Interview by Dale Roy with Sabazios Diabolus Summer 1998…

See my review of Lust elsewhere to know what I think about this band, they evoke a twisted atmosphere that I truly enjoy and I find it amazing they even come from my area as it is just so desolate out here!. So I phoned up Sabazios Diabolos the ‘Axe grinding bulldozer’ for some blasphemies and insight into what makes this man tick!…

* Update - I would like to point out here that this interview is the very first Lust interview ever and to date still the only phone interview ever done with this now infamous Canadian band.  



Hails bro! I know you just got back from the Milwaukee Metalfest. First off, how did you get down there and how was it?

Flying, it was pure hell flying and shit, but it was worth it once you get the in the streets of Milwaukee. It was fucking brutal, man! I mean, every time you turned your head and looked there was a harsh metalhead somebody with a wicked shirt and every time you turned around it’s this guy is in a metal band and this guy does that ‘zine, so everywhere you looked there was somebody into the underground, it was fucking wild. That and I got to hang out with Maniac from Mayhem and Will from Mortician, a guy from Blood Moon or Dark Moon it was the guy who formed the band out of Demonic Christ after Dana Duffy left, that guy was cool.

I know like myself you’re a headbanger (literally) live, so after seeing that many bands did you have whiplash!?

No I’m immune to that. Actually, I had whiplash the week before going to see Morbid Angel & Incantation. I saw them two nights in a row - I saw them in Calgary and then drove back and saw them in Edmonton. It was pretty cool! So, all of my whiplash was from those two nights in a row and it got my neck pretty strong for Metalfest.

Tell me the band that was most impressive at Metalfest and most disappointing?

Most impressive is a toss up between Mayhem and Mercyful Fate, both Maniac and King Diamond are performance men! They totally held the crowd fucking great is all I can say. Most disappointing probably I would say Emperor or Destruction a combination of the two cause Ishahn’s vocals sucked they had technical difficulties and I don’t know they just weren’t freaking out like I figured they would be. I’ve seen old pictures and they were just freaking out. And Destruction – well, they had some goofball doing vocals and he just killed the vibe of old Destruction. I walked off and went back to my hotel to drink beer ha ha.

We both attended the Morbid Angel/Incantation show, so what did you think?

Incantation is unfucking real! I mean, John McEntee is just a fucking nutcase. Tom, who he recruited from Morpheus Descends, definitely filled in his shoes being session members and all. That and hanging with them, John is cool and Tom is so old school metal I mean he’s got a resume of fucking death metal, black metal that could kick anyone’s ass!.

Incantation got lost following us (myself and Sabazios in my car) after the show cause they were going to stay at your place but they got lost, did they ever show up and how did things go?

They got my phone number so they called me in the morning what they did was just slept at a truck stop in their van. They came to my place cause they needed to train Paulus from Sacramentary Abolishment to play drums for one Incantation show in Vancouver (B.C.) which I guess went over quite well but it was great listening to Incantation jamming in my house for 8 hours straight, it was cool you would hear “Entrantment Of Evil” 10 times in a row!.

Tell us about the origins of Lust?

The origins go back, the dream of Lust went back to about May of ’93 but nothing actually happened until about September (’93) when we got a drummer which is Inferno. Lust was originally formed by myself and Genocide Lord on guitar. We wrote two songs in September/ October of ’93. We wrote “Churchyard Necromancy” & “Autumn Thorns”. And, then, we just had a lot of financial problems with keeping our rehearsal space; and, also too I didn’t have my own instruments. I was always borrowing equipment from people. It got really bad, and a few times me and Genocide Lord would try reforming Lust taking cracks at different instruments, but it just never worked until about May of ’97. We sat over many beers and figured “Churchyard Necromancy” & “Autumn Thorns” were too good of songs to let go to waste, so, thought we would recruit back Inferno. And, I had eventually made lots of money busting my ass as a red neck, you know joe worker kinda guy and finally got enough equipment that we could do all of this shit in my house. (Then) we did the 1997 demo which is 1993 songs though and it fuckin’ rules. I mean, I’ve been getting response so good I didn’t think even think would happen. I am really happy with the way the underground is thinking of Lust. So hail to the underground!.

