Interview by Dale Roy with Sabazios Diabolus late 2001…

Here is a newer interview I conducted with my friend and metal brother Bernard (aka Sabazios Diabolus) of Lust. This interview was originally done for Agonia War fanzine from Poland but I do not think it was spread around very much as Filip started his label around this time and kind of seemed to have forgotten about his zine. So I am re-publishing it here as I think it is a very good interview and Lust deserve support. A great Canadian UG horde...

* Update - Well Bernie and I have kept in contact by phone every couple months these many years since I moved from Canada but I must confess during the last 2 years (It is late March 2007 as I type this...) we have lost contact and that is mostly my fault. I will have to try and get ahold of him. The last we talked 1 1/2 to 2 years ago he told me he was firing Lust up again after it had been on ice for a while but to my knowledge no new releases have been unveiled. Let us hope we have not heard the last of the almighty Lust!!!  



Hails my metal brother of sickness! Thanx for doing this interview! Tell me what comes into your mind when I say the word ? SEX? The same with ? DRINKS? And finally tell me what is your mind when I say the word ? METAL? How often do you combine all three?! An extreme example of this would be? Ever beat off or fuck to the rhythm or beats of a metal band and which ones seem to work best?

Hail Metal Dale Roy, it's nice to do another interview with you again brother, firstly when I think of Sex, I always think about really small (petite) women with small,firm breasts, and tiny hands. I tell you man, it rules getting jerked off by a girl with small hands because it makes your cock look fucking huge! As for Drinks, I've had Bourbon whiskey on the brain lately, a lot of Wild Turkey, Jim Beam, and Jack Daniels... as well as I just sampled some other fine bourbons on my recent trip to the USA. Now for metal it would be BATHORY and SARCOFAGO because I put all of my collection in storage a few months ago and the only cd's I saved to listen to are "The Return", and "INRI" It's been a while since I combined all three due to the fact I have not had any sex in about two months. I played with a few tits at an EXHUMED show a few weeks back while all drunked up but that's all the action this sad boy has seen, it's harder to pick up sluts in the winter because they all stay home with their nerdy boyfriends during the colder months. An extreme example would be when I tounged a girls ass while listening to AUTOPSY "Mental Funeral", and she sucked her menstrual blood off of my cock. Maybe when I poured beer on a girls tits while listening to NIFELHEIM... you know the usual standard! I just picked up a live VULCANO cd on my trip to the USA and that has been doing a fine job as background noise while I beat off, however it would be better if a nice 19 year old blond would come sit on my lap!

How did you get in contact with Chris of Decius Productions and was it him who came up with the idea to put your great tracks from the split tape (with Unholy Archangel & Kult) out on a Picture LP? What do you think now that you have a copy in your hands? I can only imagine the sense of gratification to seeing/hearing your music on this most hallowed and kult format! Out of the 3 bands on that split tape I thought it was Lust who put in the most work on their music and obviously my point is backed up by the fact that the other 2 bands had a considerably shorter run time? I do not think it got spread widely so I was extremely glad to hear these tracks were being re-released on vinyl, do you feel the same way?

Actualy Angelfuck was the one who first contacted Decius productions looking for label support for our band OUROBOROS. Of course our selling point was that I played in LUST, and Chris freaked out because he had a dubbed tape of the 1997 demo. He told Angelfuck he would release an OUROBOROS Lp, and he had not even heard us yet, but for the fact that he enjoyed the first LUST demo so much, and we were establishing a reputation in the underground with some rehearsal tapes we had released. Since OUROBOROS at the time still had to record new material, he asked if I would be interested to release the LUST demo on Lp, or limited picture disc. I wanted to put the third demo which appeared on the three way split because I was really proud of that recording. I was really fucking happy when Chris sent me my test pressing copy on white vinyl, I got that the day I left town to see BLASPHEMY play on the coast. I remember that my turntable was not working so I used my brothers record player, and the funny thing was that he did not have any real speakers, his record player was hooked up to his television set. So the first time listened to my Lp was on a tv motherfucker! I think the UNHOLY ARCHANGEL material was great on the split but I was disappointed that it was so short. I had recorded 29 minutes of music because when the split was first talked about, Mad Max wanted each band to have 30 minutes of music so it would fill a 90 minute tape. The idea of a 90 minute demo was fucking great, so I was really disapointed when Mad Max came to visit me and played the tape for the first time. Everything on the tape was brutal, all three bands were grim and underground sounding, but so much empty blank space at the end of the tape... a dirty shame.

