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For me, all this fuckin' "nu-metal" hype is one of these pathetic trends that could stop soon existing. It's NO metal; it has simply NOTHING to do with the old fuckin' metal roots!!  In the meantime, let kids cut their hair and wear trendy-ass jogging suits that obviously their nice moms have bought to them.  They all disappear as soon from the real metal scene as the whole fuckin' "nu-metal" stops existing.”    +    “VENOM was an important band to us because they had that very rough, primitive sound in the beginning that no other bands were having; so they were truly one of the kind.                                                                                                                     - Schmier of Destruction / webzine interview 

“I heard from a friend that your ex-guitarist Nebiross was going around masturbating himself…Is that true?  Yes that’s true he is a real masturbator!! He is masturbating all the time…Yes when we went on tour with Usurper and Hecate Enthroned. We were having beer and all that stuff and suddenly he stood up and put his dick out and starts with it…There is some complaint at the police against him because he was in town and went to some chicks with his dick out and said “come suck my dick you fucking sluts… And he beat up his girlfriend?  No. But that he beat up Dani from C.O.F. that’s true…Yes Dani is gay!! They are acting like rockstars, I hate them!! So it is true that he is gay?  Yes and Nagash, Lex Icon from The Kovenant he is really gay, he wasn’t but he is now, I know for sure.                                                - Both from Tsebaoth of Enthroned / Fullmoon zine interview 

“Got any funny stories from your childhood?  I’ve got heaps of funny stories, one, I was just telling someone the other day, I was about 14 and I was jamming with my first band at the rehearsal studio. There was another band in the room next to us. The owner of the studio wanted to go home so he told us to lock up when we leave, this was on a Friday, so when we left I locked the other band in their room, not really thinking much of it. The following Tuesday we rehearsed again and the owner came into our room and told us the band next to us last Friday, spent the whole weekend locked in their room. They had to piss & shit in a bucket & finally on Monday morning they managed to smash their way through the roof, they set off the alarm and the police came and arrested them! Of course we denied any involvement!                                 - Marauder of Gospel Of The Horns / Forgotten Chapel zine interview  

(Review) METALLICA: S&M  I still wish it was Lars that was crushed by the bus though. He’s such a fucking homo.                                                                                                                             - Review by Tom in Midwest Metal fanzine 

I can’t wait to record again, cause the next one should be fuckin’ sick & violent & make you want to fuck the knife wound that you just ripped in some Korn fans gut!                                        - Thom of Putrefactor / Treats From The Underground zine interview

“Favorite conspiracy theory? Jesus was black (and could dance)                                            - Richard Santos Interview / Body Bags (Paper or Plastic?) interview issue # 16

I see SLIPKNOT, and they're, 'Yeah, we're so mad and evil blah, blah, blah.' Okay, whatever. Your misplaced angst is really lost on me, because I know you're rich as fuck! You know? And besides that, you're from Iowa.”                                                                                                             - Oderus Ungurus of Gwar / Abrasive Rock interview

“If you found 100 dead women (sexy hot cadavers) in a huge garage, what would you do with those?  What would you do man? That’s a huge number of babes I would make a party!                                                                                                                                                      – Antimo of Disgorge(MEX) / Anorexia Orgasm Webzine

“What was the sickest thing you ever seen anywhere? The sickest shit I ever seen was a seven month old human fetus jammed in an underground sewage pump in Yonkers, N.Y. It got there through some woman’s toilet!!”                                                                                                   – Ron Kachinic of Malignancy / NJ March Metal Meltdown Fest 2000 Magazine 

True metal has been mutilated, raped and twisted, with a kind of abuse of experiments, too much synths, female vocals.                                                                                                                 - Erick (vocalist) of Black Angel / Desecration Of Virgin zine interview 

“What’s your general opinion concerning girls in the metal scene? Now there are heaps of women into the scene, but it seems they are still mainly into the glam stuff, like Cradle Of Gay and Dimmi Hamburger or what ever the fukk they are called. You know, all this keyboard, poofter, fairybook shit.”                                                                                                                           - Rok of Rok / Sadistik Exekution / Desecration Of Virgin zine interview 