What fuels you to make this old school chaotic death craziness?

Old school? I don’t know. I can’t say retro, cause all of the members have always listened to old shit (It is true Inferno was once present at ancient rehearsals by Soothsayer and was present during the filming of Voivod’s “Ripping Headache” video!!). I’ve also listened to shit like Kreator, old Sepultura, Hellhammer or even say Possessed or old Death. Plus, newer shit like Order From Chaos, Bestial Warlust. And Genocide Lord is totally old school. He likes shit like Iron Maiden, Motorhead & Inferno is totally into Venom, Motorhead, Sodom, Voivod, you know.

What inspires you to write Lust material outside of musical influences, you know stuff like storms, dark atmospheres and such?

Well, actually a lot of the new Lust songs were written about ’95 or ’96 for my other project which was going to called Nefosis Diadima (hope I spelt that right? -Dale); but this project never went through. I was supposed to do all of the instruments myself, but it’s just too much of a challenge. So, I took all of the guitar and showed it to Inferno. We decided this is going to be the new Lust material and it is even brutal, more chaotic, more technical, more sick, more disgusting, more evil.

What is it that you do truly lust for!?

Lust? uh sluts, whores, blood, war, destruction, pain, darkness. Anything the normal quote idiot would despise or fear. You know! We’re just about hatred, pain and destruction.

You are heavily into the underground scene, what does it mean to you?

The underground obviously there are a lot of good bands and there is a lot of crap you have to watch out for, but I mean I’m not going to waste my time mentioning crap bands. There is a lot of wicked bands like in France and Poland there seems to be a huge movement of national socialistic black metal bands that are extremely aggressive and brutal but their music is really breath-taking and it’s inspiring. It’s brutal, but it’s still original . Bands like Osculum Infame and their side project called Arkon Infaustus which is like totally brilliant. Also, bands out of Poland/Germany like War 88 and Graveland is a all- time favorite of mine.

You once had plans to release a ‘zine what was the name going to be and what interviews did you do for it?

Originally the ‘zine was started by the original bass player of Sacramentary Abolishment, and it was going to have a faggot, stupid name Exhumed Bag Of Rotten (that’s pretty funny -Dale). I took over and we were going to change it to Eternal Depression mag but interviews in it were with Tumult (Can), Graveland (not that anyone cares but my fave release from these Polish fuckers is their ’93 demo “In The Glare Of  Burning Churches” -Dale), Order From Chaos (American gods! -Dale), Thergothon, Abigail, Inshrine and a few others plus a bunch demo and LP reviews. But it never had gone through due to money.

I know like myself you are a vinyl collector. What are some of your prize vinyls?

Well I just picked up at Metalfest Nuclear Death(USA) “Bride Of Insect” I haven’t had a chance (yet) but I’m going to jerk-off and vomit on it I mean it’s just a wicked album!. Some other cool vinyls I have got would probably be my Bulldozer “Day Of Wrath”…

You don’t have that on vinyl!!!!

Yes I do! Hahaha It would take quite a few unholy concubines to suck me off before I would depart with that most evil record!. A couple of other cool vinyls like Mercyful Fate “Don’t Break The Oath”, Death “Leprosy” on vinyl and really too many to mention.

What bands inspire and influence Lust past and present?

Oh fuck! I go could go…well some of the big ones are Mercyful Fate, Destruction, Autopsy (hell yeah!! -Dale), Incantation, Nuclear Death, Voivod, Slayer, Motorhead, and I could keep going you know Sodom, and a lot of Australian old stuff like Slaughterlord (“Taste The Blood”!!! -Dale), Sadistik Exekution plus a lot Brazilian stuff like Sarcofago and old Sepultura . That’s the main stuff and then there is tons of other shit that we totally dig and kind of get ideas from.

I hear some Necrovore and old Sarcofago influence in your music. Do you agree?