You knew very well the now deceased but infamous Mad Maxxx of Impaler Of Trendies records, Ocean Morphique zine, the band Worship etc? He came over from France for a visit (at your house) and he must have really liked it there as he ended up returning later to live in Canada! Can you tell us a few stories from his visits and what type of person he was?

Fuck this is the first time I have to actually answer this, I have a pile of unanswered interviews with a similar question to this, as well as regarding his death, and truthfully I really dread answering these questions about Max because he was quite a person. He left an impression on me that I can never forget, and he got close to a lot of my friends before he passed on. His first visit was for about nine days at my house, probably the best nine days of my life. He loved the music just as much as me, and lived it with every fiber in his body. If someone could be pure, and true regarding our sub-culture, it was Mad Max. Everyday we would go drinking, and he would meet some of my friends in different places, we would cut each other with knives and razors, put cigarettes out on each other. I can't describe the guy, he just had a lot of passion, and dedication. I remember his passport got trashed one night when we were walking all drunked up from the bar, going through the government buildings. Anyways there was a huge fountain, and swimming pool. I grabbed Max and threw him into the water. It was so great, both of us fucking drunk in the pool fighting at about 2:00 am, Max was wearing his jean jacket covered in homemade patches, and I had on my leather pants and bullet belt. He pulled out his passport from his jacket after and called me a bastard because it was completely destroyed. Actually earlier that night he called me a bastard because I had put out a cigarette on his shitty home made "Sex, Drinks, and Metal" tattoo on his shoulder. I kept laughing at him, he was so mad he tried to burn my neck with a cigarette butt! I remember one morning the police came to my house because the night before during a party, I was fighting with Wor from AXIS of ADVANCE in my front yard, and Max pulled a drain pipe off of my neighbors house and started hitting me and Wor with it. That same night the three of us were all drunk laying on my living room floor in darkness listening to THERGOTHON, Max and myself covered in blood pouring beer onto each other. It's hard to forget that guy, I think about him a lot.

After moving to Canada Mad Max became a bit strange and cut his hair off and ended up living on the streets for some months, did you have much contact with him during this time? After this period Maxxx seemed to get his shit back together, got a job, started doing his underground activities and everything then he committed suicide - do you think this was a spur of the moment decision to jump or something he had planned? Do you know anything about those last few hours of his life? Is it true you and some others took his whole collection (CDs, tapes, vinyls, fanzines etc...) and threw them off the same bridge and into the water?

