Interview with Tim guitars, vocals, bass, drum programming, and Victor guitars, bass for Mass Murder Frenzy by Patrick Schroeder.

Mass Murder Frenzy is a U.S death metal band that recently sent me their 3rd release "Unleashed". To be honest I have been out of the death metal loop for the last few yrs. But mass murder frenzy blew me away with their sick, intense style. The band mixes in heavy, fast guitars, sick vokills and some of the best used drum-machine beats. {probably some of the most realistic drum beats I've heard}.



Hi guys what’s up with you? Please introduce yourselves to the readers?
What’s up Patrick, doing great. We are Vic and Tim, hence the label name (Victim Music) of Mass Murder Frenzy out of Orange County California.

When did you guys first meet? Is Mass Murder Frenzy the first band you played in together?
Tim: Vic came to be in MMF around 2008. He answered an ad I had placed for a bass player on craigslist. He came and tried out. He did a good job so I ended up picking him out of a few other candidates. Yes. MMF is the first band Vic and I played in together.

When did you start up the band? For the readers who have never heard the band how would you describe the bands music?
Tim: I started the whole thing way back, about 95’ish with a couple buddies of mine. We were called Decubitus at that time. I played bass and vocals, the other two were guitar players. I played guitar just not for that project, no one wanted to play bass so I stepped up. We couldn’t find the right drummer. Death metal drummers in Orange County California at that time were very rare. Every one of them we tried out couldn’t do double bass the way we needed them to. That’s when Ii met the “Alesis SR-16” drum muchine. We recorded a four song demo with the drum machine and it sounded killer. We set out to do some shows with it but left it at that, with every band you have musical differences. In 2003 I was sick and tired of joining bands that just ended up disbanding. So I started Decubitus back up but the other two weren’t interested. So I changed the name to MMF and wrote all new material and new members. My intention for the music was a thrashy death metal sound. Very heavy sound. It has become more brutal sounding since the beginning I think. I can’t put a label or compare our sound to others though because I try to write it how MMF should sound. Slayer sounds like Slayer. Then and now. I wanted that for MMF. I’ve been told I have a European/Florida death metal sound. Vic brings something a bit different to the sound, but we just play heavy brutal death metal. Not too fancy, but not to rip off the listener.

MMF Has had both a full line-up and currently is just the two of you. Have you guys searched for other members to join the band or are you happy as a two-piece?
Tim: Vic and I are happy with just the two of us. No hassles. We’ve searched for drummers in the past and decided with our lives the way they are, this is how it should be. The last drummer we had was a guy by the name of Brandon Trahan. He played in my cousin’s band “Mirror of Dead Faces” and currently plays for “Impending Doom”. He was perfect for MMF and we tried to get him to record on the album but didn’t work out. Nothing more to say. I still give him a shout out because he was such a cool guy and probably the best drummer we’ve jammed with. Just wasn’t in the cards. You can see him playing with us going over Entombed in Flesh on our myspace videos =

Please tell the readers a little about Mass Murder Frenzy's past releases. Are these still available? What about any other merchandise like stickers, shirts etc..
Tim: The first album is called “Below The Surface” the original line-up recorded in 2006. This album was strictly promotional. You can still down load the 6 songs “for free!” From our web site click on albums. The second release was self titled and the first time I recorded with a drum program in 2009. This was also the first attempt for me becoming a one man project. I recorded everything alone and released it alone. Very few copies were made. This cd had all six songs from “Below The Surface” I rerecorded with the drum program, with five new songs. I am in the works of reprinting this cd under my label “Victim Music” and will be selling them on our web site hopefully soon. MMF has t shirts of the old logo for sale on our web site. We are in the works on getting “Unleashed” shirts printed up. Haven’t found a good enough deal yet. We have stickers and hopefully more merch with the fans support.

The band recently released its third masterpiece of sickness "Unleashed". How long did it take you guys to write and record the songs for this release?
Tim: Total? About a year and a half. I started writing before Vic came back into the picture again. Vic was off doing other projects at the time. He came to me with some good material and a different attitude about the music so we started collaborating with all the songs we had together. Recorded them about the end of 2010 which took about two months off and on. Mixing and mastering took about 1 month to where we were happy with it.

