Interview by Adam Scott vocalist, guitarist for Cardiac Arrest done by Patrick late August 2012

I have been lucky enough to follow this great band since their debut cd in 2006 "Morgue Mutilations". Now up to their fourth masterpiece of old-school horror-gore drenched style of death rot. The band has unleashed "Vortex of Violence” the bands most devastating release to date featuring 11 songs of uncompromising, aggressive death metal in it's truest form. We caught up with Adam Scott whose vocals have never sounded more sick or vicious, definitely some of the best in the scene today. Read on and support this great death metal band!!



Metal hails Adam! Thanks for taking the time to fill out this interview. Please introduce yourself to the readers. 
Cheers Patrick!!! Where do I start???? I'm the lead vocalist and lead guitarist in Cardiac Arrest. I am a simple man that lives in his own world. Others may say a little weird but hey, aren't we all???  
When did you first get the idea to form Cardiac Arrest? What is the "current" line-up of the group?
When I was much younger. I just wanted to play the heaviest fucking music around, just taking it from there. As for the current line up...aside from myself, David Holland on bass, Tom Knizner on guitar/vocals, and Nick Gallichio on drums who recently joined us last year.  
Cardiac Arrest recently released it’s fourth cd "Vortex Of Violence" through the mighty Ibex Moon rec. How long did it take you guys to write, and record the songs for this release?  
It's really hard to say with Vortex of Violence, mainly cause we're always writing. There were some riffs that we had from years before. But initially I'd say it took more than a few months to get all the songs all tight and ready. We took our sweet time with getting the album out, just after we recorded the album we went through the drummer transition from our previous drummer to Nick. So we delayed it with that, as well as getting the business end of things right as well.  
Are you and the rest of the band happy with how everything turned out? How has the response been from the press and the fans? 
We're very happy with how the album came out. We always try and make the album as natural as possible. Nothing fancy up ourselves here, what you hear is what you get pretty much describes our sound.   
Does Cardiac Arrest have any upcoming shows or tours in support of Vortex of Violence? Where are some towns/places you will be heading to? 
Nothing in regards with touring. We unfortunately don't have dispensable incomes, hehe.  We've just been playing some one off shows and festivals throughout the country. Our next show that we have booked is in Buffalo
, New York at the Day of Death fest. This will be our only east coast show. As for after that, there are other offers in the works, just nothing 110% set in stone that I can say at this time.   
I know Cardiac Arrest has shared the stage with a lot of great bands over the last few years. So I was curious who were some of your favorite bands to play/tour with? If you could set-up a "dream" show/tour who are some bands {past or present} you would love to play with?
Even though it was only short part of the tour for us, the North American tour w/ Enthroned and Destroyer 666. We were pretty lucky with that one, as both bands treated us like equals. The later end of the tour was Toronto and Montreal and all I can say is wow!!!! Those two shows were some of the best shows we ever played. Great people to play to (
My fellow Canadians represent! - Dale). Also recently in Chicago we played with the almighty Autopsy, that was a fucking dream come true for us. Great guys to boot. As far a dream show? Hard to say, we got to play apart of one of them....for me Dismember would be one of them.   
I know you have been a part of the metal underground for many years now. So I was curious in your opinion how do you feel it has changed? Do you feel the internet, computers have helped the metal underground or hurt it with all the illegal downloading etc.? 
It's a double edged sword with how it's changed. The 'pros' is definitely being in touch with whom ever is out there. Good for networking and such. Definitely the 'con' is illegal downloading, think about bands who bust their ass who put their all into it, and perhaps even their own money into it too. Some of the younger people don't seem to understand that I don't think. Also the ones who download a band's entire discography...all of a sudden they're and expert on metal? Fuck off!!!!  
I have read some bands/people say that they feel the underground scene is dying or dead. Would you agree or disagree with statement? And what does the term "underground metal" mean to you? 
I wouldn't personally say its "dead". That's the way I like my death metal. Hahahaha!!!! But seriously, I wouldn't say it's dead, there's always bands popping up over the years. Flooded maybe. There's always some trend or gimmick that comes around that sweeps the sheep off their feet...or is that underground? Eh. To me underground metal is a sacred thing that means you stand your ground regardless of what the hype of the day is.  
I've been a fan of the Illinois metal scene since the mid-90's. So I wanted your opinion of the metal scene in your area/state over the years? 
Tough to say, it's never been a 'hot bed' but it's never ever been dead either. Especially in Chicago. There's always shows happening which at times can be dividing the scene which can hurt it tremendously, and suppose a big touring band comes through, and your band has a show come through...well that kinda fucks things up. Try and make it an 'event' y'know.  
Who are some of your all-time favorite Illinois bands? Are their any new bands you think the readers should check out? 
Cianide definitely is the first on my list. One of the heaviest out there. Not only a great band but great friends of ours as well. Macabre will always remain close to me too as a band I grew up with. Some newer bands to check out would definitely be Deathcult, They Die Screaming as well as Terminate.   
The artwork for Vortex Of Violence is amazing who is the artist you all used? Do you plan to you use for any future releases or merchandise? 
The cover was done by two guys actually. Both we've worked with many times. It was drawn and inked by none other than Putrid, and it was colored by Nev. Both of them are great pals of the band and they both stepped up to the plate I think with this piece. We are looking at getting the cover art on to t-shirt form. So keep your fingers crossed!!!!
Speaking of cd-artwork the artwork for all of Cardiac Arrest's releases seem to be based around horror-movies. Are you a big fan of horror/suspense/gore movies? What are some of your all-time favorite horror/gore movies? 
Definitely! A horror nerd I am with this. A huge influence with Cardiac lyrically. I'd have to start with the obvious ones like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Phantasm, Night of The Living Dead, Evil Dead, and almost anything Hammer Horror related. Mostly stuff from th
e 70's or 80's.  
What is your opinion of all the re-makes that have been coming out over the last 10-15 yrs.? Do you like/watch any of them or do you prefer the originals? 

Naturally I do prefer the originals, but I won't count out all remakes. The remake of The Wolfman I thought was watchable. I've heard good things about the My Bloody
Valentine remake myself. But I'll always prefer the originals.   
Well Adam thanks a million for taking the time to fill out this interview. Do you have any final comments for the readers?
Thanks a bunch for the interview!!!! To those who read this I say buy Vortex of Viole
nce!!! Your support is greatly appreciated. Rot the fuck on!!!!!




The Cardiac Arrest Discography 

Heart Stopping Death Rot Demo, 2004

Death ROTted Promo, 2005

Beast Among Many 7" EP, 2006

Morgue Mutilations Full-length, 2006

Cadaverous Presence Full-length, 2008

Haven For The Insane Full-length, 2010

Vortex of Violence Full-length, 2012





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