Interview by Dale Roy with vocalist Ollie July 3rd 2000Ö

Desecration are an English band that embraces brutality. Something not seen too often from that country anymore. They seem more into goth/doom/disco-black crap these days. But Desecration stick a rusty knife into the belly of these trends and rejoice in watching its blood run free and guts slither and slosh onto the ground. I have to be honest I would have liked a lot more effort from Ollie in answering this interview. I guess maybe I was bothering him or he was just too busy to properly answer everything. Either way I am proud to feature this disgusting and vile band in my zine!!

* Update -  Much to my surprise Desecration is still going strong even if they suffered the loss of one their members and those pretty dreadlocks. I say I was surprised as I have not heard anything about their releases in 4 or 5 years at least. Maybe that is the fault of poor promotion or I am just not running in the right circles these days ;)



I understand your first album possessed such sickening and explicit artwork/lyrics that the Police stormed the residence and confiscated copies of said album, please tell us about this whole situation? Were you taken to court as a result? Is this the reason your then record label Arctic Serenade went belly up?

Yeah, what a fuckiní start! Our first full recording lands us in court over obscenity, what happened to freedom of speech eh? We got arrested and all of our hard work was confiscated and destroyed, our houses turned upside down just for playing the music that we want (it was a little OTT mind- absolutely disgusting to be honest!!). ĎGore & Perversioní was the biggest seller for Arctic Serenades, and although they had a load of shit over it, it wasnít the reason for their demise.

Tell us a little bit about Ollie the person? Any hobbies outside of your musical activities? Play sports? Have a pet? Still keep in touch with your family (brothers, sisters etcÖ)? What kind of kid were you when growing up and did you like school?

Well I killed my family years ago, hadnít you heard? My hobbies involve cruising the streets at night looking for easy targets, I have a shaven pussy and Iím into watersports. I never went to school, never wanted to wear a tie.

I understand besides being the vocalist you play a bit of drums and in fact recorded the drum tracks on your second album. How did this work out for the band and was there any thought given to doing an Exciter/Deceased sort of thing with you playing drums & doing vocals live? What ever happened to your original drummer?

A very small amount of drums, in fact Iím never gonna play again! I only learnt to play as we didnít have a drummer and I simply couldnít wait any longer to record something new, I wouldnít do it live though, not with all the blast beats and deep vocals together, nnooooo! Our original drummer had to give up due to a back injury.

Ollie you are a licensed Mortician. What was it that got you interested to pursue this career? What kind of schooling must a Mortician go thru? Do you ever get an odd feeling working on what was a living breathing person? How has this career helped you with your lyric writing which deals with horror/gore themes?

I had to have a daily gore fix, itís the only thing that gets me up in the mornings. It never feels odd, itís great, I love it, it gives me great ideas and ÖIíd better leave it there eh?

Other than Desecration & Gorerotted at least to me the brutal death metal scene in the UK seems a little thin. Do you agree and what are some bands and zines we need to check out?

 Itís OK actually, thereís a handful of bands and zines that are real dedicated and worth checking out, thereís Evoke, Infestation, Throne of Nails, Brutal Insanity to name some and zines like Kentucky Fried Afterbirth, Godreah, Intoxicated have been going a while.

Please list and give a few words about each & every release Desecration has put out? Do you see a significant difference between album # 1 & # 3? How has the response been to the new album from both fans and critics?

We had one demo called ĎMangled Remainsí which was very basic death metal but people loved it, then the ĎGore & Perversioní CD which was labelled one of the sickest releases ever due to itís lyrics mainly, as the only thing left was a rough mixed tape it sounds quite a bad recording, but the songs are cool, our next album ĎMurder in Mindí was much better quality, better playing but not what we wanted really, ĎInhumaní our latest is with a whole band playing, drummer and all,ha ha!

What is Desecration like live? Do you do any covers? How are the turn-outs generally around your country for extreme metal shows? Any cool live stories to tell good or bad?

