot of garbage. Keeping everything straight was not that difficult either, as back then I was younger. Seriously Dale I don't think I could keep up with such a hectic schedule nowadays nor would it be attempted...m'kay.

So do you watch much porn these days? I am a bit of a fanatic myself ha-ha! Do you still prefer oriental sluts like Mimi Miyagi like you used to? Do you agree that women who take it up the ass rule?

Of course I do...since coming back to California now I don't feel like a fucking outlaw for owning and renting pornography. Actually I have expanded my tastes for porno sluts of all races, creeds and colors. Especially for the likes of Brittany O' Connell, Tiffany Minx, I would proudly lick all of their assholes clean. But of course I would do the same to such personal favorites as Kitty Yung, Shawnee Cates, Lana Sands, Anisa, Mai Lin and yes Mimi Miyagi. As for the answer to the last part of your question I think you already know my opinion...m'kay!

You played in Canada before I remember you telling me on the phone it was kind of a fucked up experience?! Recently the new reformed MEAT SHITS has been playing shows - how have they went and please describe MEAT SHITS live experience? Will you play any of the upcoming metal fests? I read in an old zine called Headache Described from Modesto, California that during MEAT SHITS first show an older lady waitress at the club became extremely agitated at your stage banter and song titles and ended up going into convulsions and subsequently died on the way to the hospital!! Any truth to this wild story?

Actually that was our second show and the old lady died at the hospital. That show was so fucking weird as MEAT SHITS was opening up for PRIMUS. So the music the band played at the time freaked out alot of people...especially the PRIMUS fans. We got a good response from some people but others were tortured...including PRIMUS. Within 12 minutes of our set the plug was pulled on MEAT SHITS for being so loud, abrasive and offensive. Fortunately we were able to get 90 songs in our set before the club shut us off (ha-ha). I would have to say out all the shows MEAT SHITS has performed I would never forget that one. As for playing upcoming metalfests we will be up to doing it after the new album is recorded and released. At this moment MEAT SHITS are rarely playing shows for the same reason I just mentioned. But every once in a while we do perform live mainly because of the demand for the band. Basically describing the new MEAT SHITS live experience is not so easy but I will give it a shot. Nowadays the band plays about 60+ minutes consisting of between 30-40 songs. We are also considered the loudest band in our area because of all the equipment we use. So we warn people that attend our shows or come to watch us practice that having ear plugs is advisable. When we do play live we have more and more people at the shows every time. The word has really spread about the new MEAT SHITS out here. We have alot of fans that hate death/black/grind whatever music with a passion but love us because we are not like most bands of those genres. MEAT SHITS has many different musical influences that really stands out but at the same time makes us more extreme and listenable. As for wanting to play Canada again Dale...of course I do!

How much older stuff is being rehearsed and used for gigs? Have there been any old songs (like the 5 second burst ones) that the new members didn't want to do live? How much new material is written and how does it differ if at all from the old stuff?

Fuck Dale there is so much new stuff written and rehearsed that it has now become old stuff. So far over 90+ minutes of new material has been created and rehearsed to adnausuem. As for old stuff songs that we rehearse and do live is "Baptized In Shit", "There Is No God", "Psychotic Interlude", "Bimbo...Is A Compliment", "Paying The Price To Fuck", "Just Say Fuck" and "Dismembered Then Raped". We also do the same for songs that are old but never got released such as "Vicious Act Of Machismo", "Vaginal Torment", "Selective Inbreeding", "Sniper At The Fag Parade", "Horrifying Scenario", "Act Of Rape", "Womanizer", "Bitch-Hater", "Oral Sodomy", "Sexual Cannibalism", "When Harry Fucked Sally" and more. To be honest there was not alot of older songs we wanted to do before the last MEAT SHITS recording sessions. When it comes to the short songs we still crank them out and the rest of the band love doing them. MEAT SHITS will never stop doing the short bursts of mayhem as of course it is our trademark sound but we all prefer doing the longer songs.

There must be at least a couple labels sniffing around since the news has spread of MEAT SHITS reforming? Which labels have showed interest and do you have an ideal label you would like MEAT SHITS to be on? Having past label relationships back-fire are you now weary of labels and what would you demand in any new album or even EP contract?!

Well there is definitely more than a couple of labels checking us out right now. I really can't mention any names at this time, as it will probably curse any possible Deals and us as well. Originally we were planning on re-releasing our old stuff, unreleased material and our new music ourselves. Considering all of us work and half of the band has families at home. It was decided that MEAT SHITS should get a label due to our lack of spare time to pursue starting a label. As for past relationships with labels turning to shit all I can only say that was then...this is now. Basically what we want from a label is what other bands get...a decent studio budget, extreme promotion, tour support and fair royalties. I really don't think that is alot to ask considering MEAT SHITS is a well-known underground act.

MEAT SHITS have had a history of releases on Wild Rags! What was your reaction to the news of Richard C. not paying taxes for years (or as the story goes) and being shut down with everything being auctioned off by presumably the IRS?! Do you still have contact with Richard?

Actually this is the first I heard of it as like I mentioned my involvement in the underground over the last five years has been next to none. And no I have had no contact with Richard C. since around 1994 if I recall correctly. So my reaction is oh well you should have paid your taxes...m'kay.

During your absence from 1996 to 2000 did you follow the scene at all? If yes, what demos, albums and vinyl have you been battering your stereo with? Any cool fanzines you could recommend to check out?