Actually he shaved his head before returning to Canada, and got a whole bunch of tattoos. It was weird picking him up at the airport the second time because he looked so different, and his personality was different too, he was more bitter with life, just angry with everything, and really fucking depressed. He had so much medication in his bags, his parents put him in an asylum for a few weeks before he came back to Canada. His medication would really fuck him up when he would drink, he would totally become a different person, just really messed up. He would do stupid things to piss me off, on the first night he was back he started setting things on fire in my kitchen. I threw so many beer bottles at his head and I grabbed a chain and chased him out of my house. A few days after he apologised, and brought over some beer called "Max Ice", he always did funny shit like that, make you laugh at his silly jokes (I recall phoning your house and Max got on the phone and had a pic of me and a pic of Cath from Leather 'N Spikes laughing telling me I was fucking her and rubbing our pictures together, crazy bastard haha - Dale). Anything that said Max on it was cool! when I would cook supper for us he would turn the dial on my stove to Max, and look at me and tell me to cook on Max! I would just laugh all the time, he was a really funny guy. I remember being really sick and he would make me soup and tea, then bring me beer that said "Bull Max" on the label. Everything was Max, fuck! My brother found a porno called Mad Maxine, of course max loved it because it was called Mad Max! We watched all the Mad Max movies together. He would always bug me about "Beyond Thunderdome" because it had Tina Turner in it. He would turn to me and ask "Even the one with the nigger? But this is shit!" I feel bad now about the time I punched him in the head and called him a nigger, and kicked him out of my house. We didn't talk for a few months, there was a lot of tension between us for a while, but when OUROBOROS played a gig with DISCIPLES of POWER Mad Max showed up, and came to my house to party. We made up, became friends again, but didn't really hang out because he was living at Genocide Lord's house and got a job with my friend making stickers. We went to the bar a few times just before he died. I don't know how planned his death was, I mean he always talked about death, and suicide... he was totally depressed. He wasn't afraid of death though, he was ready for it, and I think that's what made him so fucking crazy, everything he did was extreme because he knew he was going to die. His last moments were with my friend Radek, and I feel really bad for Radek because he tried to stop Max from jumping but Max punched him in the head and jumped off of the bridge. I remember Genocide Lord phoning me asking for Max's parents phone number at 3:00 am. I was in total disbelief, it was such a shock at that moment, I was really drunk when I answered the phone and at the moment the police and an ambulance was at my house because I had got into a fight with Angelfuck (bandmate of his other band at the time Ouroborus) that night, and beat him pretty bad with a chain. The next morning when I woke up I didn't think what happened the night before was real until I rode my bike to the bridge that Max jumped off of and saw a whole bunch of my friends standing at the spot that Max jumped from and were all staring at the water. It really hit me hard at that moment because I knew that Max was gone forever. Fuck, it was so hard to look over the rail into the water... it was a long way down! Max jumped off of the highest bridge in Edmonton, called the High Level Bridge into the North Saskatchewan river. For a few weeks it was really weird anytime I had to cross that bridge, or go by the river. I fucking hate that river to this day because it took away a very good friend from me. One week after he died we had our own private service for him, Radek took us to the spot that Max jumped from and we all said our goodbyes to him, opened a few beers, took a few drinks and tossed the beer into the river so our friend could have a drink in the afterlife. Then we took all of his stuff and threw it over the side of the bridge, it was weird to see so many metal heads an skin heads throwing records off of a bridge. It was really sad to see Max's stuff floating in the river, because we all knew that he would never come back. This was also the same day they found his body down stream.

Tell us a bit about your other band Ouroboros. What has this band released and how would you describe it? audio output? Ouroboros is more of a live band, am I right? What are those shows like if I was in the audience watching? I’ve always wondered about the name, Jeffrey said he thought it was the name of a planet in the animated movie ? “Heavy Metal” is that where it is from?

OUROBOROS formed in February 1998 and so far have released two rehearsal demos and the third demo "Invoking the Worm", we don't really promote the rehearsal demos since we never really put a lot of effort into the recordings, but are still cool to listen to once in a while. However the "Invoking..." demo is something that we are really proud of, we recorded in my old studio and it turned out fucking grim. Totally dark and occult sounding like the old ROTTING CHRIST or EMPEROR demos. We have played a few shows already, the standard tons of bullet belts, studs, spikes, black paint around the eyes, chains. A lot of people say that our live image is like the old bands out of Brazil, which is pretty much were we got a lot of our ideas from. No special live show with funny props or anything like that, just a lot of headbanging. Our show in May with DISCIPLES of POWER we had torches, and baphomet banners on stage to give the same occult atmosphere as an old Nuremburg rally the Nazi's would have. No, the name has nothing to do with that gay cartoon movie, it is an occult symbol for eternity.

You’ve done a number of one-off releases with Lust on various labels around this stinking globe now. Any plans on looking for a label to provide something more permanent with a full album or a series of vinyl output? Along this same line of questioning in addition to the Pic LP on Decius you were scheduled to release a split LP with Ouroboros & Thornspawn but was cancelled, can you tell me what happened with that? Also you for sometime have spoken of a 7?EP release on Hellflame from Italy, is that out yet and if not when?

