Interview by Dale Roy with Glenn of Destruktor May 2000…

Destruktor are fucking raw, brutal and violent. They are hateful, sick, depraved and ugly. Utter destruction and whirlwind guitar mayhem. They are fucking metal. All are reasons why I chose to interview Destruktor… Sit back my metal minions and enjoy your verbal beating. Unleashed from glenn’s forked and acidic tongue!!!

*  Update - Is that Destruktor are still active having released recently a string of releases mainly on the mighty label Hells Headbangers from Ohio run I believe by the Nunslaughter guys. I used to be in really good touch with Glenn but we kind of drifted apart but I will try get in touch with warrior once again...



Hails Glenn, you sick fuck and true metal warrior! Please introduce yourself, your band and tell us what is happening in the Kangaroo Flats today?

Hails to you Metal Dale! I am Glenn, guitarist, vokiller & writer of Aussie Unholy Horde Destruktor! Not a lot is happening in the Flat. The sun is shining and it is quiet. Personally, I’m enjoying a “sick” day off work, kicking back, listening to some LP’s & catching up on my mail a little bit.

Were you a bastard child or a mild mannered kid? I know Kiss was your first fave band, so tell me what you like about them? I must admit they had a pretty cool and raw guitar sound on some of their early albums (Dynasty, Dressed To Kill).

I never really got in trouble as a young fella. I am far from shy, but I never really hung out with “gangs”. I did my own thing a lot. I never had metalhead mates ‘till I was 15 or so, it seemed I was the only one who revolved their life around metal. Now it’s different. Kiss was certainly the first band I loved. I’ve been a fan since I was 3. I guess the image would have intrigued me. I’m certain they laid the foundation in my interest in a harder sound. Loud guitars, up beat drums. I remember being 4 or so & staying up late to watch Kiss on Tele, and Gene Simmons was spewing blood, & I was terrified, but I continued to watch, it was great. They were larger than life, fucking monsters. I’m the first to admit Kiss had some shit songs, but the classic ones more than make up for it.

What were the first demos and fanzines you ordered? First live show was? Since we are on the subject of firsts. First time you had sex, how old were you, how did it go and where did it happen?

I’m not 100% sure on the first demo, but the first band I received in the mail was Anatomy. The first zines I got were Slayer # 10 & Petrified # 3. But I got them from a shop. This opened up a whole new world as far as extreme music was concerned. All these bands and I’d only heard a handful of them. First live show was Queen in Melbourne ’85. But the first extreme metal gig I went to was Bolt Thrower in Melbourne 1993. First time I had sex was when I was 6 or 17, depends on how you look at it. I was off my head, in my bedroom. We rooted lots of positions & because I was pissed & stoned, it went for fucking ages & ages.

How was your Holy Trinity..Denied demo received? Did anyone complain about the symbolism on the cover art? What are your thoughts looking back on it now? Is it still available and how many copies have you sold / traded / given for promotion?

As a whole, it was received well. Of course some said the sound was a bit poor, but that I don’t care about, I like raw!! It’s a demo, do they expect CD quality production?? The only complaints were on the vocals being too screamy, but at the same time, others really like them. Only a couple of people mentioned to me about the symbolism, but I’ve had no problems at all. Looking back at it, I take it for what it is. Maybe we could’ve varied the vocals more & rehearsed more for it. But it still shows us as an aggressive, chaotic metal force. It shows potential for better to come. It is now unavailable (well prectically, 5 copies left as of May), I have no wish to spread this as the Destruktor, it is 3 years old. All up, about 400 copies were spread to friends, fans, labels, distros, zines, bands.

I know in the past your drummer lived far away (playing with Destroyer 666 but recently quit) but has now moved closer. How has this affected the band with regards to rehearsals and possible live gigs?

Jarro moving back to the country has enabled us to rehearse more than we ever have in the 3-4 years previous. He still lives a couple hours away & he is sometimes busy so weekly rehearsal is out of the question. We have had about 6 jams in 6 months, which is way above the usual quota of ½ per year HA HA. Jarro will move back to Melbourne but won’t play with D666. Hopefully we can maintain this regular rehearsal. But no gigs for a while, though I’m confident we can pull it off if we keep at it.

When North Americans think of Australians they tend to think of Crocodile Dundee or Steve Erwin The Croc Hunter. Is this a bad generalization or does it hold any truth? Why does your paper money have little see thru windows on them? What the fuck is Vegemite and what does it taste like? What is life like in OZ? What do you think of America and Canada musically and generally as nations?