We have dreamed to become rock stars, so that’s why we started a band.                                - Sergey Dmitriev of Mental Home / Cerberus zine interview 

Nuclear Blast is the gayest label in the country... or anywhere in the world for that matter. I hate Marcus Staiger or whatever his name is. He's a prick and a loser, and I'll punch him in his face if I ever see him.                                                                                                                                        - King Fowley of Deceased / October 31 / Old Metal Recs from Metal Nightmare zine interview 

“Please tell us about your tattoos…?  My forearm is covered by a female warrior (this is handy when masturbating ha!)                                                                                                             - Howitzer of Gospel Of The Horns / Tales Of The Macabre zine interview 

“What do you think has broken the band’s neck in your career?  Too man reasons, Costa, but there were many people who wanted to own and control Venom, but unlike Metallica, Venom did not want to be some record company puppets at any cost…instead we smacked them in the fuckin’ mouth for their threats.                                                                                           - Cronos of the masters of might & mayhem VENOM / Tales Of The Macabre zine interview 

“Will you stay at Necropolis records for the next, third Nifelheim album?   The last thing Nifelheim will do is to record another album for Necropolis records. They are impossible to work with. Except from the fact you don’t get any money, they are incapable of doing anything right. I could talk about this for a long time, but…                                                                               - Hellbutcher of Nifelheim / Tales Of The Macabre zine interview 

We think music is so important as the lyrics, when you play death metal you have to show people why you are doing it, it’s not just music, it’s a way of life… Rebaelliun plays extreme metal and Rebaelliun writes extreme lyrics, we live in a fucking inferno and that’s why we are playing so fast and extreme as hell                                                                                                      - Fabiano of Rebaelliun / Tornado zine interview 

“What is your view on animal sacrifices…?  The thing with sacrificing animals is a sacrifice is very exciting with the energy that leaves the death of the sacrificed between the spill of blood. In my youth I use to tear apart and cut in pieces cats, I got to exterminate about a hundred of them and felt a lot of pleasure doing this, I enjoyed this, but I never did this as a sacrifice in honor of something, it was just a pleasure.                                                                                         - Lord Sargatanas of Sargatanas / Tornado zine interview 

Being in a band is easier than doing a zine. As a musician you do whatever you want. If you’re a zine editor you have a responsibility to every band, every label, with what you write. And then printing up an issue every month or two. I only have to do an album once a year.                          - Don Anderson of Sculptured / Agalloch / Infernal Archives fanzine from Lactations of A Fairy Princess zine interview 

“What are your opinions on this pollution of our scene with wimpy and soft sounding instruments / influences (keys, violins, operatic female vocals, goth, classical etc…) being mixed with extreme metal? The bands who use operatic female vocals need to realize that you're supposed to FUCK the groupies, DON'T make them the singer in your band!           - Terry McCorriston of Scorched Earth / Agonia zine interview 

We sent our CD to fanzines, mags and distros. Almost not (at all) to labels (except those running a distro) because we don’t wanna be signed. We just want to stay a true underground unsigned band as long as we will be able to do this. Nowadays metal has some commercial tendencies (like Suicidal Tendencies, Machine Head, Cradle Of Filth, Dimmu Borgir, etc…) and I think those bands are getting away of the true spirit of metal and we don’t want to follow them.                                                                                                                                                       - Fred of French grinders Inhumate / Burning Shadows zine interview 

We arrived intentionally late to miss as many pay-to-play bands as possible                              - Adam Wasylyk in article about Milwaukee Metalfest 2000 in Unrestrained! Zine

 I've never been involved in other bands. You see, Darkthrone is my life, without Darkthrone I would probably leave this planet. Thinking about Darkthrone every single fucking day, man!… Darkthrone are the one and only thing for me the next least!”  +   “We will NEVER play live again. We're not a live band at all. Concerts only make our music too fucken human.”  +   “We are the only one who performs black metal in Norway…Many bands think they're real men because they've "evolved", but they're not. Only shows that they never really was into black metal and the darkside!                                                                                                                       – Nocturno Culto of Darkthrone / Prelude To Darkness webzine interview (conducted Jan. 2001)

