Interview by Patrick with Vocalist Daniel Sundberg May 2013…

Patrick was immediately possessed by the violent debut album of the Swedish band Erupted. They are a relatively new band, only having previously released an ep, but that was under a different name, so this album is their first output and little is known about this band. So Patrick is set out to find more and help expose this promising to the Canadian Assault readers and the UG scene.



Metal hails Daniel! How is the new year starting off for you? Please introduce yourself to the readers?

As this is being written on the evening of Jeff Hanneman's death it feels like this year is off to a pretty shitty start. But as the aeons are shifting we hope this to be the year of the anti-christ and the fall of humanity’s hypocrisy.

At what age did you first start listening to metal? Who were some of the first bands you listened to? Who are some of your current favorites?

Since my brother is into some of the older thrash bands metal has always been a part of my life. The first bands I got really into was Slayer and Metallica. Right now Suffocation, Bloodbath and Exodus have been the permanent bands in every playlists for a while, but overall At the Gates and Death would be the most outstanding.

When did you and the other members of Erupted first meet, what is the current line-up of the band? How would you best describe your music?

I got tremendously drunk in Beyond Hell's rehearsal room at Växjö Death Fest, and I sort of spontaneously joined. We have recently have a shift in drummers, so the one playing on all recordings is Marcus Nieminen, but right now we are rehearsing with Jonte Fetto Holm, who is actually shotting whiskey with me right now. So, Cedrik Petterson, Jonas Davidsson, Jonte Fetto Holm and Tobias
Petterson. And me of course. Our music is what happens when young people who prefer classic death metal get drunk around instruments.

Erupted released their debut cd "In The Grip of Chaos" through Abyss Records how did the band come in contact with the label? Are you happy with the job they have done so far?

I can't remember how we got in contact with Dan, but we have been really pleased with all their work, especially since we have close to no fanbase and is not very noticeable since we don't play very many shows and mostly fuck around (Love the honesty J - Dale).

How has the response been from the press and the fans towards In The Grip of Chaos release?

Very weird. Some praise what others hate, and overall we feel that we with this have in some way proved that taste is very individual. We are ourselves really happy about the reactions we have gotten, both good and bad.

Does the band have shows/tours planned for 2013? If yes where are some places the bands will be playing and touring?

We have no fucking clue. Book us and receive some awesome new drinking buddies. We'll play Säljeryd because it's always awesome!

Who are some bands Erupted have shared the stage with so far? If you could set up a dream show/tour who are some bands you would love to tour/tour play with?

Most notably it would be Avatar back while we were called Beyond Hell, but we've also played with Fester, Beyond Mortality, Void, Saga Incendia, Recreated and Fleshcut that all of you should check out. Dream tour would be unlimited beer and other assorted substances, accompanied by Suffocation, a
re-animated Chuck Schuldiner, Bloodbath with Åkerfeldt and Manowar. Since we would like to bring some company from home we would probably bring Saga Incendia or Planetary Disobedience, thus guaranteeing that we would always have someone to hang with.

In your opinion what is the best and the worst thing about the underground today? And what does the term metal underground mean to you?

The best thing is the people in general, you always meet some new friends at the shows, and the underground in general is still pretty strong in Sweden, so it's just awesome. The worst thing would be the influx of ''unmetal'' cultural over these last years.. Everyone bitching and moaning all the time about irrelevant shit like their pathetic love lives, especially since we're all far better off than most people. Metal is supposed to have a bigger fucking perspective than that stupid shit.. Cunts complaining about school being hard or unfair or all that shit.. fuck them all! The underground is made up of the true metalheads still in this game for the sake of the music and keeping their minds free. So, the underground is synonymous to metalheads, the big majority of the mainstream metalheads are just assholes in disguise.

Erupted come out of the legendary Swedish scene so I was interested in your opinion of the metal scene. How do you feel the scene has changed over the years?

The music has changed towards a cleaner and more technical style, something that we feel is due to the U.S style becoming a bigger influence, but over all the emotion should be the same.

Who are some of your all-time favorite Swedish metal bands? Are there new metal bands you feel the readers should check out soon?
Obituary, Dismember, Grotesque, Birdflesh, Overdeath.. way to many to list..  All the bands mentioned in our list of bands we have gigged with, and of course the dream tour is worth a look! Especially since Beyond Mortality is coming out with a new album soon!

Are you or any of the other members of Erupted currently working/playing with side-bands right now besides Erupted?

Always something new going one for most of us, almost every week. Tobias has started some progressive death metal project and Cedrik and Jonte are in Electric Funeral, which is some doped-up stoner rock thing, and Jonas is probably involved in some black metal stuff.. I think it's called Tyrannosatan (Satanic Dinosaur metal perhaps? - Dale).

Daniel you handle the vocals for the band when did you start singing?

I have no idea.. I have always been screaming at shit, but I think I started growling in 07 or something like that..

Who are some of your favorite vocalists? Also when you are recording or preparing for a live show is their anything you do to keep your throat / voice healthy?

Gallagher is mighty as hell, Som plujimers is also pretty cool, Åkerfeldt and Tomas Lindberg are also awesome. I usually take 1 shot of Jägermesister and 2 Prince 100's as warm-up, and it works rather well.

When you are not working on music or band business what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I study to become a high school teacher in English and Religion, so I don't have a lot of free time outside the band.

Well Daniel we have reached the end of the interview thank you for taking the time to fill this out. Do you have any final comments for the readers?
We are working on a new demo, so keep an eye on our pages. Our album is pretty much available everywhere, but please get it from Abyss so they can keep printing cool stuff! I should ask you to go to our facebook or some stupid shit like that, but since it's much easier to get a hold of your music in almost every other way possible, we prefer you do that. Facebook fans are for cunts, we hope to get a live audience instead. Remember to fuck shit up to good fucking music!




The Erupted Discography 

In The Grip Of Chaos Full-length, 2012



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