I don’t think this a true assumption. Believe it or not, we are more Amercanized, which is not necessarily a good thing, as a lot of it is plastic culture. Fuckin' homeboys, talk shows, basketball. Of course, Australia does have the outback, & bush towns with their identities, usually seen at the pubs on Friday after a weeks work. But a lot of Australia is a rat race, & multicultural shit, particularly in the major cities (which I fortunately don’t live in). Our plastic money has see through windows as an anti-forgery thing. Vegemite is a great spread for bread/toast etc, it is black like Promite or Marmite (What the fuck are those?! Ha Ha! – Dale), but better. I guess it’s an acquired taste because many tourists dislike it. Life in OZ is fairly laid back, & easy. Drink piss, or work on cars, play sport, basically do the fuck what you want (drink piss, listen to fucking metal). Canada have some great metal bands in the past – Voivod, Blasphemy (They have reformed for a gig July 21/2000!!! – Dale), Razor, Sacrifice, Infernal Majesty, Conqueror, Lust. True metal spirit seems to exist in Canadian metal bands. Canadian people seem to be pretty cool folk. I would see Canada being a bit like Australia, but maybe a bit more Americanized. USA has had many great bands, & there is no point in mentioning them all. Morbid Angel to me are the stand out band. I’m not a big fan of the USA culture. It seems to be ruled by money, politics, religion & stupidity. Of course I’ve been in contact with great metalheads from there, but a lot of the USA sucks!!

What do you think of this trend nowadays to incorporate female vocals, keyboreds, violins etc. into extreme music? Maybe you could incorporate a flute into Destruktor?

Fuck mate, all these poofy “nice” sounds in extreme music is pretty sad. It’s pretty sad. It’s just not metal. Fuck, listen to Sabbath, Kiss, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Slayer, Metallica. Did they resort to this? No! I suppose I have no major problems with the “nicer” bands, as long as they don’t think they are a metal band(Exactly right! Stop calling your music metal you commercial goth wanking homos!! – Dale), because they ain’t. They are influenced by metal but fear that it is not going to make them money. So they divert up an opera path or some crap. Mate, incorporating a flute into Destruktor is a ridiculous idea (I hope you noted my obvious sarcasm in asking this question? J - Dale). As mentioned earlier, that is for poofy bands, and we are not fuckin’ poofy. I like some of these instruments, but I feel they don’t belong most of the time, turn up those fucking guitars!!

How much new material has Destruktor amassed since the Trinity... demo? What does it sound like and how does it differ from the old songs? How does the band go about the writing process?

I have not written much material since the demo. Due to rehearsal limitations I haven’t raced ahead, we would never be able to work on plenty of songs at once. Only 3 songs are complete, & we still do the “Holy Trinity…Denied” as well. But more brutal. I have bits & pieces to work on once the 7” is done. Overall, I would have to say the new stuff is catchier, faster and (more) brutal. As a three member band we sound heavier when jamming. The most notable difference from the demo will be the vocals, which are no longer screams, but more mid-range, & low. I think the thrashy edge is almost gone. It’s now more constant & unrelenting. Songs are written normally from an intro riff, & then some things come along, & other times an older riff might fit in somewhere. Songs normally take a bit of jamming with Regan & myself before they take form. Once we get to Jarro’s we show him & he does his own thing mostly. As long as he drums with brutality I don’t whinge. Lyrics come last, sometimes based around titles. Other times it is a culmination of ideas from different times.

If you could kill someone and get away with it, who would it be and how would you do it? Using that as a segue please name some of your fave all-time horror/gore flicks or other sick literature?

I already have… It was great. One less brainwashed fuckwit gone. Well I’m not much of a reader of horror literature. But as far as movies go, I’ve seen a few in my time. My number 1 all time would have to be “Braindead”. Also “Bad Taste” is classic, Peter Jackson is a friggin’ champ. Of course you can’t go past a great Friday The 13th, or Helloween movie, but the pure gore aspect of “Braindead” kills me every time. If I could kill again, it would be a bewdy (???? – Dale) if I pulled off an assassination on the Pope. Maybe the old bastard will die soon anyway. So much money is spent on securing this fragile little prick, wouldn’t it be a real fuck you to the powers that be if the cunt got killed?