Some worship at church before god, I worship at metal before VENOM!                                   
- Keith Dempe of Eternal Darkness from Unhallowed fanzine interview 

I’m really looking forward to the new No Doubt record. I like Blondie, Pat Benatar, I’m into the girlie new wave…I can listen to Carcass, then the Wild Dogs, then Triumph, and Shania TwainIf you’re into death metal you have to love Reign In Blood. I don’t! I don’t worship Seven Churches, I can’t stand Celtic Frost, I think Destruction is boring…The same with Sabbath.       - King Fowley of October 31 / Deceased from Transcending The Mundane zine Interview

“I heard some kid got hurt at an I.B. show and his parents sued you, was this true? Yeah, it is…some kid hurt himself somehow. They say it was from crowd riding, or whatever. He hurt himself and turned around and sued us for ten and a half million dollars, but they didn’t get anything out of us. It really annoyed me, but it’s all over with so I don’t really care anymore. I just hope the guy dies, or at least his parents suffer a horrible death, or something, to make me feel better. I wish the kid would be crippled, at least. Fuckin’ bastard suin’ me like that.”                     – Chris Pervelis of Internal Bleeding / Discordia zine interview

Whenever a new trend comes, weak minded people (sheeps) who have no personality jump in the new (band)wagon and try to play this new style at all cost but unfortunately they can’t write anything good because they don’t really feel it inside of them.”                                                         - Gab of Nihilistic Holocaust zine 

“My family and I have always been against these kind of religions. I remember when I was six years old these Jehovah’s Witnesses come and knocked on the door. I remember my mother, she hid under the table in the kitchen, and told me to go and open the door and tell them to ‘get the fuck out of here’. I took a lighter out and started to put their bible on fire and say ‘this is the house of satan. You have no right to be here!’”                                                                                    - Lord Ahriman of Dark Funeral / Quiddity zine interview 

“…if some black metal kid wearing a “Jesus Sucks” shirt at a Mayhem concert starts telling you how “evil” he is, go ahead and kick his ass ‘cause if he was so damn “evil” he’d probably over at his grandma’s house cooking her kidneys, not stealing $10 from mom and sneaking out with her eyeliner hoping he doesn’t get caught on the way to the show!”                                                  - Chris Alder of Burn The Priest / Spear zine interview 

“What do you want for christmas? What do you think about christmas in general? Christmas? I like it a lot. Then I’m home eating a lot of good food and gets a lot of christmas presents. I think christmas is great as I don’t have to go to my job. I usually watch tv…”                 - Hellhammer of Mayhem / Prostata zine interview 

“Any funny stories from your childhood? I was a fucking heathen growing up! Some of the shit I got in trouble for was setting the road on fire in front of an oncoming car, & building a 4 foot tall black ramp & putting it on the road at night to see an unsuspecting driver jump it going 55 mph!”     - Ben Deskins of Regurgitation / Metal Mafia zine interview 

“Tell us the significance behind the names of your children – have you encountered any controversy over their strong names? My first born is Alexzander Adolph and my second born and only daughter is Pagan Lee, and my third child is Thomas Belial. I could go on for pages but you should have been there at Saint Catherine’s hospital to see the lady’s face who was doing the birth certificate, when I said Belial, Fuck yeah, ha ha ha!”                                 - Mike Eisenhauer of Evil Incarnate / Metal Mafia zine interview 

“To be a part of this underground is like having a world wide family. A family that will be with you as long as you want it to.”                                                                                                                        - Jaime of Severance / Unholy Terror interview 

 “Australia needs another war metal band like the world needs another Cradle Of Filth T-shirt!”                                                                                                                                                         - K.K. Warslut of Destroyer 666 / Desecration Of Virgin zine interview 

“Dismal Euphony, Arcturus, Cradle of Trend, Limbonic Art, Emperor…I don’t call such bands black metal anymore because black metal is a really brutal style, just listen to old Samael, old Dark Throne, Beherit or old Bathory. ‘Key-black-metal’ is a new style for me, which has nothing to do with black metal, I call it pussy music!”                                                                                        - Editor King Wolle of Desecration Of Virgin zine 