A few people have supported me, and done LUST releases on small labels, I am eternally grateful to Mad Max who put out the split live tape, and the three way split demo, and the first LUST shirts. He really helped promote the band a lot, and had a lot of faith in the band since demo #1, everything that I recorded and played to him he really liked and was always distributing or dubbing my demos for people in the underground. Decius has really done a great job promoting LUST, and did a truly magnificent job with the picture disc Lp, however the design for the t-shirt I was not 100% happy with. Actually we planned to use the picture of the soldiers with gas masks and gattling gun off of the Lp for the front of the shirt, and the photo of me from the insert on the back. However the screen shop had problems with the graphics because their computer kept crashing from the size of the files, and ended up pressing just the insert picture of me on the front of the shirt. I think the shirt looks great but I wont wear it because it has my face on the front, just think how silly I would look wearing my own face on a shirt! However it does look nice when a pretty bitch is wearing a LUST shirt and my face is over her tits! I am still waiting for the split 7"ep to come out on Hellflame, the last I heard was that the pressing plant fucked up the master for the other band, and they had to re-record their track. I fucking hate delays, but it is to be expected when you don't do things yourself. As well there is another split 7 "ep planned to be released by an American label but that has been delayed for some time as well, I won't bother promoting these releases till I have a copy in my hands because I have already made the mistake of telling people already, and I get so much mail asking when they will be out. I will finish recording the final LUST release pretty soon for my friend Liam from Mourning Star Productions out of the USA. I think it will be released on Lp, Cd, and cassette formats, all that is left for me to record is the drum tracks. The guitar, bass and vocal tracks were all recorded in June 2000, so this has been in my brain for a while. As for the OUROBOROS/ THORNSPAWN split we have already negotiated with a few other labels and are looking to have it pressed on Lp, Cd, and cassette formats, so it is working out better for us in the long run not to do it on Decius. I do not want to talk about why it had been cancelled since Chris is promoting my picture disc, however Angelfuck is very bitter and holds a lot of anymosity towards Chris and all for good reason.

You have many evil black as night cats in your lair, what are their names and do they ever bring dead mice or bird guts into the house? Have you ever made love to a Goat Vulva? Have you ever vomited on a woman during sex and did she like it? Ever had phone sex with the mighty Cath of Leather ‘N Spikes zine?

 All my cats are staying with General von Paulus from RITES of Thy DEGRINGOLADE in Vegriville at the moment, yes they would always catch and kill small animals and bring them in the house all the time. I used to wake up and my cats would put a dead bird as a gift on my chest. I couldn't get made, it was always a sign of respect for their master. As for sex with goats, I can't say that I have, I prefer young blondes with small tits! I have not vomited on a woman during sex yet, however I remember when I lost my virginity I was so drunk I had to throw up while I was licking her pussy. It was really fucking funny, I was just licking away and all of a sudden the vodka kicked in and I made a mad run for the bathroom and puked in the toilet, ate some toothpaste, came out of the bathroom and jumped on top of the bitch and started fucking. No phone sex with Cath yet, just a lot of really dirty conversations... but yeah of course I would masturbate after... hehehe

Give us an idea what the most recent Lust are sounding like? Can you give us a couple titles of new songs and what the lyrics are about? Do you write the lyrics first and try to make the music reflect them or is it vice versa? Which bands do you respect most for their lyrics?

 For upcoming releases: Lust "Cult of the Great Conqubine" split 7"ep songs are "Cult of the Great Conqubine/ Anal Queen of Darkness part II", and "Weeping Prostitute/ Bitch Mary Magdalene" Of course in the tradition of the lyrics off of the "Holocaust Whore Hell Slut" demo 1999 song "Anal Quenn of Darkness"... worship of Babylon the mother of all prostitutes and perverts of the earth. The LUST "Lightning and the Sun" split 7"ep songs are "Cascus Luciferi" intro, lyrics taken from the bible on the fall of Lucifer. "Lightning and the Sun" lyrics are about the ascension of the Aryan race to Satanic self-godhood. "Dirge for the Fallen Empire" is an instrumental military funeral march. Unfinished LUST Lp "Annihilation Ressurection" songs are: "Dreams of Monumental Destruction", "Atomic Winter", "Retrospect of Defeat", "Pheonix from the Ashes" the lyrics are a little more personal and would take to long to explain at this moment. Generally I have the music and lyrics completely written at different times and I piece together the material that best compliments each other and builds the proper atmosphere. The best lyrics written would be the old ORDER from CHAOS albums!

