Interview by Dale Roy with Kenny Hallman January 1998…

Here is a interview I conducted with Kenny Hallman, of the lengendary black/thrash metal masters. They have been a fave band of mine since their debut came out in 1987!. An album that has touched me and many other metal heads to the core, Well Infernal are back and have original singer Chris Bailey in the fold!!!. They have been fielding offers from lables such as: Metal Blade, Mascot Records, Nuclear Blast, Century Media, Displeased Records and of course Canada’s own Hypnotic Records. As I type this interview (Jan. 9th, 1998) the band have just entered Signal To Noise Studios in Toronto to finish recording the album, after which it will me mixed in Montreal with the engineer who did Obliveon’s (Can) last album!. Read on, I command…. *Update: Believe it or not these old metal merchants are still going! I updated the web link at the bottom of the interview. Apparently they recently released a demo ep and plan to record a new album during 2007 entitled "Systematical Extermination"...



Let’s start off with the ’86 debut demo tape, where was it recorded? How many copies were made???.

The first demo was made after being together for 6 months. It was recorded at “The Metal Works”; in Toronto. We self financed it and released 2,000 copies of which we sent out 200-300 out to fanzines, magazines, and record companies. After we sold out, we pressed 1,000 more (shit 3,000 copies of the demo!) and shortly after, signed with Roadrunner Records. 

During the ‘85/86 time line, were you in contact with many bands from within the country (i.e. - Aggression, Slaughter, Razor, Sacrifice, Exciter ect…)?. Who was involved with ‘The Council Of Canadian Metal Kings’??. I have heard this was a figment of ex-drummer Rick Nemes imagination, is that true!??.

We knew Sacrifice and Slaughter, but knew Razor the best because Sheepdog (Stacey) was a real close friend of Steve and I, before he joined Razor. All 3 of us grew up in Kingston, Ontario, Canada and had jammed many times in the past. The whole “Council Of Kings” thing was Rick’s doing. Instead of just listing our names as members, he used “Council Of Kings” as if sort of tied into the name Infernal Majesty. 

How did you get signed to Roadrunner intially?. I have a show you guys played in Detroit, Michigan 10/14/88 on video. At this show you played the bonus trax from the Displeased “None…” re-release. Chris said at this show, that these were new trax due out on your 2nd LP on Roadrunner. From this point on, what happened to sour things with Roadrunner!??.

Roadrunner had received a copy of our demo tape and had contacted us. We had several other offers at the time and really didn’t know who to sign with. We hired the lawyer that was handling Triumph; and we had him handle all the negotiations for us and we all decided Roadrunner was the best label to handle us. The relationship with Roadrunner could have been a lot better. They never really supported us in any major way. We had to book and finance all our own tours and a total lack of communication form them so we decided that we would go it alone. 

I also have on video, an appearance by Infernal Majesty on Muchmusic’s Power Hour from ’88. You were being interviewed by Erica Ehm, afterward they played the video for “None Shall Defy”; and it was the guys first time to see time to see the finished product, what did you think of it (I love that video it rules!)!??.

I have hosted Power Hour a couple of times and it helps to promoted us in Canada. The video for “None Shall Defy” was paid for by us and not Roadrunner. So when we did the video, we went to Muchmusic and asked them if they would play it and they agreed. A couple of days before they were to air it they asked if Rick and I, if we would like to go on air and of course we said sure. When we got to the studio we were suprised to find out that we were going to be hosting the show, which was fun. Shortly after they asked us to come back with the “Name the mascot” contest and we agreed, but I don’t remember the name that won, but we just called him “Bob” (The name that won was “Deadlus” -Dale).  

What was your reaction, when you found out that Displeased Records from Holland, had bought the rights to the debut from  Roadrunner and was re-releasing it for the first time ever on CD!?. At what point, did you find out cause I heard Displeased was trying to find you to tell you guys about it!??.