“We wouldn’t tour with Cradle Of Filth or Dimmu Borgir or other shit. We don’t like such music, keyboard shit!! When I see bands who have keyboards from start to end (of a song) and call their music old black metal, I could vomit on them! For me this is proof those bands can’t create any atmosphere with guitars.”                                                                                                                - Tormentor of Desaster / Desecration Of Virgin intie 

What has been the most embarrassing moment in your life? I had gone to apply for a job and I had to take a drug test. Well, they give me this cup to piss in and I go do my business. Well, as I’m coming out of the bathroom the cup slips out of my hand and I look down and it hits the ground, and my piss splashes all over and some of it hits my face and it got all over my pants. Amazingly there was still enough piss in the cup for them to run the tests. I still had to go out and give the lady my cup of piss and that was embarrassing, because as I said it had gotten all over my pants. That really sucked!”                                                                                                   - Francisco Pulido of No Weak Shit Records / Underground Brutality zine intie 

“I see all these big labels and their publicists, I see Bill Zebub and all his minions, and I think, fuck, if I want to be successful, do I have to hang out with these people? Are these the people I have to work with and get along with? I hate them!”  +   “I read a Cryptopsy interview in The Grimoire once where Bill Zebub asked Mike D. these humorous questions about being a French Canadian. That’s all well and good except Mike is from from Boston! Duh”                       - (Both from) Jill Girardi of Razorback Records / Brutalized zine interview 

Please explain what gore metal means to you, personally. Gore metal to me, is an extension of gore movies, which we love. We play this style of music because we love it. Fuck, Ollie is a qualified mortician, Jon, our guitarist, is a grave digger!”                                                   - (Both from) Glenn of Desecration / Brutalized zine interview 

As you are from Poland, do you hear any latest news from Peter & Pandemonium and Pilot & Bundeswehra? Well, latest news from Peter and Pandemonium was he died at the beginning of ’97. He suffered from cancer and probably something more. Pilot, hah! This man is not involved in black metal scene anymore, no-one treats him seriously. He was seen on TV dancing on a disco video-clip, can you believe it? Bundeswehra belongs to the past and everyone is happy because of this fact…Death to posers!!!”                                                            - Jaro Slav of Lux Occulta / Hormala zine interview 

Got any funny stories? When we arrived Colorado for a show, we got our hotel and we all wanted to take showers. Now our bassist, Jay’s ex-girlfriend came with us so she decided that she was gonna take first shower. As she began to undress, I smelt a foul odor coming from her direction. So I stood about five feet away from her and just as she unbuttoned her pants: the stench hit me. Man, she had some nasty pussy odor! I almost vomited!”                                         - Tim Pittides of Entorturement / Deathcore zine interview 

“Sparky attacked the guy from Morbid Records in Poland, after he smuggled weed over the German border in our camper. It was funny cause the guy couldn’t speak English, and Sparky is choking him and screaming in his face…the fear in his eyes was priceless”                                   - Jason Netherton of Dying Fetus / Deathcore zine interview 

“We try to get a very atmospheric sound without the use of keyboards and stuff. I don’t like keyboard based. I think it’s romanticized the music, and I don’t see anything romantic about black metal!”     - Lord Ahriman of Dark Funeral / Transcending The Mundane zine interview 

“Peter, would it be simplifying things to say that most of this album seems to be about killing people? Not all about killing people; some of them (songs) are about beating people up as well.                                                                                                                                                     – Peter Dolving (When he was in) The Haunted / Terrorizer magazine interview 

“Is Impaled Nazerene’s music good for love making? If your dick is small enough to put it through that hole in the cd, then I guess sure…”                                                                                   - Mikka from Impaled Nazerene / Rutto zine interview 

“Dimmu Borgir was nothing until they signed to Nuclear Blast. What pisses me off about Dimmu Borgir is that the position they have now, they try to step on everybody else and spreading all this shit about Emperor and Satyricon”  +  “Weren’t you involved in a fire breathing accident a couple years ago? Someone told me the guys from Immortal use lighter fluid. I tried that and I burnt my face and my hair. So for the whole tour, I had corpse paint around this big swollen red wound. It was not very nice.”                                                                                        - (Both from) Ihsahn of Emperor / Neptune zine interview 

