Interview by Patrick Schroeder with vocalist Barbarud October 2010

Here is a interview I was lucky enough to get with the legendary czech republic black metal band Maniac Butcher. This is a band that defies all trends and phases and stays true to what they know. Which is insane, violent old-school black metal. So enjoy the interview and keep the flames of old-school metal alive for years to come.


Metal hails barbarud!! How is your week starting out? Please tell the readers a little about yourself.

Hell-o !! I am an old old-school Metal head from Czech. I was involved in several Black Metal bands and projects like Nhaavah, DarkStorm, Iron Fist, Tundra, Gottlos, Cintoreen Moor but since the end of 80-ies my soul belongs to Maniac Butcher.

When did you all form maniac butcher? What is the "current" line-up? I am sure by now most people into black metal have heard the band but if someone is new to the band how would you describe your music?

The idea and name, Maniac Butcher, was created between 1987-1989, the horde was formed later in 1992. Until 2000, we had released six full-length albums and some other stuff like live-albums, live-DVD, EPs, demos and splits. Over the next 10 years all of our old recordings were re-released several times on all formats (CD/LP/MC) in many countries. There was even a special 2-CD/3-LP called "The Beast of / A Tribute to Maniac Butcher". Our line-up? Since the beginning, Blasphemer (guitars) and me - Barbarud (vocals) are two main members. Now in 2010 there is new drummer, Coroner, and two live-members: Infernal (guitar) and Brady (bass).

I read on the bands official web-site the band has been broken-up for 10 years. What made you guys want to reform after so long? Are you all happy with how things are going so far with the band?

Our sixth album "Epitaph", released in 2000, was supposed to be the final album of Maniac Butcher. We decided to stop due our frustration and disgust with the scene. At that time we were sure that we would never return. The horde was disbanded for a long time but Maniac Butcher's name was still alive thanx to numerous re-releases of our old recordings. Now, after ten long years, we feel the same disgust, but despite that we have decided to return.

The band recently released a new cd "masakr" through "negative existence".  How long did it take the band to write and record the songs for this release? Are you and the other members happy with how it all turned out? How has response been from press and the fans?

Blasphemer and I decided to return on the first day of 2010, just after a New Year's party. We then started to compose the new songs. The album was recorded in 3 different studios over 3 months between March and June. We are very satisfied by the result of our work. The first responses and reviews are very positive. Alex of Negative Existence told me that the sales are very good too.

Does Maniac Butcher have any upcoming shows/tours in support of massakr? If yes please tell the readers about them. I know some black metal band prefer to only wor
k in the studio and not to play live shows. So I was curious of your opinion on playing live shows or do you prefer to write/record in the studio?

No, there are no plans for long touring. Since our reformation we played and will play only very few and select shows in Europe just for our pleasure. Numerous gigs and touring turn the performing into ordinary work and we would rather look forward to every gig and enjoy it. It is hard to compare live shows with the recording of a album. The studio work is something totally different and much more important.

Speaking of studio-time when the band begins writing a new song how long does it usually take the band to complete? Which is usually done first the lyrics or music? Who h
andles the lyrics for the band?

We have always used the same method: Blasphemer composes the music and records a demo tape, then I write lyrics and create vocal patterns and then we enter the studio.

What are some topics/subjects you all write about?

Since our debut album, all of our albums have been conceptual. All my lyrics have been written in ancient Czech, an old language of our medieval forefathers, which is not easily understood by modern Czechs. This has been the best way to recount the legends from our fatherland's forgotten past and simultaneously express my personal feelings and views. After ten long years the story is continued in the same manner on the new album.

Yourself and the band have been a part of the black metal underground for many years now. How do you feel the scene has changed over the last 15-20 years? Do you feel it has gotten better or worse with time and technology?

Now there are thousands of new bands and thousands of new albums every year. But it is hard to find out about something really good. Unfortunately, the quantity has exceeded the quality for many years and it is going to keep getting worse. Now any teen can record an album in his bedroom coz' he can do more with his small notebook than we could accomplish in expensive recording studios 10-20 years ago. Recording and manufacturing of the CDs is much cheaper and easier now and it doesn't help the scene, it kills it.

Everyone has their own ideas/opinions on what black metal means to I wa
s interested to hear your opinion what does "black metal" mean to you?

First of all, Black Metal is my most favorite music. Also my personal philosophy is closely related to my music. I would say that (Black) Metal is my way of life.

Maniac Butcher come out of the
Czech Republic underground. What is your opinion of the metal scene in your country?

There was a very strong scene here in late 80's and early 90's. Unfortunately, the conditions were very hard and many talented bands never had the possibility to enter a good studio. Now, it's the same as anywhere else in Europe... there are many bands but only few of them are really good.

Who are your all-time favorite Czech bands? Are there any new bands you think the readers should watch out for?

I love early albums and demos of old bands like Master's Hammer, Torr, Asessor, Debustrol, Fata Morgana.

You handle the vocals for the band when did you start singing? Who are some of your influences/favorite vocalist?

There are many vocalists who's voice I like. Not only Black Metal. Blasphemer and I are old-school Metal heads and we love early albums of 80's Thrash and Heavy Metal gods like Slayer, Metallica, OverKill, Kreator, Sodom, Living Death, Piledriver, Accept, Running Wild, Venom, Celtic Frost, Bathory... as well as early Death Metal stuff like Morbid Angel, Deicide, Unleashed... and of course early Black Metal jewels like Mayhem, Darkthrone, Immortal... All of these bands have great vocalists but I never tried to copy anyone else, I never looked for any inspiration. I just wanted to make vocals that best fit the music of Maniac Butcher.

Do you do anything special to keep your vocals healthy? Do you play any other instruments?

In the early 90-ies I played bass for one of my old side-projects - but that was in the very deep past. And anything special what I do for my vocals? For nearly 20 years I have used one simple trick. A day before a recording session or a live show, I take my car and go out of my village alone. And while driving through the forest where nobody can hear me, I roar and scream as loud as I can for about 10-15 minutes. The next day my voice sounds better and harsh.

Well Barbarud, we have reached the end of the interview. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to fill this out. Do you have any final comments for the readers?

Never follow the trends and fashion !! Forget the youtube and listen to Metal from CDs, vinyls and tapes !! Stay loyal to old-school Metal !! Raw War !!

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The Maniac Butcher Discography 

Immortal Death Demo, 1993

The Incappable Carrion Demo, 1994

Barbarians, 1995

Split ep w/ Black Horn of Saaz, 1996

Lucan-Antikrist, 1996

Live in Annaberg cassette, 1997

Krevstreb, 1997

Cerna Krev, 1998

Split w/ Szarbil & Inferno, 1999

Live in Open Hell, 1999

Invaze, 1999

Metal From Hell Split w/ Inferno, 2000

Epitaph - The Final Onslaught of Maniac Butcher, 2000

The Best of / A Tribute To Maniac Butcher, 2002

Immortal Death / The Incapable Carrion Compilation of Demos, 2003

Live in Germany, 2003

Dead But Live '92-01 DVD, 2005

The Beast / Dva Tisice Let ep (unreleased ep due to label mess up from 2000), 2007

Masakr, 2010



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