Interview by Dale Roy with Azter January 6th, 2000…

Denial Of God is a true old-school black metal band. They started before most of the big name so called  forerunners of the genre. They are back with vengeance and hate in their souls and the blackened flame in their hearts! All you trendy symphonic fans fucking flee in terror!!

* Update - I am proud to say as of 2007 Denial of God have been in existance for 16 fucking years and still turning over grave stones and tending the ghouls. They have released Full-length album and some vinyl singles last year and plan to have a new album out by the start of 2008. The vinyl label Azter and Ustu started some years ago appears to be going strong as well, I have updated the links below, so go and support them now.



Greetings my metal brother! Please introduce yourself and describe your bands music for those who have not heard Denial Of God yet?

Greetings from the crypt of horror! I am Azter, the ghoul behind the creepy strings of horror in Denial Of get the feeling of the musick it is best to listen to it yourselves, it is the soundtrack to your worst nightmare, we are the essence of horror!

I have been a follower of the band since I tape traded for your debut ’92 demo tape “Oscularium Infame”. The next couple years you released the very good 7” ep “The Statues Are Watching” and “Ghouls Of Dog” MCD (Never heard this one I’m afraid). What is your opinion on them looking back now, are you satisfied with them?

Does the word ‘Dog’ in the “Ghouls…” title refer to or mock the fact that god spelt backwards is dog? Looking back I always notice what could have been done better, but I also remember the times when we recorded them and they are all still of high value to me because we always went our own way and the releases show that! I remember how we recorded them all with great dedication and I can see that we are still the same band even if we have become better. I am still very satisfied with all of them because they are like my "children". They are still some of the most evil recordings around and they have all proven themselves timeless which is the most important thing. I realize what we achieved in the past, but I always look ahead and see what we will do next because it will only be more evil horror. About "DOG" - there are 2 meanings behind it and I think you should guess for yourself what these meanings is "DOG", not "dog".

Now your new excellent MCD “Klabautermanden” has been released. Tell us how did you come in contact with Hammerheart Recs.? Are you happy with their work so far?

I see them as a very good label who takes special care with the underground scene and fanzine promotion. How many releases have you signed for with Hammerheart? You see them as a good label, but that's probably because you are not signed to them! We first were offered a deal by them in 1995 when we had just signed to Dark Trinity Productions, so back then we had to say no to them. When things between us and the label later turned out not to be so great anymore we decided to continue with HHR because in the meantime they had called us again and asked how things were going with the old label. We have known Guido behind HHR since the early 90s when we were trading demos of our respective bands and I thought Guido and HHR were to be trusted but they obviously have proven that they cannot be trusted!!! We are absolutely not satisfied with them and let me tell you why: First they took a very long time to release "Klabautermanden", but they had some explanations like the change of the German distributor, so we kinda had to accept that. The problems really start when we found out that they have released our "Klabautermanden" mini-album (both the digipak-Cd and the picture 10" m-LP) without any lyrics printed!!! Can you believe that?? They knew since day 1 that we wanted the lyrics to be printed, but obviously they didn't care!! They told us that the layout they had delivered was in the wrong formats and that they had a lot of trouble with it, but if that is the case - they could have told us and things would have been changed immediately! But, to be honest, nowadays I believe that they simply weren't interested in "wasting" the money for the booklet because they made the rest of the layout, so why couldn't they print the lyrics too?? They simply released the mini-album without EVER telling us that there would be such dramatic changes! Another thing that we are not satisfied with at all is their shitty and unintelligent marketing! I saw some adds with our mini-album mentioned, and it simply said "pretty ugly shit" - what a stupid sentence and description is that?? It really shows how little understanding they have of our music, namely none at all! When I mentioned all this to Guido, he just said that they couldn't do much more for a mini-CD...since when is it more expensive to write for example "Black Horror Metal" than "pretty ugly shit"??? Also he suddenly spoke of not releasing the next Denial Of God album because "Klabautermanden" got some bad reviews (we never saw these ourselves, another fact that proves how they don't care for us)! Can you believe that? That just shows how much the reviewers have power over HHR and that they are obsessed with making money and are not interested in the music anymore! They want to break the contract because of some reviews...definitely the most lame attitude I have ever been confronted with!!! They are so obsessed with making money that they will do anything, but obviously they gave us no priority because they couldn't make money enough on us!!! We don't give a fuck about that shitty label, we prefer a smaller but honest label that really cares for us and understands the music instead of a bigger label like HHR who have no understanding of the music at all and only cares for trends!! They don't care for the underground, only for the money!!! It's unimportant how many releases we signed for because there is no way that there will ever be another Denial Of God release on that shitty label!!! We are currently negotiating with a new label for the release of the "The Horrors of Satan" LP/CD.