 “Almost all the zines I’m seeing today don’t come out unless they find enough big labels to buy ad space to finance them. Selling ads is important, but the success or failure of your zine should NOT be decided by someone else. Have some pride people!”                                                        - Jill Girardi of I Spit On Your Grave zine 

“People must be stupid to be religious! I mean, this is 1998, and some people still believe in god! That’s stupidity beyond stupidity.”                                                                                                 - Amok Of Hellstorm / Oskorei zine interview 

Your discography was about to open a couple of years before “Hailstorm” by a split album on Necropolis Records with Archgoat (Fin) but the release was cancelled, why? I just didn’t find any suitable releasers at the time…And that Archboat thing was cancelled, ‘cos I met those guys and noticed that Negropolis was really a master label in rip-offs!!”                      - Demonos of Barathrum / Cerberus zine interview 

What is your worst road experience? The thing that really sticks in my mind is when I was going over the Canadian border with Suffocation. We got held up, everyone got strip-searched. That was a nightmare. I got violated.”                                                                                                    - Dave Culross of Suffocation & Malevolent Creation / Last Judgement zine interview 

“Music and lyrics are equally important for us but we spend a lot more time coming up with the lyrics than the music.”  +  “The new album is entilted Bloodhemn which is in English Blood Revenge. Is there somebody you would take blood revenge on? ‘Is there anybody you would take blood revenge on?’ Come on fruitcake this is an interview with a band! Bloodhemn is a concept in it’s many interpretations, not some silly threat to anybody”                  - (Both from) Ivar Bjornson of Enslaved / Nightwalk zine interview 

 “The chainsaw is the best fucking weapon in the world and when you get a chainsaw in your hand, it’s like you’re holding the most biggest and most dangerous cock in the world! You wanna hold it and ram it into everything!!”                                                                                             - Perly Penile Papules of Exhumed / Unrestrained fanzine interview 

“I don’t have any problems with this zine, but I did have a problem with the pic of the band Moonlyght. Somone has to tell these guys that corpse paint and running shoes just don’t mix. If there ever was a black metal faux pas, that would be it.”                                                                    - Adam of Unrestrained fanzine 

Since Sabbat albums are so limited, are you for or against them being bootlegged? If our stuff is bootlegged, it’s a very good thing for us. It’s proof of being “cult”. If anyone wants to release or bootleg my stuff, do it!”  +  “Are there any plans to collect your many 7” records onto one CD? They will never see a CD pressing! I don’t want to do a release of all vinyl Eps and LPs onto CDs! This is my “die hard” attitude. This is my respect to fans (who bought limited vinyl).”                                                                                                                                                        - (Both from) Gezol of Sabbat / Metal Nightmare zine interview 

I also heard you mix some techno under the name DJ Ebola, is that true? I quit the name DJ Ebola and now I’m running around (under) the name DJ Lex Luther, the bad guy from Superman. I mix techno and trance and shit like that… I listen to a lot of techno…”                        - Fenriz of Darkthrone / Nightwalk zine interview 

What were the circumstances that led to the departure of Kimberly Goss (ex-Ancient, Therion, Sinergy ect)? She wouldn’t show up for practice. Then the one time she just never came back. She stole Rick’s violin and video camera and Chris’ guitar!!”                                      - Jim Genenz of Avernus / The Blasphemer zine interview 

“I think the Norwegian black metal scene is pathetic. What once was great, has now become a pathetic bunch of sold out ego maniacs, bands like Dimmu Borgir and Satyricon selling out to the corporate christian cunts! Especially when Moonfog would not even fill US orders, and now they bend over for the corporate cock at the US based Century Media!”   +   “Do you think Polish black metal will be the next big black metal trend? I just hope that the great Polish warriors maintain their underground ethic, and do not sell out to the christian world like the Norwegians have!”                                                                                                                                  - Akhenaten of Judas Iscariot & Breath Of Night Records / The Blasphemer zine interview 

