Interview by Dale Roy with Michael Eisenhauer March 2009Ö

It is probably about time Evil Incarnate was interviewed in Canadian Assault. I have been in touch with Mike from E.I. for many a year. After a short hiatus they are set to record their newest piece of blasphemy. The latest big news as well is Christopher of Krabathor has joined E.I.! The album is highly anticipated by myself and I know many other Evil Incarnate fans. So check them out if they tour near you and enjoy the interview demons...



Hails Mike! It is good to finally catch up and do an interview after being in touch these many years. How have things? Describe the surroundings you have settled down in to do the interview? Listening to any music? How is the weather outside?

M- Hails Dale my Metal Brother. All is very well I am in our jam area for the band that overlooks the Lake. Itís cold as Fuck out! I'm not listening to anything right now actually. Just trying to wake up with some caffeine and enjoy my first skoal tobacco dip of the day in my new house.

I just like to do this for fun. Please let us know what the first few fanzines, demos you ordered and what distros did you frequent in the early days? What really struck you about this new found UG back then and got you hooked?

M- Oh shit man lets see if my memory is still functioning from the years of beers and abuse LOL! I remember fanzines like Pagan Pages, Wild Rags, Leather n' Spikes, I had cool shit like the first Deeds Of Flesh, Lividity, Nihilist demo's and ordered from distro's like Deathgasm, Ablated,& Wild Rags.

So describe for us the first days of Evil Incarnate. What were the circumstances that inspired you to start the band. As with all new undertakings by dedicated people this must have been a special time for you? What was it like recording and releasing your demos and how was the support back then?

M- I was in NumSkull and they were deciding then to move into a more NY styled DM compared to the Thrash they were part of in its earliest beginnings and I was writing more Swedish and German influenced riffs that really didnít fit although I enjoy American Metal from all areas as well of the states among other realms of the earth and felt I needed to express this in my own way so I started Apollyn. Apollyn of course I found was already taken as a name and at this point had begun jamming with my drummer Andy and guitarist rob. At this point I came to them with the name Evil Incarnate and logo idea to be drawn by great artist Scott Jackson. Recording anything has always been the absolute best time for me in any band Iíve done. Our first demos as EI were generally received very well although some thought we missed the boat so to speak and would have ruled if we were around in 89/92 rather than 1997. As a musician you cannot expect to please everyone and honestly we do it for ourselves and only care about what we personally think is great extreme metal sickness...if anyone else likes it then it makes it even better. 

Tell us your history with the legendary band Numskull? Did your experience in Numskull help you with Evil Incarnate later on? I heard they may still be active, do you have anything to do with that and/or are you still in contact with those guys?

M- I was just at our old NumSkull jam spot yesterday hanging out with our old drummer Scott Creakmore. There is no plans for any new NS stuff. The guys who are still around are there doing Lupara and running Mercenary Digital studios. I am way too busy myself but a re-union gig at a festival would kick ass although as said no such plans at this time. NS helped big time with me being able to do what I've done with EI. I learned so much from them old days it is invaluable.

So letís talk about your vocals. Do you put in any conscious effort to make them decipherable while maintaining the brutality? Do you think it makes the songs and lyrics more memorable (Grave, Dismember, early Autopsy and the like pop into my mind here)? Who are your vocal influences?

M- Definitely Grave, Unleashed, Deicide, Morbid Angel, Celtic Frost and the like for vox, you basically nailed it perfectly and that to me is a huge compliment, thanks. I used to make a conscious effort in the past but now everything is just natural. For sure it lets us stand out in the masses of ultra low or super high vox. I've been told people know its me as soon as they here it and Iím very glad to know this as being true. It has always helped us for sure.

So what kind of touring plans are in the works for Evil Incarnate? I think you mentioned something about Europe and one of the Krabathor members would be involved? Do you go way back with Krabathor and what is your history with them? Did I hear right that a tour may involve the legend Paul Speckmann?

M- Well, yes there is talks with an agency in Germany now and we shall see what happens. I canít say much more than this but it is being discussed to do this in the fall over Europe. Speckmann is an old friend of Andy and myself and even more so for Chris from Krabathor as they lived near and jammed together for years in Europe. He has been trying to help with getting us touring again is all. Chris (Krabathor) has been with us for a while now and is very cool. We met while touring together our bands after 9-11 in 2001 thru Mexico and southern USA. Not only is he a great guitarist but of course brings into Evil Incarnate his experience and euro connections, a definite plus.

Is it true you named your children with names like Pagan, Belial and Magnus? Do you get much crap or dirty looks for that from the christian do gooders? Looking back on it now do you have any regrets for these names? Does your wife share your Satanic beliefs?