Can you explain the 4 year delay between your ’95 “Ghouls…” MCD and the brand new MCD?

Has there been any, improvements in your line-up problems? Are live shows possible at the moment? Is rehearsing and song writing difficult without a full line-up in rehearsal? First off; it's "only" a 3-year-delay because "The Ghouls of DOG" was released in 1996, not 1995. Anyway, Uksul (drums on "Ghouls) left the band in early 1997 and after that we had Sorgh on drums with whom we recorded "Klabautermanden" in late 1998. He took some time to learn the songs so that's why we didn't record the mini-album earlier. Also we could not rehearse too often because of the distance between us and Sorgh. After that it took a long time to get the layout done and then for HHR to finally release it in October 1999! The line-up between "The Ghouls of DOG" and "Klabautermandne" changed a lot. Uksul (drums) left and also Fargel (bass) had been kicked out before that because he was not the right person for the band. He was replaced by Isaz who is still in the band. Sorgh left the band after recording “Klabautermanden" because he thought it was too much for him with 2 bands at the same time (a quite lame excuse because the other band was doing nothing at that time anyway). We have recently used a session drummer with whom we played our "comeback" show and we also have 3 more shows coming up during spring, so live shows have recently been possible again, yes. However, the drummer will not stay and we don't expect to do more that the 3 shows with him, so we really need a drummer with whom we can record the full album this year! We have no idea who it will be at the moment.

Please tell me more about yourself personally. When did you get into metal? Also when did you discover the underground? What were the first bands and fanzines you enjoyed? What do you think of the state of the current scene?

I never speak of myself personally...well, I got into Metal in 1986 and the record that did it for me was Venom's "Black Metal". I then got into the underground in 1988 after seeing an add in the German Rock Hard Magazine about a demo called "Death to this world" of a swedish Death Metal band called Leprosy. I ordered it and that tape was amazing (and still is). After that I ordered another Leprosy tape along with a fanzine called Metallic Thrust that was done by the guy who sold the Leprosy tapes. It was full of adds and flyers and I wrote to almost all of them! I got a lot of tapes and this is really how things got started - from then on it just grew and grew! I liked the state of the metal scene more back then because it was much more underground. There were not so many bands around as now and things were easier. You could have an interview in a fanzine and many people would order your demo, it is different nowadays. I wish I had joined the underground earlier (although this was hardly possible with my age!) because in the late 80s there were not so many "evil" bands around. I always found many bands with evil names, but mostly they were not so evil after all. What I liked better back then was also that there weren't all these idiotic labels like HHR around who are only in it for the money, they are consuming everything because they have the money and because they control what gets widespread or not. The true underground is much smaller today. And we are a part of it for sure.

Denial Of God formed in 1991 and put their first demo out in 1992. Does it bother you that most have seemed to forgotten that Denial Of God were one of the pioneering bands in the 2nd wave of black metal at the start of the ‘90s? Do you miss those early days, like I do, when black metal had to be grim, raw, brutal, obscure and evil? What do you think of all these disco-symphonic so called ‘black metal’ bands with wimpy keyboards, violins, flutes and angelic female vocals!?

Well, let me start by telling you that people who have forgotten about us should not bother listening to us because how could they forget? The fact is that we were around a lot earlier than many bands out there who have released several albums. The fact that they released albums on big labels made them bigger bands (commercially that is) of course, but it is also time that people start realizing that most famous bands who started along with us have made so many compromises in the way their music sounds, in their statements and the way theý present themselves. They have all become softer and some of them are now so soft and cute in interviews that they can be heard by everybody's grandmom! I will not mention any names, but all these bands were signed to big labels and are now music for kids who want something smart to show off with! We never made any compromises, we never changed, we always stayed the same, but as you can see this is not rewarded with record sales and fame. We don't care anymore, because we will always stay the same and we will never sell out like so many others have done before us. As long as we can respect ourselves, I doubt many other bands can! I don't mind the instruments you mentioned as long as they are used properly (they seldom are, though).