Is Canada a good market for the band since you’ve played a few gigs there? Absolutely! Canada has been very good to us. We’ve played to some of the biggest and sickest crowds we’ve ever played in front of in Canada. Any serious death metal band should hit Canada!!”                                                                                                                                             - Kelly Izquerdo Mortal Decay / The Blasphemer zine interview 

For the first CD release, you decided originally to enter Sunlight Studio in Stockholm. The quality of the recording was, well, not that impressive. This prompted you to re-enter Abyss Studio and the job again with Peter. Was this problem with equipment and/or production that caused the band to re-locate? We spent 3 weeks in Sunlight and still we could get a better sound in our rehearsal room with Johan’s $10 tape recorder! There was also three guys working there as engineers and every other day we had a new guy and they were circulating around the bands like a fucking merry-go-round. The best part was when they realized they had fucked up the recording and started to blame us, that our drummer Martin sucks and I couldn’t play guitar!”                                                                                                            - Olli of Amon Amarth / Antithesis zine interview 

What do you think of 90s black metal? I have heard that Norwegian bands particularly Darkthrone praise Macabre. I remember Euronymous being a big fan back in the mid-eighties. As far as black metal I like it.”                                                                                                                 - Nefarious of Macabre / Eternal Darkness zine interview

As for these righteous Nation Socialist Black Metalers who feel Satan has no place in Black Metal… well la-de-da, how many times did they shit in their diapers the year VENOM released “Welcome to Hell”?  The whole evolution of black metal becoming national socialist is derived from left hand path philosophy via Satanism! VENOM tried to capture the emotionally cathartic power equivalent to a Nuremberg rally.                                                                                               - Sabazios Diabolus of the Canadian Lust / Massive Head Trauma zine interview 

Cost is socialized, Profit is privatized!                                                                                             - Noam Chomsky speaking the capitalist system / Monkey Wrenching The World Order Spoken Word CD

People are always trying to blame everything on movies, television, or bands. Don’t they believe that some people just snap? I believe it’s the other way around. Bands, movies, and TV get their ideas from life!”                                                                                                                         - Fernando Avila of Sepsism / Portrait Of Defiance zine interview 

(Review of Stretch Arm Strong) “Does anyone in the world feel like hearing some breast fed rich kid scream at the top of his lungs about how he found Jesus Christ? Jesus died, how about following your leader?”                                                                                                                           – Jack Botos of Portrait Of Defiance zine 

“Fanzines – people putting their time and money into a project that is fullfilling themselves is amazing. The fanzines are ultimately what keeps the scene going and thriving underneath the corporate worlds and the main magazines and labels. Fanzines are from the heart…because without them the scene wouldn’t be half as much as it is. They’re holding their responsibilities of keeping that foundation.”                                                                                                                        - Mike Disalvo of Cryptopsy / Lamentations Of A Flaming Pussy zine interview 

Label interest so far? Tell me about Merciless Recs? I sent them a tape of quality music and they write back. ‘Lilac is gay. Keyboards are gay. (Your) music is gay. Why would we want to sign a band that’s gay?”                                                                                                                     - Derek of the band Lilitu / Lactations Of A Flame Queen zine interview 

“I’m a straightforward person, so I just lump out the words, you know?…many times I have been too sharp with my mouth. That happened with the Terrorizer article too…I fucked up with that. We had plans to release an EP called the “Fuck Cradle Of Filth EP” and Cradle Of Filth has mighty attorneys, and they threatened us and said we couldn’t release an album under that title”  - Herr Nattefrost of Carpathian Forest / Wormgear interview 

“I do not support demo bands”                                                                                                               - Jim Raggi editor of Lamentations Of A Flame Princess zine  

“The “Consolation” tour with Grave and Rotting Christ, they both suck, are trendy assholes and fucking hate metal!”                                                                                                                                 - Unidentified member of Nembrionic / Hellfrost zine interview 

Your vision toward women? What is the best band to listen to while fucking them? Women are a cancer that use their cunts to impose stupidity upon men!…Violent sex is always better! The best was also when listening to Autopsy “Mental Funeral”. I had a slut suck her menstrual blood off my cock and my tongue was shoved up her ass!”                                              - Sabazios Diabolus of Lust / Leather ‘N Spikes zine interview 

