Interview by Dale Roy with Nuno January 2009…

I received their "Drunk With Power" album in the mail. I was caught off guard by how good these blokes are and even more surprised that they played Crossover Thrash. I think it is safe to say this is a very rare genre to come across these days. There are not many bands doing this and let me tell you Adrenicide do it very well. It is extremely clear listening to their music that they live for this type of music and it is their calling, so to speak. If you love all the classic Crossover bands like DRI, MOD, Crumsuckers, Cryptic Slaughter, SOD etc... mixed with classic thrash like Kreator, Venom, Tankard, Sodom, early Voivod etc... Then you absolutely must contact this band and get their albums right now. They will blow you away!



Let us in on how Adrenicide came into being?

Nuno : We were just a bunch of friends that played metal in this one room we converted into a studio at the back of Neil´s house. We had about 29 songs written around 2000 and we always played that shit to our mates, so one of the guys said we should release it. That was it – I came up with the name “Scarecrow” but Neil changed the name to Adrenicide (which we took from a song of an English band called “Head Of David”) and we never looked back. Neil was sick and tired of Nu-Metal I was more than pissed off with all the Emo fuckin´ scene, that was it for us. We felt the need to do something about it. We´re two old school fuck-heads that just got stuck in the 80´s and never fuckin´ came back. Getting signed or selling lots of records and all that fuckin´ shit wasn´t something that we cared about - we still don’t. For us it is all about being true to Metal and underground music in general. Not just trying to follow any trends. We don’t try to look like the 80´s bands as some people have said before - we are the 80´s mate, we been there at the DRI mosh pits on their “Crossover” tour in London. At Venom´s and others more back in the 80´s. So, what you see is what you get, we haven´t borrowed our older brothers t-shirts or anything like that - we are just us, as you see it. True to Metal ´til death!!!

Did the initial songs after formation come along quickly and how much of it was material you had been writing on your own in years past?

Nuno : We had a bunch of songs before we even thought of forming Adrenicide, we just meet up got drunk smoked some weed and wrote songs every time we meet up in the studio we now own. That was around 2000. Things haven´t changed much since, we still write the same way, we still use the same fucked-up equipment and we´re still as Spinal Tap as we can be.

How was your first recording experience and how did it go? It was the plan right from formation that your first demo was to be a full length record?

Nuno : No, not really we have our own little studio and as always recorded lots of shit - as I said before a friend of us told us we should just release that shit. And by then we had something like 29 songs or so. I don’t see that as a demo, coz for us demos are 4 songs there´s 21 tracks in there. But if people see it as a demo or a full-length it´s up to them really. If I like a song I don’t really care if it’s a demo or an album, but to be honest I do like demos much more than I do professionally recorded albums. We never write an album in one go, we kind of write songs and mix them sometimes as we go along, basically we take our time doin´ things – no fuckin´ rush. Let the Metal Flow!!!

There are not that many crossover bands so how was the initial reaction to the release of “Impropaganda” back in 2003? Was it hard finding musicians who were interested in playing this style? I have the drumming position in mind here.

Nuno : When we´ve released “Impropaganda” back in 2003 people fuckin´ hated us and the songs, as you know Crossover has never been a British thing so that was a bad start for it all. The songs were from 2000 jams sessions and other shit we had recorded. Yeah it was fucked-up people still don’t get what we doing now even though we been having really good reviews on the biggest magazines in England such as : Terrorizer and Zero Tolerance. We´ve always had Blake helping us but he was very busy doing other shit but he finally joined us full-time oct. 2008 so lets hope for the fuckin´ best now that hes playing better than he ever did.

How did the first live show of Adrenicide go? Do you guys play any covers live or in rehearsal? Do you strive to be like your idols such as DRI when you play live? It must be a fun atmosphere; do the fans chant the choruses?

Nuno : We haven´t played live for 3 years I think. Me and Neil decided that until we can put up a show our fans deserve we won’t play live, it’s just not worth to travel a bunch of miles to play for 10 people and a hand full of mates of ours. People think there´s a big scene going on here in England but that’s fuckin´ bullshit. Nobody in our town apart from our mates know who we are or if there´s even a Metal band in town by the name Adrenicide, its just fuckin´ hopeless - unless you play Emo, Nu-Metal or Norwegian Black Metal, you´re fucked mate. For now our fans have to be content with the music were putting out there, so keep checking our myspace page for more news and see whats happening. As far as cover songs go, we played and have recorded a bunch of them, from DRI to Venom to Discharge, Tankard, even Terrorizer and Twisted Sister´s “I Wanna Rock”.