No I haven’t really been following the scene at all, which is sorry to say. Personally I listen to mostly old Metal, Hardcore and Industrial like VENOM, POSSESSED, CELTIC FROST, M.D.C., KREATOR, DEAD KENNEDYS, SLAYER, DISCHARGE, SACRIFICE, I.G.D., BLACK FLAG, DESTRUCTION, S.O.D., VERBAL ABUSE, IRON MAIDEN, ANVIL, EXODUS, SEPTIC DEATH, BLACK SABBATH, BATHORY, ANGEL WITCH, SKINNY PUPPY, MINISTRY, FRONT 242, NAPALM DEATH, CARCASS and more. But A few newer bands I enjoy (or should I say bands not from the eighties) are CRADLE OF FILTH, EMPEROR, HECATE ENTHRONED, DIMMU BORGIR, SLIPKNOT and others I can't think of right now because I have been drinking. Some local bands in my area such as PSYPHERIA, THE NEW PLAGUE, SICKLE, SLUMLORD and SHRINE OF SCARS are definitely worth checking out as well.

Are you still into gore flicks? You dubbed for me and polluted my mind with a number of nasty horror flicks and various other sick videos in the early to mid '90's. I just wanted to thank you for that ha-ha!

Oh yeah of course for a while I was not into them so much as when I got a DVD player and a satellite dish. Then I was into that phase where I wanted everything to be in surround sound and the old horror classics in my video library were collecting dust on my shelves. But all the old favorites and some I never viewed before are becoming required viewing. I would have to say Aaron and me are the ones in the band most into horror flicks. The rest of the band is into them as well but as you know I also watch alot of different kinds of movies.

I read on your website that in December 2000 you had studio time booked, so tell us how did these recording sessions go? What studio did you use and how much is it going to set you back? What releases might these particular sessions produce? How about a few new song titles?

Well we didn't feel we were completely ready to go in the studio yet so we have postponed our recording until March or April of 2001. All the members agree, as we want the new MEAT SHITS album to be a thousand times better than all the old recordings combined. This is necessary as we want our return to be successful to say the least...and I think our fans will thank us for this. In the past the band released alot of shit and we do not want history to repeat itself. When the MEAT SHITS returns to the studio we are going to concentrate on one release titled "Dismembered Resurrection" and possibly an EP currently titled "The Domain of Rape And Murder". Some new song titles are "Door-To-Door Serial Killer", "Anal Armageddon", "Because She Disobeyed", "Psychobabble Of A Blonde Cunt", "Menstrual Alibi", "Drive-By Masturbation", "Tampon Crack-Pipe", "Miasma Of Putrid Decay", "Cyanide Cum-Shot", "Anal-Christ", "Even For Her The Worst Is Yet To Come", "Vaginal Combustion", "Consensual Rape", "Power Tool Abuse", "Quick Fuck", "Cunt Metal", "Embrace The Crack Horror" and many more of course.

You will notice Robert, in this interview thus far I have refrained from bringing up your early and numerous problems with drug abusing members. Also including your record label difficulties and problems! Either thank me now for sparing you or feel free if you like to tell the readers of this turmoil and how it has only strengthened your resolve?!

This last line-up of losers from Utah definitely strengthened my resolve more than you could ever imagine. I pretty much covered my opinions of them earlier in this no more need to waste any more interview space for meth smoking cannon fodder. As for problems with past record labels I really don't give two shits about what happened anymore. If they are still having issues with me well then that will be their downfall not mine. This time MEAT SHITS will be done right not half-assed like in the past.

Okay Robert my old friend it was good talking to you and finally being in contact once again! Feel free to spill your and MEAT SHITS future plans and any other messages for the readers! Thanx for doing this brother it is appreciated!!

I think all that needs to be said has been said Dale except thanks for the interview my old friend. Best of luck with all of your current and future projects especially Canadian Assault. And I hope I get to meet you on tour in the near future...m'kay!  


MEAT SHITS  have signed a deal with WAR HAMMER/COPROPHAGIA RECORDS and are gearing up to record the long awaited release entitled DISMEMBERED RESURRECTION. The  CD will contain 46 Gore Infested, Pornographic , Bitch Hating, Fag Killing , Womanizing songs that hold true to the Traditional MEAT SHITS sound, but with more emphasis on songwriting and structure.  2001 brings the world a new album from The Original Perverts Of GrindCore/BrowMetal !!  Let The Sickness Begin !  For More Info email  Check out the MEAT SHITS OFFICIAL WEBSITE And for all distros and record labels interested in carrying the new album, contact  our record label  WAR HAMMER RECORDS  Spread

The Word .......MEAT SHITS ARE BACK !!

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The Not so Complete Meatshits Discography 

  • Frectate Fumes (1987)

  • Meet The Shits (1988)

  • Menstrual Samples (1989)

  • Bowel-Rot (1989)

  • Regurgitated Semen (1990)

  • Let There Be Shit (1991)

  • Genital Infection (1991)

  • Split-7" with Butt Auger (1991)

  • Split-7" with Anal Cunt (1991)

  • Fuck Frenzy (1992)

  • Split-7" with Anal Massaker (1992)

  • Split-7" with Dead (1992)

  • Final Exit (1992)

  • Ecstasy Of Death (1993)

  • For Those About To Shit We Salute You (1993)

  • Make Me Cum (1993)

  • Sexual Abuse (1993)

  • Take This And Eat It (1993)

  • Sniper at the Fag Parade (1995)

  • Split-7" with Psycho

  • Rape-Bait (split-7" with Catatonic Existence)

  • Give Hate A Chance / Elect me god, and I'll kill you all... (split-CD with Catatonic Existence)

  • Tomb Of The Guardian Angel (split-7" with Clotted Symmetric Sexual Organ)

  • Another Day Of Death (split-7" with Necrophiliacs)

  • Second degree of torture

  • Violence Against Feminist Cunts

  • Gorenography (2002)

  • Give Hate A Chance (2005) Sevared Records



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