Do you think that the new album (Resurrection) came out much more intense than "Cast"? Something has changed in your approach to the composition?   Cronos: "Yes, more aggression and fury, we channeled all out anger into the song writing, the intensity of the tracks is severe, plus we nailed the fuckers".
Mantas: "My approach to the composition was KILL! FUCK! MURDER!DEATH! RIP! SLICE! TEAR! and a bit more FFUUCCKK !!!".  
                                                                                             – Cronos & Mantas of Venom / Venom Legions Website 

“Everything comes from our almighty father VENOM so no one can say (in the black metal scene) their influence come from something else.”                                                                             - Dead Of Mayhem (before his death – circa 1991) / Slayer mag Interview 

“Can you tell us a funny story, maybe about the time at my place where you forced Astennu (in his pre-Covenant & Dimmu Borgir days!) to get rid of his Burzum shirt? HAHA!   Well, about the Burzum shirt I can tell you that we had our old member Goat with us who didn’t like Burzum, so he forced him to put it inside out and that was pretty funny I think.”      - Tyrant & Hellbutcher of Nifelheim / Slayer mag interview 

“So what did you think when Euronymous was killed? It saddens me greatly, I hate Burzum and Varg! I hate Vikernes with a passion! Now he says all metal music is nigger music! Well cunt, we don’t have anything to do with Nigger music! HAIL TRUE METAL AND FUCK YOU VARG!”                                                                                                                                            - Killjoy of Necrophagia / Slayer mag interview 

“Never ever have I encountered a label worse than Necoropolis!! NEVER!!! The day I meet up with Paul Thind of Necropolis is the day he gets his skull crushed. If we know he is coming over again (to Sweden), we will be there with big knives. Knives that cut deep. If they will, as planned, open a Swedish office we will be the first to burn it to the ground.”                                                    - Blackmoon of War / Infernal (ex-Dark Funeral & Necrophobic) from Slayer mag interview 

“If you are a fan of grind, gore and undecipherable medical terminology, then you and Disgorge are a perfect match, kind of like a serial killer matched with the world’s overpopulation problem.”                                                                                                                                                  - Phil of Brutalized ‘zine 

“Disease is a horrible thing! In the heavy metal community our diseases are posers and puppets. Those are just there to take up space and live off the land just long enough to weaken and alter the quality of the metal genre.”                                                                                               - King Fowley of Deceased / Brutalized ‘zine interview 

“It is my understanding that a lot of the more popular death metal bands won’t even do an interview for a ‘zine unless it is professionally printed and has over a thousand circulation. I thought metal was from the heart, not from your wallet.”                                                                      - Peter Richards of Discordia ‘zine 

(Review of Christian band Living Sacrifice) “These guys are still living? Somebody kill them! Die, you christian fags! A band that’s changed styles more than the European club scene! Rating: Even Jesus Christ thinks you suck!!!”                                                                                      - King Fowley of Stay True, Stay Ugly And Stay Underground ‘zine 

The most horrible dream you ever made (had)?  I can remember when I was seven or eight yrs. old. I quite often dreamed that I found my parents in the bed broiled / roasted like chicken. Every detail was to be seen and this dream came again and again and again…”            - Jurgen of Bethlehem / Leather’N Spikes ‘zine interview 

“What things do you support and what not, in general?”   I don’t support kids writing to me with questions for the first issue of their crappy ‘zine.”                                                                  - Henke Forss of Division 187/ Freezing Flames ‘zine interview  

“There’s another label / distro in Australia, Modern Invasion Music. Are you in touch, trying to support each other or is there rivalisation between you?   Unfortunately, the owner of Modern Invasion prefers to be competitive and not cooperate like the underground should  /used to. We tried to cooperate with him in the past but he always tried to subversively destroy us. Childish really…”                                                                                                                  - Rod Scott of Warhead Records / Freezing Flames ‘zine interview 

“Actually I was quite good at football field some years ago, but after I was forced into puberty I replaced this interest (football) with masturbation, beer and metal… you know, the real things in life”                                                                                                                                                             - Stian Smorholm of Enchanted / Freezing Flames ‘zine interview 