Gee thanks that’s quite a compliment!. I mean Sarcofago they are a godly band but newer stuff will be less like the old stuff maybe more like the “Rotting” era cause they were more technical on that album. But, yeah, we got that totally sick and disgusting kind of harsh recorded inside a basement feel yeah. But yeah Necrovore they are total gods. Inferno loves that band a lot. But Necrovore is reforming (I had heard those rumours, holy shit!! -Dale) I met one of the members (at the Metalfest), they will also have an addition of one of the members of Thornspawn is joining. I will have to wait to see that because it will definitely rip my brains out!.

Lusts vocals are some of the most original that I have heard for a while and they sound like you are torturing some poor soul that you have summoned and it is crying out, tell me about them?

Fuckin’ I don’t know. I just let out whatever comes outta my lungs, whether it’s a high pitches squeal, a groan or a yell. I mean, it’s just pure pain because it’s just because for the last 22 years that is what my life has been, it’s just been pure agony. For Inferno, the last 27 years has just been hatred so he’s got more of that war cry. It just sounds like throat cancer for Inferno’s vocals.

I have been present in your blasphemous dwelling  and viewed your ultra sick horror movie-ish basement/dungeon. Tell us about it and am I right saying it must be a great atmosphere to rehearse in?

It’s beyond fucking great! I mean it stinks, it smells, it’s damp and moist, it’s super dark and lots of chains, lots of barbwire, rotting wood and moldy concrete. It’s just a really grim total setting, yeah it is a total dungeon like something out of a Hellraiser movie or just something that time has forgotten and three sick individuals are making the most brutal noise in that little dwelling.

I have heard a few people from your area when I bring up Lusts name that say you are too extreme and crazy for them to handle, why do you think that is?

That’s just because they can’t take real black metal, they are just so used to this garbage like Dimmu Borgir just stuff they can buy at the local record store and they are not used to hearing what death metal is supposed to sound like so they cringe at it. But I think Lust is not crazy at all it has been done before, say like when you say you have heard old Necorvore before or say Martire or Bestial Warlust I mean that is sick if not sicker I mean some of these people have no comprehension as to what evil is supposed to be.

You recorded the Lust demo down in your basement, what kind of recording equipment do you have down there?

Well the Lust demo is actually recorded was recorded in my old house in the attic (I stand corrected -Dale) so the attic was more like a old King Diamond feeling like “Fatal Portrait” and “Them”, you know up in the attic with just this totally evil presence. But we used a Fostechs 4 track and a Hill 16 channel board and various pieces of shit microphones of shitty quality that I cannot even remember. For drums it was Tama and then for guitar amps we were using Softech and Marshall and the bass amp was Samic and tons of distortion pedals.

I think the dirty sound on the tape does nothing but enhance the music and give it a very cult feel, do you agree and what are your comments on the sound of that tape?

In some parts it kind of hurts it cause you can’t hear the riff in certain parts but other parts it just rips your fucking brains out. But that really dark sound with all of reverb on the vocals and distortion on the guitar and even with muddy sound on the drums due to the poor microphones it gives it a feeling like it was recorded in a grave or a dirty pit of some sort. Kind of like the same place I slept at when I was at Metalfest, but that’s another story.

Will you record the next release in the same fashion with the same equipment?

A little bit better equipment I have an Alesis (16 track) A.D.A.T. now and I’m going to be using the same mixing board probably better microphones but yeah same brutal distortion pedals and guitar amps. Different drum kit it is Tama but these sound even more terrible than my drums, Inferno is a mad man it sounds like he is banging on cardboard boxes and smashing glass he he.

Where were the tapes dupped for the ’97 demo and how many did you make up?

The tapes were duplicated by Storm (ex-Faceplant record store) / Catharsis records which is my good friend Troy. We haven’t finished duplicating but we are only going to do 300, and I have about 180 out now and I have not put out a single flyer which I am totally proud of, hail to the underground.

Do you encourage trading with other bands and/or ‘zines?

Yeah basically that’s all the people I have given to is bands or ‘zines and maybe a few small distros. Basically, like I said, I haven’t put out any flyers so I haven’t had anyone sucking my cock for a demo. Mostly I’ve just been writing to the grimmest people in the underground trading Lust demos with them. All I can say if you are totally grim and into harsh metal write me and we can trade somethin’.