We were really surprised when we found out. The timing couldn’t have been better because at the time we were looking for a new deal. We thought that “None Shall Defy” had had it’s day. We were even more surprised to find out that Displeased had included 2 songs that were never released to the public. I had heard about it in January of 1996, Ron had given me a call and told me that his label was re-releasing the album because he thought the album deserved to be available on CD (How right he is too! -Dale). 

What was happening with the band, at the time of the 1991 demo “Creation Of Chaos”?. How come you guys seemed to just dissapear after that!?. I have heard rumors that the vocalist, Vince from that demo was arrested for attacking his girlfriend kind of Vampiric assault, any truth to that!??.

After Chris Bailey left, we auditioned a whole bunch of guys and out of that we hired Vince. At that time he seemed like the right guy for the band but it never worked out that way. Sure we played a lot of shows and recorded “Creation Of Chaos” together but things just never felt right. Then Vince got into trouble with a girl he had met and ended up going to jail. So we were without a singer until we got Chris Bailey back last year and we couldn’t be more happier. 

Did you have any clue, the profound effect I.M. has had on the underground scene of the late 80’s/early ‘90’s? I have heard many death metal bands (i.e.- Seance ect…) claim you as an influence, do you listen to any death metal stuff from the ‘90’s on!??.

Well we had some idea because we would read about it but not to the extent that it’s at now. Dawn (Swe) have recorded “Night Of The Living Dead”, and Christ Denied (U.K. I believe?-Dale) have recorded “Overlord” it’s kind of weird hearing your songs being played by other bands but we were glad that bands say that we influence them, we think it is a great honor. I try to stay on top of what’s going on but it’s really hard to keep up with all the latest releases, I still stick to the early stuff like Slayer, Mercyful Fate, Kreator and Exodus.  

None Shall Defy <lyrics>

Hear us oh forces of darkness,we summon thee from the ebony abyss of hell
Black is the night though the candles burn bright as this young virgins'
blood we shall spill
Gaze into the crystal see the swirling mist we are servants of the powers
that be
Chanting invocations drinking from the skulls of the souls that were
slaughtered for thee
Kneeling at the altar calling out to satan we pledge our allegiance with our
Demonic power signals now is the hour and the bitch of christ shall die
Raise high the sacrificial dagger gleaming instrument of death!
Burn the devil's cross into her flesh plunge the blade into her terror
stricken heart!
Her body writhes in ecstasy.Her mind screams out in agony.Causht within the
sensation of death's embrace!

Consumnated in the fires of hell the demons' seed is sown
In ravaged flesh neither live nor dead the incubus make it's home
Like an evil parasite,feeding on her undefiled soul,the unholy embryo
takes form divine intervention bonding mortal man to the dark lord...
Lord of evil,Prince of darkness we await the birth-the sign-your black
Unborn child,devil spawn amidst the sound of rending flesh we gaze upon thy

Writhe and lament;hear the gnashing of teeth and the wailing of souls
Black heaven sent;shepherd of the flock with a musical staff and the
multitudes sing

None shall defy. NONE SHALL DEFY!

Courtenance personifying immortal degradation,eyes enlightened senses
heightened the hidden truth revealed
So called saviours of this world self-proclaimed messiahs,the remnant seed
made to
bless as they laugh and cry aloud... Satan...... Master....Lead us....into

Child of darkness bringer of fear,feeding on the madness end of time is near
Hiding in the shadows waiting for the ambush giving no warning showing no
evil and vicious warm blooded flesh is what we must have he drink his fill
Bearer of light your time has come,die at the hand of the vile unholy one
Beckoning from the depths of hell tortured souls begin to cry I.M. evil I.M.
god believe in me eternal life!

Writhe and lament;hear the gnashing of teeth and the wailing of souls
Black heaven sent;shepherd of the flock with a musical staff and the
multitudes sing

None shall defy. [5x]


To take another trip to the rumor mill, I have heard the forthcoming 2nd LP was recorded some time ago with Scott Burns in Toronto and is now just having the finishing touches put on it!?. How was working with Scott Burns!??.

