Interview with: "Wargoat Obscurum" (Cult of Daath/Alioth)
Interviewed by: "Wilhelm" (Starlight Temple Society/Gallery of the Grotesque zine) 2007

Ah, Come in come in. My name is Wilhelm and welcome to another tour in the Gallery- but not the "Gallery of the Grotesque" mind you, it's Dale Roy's Gallery- "Canadian Assault". Since our wonderful Mr. Roy killed off all of MY "visitors" (they all died laughing at that cheesy mullet he sports) I've decided to reach out and kill off all of his with some fabulously placed witticisms, heaps of proper English without the explosion of “!” exclamation marks, no favorable references to gay porn and wearing women’s lingerie and a complete deconstruction of poseurdome unlike anything this magazine has ever seen before. Our guest tonight is none other than Mr. Wargoat Obscurum himself, one half of the crushing US black metal genocide machine Cult Of Daath and sole dictator of one of the best current atmospheric death metal bands around in Alioth. Read on if you’d like....Or join the nearest church (and tell Dale Roy I said “Hi”).




Wilhelm: Usually I open these sorts of interviews with a “Welcome to the Gallery of the Grotesque....” and a reference to being dismembered or something like that, but this is in fact Canadian Assault zine and is all of Dale Roy’s world instead- Beer, Porno, lots of “!” exclamation marks and Mullets galore with a side order of cheese and the grammatron turned OFF. It’s quite OK really, but I like my world better. Let’s consider it a traveling side-show at this point with me as the conductor and Dale Roy as the host. What would be your first words to open our discussion?   

Obscurum: I don’t know, you put me on the spot here. I can tell you that I am enjoying the frigid temps here in Chicago, the stinging crisp winds are wonderful. But, the endless gray days take their toll, so the coming spring is always a re-energizer. I am also enjoying Uriah Heep’s “Salisbury” as I write, a great winter album.

W: I heard Dale Roy is a real asshole, and a glam-fag cocksucker too. The only reason I’m doing this interview is the fact that he paid me like $43 bucks to do it for his zine, and I like your band{s) as well. Two come to mind right now. And we’ll start with the one that’s inspired Dale’s curiosity the most: Alioth. The band is still relatively unknown to the black and death metal movement, so maybe you can reveal what’s necessary here on until further notice with some generous details.

O: There isn't too much to tell really, Alioth plays Occult Death Metal in the late 80’s/early 90’s style with a nod to the Greek scene. I had the idea for Alioth even before I began Cult of Daath, but I didn't get a chance to record a demo till 2002, and that was “Channeling Unclean Spirits”. The original demo was self-released in about 30 to 40 copies.

W: Upon what ideas and discoveries does your pen write on for Alioth’s lyrics? The astute will recognize the name of “Alioth” as having Occult significance. What does it mean in the ancient tongue and how does it relate to your music?

O: To most people Alioth is known as the second-magnitude star in Ursa Major, but that name comes from a corrupted version of the Arabic “black horse“. In Hebrew it is “she-goat”. Something about the word grasped me and it just stuck, there isn't a deep spiritual reason why I adopted it. My love of astronomy has guided me to this word, that is all I can say. For my lyrics, they mostly deal with tales of mystery, other worldliness, occultism and the fantastic. Some of these ideas come from dreams and visions, others come from everyday life.

W: “Channeling Unclean Spirits”, your first demo, was recently re-released since the original tape was distributed in a very strict quantity and didn’t receive much exposure, at least not enough it well deserved. What made you decide the give the demo a proper release after nearly 5 years? Have people been generally interested in what they hear, or is this sort of music overshadowed by the recent upsurge of popularity for the more extreme black and death metal music?

O: I think the people who have heard it were generally pleased, it is not the type of sound that is in vogue at the moment. Since I released the demo, there has been a steady increase in inquiries toward Alioth, luckily Starlight Temple Society was interested in a re-releasing the demo, the jerk who runs STS is pretty excited about it.

W: Generally, how do you feel about "Channeling Unclean Spirits"? Are you satisfied with it, or is there something (if anything) you have done differently if it were recorded in more recent times?

O: Well, I wish I recorded natural drums instead of using the machine, but at that time I didn't have access to a rehearsal room, but the music is slow to mid-paced and the drum machine sounded fairly natural. I also wish the guitars had more bite. But overall I think it was a success, each song is catchy and has a unique atmosphere.

W: Alioth has plans to record the upcoming demo "Beneath The Swamp" sometime soon. How will it compare to the first demo? Will live drums be utilized?

O: Yes, I have already recorded natural drums in the summer of ‘06, they obviously sound much more powerful and warm. The material was mostly written immediately after the first demo so there are obvious similarities in the music. I was going to record some brand new songs instead, but I believe these tracks are strong and shouldn't be forgotten. Once I finish this demo I will finally concentrate on brand new material for a 3rd demo.