Tell me about the Edmonton scene and your opinion of it?

Um, everyone whines and says it is terrible but I think it is fucking wicked (I couldn’t agree more, I don’t think they appreciate what they’ve got! -Dale). I mean great bands have come out of Edmonton such as Disciples Of Power (Gods! -Dale), Domini Inferi, Cremation, Cudgel, even the members of Conqueror have come out of Edmonton I mean even old Malignant Growth that was great at one time to, Sacramentary Abolishment and a band that is unknown and only recorded a tape in my friend’s basement was Pogrom (not to be confused with Pogrom from Poland -Dale) and these guys were true sick alcoholics and it’s brutal thrash metal at that.

Who are some of the bands and people around your area that you respect, though I guess this might be a repeat of what you just answered?

Yeah like Sacramentary Abolishment I hang out with Verminaard and Paulus and we are like war brothers for sure. The boys in Pogrom I don’t drink with anymore but they are total metalheads for sure and Disciples Of Power sure they are old men but I mean they are still headbangers and I’ve got a lot of respect these guys.

Do you feel as I that Troy from Catharsis records/Area 51 has really helped the scene out the last couple years around here?

He has helped a lot, he has never made it commercial or anything like that but he has been honest about it. I mean he’s losing money because of black metal but he doesn’t give a rats ass I mean hail to Troy he is a true warrior!. Now he’s setting the Infernal Majesty show and after that the Cannibal Corpse/Angel Corpse tour as well (as fate would have it Lust opened up that great double Corpse bill and it was the last live show I witnessed on Canadian soil - Dale).

Lust is said to make it’s live debut soon, when and with who will what  be with and what can we expect from Lust live?

There’s the Cannibal Corpse/Angel Corpse tour coming through and we will be opening up along with Dead Jesus which is another local band. It’s supposed to be a really huge show I mean this is fucking crazy. It’s a thousand seat capacity, and I never thought Lust would something this fucking huge and it’s like a real kick in the nuts!. I don’t know if we will be able to do any fire blowing, but for sure I’ll have to bring some razor blades and chop myself up and bleed, maybe even vomit on the front row of the crowd.

Hahah …You have another band starting up Ouroboros right?

That’s um with 2 other members, this band I play drums for. It’s not as brutal as Lust but it’s still brutal, a little more melodic. Still extremely aggressive it’s just not the baseball bat to the teeth that Lust is. A lot more death metal influenced but that’s probably due to the age of the members, they are a lot younger than the Lust members so their influence is a lot more of the late ‘80’s early ‘90’s death metal where as with Lust we have a lot more early ‘80’s deathrash and early ‘90’s black metal influence.

When either band should play live would they possibly borrow members from the other?

No. I want to each band as separate as possible. For Ouroboros we are looking for a full-time bass player, that’s becoming an eternal struggle. We keep getting promised by so many individuals that they will play bass for us and they all seem to cop-out and I grow tired of this it is this pathetic game.

What are some of your fave ‘zines/novels and movies?

‘Zines well ages and ages ago there was a mag out of Finland called Hammer Of Damnation (I remember seeing flyers for that - Dale). That was a great magazine, and the editor did vocals for the cult band Thergothon! Another ‘zine I totally loved was Slayer out of Norway that was great too. Novels I don’t really read fiction but some stuff I enjoyed was Paradise Lost by Milton and a lot stuff on World War II. Movies? I would have to say for the band the whole Mad Max trilogy cause that is pure cult and that is pure Armageddon.

What bands have you been listening to as of late?

Well right now Martire that Australian band and the new Nifelheim album which is pretty brutal. But I stick mostly listening to King Diamond, Mercyful Fate and Autopsy that’s kind of what curses my CD player the most and Order From Chaos.      

You have a distribution called Death Cult, what prompted you to start it and what music/literature will you be selling?

I mean stuff that’s really sick in the vein of Lust will be distributed by Death Cult. All it was really was I was doing a lot of trading with other bands and I thought wow this demo is really good and that demo is really good. Death Cult was originally going to be the name of my recording studio but what happened was just doing trades that this stuff definitely needs distribution and I can decided that I would help these people out and what it really is is a great burden to my wallet. I still support bands such as Krieg and Centuries Of Deception, Osculum Infame and other bands I distribute stuff for.

