Interview by Jeffrey Kusbel with Antimo March 2000

I decided to do this interview with Disgorge upon hearing the awesome "Chronic Corpora Infest". I actually wrote the band for a copy of the promo to review in the first place and they kindly (and quickly I might add) sent me a copy with thanks. Disgorge are one of the most brutal and mighty bands in the death metal scene today. Do yourself a favor by picking up one of the Disgorge albums and be prepared to disgorge your innards upon your first listen! This interview was conducted via e-mail with the very sick main gutpuker Antimo. Thanks to Antimo for taking the time to answer these questions and also for being a cool motherfucker! Here goes:

*  Update - Antimo the left Disgorge in 2004 and it appears they tried to carry on without him for a while but then gave up the fight a couple of years later, near as I can find out. If they are still active they are being pretty quiet about it and their dot com site has not been updated in almost 2 years (I write this in mid 2007). Antimo on the other hand bounced all over the place in bands like Ravager, Blood Reaping, Hacavatz, Profanator (Autopsy Kitchen once had a release scheduled with them but it was later canceled) and was quite known for joining Impeity. As near as I can tell Antimo is just doing Impeity now and it is going well, they plan to have a new full-length album out sometime in 2007...



Greetings Antimo! So what have Disgorge been up to lately? Are all the members from the "Chronic Corpora Infest" lineup still together?

Yeah. We are the same lineup right now and also we are awaiting the release of our 2nd cd through Repulse Recs. "Forensick". And man this shit is gonna make dust out of "CCI"! I assure you that! Also man we are planning to do a split 7" with Headfucker Prods. with the band Sanity's Dawn so you can hear a new track there. Also we are touring with Cenotaph and Shamash here in Mexico and still composing new stuff and playing. We are also seeing about shit to booking for the Milwaukee Metal Fest!

Could you please list everything Disgorge have released to date and give a bit of background information about the band?

Well this is the list of all that we have released:

Rehearsal 94 (sold out)

Demo 95 "Through the Innards" Bellphegot Recs. (sold out)

Demo 2 - 3 Tracks re-released in 98 through Obliteration Recs.

CD - Tape "Chronic Corpora Infest" American Line Productions

Split 7" with Squash Bowels on Bizarre Leprous Prods. 98

Also we are awaiting our 2nd CD "Forensick" through Repulse and the split with Sanity's Dawn. We have also alternated with bands such as: Incantation, Master, Cannibal Corpse, Rottrevore, Katakalysm, Macabre, Cenotaph, The Chasm, Agony Lords, Domain, Prohibitory, Shamash, and more with a lot of great acceptance. We have also finished 2 tours in Central America and we are now finishing our 2nd intense tour in Mexico with such great acceptance and still grinding out!!

Who came up with the idea for the totally sick packaging on the "CCI" cd? If you guys were on a major label the disc would have definitely been banned or censored!

Yeah thats right! So I guess we also have totally sick support by our past label American Line Prods. since they have delivered this sick piece of shit! The idea of the cover and inserts were between the 3 of us so we decided to put a sick mother fuckin' obscene and disgusting cover on "CCI" because the cover of the tape is different and we wanted to put something more sick and disgusting!

Inside the "CCI" cd I noticed that you wrote "This album is in tribute to the most insane and bizarre cannibal ever: Jeffrey Dahmer". Care to elaborate?

Man, we put that because we admire sickness and all putrid gorerotted shit! For us Jeffrey Dahmer has been a sick influence so brother you can figure out how many fuckers into the serial killer shit we adore! We love all kinds of gore and we live for it! We love the whole serial killer "movement" and we bow to all sadistic and cold blooded killers in the world! But we do have a special respect for Jeffrey Dahmer for the way he ate and killed people. We also admire his hate towards humanity and the whole world! He has inspired us through all these years to make sick music and make lyrics more in depth and totally sick and fuckin' merciless! So it's not just a tribute to Jeffrey Dahmer but to his sick hate towards humanity which is shared by all the serial killers! Total sickness!!

Who writes the lyrics and comes up with all the complex song titles?