W: As already noted it's been five years since the release of the debut demo, so there's been quite a bit of time between "Channeling Unclean Spirits" and "Beneath The Swamp". Was this a matter of choice or did you have other plans to delay the recording of the follow up? What if any advantage does it give you to wait so long to record something new?

O: Cult of Daath and various other session opportunities took up a lot of my time, I just couldn't dedicate time to Alioth. But now I have the time, the ideas are flowing freely and I am really excited about what I’ve written for upcoming releases. I am not the type of guy who rushes things, I am in no hurry, I’m not going anywhere. There are too many people who release music just for the sake of padding their discography stats, it’s ridiculous.

W: You mentioned in another interview that Alioth would record at least three demo tapes before cutting an album. This is highly unusual since most bands today record one demo or promo and then a month later an album. What's influenced your decision to stick with demo tapes for the foreseeable future?

O: Recording 3 or so demos before a full length will help me hone my craft, see what needs improvements. I do not want to make a half-assed album, I want to record something special that I can be proud of. Regarding cassettes, I just love that format. I know they are going down the path of the dinosaurs, maybe nostalgia is part of it, I don't know. That small format has a special aura around it that a CDR just can’t match.

W: How do you think an Alioth album would sound in relation to your demo material? Do you have a certain goal in mind as to how the band will progress in the future?

O: The demo was heavily influenced by the early Greek DM scene, it came out pretty well, but I want to create something unique and my own. It is one thing to borrow a bit on early demos, but a full-length is where you make your mark. It will continue being atmospheric Death Metal, but it will sound like Alioth, not anyone else. I have a concept already mapped out for the album, if it goes the way I envision it, it will really make a mark.

W: Since it's been a few questions already that I haven't made reference to the fact of Dale Roy's glaring poseurdom I heard he bought the latest Cult of Daath album "Slit throats and ritual nights" and became so frightened he joined the nearest church! What a mendicant, but bands like this do in fact have such a desired affect on wimps like him. About what time was Cult of Daath formed to weed these poseurs from the black metal scene, and for what reasons other than to make them join the nearest church?

O: CoD formed in 1999 by my brother and I, at that time we basically wanted to create ugly and barbaric sounds. Simple music for simple times. The early material is what it is, nothing ground-breaking or unique, but it served it’s purpose.

W: As pointed out, the latest album "Slit throats and ritual nights" was released by BFD & Deathgasm Records in 2005. Unfortunately, I've been ridiculous enough in my pursuits that I haven't secured my own copy yet (and I am the poser? ;) – Dale). What does it sound like in comparison to "The grand torturers of Hell" and "Under the cover of the triumphant Holocaust"? Is it any more destructive than these other two?

O: This album has focus, we are quite proud at the way it turned out. There is a great mix of songs, a complete album. I can’t say that about many albums these days since they completely urinate on themselves half-way through. The album is just an evolution from our first demo, we have taken that vibe to it’s logical conclusion. The first chapter has been written for Cult of Daath, the next chapter should be quite interesting.

W: How did you like Nuclear War Now! recent double LP release of the album? It's quite visually tasty as are Yosuke's other vinyl treats. How does it differ from the CD version besides the obvious?

O: One big difference is the stellar inner/outer jacket artwork by Jeff Whitehead (Black Heart Tattoo), he did a perfect job with his interpretation of the CD cover. The track list is the same, no bonus tracks or whatnot.

W: For what reason is the Occult an important factor in life for you as it is? Is there something useful to be gained from it's explorations?

O: We should all experience the hidden in our lives, that which lurks behind the veil. You must first figure out how to tap it, at that point it is up to you to disperse the flow.

W: There seems to be a sort of trend in black and death metal music to discount Occult/Satanic matters whilst gravitating more towards secular subjects as Nihilism or even Politics, which is unusual in itself since this musical genre seems to have been founded on esoteric principles, not necessarily material ones. Whatever the case may be do think this move towards "secularism" has helped to hinder or demystify the genre in any way?

O: There is no mystery anymore for me, when I first discovered Death and Black metal in the early 90’s there was a sense of mystery. But, I as I grew into my mid/late teens and actually met some of these people, that sense of mystery was blasted hehe. When you realize that drunks, scumbags and losers are behind most of these bands it makes you chuckle. Elite? Supreme Art? Come on.....

W: As a personal experience you may seek out ways in which to overcome & transcend certain obstacles in life in order to reach new states of development on a physical and psychological level. Dale Roy for instance used to be a poseur with a Mullet, now he's just a Poseur. What are some set goals you have in mind, for example, where would you like to be and what would you like to know before your material existence is wiped out completely?