Do you mostly do trades or will you do consignment or buy stuff straight out?

I had to buy all of my krieg CD’s outright from Blood Fire Death records which is Dark Symphonies records but I prefer to trade even my distro. I really haven’t sold any CD’s outright just traded with people, people giving me demos or even I trade CD’s for a couple of beers cause alcohol is extremely important to me.

What is Lusts new material sounding like?

All I can say is your up for a good surprise the old demo sounds pretty weak compared to the new stuff. Most of the new songs (we have now) have been written for awhile but all of the drum tracks have been written in the last 2-4 months but the lyrics are new they have been all written in the last year to 2 years I’ve just been kinda piecing them together. I haven’t written too much on guitar (lately) but I have written some guitar for my other band, Ouroboros, cause it just seems to fit the personality of the band more. But with the addition of Genocide Lord back to the band he will be writing and he’s got a real strange feel to his writing, if you can imagine a more brutal satanic version of Judas Priest and Kiss mixed together. Really dirty sadistic rock riffs but really brutal sounding.

Are there any sets plans for a new Lust release and what form will it take?

Well we were going to do another demo and maybe a split 7” but now there is talk of just doing a MCD, because we got contact from someone who can burn a master CD for us because we are all fucking broke and victims of poverty and we can’t afford to go into a nice studio and record a top 40 death metal album so we’ll just keep doing the underground shit until we become rock stars.  HAHAHAHA . I don’t think that will happen with Lust we will just be living in my dungeon smelling mold and decay will we jam and drink beer from rusty cans and eat old bread.

Tell us about the lyrical content on your demo?

“Churchyard Necromancy” is about grave magic and “Autumn Thorns” is about being buried in a battlefield under a old thorn patch and stuff growing over you. It’s really painful, grim, dark lyrics I wrote back in ’93 but they still fit the band now.  The new lyrics are a combination of stuff referring to Paradise Lost and referring to nuclear war and some really bizarre stories Inferno is into but that will all be a surprise when it comes out.

What do you think of this whole retro revival right now?

All I can say is the ‘80’s kicked ass but fuckin’ all of you stupid faggots get over it. It’s getting close to a new millennium and everyone should start writing music for a new millennium. I mean that is that way I want Lust to be a band of the year 2000 and not a band of the ‘80’s. I mean as great as the ‘80’s were there’s good bands in the ‘90’s but they can all fuck off it’s time to do something more brutal and something more evil.

What is your opinion on the underground as it stands today?

A lot of it is a bunch of little kids whining where as the real people in the underground we all know who each other are and they are true metalheads and I mean whatever I’m not going to send out flyers or in magazine interviews bashing bands because if a band sucks they will fade away just like every other shitty band and the good bands will become cult. Just as the underground gods Order From Chaos they will never be forgotten and they are cult now and same with old Morbid(Swe), Necrovore or Slaughterlord these bands will never be forgotten they don’t need cheesy hype or gay gimmicks and publicity to become real bands.

Last comments to Canadian Assault readers?

All I can say is stay metal and drink lots of beer and if you don’t have a Lust demo get it and maybe you might enjoy it and if not there’s tons of other quality black/death bands that will really rip your head off and you gotta look for those bands cause they definitely need the support as much if not more than I do. But thank you Dale and STAY METAL!!.

Thanks & hails to Sabazios my metal brother on high!!!.                         



The Lust Discography 

Demo, 1997

Holocaust Whore Hellslut  Demo, 1999

Lust/Unholy Archangel/Kult - 3 way split tape (Impaler of Trendies)

Lust / Bestial Mockery Split Live Tape (Impaler of Trendies)

Lust / Anael Split CD & LP (Iron Tyrant Records)

Lust Picture Disc LP (Decius Productions)

Annihilation... Resurrection, 2004 (Mourning Star Records)

Genesis of a Satanic Race, 2005 (Blood Fire Death Records)



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