Interview with Enrique guitarist of Atomic Aggressor done by Patrick January 2015…

Chile's Atomic Aggressor started out in the early 80's releasing a  few demo tapes before disbanding in 1992. Then in 2007 the band reformed and was very active once again .The band is getting ready to release their debut cd/lp "Sights Of Suffering" through the  mighty Hells Headbangers definitely a good release/band for anyone  into old-school death metal. 


Metal Hails Enrique how is 2015 starting out for you personally and the band?

Greetings from Chile!2015 is doing great so far. We’ve been doing some shows in different towns of our country and the bangers reaction have been awesome. Besides the opinions and reviews for “Sights of Suffering” have been very good.

I believe you started Atomic Aggressor in 1985 what gave you the idea to start the band? How did you all decide on the name of the band?

I think I decided to start a band after listening to Sodom’s “In the Sign of Evil” and Celtic Frost’s “Morbid Tales”. Those albums simply blowed my mind. We were a bunch of friends from the same neighborhood that liked different styles from hardcore punk to early death metal, so at the beginning the style was very strange. The name doesn’t have much sense really. It was chosen at that schizophrenic stage and reflects the mix of styles we used to listen to at that time. Then I designed the logo and we didn’t want to change the name anymore.

Atomic Aggressor broke up in 1992 why did the band break up in those early days?

We lost our drummer, Pato Leiva, and we looked for a new one for a long time. Then we found Pablo Clares and we recorded our second demo. Everything was great and after some great shows he decided to quit the band. We were very surprised and shocked by his decision and after that, we started to lose the motivation. I think there were other priorities for some of us at that moment, and we got tired of looking for a drummer. Then, in 1992 we decided to split up.

Atomic Aggressor reformed in 2007,have what gave you the idea to start up again? What is the current line-up? For the readers who have never heard Atomic Aggressor how  would you say the music has changed over the years?

Some guys proposed to us to participate in a big metal fest here in Santiago, besides that a supposedly Japanese label released a non-official CD compilation of our demos without our permission. So we decided to reform the band to play some gigs and produce the official demo compilation, that later was named “Rise of the Ancient Ones”.

Then the line up was Alejandro Díaz (bass & vocals), Julio Bórquez (guitar), Pablo Clares (drums) and me, Enrique Zúñiga (guitar). Since 2012 we have a drummer, called Álvaro Llanquitruf. I believe that our style haven’t changed too much over the years. Since 1988 we play death metal in the line of Possessed and old Morbid Angel, including some thrash metal riffs. And we decided to keep that style in our album “Sights of Suffering”, almost 25 years after.

Atomic Aggressor recently signed to Hells Headbanger Records. How did you come in contact with this great label?

The contact with Chase from Hell’s Headbangers was made by Pablo Clares, our former drummer. Along with HHR, we have released the compilation “Rise of the Ancient Ones”, a 7” split called “Blind Servants” with our brothers of Death Yell and our album “Sights of Suffering”.

The band is getting ready to release their debut full length on cd and lp “Sights Of Suffering". How long did it take the band to write the songs for this release?

Well, the song “Sights of Suffering” contains some riffs from the 90’s hahaha. Besides that, most of the songs were made between 2011 and 2013. Before that there was a period when we was trying to find again our old style, after so many years without creating a new Atomic Aggressor’s song.

How has the response been from the press? What about the fans reaction?

We have read some good reviews and even mentions in some best-of-the-year lists!And the reactions of the fans have been great too. We are very happy so far.

Besides the new cd / lp "Sights Of Suffering". Does Atomic Aggressor have any other merchandise available for the fans?

 I think Hell’s Headbangers still have stock of our old releases and there are t-shirts of each release too.

Does Atomic Aggressor have any tours planned in 2015? Where are some places you will be touring?

Until April 2015 we have dates in several towns of Chile. After that we are planning to go further, but there’s nothing confirmed yet.

 Who are some bands you have shared the stage with over the years? What have some of your most memorable shows been?

After the reunion, we have had some unbelievable shows. We have shared stage with bands like Possessed, Slayer, Venom and Obituary. Those have been some of our most memorable shows, besides the ones we have shared with our brothers of Death Yell, Sadism and Torturer. And lately the show with Nifelheim was awesome too.

Enrique you handle the guitars for the band when did you first start playing the guitar? Are you self-taught or did you take lessons when first beginning?

I started playing when I decided to form the band, in 1985. You could imagine how bad was our music at the beginning hahaha. I haven’t taken lessons.

Who are some of your influences / favorite guitarist? Do you play any other instruments?

I could mention Torrao/Lalonde, Hanneman/King, Azagthoth/Brunelle, Shermann/Denner, old Tom Warrior, etc. I don’t play any other instruments.

Atomic Aggressor comes out of Chile's underground scene, so what is your opinion of your countries metal scene? What abut the whole South American scene?

The Chile’s metal scene have always been a strong one in Latin America. Now there’s a new breed of great bands in many styles giving new energy to the movement here. I think the Chile’s metal scene has become very relevant and respected in the international context. About the South American scene I could say that it have been a great source of brutality and passion to the world metal scene.

Who are some of your all-time favorite Chilian bands? Are there any new bands you feel the readers should check out?

Here in Chile there are and there have been some killer bands like Pentagram, Sadism, Death Yell, etc. And in the last years have appeared awesome bands like Praise the Flame, Ancient Crypts, Force of Darkness, Metastasis, Ripper, Godless, Hura Crepitans, Gangrenous, etc.

In your opinion what is the best and worst thing about the underground scene today? And what does Underground Metal mean to you?

I think the best thing is that today you can listen to or contact any band you could want to. And the worst thing is that a part of the underground scene is not underground anymore. For me extreme metal should be always in the underground. If not, it loses sense and the reason to be. Metal needs to be honest and free and shouldn’t be managed by the markets criteria.

Thank you Enrique for taking the time to fill out this interview. Do you have any final comments for the readers?

Thanks for your support Patrick! And thanks to everyone who have supported us through all these years.

Stay brutal and stay underground!


The Atomic Aggressor Discography 

Bloody Ceremonial Demo, 1989

Promo Tape, 1990

Resurrection Demo, 1991

Rise Of The Ancient Ones Compilation, 2008

Live Ceremonial Live Album, 2013

Split 7" EP w/Death Yell, 2013

Split 7" EP w/Unholy War, 2014

Sights Of Suffering Full-length, 2014




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