The Aussie scene seems strong to me and possibly less trendy then other countries. Do you agree with my views? Are live shows well supported there? What are some bands and zines we need to check out? (By the way the new Gospel Of The Horns release on Damnation Records fucking rules!!)

Well that’s possibly true. From what I’ve noticed, bands don’t copy each other. The extreme metal scene varies from doom, to thrash, to death & black, no one style is dominant. But believe me, OZ isn’t completely free of some trend though. I guess gigs get decent crowds. Never small, but rarely massive either, but support is there. Zine-wise there isn’t many. Season Decay, though only 1 issue is out, seems to be worth checking out. Heresy was good, but is now dead, Bloodlust isn’t out yet, but could be great! (Quiddity zine from OZ is pretty cool too – Dale) Yes. Gospel Of Horns MLP is great, like the 2 previous demo’s are. True Bangin’ Metal!! Also, check out Abominator, Hellspawn, Anarazel, Anatomy, Vomitor, Stargazer, Mournful Congregation, Martire, Razor Of Occam. And for all heavy metal thrashers, Dungeon is a heavy classical band! A hint of Helloween, darn heavy!

I understand you have had some label interest for a 7-INCH or possibly a MCD. But you may scrap all that for a self released promo/demo. So let us in on the latest Destruktor news and plans regarding your next release? What songs will be on it and tell us what the lyrics deal with?

Well for a long time, Black Militia (from Canada – Dale) were interested in doing a 7” or MCD & then shirts. But all of a sudden he stopped writing, I think he may be very slack or stopped his underground work. But these days we have a couple of European underground maniacs keen on releasing a 7”. There was talk of a split 10”, but it seems very unlikely. A 7” will be best anyway. 7” EP’s fuckin’ rule!! The 7” will have 4 songs. The title track will be a new one “Brutal Desecration”, a redone version of “The Holy Trinity…Denied”, & 2 other new ones, “Final Vengeance” & “Bloodthirsty Mecca Demon”. All of the lyrics are blasphemic and desecrating. They deal with the end of christianity, death, war, pain, desecration, blood, & the darker side of life. Brutality & suffering to the ignorant & blind.

Tell us a story about one of the many drunken rampages of members of Destruktor? Do you attend many blasphemous headbang until you bleed and drink until you puke parties?

Fuck, I feel asleep between 2 parked cars in the main street. When I am drunk, I am an insane ball of energy & craziness. I think that’s the only time I’ve crashing during a drunk frenzy, I stay around to drink more piss (This urine drinking seems to be popular over there then huh? J - Dale), not fall asleep. Falling asleep has consequences. My mates Maz & Leigh have been known to fall asleep during metal parties. They end up with Texta on their arms, face, & anywhere else exposed. One night Leigh became the human rubbish tip. And a birthday cake, with sparkler blazing away attached to him. They must learn to stay awake until the alcohol is finished & the mull is smoked (though Regan (Bass), & Jarro don’t smoke weed much). Occasionally someone will puke, but very rarely. I am prone to an early morning spew after sinking too many bourbons. The Bendigo Headbangers can fuckin’ party, don’t worry about that!!

Okay Glenn, many hellfire hails for taking the time and energy to do this interview! Send greetings out to and list some cool people you are in contact with? Before you go tell us what has been brutalizing your stereo in recent months?

Hails to you, cheers for the support. Some cool people who deserve your interest/support & I hail! King Wolle & his cult Desecration Of Virgin zine, Nunslaughter/Don, CRAZY MAX from France & all of his activities, Iapetos & Unholy Arcangel, Bernard & cult Lust, Cath & Leather ‘N Spikes zine, Damnation Records, Blackstar/Warlord Recs./Alex, Karnage & Eternal Flame zine, Crucifier/Cazz, Tadas & Ledo Takas zine/label, and all the true Aussie bands & maniacs worldwide! The stereo has been getting punished lately by Vader, Immolation, Gospel Of The Horns, Order From Chaos, Carpathian Forest, Rebaelliun. And as always Beherit, Darkthrone, Mystifier, Emperor, Kiss, Mayhem, Kreator, Sarcofago, all great stuff!! HAIL AND KILL!!


P.O. Box 1024

Kangaroo Flat

VIC. 3555




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"Live Desecration"   split 7" EP w/ NunSlaughter   (2002)

"Brutal Desecration"   7" EP   (2001)

"The Holy Trinity... Denied"   DEMO CASSETTE (1997)




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