“You see, when a woman becomes part of the metal scene, they must soon realize this is a man’s world. Men created metal, men listen to metal. If a woman chooses to be metal, great! (But) they should not cry if they threatened (by men seeing them) like tits and ass.”                       - Lori Jirka of A View Into The Abyss & Abyss Productions / Freezing Flames ‘zine interview 

“Norwegians: You’re not vikings, your country couldn’t fight it’s way out of a butthole anymore, and the only quality commodity you country produces in abundance is Christmas trees; not bands.”                                                                                                                                                      - Scott Waldrop of Twisted Tower Dire / Hatespawn ‘zine interview 

“A record label is like a whore. To stay in business a whore has to give her public what it wants, that is, cheap unfeeling sex. Plenty of people settle for that so the whore stays in business.”        - John of Scepter / Intellektual Spew ‘zine interview 

“There was one party last new year we played. We were stuffed in the kitchen, and the whole living room was just one huge pit! It was the smallest, most packed and most violent pit I’d ever seen. It was fucking sick!”                                                                                                                       - Travis Weickum of Skinned / Metal Mafia ‘zine interview 

“I’m possessed by brutal grinding death metal! It’s the only type of music that I feel like I’m truly being myself when I play it. I still support the scene because I have respect for it!! The underground death metal scene was kind to me in the early days! The underground is my true home!”                                                                                                                                                      - John McEntee of Incantation / Metal Curse ‘zine interview 

“Nowadays, America’s like Mexico: we have a one party state that’s basically a dictatorship run by the rich. Unlike Mexico, here it masquerades as a two party state.”                                             - Jello Biafra / Metal Curse interview 

“I think it’s pretty stupid about how people want to ban pornography on the internet, when it’s available everywhere.   What damages a child’s mind more - seeing people making love or seeing people get their heads blown off on the news every night?”                          - Jello Biafra / Metal Curse ‘zine interview 

“How long have you been playing?  About 8 years now. However, I’ve been playing with myself for much longer.”                                                                                                                          - Craig Rowe of Hemdale / Metal Curse ‘zine interview  

“Sometimes someone will send me a ‘zine and a letter that lets me know it was sent in trade for one of mine. Hey! I didn’t say that I would! I usually throw the ‘zine in the garbage because I consider that sneaky.”                                                                                                                             - Bill Zebub of Grimoire Of Exalted Deeds ’zine / Metal-Core ‘zine interview 

(Review of Einherjer’s “Odin Owns Ye All” CD) “Odin owes ye all $12.00 for buying this piece o’ crap.”                                                                                                                                                         - Tom of Midwest Metal fanzine 

“Is it true that One Life Crew showed up at an Earth Crisis show wearing fur?   It’s true Steve showed up to an Earth Crisis show with a mink stole (the kind where the head bites the tail) on. It was a riot! You could hear a pin drop in that club when he hit the door. And Smurf Crisis, for all their preaching, didn’t do shit about it. They are suckers who never stand up for what they believe. They believe in selling records and that’s it.”                                                        - John Lockjaw of One Life Crew / Sociopathic Despair ‘zine interview 

“How did you get that part (playing in the movie Ace Ventura)?   Actually Jim Carey is a big death metal fan and particularly a fan of Cannibal Corpse. So he actually requested that we were in the movie.”                                                                                                                                  - Paul Mazurkiewicz of Cannibal Corpse / Satan’s Candy Basket ‘zine interview 

Do you get offended when people call you a ‘spic’?   No, I get hungry! I start thinking about tortillas, beans and rice, chili, all the stuff ma used to make. Mmmmm, spic!”                      - Richard Santos of Chupacabra / I Hate You Motherfucker ‘zine interview 

“…In Montreal, somebody apparently lured me to take some Angel Dust…and I totally freaked…don’t remember much, but I heard some wild stories about what I did that day. Anyway I woke up far outside the city, without a clue where I was or where the others (of Dellamorte) were…fuck me…Almost got kicked off the band that day…hehehe. So, Canada was truly a cool experience…crazy people…crazy girls…crazy…”                                                   - Daniel of Dellamorte / Metal Rules! ‘zine interview




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