Are you both happy with how everything turned out? How has the response been from the press and fans?
Tim: We are very happy with the way “Unleashed” came out. For our accomplishment and hard work we put into this release. We set out for a brutal sounding album and we succeeded very well in our opinions. For a band that doos not tour, the response from the fans has proven that to us so far. The album is selling very well for us, about ready for a second pressing. Promotion from press has been very positive. Webzines, online retailers, local California retailers and online radio play has helped immensely spread the sickness that is MMF.

Who usually handles the lyrics what are some topics/subjects you write about?
Tim: I have always handled the lyric writing in the past, but Vic wrote Black Sun (about the end of everything) on this album and will have more for the next release. I’ve always been interested in human behavior of all kinds. Religion, murder and such, more towards religious beliefs, but psychotic behavior as well. People are fucked up! And there’s a lot to write about. “Unleashed” is more about the failure and lie of jesus christ. God unleashes the fury upon man because his so called son failed to save us from our sins. Not in a Satanistic way though. We are not a Satanic band, more an agnostic way of thinking. The artwork on the album in my vision is god releasing his army upon us all. It was done by Brutal Disorder logos.

What does the term "underground metal" mean to the both of you?
Underground metal is a society. Human beings that thrive on extreme emotion, adrenaline and life ending moments. Metal is the catalyst to this society that brings it all together and bonds it. It is that bond that fans show the bands they love and support that we all need to survive and thrive in this society (underground metal). Sometimes it’s all we have.

I know you both have been a part of the death metal underground for quite a few years. So I was curious how do you feel it has changed over the years? Also I know over the last few years I have heard/read some people say the u/g is dead or dying. Would either of you agree or disagree with that statement?
Tim: We’ve seen the only thing that’s really changed is the styles of metal. There are so many different types of metal now and there all at different levels in the industry, but the heart in the music is still there in each of these bands know matter what style they play. They all want to record an album and play there music in front of the biggest crowds. There was a time when death metal was in the mainstream for a short period, but things change with time and people’s interests move with the fads. That’s why bands like us depend on the underground. These are devoted human beings that thrive for this music and to be honest we can’t really say if the scene is dead or dying. Only because we haven't been out touring in so long. Seeing the crowds and who’s coming to the shows. We can say here in OC, LA, SD etc… at some of the shows we've gone to it’s not even close to what it was, say 10 years ago. Now we see 5/6 bands on one bill to fill a club. Even with the bigger iconic bands. I don’t think its dead nor do I think its dying ether. It’s underground that’s what it is.


Tim you handle the vocals for the band. At what age did you start singing? Who are some of your favorite vocalist? Do you do anything special to keep your throat/vocals healthy?
Tim: I started about 17 years old. No one could sing the way I wanted so I just started doing it. (If you cant tell already I’m pretty picky) I sucked, but kept going and finally got the hang of it. I didn’t start death vocals though till about 2003 when I started Decubitus. My voice was more a James Hetfield (old Metallica)/Chuck Billy style so it wasn’t such a drastic change when I started singing death metal. In fact it was easier for me. I was really into David Vincent, Glen Benton at first. Then Hate Eternal came out and Eric Rutan is the shit for me. The anger in his voice is the ultimate. I love these types of vocals though because they are so natural and aggressive. I don’t really do anything special for my voice. When I am recording I tend to drink a lot of Dr Pepper. LOL. It has to be room temperature though. It makes my voice feel raw. Ha, I don’t know. Weird I guess.

You also do the drum programming for the songs. I was curious what programs do you use to get the drums to sound so real? {trust me if you haven’t heard "Unleashed" the drums do sound pretty realistic} how long does it usually take you to complete a song?
We used native instruments battery 2 drum program. The drums sounded the realest to us on it and I wanted a more triggered drum set sound verses a recorded drum set with added trigger sounds, if that makes sense? Some if not most indie metal bands with drummers who have trashcan sounding drums or can’t get the double bass hits on time will use a program to replace the bad sounding drums or off hits. I didn’t want that. I like (because it's old school sounding) triggered drums into the mixing board sound. That's how it used to be in live situations. I just liked that sound. It sometimes comes pretty fast writing drum patterns. We record everything first with a click on my recording software “Cubase”. We run battery 2 as a midi vst instrument. Open the drum editor in Cubase when everything is recorded and start writing patterns. It’s pretty simple when you get the hang of it.