Well man, we compose music between the 3 of us and I write the lyrics in Disgorge. I try to set all the sickness in my mind through them and they are very personal thoughts about what I feel through gore and all sick topics but in the very patho forensick shit! Totally sick and disgusting!!

Do any members of Disgorge drink beer or tequila perhaps? If so, what are a few of your favorite beers? Ever try the Mexican beer Pacifico?

Man Pacifico rules but have you ever tried Indio? Man that beer totally dominates!! Just try it! I'll bet that you leave all the other shit!! Also Superior is great but man just try Indio. And bro tequila is great. Did you ever try Corralejo tequila?(Can't say that I have but I will be doing so by your recommendation! - JPK) Man, that shit is great! Just try it bro! I can assure you that you will lick the bottle til' your tongue gets wounded! Je!!

What bands have influenced Disgorge the most past and present?

Man, I could never end the list of how many bands we enjoy and listen to daily but here are a few: Carcass(of course the golden and mighty years!), Mortician(Gods!), Necrony, Pathologist, Cryptopsy, Exhumed(Mighty warriors in gore!), Nile, General Surgery, The Mighty Sodom, All the old past from the godly Slayer, Impaled, Angel Corpse, Cephalic Carnage, Nasum, Grotesque Infection, Immolation, Morbid Angel, Dead Infection, Decrepit, Hemdale, Devourment, Incantation, The mighty Possessed,  Diabolic, Cenotaph(old MEX), Cannibal Corpse(old). Bro, I could never end this unfinished list of how many bands we enjoy and bow to! All the true and nasty strong fuckin' metal we adore! Gore fuckin' metal bounded!!

Are you a fan of vinyl records and do you collect them? Any plans for future Disgorge albums to be released on vinyl?

Man vinyl dominates! The most high collector of vinyl in the band is Edgar the axe grinder. He really has a huge collection of vinyls and 7"s and shit. And you can get the next vinyl from Disgorge in split 7" form with Sanity's Dawn on Headfucker Recs. and also our new album "Forensick" will be available as a limited edition vinyl LP on Nocturnal Music in Italy. This shit will be really limited!!

How is the overall underground scene in Mexico? Do you guys get a lot of support from fans?

Man, the scene here in Mexico is really huge and the gigs here are very intense bro! Also there are some great bands here such as: Cenotaph(Yes, they are back and more brutal than their previous albums! Very aggressive music!), Domain, Prohibitory, Anarchus(Gods!), The Chasm, Shamash, Goretrocity, Paracoccidiodomicosis Proctitossarcomucosis, Horrified, Rottenness, The Zephyr, and tons of other great acts over here! Keep an eye over here on Mexico bro! The scene is getting really big here man and just check out the opinions of other bands that have played here in Mexico. The crowds are really savage and intense! I think the scene here is getting bigger but we need more support from zines' and labels.

Eternal thanks for this interview Antimo! Feel free to write any closing comments to the Canadian Assault readers and perhaps list some Disgorge merchandise that is available. I would definitely like to get a Disgorge T-shirt! Hails!!

Man, about the shirt, we could make a trade or something bro! You will get it! Thanks a ton of fuckin' dead bodies for your interest and support towards Disgorge! Also to Dale bro! Give massive salutations! And here is the merch available:

CD "Chronic Corpora Infest" $15

TAPE "Chronic Corpora Infest" $6

T-SHIRT "Chronic Corpora Infest" - short sleeve only, unisize, black shirt 2

sided stamping and killer artwork of Alfonso Artgore Ruiz $15

DEMO 2 - 96 - Re-issued by Obliteration Recs. 98 $4

All of these prices include postage and I hope all the readers write to us about info or anything. OK brother in gore and pus! Thanks a lot for your interest, and to all, check out the new album "Forensick" through Repulse Recs. and keep infesting!!!


P.O. Box 1-310

Queretaro, QRO. 76001


Email =



The Complete Disgorge Discography 




Split w/ SQUASH BOWELS 1998 7" EP

BLOOD & PUS Demo 1998 Demo


Split w/ C.B.T. 2001 MCD

Split w/ SQUASH BOWELS 2002 CD





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