The album was being recorded in 1994 with Scott Burns but only the bed tracks were completed. Again, we paid for that ourselves and that’s when the trouble with Vince began. Working with Scott was a great experience as we have always liked his work but now that we have Chris back we will release the album early this year. 

What does the new album sound like? Is it in the “None Shall Defy” style or the less interesting ’91 demo style, or neither?. Will the second album also be released on Displeased Records!??.

The new album sounds like Infernal Majesty, what I mean is that once you hear it you will know who it is. We played most of the new songs on our European tour which we just completed and the response was great. We recorded 2 of them as samplers and released them on the “Kanada Conpilation” (info on our web page) they are not the same versions that will appear on the new album. We have just signed with Hypnotic Records (killer Canadian label, with Voivod, Mundane, Anvil, Mundane, Razor ect… -Dale) and the album will be out in mid-March 1998. 

Who is handling the lyric writing now?. I mean Psychopath (the old bassist) did the lion’s share of lyrics and was responsible for gems like “ Marching defiant, the legions bear witness, to stand against evil, means you stand alone!”. Is the lyrical content on the new one similar in vein to the old stuff!??.

Steve Terror is writing most of the lyrics and has been for some time. The lyrical content is a bit different, we have branched out a bit more, songs like “The Art Of War”, “Where Is Your God”, “Death Roll” and “White Knight” should say it all, it’s not just satan…

satan…satan. But musically it’s in the same vein as our earlier stuff. 

What were some of your musical influences when you formed Infernal Majesty?. Have those changed drastically?. Would           I be way off in saying I hear a slight old Alice Cooper influence in the instrumental “R.I.P.” off the first full-length!??.

Steve and I have been playing together for so long that we even have the same taste and influences in music. Judas Priest, Mercyful Fate, and early Slayer. To this day we still listen to it because it was great music. “R.I.P.” was a thing I was screwing around with just before we went into the studio to do “None Shall Defy” the others said “hey why don’t we use that as an intro to Night Of The Living Dead” I thought, why not, but as far as Alice Cooper influence, I don’t know. 

You were scheduled a short time back to do a European tour, did it happen!?. How were the reactions and crowd sizes over there?. Will you ever be touring out in the western Canadian provinces!??.

We just completed a 32 city/11 country tour in Europe with Malevolent Creation, Vader and Vital Remains (Damn that bill kicks ass! -Dale). The tour went extremely well and all the bands got along great. All but 3 shows sold-out and we were really happy with the fan support that Infernal Majesty received, totally amazing to see people remember us after all of this time. The tour promoter wanted us to stay another 6 weeks and hook up with Unleashed but we decided to turn it down beacause we were getting a lot of interest from record companies and we wanted to sign something now and get the new album finished. Right now our label wants to have the new album out in March, then straight back to Europe and promote it after that, who knows. We would love to tour Canada (Hey Cryptopsy did it twice and Disciples Of Power have done it 3 times, so it must not be that horrible ha ha -Dale) if it was feasible but we would have to hook up with a big band to do it. 

Last comments to the readers of Canadian Assault!?. Future plans and merchandise available!?. Thanks for the interview Kenny, you rule brother!!!.

Thanks for all of the support that has been given to Infernal Majesty over the years. We are proud to be a Canadian band and always will be. Our new album “Unholier Than Thou” will be released in March 1998, and you can also get the re-rlease of “None Shall Defy” in Canada as our new label has also agreed to market it in Canada, if you need any further info check out our current web site at :

Write the Infernal ones at: 2678 West Broadway, BOX 306, Vancouver B.C. Canada



The Infernal Majesty Discography 

None Shall Defy (1987)

Creation of Chaos Demo 1992 (w/ Vince on vocals)

Unholier Than Thou (1998)

Chaos in Copenhagen

One Who Points To Death (2004)



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