O: It is hard to say, I do not ask for a lot. I am a simple man, a good book and a pipe to smoke is all I need really. If I can do this comfortably for 75+ years, then I have succeeded.

W: You've once worked with several notable bands in the past such as Krieg & Nachtmystium. How satisfying was your experience as a (session) member, and what if anything have you gained from it? What about Death Ungaee (Correct my spelling)? This was something you frequently made mention of before, but alas, nothing has materialized that I know of. Is this one of your own bands?

O: What did I gain? Nothing besides a good time, I wasn't involved in the writing of Nachtmystium’s music, I was just a hired gun. Deathgod Uggae was something I did right after I recorded the Alioth demo, it was a strange droning BM demo. But it didn't need to be released to a wider audience, I would like to do more with it, but I need to find an actual band to help me. I have material, at some point DU will materialize.

W: Creatively speaking, what is your greatest strength? Give me an example of where you have put it to use.

When I actually put my mind to it, drawing is where I am at my creative peak. Sometimes I have trouble explaining ideas verbally and musically, but when I put pencil (or pen) to paper, this mental block does not exist and my mind is truly free and focused. I really hope to do more with my art, because if not, it would be a great regret in life.

W: Musically speaking, what band of yours, or has seen your service, has given you the most reward?

O: I am really still in my infancy when it comes to creating music, it is only now that I am actually understanding the drum, it is only now that I am grasping how to write a song. I suppose CoD has been the best experience, it is only now that we understand where to take it.

W: I'm sure after reading this interview some of the readers of this cheesy zine would probably wish to contact you, maybe to inquire about one of your bands, ordering merchandise or whatever else comes to mind. I'll assume for the record too that Dale Roy would probably email you something from his Gay Porn collection but you could just as easily turn on your "Fag Blocker" and block him out so that doesn't happen. Where can further inquiry be sent to?

O: I haven't seen any cannuck man porn before, so maybe I will turn the blocker off just this once. If anyone needs to reach me, use

W: A chosen night for the interview, is also a cold night. As I type this the temperatures dip below the freezing point and the Astral world beckons me to visit. Perhaps you too, but you're not quite done yet. We've wrapped things up, and perhaps you can puff out the candle to this meeting with a few last words of wise candor. Good night.

O: I am in my late 20’s, I am not wise yet, just an asshole who thinks he knows everything. All I can say is grab a good book, a glass of red wine, a few puffs from your favorite pipe and bask in the state of just being. Maybe put on Eloy’s “Planets” to really take you away.

Well, that shall be all for tonight kids. $43 bucks says that Dale Roy never invites me back here ever again, but $43 bucks also says that he's still kneeling in the pews with his pants pulled down and praying for his life after hearing the latest Cult Of Daath LP- and my epic denunciation of his utter poseurishness. No one is safe, and no one is spared from the omnipotent syntax hammer of Wilhelm, a “brave & mighty warrior of a great ideology” says Newsweek says the New York Times says the London Daily. And that is the truth.... 



Alioth Discography

 Channeling Unclean Spirits
The Channeling
Apocyphral Dimensions
Invocation II
Call To The Deep

Starlight Temple Society (2.007)


Cult of Daath Discography

The Triumphant Holocaust
wars of demonism
triumphant holocaust
worship the goat

cassettes tape (2.000)


The Grand Torturers of Hell
temple of the sadist
summoning the blood red moon
ritualistic impurity
sadomatic rites
th feasting pits
uphold the oath of evil

CD-Warhammer Rec. (2.001)
Cassette-In Coffin Prod. (2.002)


Under The Cover of Darkness
hammer of hades
under the cover of darkness
the black fast

Cassette-Warhammer Rec. (2.003)


Under The Cover of The Triumphant Holocaust
hammer of hades
under the cover of darkness
the black fast
wars of demonism
triumphant holocaust
worship the goat
necromancers lust

CD-Antinomian Rec. (2.004)


Razor War
poison winds
piercing the thorax

7 Inch-Nuclear War Now!/Klaxon Prod. (2.004)
Picture 7 inch Nuclear War Now!/Klaxon Prod. (2.004)


Slit Throats and Ritual Nights
bestial atonement (mountains of burning offal)
concieved through black mass rape (obscene rites pt.1)
inhuman sacrifice
nercrospells (obscene rites pt.2)
midnight mutilation
occult obsession
drink the blood from the skull
transcending the great satan

CD-Blood Fire Death Rec./Deathgasm Rec. (2.005)


The Grand Torturers of Hell
ritualistic impurity
summoning the bloodred moon
temple of the sadist
sadomatic rites
feasting pits
uphold the oath of evil
terror command *(bonus track)

CD-Battle Kommand Rec./Deathgasm Rec. (2.006)




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