I understand from an old fanzine I read in 1993 that the names of the core original members Azter and Ustamallagam were names given to you by a spirit you summoned, is this true? Do you still participate in magick and ritual? Are your satanic beliefs and interest in the occult as strong as they were in the past?

NOTE THAT THE NAME IS SPELLED USTUMALLAGAM!!! YOU ALSO GOT IT WRONG BECAUSE HHR MADE THIS STUPID SHEET WITH SPELLING MISTAKES!!!!!!! The names are the names of 2 (among more) spirits that Ustumallagam had contact with before the band was formed. They were taken, not given. As for the rest of the question: The answer is yes.

With the long period between releases I guess the band must have a lot of material built up. So why did you only release a MCD? Was it a MCD release because you wanted to get your name back out in the scene, before releasing a new album? Tell us what we can expect from your upcoming album “Horror Metal” and when will it be released? Was/will it be recorded in the same studio as the new MCD?

We released a mini-album because we wanted to release a mini-album. We didn't have tons of material ready, and we also thought that "Klabautermanden" would be good as a mini-album. As for that "Horror Metal" album...because HHR is such a stupid fucking idiot label everyone is now asking for the "Horror Metal" album!! IT IS A FACT that we NEVER intended to release any album with that title!!! It has been official for 3 years that the album will be called "The Horrors of Satan" and so it will be! From that album you can expect the most evil material ever! We will keep it in the true Denial Of God vein, but there will nevertheless be some surprises. Some titles will be "The Curse of the Witch", "The Iron Gibbet", "To the Devil" and "The Book of Oíufael" and it will be a true horror album, it will be really haunting! We are not sure yet when and where it will be recorded. First we need a drummer to record the drums!

I also once tape traded for Ustumallagam’s one man project Gigum xul with the demo “Mists”. Is this project still alive? I think you were one of the very first in the metal scene to do this ambient/trance stuff. I hate this style of music if you can call it that! I guess I can blame you for helping start it!? Ha Ha Do you still enjoy this style of music?

Gigim xul was just the "Mists" demo which was often added as bonus on early Denial Of God demo tapes, it was never released and there was never since recorded any new material. Well, back then nobody did anything like it, and personally I never heard of the term "ambient" back then either. I don't enjoy what people call ambient, most of it is so boring and ambient is just a term used for boring keyboard chords put together to bore the shit out of people. I believe I still like Gigim xul, but I haven't heard it for years because I don' t have a copy myself.

I know this is a standard question, but also a revealing one nonetheless. So please tell us what has been haunting your stereo in the past few months? Are you a vinyl collector? If yes, please list a few of your prize vinyl items?

Hm, I listen to so much, but some titles that have been haunting the stereo are Kraftwerk "Expo 2000" 12" EP (finally a new track of these gods! It was worth the wait!), Alice Cooper: Anything (the horror godfather will always prevail!!!), Paul Chain: several albums (because he's so sick!), Necrophagia "Holocausto de la Morte" picture LP (what a sick comeback), Stormwitch "Stronger than heaven" (this band just ruled! The Masters of black romantic!) and others. I am definitely a vinyl collector, and it is REALLY hard to pick out a few titles that are special to me, but some of the most rare and obscure ones are the following: Alice Cooper "The El Paso Show" bootleg LPs (2 different vinyl colors, limited to 210 and 39!), Death SS "Guardian Angel" 7" (2 different autographed copies), Kraftwerk "Autobahn" (very rare New Zealand pressing!), W.A.S.P. "Mean Man" gatefold 12" (personally signed by Blackie and Chris), Hellhammer "triumph of death..." demo (words are not necessary) and many, many others in my evergrowing collection. It is impossible to pick out just a few as there are many things I collect, but I have many rarities hidden in the vaults!

The words “Black Horror Metal” keep coming up. Is this some sort of personal philosophy or new sub-genre you consider Denial Of God to have created? Do your lyrics just deal with blasphemy in general or is there a wider scope to them (Sorry I was supplied with only the disc + bio and not lyrics or booklet of the MCD)?

