Interview with Blake lead guitarist for Huntress done by Patrick June 2012

Huntress is a new band on the scene, fronted by the eye catching and often scantily clad Jill Janus on vocals. Their debut album Spell Eater of aggressive heavy metal that is catchy and heavy with some excellent varied vocals. We here at the Canadian Assault headquarters do not know much about the band, but wanted to find out more. Read on...



Metal hails Blake! Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with me. Please introduce yourself to the readers of Canadian Assault.
Blake Meahl, Leo, Entrepreneur, lead guitarist for Huntress.
When did you and the other members of huntress meet? was it long until you all decided to form the band? What is the "current" line-up?
I have known our other guitar player, Ian Alden, since the 6th grade. We met when cheating on math homework together that neither of us had done the night before and have been buds ever since.  He and I have been in a couple of other bands together over the years called Trigger Renegade and Professor.  Professor was a riff worship band that Jill booked at a club she was promoting for.  She saw us play, fell in love and joined forces to create Huntress.
We had a falling out with the old Professor rhythm section after about a year. Eric Harris, who had been a close friend already, said he would do me a solid and fill in on bass.  But he ended up digging what we were doing and having so much fun he stuck around.  Carl Wierzbicky had been a friend of friends for years by playing in my personal favorite underground band “Dark Black.”  When we found out he was available I freaked out, it was just meant to be.
For the readers who have never heard the band how would you describe the bands music?
Huntress is a focus on the dark and heavy without forgetting the value of the song, and keeping all things real.  We love metal, but have no desire to be the fastest, heaviest, shreddiest or most obscure.  Some dude has already accomplished all of those things.  We love what we love and Huntress is a tribute to that.  Put a heavy metal loving, operatic screaming, banshee witch on top of it and here we are.
The band recently released it's debut cd Spell Eater through napalm records, how did you all come in contact with the label? Are you happy with the job they have done so far? Do you find it hard to work with a label that is overseas?
We released the song and video for “Eight of Swords” on our own in an attempt to generate some label interest, and it worked.  By the time we decided we would work with Napalm Records we had 7-8 offers on the table.  Napalm had the most sincere interest and commitment to what we were doing, and had the most artist friendly offer.  Besides that, we
have always known that Europe, and particularly Germany/Austria/Switzerland, was where we would be best received.  The American metal scene is dominated by “core” and “good cop/bad cop” bands which we try to shy away from.
The result has been great!  Napalm are taking amazing care of us, and Spell Eater even charted on the German top 100 in the first week!  I am writing this interview from a tour bus on our way to an open air festival in
Germany sharing the same stage as Megadeth, Kreator and
Behemoth! It’s amazing.
How has the response been from the press and fans for Spell Eater?
The response has been pretty incredible.  Seeing Jill’s face in magazines all over the world including Terrorizer, Metal Hammer, Kerrang and Revolver has been a trip!  There will always be critics (pretty much only about the way Jill looks); but haters gonna hate, and we welcome it.  The more people give us attention the more power we gain.
Does the band have any upcoming tours/shows in support of spell Eater? where are some places you will play?
We have two 6 week tours in the works that have not been announced yet.  One in the US for this summer and another in Europe
and UK for
the fall.
Who are some bands you have played with so far? if you could set up a "dream" show/tour who are some bands {past or present} you would love to play with?
We just came off of two back to back US tours with the likes of Dragonforce, Holy Grail (my brother Tyler Meahl plays drums for them!), Turisas, Alestorm and Arkona.  We pretty much just have wet dreams nightly of touring with King Diamond and Judas Priest.
The band recently released 2 videos for the songs "Eight Of Swords" and the title track Spell Eater. What did u all decide to make the videos? How long did take to shoot/make the videos?
The videos were made by a buddy of ours, Simon Chan.  Videos are easy for us but a mother fucker for that poor guy.  We shoot for two days and then he is stuck editing them for a month or so.  Jill has come up with the concept for both videos and Simon has done a hell of a job
bringing them to life.
Are you and the other members happy with how they came out? Are you planning on making any more videos for  this release? Is their any particular song off of Spell Eater you think would make a killer video?
I think we are done making videos for this record. It would be a blast making more, but we are ready to start focusing our efforts on the next record.  Can’t never stop!
You handle the guitars for the group, at what age did you start playing guitars? Are you self-taught or have you had lessons when you first started out?
Ian and I handle guitars as a team.  He has the golden right had for rhythms and I tackle the leads.  We actually both had the same guitar teacher in high school, but I don’t think he had much impact on us to be honest.  He spent more time talking about his AA meetings and 12 step program than showing us anything useful.  He was a great player, but I was too stupid to pull the good stuff out of him.
Who are some of your influences, favorite guitarist? Do you play any other instruments besides the guitar?
My two favorite players for years have been Uli Roth and Brian May. Old Scorpions and Queen records have the tastiest licks around. Ian and I both sang in Professor if you consider than another instrument. Other than that we are masters of the tambourine, steel drums and skin flute.
Are you or any of the members of Huntress currently playing or working with any side-bands or projects in your spare-time? If yes please tell the readers a little about them.
Eric is a maniac road warrior.  He plays bass and sings in another band called Gypsyhawk.  It is a good times Thin Lizzy-esque rock band that fucking rules.  They have a record coming out at the end of August on Metal Blade.  When we are not touring with Huntress he is touring with Gypsyhawk, literally nonstop.
What does the term underground metal mean to you? Also I was curious the bands music is definitely rooted in the "classic" heavy metal style. So I was wondering do you listen to much of the newer genres like death, black, doom metal etc.. if yes who are some of your favorite bands from these scenes?
It is funny that you mention Death and Black Metal as the newer genres.  Really, those have been among the biggest influences for this record, but those genres are already 20 years old!  Death, Dissection and Mercyful Fate are some of my faves that drove this record. Being on tour for the last 3 months I see more and more why we are considered “classic.”  We play 6 string guitars, our drummer doesn’t use triggers, we don’t have programmed samples and Jill sings out with melodies.  For us this is just natural, but to many it means classic.
Well Blake we have reached the end of the interview, thank you again for your time do you have anything you would like to add before we end the interview?
Get stoned and play it loud!




The Huntress Discography 

Back From The Dead To Kill Single, 2007

Off With Her Head 7" EP, 2010

Eight Of Swords Single, 2011

Spell Eater, 2012



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