M- My wife is of course a Blasphemer and proud of her euro blood line as I am. Yes, my daughter is Pagan Lee, I have a son named Thomas Belial, and one named Magnus. Thereís my oldest son Alexzander who wants to become a MMA/UFC Fighter. Heís only 14 and already getting damn good at it and I wish him the best with his dream, we only live once...
The stupid fuckin religious wackos always give us dirty looks. I just look at them like I want to kill them and they turn away. 

I hear you have had run-ins with the law over LSD distribution and you once beat the shit out of your mothers boyfriend for spray painting religious slogans on your mailbox or some such Ė is there any truth to that and surely there must be a few good stories somewhere in there to tell? Did you ever serve any time for that shit?

M- LMFAO!!! Yes itís true and funny you remember that. I had my snail mail by the buckets full coming in back then at my moms and he tossed a bunch out and put his bullshit all over the mailbox so I kicked his ass. My mom got over it after a while. I was fuckin pissed as you can imagine if this had happened to you. Plus he was a asshole to my mother so he had it coming anyway. Yeah I have a felony for that LSD shit and did time for it. Iíve since been in other troubles but nothing that will affect the band. I got it taken care of and paid a lawyer to get it reduced from another felony to misdemeanor. Itís all done with now and with all these laws you unfortunately have to learn what you cannot say out of anger in a violent altercation. Iíll just leave it at that. I have a lot of good stories to tell but I can not do it dale. I have learned over the years people are always watching. Silence is good... (I hear you brother and understand Ė Dale). 

Growing up were you forced to go to church and was this the beginning seed for your hate towards christianity? What kind of hyprocrisy from xtians have you personally witnessed? Do you get along with your parents?

M- My dad is a Vietnam vet addicted to street drugs and booze. Heís crazy as fuck and my mom did the best she could aside from ramming that bullshit Christianity down my neck constantly with help from her nut job friends, fuckin real wackos these people she was going to church with and dragging us with. Dude I will be here typing all day if I go on and on with all the hypocrisy I have seen brother. I get along with my mom now that Iím older. She knows how I feel, respects that, and I know she'll never change her ways either but its cool, uhm, not really LOL.  

Do you believe in spirits, demons and the supernaturalÖ?

M- hmmmm, I have always been a twisted Evil fucker! Spirits and Demons are real. Not saying it is exactly as lets say, the shit Holy Bibles version of demons BUT THERE IS FOR SURE A DARK FORCE IN THIS WORLD. Whether some believe it or not I know this to be a fact!

eading back on some old interviews at the time you were extremely stoked about being signed to Morbid Records. You talked about their distribution and how they bring their bands over to Europe for tours and etcÖ So looking back now what are your thoughts on how Morbid Records worked out for you and did it all help as much as you hoped back then? Why did you leave the label?

M- We left before the touring was settled and were still negotiating things but for sure they helped us out a lot in Europe/Asia but mainly Germany for sure. I left because they wanted me to change my lyrics due to German laws and such. I couldnít understand at the time why anyone in an extreme scene was worried about anyoneís feelings, isnít that fuckin pussy EMO shit? I donít know...I donít really even care... We will see what happens this time around I suppose. Itís crazy how we got shit for what we were doing but it was and still is ok for bands to do things they do in Porno Grind for example or like in Rap music talking about killing the white man and raping his Bitches. Amazing how many retarded white people actually buy and listen to such bullshit! These dumbass people even want to walk, dress, and talk like the enemy. I hate stupid people! 

So do you guys have any favourite covers you play live or in rehearsal? I know over the years E.I. has played a lot of live shows and tours. What are the best and worst aspects of touring? Your worst experience on tour is? The most fucked up thing you ever seen on tour?

M- I want to start doing something from Sodom or Bathory "Blood Fire Death" soon. We are so focused on finishing the new CD right now we donít bother with anything else at this time but covers are awesome. The bad thing about being on the road is being uncomfortable since we never had any beds on a tour bus but maybe that will change soon. The most fucked up thing I seen or shall I say smelled on tour was this 5 gallon bucket on a bus in Mexico with a garbage bag in it between the seat isles to hover over and shit in next to your buddies LOL! We refused to get on the bus till it was removed from it and told the guy were just going to have to pull over on the road, fuck shitting in that on the bus and we all have to smell it. So, yeah, you can tell the tour in Mexico was extremely low budget. I got the bad shits too from the water I drank in the "homebrew" but the moonshine stuff they had in empty pop bottles was awesome and kept me drunk. 