What do you think of the album “Black Metal” by Venom?

Nuno : Well, mate what can I really tell you it´s Venom, it´s Cronos, it’s the sound and songs. one word – masterpiece… one of my favourite bands and albums ever (Hell Yeah my metal brother! - Dale).

Do you think pro-tools and digital recording has had a negative effect on metal albums? Do you miss the raunchy analog recordings of yesteryear? Do you think bands today try too hard to have everything perfectly polished sounding and suck out the emotion?

Nuno : I don’t really know about what other bands look for in their sound - I can only tell you that we will never record any fuckin´ album with pro-tools that’s for fags who are scared to show their playing. We even leave little mistakes in our songs just to make it more real and give it that raw feeling the 80´s albums used to have and completely have lost. We love the sound on Venom´s “Black Metal” or Kreator´s “Pleasure to Kill” - I don’t know, it just doesn’t feel right for us this whole 90´s, 00´s sound. If you come see us playing you will ear the same sound as on the albums, no more, no less – just pure rawness mate! But then again that’s just mine and the band´s personal opinion on how a band should sound like.

Tell us a little about the Adrenicide lyrics? What do they usually deal with and what are a few of the best songs lyric-wise from Adrenicide? I hope you know I can not get your fucking choruses out of my head you dirty bastards! J

Nuno : Our lyrics vary lots, they range from party songs, violence to political songs to serial killers and so on…I mean everything we write we are proud of even if its sounds stupid to anybody else. Choruses are very important to us, I think it’s the Punk thing within us (Specially Neil) we spend lots of time working on choruses and pre-chorus. It’s important that the kids can remember our shit, we think. Unfortunately not everybody thinks that way about our music. The one thing I can say is that the Ramones and the Sex Pistols played a hand full of chords sometimes even just two chords from beginning to end and still you can´t deny the fact that everybody on earth will remember a song or more they recorded. I mean, I´m not a great fan of their music but it´s catchy that’s for sure. Only now some bands are starting to realize this fact – you don’t need to be a great musician, but rather be a good song writer, that’s Adrenicide´s goal.

Unfortunately I have only been able to get my grubby claws on your “Drunk with Power” album (scratch that a new promo arrived in the post today – thanks mate!). But since then you have released 2 more albums by the names of “Raging Full On” and “Natural Born Thrashers”. Tell me about what I can expect from these 2 albums?!

Nuno : Just expect Crossover/Thrash played from the heart that’s all. Though I like the new album “Natural Born Thrashers” a lot I think all the others are as good. We are not trying to be Malmsteens or anything like that. We just want to play Metal. Recently I´ve read a review on us that said we bring nothing new to the metal scene, well that’s maybe true but we couldn’t care less we know that we are different from most bands around at the moment. I think we have lots of bits that are catchy and memorable enough - while other bands are only trying to prove that they can play fast solos and a thousand note riffs. We´re not trying to outdo anybody, we just want to play music. I think Metal was never meant to be perfectly played or sound over-produced, simply to be catchy and rebellious, so I hope people think our music as that same feel to it.

Please give a few words that come to mind when you think of the following words: a) Canada  b) Metal  c) Mosh pits  d) Internet  e) Porn movies  f) Denim & Patches  g) Recording costs  h) Best British food?

Nuno : (a) Annihilator/Voivod/Razor  (b) New Wave Of British Heavy Metal  (c) DRI  (d) probably “You Tube”  (e) Tommy Lee & Pam Anderson  (f) Saxon, Kreator, Venom, Judas Priest  (g) Tough shit, but its all in the name of Metal music  (h) there´s no best British food…but we all like Chinese food.

Nearly all Adrenicide releases so far have been self-released on Thrashard records. Did you plan to release your own records right from the start or was it from lack of label interest? Has handling the recording and pressing costs in-house been difficult or is it all working out rather smoothly?