A while ago you had to move out of the house you were renting and due to much difficulty in finding a proper new residence which was big enough and affordable enough, you had to start living in the paint shed at work. Is this still the case or have you found a new house? Was/is the main obstacle down to not having enough room in the new place to again have a rehearsal room and space for your recording equipment & mixing board?

I needed a large house for many reasons, first of all is privacy! Second I needed a place for all of my cats, thirdly was space enough for rehearsals and recording. The neigbourhoods that I want to live in have an almost non-existent vacancy rate, so it has become quite competitive to find suitable housing. Budget is something that is rather negotiable since I make a decent wage as a welder, and if need be I could ask my band members to contribute financially for rehearsal space and time, or even move in. There are too many regions in my city I do not want to move to because I do not own a vehicle, or possess a drivers licence, and mobility is essential since I cannot stand public transportation. As well as I prefer to stay in the neighbourhoods that are dominantly caucasian and middle working class. With all of these obstacles I have compromised lodging in a large house and put most of my belongings in storage, and given all of my cats to a good friend to care for and taken up residence in a small building owned by the company I work for. Yes, industrial oilfield equipment is painted inside of the same building, but in a different area of course. The small building that I reside in is next to the large building that I am employed at to work as a welder. It is quite convenient commuting to work, and after normal working hours I have abundant privacy due to the fact that I am located in the industrial sector, and normal residential housing is quite a ways away! I cannot complain to much because I have found a place for my band OUROBOROS to temporarily rehearse as well as I only have a twenty minute walk to visit my good friend James read from REVENGE. As well many of the pubs and bars we frequent are all located  between our homes... how deviously convenient!

As mentioned you record on your own at home. Can you tell us what kind of recording equipment and set up you have? I know you had your sites set on getting another 8 track analog recorder, did that happen yet? Do you think with each session you are getting better at recording & mixing? Have you recorded any other bands with your home studio besides Lust/Ouroboros or any plans to do so in the future? What do you think of bands that use stuff like loops, triggers, click tracks etc? Do you see this as positive or as too robotic and a form of musical cheating?

 Well for the moment Death Cult Studio is temporarily on hiatus. Firstly I have correct you, I use adat digital recoders, it's my mixing board that is analog! At the moment I have a Hill 16 channel analog mixing board, an Alesis ADAT 8 track digital recorder, 2 Roland 31 band equalizers, an Alesis Nanoverb reverb processor, an old Digitech GSP 21 effects processor that is pretty much ready to be dispossed of, a vast array of microphones from AKG, Audix, and Apex, as well as my old Fostecs 4 track recorder, and some shitty Fostecs studio monitors. I would like to upgrade to a 16 track studio, so another Alesis ADAT and another 16 channel board would be nice. The reason for the second mixing board is that you use one 16 channel board to record the 16 track coming in and the second 16 channel board to mix the 16 tracks going out to a 2 track DAT recorder. So a 2 track DAT to mix onto is something I need to invest in since I have to borrow Troy's DAT machine for all my mix downs, as well as some nice studio monitors so I can actually listen to what I'm mixing. I have recorded the WITCHBLADE demo at Death Cult studio, and the production was a lot different than the LUST/ OUROBOROS stuff that I record. I will say that I am pleased with the production on that effort, and I find it really fits the music. Dylan Darkcrown from WITCHBLADE has changed his projects name to PNECOTIC, and I am not sure of his plans for future recordings. As well as recording WITCHBLADE I had worked with my friend Tom and did the OBEDIENCE PARADIGM demo at Death Cult studio. I recorded and produced this demo as well as did session drums. I was really happy with the heavy, crushing guitar sound on this demo. I have mixed feelings on recording tricks since I am both a musician and an engineer. From a musicians point of view I do see a lot of these recording tricks as cheating, you can have an awesome drum track done with four good microphones that are well placed, and if the drums are tunned really well, and the drummer hits evenly without to much volume dynamics, and do the whole thing in one take. On the other hand it takes a decent engineer to give a shitty drummer with a poor drum kit that is badly tunned an awesome drum sound albeit with a lot of studio trickery.