Tim you handle the guitars for the band. When did you start playing the guitars? Who are some of your influences/favorite guitarist? Do you play any other instruments besides the guitars?
Tim: Vic also is on guitar and writes riffs. I’ll usually arrange them more for him.
I started really playing when I was 16. My first guitar I got when I was 14 but frustration of not being able to play it took care of that. I found someone to give me lessons so I gave it a try again and kept with it. My biggest influence was my guitar teacher Rick Scott Crocco of the 80’s metal band Eden. That guy was so good and so cool to me when I was a kid. He was a git graduate along side of Paul Gilbert. He passed away in 2006, rip Rick. Favorite players were Randy Rhoads, Jack E Lee and Vivian Campbell hands down. No one could touch them. For me now though, I like anyone who plays guitar for them selves. It’s the attitude and passion one puts into it, not the person. I do play bass and keys a bit.
Vic: Well I started playing guitar at thirteen, my dad bought me my first guitar in TJ Mexico a cheap nylon acoustic but I can say thanks to my dad is the reason I got started playing the guitar rip Julian Silva. My influences include Richie Blackmore, Adrian Smith , Stevie Ray Vaughn, Tony Ioming, Chuck Schulinder , Patty Obrien, Terrance Hobbs and Trey from Morbid Angel.

Do either of you play in any other side-bands our projects besides Mass Murder Frenzy?
Tim: Vic and I were doing a side project called Terracide a couple years back. Vic recorded and played live with them before I stepped in as second guitar for live stuff, never got to that point though for me. I have a solo project that’s been in the works for what seems forever called Severe Carnage. Vic just finished with a band called Unsanctified. He recorded guitars for there new album. (not yet released) he also played some shows with the band.

When you guys are not working on music or band business what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
Vic: Dirt bike riding, sex, sports events, family, writing fans on line, checking out new bands writing new riffs for MMF music drinking and playing basketball softball and hitting the gym.
Tim: I spend time with my family. They support my music and keep me going with it. I love working around the house. There's always something to fix. It’s what I do! Listen to music, ps3 and try to find new stuff.

You guys live in the great state of California so I was curious what is your opinion of the scene in California? Who are some of your all-time favorite Californian bands? Are their any new bands you feel the readers should watch out for?
Vic: Man that's tuff, um... Infamy, Sadistic Intent, Rise, Pathology, Severed Savior, Decrepit Birth, off the tops of our heads, there are so many from Cal. They are all really good. What’s even cooler is we have seen most of these bands when they were just starting out. As far as new bands we haven’t seen or heard anything new here to watch out for. We look, but there are just so many good bands here. That’s why we can’t say the underground is dead.

What about the overall U.S death metal scene? Who are some of your all-time favorite bands? Any new ones the readers should check out?
Tim: Cannibal, Deicide, (old Deicide) bring back the Hoffman bros. The leads in the new shit are to fancy for Deicide. Morbid of course, Disincarnate (James Murphy kicks ass), Pestilence, man there’s so many all time, but very all time favorite for me is Hate Eternal. Every thing that is death metal to me is Hate Eternal. My opinion! From Morbid to Hate Eternal Eric Rutan is the shit.
Vic: I really dig the
Florida death metal bands Monstrosity, Cannibal Corpse, Malevolent Creation, Morbid Angel and I can’t forget Suffocation great band from the Bronx, Nile from North Carolina. Inconclusion would like to take the time to give props for a band that is not a US band but from Greece Mass Infection great underground brutal death metal Patrick check these guys out you and the readers will not be disappointed.

Well guys thanks a million for taking the time to fill out this interview. All the final words are yours!
Pat, you kick ass. Thanks so much for this interview. We want to thank you and the fans of Mass Murder Frenzy for all the support you’ve shown us. You’ve helped us reveal our life’s passion through are music.  

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The Mass Murder Frenzy Discography 

Below The Surface, 2006

Mass Murder Frenzy, 2009

Unleashed, 1997




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