Nuno : I can happily tell you this one thing mate - fuck record labels. They only show up when you´ve done all the hard work. It´s all easy money for them, fuck that! We are not saying that we wont make some sort of deal with any label out there, but if we do so - it will be our way (always with Thrashard Records involved on any such deal), otherwise, fuck off! We own all the rights for our fuckin´ music, art, lyrics and so on… not many bands can say that. We have been releasing albums since 2003 through our record label and we never did need anyone's help apart from the good support of webzines and fanzines all over the world. There are really good bands I happen to like a lot and although they are signed by well known record labels you cannot find their albums in shops anywhere. What is the point of being stuck to a contract then? Mate we will never sell-out, count on that. We will make music and will be releasing albums as long as we can play and headbang. Its hard work finding pressing and printing companies, artists do do artwork, and all the rest that comes with it – it´s all really expensive but we´ve learned a little bit with each release – now we understand better how the whole thing works, then we did 6 years ago. You can do it as good as any-fuckin´-one I think. Just believe in what you do and do it for your-fuckin´-self. 

Most bands bitch and get very mad when there are delays from their label. So when your label has delays do you look in the mirror and give yourself the finger? Does it take up a lot of your time to do promos, trades etc…? Do you plan to sign any other bands to Thrashard?

Nuno : Delays it’s something that always happens, a lot of bands they just want to get signed and then the labels do nothing for them at all, that’s fucked up and that’s why we decided to start our own label (Thrashard Records) and yes it does take us a lot of time, really lots of time and hard work but we knew that when we started this band and also when we started the label. It’s a job mate!! We will sign other bands of course that’s the plan at least. Let’s see what happens in the future.

What do you do in your spare time away from the band? What are some of your fave ‘zines, novels & movies? Best demo you have heard this past year? What was it like growing up in the Slough area?

Nuno : We like all kinds of zines that review good old school bands, so there´s not really one we like most. Movies? All 80´s movies in general I guess -The Thing, Scarface, Dawn of The Dead, Cobra, Spinal Tap and lots of other shit, specially horror…The best demo I´ve personally heard? There´s a few like : Drencroms a Crossover band from the USA, Shock Troopers from Italy, - the album from Merciless Death really kicked my fuckin´ass mate!! Also I´ve heard a band from Japan called “Fastkill” they are really fuckin´ good too. Slough? Well Slough is just a small town outside London and is nothing but a fuckin´ shit-whole full of fuckin´ Emos and Nu-metal freaks, yeah whatever!!! I cannot say much about Slough as I´ve only lived here for the last 6 years. I´ve lived in Cricklewood/London before I came here, before that Lisbon/Portugal where I´m originally from.

You guys have been pumping out an album a year in the last few years. Would this be something you planned or it just works out this way? Knowing this I assume you guys have been working on new material. Can you tell us anything about how that is going?

Nuno : We don´t ever plan anything at all (we never fuckin´ did, I don´t think we ever will), we´re just a bunch of guys that love Metal music, so recording, rehearsing and writing songs is a never ending job for us. I mean, we rehearse pretty much every-fuckin´-day so there´s always lots of songs and riffs flying around. And as long as we have shit written we will release an album a year. As for new songs we have already a bunch of shit written but we are not sure what songs will end up on the album, we have not decided that so far. There may be some titles like: “Thrash It Out”, “Ignite The Fight” and “1000 Paths To Hell”. So, yeah, you can expect an album coming out in 2009 though there is not a date set for this release yet. It will be simply titled “Kill” that’s all I can tell you for the time being.

For you what are 10 albums that define great cross-over and metal?

Nuno : That’s a really hard one mate,  we love all kinds of Metal not just Crossover but some of the albums I personally warship are: D.R.I. – Crossover, Cryptic Slaughter – Convicted, Ratos De Porao – Brasil, S.O.D – Speak English Or Die, Venom – Black Metal, Kreator – Terrible Certainty, Sodom – Persecution Mania, Saxon – Rock The Nations (This is a really underrated album in my opinion – Dale), Exumer – Possessed By Fire , Deathrow – Rising From The Sea , Tankard – The Morning After, Judas Priest – British Steel, Voivod – War and Pain, and many many more…

Okay my metal brother that is all I have at this time. Thank you for your time in filling this out. Please send a few shout outs to your metal comrades!

Nuno forgot to fill out this last part. But that is okay as I think he already said everything that needed to be said. I want to thank Nuno for this great interview, he filled it out very quickly and that is extremely appreciated. Cheers mate! - Dale



The Adrenicide Discography 

Impropaganda, Demo 2003

All Went Black, Demo 2004

We Are Not Afraid (best of compilation), 2005

Crossover-dose! 7" EP, 2006

Drunk with Power, 2006

Raging Full On, 2007

Natural Born Thrashers, 2008



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