I know you traveled all the fucking way to Texas for the first Sacrifice The Nazerene Child annual festival (put on by Blackthorn of the mighty Thornspawn!), describe for me in some kind of detail your bus trip, where you stayed, what you thought of the fest itself, who you partied with & finally how you lost your bus ticket on the way home? 

Actually I have to correct you again, my fist trip to San Antonio was to the 2nd annual (mental error sorry brother – Dale)  Sacrifice of the Nazarene Child fest. I had the misfortunate unpleasantry of sitting on a bus for three days to go see this fest in 1999.  At that time I had temporarily quite my well paying job so I could focus on playin guitar and drums, as well as record the "Apocalyptic Torment" demo for LUST, the first OUROBOROS demo, as well as the WITCHBLADE demo, and recording the pre-production material for RITES of Thy DEGRINGOLADE album "The Caryatid" Actually I really liked that material Paulus recorded at my studio, but there were a few musical mistakes that he felt were non-negotiable. Anyways I was receiving un-employment benefits from the Canadian Government at that time, and my brother had moved in with me to help out with the bills so I had enough funds for a bus ticket, a plane ticket was completely out of the question since my budget was extremely limited. As well as the fact that I was unemployed meant that I had sufficient time to embark on an epic trip. Upon arriving in San Antonio I had brought no money of any kind whatsoever, and planned to trade LUST demos for meals and alcohol, I had no arrangements for lodgings made either. I had originally planned to sleep in a cemetary, just as I had done on my first trip to Milwaukee to see the metal fest in 1998. I met up with Lord Blackthorn and went to his house to drink whiskey with him and his wife, this was quite the task since I had not eaten any food  during my three day bus trip! His Mother came outside with a huge meal for me and set up a military cot in the kitchen for my to spend the night. For this I am eternally grateful to Mr. Blackthorn and his family, his mother was not keen on me sleeping in the cemetary because that is where the local hispanic gangs did most of their heavy duty narcotics business. The next day I had met up with Lord Necron (THORNSPAWN) and Lord Imperial (KRIEG) and was fortunate enough that there was room to stay with Lord Imperial (KRIEG) and Akhenaten (JUDAS ISCARIOT) at their hotel. I got to party at Bjorn's house who had played in the legendary NECROVORE as well as THORNSPAWN. Bjorn and his beautiful wife (trust me, she is gorgeous!) had cooked a huge feast for all the bands partying at their house, was great to eat like barbarians and drink beer with all of my brothers in BLOODSTORM, TORNSPAWN, KHIANTH, KRIEG, JUDAS ISCARIOT, etc. The show of course was brutal, the usual technical difficulties but evil prevailed. The trip back home was a nightmare because I had lost my bus tickets when I transferred busses in Denver Colorado. I had to phone some family to wire me funds to purchase a return ticket home. Actually on another note I had done session bass for KRIEG for the third annual fest in 2000, and my band OUROBOROS played the fourth annual fest in 2001.

Also you recently had the privilege of seeing a couple Blasphemy shows! Also you were supposed to interview them for Slayer - correct? Tell us about these shows and do you know if Blasphemy are going to put out a new record anytime soon and have they signed to any label yet?

