Interview with vocalist Rami Jamsa by Patrick late February 2013…

I first got into this Finnish band back in I believe it was 1994, when I ordered their 7" ep "Live In Pain". It was only recently through their facebook page that I realized that piece of vinyl is actually a bootleg apparently and the band just recently found that out. Whatever the case it got me hooked on this band. The band dissapeared or disbanded in 1994. But they have returned and reformed in 2012 to once again spread their plauge. We dispatched Patrick Shroeder to travel the wintery lands of Finland to find out more about their triumphant return!!



Hello Rami thank you for taking the time to do this interview how are things in finland? please introduce yourself to the readers.

Hi I am Rami Jämsä and I play guitar and growl in Convulse. 

At what age did you first discover metal? Who were some of the first bands you listened to?  Who are some of your current favorite bands?

I started to listen to heavy metal in 1985. My friend has borrowed a "Powerslave" tape from his big brother. I still remember how hard the Iron Maiden hit to me. Gradually I started to discover other NWOBHM bands, then speed/thrash metal and finally around 1989 death metal bands. I listen to music very open minded. Death metal favorites are Master, Abhorrence, Pestilence, Entombed, Demigod, Autopsy, Obituary, Death and so on...

When did you first meet the other members of Convulse? The band originally started in 1989 correct? How would you say the bands music has changed over the years? How did the members come up with the name for the band?

We are just bunch of friends who all loved to listen to metal music. Then we started to play different instruments and formed the band. I remember having my first band in 1986 and the name was Steel. We formed band called S.D.S 1988 and it was ancestor of Convulse, because we had same members both in S.D.S and Convulse. S.D.S was speed/thrash metal band and we recorded couple of demos under the name S.D.S. Everything changed when the death metal landed to Finland in the end of 1989. Then it was time to move on and form Convulse. We wanted brutal sounding name of the band. So we picked the dictionary and picked the Convulse. The usual story :)

I believe the band reformed in 2012 to play a few select shows why did you all decide to reform after so many years? How do you feel the shows went?

I was playing with other band in heavy metal festivals in my hometown Nokia 2011. The promoter asked, if we could come back 2012 with the Convulse. First I said no, but then original Convulse bass player Juha took contact telling he is very motivated to play that show and maybe more. I thought ok, why not? It was impossible to take more original member of Convulse, because drummer lives in Thailand and hasn´t played drums for 20 years and other guitarist was not interested on live shows and regular rehearsing. Shows were simply great. Band and the fans have been satisfied with them and more is coming right away.

How long after the shows did you guys decide to reform and release a new e.p? What is the current line-up of the band? How did you all come in contact with Svart Records?

I took contact to Svart Records on July with rehearsal recordings. I am a big vinyl fan and I had followed Svart releases for couple of years. Svart was very interested in Convulse and offered a reasonable deal with good studio budget. So the plan was/is record at first EP and then full album. The current line up is:

Rami Jämsä: GT and growls

Juha Telenius: Bass

Rolle Markos: Drums

Kristian Kangasniemi: GT

Are you all satisfied with how the e.p has turned out? How has the response been from the press and the fans?

Inner Evil Ep is simply great. We recorded it in full analog studio like back in the beginning of 1990. We are very satisfied with the whole process and the result of the sound. Inner Evil has got very good reviews and the first press of vinyls are nearly sold out.

I have read the band is currently working on a new full-length to be released sometime this year? How is the process going for this so far? How many songs will you have on the new release?

You are right. We are composing new material and we will enter to the same studio where we recorded EP in August. The album will come out in November. It will contain about 8 new Convulse tunes. Now we have about 4 new tracks ready and more is coming. Meanwhile you can listen to "Inner Evil" EP. It is a great example how the album will sound.

Does the band have any upcoming shows/tours planned for 2013 or will you all concentrate on just completing the new full-length?

We are mostly concentrating on writing new material, but we will play at Maryland Deathfest in May and some more shows also. I hope we will be in a decent European tour in November. It is not sure, but let´s hope so!

The band comes out of the legendary Finnish metal scene, what is your opinion of Finland's metal scene?

Yeah, we have quite strong roots in metal music. In the middle of 80´s half of the Finland was listening to heavy metal! I have gladly noticed that more old school DM bands are gathering together for example Abhorrence. And also new DM bands are coming also like Vorum.

Who are some of your all-time favorite Finnish metal bands? Are their any new bands you feel the readers should check out soon?

All time favorites are Stone, ARG, Funebre, Abhorrence, Demigod, Xysma, Disgrace.. You should check out Vorum, Deathchain, Rotten Sound and occultic rock band Jess and the ancient ones.

As mentioned earlier the band started out in 1988, how do you feel the scene has changed over the years? Do you feel it has gotten better with all the technology, computers,etc.. or do you miss the old-times of print zines, tapes etc..?

Of course there is much new technology that makes some things easier. But I don´t see scene as active and wide as back in old days. At least not in Finland.

But to be honest, I do pretty much the same things now that back in 1990. I send and trade tapes, T-shirts, answer to questions of fans, write interviews, play shows, rehearse every week and so on. This all give me a lot of hope and proves there is still lot of metal heads all around the world.

I have read and heard some old-schoolers say they feel the scene is dying or dead. Would you agree with or maybe just changing with the times?

I don´t think so. Of course the music is not anymore the most important thing for the kids. For example network games are very popular nowadays. At my age we were hanging in record shops and music stores dreaming about new album or guitar.

In your opinion what is the best and worst thing about the underground today? What does the term underground metal mean to you?

Underground means to me that we have the full mastery for what we are doing. It means a lot for me also that I am in straight contact with the fans. I don´t know any bad things here around. Of course it is sometimes hard to settle for example tours, because we don´t have a manager or professional assistance.

You handle the guitars for the band at what age did you become interested in playing the guitars? Are you self-taught or did you take lessons?

I started to play guitar at the same age I discovered metal music. So I was 12 years old. I have taken some lessons, but 95 % of the skills I have learned by myself listening my idols and creating my own songs.

Who are some of your influences/favorite guitarists? Do you play any other instruments besides the guitars?

I am not so big fan of any particular guitarist, but I love the style of Randy Rhoads. I play bass guitar as well and a little bit piano and drums.

You also do the vocals for the band when did you start singing? Is their anything you do to keep your throat/voice healthy when you’re recording or preparing for a show?

I start to sing also at age of 12. I am not good at clean vocals, but fortunately there is death metal and I do my growls just fine. I do some warm up before recordings and show. The growling comes from the diaphragm, so the best possible way to take care of your voice is keep you in good physically fit.

Thank you Rami for this interview we have reached the end of the interview. Do you have any final comments for the readers?

Stay in touch, visit in Convulse Facebook and you will get the latest news.

Keep underground alive and buy records of your favorite bands. It keeps wheels burning. Thanks for this interview!



The Convulse Discography 

Rehearsal Demo, 1990

Resuscitation Of Evilness Demo, 1990

World Without God Full-length, 1991

Promo Demo, 1992

Reflections Full-length, 1994

Inner Evil CD EP, Cassette, 12" Vinyl, 2013



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