Awesome, we donít need covers, used to play a couple, but itís nice for people to appreciate our own material instead. As it seems to be everywhere else, people donít tend to turn up unless someone big is playing, weíve always had great turnouts when weíve played in London and our local area (of course) but generally the scene in the UK isnít great, letís hope that changes soon.

I understand your first show in the US at the November To Dismember festival did not go as well as it could have? What was the reason and what did you think of the fest and Texas in general? After this show you managed to snag a tour with Monstrosity here in the US, how did this come about? What did you think of the tour and the US fans you seen? Any new US tours in the works or will that have to wait until next album?

When we turned up and had a look at the running order we noticed that we were playing at the same time as a sickness competition on another stage, fuck I would have wanted to be in that myself and who wouldnít want to watch that? We had a great time in Texas though and within two weeks we were flying back for the full US tour which was cool, the American fans were great too. Nothing is planned at the moment but we hope to go back to the states soon.

Please list 10 things that tend to piss you off? Now list your 10 fave foods? Is there a Pizza shop & liquor store on every corner over there like there is here in the US? Are you an Ab Fab or Coronation Street fan? Are most people in big cities over there a bunch of rude assholes or is that just something we are graced with over here? Is life as laid-back and easy going in England as it always appears to us over here?

Loads of interview questions!!! (I can see why you are lazy at answering them - Dale) crap horror films and censorship, that too goes for porn censorship here too, that sucks badly, women that refuse to shave their pussies and take cum on their face, hangovers, is that 10? As I said I never went to skool. I only have a taste for human flesh. If Coronation Street is in the red light district then I like it, otherwise fuck it, I donít watch TV. There are loads of arseholes here too.

How has Copro Records been treating you? Why is it I had the hardest time trying to find a contact address for you, there was none on the promo booklet I was sent, none on the bio page & none on the Copro website? You are not homeless are you? Do you find it all annoying that your label also releases a lot of lame commercial music?

Copro is fine for us, we wanted a label in the UK so itís easy to converse and all that, they get us great shows here and sell our album well, it could be a good thing if there was more similar music released on there but Iím not sure on that one.

How long was the recording sessions for your amazing album ďInhumanĒ? Are you happy with the results soundwise? It must be advantageous to both you and the label that they have their own recording studio! Please describe what an average day for you was like in the studio?

 We recorded it in less than two weeks , the sessions were about 9 hours each, what can I say about the days, we just turned up did our stuff and went home each day.

These are real standard questions but I never tire of reading the answers soÖ What has been terrorizing your stereo in the last few months? Please list some fanzines you like both recently and in the past? How about a few favorite demo bands? Are you into vinyl?

Iím always getting new stuff to listen too, but Suffocation and Angelcorpse are never far away from my stereo. I love vinyl, pity itís faded away.

What is the sickest thing you have ever personally witnessed? Are you a horror/gore movie fan and what are some essential flicks you can recommend? If you could kill someone and get away with it, who would it be and how would you do it?

Of course Iím a gore movie fan, thatís all I ever watch, I love porn too, I recommend traces of Death series too anyone who ainít seen Ďem. I canít say who my next victim will be, that would be pretty stupid wouldnít it?

What do you think of the internet? Do you think it benefits the underground scene? Do you think Email is killing flyer spreading and other old school methods of promotion? Does the band have a website or is there one planned?

The internet is great, loads and loads of filth, itís good that bands can have a web page, but I preferred the flyer spreading, trying to get your name around on the net is a waste of fuckiní time in my mind. A guy in England does a website on us, itís at:, and I gather someone else is doing one soon.

Okay Ollie I am out of questions thanx for your time and thank you for giving me an album I can be proud to own! Please give some final words to the readers and future plans for the band?

 Well thanks for the interview and a hundred odd questions, weíre  always wanting people to check us out so do so with our new album ĎInhumaní we never disappoint, for our fans out there, keep desecrating!



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