Denial Of God is to be seen as a horror act. All lyrics are based on horror and this is also the atmosphere that the music creates. We usually call it "Black Horror Metal" because it is Horror Metal but it also shows sympathy for the Devil, and is therefore Satanic, ie. "black". We for sure have our own concept and the lyrics are small horror stories that cover all kinds of aspects in terms of horror, for example ghouls, vampires, zombies, spirits, grave desecration, Devil worship and whatever we come up with that is evil enough. Yes, I know that the promotional copies were not including lyrics, but it is really bad that also the sold copies have no lyrics because they are an essential part of the concept and people should know the lyrics to get the full horror effect from listening to Denial Of God. We always strive to have the lyrics printed, but sometimes labels fuck it up. People who order the vinyl version of "Klabautermanden" from us will have the lyrics included and they can also be ordered separately for $1/1 IRC.

Please tell about your live show. I have heard it is quite extreme and horrific. I read it was a cross between the live shows of old Mayhem and Death SS, is this true? Are many wimps and posers forced to leave the hall in fright during your live shows?

Well, the show is based on the concept of undead horror and therefore all muscicians are dressed up as zombies/undead. The stage is decorated with funereal props like candlelight, cobwebs, funeral bands and even grave stones and the show delivered by Ustumallagam is very dramatic and reflects the atmosphere of the songs. We have used raw meat and living maggots and I can tell you that many people leave the edge of the stage and seek refuge at the back when hell starts going! I also heard of people who left because they were sickened by the band's look itself! Anyway, I can tell you that our "comeback" show caused us to be banned from ever playing at that place again! In the future we will develop the show as much as we can financially!

Would you agree if I said the music on the new MCD me of a bit of Blasphemy+Australian warring death mixed with influences like Darkthrone, Venom, (early) Bathory, and Anvil (“Forged In Fire”era) with an own sound of course?

What influences do you see that helped shape a small bit the sound of Denial Of God? No, I don't agree, but at least people always compare us to tons of bands instead of just a few. Hm, the Anvil comparison is new to us, haha! There is no way that the bands you mentioned influenced us, except for Venom and Bathory which were among out main influences along with Death SS, Mayhem and even Alice Cooper. These are just a few because we always listened to many different bands, but of course the evil ones were the most important ones. Oh yeah, we should not forget Infernäl Mäjesty too! I don't think we sound inspired by those you mention, probably you got that into mind because HHR wrote that we sounded like a mixture of Scandinavian Black Metal and Australian Death Metal. That's again typical, they just try to put us into categories that didn't even exist when we started out!!! We have been going for a long time and to be honest I am very tired of comparisons with other bands that we have nothing to do with...

How is the scene in Denmark? Are there many true and extreme black and death metal bands to tell about? Will you be touring Denmark? Also has Hammerheart set up any tours once your LP “Horror Metal” is released? Name some bands you would interested in touring with?

Denmark never had many great bands, but at least the few good we have/had are/were great. I recommend bands like Feikn and Strychnos because they really stick out of the masses, also I like Apollyon, Brandpest, Koldborn and Blazing Eternity. We have no plans to tour Denmark as the places to play are so few anyway, but we will play 2 shows in late March in Denmark. I don't expect HHR to set up any shows as I don't consider them friends anymore. We would prefer to tour with great bands with their own style and good personalities as I'd hate spending a tour with a bunch of morons with shitty music.

Hails for taking the time out to do this interview brother! I hope it was not too boring. Please leave some last words for the readers and reveal the future plans of Denial Of God?

Thanx for the interview, it is appreciated. If you want to buy Denial Of God material or just info, contact us and write for the truth as you should not expect to get it from Hammerheart Records. Send 2 IRCs/$2 for booklet containing the complete info on Denial Of God. I want to say that we have been through so many disappoinments with labels in the past, but we are momentarily negotiating with a new one and we will release "The Horrors of Satan" once things are settled for it. Expect only HORROR!  



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The Denial of God Discography 

Oscularium Infame Demo 1992

The Dawn of Aemizaez Demo 1993

The Statues are Watching 7" EP 1995

The Ghouls of DOG  MCD 1996

The Ghouls of DOG Mini-LP 1999

The Curse of the Witch 7" EP 1999

Klabautermanden MCD 1999

The Crypt has Eyes 7"EP 2000

Robbing the Grave of the Priest 7"EP2001

The Crypt has Eyes Picture 7"EP 2002

Robbing the Grave of the Priest Picture 7"EP 2003

Klabautermanden Mini-LP 2006

A Night in Transylvania 7"EP 2006

The Horrors of Satan Full-length CD 2006

The Horrors of Satan Double LP 2006




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