Actually I had only seen BLASPHEMY play once with BLACK WITCHERY as well as Sven Inferno's (old LUST drummer from the 1997 demo) new band INVICTUS in Vancouver in August 2001, but I had a chance to go out to the island with  the BLACK WITCHERY guys and check out the legendary Ross Bay cemetary in Victoria, and see BLACK WITCHERY play live again. The interview I was supposed to do with BLASPHEMY for Slayer 'zine never happened because I was supposed to go out to the coast to see the re-union show in July 2000 but during the car ride leaving my city our car got stopped and my friends Genocide Lord (old LUST bass player) and Angelfuck Witchhammer were arrested by the police. If Metallion is reading this he should drop me a line since I haven't written that speed demon metal head in a while. It was cool to meet Nocturnal Grave Desecrator and Black Winds for the first time, he surprised me when he told me he liked LUST, then he pulled out a photo of NIFELHEIM playing the Waken fest from his vest pocket and started telling me about his trip to Germany. The cool thing about Black Winds is that he is so humble, and a dedicated metal fan who does not realise just how legendary he is. It was funny when Impurath from BLACK WITCHERY got Black Winds to put a cigarette out on my arm... total desecration. I got to also drink with an old friend Ryan Forster, and meet J. from GODLESS NORTH, definitely a good time. I do not know what exactly is happening with BLASPHEMY, except that they have two new songs written.

Can you tell us about 2 Lust shows in particular, those being the one with Angelcorpse & the other with Infernal Majesty? Any Lust shows or a tour in the cards right now or on the horizon?

The show with ANGELCORPSE  was awesome, great stage, great sound, good engineer, big crowd (around 500 people) As well as the fact that both LUST and ANGELCORPSE had played really good sets. Killer party at the Death Cult compound after the show with tons of sluts, razors, beer, fire, etc. The INFERNAL MAJESTY show was a nightmare: small stage, shitty sound, no sound tech, no crowd, no promotion... basicaly it was LUST and INFERNAL MAJESTY jamming on bad equipment in a dark and dirty bar! LUST will not play any shows due to the fact that there is no line up except myself, as well as I'm tired of being a studio band so I will focus more of my energies towards OUROBOROS.

What fanzines have you been interviewed in through the years? Is it true the one in Canadian Assault # 2 was the first Lust interview ever?! Which were the best interviews you have done? Which do you prefer most snail mail, Email or phone interviews? In your years within the scene surely you have read many a fanzine, which ones stand out in your mind as best in the past and in the present? Which is your preferred format with fanzines - Pro-printed (Slayer, Tales Of The Macabre, Hellflame)? OR Xeroxed (Hellish Massacre, Tornado, Northern Heritage)? Now the same question in regards to - Computer layout (Don? Burn The Witch, Painkiller, Ancient Ceremonies)? OR Cut ‘n paste (Leather ‘N Spikes, Skiteater, Eternal Darkness)? Do you think it is gay for a zine to have more ads then text?!

I had done an interview for Mad Max for his 'zine Crown of Death, it got published but all one thousand copies were confiscated by the french police for being anti-humanitarian, and hate literature. Some other interviews I had done were for Leather 'n' Spikes #3, #6, Canadian Assult #2, Eternal Darkness #13, Slayer#14, Hellflame #6, 666 #2 and a whole pile of others I cant really think of. Yeah the Canadian Assault was the first interview I did, and it was the only one I had done over the telephone. I would say the best are the ones I have already mentioned because I can remember putting the most effort into those ones over the standard photocopy questions asked by more inexperienced 'zines. I'll do more phone interviews for sure because it's way easier to drink beer and talk than sit behind a gay computer for hours and hours. I hope you know I have already spent two days on this interview alone and there is still 5 questions left! The 'zines I have mentioned are excellent as well as old Hammer of Damnation from Finland, Tales of the Macabre (Ger), Horrible Eyes (Ger), Dead Head (Malaysia), old Sonic Fallout (Canada), and a whole pile of others, I can't even really recall because my entire collection of 'zines are packed up in boxes in storage. The format doesn't matter to much, but Cath from Leather 'n Spikes does a great layout with cut and paste... this girl is every underground maniacs wet dream! Tales of the Macabre and Slayer always look fucking excellent, I think it's more about content. I've seen 'zines with nice layouts, and 50 killer bands but with boring questions and  very few photos. Interesting questions with good bands is a must, I must complain about a lot of bands out there that give five word answers to some really good questions, if the question had thought put into it, then put some thought into your answers! Photos, photos, photos, lots of pics and logos are always a selling point to me! Ads can go down the toilet, I don't care about labels trying to turn bands into whores, the review section is where I always look. It's easy to figure out the editors opinion on bands, you just look to see what he says about your favorite albums and demos, then that gives you an idea what he is talking about when reviewing a new band. If I see a 'zine that hates the re-issue of the SLAUGHTER LORD demos, or gives the new NIFELHEIM a bad review then I wont cry when he says that LUST is talentless crap!