You moved the band down to Florida but that did not last long and you ended up back in Chicago. How did this all come about? Is it good to be in Chicago now or do you miss the warm weather? I have always thought the scene around Chicago was very underrated personally.

M- The scene here in Chicago is one of the best in the states and any band can tell you that for sure. Florida I thought sucked unless you want to go for a short vacation. Plus I have a problem with my kids disrespecting my in-laws down there and them then not even allowing me to yell at my own kids for doing these things so I left before I lost it and did something I would regret to my wifeís family. I get very pissed off from time to time but have a degree from passing my Anger Management course. My wife thinks it didnít help me any. I actually like the cold weather too. 

Are you very hands on in the studio or do you let the engineer do his thing? Do you ever give them some old albums and say I want this record to sound like that!? Is there anything glaring on past releases you would love to go back and change? What is your opinion on old analog recording versus the convenience and easy cheats (looping a guitar part or drums) of pro tools against the natural feel of older recording methods?

M- In the studio I am listening to everything always and involved with everyoneís tracking sessions always not missing barely a moment but I let the engineer do his thing with only my suggestions/direction on what we want when needed. We havenít done this in the past with bringing in something saying we want to sound like this or that but I can tell you that this time around we are going for a particular drum sound and will be doing this for that. The only thing I wish I could go back and change on past releases is on our Blackest CD the studio wasnít then what it is now and neither were my vocals. But, thatís the past and it canít be changed so it is what it is and will always remain one of the best things Iíve ever had the pleasure of doing and being a part of metal history. As far as recording quality goes I mean no disrespect to any UG band who worships the raw old noisy sounds of the past but for EI we prefer now the top quality advances in technology for recording. If anyone wants to sound like a studio from lets say WW2 era thatís good for them and I understand the idea behind it for instance raw dark BM recordings but we are on this next CD using top of the line gear, sound, and all the new pro tools programs and the like. Hail easy cheats! better sound at a lesser price, cant beat it and im not afraid to admit it either. although of corpse we dont need these things with our ultra expert skills and unlimited budgets LOL!!! 

What kind of label are you looking for presently? A larger label or are you satisfied with keeping things on a more UG level such as your last labels Deathgasm and Hells Headbangers? You seem to still have a close relationship with Deathgasm - how did this union form and stay strong over the years?

M- We would be very happy staying with labels such as Deathgasm and Hells Headbangers or Hiedenwut (U.K.) but we want to get back to some label that can get us bigger tours and distribution and promotional campaigns. The relationship with Deathgasm remains as strong as ever and I made this union as far back as the NumSkull days when Evan was just getting started thru snail mail and his band Avulsion. We have just always been honest with each other and became friends besides working together. In fact we are scheduled to play Atlanta Georgia area with Deathgasm filming and releasing our very first Live DVD. Filming is on May 16th '09... 

Give us the low down on your recently released split 7 inch? How would it be possible after all of these years that this is Evil Incarnateís first seven inch?

M- Good question about how can this be our first 7" after all these years. I wonder the same thing myself but it is what it is. I have always loved vinyl and we have been releasing a lot of it these past recent years. Blaspherian features Wes Weaver from the old band Imprecation who we did the split with. Thereís another coming out with guys from Sinister and the band is called Supreme Pain. 

I believe you plan to demo some material soon? Tell us about that and what is the new stuff sounding like? Was it by choice or happen stance that you are going at least 3 years between albums? Any new song titles you can reveal?

M- I canít reveal anything about the new stuff at all. We are locked away in complete privacy creating the best stuff of any of our long metal histories in the scene. No one will ever hear these songs until the recordings are done unless you are one of the very few who are allowed exclusive access to our very private practice sessions. All I can say is its the line up from Blackest Hymns CD, the same influences, and the determination and drive is stronger than ever before in any of our lives. The reason behind 3 years between cds is only due to things out of our control or line up changes. 

Mike thank you my metal brother for doing this interview. It is much appreciated. Please let us in on any future plans and send hails to some friends and contacts?

M- Thanks for the many years of true support to the Christ Haters and our Blasphemies Dale. Look for our Vinyl release of "Blood Of The Saints" out soon from HellsHeadbangers (usa)/ Hiedenwut (uk) and new shirt design. Everyone can stay informed on shows and the new CD/DVD/Merch @ or by e-mailing me @




The Evil Incarnate Discography 

Beyond Blasphemy Demo, 1995

Evil Incarnate Demo, 1997

Christ Destroyed Demo, 1998

Blood of the Saints CD, 1999

Blackest Hymns of God's Disgrace CD, 2000

Waiting for His Return, 2005

Behold: The Endless Glory of Baphomet 7" ep, 2007

Ennemy of God (best of compilation), 2008



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