You play all 3 instruments (guitar, bass & drums) plus do vocals for Lust. Which do you feel you command & excel at the most? Which instrument is the most enjoyable for you to just fucking jam and have fun on? Are you self taught? Do you use any special technique(s) to keep your skills in shape or do you just rehearse Lust songs or do cover songs to achieve this?

I think that I have gotten pretty good at all of them, especially judging from a listen to the picture disc. With OUROBOROS I have been playing drums mostly as of the last while, it would be nice to do a band again that I play lead guitar and vocals. For practicing guitar I just play old LUST songs since there are over 20 to practice, it takes me about 2-1/2 hours to play them all. I don't know any cover songs at all on guitar, just a few DARKTHRONE, MAYHEM, BEHERIT riffs that I might fuck with if someone is plying drums. I made up a few exercise drills on guitar to practice, same with my drums, I have a few beats and fills that I use as a regiment when not rehearsing with Angelfuck.

What do you think of the internet? Do you think Email is killing paper flyer spreading and do you prefer snail mail over Email? Is the internet a help for promotion and communication with your band(s) & contacts? Can the readers find any Lust or Ouroboros MP3? on the net?

The internet is filled with nerds on their parents computers complaining about how gay everyone is. I like e-mail because it's fast and I save a lot of money on postage. I don't even own a computer, I just go to different friends houses to use theirs! Negotiating with labels has become easier now that you don't have wait for weeks for a letter or spend a fortune on long distance phone bills. There are some mp3's on the LUST page, but not full songs because I don't want nerds downloading my stuff effortlessly for free onto mommy and daddy's computer.

How have the various Lust releases been selling? Are any of them limited or already out of print? Did/do you find distributing your materials easier or harder than you imagined? Does anyone sell Lust stuff that surprised you? Do you prefer to sell stuff or to trade? Which format do you prefer - CD, Tape or Vinyl?

The first demo is sold out as of a few years ago, and was limited to only 300 copies. I think back now and think it might have been silly to be that limited, but at the time we recorded the demo we felt that there was no real underground left, and the demo was a fuck off to the assholes that killed the black metal scene and made it a trendy joke. It's funny because nobody was supposed to like the LUST demo, because there was no true people left, now everybody wants it! The second demo is limited to 500 copies and is close to being sold out, only a few copies left. Every format has its advantages, but of course I love tapes, and vinyls will always rule What are your opinions on National Socialism and Communism as both seem to be gaining support amongst some underground metallers? Just off the cuff, what do you think of a leader like say Fidel Castro in Cuba (I guess he will die soon)?

I get asked this way too much (Well I haven’t seen you answer it so that is why I asked but thanx for trying anyway. On the Castro thing you phoned me up weeks before this interview and talked about a long while about Castro looking like he was going to die soon and what that meant etc... – Dale), it's starting to get tedious to explain my beliefs, lets just say that Hitler is a great guy! Who cares about shitty Cuba, I'll smoke their cigares that sub-human non-white children make on the dirty streets of Cuba.

Thanx for doing this interview my metal brother!! Give some hails to your contacts and give a few special words to the Agonia War zine & especially Polish readers?!


LUST Email =

Snail Mail = The Abyssic Plunges, near the paint shed and the huge empty alcohol bottle mountain in  western CANADA 



The Lust Discography 

Demo, 1997

Holocaust Whore Hellslut  Demo, 1999

Lust/Unholy Archangel/Kult - 3 way split tape (Impaler of Trendies)

Lust / Bestial Mockery Split Live Tape (Impaler of Trendies)

Lust / Anael Split CD & LP (Iron Tyrant Records)

Lust Picture Disc LP (Decius Productions)

Annihilation... Resurrection, 2004 (Mourning Star Records)

Genesis of a Satanic Race, 2005 (Blood Fire Death Records)



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